Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 11 - Burned - full transcript

Benson and Stabler are called in to investigate an alleged rape of a woman by her soon-to-be ex-husband, against whom she has previously received a restraining order. But when their teenage daughter is caught in the crossfire, the woman recants, leaving Benson and Stabler struggling to separate their feelings about the case from their personal lives. As the case wears on, the conflict escalates, but will the detectives be able to make it through together?

(male announcer) In the
criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City, the
dedicated detectives

who investigate these
vicious felonies

are members of
an elite squad

known as the Special
Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Almost there.

20 more.

Make it ten.

Ooh, I'm done.
That's it.

You're gonna quit
on me already?

That's it. I
can't do no more.

Good job,
Dad. [laughs]


(Miles) All this
working out, this
got anything to do

with that boy
you're crushing on?





Don't grow up
too fast, okay?


What's a Dallas

(Sara) Tessa,
it's time to go.

I'm sorry, Mr. Sennet,

we're going to have to
cut this visit short.

Okay, now...

that's the third
time this month

you've bitten into
my only visit.

Tessa's grades
are slipping.

She needs the
time to study.

There's nothing wrong
with my grades.

I got one D on a pop quiz.

Let's go.

I'm entitled to another
half an hour with my kid.

Your presence is
enough of an insult

without you making
a power play.

(Tessa) Take
care of yourself.



I love you.

I love you too.

[car engine starts]

(Valerie) I know
you're angry

and I'm sorry, but this
isn't easy for any of us.

I'm not the bad guy.

Is Daddy?

He has some issues

he's trying to deal
with and some he's not.

I can't trust him.

[pop music playing
over headphones]


(Valerie) No,
no, let me go!


(Benson) Why
didn't you report
this last night?

I had to wait until my
daughter went to school.

She's only 12.

So what happened next?

He dragged me into
the bedroom, then...

he raped me.

Then after he was finished,
he said he was sorry.

Like he always is.

You know him?

He's my soon-to-be

Tessa's father.

He raped me last night,

and my daughter can't
know anything about it.

(Benson) Walk us
through last night.

Tessa visited her
father yesterday.

She got home
around 5:30, 6:00.

I got the silent
treatment through dinner

until she went to her
room, where she stayed.

Something happen
to upset her?

She thinks I'm keeping
her from her father.

A social worker
supervises their visits.

Yeah, yeah. Now,
why is that?

Did your husband
abuse your daughter?

Does alcohol and drug
addiction qualify as abuse?

By themselves, no.

Well, it's a good thing the
judge disagreed with you

and gave me a
protection order.

Miles was in my house.

He attacked me.

Why haven't you arrested him?

As soon as we finish

taking your statement,
we're gonna talk to him.

We're also gonna need to
speak with your daughter.

She doesn't know
anything. She was asleep.

Well, there's no sign
of forced entry,

so your husband had
to have the key.

Tessa didn't give it to him.

You seem pretty
sure about that.

Miles isn't
supposed to know

where we live.

We've had to move
so many times,

Tessa knows if her
father ever found out,

we'd only have to move again.

There's no way
she'd risk it.

Even if she were
angry with you?

She's just a little girl
who loves both her parents.

If you question
her about this,

she's going to feel

that she has to choose
between the both of us.

And I can't have that.

She's been through enough.

Please, keep my
daughter out of it.

Well, if she didn't give
him the keys, who did?

Miles Sennet's on
a business trip.

He'll be back tonight.

That's convenient.

Well, according to his boss,

it's been on the books
for over a month.

What evidence do we have?

CSU found hair and fibers
at the victim's house.

They're running them now.

Positive for intercourse,
negative for fluids.

Which means he
wore a condom.

Doesn't sound like
any husband I know.

Unless it was premeditated

and he went there
to humiliate her.

And you think the child
told Dad where they lived?

I think that she's angry
and she misses her father.

Enough to give him
the address and a key?

Only Tessa can tell us that,

but, you know, we
can't talk to her

without parental consent.

(Cragen) I'll
check with Novak,

see if we can
get around it.

Any D.V. calls to
the Sennet house

when they were together?

Yeah, two.

