Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Obscene - full transcript

One teenager is raped and another is imprisoned when they are thrown together by the manipulative adults in their lives whose sole motivations are celebrity and publicity for their own self-serving interests.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Multiple stab wounds.
Neck snapped.

Prevert's out of the gang.

It's about time K-9 unit got here.

Detectives, got another Jane Doe.

Same M.O. as the others.

Judging from rigor,
been dead maybe 20 minutes.

Killer could be one of the looky-loos.

Perp gets off watching us
clean up his mess.

Go get him, Angus.

Come on, find the scent.

Hey, bloody corpse over here.

Stupid mutt can't even hit his mark.


Tony, find what's his name,
the trainer.

His dog just ruined my shot.

- I need a 20 on the dog wrangler.
- What's up with this dog?

Where the hell's he going?

Hey, come on, come on.
get out of here.

What are you howling at, boy?

Get away.


Jess, you okay?



Franco Marquez, executive producer
of girl, undercover.

That's Jessie. She's my star.

What happened?

Looks like the perp bashed her head
into the kitchenette and raped her.

She gonna be okay?

Pupils are reactive.

She's responding to painful stimuli,

but the ER will have to scan her.

What just happened?

I found her lying
right here on the floor.

Who has access to Jessie's trailer?

Just the crew.

Security has strict orders.

No one's allowed on the set
unless they work for me.

Anyone on the crew
have a problem with Jessie?

No, we've been together
for three seasons.

I know it sounds cornball,
but we're like family.

What's all this?

Jessie the slut?

Teen tramp?

Rag magazines.

They have a field day any time
that Jessie wears something slinky.

She ain't wearing much
of anything here.

"Jezebel Jessie"?

It's just words.

Sticks and stones, right?

"The world will be a better place
once we're rid of Jessie Dawning."

Sticks and stones, huh?

Law & Order SVU
6x03 Obscene


Tox screen found enough opiates in her

system to knock out Lennox Lewis.

Any chance she took
those pills herself?

Well, she didn't give
herself the contusion.

Okay, so he drugs her,
maybe she starts to come to,

then he puts her down for the count.

Started yelling
the minute she woke up.

For a second there, I thought
her head was gonna start spinning.

Why are you doing this to me?

I don't know!

Ms. Dawning. Detective Stabler.

I don't remember anything, okay?

I went to take a nap in my trailer,
next thing I know, I wake up here.

You have anything to drink
before you fell asleep?

Just a diet soda
with lemon on the set.

Who gave it to you?

I don't know.
It was just by my chair.

- Where the hell are my shoes?
- Jess, Jess, listen,

- you have to talk to the police.
- I've gotta go.

We have, like, no time before
the entire world finds out.

Please, I just want to go home.

Now she's 16 years old.

She can't sign herself out of a
hospital without her parents' consent.

They're in California.

Jessie was emancipated
when she was 14,

so they could stop
blowing through her money.

She doesn't need their permission.

Where were you
when Jessie was raped?

I know how this works.

I write this for a living.

I'll give you a DNA sample,

and so will everyone else
on the crew.

You write this for a living,

you should know that you can't
compel them to do that.

They're like her big brothers.

Last week, a couple of nut bags
egged Jessie's trailer.

The grips were on them
like the secret service.

Who were these nut bags?

Carolyn Spencer and her
anti-smut brigade.

They're always picketing our set.

What do they have against your show?

They think that Jessie is
corrupting the morals of our youth.

You know that quote about
getting rid of Jessie?

Spencer's the one who said it.

Home Of
Carolyn Spencer
Queens, New York
Wednesday, September 1

The world will be a better place
once we're rid of Jessie Dawning?

- Did you say that, Mrs. Spencer?
- I didn't mean it literally.

So how did you mean it?

Just that I wish my daughter
had better role models than
Jessie Dawning.

Jim, where's that one
of her in her underwear?

This is what young girls
aspire to today.

Not this, this is what they'd kill to be.
A half-naked size two.

Mom, we're running late.

I don't think we're
gonna make the bus.

Danny, I'm, I'm busy today.
I can't drive you.

Dad would.

Well, then, go live with him.

I can take them.

School's on my way
to work, anyway.

Thank you, Mr. Willoughby.

I don't see what makes Jessie
such a bad role model.

She's young, successful.
What's wrong with that?

Look at this.

