Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Doubt - full transcript

When a college student claims rape and her professor claims it was consensual sex, Stabler and Benson find themselves in the middle of a he said, she said battle, trying to decide whether to believe the alleged victim, or the alleged perpetrator who claimed she liked it rough. Benson sides with the victim, whereas Stabler finds himself wondering if the accused professor is telling the truth about being innocent, especially after the woman falsely accuses Stabler of touching her inappropriately. Stabler has bigger problems on his hands; his wife, Kathy, has moved out and taken their children.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

- Greenpoint.
- Brooklyn? No way. Out of service.

I said out of service, lady!

You're okay ?


Crazy bitch! What's your name?
Where do you live?

I told you... Greenpoint.

You're going to pay for this.

- Problem?
- Damn drunk busted my window!

- Ma'am?
- He tried to run me over.

Look what she did to my cab!

Okay, let's everybody just cool down.

- Forget it! I want her locked up.
- Sweet, please.

I was just raped.

Name's Myra Denning.
Graduate student at City Arts.

Got into a hassle with a cabbie.

We tried to calm it down. She
suddenly outcries about a rape.

- She know who did it?
- Wouldn't say.

Really freaked out when we asked.

- Figured I'd better call you.
- Thank you.

Hi, I'm Detective Stabler. This is
my partner, Detective Benson.

Can you tell us what happened?

I can't.

Okay, we're gonna get you
to the hospital. I'll ride.

Anyone see where she came from?

Cabbie said she was
staggering down the street.

Okay, let's start a canvas, huh?

- Detective ?
- Yeah.

This man says he saw
what happened.

Well, I didn't exactly see it,
but I heard the commotion.

I looked up and I saw the ambulance.

- Uh, I live up there, third floor.
- What's your name, sir?

Ron Polikoff.

I, uh, I know Myra.

Is she okay?

She says she was raped.

You know anything about that,
Mr. Polikoff ?

She's going to say I did it.

Law & Order SVU
6x08 Doubt


We're here.

We're gonna be inside in no time.

Please, can I just go home?

You've come this far, Myra.
Don't give up now.

Where's my portfolio?

It's right here on the end of the gurney.

We're gonna take good care of it.

My prints got thrown all over
the street when the taxi driver took off.

Oh, you must think I'm such a loser.

No, I think that you're scared
and upset,

which you have every right to be
after what just happened to you.

Oh, my God.

Please don't let him see me.

It's okay.
Don't worry.

Keep moving, guys.
Keep moving.

Was that Myra?

Follow me.

Where are we going?

Medical examiner's office.

We're not going to the morgue,
are we?

It's right next door.

Is Ron gonna be arrested?

My partner's talking to him.

What happens now?

Louise is a sexual assault nurse.

She's gonna check that you're okay,

and then we're gonna do a rape kit.

What's that?

It's an examine to collect any
forensic evidence from the assault.

Do I have to do it?

No, suspect exams are voluntary.
You can leave any time.

Will it prove I'm innocent?

Definitely help.

Because I am innocent.

Unless, uh,
bad sex is against the law.

Consensual bad sex?


Dr. Warner, this is Ron Polikoff.

Sorry, can't shake hands.

I need you to get undressed
behind the screen.

Do, I, uh, do I have to take
everything off? / Yes. I'll take that.

Stand on the paper.

Put your clothes in the labeled bags.

I'll collect them later.

I showered before I left
my apartment. Does that matter?

The Lumalight can still
show traces of body fluids.

Ron called me.

He said he wanted to talk to me
about my work.

- And he told me to come over.
- I said feel free to drop by.

I didn't know she'd show up
at 9:00 the same night.

But still, you invited her in.

Well, yeah. She wanted me
to look at her portfolio.

You know, I'm on her MFA committee.

He's your teacher?

Well, not like my teacher-teacher.
I'm a graduate student.

Right, but he still grades your work.

Yeah, but I'm one of six people
evaluating her.

Well, what happened when
she got into your apartment?

We talked.
I opened a bottle of wine.

Do you often invite your students
over for drinks?

Yeah, he does all the time.

He just loves to get to know
his students. Especially the women.

Well, I, I, um, I find that my students

are more relaxed and honest
about their work in a domestic setting.

- Do I have to take off my shorts?
- Please.

Come to the table, please.


