Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Charisma - full transcript

Abraham Ofinian/Eugene Hoff, a serial pedophile and con artist, who uses religion as a guise to profit, has impregnated a twelve year old girl,Melanie, in hope of stealing her inheritance. Also instrumental in the death of a number of the children(which he fathered) of his followers,Ofinian/Hoff is on the run with Melanie and it is up to Detective Olivia Benson and the rest of the Special Victim's Unit to save the girl and stop Ofinian/Hoff from further carnage.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Best estimate, she's
about 30 weeks along.

Came in alone, slight bleeding with
contractions at 20-minute intervals.

She say who the father is?

No, this isn't the first time
she's been pregnant.

Scarring suggests
she's delivered before.

You find her parents?

Refuses to tell us where they are.

Only says her first name is Melanie,
and she's 12 1/2 years old.

A.C.S. will arrange for foster
care after you release her.

She's not going anywhere
until after the baby's born.

Next ten weeks, this is home.


I'm Olivia. I'm a police officer.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

The doctor said that you had
another baby before. Is that right?

He died.

My mom said he's with God now.

Well, it's good that you
came to a hospital.

Was that your idea?

Was it your mom's?

Well, I'm glad your mom
thought of that.

She must love you very much.

If you tell me where you live,
I can go get her.

I'm not supposed to tell.


if you were my daughter,
I'd wanna be right here with you.

Will you write down
your address for me?

You know, if you want, I can also
try to find the father of your baby.

Can you tell me his name?


And who's Abraham?

He's my husband.

Well, the guy should be home.
She said that he doesn't work.

Okay, they're here.
I'll see you in ten. Bye.

Somebody's watching.

My partner's on his way.
Keep your eye out.


Hey, I'm a police officer.
Is your mom or dad home?

Are all you guys here by yourself?

Hey, kids.

It's okay, Samuel.
Go in there and play.

Can I help you?

Detective Benson,
Special Victims Unit.

- Are you Abraham?
- Why?

Sir, I'd like to ask you
to step outside, please.

No, I'm sorry, I can't.

Things'll be a lot easier for you
if you step outside.

Son of a bitch.

S.V.U., portable to central.

I need a couple of units
at 104 West 120th Street.

The suspect is inside.
I need to secure all exits.

- How many kids in there?
- At least four. Go around the back...

1013! 1013! Shots fired!

Shots fired at police!

Are you okay?

Law & Order SVU
6x07 Charisma


Property records is owned
by an Abraham Ophion.

Hostage negotiators tried talking
with bullhorns. No response.

Anyone try an old-fashioned phone call?

No phone service, and ConEd
cut off the electricity eight years ago.

Neighbors said they've seen up

to three dozen people
in the house at a time.

- Mostly women and kids.
- Neighbors have any problems?

They all got the same story.

They're weirdos,
but they're quiet.

They got one noise citation
ten years ago

for doing construction
in the middle of the night. That's it.

We think the hostages are
in the living room here.

Any idea how many kids?

I saw at least four.

We got a fix on the perp?

No, but we got all the exits covered.

He's not getting out.

Multiple shots fired inside!

Entry team, go!
Entry team, go!

Call E.M.S.!

Get E.M.S. here now!

Come here!
Come here, somebody!

Zerme?, where's the perp?!

He's gone!

What happened?

They're dead.

They're all dead.

Special Victims Unit
Wednesday, October 27

C.S.U. found an old tunnel
under the house

leading to a vacant building
on the next block.

So far, that's where the trail ends.

Abraham Ophion has
no known criminal record,

though it is likely a fake name.

We do know eight years ago,

he tried to obtain tax-exempt
status for his group,

the Church of Wisdom and Sight.

That, along with the way they lived,

and the events surrounding their deaths

indicate we may be dealing with a cult.

Other members may have
escaped through the tunnel.

Our priority now is to find them...

... and to identify the victims.

In addition,

I want to make sure
you're all taking care of yourselves.