First call, no

Second one, Miles put
his hand through a wall.

anger management,

but there's no history
of E.R. visits

for either wife or child.

I grew up with an
alcoholic mother,

and, uh, abuse doesn't have to
be physical to cause damage.

That's true.

But if that's all it takes,

there'd be a hell
of a lot of families

with protection orders
and supervised visits.

How long has the
R.O. been in effect?

Almost a year.

It expires in a week.

Well, those are
renewed annually.

When's the court hearing?

(Stabler) That
happened last month.

No extension granted.

Let's see if the judge
can tell us why.

(Judge Harrison)
There were no grounds

to issue the order
of protection

in the first place,

but these days jurists feel
so pressured by feminazis

they just hand them
out like candy.

I read the court transcript.

Valerie Sennet
feared for her life,

and you just dismissed her.

She probably watched too many
women-in-jeopardy movies.

There's no history of violence
or abuse in this case.

Well, then explain the
assault last night.

Her husband raped her.

If you had the evidence
to prove that,

you wouldn't be here.

Or do you always
jump to conclusions?

It's our job to believe
the victims, Your Honor.

I work in family court.

It's my job to believe
whoever's lying the least.

Valerie Sennet has
no reason to lie.

Sure, she does.

For the spoils of war.

Accuse your husband of abuse

and tip the balance
in your favor.

The Silver Bullet Strategy.

Also known

as Sexual Assault
in Divorce.

It's very popular
these days.

You have personal experience?

A divorce lawyer suggested
my wife go in that direction,

but she didn't hire him.

Well, most men
aren't so lucky.

I'm not saying
there aren't

terrified women in
need of protection.

But there are a lot
of vindictive ones

who abuse the system under the
guise of a divorce strategy.

I think your alleged
victim is one of them.

Do you have any evidence
to support that,

or are you just making
it up as you go along?

Accusing me of judicial
misconduct without proof

will get you time in
a cell, Detective.

If I were you, I'd
watch my tongue.

(Stabler) You
don't bait a judge.

Valerie Sennet was
raped. End of story.

You seem awfully
convinced of that.

And I think your
current situation

is coloring your judgment.

My current situation?

You don't normally
empathize with the suspect.

It's not empathy.
It's outrage.

The guy never
touched his wife.

Until last
night, Elliot.

You saw the bruises.

That doesn't prove rape.

Is that your gut talking?

Miles Sennet never
abused his wife

or his daughter, but he
gets punished for it anyway?

Now, how is that right?

(Sara) I've been
covering the Sennets
for the past six months.

I pick Tessa up, I
stay for the visit,

I take her home.

Why all the cloak and
dagger, Ms. Jenner?

At first, I thought Valerie
was being overprotective.

But then Miles started
showing up at her apartment,

claiming he wanted to see
his daughter every day.

He does that,
he gets pinched

for violating the
protection order.

There's no records
of any arrests.

Oh, he stays
500 feet back,

but it still looks
like harassment to me.

And she's afraid of him,

especially when
he's drunk and high.

That's why she moved so often.

You ever see him
under the influence?

No, but I can understand

how Valerie feels.

Her husband's got
a nasty temper.

Define nasty.

I had to cut a
few visits short,

he got in my face.

Maybe 'cause that's
not your call.

Look, I don't need this.

I've got to go sit a guy
down who spanks his son.

That's not against
the law either.

It should be.

Violence just begets
more violence.

Besides, there
was a complaint.

You need anything else?

Yeah, the name of
your supervisor.

Go to hell.

What are you gonna do,
write her a ticket?

I'm filin' a
formal complaint.

Cutting visits short is
an abuse of her power.

Unless Miles was actually
harassing his wife.

[bell rings]

You sure you want to do this?

Look, it's the only way
we're gonna find out

if Miles was in the house.

Tessa, these are Detectives
Benson and Stabler.

They'd like to ask
you some questions.

Questions about what?

(Benson) About
your father.

Have a seat.

Is he in trouble?

Why, Tessa?

That happen a lot?

Well, my Dad's
had some problems

in the past.

You know, with booze

and pills.

So what's wrong now?

Does your dad know
where you live?


do you leave your
backpack hanging around?

I guess.