You had some wine.

Yeah, just...
Just a couple of glasses.

We were talking.
One thing led to another.

I should have known better,
but we started kissing.

And you were okay with that?

With the kissing, yeah,

but not with what happened
afterwards, no.

What's that?

A Lumalight. It detects any body
fluids on the skin. It won't hurt.

I'll get the light.

Okay, gotta put your arm out here.

Okay, there's something
on your thigh.

It's so humiliating.

You're doing fine.

I'm gonna take a sample,
and send it to the lab.

So tell me what happened
after the kissing.

He wouldn't stop.
He was all over me.

She wouldn't stop.
She was all over me.

Which would have been fine,
but I just,

I wasn't into what she wanted.

Found something.
There are fluids on your shoulder.

What did she want?

She wanted me to be rough.

Not play rough, be rough.

She told me to hold her down.

He grabbed me by my neck
really hard,

and he held me down.

And then what happened?

I begged him to stop.

And he didn't, he...
When are you gonna be done?

Louise is just gonna check
your wounds and abrasions,

and then I'm gonna photograph them.

Open your mouth, please.

Abrasion on the tongue.

- She bit me.
- Show me your tongue.

When I wouldn't hold her
hard enough, she...

she bit me. I mean, look at this.

And then she tears me up
with her nails.

- You fought him.
- As hard as I could.

But he had his hands around my neck.

You had your hands around her neck?

Oh, yeah, it was the only way
I could keep her from attacking me.

And at this point, is it still consensual?

Yes, but, you know, I just wanted
to get the whole thing over with and...

... get her out of my apartment.

Did she ever accuse you
of raping her? / No,

but I could tell she was upset
when I didn't ask her to stay.

I wasn't too surprised when
I heard a commotion in the street.

You're her professor.
You called the shots.

But you were helpless?

Okay. My wife left me
nine months ago.

And I was lonely,

and I wasn't thinking straight.

And this Myra, she came at me
like a bird hits your windshield.

You know? And I just
went off the road. I crashed.

Haven't you felt that way?

You think you're in control,
but you're not.

We've got everything we need now.

We'll wait for the lab results,
compare statements,

and decide if we have case.

- I'm free to go?
- Yeah. You're free to go.

Why did he have to hurt me?

I worshipped him, and he just
treated me like a piece of trash.

But I started it. I kissed him.

And then you said no,
and that's enough.


Enough to count?


It okay.

Sorry, it hurt when you touched me.

That's okay. Just gonna take time.
You're gonna get better.

Okay, please, can I go home now?

We still have to do the vaginal exams.

Okay, can you open
your legs a little bit more?

You're gonna feel a little pressure.

- How's Myra?
- This girl had it pretty tough.

The way he tells it,
she was looking for rough sex.

Oh, yeah. That's what they all say.

Well, sometimes it's true.

I need to voucher this rape kit
at the lab. Where's the sector car?

Tell you what. I'll call the 2-9.
Wait with her until they get here.

- You sure?
- Yeah, go.

Thank you.

Yeah, this is Detective Stabler,
Manhattan SVU.

I'm waiting for Sector Charlie
at St. Vincent's.

You got an ETA for me?

Okay, thanks.

Take care of yourself.

Hi, Myra. I'm Detective Stabler.
We spoke earlier.

I remember.

Your car is not here yet.
There was a pile-up on the FDR.

Oh, how long?

About an hour.

Oh, I'm so tired.

- I'll take you home.
- Thank you.

Do you have anybody who can
help you out in the next couple days?

My roommate, if she's not too busy.


I can't tell them this.

- You might be surprised.
- No, I wouldn't.

I can't do this right now.

I'm so scared.

Think you can make it?

I don't know.

Okay, try. I'll be right behind you.

You did great.

I think it could be buyer's remorse.

Myra had the physical reaction
of a victim.

She didn't want to be touched.

Sounds like you believe Ron Polikoff.

Well, look, he could have
agreed to that

suspect exam
because he's playing us,

or he's an honest guy who
doesn't know what the hell hit him.



Okay, thanks.

That was Warner.

The fluids on Myra's silk teddy
match Ron Polikoff's blood type.

I figured that. / We didn't figure
there'd be a second blood type.

Myra entertained two guys last night.

What's this about?
Have you arrested Ron?

We've questioned him.