The department is providing
psych support,

and you're all to sit down and
talk to one of these people,

sooner rather than later.

It is not optional.

None of you are exempt
from what I just said.


We can always get our head
shrunk after this case is over.

Get it done, or you're off the case.

I can sit down with each
of you right now.

Fine, let's get it over with.

What do you most remember
seeing after you entered the house?

Dead bodies.

Anything specific about them?

A bunch of dead bodies.

Seen plenty.

So this was no different than
any other case.

What do you want me to say?
That it was terrible? Fine...

It was terrible.
But one way or another...

They all are.

Then you think this is
a big waste of your time.

Hell, no, I think we should
sit around all day

and chat about our feelings.

Well, what do you want to talk about?

Well, it doesn't really matter.

We could all talk till
we're blue in the face.

It's not gonna change the fact that

the human race is ever-evolving and
will always come up with elaborate,

repulsive, and depraved
ways to kill each other.

And that's really the hard
part for you, isn't it?


That you can still be repulsed.

As cynical as you try to be,

you can still be sickened.

How are you feeling now?

I don't know.

This was an extremely
traumatic event, Liv.

The grief that you're feeling
is completely natural.

I know that.

But you feel like you shouldn't
be feeling anything?

Is that how you feel?

Tell me what you did last night
after you went home.

I ate dinner, called my kid.

Your son, right?

Do you talk to him often?

Not as much as I should.
I just wanted to call and say hey.

Did you tell him about the case?

Nobody needs that in their head.

You got it in your head.

What does that mean to you?

It means nobody's safe.

And that makes you feel...

... helpless?

Not at all. Look...

I got my own kids,
and eventually you realize

that you can't always protect them.

What made you think
about your own children?

Why do you think?

The victims were kids.

Lots of victims are children.

Do you think about your
own family on every case?

It's not...
No, I don't. It's...


The one girl was wearing
a teddy bear shirt that my daughter...

Whatever. It's done.

You move on.

I'm afraid that...

... that I won't be able to handle it.

But you are.

By acknowledging that it affects you.

That's the way you handle
something traumatic.


I guess the real problem is
that I'm afraid that...

... that it's not working.

C.S.U. collected these names
inside the house

from paycheck stubs in the mail.

They're all female, but the names
on the socials are all fake.

One of these women
has to come forward.

The kids are lying
unclaimed in that morgue.

I got Abraham's real I.D.

- His name is Eugene Hoff.
- How'd you get it?

C.S.U. printed all the common
surfaces in the house.

His prints hit.

Eugene Hoff, four arrests in the '80s
for check forgery and counterfeiting,

identity theft and various fraud.

He's no religious guru.
He's a con man.

If this whole cult thing is
nothing more than a scam,

why did he kill only the kids?

Where are their parents?

Where are you going?

Going home.

What, are you kidding me?
They're making you take leave?

No, I'm taking it myself.

Sometimes you just gotta step back.

Come on. I'll walk out with you.

Our guy's last place of employment
was a Pentecostal church.

It's a place to start.


They're gonna send me home.

No, they're not.

Yeah. I was way too emotional.
I couldn't hold it together.

Elliot, can you step in here?

I'm referring you to psych services.

I just talked to them.

We've determined you require
something ongoing.

What do you want me to do.
You want me to cry?

Is that it?

If you won't take care of yourself,
then you have to allow us...

If you stayed out of my head
and let me do my job,

there wouldn't be a problem.

You're out sick until psych
says you can return.

It's a week at most.

Take it.

And you don't need to be carrying
a gun around right now.


Detective Benson,
you're with Munch.

- Captain...
- Let him go.

Any word on Melanie?

She's undergoing minor
surgery to stop premature labor.

We can't talk to her for a few hours.

What about Elliot?

He's not answering his cell phone.

Found some more info on
the church where Abraham worked.

Christian Tabernacle of Grace.

Pretty mainstream.

Abraham preaches anything
that'll make him money.

It's probably just another con.

