Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - 911 - full transcript

A little girl calls for help, claiming she's being held hostage, but the team has to keep her on the line to track her down.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

[phone rings]

Police operator 3529.

Where is your emergency?

[child on phone]

Where you calling from?


Are you in Harlem?

[with Latin accent]
I'm in a room.

What's wrong, sweetheart?

I can't get out.

I'm hungry.

Ronda, Ronda!

I need help.

Please can you help me?

Can you tell me
where you are?

I don't know
where I am.



I need you.


One second.

911 got a call
from a nine-year-old girl.

Says she's locked
in a room.

Is she hurt?

We don't know.

Parents probably didn't want
to pay for a babysitter.

Just keep her talking
till we can track her down.

Line two.

All right, everybody,
let's keep it quiet.

This is Detective Benson.
Put her through.


Hi. My name's Olivia.
What's your name?


Hi, Maria.

You and me are gonna talk

until my friends come
and get you, okay?

Tell them to come quick.

Are you hurt, Maria?

I'm hungry.
My stomach hurts.

Well, when's
the last time you ate?

Two days ago.

Well, you must be starving.

What about drink?

I finished
a water yesterday.

Please, will you help me?

We will, sweetheart.
We're gonna be there soon.

It's an old phone
with no GPS.

Registered to a cabbie,
Ricardo Garcia.

He took an assault collar
for whaling on his wife.

Where'd the 911 call
come from?

Spanish Harlem.

Probably the housing project
on 115th and 3rd.

There's gotta be thousands
of apartments there.

That's as close
as the trace gets us.

The girl doesn't know
her own address?

No. Probably 'cause she hasn't
eaten for two days.

Liv is talking to her now.

TARU moved her
into the interview room

where it's quiet.

Now, we gotta throw
everything at this.

Elliot's on a case
in Brooklyn.

Munch is running the
door-to-door in the projects.

And I need you
to find Ricardo Garcia.

The super said
he moved last month,

didn't leave an address.

Maria give us anything?

She won't say her last name

or tell us
where her parents are.

Why not?
She seems scared.

Olivia's still trying
to get her address.

(Olivia on speaker)
Maria, now, are you

in a house or an apartment?

I don't know.

Okay, how many rooms
do you live in?

I live in one room.

But I got
so hungry and thirsty,

I broke the lock,
and I went

in the other room.

There was a bottle of water.

I drank it.

Is the door always locked?

When I'm alone.

Maria, did your parents
lock you in this room?


I don't know.

Can you go outside?

That door doesn't open.

Okay, can you see
anything out the window?

Like tall buildings,
a bridge, a river,

anything like that?

There aren't any windows.

Just a bed and a picture
on the wall.

What kind of picture?

A garden.

Maria, how did you get
the phone?


I found it.

In his jacket.

Whose jacket?

Richard's jacket.
It was on the door.

The phone was in the pocket.

I didn't steal it.

Maria, who's Richard?

M-My dad.

And what's his last name?

I don't know.

You don't know?

Doesn't he have the same
last name as you?

What about your mom?
What's her name?

Beatrice Recinos.

And is she with Richard now?


Where is she?

She's nowhere.

She died.

I'm sorry, Maria.

Run Maria Recinos
through Missing Persons.

We're on it.

Cell phone is registered
to cab driver Ricardo Garcia.


That's the same name.

Sounds like it.

Fin called,
managed to track him

through the cab company.

[tires screech]

[horn honks]

Ricardo Garcia.

What did I do?

You got a cell phone?

Take it easy.
I lost it.


If I knew that,
it wouldn't be lost.

You got a daughter?
Yeah, why?

How old is she?

About nine,
I don't know.

What do you mean
you don't know?

I've never seen her, 'cause her
loving mama stole her from me.

Where's her mother live?

Spanish Harlem.

Come on,
you're taking me there.

Where are you from, Maria?

I'm from here.

Your English is very good.
Where did you learn it?

My mother taught me.
She was a teacher.

Did she teach you at home
or at school?

At home.

But where do you
go to school?

My dad says
I don't need to.