Myra, did you have sex with anyone
besides Ron Polikoff yesterday?

No! Why are you asking me that?

Well, we got a preliminary lab
result on your teddy.

There's semen from two men on it.

Myra, if you had consensual
sex with somebody yesterday,

that doesn't change
what happened with Ron.

Is this some trick to see if I'm lying?

- No, but you need to tell us.
- I have told you.

I didn't have sex with anybody
but Ron Polikoff that night,

and it wasn't sex, it was rape.

Sooner we get the DNA
from the rape kit, the better.

I can't draft the complaint unless
I know what she's hiding and why.

Maybe she's just embarrassed
about having sex with two men
in one day.

She better get over it.

Two samples are enough to
get her sexual history admitted.

Captain Cragen,

- Donna Emmett wants to see you.
- And I do see him, thank you.

Gang's all here,
and the complainant too.

- How can I help you?
- I understand your detectives

entertained a client of mine
last night, Ron Polikoff.

He volunteered for a suspect exam.

Something I would have strongly
discouraged had I been consulted.

Is the D.A.'s office
planning to file charges?

- We're discussing that..
- Discuss this.

A list of Ms. Denning's numerous
sexual partners.

I don't know how you got this,
but it's irrelevant.

Ms. Denning's truthfulness,
or lack of it, is a matter of record.

After rear-ending a van
on the BQE last year,

she told a heart-wrenching tale

about being upset about her
grandmother's death.

So upset, she couldn't walk
a straight line when the officer
asked her to.

Well, if her grandmother died...

Her grandmother miraculously
came back to life and bailed her out.

This time I understand she smashed
a cab window with a bottle?

- She was distraught.
- She was drunk.

And I know this because my client
was with her when
she got herself that way.

He didn't force her to drink
or to have sex.

Let me know when you drop the case.

Better look at the list.

So Ron Polikoff wants to play dirty.

How did Emmett get those
names so fast?

That's a good question.

Send Myra home and get to
those people before Emmett does.

First name on the list is Justin Wexler.

Yeah, I know Myra.
I'm going out with her.

So, you're her boyfriend?

Isn't that what going out means?

Can you tell us when the last time
you had sex with Myra was?


If you can tell me
when you last got laid.

- Where were you last night?
- Here, with two friends.

We watched the Knicks
get their asses kicked till about 11:00.

And then I went to bed.

Why, what's going on?
Is Myra in trouble?

She may have been raped.

Is there anything I can do?

Yeah, tell us when the last time
you slept together was.

Um... three nights ago.

You remember what
she was wearing?

Some...slinky lace thing. Black.

A teddy?

Wait a minute.

Is she accusing me?

We need a DNA sample
to exclude you.

Has she been sleeping around?

It's Ron Polikoff, isn't it?

I knew she'd cheat on me
with that fraud.

Why would you say that?

'Cause she can't stop
talking about him.

What is it with that guy?

Some lousy gallery show back
in '85, and it still gets him laid.

Girls at school line up
around the block to...

... inspire him.

Here's your DNA sample.

Pass it along to Myra
when you're done with it.

Myra, why didn't you tell us that
you were dating Justin Wexler?

I'm sorry, I didn't think it mattered,

'cause I hadn't seen him
in a couple of days.

Or maybe you didn't want us
talking to your boyfriend.

No, I didn't want him knowing
I was at Ron's,

because he gets ridiculously jealous.

Is the second sample of DNA
that was on your teddy Justin's?

Yes. / And this is the same Teddy
that you wore to Ron Polikoff's?

This is so embarrassing.

I got home from Justin's, I took it off,
and I threw it in a pile of clothes.

And then last night,
Ron called me,

and he wanted to go over
my thesis proposal.

So, you know, I just threw
on some clothes.

And the teddy.

It looked clean.

Have you had any other recent
sexual partners?

- Define recent.
- Max Bernbaum?

Once, last May. Charlie Washington,
beginning of the semester.

Where are you getting all this?

Myra, who else would know?

It has to be Jenny, my roommate.

She has a big crush on Ron,
and when I told her that I...

... was raped...

... she acted like I made
the whole thing up.

Yeah, I gave Ron the list.
So what?

- I thought Myra was your friend.
- She's my roommate.

She knows I like Ron,

so she goes over there and
sleazes her way into his bed.