Eugene signed up for
our Bible study fellowship

when he joined the church.

After a couple of months,
he asked for a more active role,

and I made him director
of faith ministries.

You must have been pretty
impressed with him to give him a job.

I admit I was fooled.

Eugene's discussion groups
had nearly 100 members.

He was very well-liked.

So what happened to change that?

The more popular he got,
the more bizarre he became.

He preached that the serpent
was Christ.

Explains his tattoo.
And people actually bought this?

Ten families left the parish
when I fired him.

She one of his followers?

I don't recognize her.

But I know one family who left
Eugene's group after a few years.

They may be able to tell you more.

Apartment Of
Carl And Simone Buchman
Queens, New York
Wednesday, October 27

Abraham was magnetic.

It was like he knew you.

He could be talking
to a roomful of people

and it was like you were
the only person there.

But things changed.
He became paranoid.

He kept telling us that we were
gonna be punished for our beliefs.

That the government was
going to kill us,

and we had to be ready
to defend ourselves.

Meaning what?

Collecting weapons.

Trips to the firing range.

Storing food.

He started separating
the married couples.

He said you couldn't be soldiers
of God if you were slaves to the flesh.

The men slept on one floor,

and the women always slept
on Abraham's floor.

Eventually, he drove
most of the men away.

What about the children?

Janey... Go and do your homework.

Abraham always talked about the
purity and goodness of children.

But, really, he only paid
attention to the girls.

One night, I caught him
in Janey's room.

She was four.

He was down to his shorts.

She told us that he never touched her.

But we left that night.

Looking back, I can't believe that
we got caught up in this.

Look we know how crazy he is now.

But back then, he was convincing.

See for yourself.

Are you willing to prove
your obedience?

Because the time will come,
and you will be tested.

When the soldiers of
Satan come for you,

when they demand your allegiance
and threaten to murder you...

and your children,
and destroy all we have...

Will you make that sacrifice
in the name of God?



Guess that makes us
the soldiers of Satan.

This guy isn't too paranoid.

He wants his followers to be.
It's part of the manipulation.

Instilling the idea of being persecuted
creates solidarity and loyalty.

Yeah, loyal enough to let him
rape their daughters.

A lot of cult leaders were known
to have sexual relations

with the children in their groups.

David Koresh had a 10-year-old bride.

The leader of the Nuwaubian cult was
convicted for molesting 14 children.

Hold on one second.

Captain, you're gonna wanna take this.

She'll only speak to
the person in charge.

About what?

The victims. Wants to know
if one of them

is a nine-year-old boy with brown
hair with a scar on his left leg.

Trace it.

Agent Wong, badge 2317616.
I need a trace on this line.

Captain Cragen. / I want to know
about the children who died.

What's your name?

I can't tell you.

Okay, okay, you don't have to.

Just tell me if one of them was a boy.

Nine years old,
brown eyes, brown hair.

We can arrange for you
to see all the bodies.

That way you would be absolutely sure.

Please, tell me.

Ma'am, you are not in any trouble.

Did we get it?

Pay phone at St. Catherine's hospital.

Where Melanie is.
It's gonna be the mother.

I'm not talking to you! / Melanie,

I know that you think that
I wanna hurt you and your family,

but that is not true.

Just go away! / Your mother was
asking about a little boy.

Is that your little brother?
Is that Samuel?

Melanie, do you know what happened
the night that you came to the hospital?

- I'm not listening!
- Something terrible.

Abraham is a liar.

He killed your little brother.
He killed your friends.

He might kill your mom.

Now, I can protect her.

But I need you to tell me
where she is.

Mom said Abraham was
taking them to a safe place.

Hey, you can't do this!
This is a civil rights violation.

- Relax.
- Back here.

They have the right to believe
in whatever they want.

Which one of you is
Melanie's mother?

Where's Abraham?

- As if you don't know.
- Tell me where he is!

You have our husband
in your torture rooms!

You are a slave to the devil!

Detective Benson, check it out.

