Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Debt - full transcript

As Benson and Stabler investigate the disappearance of a mother and her teen-aged daughter, they uncover a conspiracy between a corrupt immigration attorney and gangsters running a prostitution ring that is staffed by women they have smuggled into the country and imprisoned as sex slaves.

Although inspired in part by a true
incident, the following story is
fictional and does not depict
any actual person or event.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I got 6 my own plus 11 grandkids.

I know when something's not right.

How long has the baby
been screaming like that?

All day.

My husband's been super
for 30 years.

Always been a nice building.
Good families.

The woman in 2D.
How long she lived here?

Mrs. Wu? Couple of years.

Always nice and quiet.

Don't speak a lot of English though.

Mrs. Wu, police.
Everything okay in there?

- Someone's moving.
- Give me the key.

Mrs. Wu! Hello?


No sign of the mother and the little
girl only speaks Chinese.

Got that covered.

You know their names?

Landlady says the baby's Suzie.

This is Hannah.


Please find my mama.

Honey, is this your mama?

Where did your mama go?

Mama locked the door and said
give the baby a bottle

when the hand points to the red.

Every three hours.

I used up all the milk.

Suzie was crying.

I gave her some crackers,
but she kept crying.

How long has your mama been gone?

A really, really long time.

You know, I'd say judging
from the empty formula bottles,

that mama's been gone a week.

Law & Order SVU
6x02 Debt


Name is Jiao Wu.
Illegal immigrant.

No criminal record.
We checked jails, hospitals.

No sign of her in the system.
No husband in the picture.

ACS know the family?

No. And they said it's
gonna take a couple days
to find a chinese foster home.

Well, she taught her six-year-old
how to feed the baby.

Left a supply of formula.

Sounds like she planned
on being gone quite a while.

Probably shacking up
with a boyfriend.

It's the number one reason
for home alones.

You know, if that landlady
had not called the cops,

those kids coulda died.

They're ready.

Okay, Hannah, I need you
to think really hard.

Did your mama say where
she was going?

To meet a man.

Do you know the man?

No. Has her mama left them
alone before?

Auntie Li Mei usually watches us.

Does your mom have other friends?

Miss Penny.

She works at the market next door.

Chen's Market
252 Grand Street
Tuesday, July 13

Jiao has a sister,
but I never met her.

Do you know where she lives?

She didn't say.

Jiao pretty much kept to herself.

Keep her boyfriend to herself?


Because she left her two kids
alone for a week.

Jiao would never leave
her kids for him.

Who was he?

Some rich white guy.

Can't blame her for trying
to marry for money.

For citizenship.

You ever meet him?


I told her be careful.

Lotta creeps out there
like Asian women.

How did they hook up?

- Dating service.
- You got a name?

Golden happiness.

It's an introduction service
for Asian women.

- Totally legal, detectives.
- That go for your clients?

Illegal immigrants have
the right to get married.

Not if it's a scam
to get a green card.

These women don't pay me a dime.

The white guys do
and they're all citizens.

How much do you charge?

Flat fee, 8,000.

Guaranteed to find you a wife
or your money back.

How closely do you screen these guys?

I check their credit.

So you could be handing over
vulnerable women to psychopaths.

Not my problem.

If they've got the dough,
I've got the girls.

Who got Jiao Wu?

Pretty girl. A lot of guys
liked her picture.

Let's see.

Lucky winner, Howard Kendall.

Hot shot Wall street guy.

McMaster, Kennedy
& Barringer
58 Wall Street
Tuesday, July 13

Howard Kendall has one DV assault,

A couple of calls for DWI
plus resisting arrest.

Drunk with a temper, huh?

Maybe he lost it when he found out
Jiao only wanted him for his money.

Can I help you?

Yeah, we're looking for Howard Kendall.

I'm Howie.

You're the mail boy.

Who the hell are you?

Police. Why don't we talk
in your office, Howie?

Yeah, I know Jiao Wu.