16-year-old done up like a hooker.

We don't want that marketed
to fifth graders.

Let the network move the show
to 10:00, I'll shut up.

People think they can't
do anything about this trash.

I'm proof that one person
can make a difference.

Last season, the FCC fined the
network twice just for content.

They listen to my group now.

Were you and your group picketing
Jessie's set yesterday?

Yeah, till about 3:30.

Why are you asking?

Did something happen to Jessie?
Is she okay? / She's fine.

We just need to know which
of your members were there.

I'll get you my membership list.

Neighbors investing
in clean entertainment.

They've got over 800 members.

Its stated mission is
to protect the children.

In their newsletter,

it says, "a 12-year-old girl
was raped in California,

walking home in leather
bra and panties."

It was her halloween costume.

She was dressed up as girl, undercover.

This website has got
over 100,000 hits.

It's not just about Jessie.

There's a list of dirty movies,
music, radio shows.

"Click here to complain
to the FCC."

"Click here to learn which
corporate sponsors to boycott."

"Click here so your children
will never again be exposed

to the mind-warping trauma
of a nipple on television."

Olivia, the extradition express
leaves in half an hour.

You miss that plane,
you're gonna be on the red-eye.

I'm out.

Okay, what are the chances
that a member of this nice group

had anything to do with Jessie's rape?

Looks like all they do
is write letters and picket.

Crime scene report
from Jessie's trailer.

CSU lifted her prints off the soda
she was drinking before the rape.

It wasn't spiked.
They found these.

a dozen different pain killers
and sleeping pills.

Oxycontin, vicodin, percocet.

All these were refilled
the day of the rape.

Office Of
Franco Marquez
325 West 66th Street
Wednesday, September 1

You knew Jessie was taking pills.

Why did you lie?


it's been a tough season.

How Jessie gets through it
is between her and her doctor.

Jessie goes undercover
as a stripper...

as a lifeguard, as a lingerie model.

You know, maybe the kid
wouldn't have such a hard time

if you didn't make her run around
half-naked every week.

You know, oh...

There's my star.

Shouldn't you be home
taking it easy?

I didn't feel like being alone.

Can I just sack out on your couch?

Well, they're just giving me
a lack-of-progress report.

Give me two minutes.

We've been through enough.

I don't need you bitching
about how Jessie is playing

inappropriate material.

Look, pal, basically,
you got her stripping for money.

And sleeping with the teacher?

It's called drama.

It's called pimping out a 16-year-old
to jack up your ratings. Come on!

The average girl loses
her virginity by 16.

Now, what's the responsible
thing to do?

Pretend it doesn't happen, hmm?

Or show a girl in charge
of her sexuality?

A 16-year-old girl may be having sex,

but she ain't in charge of squat.

You don't know Jessie.

You wanna see how
in-charge she is?

Watch the show.

And then do your job,

and go find the son of a bitch
that raped her!

She may look like
the girl next door.

This is no ordinary girl.

She's smoking hot.

But she's just 16.

You can look,

but you better not touch.

This girl has a badge
and a black belt.

Redlight to central,
we have a problem.

I broke another heel.

Jessie Dawning is a girl undercover.

16-hour days pretending to be a hooker,

and the other eight pretending
to be a grown-up.

No wonder the kid knocks
herself out with pills.

There's no friends.

Everyone from her doctor to her boss
lined up to get something out of her.

68 DNA tests,

every man on the girl,
undercover crew.

No matches to the fluids
found inside Jessie,

but I got a cold case hit
off the DNA.

One of the crew members,

wanted for grand larceny
and aggravated assault.

Franco Marquez.

No way!

I didn't do it!

- Well, DNA puts you at the scene.
- It's...

it's not my DNA.

Whose is it?

This out-of-work actor that I know.

I paid him for his sample.

I gave him a studio ID badge
with my name on it,

and drove him to the M.E's office.

I wonder why you'd fake your DNA.

I want to make my phone call now.

I'm sorry about this,

but the law says,
we can't keep him from calling

anybody he wants, even his victim.

We'll make sure he doesn't
bother you anymore.

What did he tell you?

He clammed up pretty quickly,
but, uh, he's in trouble.

He's just trying to protect me.

He knows it'll kill my image
if he tells the truth.

The truth about what?

Lucky for me, my folks'll
do anything for a buck.