Got their own little Waco down here.

I'm gonna try one more time.

May I have your name, please,
as well as any aliases?

I hereby christen you
Jane Doe Number Three.

Nobody's carrying I.D.,

and nobody's giving up
Abraham's location.

And they're all apparently
married to him.

They don't know where he is.

That's why they're so frightened.

The shepherd has
abandoned his flock.

And they believe that we
killed their children.

But one of these women
is Melanie's mother,

and she's already strayed
from the flock by calling us.

I just don't know which one it is.

Well, she's not gonna say
with the others around.

We have to interview them separately.

Compare their voices
to the recorded phone call.

We have their mug shots.

Melanie's cooperating.
Let her pick mom out.

Hell of a lot easier than trying to pry
information out of these people.

Okay, I'll hit the hospital,
you hit the morgue.

Warner's got something.

Believe me, there's nothing

I'd like better than to help you put
a needle in your guy's arm,

but this isn't good.

- How could it possibly be worse?
- He didn't kill them.

This is the oldest victim.
I'm guessing around 20.

Her juries appear self-inflected.

It could be a set-up.

And her right hand is covered
with gunshot residue.

C.S.U. found the murder weapon.

Her prints are the only ones on it.

Abraham had total control
over all these kids.

He orchestrated all of this.

I'm just telling you what
the forensics prove.

The DNA tells another story.

I'm estimating this girl around 16.

This boy, around two.

She's his mother.

And Abraham is his father.

All of the victims have the
same father, except the shooter.

Abraham, father of many,
had children with his own children.

Now we know why.

Why what?

Abraham's nothing more than
an incestuous pedophile.

You kill the victims, nobody
can testify against you.

There's still one victim left.

The 12-year-old in the hospital
who's having his baby.


Excuse me...

I'm looking for Melanie Ophion.
Where is she?

I just got on.

They may have moved her.
Let me check.

Hey, wait, uh, have you seen
your roommate?

- Melanie?
- Yeah.

Earlier today, but her dad
already took her home.

No luck finding Melanie ?

Hospital security cameras recorded
her walking out with Abraham.

She didn't look like she was
being forced. / She wasn't.

This cult is all she knows.

She went with Abraham
because she wanted to.

You find her mother?

This woman says
that her name is Sarah.

She won't admit to anything,
but listen to her voice.

You're willing to go to jail
for this guy's crimes?

I'm willing to make a sacrifice
in the name of God the father.

Just tell me if one of them was a boy.

Nine years old,
brown eyes, brown hair.

That's all I needed to hear.

Detective Benson, this is Sarah.

We've been talking about numbers.

We found this in her pocket.

- What does it mean?
- She hasn't shared that.

Sarah was Abraham's wife
in the Bible, right?

From what I recall,

Sarah whored out her servant to her
husband so that he could have a child.

Is that why you let Abraham have
sex with your daughter?

Of course, your Abraham is different,

because he likes to have children
with his own children.

Melanie is not his daughter!

And we're supposed to
believe you now

because you've been so forthcoming?

Her father abandoned us
when she was a baby.

- Abraham took care of us.
- Abraham raped your daughter!

I don't expect you to understand!

Don't try to tell me for a minute that
you believe this is right,

because I know you don't.

You took Melanie to the hospital.

You called us to see if Abraham
had murdered your son!

- No!
- No, your son was shot.

Along with all these other children!

Now, those women out there might
be brainwashed, but you're not.

You know exactly what he is:

- a murderer and a child rapist.
- That's not true!

You knew who he was,
and you let this happen!

You let all those children die.

- It was God's will!
- No, Sarah, it was your will!

You can blame God,
and you can blame Abraham,

but we all know the truth...
you did this!

You sat there and you
watched as a man

raped one of your children
and then murdered the other!

You might as well have
killed them yourself! / Olivia!

He has one of your children.

And he has your unborn grandchild.

This is a test.

I won't be tempted.

Captain, those numbers Sarah
was carrying around with her...