- We went out a couple times.
- Awful fast worker, Howie.

Two, three dates with a woman
who barely speaks English and

we hear you're getting married.

Not anymore.
We broke up. / Why?

Jiao's a lying bitch.
She told me she was 25.

Then I find out she's 33
with two brats.

I still would've married her,

but then she dumped me last week
when I told her I was a mail clerk.

- You sound like an angry guy.
- Damn right.

She called the wedding off

and then she welshed
on three grand she owed me.

For what?

Wedding dress.

She said she couldn't return it.

I told her to leave.

You get rough with her?

Maybe I shoved her.

But not so hard that she
had to call you.

No, she didn't.

Jiao's missing.

She's probably out scamming
some other sucker.

Or maybe you pushed her harder
than you meant to.

No, she was fine.

She called the next day asking for
this purse she left at my place.

I told her to come here and get it
but she never showed.

You still got that purse?

Yeah, it's right here.


That's an Hermes birkin bag.
It's gotta be $10,000 retail.

Must be fake.

- She said she made it at work.
- Where's that?

I don't know. Some sweatshop
in Chinatown.

The counterfeit squad
can help us with that.

Leather's good quality but
the machine stitching's a giveaway.

Hermes bags are hand sown.
It's definitely a fake.

We got a witness that says
the bag was made locally.

Any idea by who?

We used to raid sweatshops
every week

for making phony hand bags,
designer jeans, even T-shirts.

But since 9/11, we put
all our man power into DVDs.

Bootleg movies pose a threat
to national security?

When Al-qaeda's selling them.

Interpol raided a sleeper cell,
found 20,000 copies of the Lion king.

Cheap to make. The profit
margin's higher than drugs

and a hell of a lot less risky.

Using Mickey mouse to fund
terrorist attacks on America.

What next? / Baby formula,
brake pads.

Hell, even double-a batteries.

Best bet to find a sweatshop is
to track it back from the retailer.

You got a Chinatown connection.

Let's start on Canal street.

Nice bag.
Kate spade. Only $40.

Yeah, I'm looking for leather.

- We got a nice coach. $50.
- Everybody has those.

I'm looking for something really
special like Prada, Ferragamo...

oh, do you have Hermes?

You got good taste.

How about this?

Take your pick.

I will take this one right here.

Very nice. For you, 300.

You got yourself a deal. / All right.



Whoa, what's going on?

You're under arrest for
trademark infringement.

I didn't know they were fake.

That's funny since the real
ones cost 10 grand.

Guy gave me a good discount.

We can get you one on your prison term
if you tell us where you got this bag.

They make them over on Eldridge street.

Police! Nobody leaves!

We're not immigration.
We just need your help.

We're looking for a woman
who works here. Jiao Wu.

Jiao has not come to work for a week.

Do you have any idea why?

No, but she's been very upset.

Said she's been having problems.

We heard Jiao has a sister.
You know her?

Jiao's missing. We just want
to speak with her sister.

Li Mei Wu. Works at the laundry
on Pell street.

That's Li Mei up there.

She speak English?

Always taking classes.

Thank you.

Li Mei Wu.


Detective Benson.
This is detective Stabler.

We'd like to talk to you
about your sister.

Did something happen?

We don't know. We found Hannah
and Suzie alone in the apartment.

Oh, no. Are they all right?

Right now they're in foster care.

How long has Jiao been gone?

We think about a week.

This is all a mistake.
You'll see.

Hannah feeds the baby like
she's had a lot of practice.

Does your sister leave them
alone when she goes to work?

No. No, never.

Jiao takes them to a baby-sitter,

a woman who works night at the factory.

She, she loves the girls.
She's a good mother.

When was the last time
you talked to her?

About two weeks ago.

We had a fight. / About what?

About money.

She wanted to borrow some
and I said no.

You know why she wanted the money?

For her wedding.

What did Hannah tell you?

Not too much.

Jiao taught Hannah never
to talk to the police.

She's afraid of immigration.

Please let me see Hannah.