A marriage license.

Signed by mom and dad.

Cost me a couple of porsches.

I figure it's a small price to pay
to sleep with my husband.

Marquez is 40.
Jessie is 16.

- It's legal pedophilia.
- So she had consensual sex.

She took a fistful of knockout pills,
fell, and hit her head.

But the M.E report says
Marquez isn't the only

one who had sex with Jessie.

The rape kit turned up a pubic hair.
DNA ??? on the crew.

We're gonna base a whole rape
investigation on a single pube?

We don't even know
if she was raped here.

It's the best evidence we got
so we're gonna run with it.

She could have picked up that hair
during one of her costume changes.

I don't think they change
their panties, Elliot.

We gotta find out who else
was on the set that day.

Bunch of paparazzis.

Couple of tabloids today
have pictures of Jessie

being taken away in an ambulance.

Third one's a little bit further.

What kind of bottom feeder
sneaks into a girl's hospital room

and takes her picture?

Same kind that sneaks into
her trailer and rapes her.

I'll get a subpoena for
the hospital security cameras.

You two talk to Marquez and Jessie.

See if they saw anybody
hanging around outside her room.

I spent the whole night
by Jessie's bed.

I didn't see anyone
but doctors and nurses.

Here's the Ledger photograph.

Now, the hospital monitor
says the photo was taken at 5:08.

Your chair is empty.

Why would he take
the stupid picture?

I, I went to get some coffee
around 5:00.

He must have taken it then.

These photos were taken
right outside Jessie's set.

- You know by who?
- Probably the same losers

who are camping outside
of our house right now.

- You know any of their names?
- There's, like, a million of them.

I can't sneeze, it doesn't
end up in the tabloids.

Jessie walks her dogs,
Jessie buys a tampon.

It's three years now
they've been stalking her.

Couple of weeks ago, I go to
pick my car up from the valet,

and this guy just jumps in.

I think he's a carjacker.

All he does is take
my picture and run off.

What did he look like?

He looked like a big flash
going off in my face.

You tell the police?

Yeah, they wrote down
a bunch of crap

and then asked for my autograph.

The cops said there wasn't much
you can do about invasion of privacy.

It would have been a different story
if he would have touched her.

Guess it's a different
story now, huh?

Captain checked out the
surveillance tape from the hospital.

Guess who checked in
on Jessie at 5:08.

You violated a patient's privacy.

I was pre-rounding.

I checked her IV and her vitals,

and then I moved on
to my other patients.

You were the only one in Jessie's
room when this picture was taken.

You know the trouble
I'd get in for that?

I'd lose my job,

probably my license.

Why would I risk it?

People do a lot of stupid
things for money.

What'd they pay you?

20 grand, 30? / No.

We got you on the security camera.

I owe $90,000 in student loans.

This photographer offered me 50.

Look, if you don't
want your picture taken,

be a school teacher, not some
international superstar.

You have no right questioning me.

We're not done here.
Just relax, okay?

Where were you Tuesday afternoon,
say about 4:30?

I don't get off on
raping 16-year-olds, okay?

Prove it to us.

I was trying to get
a shot of Jessie.

On the set. I'll show you.


All my photos are time stamped.

Not that I got anything.
She is pretty good at dodging us.

Maybe if you stopped stalking her,
she wouldn't have to run.

She needs us as much as we need her.

I'll tell you something,
the minute someone stops
taking your picture,

that's the minute
you become a has-been.

Here you go, right here,
all right?

4:28. I was outside the set.

Who are these guys?

Couple of morons.

Security caught them
sneaking on set.

What about this guy,
with his back turned to us?

I don't know.

Maybe the third moron got in.

All we wanted was a pair
of Jessie's panties.

It was just a prank.

Security says you told them it was
to get on the BJ cameron radio show.

Yeah, BJ wants to know

if she wears a thong in real life
like she does on the show.

And if you can prove
that they're her panties,

he'll put you on the air.

That's what shock jocks
are up to these days, huh?

They tell their listeners
to steal an actress' panties?

BJ's pretty wild. You should
check out the show sometime.

I like my comedy funny.

There was a third kid with you.
Where is he?

No clue.

We met him there that day,
hanging out.

Told him about the panty raid,
said he wanted in.

Then he wienered out
at the last minute.

Waits for us to get busted,

and then sneaks past
while security's distracted.

