Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Serendipity - full transcript

After finding a dead baby in a plastic bag in the sewer, the detectives find the mother, also dead, in her nearby apartment. After talking to her doctor the detectives discover that the mother had planned to give her baby up for adoption and the adoptive parents were paying her doctor's bills. During the investigation they meet Casey Novak, the new A.D.A.

In the criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

It looks like a good six inches
of standing water.

It's perfect
breeding conditions.

Center for
Disease Control.

Terrorists poisoned the water?

No, ma'am, we're
just screening

for mosquito

That bug spray?

No, it's an aspirator.

It collects specimens,

which are then sent back
to Atlanta for testing.

For what?

West Nile virus.

We have that
on this block?

No, this is just
random testing.

Nothing to worry about.

Could be something
in the bag, maybe.

Let's check it out.

Oh, my God.


Tell me that's a baby doll.

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Newborn. Caucasian female.

Five, six pounds tops.

Tossed down the sewer.

If the water'd
been any higher,

little tike'd been washed
out to the East River.

Umbilical cord's
still attached.

Tied off with
dental floss.

We got a home birth.

Newborns are
ten times more likely

to be killed their first day
of life than any other time.

So, odds are we're looking
at a mom who freaked out?

There's no obvious trauma.
ME here yet?

En route,

but the guy that
found it is a doctor.

Knows a thing or two.


Actually, I'm
an entomologist.

I was studying larval activity
and I found blowfly

on the body.


Freshly laid-- which
tells me she had not

been down there more
than three hours.

Well, if it was the mom,

she couldn't have traveled far
this soon after delivery.

If she lives nearby,

it shouldn't be too hard

to find a new mom
missing a baby.

Yeah, we got a tenant
about to pop.

Name's Brianna Morris.

Moved into 2-H
three months ago.

Who with?

Nobody. So she said.

Didn't mention
she was pregnant.

It's a hard thing to hide.

Well, she wore bulky clothes.

When it became obvious,
I made a passing inquiry.

She denied it.

How old a girl
are we talking?

Uh... early twenties.


No, not that I
was introduced to.

Miss Morris!

I got a leak down in 1-H,
gotta check your pipes.

You there?!

Miss Morris!

I got some people with me.


I don't think Mom

got rid of the baby.

I don't think she made it
out of the delivery room.


Then who dumped that baby?

I can't imagine who would do
something that horrible.

Brianna have any
family or friends?

Not that she
ever mentioned.

You two were friendly.

She helped me
with my groceries...

and she picked up

some birdseed once
when I ran out.

This was at my
birthday in August.

Hardly the life
of the party, huh?

She was a sad girl,

but my birds just loved her,

so she must have
been a good person.

Was there a daddy
in the picture?


Any prospective

Not since she
moved here.

Poor thing... was always alone.

We know she had
a visitor last night

or early this morning.

Did you see anyone?


Hear anything?

I'm sorry.

I'm stone deaf without this.

The little buggers make so
much noise in the morning,

I just put it in an hour ago.

I heard someone knocking
over there about 6:00 a.m.

Must have been
banging pretty loud.

No, just regular.
I work from home.

My desk is right
by the door.

What'd you hear
after that?
Not a peep.

A woman had a friggin'
baby across the hall

and you don't hear that?

I don't know.
She was a quiet girl.

No woman's quiet
during childbirth.


Nobody saw or heard anything.

Or bothered
to get to know her.

Okay, a girl that age

carrying that
kind of baggage

had to reach
out to somebody.


Someone helped
deliver this baby.

Even cleaned up the afterbirth.

So how did
he kill her?

I can't rule yet
that anyone did.

Like mother like daughter.

I've got no obvious cause
of death on either.

Are you saying they might've
died in childbirth?

You rarely see it nowadays,
but Mom could've had

a blood or amniotic fluid
clot, even a stroke.

I'll let you know
after the autopsies.

Phone line works.

She should have
called for help.

Well, killers don't usually
encourage that.

Killers usually
cut the phone lines

and don't wait
around for labor.

There's no evidence
of foul play yet.

What about a baby
down the sewer?

Somebody who thought
they were helping?