She'll talk to me.

She say she don't know anything.

Can I take the girls home?

There's a family court hearing
the day after tomorrow.

She's lying.

That's not what Hannah said.

She said mama went to give
the man money for our big sister.

Jiao has another child?

- Her name is Ping.
- Where is Ping now?

- I don't know.
- Don't lie to us again.

Please, if I say anything else,

they'll be killed.

- Li Mei, you've got to trust me.
- I am afraid.

I understand that you're afraid.
But I can't help you,

your sister, or her daughter
unless you do trust me.

You've got to tell me everything.

Now let's start with Ping.
How old is she?


Ping was only a baby when Jiao
and her husband came here.

They couldn't take her on the boat.

We saved every penny
to bring her to America.

And then Jiao's husband left
and took all our money.

Where's Ping now?

I don't know. / Come on.

Hannah told you Jiao paid the man to
bring her over here from China.

Yes, but I don't know
if Ping is here.

And the wedding money
is for the smugglers, right?

These snakeheads charge $50,000.

And until you pay off
the debt, they own you.

These snakeheads. I need names.

I don't know.

Li Mei, these are the people
who have your sister.

Now every second you waste
keeps us from finding her.

Please, you must believe me.

I don't know.

I, I begged her not to go.

I told her that these people kill
if you don't pay them back.

Your sister took a huge risk.

Do you have children, Mr. Stabler?

Yeah, I've got four.


wouldn't you deal with murderers
to get your baby back?

You think the snakeheads killed Jiao?

She's dead, she can't repay her debt.

They kill members of her
family first to intimidate her.

More like they stash Jiao in some
sweatshop to work off what she owes.

Probably in Chinatown.

But nobody there talks to outsiders.
Especially the police.

I'll take a few days, ask around.

It doesn't matter
you know the language.

They'll make you for a cop.

Have you got a better idea?

Use Li Mei.

You can't send her out there alone.

I wasn't planning to.
I'll go with her.

And they won't make you for a cop.

I'm not gonna be doing
any questioning.

She'll do the talking,
I'll play her boyfriend.

I'll do it.

Miss Wu, that's against our policy.

Agent Wong will be handling
the investigation.

No, they don't know him.

They're not going to
tell him anything.

I can't allow a civilian
to be put at risk.

Fine. Then I go myself.

Jiao is my sister.

She is all I have.

I don't stop until I find her.

Why don't we grab a cup of coffee?

Don't do it, captain. / I'll be
with her every step of the way.

The minute it gets hairy,
I'll yank her out of there.

She'll be safe.

- Too dangerous.
- Captain, you heard Li Mei.

She's going with or without us.

I'm there. I can protect her.

Background information only.

The first hint of trouble,
I'm shutting you down.

Zhihua Buddhist Temple
73 Hester Street
Wednesday, July 14

Mr. Zhang comes from
our village in China

and runs the district association.

My sister often comes
to him for advice.

Who are you?

I'm with her.

You not come here to pray.

No, Mr. Zhang. Just to
ask you for your help.

My sister and I, we had
a stupid fight the other day.

With the company you're keeping,

I'm not surprised.

I want to say sorry to her,
but she's not home.

Have you seen her?

Thank you, Mr. Zhang.

So what'd he have to say after he
lectured you for dating a white guy?

Jiao came to visit him.

Asked whether it was safe to
visit the INS detention center.

Did he say who she wanted to visit?

No, he didn't know.
But it must've been my niece.

Ping must've been caught coming in.

Makes sense Jiao would want to see
her daughter before she got deported.

Maybe they found out my sister is
illegal and locked her up too.

Li Mei, we checked.
She hasn't been deported.

She's not in jail.

We must go the detention center.

I'll check it out
after I drop you off.

- No, no. I'm going with you.
- Li Mei, listen to me.

You're undocumented.

I can protect you on the streets
but not from the Feds.