Ass clown. / You remember
his name or what he was wearing?

He said his name was Speed,
like that's not made up.

He looked like a regular kid.

Kind of full of himself, though.

Kept bragging that if he
didn't get Jessie's panties,

that he was gonna take a picture
of her trailer to get on BJ's show.

Wren FM 93.8
522 West 57th Street
Friday, September 3

It's all talk.

I don't tell them
to actually do anything.

No, of course not, then
you'd be liable for their actions.

Well, legally, I could
do a whole lot more.

But with big brother
all up in my business,

I don't wanna get fined.

Did you suggest that
your fans rape Jessie?

Rape ain't funny.

The panty thing I said
to piss off the uptight bitch.

She's 16 years old. Why are you
trying to piss off a kid?

She comes on my show,

only wants to talk about her craft,
like I could give a rat's ass.

I say let's hear about your titty job.

She walks off mid-interview,

I have to fill up the rest
of the hour with a call-in show.

About Jessie the uptight bitch.

Yeah, callers were
totally pissed off at her.

I said she needed a good
banging to loosen her up.

That sounds like another one
of your suggestions to me.

I didn't say rape her.

On in five, BJ.

Listen, I don't like Jessie,
but I do like ragging on her.

It's good for ratings.

Doesn't mean I wanna see her hurt.

The BJ show is back with two
of New York's finest,

talking about the bangtastic
Jessie Dawning.

Put on some headphones, fellas!

Anyway, let's hear it for...

You want mail, we got it.
that mail, fan mail, hate mail,

not to mention thousands of emails.

A lot of people write
in about Jessie?

Oh, yeah.

Especially since she walked
off the show.

Ton of guys fantasizing
about doing dirty things to her.

Okay, we'll take everything you've
gotten in the last month.

Yeah? Happy to help the fuzz.

Hey, you guys, uh, you guys know
BJ's harmless, right?

- He's just playing.
- It only takes one crazy.

"Roses are red, violets are blue,

when Jessie's dead, her corpse I will"

you get the rest, and there
are hundreds of them like this.

This BJ guy really brings
out the best in people.

And we got a transcript
from the BJ show.

"I'd like to break Jessie
down like a shotgun

and fill her full of slut shot."

This is BJ talking, not some fan.

This guy makes a living
demeaning women.

And two million rabid fans tune
in every day to hear him do it.

They want sex and violence.
Why not give it to them?

He's encouraging people to rape.

What, "Jessie needs a good banging.
Go out and give it to her."

This guy knows his law, though.

He's protected under Brandenburg,

unless his intent is to go out
and produce

an imminent and probable lawless
act. I mean, he could say to you,

"Elliot Stabler, I command you
to rape Jessie Dawning."

You wouldn't have a case
against him. / How is that possible?

Elliot, he doesn't really
mean for you to do it.

It's a joke. / Except this time,
someone really went out and did it.

Well, there's your
bad guy, not BJ.

- They're both just as bad.
- Elliot, you're 0 for 3.

There's no intent, no imminent act,

and no likelihood that his words
would be taken seriously.

Our rapist took BJ seriously.
He e-mailed him.

"to BJ, your wish is my command."

Hair's in her face,
but that's Jessie in the same clothes

she was wearing when she was raped.

Her couch and her trailer.

Couple of more pictures were
attached to the same e-mail.

That's the nice picket line.

Carolyn Spencer.

And this.

Who's that?

Carolyn Spencer's son, Danny.

Mrs. Spencer, this is an arrest
warrant for your son Danny.

What? Wait, wait,
you can't just barge in.

What are you talking about?

He raped Jessie Dawning
Tuesday afternoon.

That's ridiculous.

No, he comes home
from school every day

and goes right to his room.
This is wrong.

You've made some mistake.

You thought he was home Tuesday.
Here he is with Jessie.

What is this? / Your son took that
with his camera phone

and sent it to the BJ cameron show.

- He's a shock jock.
- I know who he is.

Go back to your room.

Daniel Spencer, you're under arrest
for the rape of Jessie Dawning.

What? I didn't,
I didn't rape anybody.

It's okay, honey.
It's all a mistake.

No mistake.

That look like a mistake to you?

What did you do?

- Tell me, what did you do?
- I didn't do anything.

I was just trying to get
on the BJ show.

That show is not allowed
in this house! You promised!