With friends like that...

Maybe it was somebody
who found her too late.

They pick up where
she left off

hiding her dirty
little secret.

Well, who are they
trying to kid?

It's obvious
she gave birth.

Well, it tracks
with having it at home.

document newborns.

She didn't want
anyone to know.

Someone did.

Prenatals, prescribed
by a Dr. Curtis.

Brianna wasn't due

for another three weeks.

When was the last
time you saw her?

Last Tuesday.
There was no indication

she was ready to deliver.

Years ago I was
involved in a shootout.

My wife saw it
on the news, gave birth

to our second kid
right there a month early.

Extreme trauma, emotional or
physical, can trigger labor.

Anybody causing
Brianna anxiety?

Maybe the baby's father?

She never
mentioned one.

Not once
in eight months?

Well, I only saw her
for the last three.

Before that she went
to Manhattan Free Clinic.

That's a big price
jump to this place.

Well, you get
what you pay for.

She took every
test available

and spared
no expense.

Any problems?

Medically, no, but...

I had my concerns.


She was very detached
from the pregnancy.

She didn't want
to know the sex,

didn't want
to see the ultrasound,

didn't even want
to hear the heartbeat.

Unusual for an
expectant mother.

( beeping )

Oh, I've got
to take this. Excuse me.

My secretary
can help you

with anything
that you need.


Did not sound like
Brianna wanted this baby.

Then why spend all
that money on its care?

I've had four kids.
Insurance does pay

for any of those
extra tests, I'll tell you.

Excuse me. Brianna Morris's
payment history.

Can I get a copy of that?

It's in my "problem" file.

Last week's payment
was declined.

The credit card
is in the name

of a Ron Wolcott.
Who's that?

I don't know.

He's never been in.

Not a bad place for a guy
with credit problems.

Well, maybe he gave
too much to charity

helping out young,
unwed mothers.

May I help you?

Police. Does a Ron
Wolcott live here?

Yes, that's my husband.

What's this about?

We think he may
be the victim

of identity theft.

Someone's been using
one of his credit cards.

Oh, no. How much
have they charged?

$20,000, to a Dr. Curtis.

But... that's Brianna's OB-GYN.

You know Brianna?

Of course.

She's carrying our baby.

Why would somebody
kill our baby?

Brianna was a surrogate?

No, the baby was hers.

We were adopting it.

Emily Rose.

We've had that name picked out
for ten years now.

That's how long
we've been trying.

We just couldn't
get pregnant.

We tried in vitro
three times.

And then you found Brianna.

She was living
in a hellhole.

We got her a place in
a safer neighborhood.

We paid her expenses.

She was doing
manual labor.

It wasn't safe
for the baby.

Why'd you cut off
the credit card?

We didn't.

One of our cards
is maxed out.

I took care of it.

Um, which adoption agency
did you go through?

We didn't.
It was set up

through a mutual friend.

Who's that?

Marcy Cochran.

She's the wife of one
of Ron's coworkers in R&D.


The Flavor Institute
in Bergen.

And how does this
Marcy Cochran know Brianna?

Marcy does a lot

of volunteer work.

Brianna called
her hotline.

Metro Help Line.

Are you having those
thoughts right now?

Brianna tried
to commit suicide?

No, but she was
thinking about it.


She'd just found out
she was pregnant.

She was overwhelmed.

She said she couldn't
handle her own life,

let alone
the responsibility of a baby.

She have any family?

Father jumped ship
before she was born.

Mother was abusive, dumped her
in foster care at five.

She didn't want the cycle

repeating itself.

She ever mention
the baby's father?

Yeah. She met
him in the park.

He was the man
of her dreams...

till the next morning.

The number he gave her was fake.

She never heard from him again.

You get this involved
with all of your calls?

We're not supposed to.

This girl broke my heart.

I gave her my home number.

We talked every night.

Convincing her

to give up the baby.

It was a win-win.

Ron and Kelly were desperate

and Brianna could not
have found better parents.

When was
the last time you talked?

Four days ago.

And what was
going on?

Whatever you are thinking,

the Wolcotts would never
have hurt Brianna.

Why would we think that?