- accounts.
- How'd you figure that out?

Forensic accountant did.

Sequence of 10 numbers,
all starting with four identical digits.

Same branch of the same bank.

Whose bank accounts?

All different names,
all closed yesterday.

Somebody walked away with
600 thousands.


Sarah must have close
those accounts and

given the money to Abraham
before we got her.

You don't get that kind of money
by passing the hat.

Accountant says most of the
deposits were payroll checks...

... from large corporations.

Easy to counterfeit,

because it takes longer for
the companies to catch on.

Abe has fallen back on his old career.

We thinking it's a coincidence he
does all his bogus banking in one place?


He must have had an inside guy.

Make him come out.

New York Savings Bank
609 West 112th Street
Thursday, October 28

I told you I'd take you
someplace special.

I don't know.
We could go to Tampa, stay...

Excuse me, who do you think you are?

Is your employee number 419686, Reg?

Uh, what exactly is this regarding?

Your creative banking activity.

Setting up bogus accounts
for your pal Abraham.

Cashing his phony checks
and taking a cut for yourself.

Now, your boss is on
the phone with the F.B.I.,

who I'm sure would love to
have a little chat with you.

Oh, my God.

God's not gonna help you, Reg.

He doesn't like fraud
committed in his name.

- I want a lawyer.
- Oh, you're gonna need one.

You're screwed.

But I bet if you help us find Abraham,
it would look very good for you.

He's coming in this afternoon.

There's one more account.

It's got more money than
the rest combined.

All units be advised:

No one is to approach the subject
until the girl is in custody.

I got a visual on the subject.

The subject is walking east toward
the bank on the south side of the street.

Got a baseball hat and gray pants,
and a white shirt.

The girl is not with him.
I repeat, the girl is not with him.

He's entering the bank now.

I'm counting on you, Reggie,
so don't screw this up.

You're gonna have to slip the G.P.S.
tracker in with the money.

He's here.

Take a few deep breaths, relax,

and just pretend you're embezzling
thousands of dollars,

like it's any other day.

Thank you for banking with us, sir.

Yes, Mr. Smith.
What can I do for you today?

I wanna close my account.

Subject made contact.

Abe doesn't look too happy.

What the hell is Reggie saying?

It bounced, and I just don't
wanna... / Don't mess this up.

We got a problem.
Reggie sucks at this.

He's making Abraham suspicious.

He knows something's up.

I think this is blown.

Police! Don't move.

- Don't be stupid, Abraham.
- You got no place to go, Abe.

Put your hands where I can see them.

Get down on the floor.

Get down on the floor, now!

Into thy hands I commend my spirit!

It's over now.

You tell me where's Melanie?

Safe with our Father now.

All nations rightly give him praise.

You've been out there a long time.

Where's Melanie?

I already told you.

You said that she's with our Father.

Does that mean that she's dead?

Melanie will enjoy everlasting life,

as will all who believe.

Believe in you.

No, I'm just the messenger.

What message are you sending
by raping and murdering children?

I killed no one.

So Melanie's alive?

It's interesting that you're in here
with me alone.

Do you like putting yourself
in dangerous situations?

You consider yourself dangerous?

No. But you don't know that.

I wonder what attracts you
to such a dangerous job.

What makes you do it.

Rapists and pedophiles like you.

So it's not just about arresting criminals.

It's about those specific criminals.

You're drawn to this.


Were you raped?

Tell me where Melanie is.

How can you stand it?

How can you invite this depravity
into your mind...

... your body, your soul?

It will kill you.

Every horror, every torment
afflicts your body.

Like a cancer.

It's devouring you,
and you can't see it.

Open your eyes.

You know,

I thought that you were
just another con artist.

Seeking out people who
were starved for anything

that would give them meaning
in their life.

They're easy marks.

You talk about God
and the apocalypse,

and they give you all of their money.

But you are much more
pathetic than that.

You actually believe your own hype.

You've conned yourself.

This guy's not gonna tell us anything.