You have the right
to remain silent.

It's all right, honey.
It'll be all right.

I didn't rape her.

Then explain these.


I snuck into her trailer...

to steal her panties...

so that I could
get on the BJ show.

She was sleeping, so...

I took some pictures.

And then... / You raped her.

He did not rape anybody.

She woke up.

I told her I was a fan.

I read her this poem
that I'd written for her.

She, she thought it was nice.

Then we did it.

So you read her a poem,
and then she just said,

"that's nice. Let's have sex."

Let's hear the poem.

It's, it's private.

It's a crock!

What about the cut on her head?
How about that?

I don't know, must have
happened after I left.

Why are you so surprised?

This girl is a slut.

My son did a stupid thing,
but he is not a criminal.

There was no rape.

Just two teenagers
having consensual sex.

You believe this poem crap?

- We've got to ask.
- Why?

why, just because I make out with
boys on TV doesn't make me a whore.

A suspect gave us his
version of what happened.

It's what his lawyers
are gonna say in court.

We need to hear your version.

The only man I've ever slept
with is Franco.

Why would I just all of a sudden
sleep with a stranger?

Okay, okay.

Do you recognize the boy
who raped you?


Danny Spencer's DNA matches
the hair from Jessie's rape kit.

He's our guy.

She still didn't pick him out
of the photo array.

Well, if toxicology report
confirms her story,

she was too stoned to remember,
she was too stoned to consent.

Unfortunately, the tox screen
can't specify her level of awareness.

It just shows she took
a whole lot of pills.

So she's a pill head.
She's still a rape victim.

Whom the defense will say
is a sexually precocious drug addict

who's prone to blackouts.

She practically had a pharmacy
in her trler.

And her co-star will testify
that she threw herself at him.

Either way, Danny Spencer's
version of events isn't a hard-sell.

Especially on the radio.

I was flipping the stations in the car,

and who comes on the BJ show
but Danny Spencer,

talking about his sexual encounter
with everybody's favorite floozy.

I mean, you know,
I don't know where she's been.

- Probably good id'd where up.- The dub will be done in a minute.

You rode that cow good, huh?

Did you last the mandatory
eight seconds?

What kind of dipstick goes
in front of two million people

knowing they're gonna be humiliated?

Getting ripped on is a badge
of honor for BJ's fans.

He's gonna get laid
left and right off of this.

How'd Danny get on the show
in the first place?

We called him.

Five minutes later,
he calls us back and says,

"I'll come on the show if I can
sneak out without my mom knowing."

That's all she wrote.

That's only ten minutes worth.
Where's the rest of the interview?

As far as we got.

The station got so many phone
complaints about our obscene show,

they yanked us off the air.

If we're not on the air,
we don't roll tape.

It's a shame, too.

It got cut off just
before the best part.

What, something heavy
fell on BJ's head?

No, when Danny told BJ Jessie
was passed out when he did her.

Where is BJ right now?

What possible reason do
I have to tell you anything?

16-year-old girl was raped. Your
testimony will put a rapist in jail.

That Danny kid's so screwed up,
he'd say anything for a laugh.

What, did he think raping
Jessie was funny?

You're not gonna get me
to talk about this.

Why not?

Because people like you
cut off my show.

Did you get a big happy

when the anti-smut crusaders yanked
my show off the air this morning?

You were humiliating
a rape victim.

Great, take me off the air!

You know what I find offensive?
Catcher in the rye.

- Let's find every copy and burn it.
- Give me a break.

You're pissed off because
your show got pulled.

I'm pissed off because a couple
of hundred crackpots

want to decide what's appropriate
for two million people to listen to,

and you're letting them win.

We're not trying to shut you down.
We're trying to catch a rapist.

And I'm exercising my right
not to speak.

Son of a bitch wants to turn himself
into a martyr for free speech.

Didn't the producer hear Danny
admit to raping Jessie?

BJ told him that later,

and his station doesn't record
unless they're broadcasting.

So we can't use the confession
unless BJ gives it up.

You subpoena him,
he's gonna turn that trial
into a free-speech circus.

BJ likes whining about
his freedom of speech.

Let's give him something
to really cry about.

I'll take a page out of
Carolyn Spencer's playbook.

How do you hurt Howard Stern?

Go after clear channel.

So you're gonna put the screws
to entropy broadcasting?