This is gonna sound horrible
for someone in my position.

Brianna and I had a fight.

About what?

My idiot husband.

I told him something
in confidence,

and he went and
told Ron Wolcott.

What'd he tell him?

That Brianna
was keeping the baby.

Why would the Wolcotts lie?

To cover the grand
poo-bah of motives.

They were ripped off.

They were desperate
for this baby.

She was the only light

at the end
of a ten-year-long tunnel.

And it just wasn't
the emotional investment.

I pulled
their financials.

They were stretched
pretty tight.

They'd already dropped
a chunk of change

trying to
get pregnant.

Now they've got doctor's bills,

maternity clothes, rent, food...

This baby was
bought and paid for.

And they're left
with squat.

No baby, no refund.

And no recourse.
The biological mother

can change her mind at any time.

The Wolcotts must
have been furious.

They go to Brianna's apartment.

They try to reason with her.

Things get ugly,
maybe a shoving match.

Brianna falls,
goes into labor.

And, what? They deliver
the baby themselves?

They give it
the old college try,

but things go south.

First the mother dies,
then the baby.

Which goes down the sewer,
along with their dreams.

That's pretty out there.

Let's run this by Warner,
see if any of it floats.

The baby exsanguinated.

Bled to death?

How? There
were no wounds.

Through the
umbilical cord.

But we saw it--
it was tied off.

Not until after
the baby had lost

more than half her blood.

Maybe this was
an accident.

The Wolcotts wanted
that baby alive.

Well, someone definitely
wanted the mom dead.

Perp knew how to kill her
without leaving a mark.

She bled out, too?

That would have
taken much longer

for a full-grown adult.

This woman was Burked.

What the
hell is that?

An arcane method

of suffocation, dating back
to 19th century Scotland.

Thought up by two men
selling cadavers

to medical schools
who ran out of dead bodies.

So they created their own?

Quickest way was to sit
on the victim's chest

while holding
the nose and mouth.

You found petechial

Which I originally attributed
to pushing during labor,

but then I found this.

Compression indentation here
on the sternum.

Matches the button
on her maternity dress.

Perp sat on her.

Any defensive wounds?

Fingernail scrapings?

She couldn't fight back.
She was injected

with Versed, a powerful
sedative that paralyzes.

But doesn't
knock you out.

Brianna would have felt
everything going on

but couldn't lift
a finger to resist.

Wait a minute.
How can you

go into labor
if you're paralyzed?

Pitocin causes
the cervix to dilate.

Which pregnant women
produce naturally.

But I found evidence
of a synthetic form

in the anal cavity.

I'd say your perp incapacitated
her with the Versed

and then gave her a Pitocin
suppository to induce labor.

And ripped the baby
right out of her.

You know, when you said
Flavor Institute,

we thought you worked
in a candy store.

What are you
doing here?

What are you?


He's a chemist.

What are you cooking?

Not that it's any
of your business,

but isoatyl acetate.

Whoa! That sounds
pretty hardcore.

It's the dominant
component in
banana flavoring.

What the hell
is this about?

Your degree
in chemistry,

and the fact
that Brianna

was drugged
before her death.

You can't possibly think

I had anything
to do with that.

You and your wife
both knew Brianna

had changed her mind.

Why did you lie to us?

I knew, but she didn't.

That's why I didn't want

to say anything
in front of her.

You expect us
to believe

that you didn't
tell your wife

that she wasn't
getting a baby?

I thought I could
convince Brianna

to do the right thing.

By killing her?

By cutting off
my credit card

to show her she
couldn't possibly
support a child.

Brianna put quite a dent
in your bank account.

She owed you.

You were just taking

what was
rightfully yours.

You really botched
it up, though.

This was my daughter.

I didn't do this.

Brianna was having
last-minute doubts,

but I knew
she'd come around.

Not according
to your phone records.

You were hounding her right up
until the day she died.

Not in person.

I might have
called her too much,

but I certainly
didn't kill her by phone.

a bathroom upstairs.

Luminol anywhere
he might have washed up.

Why are you doing this to us?

Because your husband
has a penchant
for lying.

You never noticed?