Does he have access to it?


Did you give your
dad your address?

I already told you no.

Where do you keep
your house keys?

In my backpack.

(Benson) Tessa,
if you told
your father

where you live, nobody's
going to be angry.


But we do need to
straighten this out.

I didn't tell
him anything,

but you obviously
don't believe me.

Did you see your father
in the house last night?


[door opens]


wait outside.

I thought I made
myself clear.

Valerie, we're
trying to help you.

We didn't tell her anything
about the assault.

We just need to know if she
saw her father in your house.

And did she?

She claims she didn't.

So why don't you
believe her?

She's hiding something.

Look, rape is a serious charge.

You've got to let
us do our job.

You've already
questioned her now,

and she doesn't
know anything.

Stay away from Tessa.

Tessa knows her father
was in that house.

She's protecting him.

Well, she's
protecting somebody.

I'm just not
convinced it's Miles.

Every time I try to
get my life together--

Just take it easy.

No, you take it easy.
She took my child.

She took my bank
accounts, the property.

And now she wants
my damn freedom?

Sit down.

Sit down. Just
have a seat.

Sit down.

Your wife says
you raped her.


Now, we want talk to you

because we want to hear
your side of the story.

Do you understand?

Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.

I am a recovering alcoholic
and a drug addict

and also a lousy husband.

But I am no rapist.

I never touched Valerie
without an invitation.

So you're saying the
sex was consensual?

If she had sex,
it wasn't with me.

Maybe she said
yes and then no,

and you got your
signals crossed.

There was no sex.

(Benson) So where
were you last night?



That's not gonna cut it.

You're gonna have
to come with us

so we can
straighten this out.

And just how am I
supposed to do that

if there's no one that can
vouch for my whereabouts?

You willing to take a poly?


You need to think about
this, Mrs. Sennet.

I know what I'm doing.

I just wanted to
put a stop to this.

Miles is free to go.

Valerie Sennet
just recanted.

Stupid, vindictive bitch...

No, you're the stupid bitch!

Bitch, how do you...

You came into my home
and attacked me.

Calm down!

Do us a favor
and get cancer!

I made you!

Officer, take
him out of here

and stay with him till
he's off the premises.

Down the back stairs.

(Benson) Valerie
only recanted

to stop us from talking
to her daughter again.

What's your take?

The guy's a time bomb,
and you know it.

He's a hothead,
but the problem is,

they've both got
an agenda here.

Which is?

Your wife called.

Lab came back
with a match

to the hairs found
at the crime scene.

Belongs to Miles Sennet.

Oh, so much for him not
knowing where they live.

That doesn't prove
he was in the house.

Where were the
hairs collected?

Daughter's room,
hallway, common area.

Any prints?

Tessa was at
her dad's house.

She could've tracked
that stuff home.

To several different
locations? You're reaching.

And you've got
blinders on.

I'm the longest relationship
you've ever had with a man.

You have no idea how
bad things can get

when a couple goes sour.

And eight years
in this unit

tells me that I don't
need to be married

to know when an abusive
man is escalating.

Since we don't have a
corroborating witness

that puts Miles Sennet
in the victim's house,

no judge will sign a warrant.

Then let's arrest
Valerie Sennet

for lying to
law enforcement

and filing a bogus
police report.

That's revictimizing
a rape victim, Elliot.

Well, she recanted.

Now, she's either a
victim or she's not.

You can't have
it both ways.

You're just mad
because you think

she's abusing the system.

No, I think if she's
facing jail time,

she'll let us talk to Tessa
to save her own skin.

I'm not comfortable
arresting the mother

to make her kid talk.

If Valerie lied
about being raped,

then she should be charged.

If not, then it goes
right back on the books

and we get what we need to
nail the son of a bitch.

It's your call, Counselor.

Pick her up.

And just to cover ourselves,

have Huang do the
interview with the girl

in case Mom sticks
to her guns.

(Cragen) You two
think you can work
this together?

Because if you can't,
I will reassign it.


Valerie Sennet--

What do you want?

You're under arrest
for lying to police

and filing a false report.


It's all right.

We can do this the easy
way or the hard way.

It's up to
you. Let's go.