And their sponsors and
their advertisers.

Ask them how they feel about
entropy's star personality,

hindering the prosecution
of a rapist.

The pinheads at entropy say I gotta

testify against Danny Spencer
if I wanna keep my show.

Oh, I know.

It's tragic.

Do you wake up
every morning and think,

"how can I trample on
the first amendment today?"

I wake up and think,
"how can I put away a rapist?"

The only reason you don't
have a confession

is the thought police
took me off the air.

You want me to let a rapist walk free,

so you can stick it
to the thought police?

If that's what it takes
to protect free speech? Yeah.

You know the deal.

You testify or your
advertising goes away.

Just tell me when to be there.

I'll even wear a suit.

What do I have to do?

You'll go on the stand first

and then I'll lead you
through what happened.


including how he found me
passed out on my couch?

We can explain that.

You'd been working 16-hour days.

You were exhausted.

Will I have to tell them
about the pills?

If the defense asks you, yes.


They're gonna say
I'm a slut and a junkie.

I can't imagine how hard
this must be for you, Jessie.

But your testimony will help
put your rapist in jail.


Can you just do this without me?

Carolyn, this is a good offer.

Danny only went on
that show to impress BJ.

Danny confessed to rape!

BJ Cameron is the one
you should be going after.

Danny wouldn't have done anything
if BJ hadn't egged him on.


You don't have a say in this.

- Actually, he does.
- I am his mother.

You don't get to decide for him.

You're here as a courtesy,
Mrs. Spencer.

This is a one-time offer.
Rape three.

He does one to three and tells
the court everything he did.

- We should consider the deal.
- No!

There is no way you can prove
he did anything wrong.

It's his word against
that junkie tramp.

Who do you think
the jury's gonna believe?

I thought you were
a role model, Mrs. Spencer.

Whatever happened to teaching
kids to tell the truth?

I'm doing what's best for my son.

What's best for her son?

She's all about morals and decency
until it becomes inconvenient.

I can bully BJ onto the stand.

I can present all the
evidence that I want.

But without Jessie,
I got nothing.

Any chance of talking to Danny
without Carolyn running interference?

And saying what?
Ignore your mom?

Listen to me and go to jail?

Okay, well, look...

Maybe the guilt has been
eating away at this kid.

Make him face what he's done.

My mom says I can't speak
to you without my lawyer.

You don't have to talk.

You just listen.



What are you doing here?

What am I supposed
to say to him? / Look...

- I'm sure you hate me.
- Shut up!

You don't get to defend yourself.

What you did to me...

you think I'm trash, don't you?

No. No, I don't.

But all those things that BJ said
about me you think are funny.

Breaking into my trailer
and stealing my panties.

It was just a stupid prank.

You call raping me a prank?

I wish I could take it all back.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

How could you be sorry
when you went on the radio

and bragged about
what you did to me!

BJ started making jokes.

I was just trying to keep up.

Was your mom just trying
to keep up, too, because...

she said she wished I was dead.

No, no. She didn't mean it
like that, she was...

She thinks she is so perfect,

but all she does is give kids
somebody to blame

when they do something wrong.

Kids shoot up a high school,
blame Marilyn Manson.

You raped me...

blame BJ Cameron.


you're the only one who knows
what really happened.

You can own up to it like a man.

Or you can hide behind your mother.

Trial Part 27
Wednesday, September 8

Mr. Spencer, do you wish
to change your plea?

I do, your honor.

I plead guilty.

And this is a decision you've
reached of your own free will,

with no coercion or undue influence?

Yes, sir.

Ms. Novak.

All that remains to satisfy the terms
of the plea arrangement

is for Mr. Spencer to allocute
the details of his crime.

Go ahead, Mr. Spencer.

I went to Ms. Dawning's work...

thinking maybe I could
steal her underwear

to get on the BJ cameron show.

I thought that'd be cool.

I'd maybe even get some girls.

I didn't think she'd
be in her trailer.

I almost bolted when
I saw her sleeping.

Then I thought, how cool would
it be to get a picture of her.

So I took one.

And she didn't wake up.

I lifted up her skirt
to take another,

and she didn't wake up.

I pulled down her panties...

and I began to have sex with her.

I was wrong.
I was stupid.

She started to wake
up a little bit.

I pushed her away and I ran.

I deserve to go to jail.