Don't you ever go
to stores or to the park?

Do you ever go
to movies?

I don't go out.

You have to go out sometimes.

I stay in my room.

[knock at door]

Police, where's
your daughter?


What lies has this loser
been telling you?

You can't just
walk in here.

[speaking Spanish]

He's got a bug
up his ass.

My mom says
I have to stay in.

Hello, Liv?

Hold on, hold on,
who is this?

What's your name?


All right,
sorry to bother you.

Are you all right,

Captain, this is Fin.

It's not Garcia.
His child's safe.


Come on back.

Now, how the hell did Maria

end up
with Garcia's phone?

Her dad could've stolen it.

He could even
have cloned the number.

I thought that went out
in the '90s.

It's back.
All you need is a DDI.

Well, speak English,
for God's sake.

Digital Data Interceptor.

Scan the airwaves,
steal any number you want.

So we can't even trace this guy
through his phone bills.

We can, but it'd take days.

She's already been on
50 minutes.



How's it going?
Oh, great.

I got 60 men trying to search
2,000 apartments here, Captain.

TARU's gonna have
to tighten the noose,

or the girl's got
to give us more help.

Tell me, Maria, is there
anything else in the room?

Like papers, letters,
bills with an address on it?

Just a big plastic bag.

Well, did you look
inside it?

It's got clothes.

What kind of clothes.

Girl's clothes.

Are they yours?

I have to wear
them sometimes...

When I dress up.

Maria, what about
your dad's jacket?

Why don't you look inside
and tell me

if there's anything else
in the pockets, okay?


[mute button beeps]

Missing Persons drew a blank
on Maria Recinos.

Are you getting anything?

Not a lot.
She's still afraid.

Is there any chance
she's making this up?

Some of the things
don't make sense.

I think she's for real.

I've got a dialect expert coming
in to track her accent.

Maybe that'll help.


I found a piece of paper
all squashed up.

Good job, sweetheart,
what does it say?

Felipe's Burgers.

342 94th Street
and then lots of numbers.

Do you know the place?


Maria, listen to me,
this is very important.

Do you know
Felipe's Burgers?


Are you sure?

It's where Richard
buys my food.

94th Street is nearly 20 blocks
out of the search area.

But if this Richard buys

her food there all the time,
they probably know him.

Good job, Maria,
very good job.

This is it.

342 94th Street.

What do you mean?

There's nothing here.


You know
where Felipe's Burgers is?

You're looking at it.

What happened?

They had a fire--
three months ago.

Sold it,
tore down what was left.

Thank you.

No loss.
Burgers were lousy.

Captain, this place is gone.

It burnt down
three months ago.

Sometimes he gives me hot dogs.

But not with mustard,
only ketchup.

I like french fries best.

Maria, when is the last time

Richard brought you food
from Felipe's?

I-I don't know.
Two days ago?

Felipe's burned down
three months ago, Maria.

How is that possible?

I don't know.


[mute button beeps]

We've got more than 100 officers
out there chasing shadows.

You have got to push her.

[mute button beeps]


I can't help you
if you're lying to me.

He said this would happen.

Said what would happen?

He said if I told the police,
they wouldn't believe me.

Told them what?


[phone clicks and dial tone]

She hung up.

Call her again.

I'm on it.

[phone rings]

[recorded voice]
We're sorry.
The number you have--

Try her again.

Even if the phone
is out of service,

she could still make
911 calls.

[phone rings]

We're sorry.
The number you have reached--

[phone dialing and ringing]


We're sorry.

The number you have reached
is no longer in service.

I lost her.

We've alerted the call center.

They'll put her through
if she phones again.

She won't.

I was too tough on her.

She calls here
asking for help,

and I accuse her of lying.

We had to find out.

You know, there might be
another explanation.

Oh, what do you mean?

You remember Jessica,
September '04?

She calls 911.

Says she's four years old

and that her mommy
has stopped breathing.

She gave the cops
a home address, a school,

even a teacher's name
before she hung up.

They searched, never found
a single one of 'em.