Immigration And
Customs Enforcement
26 Federal Plaza
Wednesday, July 14

A 15 year old named Ping Wu

was popped at JFK
getting off a flight from Jamaica.

I thought chinese smugglers brought
their cargo in by container ships.

Not since the golden venture
ran aground back in '93.

So how do they get them here now?

They fly from China to Cuba

then take a boat to some
small caribbean island.

Then a commercial flight to the states,

try to blend in with the tourists.

How did she get caught?

The girl's papers were really bad fakes.

She get deported?

No. Straight to detention, then her
attorney filed an asylum claim.

You still got her in your lockup?

I'll check.

A pending asylum claim
makes her eligible for bail.

Yeah. Three grand bond posted last week.

By a Jiao Wu?
Her mother?

No, by Winnie Chan.

Don't know that name.

Okay, we'll also need the
lawyer's contact information.

Roger Baker.
Office on Essex street.

Every detainee
at the center knows me.

I'm the only guy left who will do
deportation cases without cash upfront.

- No good deed goes unpunished.
- What do you mean?

The address that Ping
gave immigration is phony.

So is the relative who bailed her out.

Guess I'm not getting paid.

You don't sound surprised.

Unfortunately, it happens a lot.

Then why do you do it?

This is still the United states.

All our grandparents came here
from somewhere else.

These people are entitled
to the same chance.

I wish she trusted me.
I think she had a good shot at asylum.

On what grounds?

She converted to christianity,

was being persecuted
for practicing her faith.

That plus her age, I could've
gotten her a green card.

Ping's mother hire you?

No. Ping called herself.

My number gets passed around a lot.

Give us a call if Ping
gets in touch with you, okay?

I will, but she won't.

Did you, did you find Ping?

Your niece got sprung
from the detention center.

Nobody knows where she went.

Why aren't you looking for her?

There's nothing more
we can do tonight.

No, no. First my sister
is missing and now my niece?

You're wasting time. / Listen to me.

Hannah and Suzie are due in family
court tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.

You meet us there.

I'll recommend that the children
are released to you.

- And then what?
- I'll keep looking.

You take care of those children.

I will be there tomorrow at 9:00.

Family Court
Thursday, July 15

It's five to 10:00.
Where the hell is Li Mei?

She's, she'll be here.

She wouldn't be this late.
There's something wrong.

All parties on the matter
of the Wu children, step forward.

I want you to go see
if you can find her.

I'll get the case recalled
for this afternoon.

Li Mei was here last night.

She wasn't scheduled to work, but
she said she needed some overtime.

When did she leave?

About 5:00 am.
She had to get dressed for court.

Make a good impression on the judge.

She never made it there
and she's not at home.

Well, then I don't know where she is.

Look, pal, I got two women
missing already.

You don't want to piss me off today.

I talk to you...

My trucks can have accidents.

My store can burn down.

Bad things could happen to you
if you don't talk to me.

This kid Tommy, gangster wannabe.

He came in here to see
Li Mei last night.

For what?


So he was shaking her down?
You did nothing to help her?

She's an employee.
I got my own family to worry about.

She leave with him?

Down the back stairs.

Oh, my god.

Li Mei...

Li Mei...

Manhattan SVU, I need a bus,
Canal and Ludlow immediately.

Bus's on the way.

Hang in there.
Hang in there.

It's gonna be all right.

It's gonna be all right.

How is Li Mei? / Oh, man.

They beat the hell out of her.

Nasty cut on her head.

A few broken ribs,
but she'll be all right.

They taught her a lesson.

Next time, she won't be so lucky.

Detective, you can see her now.

I'll wait out here.

Li Mei, who did this to you?

Leave me alone. / Stop.
You're in no shape to move.

I am not talking to you.

Who's Tommy?

Did he want money or was
he trying to scare you?

Li Mei, I know you're afraid.
You've got to talk to me.

My sister is dead.

How do you know that?

The man who beat me...

said they cut her throat.

When Jiao didn't get her daughter,

they, she told them that
she would go to the police.

And now Jiao's debt is my debt.