No. Ron is honest to a fault.

Mrs. Wolcott,

he swore that
you had no idea

that Brianna
was keeping the baby.

Now, if you did know,
he lied to us.

If you didn't,

he lied to you.

You have no idea what
I've been through.

He lied to protect me.


Did your husband

ever bring his work home
with him?

No? Then what are these?

I don't know.

Look like pharmaceuticals to me.

It's in the warrant. Bag it.

Who the hell are you?

That's our
new ADA.

Casey Novak, Olivia Benson.

Olivia, this is Casey Novak.

Do I
know you?

Yeah. Shortstop.
Cop's team.
Come here.

Oh, right.
I didn-/////!t recognize you

when you weren't
covered in my dust.

That's very good.

It's my case.
What are
you doing here?

It's not your job.
We're the detectives.

And I'm very hands-on.

I like to see my cases through
from beginning to end.

Well, things are being
handled just fine here.

Great. Tell you what.

Let me take a quick sweep,

and then we can go
to the crime scene together.

It's already
been processed.

Not by me.

So what microscopic
piece of evidence

do you expect to find
in Brianna's apartment

that the crime techs
didn't turn up?

You never know.

Death doesn't stop the mailman.

Anyone check her box
since she died?

Had it rerouted
to the station.

Brianna hit the gravy train
with this couple.

Why would she cut them off?

Because her
maternal instincts
finally kicked in.

Or she found a higher bidder.

Let's look for a paper trail
to another couple.

We could, but it would
be a waste of time.

Why? Because I suggested it?

No. Because she just checked out

all these books
on child-rearing.

She was keeping the baby.

How do you know
when she got them?

'Cause they were
checked out from the library.

And I'd say,
judging from the due date,

a couple of days
before her death.

Skin Diseases
of the Elderly?

Why would a 22-year-old
pregnant woman need this?

Beats me. But
we'll be sure
to let you know

as soon as we find out.

Recognize this girl?

Oh, of course. She'd just sit

and read the periodicals
all day.

So what else can
you tell us about her?

She was determined
to better herself.

Always checked out
self-help books.

Like what? Cashing In
On Your Inner Child?

Seems like you got
to know Brianna.

Just from her reading list.

I tried to talk about the baby,
but it was a touchy subject.

Until last week.
She cleared off the baby shelf.

It was the oddest thing.

First, she came to the counter,
very anxious.

Asked how she could
find information

about someone
in her magazine.

I don't know.

I sent her to Josephine
in computers.

Yeah, I remember her.

The article was from a new
magazine called Good Looks.

Who was it about?
A celebrity? Athlete?

Dermatologist. I looked up
his bio for her.

Wrote a book called...

Skin Diseases
of the Elderly?

That's it.

are MDs.

Easy access to drugs
like Versed and Pitocin.

And everybody goes
to medical school

learns how
to deliver a baby.

Dr. Archibald Newlands.

She said why she
wanted information
on this guy?

She didn't have to.

The next thing she asked

was how to file
a paternity suit.

How could I be the father
of her baby?

I never met her
till last week.

Let me refresh
your memory.

Eight months ago?

Maybe a quickie.

She just came to you
out of the blue.

No. Magazine article.

Apparently, I bore

a striking resemblance
to an ex-boyfriend.

You two work through
this at your apartment?

No. My office.

I tried to tell her
she was mistaken,

but she caused a scene.

I had to call security.

What time did you
get into work on Monday?

Traffic was heavy
coming in from
my beach house.

I didn't get in
till about 9:30.

Yeah. Morning commute
is a bitch.

Around 7:00.
What time did you leave?

Can anyone vouch for that?

My wife.

She's also my partner--

doing sclerotherapy
down the hall.

You guys
commute in together?

Usually. But, that day,
my wife had grand rounds.

Grand rounds.
That's a nice-looking family.

I can't comprehend
why someone would

try to hurt them
like this.

Well, it's easy enough
to clear up.

Just take a paternity test.

I was just about
to suggest that.

So who's our daddy?

Results aren't back yet.

You were supposed to call
as soon as you found anything.

What's this I hear?
You're onto a new suspect?