Dozens of cops tied up.
Thousands of hours wasted.

It was all a hoax
by an 18-year-old girl.


I've got something.

I've enhanced the background.


[recording of Maria]
Felipe's Burgers.

[horns honking]

342 94th Street
and then lots of numbers.

[electronic beep]

Well, sounds like traffic,

but with something else
underneath like...

some kind of hum.

Play it again.

I'll try
and EQ the voice out.

[low hum]

It's an engine,
a car or truck.

She's moving?

She said she was locked
in a room.

She could be
in a tractor trailer

or in a cargo container
on a flatbed.

But the phone signal
wasn't moving.

Well, maybe
she's parked somewhere

or just moving within
the search area.


This is Julia Ortiz,
dialect expert.

I worked with her in court.

Donald Cragen,
Olivia Benson.

Tell us what you need.

[phone rings]

Ronda, I think it's her.

It's the same number.

Is this Maria?

Yes, can I talk
to a lady called Olivia?

Sure, honey.

I'll put you right
through to her.

Holland Tunnel?

She's leaving Manhattan.

Liv, Maria called 911 again.

They're putting her through.

Now, the call location
has changed

to near the Holland Tunnel,
so she must've moved.

I'm stopping the search in
Harlem and sending Fin downtown.

Any luck?

I think she's
from Central America.

El Salvador, Nicaragua,

I hear more,
I can narrow it down.

Olivia, it's her.

Maria, it's Olivia.
I'm so glad you called back.

I wasn't lying to you.

You didn't have
to get angry.

I wasn't angry with you,

Yes, you were.
Your voice was angry.

No, honey, I was just worried.
Now, listen to me.

Maria, we are tracking
your phone call

because that's how
we're gonna find you.

And I can see here
that you've moved.

No, I'm still here.

Well, then
is the room moving?

Rooms can't move.
Why are you teasing me?

I'm not, I'm just trying
to work things out.

Maria, hold on, okay?


What are we gonna believe?
The technology or the girl?


can you hear any noises?

I don't know.

I think I can hear cars.

I'll see where Fin is.

[siren wails]

Fin, it's Cragen.

What's your location?

Approaching the tunnel.
Traffic's already backed up.

What do you want me
to do, Captain?

I'll get onto Port Authority PD.
We shut down the tunnel.

Search every van, every truck
leaving Manhattan.

Tunnel's gonna be shut down
for hours.

I'll get back to ya.


were you born in New York?


No? Okay.

Maria, my friend Julia's here,

and she can tell exactly
where people are from

just by listening
to them talk.

I can't talk anymore.

I'll get in trouble.

Why will you get
in trouble?

Richard will be angry.
He'll do things.

A mi me da mincho.
I have to go.

No, no, Maria.
Please don't go.

It's okay, honey,
please don't go.

"Me da mincho"
means "I'm scared."

It's Honduran slang.

Honey, you're not gonna get
into any trouble.

Are you from Honduras?

Will you get here
before he does?

I will.


Where in Honduras?


It's what the locals call

It's the capital.

And where in Tegus
are you from?

1253 Calle Federal,
apartment 3.

We're gonna need to talk
to the Honduran Consul.

Maria, who brought you
to America?

[speaking Spanish]

He's tied up.

There's some sort
of reception going on

at the consulate.

What do you want
the Consul to do?

Put us in touch
with the Honduran police.

I'll go see him in person.

You know him?

Not yet.

We came across the desert

and through the big fence.

A man was waiting.
He took me to New York.

And this was
after your mom died?

She was still alive.

Your mom sent you away?

To be with my dad
in America.

You mean Richard.

I-I don't know.

Please, when are you
coming to get me?

Soon, Maria.

You have to be brave.

Did your mom send you
to Richard?


He made me promise
not to tell.

Maria, listen to me.
Richard isn't gonna hurt you.

Did your mom send you to him?


She sent me to my old dad.

I don't understand.

I thought Richard
is your dad.

He's my new dad.

My mom and dad sold me
for much money,

so I belong to Richard now.

And I have to do
what he wants.


What does he do, Maria?