I'm sorry.

Are the people satisfied, Ms. Novak?

We are, your honor.

Court officer,

please remand Mr. Spencer into custody

pending a sentencing hearing.

Court is adjourned.

- You did the right thing, Danny.
- Get away from him.

Hey, take it easy!


BJ walks outside,
goes right to the press,

and tells them how happy he is
that justice has been served.

A sound bite gets him
on the 6:00 news.

His ratings go up.
The idiot's loving life.

Not anymore.
That was a 2-7.

Somebody just took a shot
at BJ outside his radio station.

I'm dying!
Stupid bitch shot me!

I'm type-O negative.
I need a transfusion.

You're gonna be fine.
Just take it easy.

What happened?

Took a slug in the shoulder.

Vitals are stable.
Not much blood loss.

Who saw what?

At least five bystanders
saw what happened.

She walked right up to him
and pulled the trigger.

Why did you do this?

I had to.

I couldn't let him
ruin another family.

Here's my case.

The attempted murder of BJ Cameron,

memorialized on film by
some shutter happy tourist.

You're going to jail.
No deals.

We don't want any deals.

Carolyn shot BJ
because she was distraught

over what he'd done to her son.

Extreme emotional disturbance
isn't gonna fly.

She went to the radio station,
waited for BJ to come out,

and then shot him.

He should be dead.

He turned my son into a rapist.

He's ruined Danny's life.

Danny ruined his own life.

He wanted to be a doctor.

He wanted to help people.

Until he started listening
to the BJ show.

Then he decided he didn't want to go
to college because BJ didn't.

How many more kids do you
think this man is gonna ruin?

So you didn't shoot BJ
just because of Danny.

You did it to keep him
from corrupting other kids.

No mother should see
her son go to prison

because some foul-mouth pig

thinks rape is funny.

And I'm guessing there's
at least one person

out of every twelve who will agree.

Come on, Carolyn.

What did I do?

You don't even say hi to your boss?

Hi. What did I do?

Just wondering why you're taking
this Spencer case to trial.

She doesn't want to plea.

Her lawyer's going with some bogus
extreme emotional disturbance defense.

Bogus or not, you take
this to court, you could lose.

Even the candid camera helps her.

You shoot someone in broad daylight,

you're obviously not thinking straight.

Police interview the photographer?

He was gone by the time
they got there.

They're still looking, but the paper
won't give up a name without a subpoena.

I'll see what I can do to help.

In the meantime,

push harder for a plea.

Carolyn Spencer shot BJ Cameron
because she's a zealot.

We offer her a slap on the wrist,

it's just giving a green light
to every vigilante in the city.

Carolyn will be judged
by a jury of her peers.

She's not the only one out there

sick of being surrounded
by trash like the BJ show.

BJ has the right
to say what he wants.

Carolyn doesn't have
the right to shoot him.

That's the law.

But you get one overprotective
parent in your jury,

you got yourself a mistrial.

Trial Part 35
Thursday, September 23

Did the defendant appear distracted
or even upset when she shot you?

She seemed totally calm.

Walked up to me,

pulled a gun,

squeezed the trigger.

Thank you.

Nothing further.

In your show,

have you ever directed any of your
listeners to commit a violent act?


I have here some transcripts
from your show.

Would you please read from
the highlighted passage?

"The undercover bimbette is nothing
but an uptight little bitch.

She needs a good banging
to loosen her up."

And this one.

"Someone needs to throw her down

and nail her like she's never
been nailed before."

But, according to you,

these words were never meant to
incite violence toward Jessie Dawning.

No. They're jokes.

They were meant to be funny.

You see anyone laughing?

I didn't use my funny voice.

No further questions.

Redirect, your honor.

Mr. Cameron,

do you think that the KKK
or aryan nations are funny?

Only in that they're the most ignorant
bunch of jackasses in the country.

So you don't agree with their views.

But do you think they should
still be allowed to express them?

They may be hate-mongering idiots,

but they still have the right to
speak their minds like everyone else.

So as much as you
dislike their views,

do you think it's okay just
to go out and shoot them?


Thank you.

Nothing further.

Danny was...

he was the sweetest kid

before he started listening
to the BJ Cameron show.

And then, all of a sudden,

women were bitches
and ho's and...

even his little sister.

Wasn't it your job as his mother
to keep him in line?