We found the guy
that Brianna believed
was the father.

He's not copping
to it, though.

That's why you have
to come to me.

I can get an order
for a paternity test.

He offered it up voluntarily.

It's usually a bad sign
when we get it so easily.

What about the chemist?

His alibi is solid.

Everybody's after the flavor
of the month,

so the place he works in
has hidden cameras everywhere.

He got in at 6:00,
and stayed there all morning.

And what about
the pharmaceuticals

we found at his house?

That was a sample case
a sales rep sent him.

Our tech said no combination
could make Pitocin or Versed.

So he really was
shielding his wife.

Last call for bets

on Dr. Newlands' paternity test.

Just give us
the results, John.

What do you want--

the good news or
the bad news first?

He's not the father.

So what's the good news?

We cleared a cold case.

You can't come in here.

There's no need to get
a worry wrinkle, ma'am.

I'm sure Dr. Newlands' wife

will be happy
to finish your Botox.


You need to
come with us.

I never touched that woman.

We know. You like
them much younger.

What are you talking about?

We ran the sample
that you volunteered

through our system.

We got a hit.

To what?

DNA you left
in a six-year-old girl

that you raped in '98.

There must
be some mistake.

DNA doesn't lie.

Well, then you
have to know

I'm not the father
of that dead girl's baby.

Doesn't mean you
didn't kill her.

Why on earth would I?

Brianna making all
those wild accusations.

That could have
ruined your practice.

Broken up your family.

I see what
you're doing.

You can't
get me on murder,

so you frame me
for this other thing.

Hey, you, this other thing
is an innocent girl

whose childhood you stole.

I didn't.

You know what her biggest
fear was before you?

the first grade.

She told her mom that she was
ready for big-girl clothes,

so they drove out to the mall
in Paramus.

Where you were
lurking in the
children's department.

I've never even been to Paramus.

You lured her into
that dressing room.

This doesn't
make any sense.

You want to know what
doesn't make any sense?

That you could stop at just one.

You see, it's not in
a pedophile's nature.

I'm not a pedophile.

Yeah, you are. You're
just a well-read one.

DNA convictions start
hitting the news,

you start
covering your tracks.

And your johnson.

But we're going
to find your
other victims.

And all of
your cellmates
are going to know

exactly how many
you raped.

Detectives, a minute?

Where's Cragen?

I don't know.

Then you don't interrupt me.

When I'm in there with a perp,

you stand here,
you watch through

the one-way,
you see where we are.

Where we are is
three months past

the five-year
statute of limitations.

We can't touch him.

We know that.

He's technically
not under arrest.

Then why is he in there?
He's a person
of special

interest in a string
of other cases.

Yeah, which ones?

That's what we were
trying to find out.

By the book?

Trust me, that guy in there
has a lot of other victims

whose time hasn't run out.

And we still like him
for Brianna.

ADA Novak, Trevor Langan.

I assume you're here
to protect your pedophile.

Alleged pedophile.

And Casey and I go way back.

To Wall Street.

Most of his clients

just screw employees
out of pension plans.

Well, this one
didn't screw anyone.

If he's not charged,
I'll be collecting him.

Detective Benson, my client has
nothing more to say to you.

Not going to be
talking to him again.

Did you get anything?

No, thanks to you.

There's got to be
other victims.

We ran the M.O.
There's nothing at malls.

They've got security
cameras everywhere.

He knew to change it up.

Smart ones change M.O.s,

but no one changes signature.

Look, we've both been
through Molly's file.

If he had some
kind of telltale quirk...

they didn't get
it out of her.

She's older now.

Maybe there's something
she remembers.

I don't know, I was a kid then.
It was a long time ago.

Molly, we found
the man that did it.

Good. I hope
they kill him in jail.

Actually, he's not
in jail yet.

Why not?

The law lets us pursue
someone for only so long.

We caught this guy
a little too late.

You guys suck.

I hate to do this to her.

It's for her.

Molly, I know it seems like
everyone let you down,

but we want
to make it right.

Well, you can't.

We think that he's hurting
other little girls.

So go bother them.

We need your help

to figure out who they are.

How would I know?