So you don't think Myra was raped?

By Ron?


She was beat up pretty badly.

Myra gets crazy when she drinks.

Maybe she fell down some stairs.

She try to strangle herself too?

It wasn't Ron.

- He's not into kinky stuff.
- And you know this how?

Personal experience?

Actually, yes.

I thought we were in a relationship,

then he goes and bones
my roommate.

That's a good reason
for you to be pissed at Ron.

So why would you tell him
about Myra's sexual partners?

He was really upset!

Myra was charging him with rape.

He admitted he screwed her,
and he apologized to me.

So you're seeing him again?

He loves me, okay?

I know he's not a rapist.

What a gentleman.

He gets back together with Jenny
so he can get dirt on Myra.

Wonder how long that's gonna last.

Let's talk to Polikoff again.

Is Ron Polikoff home?

Who wants to know?

- How old are you, sweetheart?
- She's sixteen.

She's my daughter.

Sophie, say hi to the detectives.


Dad, I'm late. I need to
take a shower. / Yeah, okay.

Come on in.

I have Sophie Wednesdays
and every other weekend.

It's not nearly enough.

- You thought she was my girlfriend?
- We heard that you like 'em young.

- Who said that?
- Doesn't matter. Do you?

I'm a father, not a rapist or
a child molester.

I haven't dated anyone under 21
since I was that age myself.

Yeah, but you do date students.

- Jenny, for example.
- Jenny's 25...

and she's not an undergraduate.

If you want a list of
my girlfriends, just ask.

We're more interested
in the list you gave your lawyer.

The one of Myra's boyfriends.

Pretty long, isn't it?

Kinda shows the woman
who's accusing me

will sleep with anything in pants.

Is that why you invited her over
to your house late at night?

I said I wanted to talk to her.
I didn't know she'd come right over.

She says that she was
worried about her thesis.

And she should have been.

She brought her portfolio.
Her work's not good.

Did you actually look at it?

Yeah, for about an hour.

I even made notes on some of the prints.

Before you had sex?

No, after.

Look, do you guys really think she'd
have hung around if I'd raped her?

I get there, he pours a glass of wine.

We talk, I show him my portfolio,
he rapes me. Clear enough?

So he looked at your drawings
before the rape?

I just said that.

What happened after the attack?

He walked out of the room.

I couldn't move.

I heard the shower. And then...

... he came back out and said,
"You can't stay here all night."

So I got dressed and I left.

- Okay.
- No, not okay.

Why do I get the feeling
you guys think I'm lying?

Myra, I believe you.
I just need to know the facts.

You've got the facts.
What's next?

So Warner says that
the other DNA sample

on Myra's Teddy is indeed
Justin Wexler's. / Good.

I don't think that's gonna hurt us
with the jury too much.

The fact she wore sexy silk
underwear to Polikoff's sure will.

That's not an invitation for rape.

Maybe she didn't even see it
as rape until he told her to leave.

You guys, I can't prosecute this
until you agree.

Call me when you get
on the same page.

What is your problem with Myra?

She's neurotic.

Look, she chased after a guy
whose life is falling apart.

So that gives him the right
to force her to have sex?

She was the one
who wanted to have sex.

Really, did she wanna
be strangled too?

- A lot of people do.
- Elliot, what's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?
Myra hasn't told a consistent story yet.

She lied about when
he looked at her portfolio.

Maybe he lied!
It's her word against his!

Yeah, but her words can put him
in prison for ten years.

She hails a cab instead
of calling the cops?

She doesn't even mention rape
until she's about to be arrested!

Elliot, rape victims are in shock!

They're in denial.
You know that. You've seen it.

I've also seen liars.

Elliott! Olivia!

My office.

You know Ms. Scarry.

She now represents Myra Denning.

And I would like to know
why Ron Polikoff

hasn't been arrested for raping her.

'Cause we don't have
enough evidence.

My client's rape kit isn't enough?

Bruises, bites, contusions,
strangulation marks on her neck?

That could have been caused
by rough sex.

Are you just looking for reasons
not to bring charges?

This case won't be easy to win.
We don't want it to fall apart.

Maybe you do.

Now, why would we?

To hide the fact that Detective Stabler
sexually harassed my client.

Excuse me?

- You took her home from the hospital.
- He was doing her a favor.