Don't touch me.

Listen, Valerie.
Listen, listen, listen.

You need to calm down.

You're only making
matters worse, okay?

Why don't you think
about your daughter?

It's the best thing.

(Valerie) It's
okay, Tessa.


Just come with me.

What's gonna happen now?

That depends on what
your mother decides.

That's not an answer.

No one talks to me.

Everybody treats
me like a kid.


How do you want
to be treated?

Like I have a brain.

Like I can handle things.

Do you know how many times I
found my father passed out,

how many times I took
his stash and flushed it?

Did that make him angry?


He'd yell and scream...

then go get more.

Did he ever hit you?


Not ever.

He'd break things or hit
the wall, but not us.

You know...

your mother says
that he attacked her.

That's not true.

(Benson) Valerie,
did he rape you?

I don't want to
talk about that.

I want a lawyer.

And I don't have to
talk to you without one.

Fine, then we'll just
give you some information.

You're being charged

with two Class
A misdemeanors.

That's a $1,000 fine

and up to one year in
jail for each count.

You can probably
plead it down.

The bottom line is,
while you're locked up,

your husband will get
custody of your daughter.

Some divorced
couples fight a lot.

Did your parents
ever get physical?

They fought all the time.

They still do,

but my father never
touched my mother.

Well, we know that your father
was in the house that night.

How did he get there?

Look, I don't know how
he knew where we lived,

and I didn't
give him my key.

He was just in my room

wanting to talk.

About what?

I asked him

what a headhunter was

when Ms. Jenner cut
our visit short.

I heard my mom talking on
the phone to one in Dallas.

I was scared we'd
be moving again.

And you told your
father about this?

He was really mad too.

Even when I stole his drugs,
he never looked like that.

(Benson) Miles
was angry,
wasn't he?


did he rape you or not?


Then why did you recant?

I just wanted it to stop.

I didn't want Tessa hurt.

Did the kid cop to
giving Dad access?

No, she insists
that she didn't.

She says that he just appeared
suddenly in her room.

I don't think she's lying.

Now that we have enough
for a search warrant,

we need to know how Miles
Sennet got in that house.

(Fin) One
divorce was
enough for me.

I can't figure out how
you did it four times.

You've got to play to win.

Check this out.

It's an instruction manual

for a wireless
GPS transponder

with cell phone and
laptop tracking.

Makes it easy for you
to follow somebody

without keeping
them in sight.

Yeah, this model was designed
to be attached to a car,

but Miles doesn't have one.

Well, who has a vehicle
and access to both homes?

The social worker.

You find any bugs
in Sara's car?

Nothing yet.

Oh! I take it back.

Looks like pay dirt.

No one would've found this
unless there was a flat.

Any prints?

Looks like a partial

and two pristine hits
with a ridge detail.

Oh, what now?

Excuse me.

Miles Sennet,
you're under arrest

for rape one and stalking.

Turn around.

I didn't rape
my wife. No?


[handcuffs locking]

You have a problem?

It's just nice to see someone
else with an anger issue.

You want to read
him his rights?

No. It's all yours.

I swear I didn't
touch her.

Swear on what...

the Bible, God,
your daughter?

You have the right to
keep your mouth shut.

I wouldn't touch
Valerie if you paid me.

I don't even talk to
her unless I have to.

I have every reason
to be angry.

Which is why
you raped her.

Not that--
That's not true.

She got an order

of protection
against you.

You blamed her for
your supervised visits

with your daughter.

It was her fault. It was
time for her to pay up.

Miles, your daughter
puts you in the house.

I went to the house.

I went to the house because
my visit was cut short

and I wanted to
talk to my daughter.

(Stabler) But
why this time?

Your visits had been
cut short before.

Tessa asked me about
a Dallas headhunter.

Now, if Valerie was
gonna leave the state,

I had every right to know.

So you attached
a GPS unit

that you just happened to
have lying around the house

to the social worker's car

so you could finish
a conversation?

That's your story?

That's what happened.

Okay, then what?

When Tessa told me they
were probably moving,

I just lost it.

I heard the
shower running.

I went in,

and I yanked Valerie
out of the tub.

I was so pissed.