Maybe there
was something...

that he did with you that could
link him to the others.

Then we could
put him away.

Like what?

You know, it
could be anything.

Something small that at the time
you didn't even realize

meant anything.

A smell...

a phrase that
he kept repeating...


or maybe something
too embarrassing to tell, huh?

( sobbing )

It's okay, honey.

( sobbing continues )

It's okay.

He tells her they're
giving away free candy.

She follows him into
a back dressing room.

Where was Mom?

Ten feet away,

digging through
the sales rack.

He locks the door,
exposes himself,

squirts honey on it,
tells her to lick it.

He carries a bottle
of honey around?


Probably got it at
the food court.

He tells her that
she's going to like it,

that it's sweet,
tastes like a lollipop.

She doesn't want to,

but he won't open the door
till she does it.

She's six and scared.

One lick flips
his switch.

He rapes her.

We've been going through
the tri-state 61s,
looking for a match.

I got one. Alicia Hahn,
eight years old.

Happened at the Bronx Zoo.

Lured into a bathroom.
Same packet of honey.


Two months ago.

Bring Newlands in
for a lineup.

You can't do that.


The victim is
eight years old.

And she deserves justice.

And if she picks
the wrong guy,

you've just given him
exculpatory evidence.

Which is admissible at trial.

I'm willing to take that chance.

Lineup is a bad idea.

Adults have enough
trouble making an I.D.

It's way too risky
with a kid.

It happened two months ago.

How could she possibly
forget him?

I don't know.

Good enough for me.

Take your time, Alicia.

This is very important.

Yeah, she knows that.

Do you need
to stop now?

Please, just one more look.

And this time really

I was.

She can't see what's not there.

Do you see him?

Is it number...

is it number...


Excuse me,
I have a motion to file.

Was I wrong?

You did just great, Alicia.

I'm going to take you
home now, okay, honey?

Come on. It's okay.

I'm sorry.

Could you have been
any tougher on
that little girl?

Like she hasn't already
been traumatized enough.

I'm sorry.

Nobody thinks that they
can do this at first.

I wanted straight homicides.

You know, all the glory,
no living victims.

Lesson number one,

nobody can handle the children.

How do you?

Well, I'm not going
to lie to you.

It doesn't get easier.

All this sickness
and perversion.

I mean, what do you say
to your boyfriend

when you go home at night?

I don't actually have one.

Because of the job?

Well, I try to date.

Things go great until
they ask what I do.

It's not exactly

dinner conversation, huh?

The ones that don't
pull away immediately

lean in, way too interested,

wanting to hear all the
sick, twisted details.

And, um, either way,
it's always the last date.

It must be easier
for the male detectives.

Well, let's see...

Fin never talks about
his love life at work,

and Elliot doesn't talk
about work at home, and...

and Munch has just given up.

Then why do you guys do it?

Because somebody has to.

Did you ever taken your girls
to the Bronx Zoo, Mrs. Newlands?

A few times.

Lynnette is obsessed
with giraffes.

A lot of kids are.

Your husband must have
really enjoyed himself.

That's not funny.

He told me all about these
ridiculous new allegations.

They're not allegations,
they're fact.

We've been married
15 years.

I think I would have picked up
on something like that by now.

If you haven't,
you're in serious denial,

which is frightening,
given your daughter's ages.

That is sick.

He has never been
inappropriate with them.

What about with
their friends?

I think you should go now.

Listen to me,
there's no question

that your husband
is a pedophile.

He stood in a lineup.

What more do we have to do
to convince you?

DNA evidence is irrefutable,

We have his in
one of the victims.

He never told me that.

Who are you?

Casey Novak, assistant
district attorney.

What the hell
are you doing here?

Please... if you've been
covering up for him,

tell me now.

Get out.

Think of your little girls.

I'm calling my attorney.

She has nothing linking
my client to this crime.

I have a particularly
vile and unique M.O.

She has no DNA,
no witnesses,

and the victim looked
right at him,

but picked a different man
from the lineup.

This was a scared little girl
who blocked out her assailants.

Remember, she'd been brutalized.

According to her, by suspect
number two, not my client.