I don't want
to talk about it.

Does he do bad things to you?

He hurts me a lot.

And then his friends hurt me

so that he can take
his pictures.

Port Authority PD's already
got roadblocks in place.

We want all trucks,

big rigs, panel trucks,
tractor trailers, whatever.

Pull 'em onto Watts,
no exceptions.

What do we got?

Get it outta here.

How can you be certain
she's from Honduras?

A dialect expert identified
her accent,

and the girl herself
confirmed it.

It could be
a practical joke,

or she's just trying
to get attention.

Mr. Farias, this girl is
terrified, and she's starving.

If we don't get to her soon,
then we'll find her dead body.

Then guess who'll be getting
some attention?

What do you want me
to do?

Connect us with the police
in Tegucigalpa,

the higher up the better.

You can open doors for us.

We got a problem, Captain.

The second call came
in at 6:54.

Now it's 7:29.

If she's moving,
the tower position

would've changed by now.

She's probably stuck
in traffic,

behind our roadblocks.

Well, even with those,
she would've moved

a couple blocks
in a half an hour.

There's something else.
The phone signal.

Normally calls triangulate

off three
cell phone towers.

But both times, this phone

is only giving us
a reading off of two.

I've asked
a communications expert

from the FBI to come in--

But what can we do now?

Ask Maria to hang up
and call in again.

We'll see what happens
to the signal.


We can't risk
losing her again.

Liv's been talking to her
for nearly two hours.

We're still no closer
to finding her.

What have we got
to lose?

You want me to hang up?

For two seconds,
that's all.

And then dial 911
just like you did before.

But why?

Because, Maria,
it's gonna help us find you.

Please, just do it for me.

[phone clicks and dial tone]

[phone rings]

Olivia, she's on.

It's me.

I knew you'd come back.

Did it work?
Can you see where I am now?

She's in Queens?

From the Holland Tunnel
to Queens in two minutes?

That's impossible.

How do we explain it?

We don't.
We're being played.

Olivia, can you see me now?

Yes, we can see.

Then will you come
and get me?

Soon, honey.
Very soon.

* Pollito chicken,
gallina hen... *

I don't care
what technology says.

This girl is real.
Listen to her.

What if it isn't a girl?

What do you mean?
[cell phone rings]



It's another girl.

Put her on speaker.

I'm scared.
I need your help.

Who is this?

Please, I don't know
who else to call.

I'm being held prisoner.

Olivia, come here.

How did you get this number?

(Munch and girl)

You gave it to me,
don't you remember?

What the hell are you doing?

It's a voice changer.
Intelligence agencies use it.

It allows you to alter your
voice however you want.

What's your point?

This whole thing could be
a sick joke.

This sweet little girl
doesn't even exist.

Olivia, did you like it?


Sorry, Maria,
I liked it.

What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

Your voice is angry again.

I'm not angry, Maria,
I'm really not.

Why don't you say
the rhyme again,

and this time I'm gonna listen
really hard

so I can learn it too.

[mute button beeps]

Nobody would invent
the nightmare

that she has been through.

Why are you trying
to poke holes in her story

rather than trying to find her?

Because Munch found
some spook toy?

Whoever's doing this
likes spook toys.

He's already using
at least one device.

What are you talking about?

Listen to the background.

[horn honks]

That same sequence of car horns

repeats every seven minutes.

The traffic sounds
are on a tape loop.

It's called Sound Cover.

It enables

any smartass to pretend
he's somewhere that he's not,

like an airport, the freeway--

So can't we track this guy
through the gadgets?

I mean,
where does he buy them?

Sound Cover is only available
through a website in Germany

where it's now 2:00 a.m.

Voice changers are available

at any spy store
in the country.

[Maria rhyming in Spanish]

You may be right.
I may be an idiot.

But I am talking to this girl
until I am proven wrong.

Did Fin arrange
a door-to-door in Queens?

I'm not sending another hundred
men on a wild goose chase.

I'm sorry.