Then we have a problem.

Our best shot at getting an
indictment was Melanie's testimony.

Without her,
I can't convert the complaint.

His 16-year-old daughter and
their two-year-old son

are lying in that morgue.

As soon as Abraham's DNA
comes back,

we got him on statutory rape and incest.

Not unless you've got a birth
certificate that supports that theory.

Don't need a birth certificate
if we've got his chromosomes.

First, I would like you to prove that

my client acknowledged the woman
was his biological daughter.

She wasn't a woman. She was
15 when she got pregnant.

That's your M.E.'s estimation.

But no judge would take
a guess as proof of age.


no statutory rape, no incest,

and your murderer killed herself.

I guess we're all ready
to go home now.

- I don't like that look, Casey.
- I don't like that he's right.

We have seven victims.

Charge Abraham with murder.

Charge him with conspiracy
to commit murder.

There's no point!
All the forensics acquit him.

The gunshot residue was only
on the oldest victim's hands.

Charles Manson wasn't present
for the Tate murders,

but they still convicted him
for killing them.

Because members of his cult
testified that Manson ordered it.

Can you flip any of Abraham's followers.

No. Melanie's mother
was our best shot,

and she just began a hunger strike

protesting our persecution
of her religion.

Well, then, Melanie's our only chance.

If she testifies that Abraham
orchestrated this,

we can get him on the rape
and the murders.

How long can we keep him in custody?

Check fraud will keep him tonight,

but he'll be out on bail tomorrow
afternoon, unless I get something new.

We'll put a detail on him the minute
he leaves that courthouse.

That account that Abraham
tried to close out today

had over a million dollars in it.

Under the name and social of
John Kramer, Englewood, New Jersey.

Another alias Abraham used?

This time the guy is real, only missing.

He vanished with his wife and
daughter about 10 years ago.

Daughter was only two at the time.

She'd be around 12 now.
Named Melanie.

Who reported them missing?

Kramer's parents, now deceased.

Missing persons' database lists
the contacts as Detective
Stu McKenzie, Englewood P.D.

Find out what he remembers.

- The wife's name was Cindy?
- Yeah, she didn't have any family.

Husband's parent died hoping
we'd find them alive.

Always figured this case was
some weird cult thing.

What made you think of that?

Well, Kramer's parents knew
he got in with this church group.

Was real secretive about it.

Donated his trust fund to the cause.

You ever run into this guy?

Nope, but Kramer and his group
lived totally off the grid.

No known address, no phone,
no utilities, no jobs.

Only contact with
the parents was a letter

demanding the money
his daughter's trust fund.

How much is that worth?

Mmm, about two mil, available
when the girl turns 21 or has a baby,

whichever comes first.

Explains Abraham's reason
for keeping Melanie alive.

- At least until she delivers.
- Where does Kramer's trail end?

Last known activity was charging up

some construction supplies
on a credit card his mom paid for.

Severino Building Supply.

Three grand in drywall and tiles,
ten years ago.

You know, neighbors said something

about middle-of-the-night
construction going on

at Abraham's place around that time.

We searched that place top to bottom.

Didn't check the walls.

Church Of Wisdom And Sight
104 West 120th Street
Friday, October 29

No building permits were ever issued
while your guy owned this place,

so basically we're looking for
a room that shouldn't be here.

Tiles narrowed it down.

According to the building plans...

... this is supposed to
be the exterior wall.


Now it's just a matter of
x-raying the walls.

Somebody's in there,
we'll find them.

Cragen said that Abraham just lost his
surveillance detail at Grand Central.

He could be anywhere now.

Detectives, come on over here.

Here's Johnny.

- What is this sand?
- Kitty litter, to absorb the odor.

We better test for DNA to make
sure this is John Kramer.

There could be 25 bodies
in these walls.

It's him.

John Kramer.

Yeah, somebody better tell Sarah or
Cindy or whatever her name is.

She thinks he left her.

I wonder who told her that.

You recognize that?