That's such bull.

Maybe, but you
haven't established

a prima facie case,

If you've got something,
time to show your cards.

I have a prior victim.

Same approximate age,
same packet of honey,

and I do have his DNA
in this one.

Which is inadmissible.

The clock ran out on that case
three months ago.


Her testimony would be
introduced solely
to establish pattern.

Your Honor, if you let that in,
it's all over.

The jury will convict based
on the prior bad act alone.

I'll have to agree.

The physical evidence is
too dispositive.

Your Honor...

Let's split
the difference.

DNA is out,
but I'll allow you to argue M.O. have him
call me.

Thank you.

I got to go.

Your Honor,
the People are ready.

Where's your client, Mr. Langan?

I just put in a call
to his wife,

and my assistant is checking
local hospitals.

Oh, please.

He hasn't been in an accident.

He's obviously fled.

If you have any

of your client's

I don't.

But if I could just have
a short recess...

Bail is forfeited.

I'm ordering a bench warrant
for his arrest.

( clearing throat )

Let's hope he didn't
flee the country.

I'll get started
on freezing his accounts.

Check out Langan.

He just got
a phone call.

I'd rather check
his caller I.D.

Anyone we know?


Where can I meet you?

You know, it wouldn't
take much to swank
this place up.

You ever think of investing
in a restaurant-bar?

With your track record? No way.

I heard about that dive
of yours in Baltimore.

I'd stay away from the food
and beverage industry,

but if you're looking for
a good tax shelter...

Could you make it
any more obvious that
you're talking to us?

He was supposed to be here
20 minutes ago.

I don't have all day.

Maybe you tipped him off

Why would I do that?

Eyes forward, bottom feeder.

I don't need this.

So help me,
if you're playing us...

So, what are we thinking?

Newlands must have made us.

How? He's never
seen you or Munch.

( phone ringing )

Langan's scum.

Could've signaled him
over the phone.


Where is he?

Saved the taxpayers
a pile of money.


I doubt it.

No sign of the gun.

Kind of hard to shoot yourself
in the back of the head.


A little ahead of schedule.

Where were Newlands'
wife and kids?

They moved out
the day that Novak

made her little
house call.

Well, that must have
been a tense situation.

Wasn't his wife also his partner

in the dermatology

Yup-- he destroys
her home life,

jeopardizes her livelihood.

Double motive.

She was at the office at
the time of his death.

Could have
hired someone.

Easier lead
to follow

than the painfully obvious one.

Family member

of one of his victims.

Well, I don't
want to make

these people relive what that
sick bastard did to their kids.

( phone ringing )


They're standing right here.

That's impossible.

They're on their way.

Six-year-old girl
went missing

around 9:00
this morning.

Courtney Jones.

Her mother
had to be sedated.

Newlands got killed
around 9:00.

have been him.

Newlands lives a couple
blocks from here.

Could've grabbed her
just before.

Snatching girls wasn't
part of his M.O.

That's definitely
his signature.

What's that?

A stirrer that dispenses honey.

You find them
in your upper-end cafes.

Yeah, well, I found it
in the trash,

over here by this bench.

Could've been anybody
sipping tea.

We interviewed
all the mothers

and a couple of them put
a man sitting right here.

Caucasian, late thirties...

No tea.

Well, he didn't
attack her here,

there's no privacy.

And what's with the honey?


That straw
was sucked dry.

The taste alone was
enough to trigger

his sense-memory
of past assaults.

Let's send this thing
to the lab,

see if the saliva
matches Newlands' DNA.

Well, is there any chance
the girl's still alive?

Well, we've been
through his apartment,

he didn't take her there.

He wouldn't have.

It's too risky.

He was facing a long
prison sentence.

This was his last hurrah.

Maybe something
on him

will tell us where he took her.

Warner should be starting
the autopsy now.

What are you doing?


for treasure.

What's that?

Some kind of tube.

What for?

I have no idea.

There's blood in it.

Well, how'd it get in there?

He's a doctor,
maybe he did it himself.


He could have given
himself a local,

inserted the tube and
stitched himself back up.

Why would you do that?

To beat a paternity test.