[Maria rhyming in Spanish]

[mute button beeps]

* Manzana apple *

* Manzana apple *

* Verde green *
* Verde green *

* Castillo castle *

* Castillo castle *

* Y reina queen *

* Y reina queen *

Novak just called
from the consulate.

Honduran Police just spoke
to Maria's mother, Beatrice.

But she's supposed
to be dead.

No, it's the daughter
who's dead.

How, for God's sake?

Trying to sneak
across the U.S. border

to join her dad
in Las Vegas.

Honduran cops are getting photos
from Mom.

Tell Liv.

I don't know if this makes it
better or worse.

I'm looking
for Captain Cragen.

You found him.

Special Agent
Rachel Sorannis, FBI.

I hear you got
a phone problem.

This way.

Maria Recinos is dead?

Her cousin was taking her
to her dad's in Las Vegas,

lost her in the desert
when they were surprised

by the border patrol.
Did they find a body?


Well, that's convenient.

What if this cousin
is a sleaze?

And instead of losing her
in the desert,

he sells her
to a pedophile?

That's a bit of a stretch, Liv.

Is it?

She's living with a guy
who says he's her dad,

and she doesn't even know
his last name.

If Maria Recinos is dead,
then who is that on the phone?

I don't know.

Honduran cops
are sending us photos

of Maria from her mother.

Olivia, can I stop now?

Olivia, where are you?

I'm here, I'm here.

Maria, I have something
to tell you.

Your mother is alive.

The police in Tegus
just spoke with her.

But Richard said--

Richard's lying to you.
Your mother's alive.

Maria, I have
to ask you a question.

What happened
when you were in the desert?

Did--did your cousin
lose you?

No, he took me
through the fence

and gave me to a man who said
he'd take me to my dad.

But he took me
to Richard instead.


phone is saying something.

Battery low.

[cell phone beeps]

Any ideas?

Uh, yes, we think so.

Best guess--something's
diverting the phone signal

sending it
to different cell towers

each time a call is made.

Look, assume
Maria's telling the truth.

She and her cell phone
are in one place.

The nearest cell towers

should receive
the phone's signal.

If you vector back
from the cell tower,

you can get
an approximate location.

But Maria's jumping
all over the map.

She's in Harlem
and Holland Tunnel.


How could somebody
make this happen?

Hack into the cell company's

and program a virus.

So that whenever
this particular phone calls,

the virus recognizes the number

and diverts the signal
to random cell towers.

And how do we fix this?

The cell company

has at least ten switchboards
in Manhattan.

I scan each one for the virus
and download this.

It'll spot
any anomalous programs,

and we can remove them.

How long?

Cell company's giving us
full access.

How long?


We got a photo coming in.

Meet Maria Recinos.

Honduran police
just scanned it through.

Her mother said this was taken
at her ninth birthday party.

I'll get the photo
to the media.

Wait, hold on.
Show it to Olivia first.

Let's make sure
it's not another stunt.

I had cousins
but no brothers or sisters.

Do you have children,


Don't you like them?

I love them.

I would love
to have a child.

You wouldn't send her
away, would you?

[mute button beeps]

Like my mother sent me?

Maria Recinos
from her mom.

Her ninth birthday.
We gotta be sure.

Especially my cat.
His name was Chimichanga.

You know, like the food.

[mute button beeps]


Do you remember
your last birthday?


Do you remember
what you were wearing?

A pink dress
with a big yellow bow.

And Mama let me wear
her gold bracelets

even though
they were too big.

I blew out the candles

on my first try.

I've seen her before.

[mute button beeps]

I'm switching
to the portable.

Olivia, what's happening?

I'm looking for something
that might help us find you.

Hold on.
Looking for what?

I don't understand.

Sweetheart, I need you
to hold on right now, okay?

What is it, Liv?

Montreal SVU did a mailing
to all precincts.

Photos of a girl.
I know that I have them.

Olivia, I'm tired.

Can we stop talking now?

No, baby, I need you to just--
to hang on, okay?

Just one second.
Why don't you sing me a song?

Let's check the file room.


Sing me a song, sweetie.
What's your favorite song?

I don't know.