Who beat you up?

Was it the kid at the laundry?

No, no. Not Tommy. / Then who?

It was too dark.
I, I, I couldn't see his face.

Please, please,
just go, just go.

Li Mei...

I'm sorry.

What can I do so you'll trust me?

Can you protect my nieces?

They'll kill Hannah and Suzie

if I don't give them
all my savings tomorrow.

I promise you nothing
will happen to them.

When I know they're safe,

I'll do anything you want.

Acs Foster Home
Queens, New York
Thursday, July 15

Has anyone been here to see you?

A man came when she
was playing outside,

told her to give me this picture.

It's Ping.
Look how she's dressed.

Snakeheads are pimping her out.

She's asking about her mother.

Don't, don't tell her that she's
dead until we know for sure.

You sure they'll be safe?

Cops will be on the girls
around the clock.

Nobody's getting near them.


Where are you meeting
the snakeheads?

No, no. I can't.

We had a deal.

That was before I saw the picture.

If they find out I am helping you,

they will kill Ping.

Come on, Li.

Why are we here?

Something you need to see.


Take all the time you need.

- Who are all these people?
- Nobody knows.

These are the dead we
can't identify.

- Please, don't make me...
- No. Look. All of them.

Young women exploited,
thrown out like garbage.

Stop it. Just stop it.

Have you seen enough?

Why are you doing this?

Because the snakeheads will keep
killing girls until someone stands up.

I can't promise you
we'll find Ping in time.

But the only chance we have is
if you tell me where that meeting is.


In a restaurant.

Mobile one. Street's clear.

Leader to ghost one, report.

I'm in.

Ghost two?

Have no sign of her yet.

Hold your positions.

Little sister's on the set.
Stand by.

Got an eyeball on her.

Little sister's in.

It's all there.

Better be.

Sit. Have some tea.

I'll see you next week.
Same amount.

Subject's on the move.

Red leather jacket.

Red jacket on foot
moving south on motte.

I got him.

Just turn right on Elizabeth.

We got the eyeball.

He's going into the pool hall.

It's all here, man.

Nice and clean.
Very easy.

Red leather jacket
is making the handoff.

Corner table.

This subject is an Asian male
in a dark blue suit.

We're a go. I repeat, go.

Police! Put your hands
on the table now!

Put down your cue and put
your hands on the table now.

Who are you?

What's that?

What's your name?

You speak English?

Oh, Ricky Yao. You're
under arrest for extortion.

Call my lawyer.

Go to my place and wait for me.
I'll be there soon.

Don't bet on that, pal.

Let's go.

Where's Jiao Wu?

Who's that?

The woman you murdered.

You have the wrong guy.

We've got your errand boy next door.

First one to talk gets a deal.

How about the two of us,

candlelight, bottle of cristal.

I don't date scum.

Such a beautiful woman
with such a foul mouth.

- What a turn on.
- Shut up and wait for your lawyer.

I bet junior's already
spilling his guts.

You can't scare me into talking.
I know my rights.

Tommy, you're a smart kid.

What do you think'll happen when
Ricky Yao finds out you led us to him?

You're setting me up to be killed.

After what you did to Li Mei,

I don't give a crap
what Ricky does to you.

I'm not a rat.

Ricky knows I'll never betray him.

I'm not worried.
Tommy won't talk.

My partner can be pretty persuasive.

Can your partner
promise him a future?

Tommy's a bright kid.

He knows I can off him opportunities.

Like sharing your cell at Rikers?

Is he gonna be your punk there too?

I'm not going to jail, detective,
you have nothing on me.

Just a couple of counts
of assault and extortion.

Not to mention three open homicides.

Check my rap sheet.
No charge has ever stuck.

That's because your witnesses
seem to disappear or get amnesia.

Not this time, Ricky.

That's a promise.

What is it with this tough guy act?

I know underneath you're a good kid.

Stop blowing smoke up my ass.

All right.

Where were you born?


Your parents?