How could she do this to me?

How could she take away

the most important
thing in my life,

the only good thing?

So you wanted to
teach her a lesson.

So you dragged her into that
bedroom, and you raped her.

No! That did not happen!

Yeah, I shook the
snot out of her.

I shook her, and I left.

You lied about knowing
where they live.

You lied about being
in their home,

and you're lying now.

I know it looks bad.

I know.

And I admit, in that moment,

I knew I'd be better
off if she was dead.

But I felt sick about that,

and I got the hell out.

(Stabler) Miles,
you've got
a problem here

because you said you
never touched Valerie

and now you just confessed
to assault with intent.

Look, man, I love
my kid, okay?

And I don't want
to lose her.

If she moves away, when
am I gonna see her again,

maybe Christmas?

Valerie treats her

like a hostage
in a negotiation,

something to twist me with.

What was I supposed to do?

(Stabler) Valerie
said he dragged her
into the bedroom.

Why not attack her
in the bathroom

where it all started?

(Cragen) Maybe
it was too close to
his daughter's room.

No sign of transfer.

I mean, if he fought,
dragged, and raped her,

where's the evidence--
fibers, fluids?

Well, we've found
less evidence

and gotten
convictions before.

And she has the
bruises on her arm.

Yeah, but that
supports Miles' story.

He pulled her out of the
shower, he shook her--

that's what he said--
and then he left.

Look, that's what
you want to believe.

This guy is dangerous.

He goes from a man who's
never touched his wife

to shaking her?

What's next?

(Huang) The daughter
never witnessed
any violence.

That's unusual when there's
physical abuse in the home.

She's already lied
for her father once.

How do we know that she hasn't
been protecting him for awhile?

(Huang) That's
not part of
the pattern.

In physically abusive

the boys tend to put
themselves in harm's way

to deflect the attention
away from the mother

while the girls
cling to them,

identifying with
them as targets.

Are you saying
there was no abuse?

I don't know if he
made verbal threats

or assaulted the victim
in her bathroom.

You're never gonna be able to
prove a behavioral pattern.

It just isn't there.

(Novak) Well, it
doesn't matter.

Valerie Sennet
says she was raped.

Her husband admits
to assaulting her,

and there's evidence
of intercourse.

Maybe she had sex
with someone else.

This is a hostile divorce.

Crying rape is a
pretty efficient way

to get rid of an
unwanted husband.

When did you start
working for the defense?

The moment you were more
interested in an easy close

than the truth.

My only interest is in being
an advocate for rape victims.

Now, I thought that's
what we do here.


(Cragen) That's
what we all do.

Olivia can
reinterview the victim

while you dig discreetly

into her background.

Make sure there
are no surprises.

Oh, so now we're putting
victims on trial.

Good to know.

Well, a statement with
this many red flags,

no good cop would overlook it.

Especially not one
with a dying marriage

and a history of violence.

I thought you said they
were working it out.

[phone rings]


Yeah, hi.

No. He, uh, he just left.


When'd you get back?

It's been about
a month now.

What happened
to the stunner?

Dani Beck?

She transferred back
to her old unit.

Why'd she leave?

I have no idea.

Well, it makes
me feel better

to know you didn't
like her either.

Kathy, what's this about?

I just want to know
how everything's going.

With Elliot?

He's what we
have in common.

Why do you care, Kathy?

You're getting divorced.

A piece of paper doesn't
stop you from caring.

Not that he'll sign it.

Look, you--you can

get a divorce
without--without consent.

It's expensive and
takes a lot more time.

Look, Kathy--

Do you think this is easy,
Olivia, talking to you

about the state
of my marriage?

It's none of my business.

Do you have any idea
how much I used to worry

that he preferred
spending time with you

than with me and the kids?

Come on now. You
know that's not true.

Elliot talked about
you all the time.

The truth is, you
know things about him

I will never understand.

That's what I'm counting on.

You want me to try
to convince him

to sign the divorce papers.

You're his partner.

You give him stability.

Elliot can't move on

until he feels like
he's on solid ground.

Excuse me, Miss?


Stabler, NYPD.

Do you know this woman?


That's Valerie.

I live across the street.