Yes, you do.
You know your favorite song.

Just sing it to me right now.

[Maria singing Silent Night
in Spanish]

God knows
how long we have

until her cell phone dies.

What are you looking for?

Photos of a girl.

Montreal SVU has seen her
in dozens of porn shots,

never able to identify.

I got it.

That's it.

It's her.

It's her, she said there was a
picture of a garden on the wall.

Are you convinced?

This man is one of the worst
child pornographers

they've ever seen, and they
don't know a thing about him.

That explains the bells
and whistles on the phone.

He wants to make sure

his kiddie porn business
doesn't get traced.

Call Montreal, let 'em know.

Olivia, get a description
of this guy.

I'm trying.
This girl is exhausted.

Please tell me that you've got
something on the trace.

We know how he's
rerouting the calls

but not where
he's doing it from.

[cell phone beeps]
It says low battery.

We'll be there soon, baby.

I promise.

Sweetheart, can you describe

the picture
on the wall for me?

It's a garden
with flowers and trees.

And there's a white fence.

Is this where Richard takes
the pictures of you?

It's where
he does everything.

Tell me what
he looks like, Maria.

What color are his eyes
and his hair?

He has brown hair.

I don't remember
his eyes.

And is there anything special

about him?

Does he wear glasses
or have a moustache?

Are there any scars?

He has silver glasses.

And when he does bad things,
he takes them off.

And he folds them up,

and he puts them
in a blue case.

Olivia, my eyes are sleepy.

Can we stop now?

I know, sweetie.
I know that you're tired, honey.

But you have
to keep talking to me.

We're getting so close, okay?

You keep saying that,
but you're not.

He'll be back soon.

I'll hear him on the stairs.

The stairs?

When he comes to see me.

Sometimes just his footsteps.

Sometimes more.

Those days I want to die.

Stairs, no windows.
Could be a basement.

Get his description
to Montreal PD.

See if it matches anybody.

And tell 'em
he's an electronics junkie.

Damn it.

You got anything?

Eight out of twelve
switchboards scanned.

Nothing so far.

And if you're wrong
about this?

Don't ask.


Can I go now?

No, baby,
you gotta stay with me.

But I'm not with you.

As long as you're on the phone,
you're with me, okay?

I'm not letting you go.

It's okay.

You can let me go.

What do you mean, Maria?

My stomach
doesn't hurt anymore.

I can sleep.

No, honey, you can't sleep.

You have to stay awake now.

[cell phone beeps]


My phone's sleepy too.

I'm gonna sleep.

Maria, listen,
you can't sleep now, okay?

I want you to talk to me.

Just--why don't you sing to me?

Sing me a song, okay?

Maria, listen, listen, ready?

* Pollito chicken,
gallina hen *

Come on.


Maria, please talk
to me now.

You have to talk to me, okay?

[cell phone beeps]

Baby, please don't
leave me now.

"Recharge battery."

My phone's going out.

Bye, Olivia.

No, no, honey, listen to me.

The battery's going.

We know.

[Benson rhyming in Spanish]

Come on, Maria.

* Cena dinner,
cuchara spoon *

Come on, baby,
keep talking to me.

* Cuchara spoon *

* Estrella star *

* Y luna moon *

That's good.

Now just keep it going,

[electronic beeps]

Got something!

Maria, I still can't hear you.

Stay awake, honey,
you've gotta stay awake.

Put me through to 118.

* Almohada pillow
y cuarto room *

Come on, Maria,
I can't hear you.

* Mapo mop
y escoba broom *

Virus is on your board
at 118th.

He hacked in
through your ODBC driver.

Just run the virus scan.

What now?

We remove the virus.
Ask Maria to phone again.

We'll get a real trace.

Maria, I still can't hear you.

Stay awake, baby.
You've got to stay awake.

I can't.

Yes, you can, Maria.
I know that you can.

Talk to me, honey.
Sing to me--anything.

Virus is removed.

They found it, Liv.

She's gotta hang up
and call back.


My friends fixed the phone.

Now, all you have to do
is dial 911,

and we're gonna know
exactly where you are.