Son of
a bitch.

Newlands was the father
of Brianna's baby.

He put somebody else's blood
in that tube.

Hold on a minute.

Hold on.
You have professional people

taking blood out of his arm,
wouldn't they notice that?

You only have to roll
your sleeve up to the elbow.

Scar would've
been hidden.

I thought I'd seen everything.

This puts him

back on killing
Brianna and that baby.

If that's
not his blood,

he didn't rape Molly Stratton.


Who's ever blood he stole did.

And that's the guy

who's still out there,
with Courtney Jones.

So in order to beat
a murder rap,

Newlands used
someone else's blood.

Just happens to be
our pedophile's.

The Honey Rapist reads about
the trial, whacks him.

Newlands must have known
the rapist's real identity.

He could have turned
him in at any time.

Why didn't he?

If Newlands
turns in his own blood

to clear himself
of child molestation,

we get him on double homicide.

Either way,
he was screwed.

He knew he didn't
rape those girls,

he just couldn't figure
out a way to prove it.

Okay, the first day
of the trial,

he panics,
he doesn't show.

He calls his lawyer
to tell him the truth.

dead men don't talk.

So how are we going
to find the Honey Rapist?

Well, one thing
we know for sure,

had access to his blood.

It's one of his patients.

Who's experiencing

a new-found sense of freedom

now that everyone
thinks he's dead,

and he grabs another girl.

But he can't lay off the honey.

a compulsion.

He didn't use it
in his usual way.

He never dreamed
we'd make the connection.

He doesn't know we have.

If he's going to keep up
this charade,

he's going
to have to kill this girl.

We've got to subpoena
Newlands' patient list.

Let's see if the widow
can save us some time.

I don't know where to start.

25% of our patients are male.

But how many have
blood work done?

Not the

acne treatments...

None of these.

I lied for him.

The day he killed her,

he was already gone
when I woke up.

Ma'am, it's got to be
one of his patients,

and we really need
that name.

He probably
took the blood sample

the same day he put
the tube in.

He told me he cut himself.

I remember exactly
when that happened.

It was our daughter's birthday--
the 18th.

That's right after

first contacted him.


I know that was the day.

What about your patients?

Did you take any blood that day?

Just when I thought that bastard
had screwed me over

every way

Who is he?

Peter Nestler.

Botox and collagen.

He's in his 30's, but panics
whenever he sees a wrinkle.


why do you think it's him?

He had a small

on his back.

I did a workup to make sure
it hadn't spread.

He's the only one
I took blood from that week.




Clear over here.

Kitchen's clear!

Here, too.

He's definitely our guy.

Sick freak.

Any sign of
Courtney Jones?

What are you
doing here?

Search warrant.
No, really.

You here to supervise us?

I'm not here to make
sure you can do it,

I'm here to see if I can.

Kiddie porn.

Closet's full...

That doesn't tell us
where he is.

What is she
doing here?

He's a fisherman.

Plugs, poppers...

reel's loaded
with 50-pound test.

That's rust.

He fishes saltwater.

He's got a boat-- Honey Do.

"Peter Nestler, on his
boat the Honey Do,

caught a 40-pound striper."


City Island.

Looks like he's got
a slip there.

There's his boat.

You stay here.


half way down.

Got him.

Yo, Nestler.

Don't move.


I'll take the boat.

Where is she?

The girl,
where is she?!

( stammering )

Next time you go down
you're not coming back up.

Help me!
Somebody, help!



Casey's got her.

She was in the cooler.
Come on.

She okay?

She's alive.


( knocking )

Got a minute?

When you rescue
a little girl, you get two.

Have a seat.

I can't do it.

Sure you can.

Just bend your knees,

and let gravity take over.

That's not
what I'm talking about.

I know.

I want out.


when you've got a slam dunk
in your very first case?

I can't let go of what
that little girl went through.

I was watching you for this job
when you were in white collar.

Knew you were tough,

but weren't sure you were
the right person.

I'm not.

The fact that it
affects you like this

tells me my first instincts
were right.

What are you
talking about?

This case was the ultimate test.

And you passed
with flying colors.

But I don't want it.

You will.

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