Denise Fielding.

Denise, are you
two friendly?

Coffee and gossip.

She in some kind of trouble?

No, not at all.

I was just wondering,
have you seen

any men coming or
going from her house?

Sounds like trouble to me.

Yeah, no, I really

see Val with her daughter
most of the time,

except one night
she was with a man

who she introduced from
her attorney's office.

It doesn't sound
like you bought that.

I'm sure it's true,
but it was kind of late

for a professional visit,
if you know what I mean.

Do you remember his name?



Yeah, I never caught
his last name.


That's okay.
Thank you.

(Clerk) Docket
no. 71112.

People v. Miles Sennet.

One count rape in
the first degree.

Two counts stalking
in the first degree.

One count breaking
and entering.

(Judge Petrovsky)
How do you plead?

Not guilty.

The people ask for bail
to be set at $100,000.

We have no objection,
Your Honor.

There is an existing order

of protection against
this defendant.

Do I have that
right, Ms. Novak?

It expires tomorrow,
Your Honor.

And not only did
he violate it,

but he is accused of violating
the complainant as well.


Your Honor, if I
may, I'd like to--

When I'm done.

Bail is set at $500,000.


That's excessive,
Your Honor.

I'm surprised at
you, Ms. Novak.

Women have been
preyed upon enough.

There is a restraining
order in place,

but it has done nothing
to stop this defendant

from hunting her down.

Perhaps he needs more
of an incentive.


Next case.

[gavel pounds]

(Clerk) Docket
number 73995.

Well, I didn't
expect that.

Two counts of
resisting arrest.

One count of possession
of firearms.


He'll never raise
that kind of money.

Well, then he won't be
able to hurt you, will he?

(Novak) We need
to sit down

and go over your statement.

I-I can't do this right now.

That doesn't bode well.

Good morning.


I'm on hold.

Did you find anything
surprising about our victim?

You know, I was
surprised to find out

about Valerie's boyfriend

that she forgot
to tell us about.


Yeah, I'm looking for
one of your employees.

Uh, his first
name is Phillip.

I don't know his last name.

But he's either a
lawyer, paralegal,

or an investigator on
the Sennet divorce.


You got my number?

I'll wait to hear
your call. Thanks.

Valerie Sennet was just
attacked in the street.

Where is she?

The burn unit at Cornell.

She's got third- and
fourth-degree burns

through the dermis,

fascia and muscle,
extending to the bone.

(male resident)
Start another
line of Ringers

and push 750 milligrams
of Cefuroxime.

I smell gasoline.

She was saturated
with it.

Is she in a lot of pain?

(resident) Her
nerves are gone.

If she makes it
through the night,

she'll have severe
pain tomorrow.


Valerie, can you
tell us who did this?


Miles...did this.

She shouldn't be talking.
Her lungs are burned.

What are-- What
are her chances?

It doesn't look good.

Look, that's why we need
her dying declaration.

Just be quick.


Valerie, what
did Miles do?

Can you tell us?

He had gas in a...

a-a water bottle,

and he--he sprayed--

he sprayed it
it all over me.

He--he chased me.

He struck a match.

The flames--

It's okay, it's okay.

It's gonna be okay.


he grabbed Tessa.

We're looking for him
now. We'll get him.

Don't let him take Tessa.

[monitor beeps]

She's in respiratory
arrest. Bag her!

[doctors clamoring]

It's horrifying.

These aren't from
a security camera?

(Cragen) Some
tourists snapped
these photos.

So much for no
pattern of abuse.

Based on his history,

there is no way we
could have predicted

that he would soak
her with gasoline

and set her on fire.

Women's groups
and the media

are already calling
for judicial censure

because of the lapsed
protection order.

My office is accused
of being soft on crime,

which is why I have a meeting
with the D.A. in an hour.

Let's hope he doesn't agree.

How'd he make bail?

His parents put up
their retirement home.

Is there any word
on his whereabouts?

Odds are he's meeting up

with his daughter.

She's not in school.

We've tracked her cell
phone to Central Park.

ESU's headed there now.

Olivia and Elliot
are running point.

(Stabler) Let's
assume he's armed.

When you said he
was escalating,

you were right.