Yes, absolutely.

But it was like there was
another parent in the house

contradicting everything that I said.

Thank you.

Your witness.

BJ Cameron's demographics.

200,000 listeners under the age of 16.

Only one rapist.

So why did his show affect your son
differently than the others?

Danny didn't have a male influence
in his life after his father left.

When he found BJ,

he practically worshipped him.

Why didn't you stop him from listening?

I tried.

He bought a radio with his allowance,
and he hid it from me.

I work, I can't watch him
24 hours a day.

Because you were too busy
trying to shut down the BJ show.

OBJection! Argumentative.

I'll rephrase.

Do you put your work with N-I-C-E
ahead of raising your children?


My job is about protecting
my children.

But isn't it true
that you shot BJ Cameron

not because he ruined your son's life,

but because he made a mockery of
your crusade to rid the world of filth?

People like BJ have taken
over television...

the internet, movies, music.

And you want to silence them.

I want my children to have a childhood.

I'm all alone raising two kids,

and it is almost impossible to
keep that obscenity away from them.

And that justifies shooting BJ?

That man...

took away everything I believe in.

He took, he took away my family.

My baby's future.

And I had to stop him.

I didn't know what else to do.

You lose yet?

I'm working on it.

Told you.

You put Carolyn Spencer next to BJ,

she's gonna look like mother Theresa.

It's an extreme emotional
disturbance case.

I can't object to the defense painting
a picture of the heartbroken mother.

You want to convince the jury
Carolyn's guilty,

show them she's responsible for
her actions, just like Danny was.

Wish I could put him on the stand,

but he won't say boo against her.

Maybe he'll change his mind
when he hears about this.

Got a hold of mom's phone records.

Look who his mom was talking to
right before she shot BJ.

Why are we here?

People's exhibits eight and nine.

The defense hasn't gone
over those documents.

You will. We're just waiting
on one more person.

And here he is.



Why is he here?

So I can convince him to
testify against his mother.

I told you no way.

People's exhibit eight.

A copy of Carolyn Spencer's luds,

showing two phone calls

to nice vice president James Willoughby

on the afternoon BJ Cameron was shot.

Is there a point to all this?

People's exhibit nine.

Copy of the check
the New York Ledger wrote

to the same James Willoughby
as payment

for pictures of BJ Cameron's shooting.

Mr. Willoughby took those pictures?

You asked him to.

Bet you didn't think anyone
would find out, did you?

I don't know what you're
talking about.

You talked to him for
twenty minutes that afternoon.

You told him to take pictures
of the shooting.

No, I didn't.

We'll see what Mr. Willoughby
says on the witness stand.

He'll say the same thing.

You planned it?


So the whole world would see her
as a martyr for her cause.

It was just a publicity stunt?

No! No, don't listen to her.

I did it for you.

You're so full of it.

I want to testify.

I'll tell them she didn't
shoot BJ because of me.

I'll tell them she just wanted to get
her stupid crusade on the news.


I did it because I love you.

I wanna go back to my cell.

Danny, no!

Wait, Danny, plea.. Danny!

Last chance.

I'll drop the attempted murder
if she pleads guilty to assault.

I didn't do anything wrong.

And this has all been fascinating,

but it doesn't prove a thing.

Then we'll let a jury decide.

Trial Part 35
Tuesday, October 12

Mr. Foreman, you've been
deliberating for two weeks.

What's the division of votes?

Six to six, your honor.

Is there any chance, with more time,
you could reach a verdict?

We've tried.

We're deadlocked.

Then I have no choice
but to declare a mistrial.


The defendant's bail is continued
pending the people's decision for a retrial.

How do you deadlock with a mountain
of evidence in front of you?

The jury thought BJ deserved
what he got.

He flapped his mouth on the radio.

She picked up a gun and shot him!

There's no question
who broke the law here.

No, but after hearing
BJ on the stand,

half the jury would have
done what Carolyn did.

Gotta hear this.

BJ's been in full rant mode
for the last five minutes.

Carolyn Spencer's not just
a bitch with a capital c,

She's a fascist who should be tried

and fried for crimes against democracy.

Strap her into old sparky
and shoot a million volts

through that nazi brain of hers!

Think they'll let me pull the switch?

And you wonder why people
want that guy to shut up.

No one's forcing them to listen.

Let me tell you,
that woman is just...