They're from Fujian, little village,
middle of nowhere.

Coming to America, they took a lot of
risks for a chance at a better life, huh?

Some life.

My dad was a teacher in China.

Here he's nothing but a delivery man,

riding around on a stupid bicycle,
shoving menus under doors.

Beef fried lice, two dollar.

You ever ask yourself
why he does it?

He tells me all the time.

For me so I can have a better life.

Well, that's what I'm trying to do.

By working for Ricky Yao?

I earn more in a week than
my dad makes in a month.

You shake people down.

I, I pick up the money.
I, I don't hurt anyone.

You muscle working people

like your dad for their last dimes
and hand it over to Ricky Yao.

You're ripping off poor folks
to make that dirtbag rich?

Tommy, talk to me.


- I can't betray my people.
- Ricky Yao's not your people!

Don't you get it?
He preys on your people!

He beat up Li Mei in that alley.

Be a man.

You stand up for her.

Now, Ricky told Li Mei
her sister was dead.

That true?

Yeah. / You see it happen?

No, I...

Rick, Rick, Ricky called me over...
No, I...

Rick, Rick, Ricky called me over...

to his whorehouse out in flushing.

He told me to bring a shovel.
to his whorehouse out in flushing.

He told me to bring a shovel.

Found the room Ping
was photographed in.

She was here, but the house
has been cleaned out. No girls.

We're checking the grounds
right now, I'll let you know.

Methane probe hit something that's
decomposing under those trees.

Well, it looks like we got something.

Dead cat.

Keep searching.

You wake up half the neighborhood

because someone gave miss kitty
a proper burial?

Uh, yeah, well...

you notice any guys working
out here last week?

Just the moving van.

All those lovely exchange
students went back to China.

Anyone digging? / No.

But they did repave
the garage last week.

Hand me the crowbar.

One, two, three.

Jiao Wu.

Yes, this is my sister.

If you can just sign the form...

When can I bury her?

As soon as the autopsy's done.

Come on.

- I know they killed Ping.
- We don't know that.

- I know she's dead.
- Listen to me, we're not giving up.

We're gonna find her.


We got Ricky Yao.

You ready to deal?

Like I told that hot lady cop
I have nothing to say.

Maybe this will change your mind.

We found Jiao's body buried
underneath your whorehouse in flushing.

Check the property rolls.
Mrs. Chan owns that place.

Sweet old lady.

Grandma didn't slit Jiao's throat.

How do you know?

Do you have any direct evidence
linking my client to this murder?

We have enough to arrest him.

Anyone could have killed that woman.

Especially if the place
was a whorehouse.

So many man coming and going.

We'll find witnesses.

Meanwhile, we'll hold you
on the extortion.

And my client will make bail
at arraignment.

By the way,

I hear your detectives are very
concerned about a missing girl.

Jiao's daughter.

What was her name?

Oh yes, Ping.

Have you found her?

We get the girl...

I'll recommend reduced sentencing.

Murder two, 12 1/2 to 25.

You'll have to do better.

Young girls get lost so easily.

I could be very helpful.


Too bad about the kid.

I hear she's a real
nice piece of ass.

Ping's gotta be alive if he's
using her as a bargaining chip.

Or maybe he's playing us.

I think he's sweating over her.

Maybe she saw Ricky
murder her mother.

Ping was at that brothel.

He can't let her testify against him.

Second he gets to central booking,
he makes a phone call, she's dead.

We're done with Ricky Yao,
you can process him.

I can drive him downtown,
give you a little time.

Liv, I can't do anything in an hour.

Talked to a friend in Vice.

Bunch of chinese hookers
got picked up last night.

Ricky Yao's girls?

Yeah. Vice shuttered the brothel,

but he's probably got it back up
at another new spot by now.

- Are the girls at Rikers?
- Immigration.

Waiting to get deported.

Kathy's cousin works central booking.

Mistakes happen.

Or he could get on a bus.
To Attica.

Give us time to talk
to those hookers.