You think that's
what I want to hear?

He set her on
fire, Elliot.

Who could've
anticipated that?

If I'd listened to you, we
could've prevented this.


Have Novak push
for remand,

get a blue-and-white on
him when he made bail,

anything but make
excuses for the guy.

Miles Sennet chose gasoline
and a match, not you.

He didn't just
want to kill her,

he wanted her to suffer.

No. He said he
wanted her dead.

I just wasn't listening.

Well, you weren't the
only one in that room.

I was there too.

(Fin over radio)
Eyes on the prize.

Central Park, east side.

In positions now.






what happened to you?

You're scaring me.


Daddy did something
awful today,

and I wanted to
tell you myself.

I killed your mother.


Now, look--
look--look at me.

You listen to me

'cause I don't have
a lot of time.

I love you,

and I always will.

And one day, you'll
remember that.

No, I won't.


We're gonna get Tessa
out of harm's way here.

Don't shoot him!

(Stabler) Miles,
listen to me.

You're her father.

You've caused enough damage.

She doesn't need to see this.


Tessa, it's okay.

Tessa, stop,
stop. It's okay.

Come with me.

You have to go now.

You have to leave.

Okay? You have
to go now.

Come with me.

Get away from me!

Daddy, please.

I can't.



come get her.

(Tessa) Daddy,
no. No, no!

No! Let me go!

Let me go!

Daddy, no, no!
Come with me!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Drop it! Stay
where you are!




Your ribs will probably hurt.

Plastic bullets
will do that to ya.

Valerie is going

to the tank for the first round
of very painful debridement.

If she lasts another
few days and stabilizes,

she'll have surgery,
then a course of maggots,

and more surgery to
remove the dead tissue.

How long's she gonna be here?

There's no way
to predict.

It's remarkable she's
survived this long.

You don't expect her
to live, do you?

No, she'll probably
succumb to shock

before she even
gets to the O.R.

Hey, Valerie,
can you hear me?

Miles is in custody,
and Tessa's

with your mother in
the waiting room.



Did you get him?

Did you kill him?

She's out of it.

The shower was his fault.

But I showed him.

I showed him.


Did Miles rape you?


[Valerie screaming loudly]

[doorbell rings]

I'm looking for
Detective Stabler.

He's gone for the day.

I'm his partner.
Can I help you?

I'm Phillip Anderson,
an investigator

with Valerie Sennet's
divorce attorney.

I understand you guys
are looking for me.

Actually, that
case is closed.

I saw on the news where
she's in critical condition.

It's terrible.

She was an amazing woman.

Were you close?

Not really.

It was casual.

We got together

on her daughter's
visit days with Dad.

When was the last time
you were together?

That's personal.

Well, actually, it
needs to go in the file.

Excuse me?

Valerie Sennet
accused her husband

of raping her.

So I need to know,

when was the last time
you had sex with her?

Earlier in the week.

The fifth?


I left around 5:00.

I had to be out before
her daughter came home.

Did you use a condom?


I hope you're done prying
into the intimate details

of my sex life

because I'm leaving now.

She's at the burn unit
of Cornell University

if you would like
to visit her.

Like I said...

it was just casual.

[phone rings]


Is that a flower
in your cup?

It's tea.

You're serious about
that, aren't ya?

I couldn't sleep.

Yeah, me neither.

Valerie Sennet wasn't raped.

She was sleeping

with a law firm investigator.

She really put her husband
through the ringer.

She died 20 minutes ago.

She knew that she
was gonna die,

and she still
lied to my face.

When love warps into hate,
there's nothing you won't do.

That's why I signed
the divorce papers.

I don't want Kathy
to ever regret me.

That's a step in the
right direction, Elliot.

So are we okay?

I, eh...

I just--

need space to
disagree with you

so that I don't feel

like it's going to cost
me our partnership.

You've never been
gun shy before.

Yeah, well, you know,
I mean, things change.

Well, like you said,

you're the longest

that I've ever
had with a man.

Who else would
put up with me?

You hungry?

I could go for a
bite. Who's buying?

Well, you are going
through a divorce

and you do have four
children, so I guess you are.

That's what I thought.

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