And in her building, you touched her
in an inappropriate manner.

The only time I touched her was to
stop her from falling down the stairs.

Maybe you used that as
an excuse to cop a feel.

That's enough coucellor !

In twelve years, there has never
been a complaint against this man.

Men change.

Especially when their wives file
for legal separation.

My investigator checked
the court documents.

He also found out that your wife took
the kids and moved with an other.

You have no right to use
my personal life to make your case.

I don't give a damn
about your personal life,

unless it affects my client,
and it does.

Stay away from her!

I want Detective Stabler off this case.

And I want SVU to do its job.


Elliott, stop! Hey!

What's going on?

I touched her in an inappropriate
manner. Didn't you hear?

I don't believe that.
Forget that.

What's going on at home?

- Nothing.
- Would you talk to me?

Kathy left me.

You okay?

You need any time off,
you let me know, all right?

I'm fine.

Myra's allegation...

You know I have to ask.

It's crap.

You broke procedure.

Why did you get into a car alone
with a female victim?

It's was 3:00 in the morning.

The sector car was gonna
be an hour late.

Why not just drop her at her building?
Why go inside?

Captain, that girl was dead on her feet.

She lives in a fifth-floor walk-up.

That it?

No, I wanted to size her up.

You should have done
that in the precinct.

You really think that lawyer's
gonna file a complaint?

I think Scarry's just trying to bully us.

We arrest Polikoff, this'll all go away.

I thought we decide who we arrest.

We do.

And you are done with Myra Denning.

I don't know what to do.

Only Ron and Myra know what
really went on in that room.

What do the forensics show?

The evidence indicates rape,

but Myra's behavior
before and after was pretty erratic.

So her credibility's an issue.

- What's SVU's position?
- Divided.

That explains why Scarry has
threatened to go to the media

- if they don't make an arrest.
- So I just wait.

Skip the arrest.

Bring an "X" indictment
to the grand jury.

Present the evidence and let the
jurors decide whether there's a case.

Detective Benson,

on what do you base your opinion
Myra Denning was raped?

Myra's behavior was
consistent with somebody

who's been sexually assaulted.

She had all the symptoms of
post-traumatic stress disorder.

Can you elaborate?

It's like when a war veteran hits
the floor after a car backfires.

Myra suffered an event that was
so traumatic for her

that her body was actually
waiting for another assault.

So she interpreted Detective
Stabler's gesture as an attack.

Well, her body did.

I touched her in the hospital
just to reassure her,

and she flinched as if I'd hit her.

Myra, what happened?

Miss Novak, my client has
something to show you.

Apparently the police aren't
the only ones

who don't want this case to go forward.

What are you talking about?

I checked my email
this morning this.

"Whore, liar. Burn in hell.
I hope you die, bitch"?

- How many are there?
- 30 so far.

We'll put a trace on the account.

You can't...

The emails are from a free ISP.

Screen name's Eagle.

As in Eagle, Colorado.
The Kobe case.

- Anybody could have sent these.
- No, it's Ron, for sure.

Or one of those angry men's groups.

Dad's Manifesto,
the National Alliance of Free Men.

There are plenty of trogs who
think rape's a feminist invention.

How are they connected
to Ron Polikoff?

It's obvious he contacted them.

They're using hate mail and

death threats to scare Myra
into dropping the charges.

Can I borrow this?

Our computer people may be able
to figure out who sent these e-mails.

Technical Assistance
Response Unit
One Police Plaza
Thursday, October 21

I can't trace the screen name,

but I did track the e-mails to
an address in Chelsea.

2411 West 21st.

- City Arts.
- Where Ron Polikoff teaches.

And Myra goes to school.

Are you suggesting that Myra
sent these e-mails herself?

I just don't think we can count her out.

Detectives, it might now
be either of them.

The e-mails came from
a computer in the library.

Anybody with a college I.D.
has access.

I'll double check,
but I was at my desk all day,

and I didn't see Myra or Ron.

So you know them?

They're nice people.

This mess has divided
the whole college.

Half are on Myra's side,
Half on Ron's.

All I know is they're both going to lose.

How's that?

Look what happened to Ron.

Dean called him in this morning
and fired him.

Neither of them checked out any books.

How about the computers?
Can you tell who's been online?

There's a signup sheet.

And look who signed up.