Her name is Sarah, detective.
Get your cases straight.

It belonged to John, your husband.

The one that you said abandoned
you 10 years ago.

This is what's left of him.

He was shot in the back of the head...

... and buried in the wall
in the house where you lived.

You're accusing my client
of murder? / No.

Just of being stupid.

And gullible.

You know, it's interesting...

... how Abraham only surrounds
himself with women and girls.

There's no men anywhere.

I wonder if he didn't like
the competition.

- No.
- No?

He killed your husband.

The father of your child.

What exactly does he have to do
for you to stop defending him?

Abraham told me...

... that John fell in love
with another woman.

And I believe him.

He was wearing it when he died.

What do you want from her?

Abraham was last seen
at Grand Central Station.

He's going to wherever
he's keeping Melanie.

Now, she's gonna have her baby,

he's gonna get his hands
on her trust fund,

and then your daughter is dead.

- Where are they?
- What are you offering?

A chance to do the right
thing for Melanie.

Something you've never
done her entire life.

- That's not good enough.
- Up north.

This warehouse.

Come on. Are you okay?

I'm gonna take you
someplace safe, all right?

He's comin'.

Don't move!
Put the bag down.

Walk towards me!


They're gonna take you away.

They're gonna kill your baby.

It's over, Eugene.
You can't control her anymore.

Come on, darlin'. Come on.

Get him out of here!

Who's shooting, Zerme??

Don't answer that!

Listen to me, sweetheart.

- I know you didn't mean to do that.
- Tell her to shut up.

Shut up.

- Sweetheart, listen to me.
- Shut up!

What you gonna do, detective?

Shoot a pregnant child?

You son of a bitch.

Don't do that, officer.
She already shot you once.

Tell them to stay back,
or she'll kill you both.

Do it!

I'll kill you.

Detective Benson, respond.

Okay. Okay.

Everybody stay back.

I repeat, stay back.

We copy.
All units stand down.

Melanie, I need you
to listen to me, okay?

I need you to let Officer Zerme? go.

- No.
- Melanie, look at him.

No, Melanie.

He's bleeding, and he's very sick
and he needs a doctor, okay?

Now, I promise you,

I'm gonna stay in here with you.

You and me.
I'm gonna stay right with you.

- Get out of here, Z.
- No way.

I'm not leaving you alone
with these guys.

Get out of here now, officer!

So what's your plan now, Eugene?

Everything I predicted has come true.

- Do you believe now?
- He's lying, Melanie.

They tried to destroy us,
but we're strong in the Lord.

Melanie, listen to me.

- Know how I found you?
- She's working for Satan.

Your mother told me where you were.

Because she wants me to
get you away from him.

Melanie, no.

- Melanie, he killed your father.
- All who believe will rise up again.

- For his money.
- So says the Lord.

That's all he cares about, sweetheart.

He does not care about you.

You're a liar!
He gave me a baby!

Melanie, I'm sorry.

And I know this is very hard to hear.

Because he was supposed
to take care of you.

But he made you do things
you didn't want to do.

- She's lying.
- He hurts you.

And he knew what he was
doing was wrong.

Now, you listen to both of us
very carefully, sweetheart.

She says she's telling you the truth.

But you know me.

I've loved you, and I've cared for you,

and I've taught you all your life.

Now you have to decide
which one of us is telling the truth.

- No, Melanie!
- And the liar must be punished.

You do not take another step.

Or what, you'll shoot me?

You'll kill me?!

Do you see the evil, Melanie?!
Shoot her!

No! No, Melanie!

No! / Shoot her, Melanie!

- Shoot her now !
- No, Melanie! No!

Come on!
All these men have come to kill me!

- Shut your mouth!
- Why?!

Because they know!

They know that I am greater than men!

I am greater than God!

And they're afraid of what I can do!

Melanie, it's okay.

It's okay, honey.

It's okay. Put the gun down.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

That was a lie.

What was?

He said he was greater than God.

But nobody is.