Please, Maria,
just one more time.

Come on, honey.
Hang up, dial 911--

Just like you did before.
I know that you can do this.

and door squeaking]

[low breathing]

Maria, wake up!

[low breathing]


Who is this?

This is the police.
We know exactly where you are.

No, you don't.

[phone clicks and dial tone]



Amber alert is out
on Maria.

Montreal sent us
more photos.

Munch is going through 'em,
looking for location cues.

Fin and Sorranis are at
the cell company switchboard.

And the judge
has given us warrants

to examine
company employee files,

cross-check against
sex offender registries.

We'll find this guy.

He's not going to be
on any registry.

He took a girl
that nobody would miss.

He kept her in a place
that nobody would find.

We'll find him

through the cell company.

If he just hacked in, he'll
still have left some trace.

Even if we catch him...

he's had plenty of time
to get rid of the body.

I hear you had a date.



Even had theater tickets.

To what?


I hear it's funny.


Detective Tutuola.

Come and pollute your soul
with some child porn,

my friend.
Any luck
with the phone company?


You get anything here?

Not yet.

Now, look at this
beside the bed.

The cup?

The logo on it.

Fill it--
Fill it, Fel.


Felipe's Burgers.

She read the cup.

That's why she thought

that Richard brought
her food from there.

That place burned down.

You want us
to go back there?

Across the street from Felipe's

there's an electronics store.

Our perp's
a communications freak.

[sirens blaring]

This place has been closed
a while, Liv.

Do we get a warrant?

On what grounds?

[car engine starts]


Stop the car!


What is this?

It's police business.

I don't understand.
What did I do?


What do you know?
Richard Dwyer.

What are you doing here,

I stopped to buy a soda.

You live all the way
in Long Island.

You came way over here
to get a soda?

I was passing through. What
the hell are you looking for?

Nothing here.

What do you have to do
with that store?

Why do you want to know?

Why won't you answer her?

Maybe his keys
will open the door.

[glass smashes]

You can't do that!

Keep him here.
Gimme that light.



It's the stairs.

[inhales deeply]

He cleaned up.




He got her.

But he only got her
an hour ago.

She could still be alive.

Bring him down here.

This is Maria Recinos.

I spoke to her
for more than two hours today

on your phone.
That's impossible.

My phone's been with me
the whole time.

She described you.

She told me

everything that you did
to her,

here in this room.

We have hundreds of photos
like this, all taken here.

Please, I honestly don't know
what you're saying.

I'm a day trader.
I live on Long Island.

Then why do you have
the keys to the store?

It belongs to my dad.

I hardly ever come here.

I'm trying to sell it.

Then where are you gonna make
your child porn?

I would never do such a thing.

I swear, I haven't been down
here in years.

Maybe one of the people
who worked for my dad kept keys.

I can give you names.

Why are you here tonight?

I had a business meeting

I stopped by to check
everything was okay--

You know where she is.

Now, if she dies,

I promise you I will make
the rest of your life hell.

You can't do this
to me.

I want my lawyer.


I want my lawyer.


If I'm not under arrest,
I want to go.

You said you had
a business meeting.

That's right.

So why have you got
mud on your shoes?

Get off me!
You can't do this!

Soon as the lab gets this,

they're gonna tell us
exactly where you buried her.

Last chance, Richard.

Where is she?


Liv, look at this.
Burnt wood.

Felipe's Burgers burned down.

There was charred beams.

She's in the empty lot.

Okay, divide it up.

Look for any disturbed

or darker earth footprints.

Let's go.

I got something!

This ground's
been disturbed.


We need to dig!

Get some tools!

Okay, use wood,
get pieces of fence--anything!



Dig! Dig!

What the hell
is this?

Oh, God.


I smell chloroform.

Oh, God.

Help me lift her up.

Come on, come on.

She's not breathing.


Stay with me.
Come on, Maria.

Come on, girl.

Come on, yeah.


It's okay, honey.
It's okay.

Good girl.
It's okay.

It's okay, Maria.
It's okay.


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