No, that's his daughter Sophie.
Faculty kids have full access.

You leaving town, Ron?

The college told me
to vacate faculty housing.

So much for innocent
until proven guilty, huh?

Rape or no rape, Ron,
you did sleep with a student.

And that is against the rules.

Thanks, Jenny.

I'll, uh, get more stuff.

So you and Jenny still together, Ron?

- She's helping me move out.
- To her place?

Into a hotel.


I have lost my job.
I lost my home.

I've lost everything, all
because an unbalanced woman

couldn't deal with rejection
or a bad grade.

- Are you satisfied?
- We need to speak with your daughter.

- No.
- Why not?

Because she's a minor,
and I won't allow it.

Ron, if you've got nothing to hide,

you should let us speak to her.

Either that, or we ask her mother.


I understand you were
in the City Arts library this morning.

- Yes. - Why?

I was working on a science project.

Is that all you did?


- You see that?
- I hatched to a couple of bunches.

She looks to her dad every time
before she answers.

Maybe she's just scared.

When you were at the library this
morning, did you use the computer?

Yeah, but it was for research.
I didn't do anything wrong.

He's coaching her.

Sophie, did you write this e-mail?

"Whore, liar. Burn in hell.
I hope you die, bitch."

Answer the question.

Sophie, answer the question!

Did you send this e-mail?

Look at it. Did you sent this e-mail?

Why don't you just leave us alone!

My dad didn't do anything,
and you've destroyed his life.

All right, that's enough.
That's enough.

You should be talking to me,
not her.

- You sent the e-mails.
- No, Sophie did, but...

... it's not her fault.

She must have heard me talking
on the phone about Myra.

She'd have seen how upset I was.

I'm responsible for this. Not her.

It's okay.

Isn't he smart?

He comes forward.
He says, "I did it."

And we all think he's a stand-up guy.

Maybe that's what he is.

He just manipulated the hell out
of his daughter,

and he's manipulating us.

The first time that I saw him,
he walked right up to me and he said,

"She's gonna say I raped her."

This guy's good.

So now you don't believe him?

Grand jury came back.
They just voted to indict Ron Polikoff.

Does Myra know?

I'm on the way to tell her now.
You wanna come?

Apartment Of Myra Denning
43 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, New York
Thursday, October 21

Not in.

Maybe she's on campus.

Answer the door!

Open up, damn it!

Calm down. She's not home.

She better be. There's water pouring
through my bathroom ceiling.

Damn kids stay up all night...

Sir, get out of my way!



Over here!

- We got a pulse.
- We need an ambulance.

46 Driggs Avenue, Greenpoint.
Apartment five.

Sleeping pills!

Attempted suicide.
Drug overdose.

How's Myra?

She's okay.

You know, I should have seen
how depressed she was.

I should have done something.

Well, you did exactly
what she wanted.

What are you talking about?

How long did it take
you to get to Brooklyn?

45 minutes, maybe.

After you left the office,
Myra called.

She wanted to find out
about the grand jury decision.

Munch told her that Polikoff
had been indicted...

and that you were on your way
to go see her.

She knew that I was coming.


You saved my life.

What if I'd been stuck on the
Williamsburg Bridge for an hour?

I don't understand.

You made sure that your tub
would flood the downstairs apartment.

Your neighbor works from home.
You knew he'd be there.

You're wrong.

You called my office.

You spoke with my colleague.
He told you that I was on my way.

You weren't gonna die.

Okay, I was taking a bath.

And I couldn't stop crying.

So I just took some pills to
make the pain go away.

And it wasn't working,
so I took some more.


I felt myself going,
but I just didn't care.

'Cause I just wanted to die.


Because I can't do this anymore.

The grand jury was horrible,
and court's just gonna be worse.

They're gonna make me
relive every horrible detail.

And Ron, all he has
to do is say that I'm lying.

And I can't prove a thing.

But I'm not lying.

He raped me.

He raped me.

Trial Part 13
Wednesday, November 17

After Mr. Polikoff told you
to leave his apartment,

why didn't you go to the police
or to the hospital?

I just wanted to go home and hide.

So you hailed a taxi.

Right, and the cabbie
wouldn't take me to Brooklyn.

And I lost it.

So I threw a wine bottle at his cab,

and then that's
when the police showed up.