We gotta get to Ping
before he gets to a phone.

Detention Center
Saturday, July 17

When I met Ricky, he said
I was gonna be a waitress.

Stupid me, I believed him.

How many other girls has
he got working for him?

About a hundred come
through each year.

Where are the brothels?

Ricky owns houses all over the place.

Queens, plus Chinatown,
some in Brooklyn.

Maybe you can save other girls
from what you went through.

You recognize her?
Name's Ping Wu.

Yeah. Came in with a bunch of
new girls about a week ago,

when we were at the house
out in flushing.

Well, she wasn't picked up
in the raid last night.

She's very young,

so Ricky probably had her
working at a private party.

We need to find her.

Do you have any idea
where they are now?

I could probably find out if you
can help me beat this deportation.

If your information is good,
we'll work out a deal.

I want a deal in writing.
Get me a lawyer.

Call Roger Baker, see if he'll
do another pro bono case.

Baker! That's the son of a bitch
who filed my asylum claim,

and then he sent me to Ricky Yao.

- Thank you for coming, Mr. Baker.
- How can I help you?

My cousin was caught at the airport.

She will be sent back to China.

They say you are very good lawyer.

I've had some success.

Please, help her.

First, I need to take
a look at her case.

Okay. Shing Shing...

Mr. Baker, this is
my cousin Shing Shing.

I could file asylum papers for her.

But that's expensive.

I cannot pay very much right now.

Maybe a few hundred dollars.

Your cousin is young?

She, she's a hard worker?

She is.

I think she could make good money
working for a friend of mine.

The debt would be repaid in no time.

She says she'll do anything.

Good. I'll bail her out.

Take her to see this man.

Ricky Yao?


You're not going anywhere.

I don't know what
that hooker told you,

but I didn't kill anyone.

Yeah, you're just a saint
with a law degree.

I'm just trying to help
these people, okay?

Your big house in the Hamptons...
your power boat, the porsche,

your chinese clients
help you pay for that?

The market's been good to me.

You're buying toys with blood money.

I never hurt anyone. Okay?

Is that what you tell yourself
so you can sleep at night?

These people are gonna be deported.

I'm helping them stay in this country.

By being Ricky Yao's sex slaves, huh?

To be used up and buried
when he's done with them.

- You're a pimp and a murderer.
- No. Now listen, listen.

Yao, Yao calls me when people he
smuggles are picked up by INS.

I, I spring them with phony
asylum claims

and then he, he fronts the bail
and they go to work.

In his whorehouse.

The, the pretty girls.
The other ones work straight jobs.

Where's Ping Wu?

- Where's Ping Wu?
- I thought she was cute.

She would make good money.

I, I sent her to the brothel.

Where did he move her to?

Where'd he move her to?

Mosco, Mosco street.

Your honor, they put my client
on the bus to Attica.

It appears to have been
a clerical error, your honor.

It better have been, miss Novak.

With the court's apology, Mr. Yao.

In recognition of this
glaring violation of his rights,

I'm releasing the defendant
on his own recognizance.

Thank you.

Miss Novak, do you plan to present
this case to the grand jury?

Yes, your honor.

Then my client asserts
his right to testify

in his own defense
pursuant to 1AD-80.

So noted.
I'll see you back in court on Monday.

Mr. Yao? You're free to go.

Court is adjourned.

Police, nobody move.
Stay right where you are.

Have you seen this girl?

Ping Wu!

Okay, look at this picture.

Have you seen this girl?

Is she here?
Where is she?

Down the hall.
Down the hall.

Officer, get that man off the phone.

Too late!

We're walking out or she's dead.

Don't hurt her.

Okay, okay, take it easy.

Put the gun down.

Ping, it's okay.

It's okay. We're gonna take you
to your family, okay?

Let's get her out of here.

Is she okay?

She's fine. The blood's not hers.


You can come with us
to the hospital, okay?

Come on.

Thank you.


Internal affairs is waiting on you.

They'll want this.