And you told them you'd been raped.

Yeah, they were the first people
I felt safe to tell.

Thank you.

Ms. Denning, now that
we heard all the reasons

why you didn't act
like a victim of rape...

- Your honor...
- Get to your question, Ms. Emmett.

Have you ever made an allegation of
sexual abuse against another man?

- No.
- No?

Didn't you, on the night of
the alleged rape,

accuse Detective Stabler of
inappropriate sexual behavior?

I don't remember.

Let me refresh your memory.

Detective Stabler gave you
a ride home,

helped you to your door.

The next day you claimed that
he had touched you inappropriately.


I'm sorry. I didn't hear you.


A police officer with 12 years
of unblemished service...

... helping the victims of rape.

He groped you?

- No.
- No?

So you made it up?

I'm sorry. I was just confused,
and I was...

- I was in pain, and...
- Did you make it up?!

Not at the time.

And now?

And now?

Your honor,
the witness needs a break.

You may step down, Ms. Denning.

10-minute recess.


I'd like you to search your soul.

Did you do anything
that night that you regret?


I regret inviting
Myra into my apartment.

I regret drinking wine with a student.

I most regret having sex with
a troubled young woman.

But I broke no laws.

If you are looking for a victim in this,

it's me.

Thank you.
No further questions.

So you're the victim here?

That's right.

You recognize this photo?


These are blowups of the contusions
on Myra's arms.

Who did this to her?

I did.

But Myra asked me to.

And this?

Strangulation bruises on Myra's neck.
Did you do this, too?

Do you have pictures of my bruises,
my bite marks?

Answer the question Mr. Polikoff.

Did you make these marks?


But Myra told me to, and
when I wouldn't, she... she...

She scratched me so hard
she drew blood!

You're about, what, six-foot-four,
200 pounds?

Myra Denning is maybe 115.

You still want to claim that
you're the victim here?


Because a woman forced you
to have sex with her?

No, because it's my picture...

... in the paper, not hers.
My daughter...

... has had to change schools.
My wife is suing...

...for sole custody.

I've lost my job.

My life is a shambles.

And all I can do I say
I did not rape her.

I did not rape her!

- What do you think?
- I don't know.

- Glad I'm not on the jury.
- Me too.

Guess we agree on something.

I saw this scared and angry woman.
Maybe I jumped the gun.

Look, maybe I didn't give
Myra a fair shake.

When I saw Polikoff and
his daughter...

Wednesday nights and
every other weekend?

That got to me.


What happened with you and Kathy?

Uh, the job.

Makes me kind of hard to live with.

She should try working with you.

You okay?

Novak called.

Closing arguments.

Trial Part 13
Wednesday, November 17

The crime of rape used
to be hard to prove.

Even harder to convict.

The victim was on trial, not her rapist.

Then the laws changed.

Woman's identity was protected,
her sexual history excluded,

and rapists were rightly
brought to justice.


perhaps the pendulum has
swung too far.

Women who have sex and

later regret it are not entitled to
call their partners rapists.

Now, Ms. Denning went to my
client's apartment late at night,

wore sexy clothes,

drank several glasses of wine,
and then kissed him.

But now she says she was there
to discuss her art portfolio.

Now, every piece of evidence is
open to interpretation. But...

... two facts are undeniable.

First, there is nothing...

... in Ron Polikoff's past to suggest
he is capable of such a violent act.

Second, his life has already been
ruined by this woman's unfounded,

unsubstantiated, and
unjust accusations.

Don't punish him any more for
a crime he did not commit.

Believe me, rape is still hard
to prosecute,

and it is still a nightmare for the victims.

Ms. Denning has had to endure
three separate sexual humiliations.

Her teacher, a man she admired,
raped her.

In the hospital,

she had to strip naked,

she was photographed,
poked, prodded,

and then scraped,
so the police could gather evidence.

And finally, she sat here and
relived every sordid, painful detail.

Her sex life dissected.

Her psychological traumas exposed.

Her entire motivation
called into question.

So ask yourselves this:

Why would she put herself through
such hell if she wasn't telling the truth?

Has the jury reached a verdict?

We have, your honor.

In the case of
The People versus Ronald J. Polikoff,

docket ending 445,

on the top count of the indictment,

the charge of rape in the first degree,

what is your verdict?

We find the defendant...