Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Coerced - full transcript

When a boy goes missing the team investigate. They eventually learn that he was taken by a mentally disturbed man who would kill someone who tried to stop him. They find him but he doesn't have the boy. Stabler wants Huang to medicate him but Huang doesn't want to. Later the man goes berserk, Huang medicates him and he then tells them where the boy is. Later they learn that the reason he freaked out was because Stabler said something to him, cause he wanted Huang to medicate him so that he could find the boy. But Huang tells them that because of what Stabler did, the man could be released. Novak tries to help Stabler but at his arraignment the man mentions the death of a person at the facility where he stayed. Stabler looks into it and discovers that someone with the name he mentions did die at that facility. And it appears that the one in charge of the facility is deliberately withholding medications among other things from the patients so that they could keep the money they get from the government. And the person died because of their callousness. And the man was thrown out because he was ranting about the person's death.

In the criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I know it's your turn,

but Eric can't spend this
weekend with you...

Adam, breakfast is ready!

Why can't I see
Dad this weekend?

Hold on, Steve...

Because it's Grandma's

and I promised
we'd go out with her.

Come on, Mom.

Don't argue
with me, Eric.

Just go get him,
or we'll all be late.

Move it, shrimp,
let's go...

Please, Steve, I never
ask you to switch.

I'll owe you one...

Mom, come up here! Hurry!

Thanks, Steve.

I got to go.
What's wrong?

Adam's gone!

What do you mean gone?


Oh, God, no.

I tucked Adam in at 8:30,

checked on him at 11:00
before I went to bed.

He was sound asleep.

Was the window locked?

I always leave it
open a crack--

Adam likes to be cool.

Look, my bastard
ex-husband did this.

Why would he climb up
the fire escape?

He would do anything.

Peter agreed to take Adam
Tuesday nights

and every other weekend,

but now,
that's not good enough.

We had a court date
this morning.

Peter's suing
for sole custody.

But not for Eric?

Eric and Adam
are half brothers.

The boys have
different fathers.

Eric's from
my first marriage.

Adam was watching me play
The Hulk on my X-Box.

Then Mom put him to bed.

You guys play together a lot?



Only when Mom's with us.

Eric, do you ever notice
any strangers

watching you while you play?


Liv, they need us


The dad could have taken
Adam from school.

Why risk breaking in?

I don't think
he broke in.

Take a close look.

See the edges of the cut?

The screen's been
pushed outward.

Perp sliced it from
inside the house.

To make it look like
Adam was kidnapped.

Captioning sponsored by

and NBC

This flyer's gone out to
every precinct in the city,

every police department in
the tri-state, and the FBI.

Captain, any response
to the Amber Alert?

We've had numerous calls;
we're checking each one out.

Now, unless there are any
further developments,

the next briefing will be
in two hours.

All right, thank you.
That's all.

Who has keys to the house?

Just the cleaning lady.

Comes twice a week,
we're trying to locate her.

But we're still thinking
it's a custody snatch.

Divorce wasn't finalized
until a month ago,

and Peter didn't move out
of the house until then.

He still has
a working key?

Carolyn never
changed the locks.

Divorce 101.
First thing my ex-wives did.

Smart women.

You guys find Adam's father?

He wasn't home,
and three shifts of doormen say

they haven't seen him
since he left for work
yesterday morning.

His and Carolyn's court date
was set for 10:00--

that's 15 minutes ago.

Court officers haven't
seen him yet.

The precinct cops
say Peter's been here

every night for the past
two weeks demanding
to see Adam.

Any violence?

Everything but.

Except for last night,
Peter didn't show.

Put details
on Peter Forbes'
home and office.

And let's get traps
on his credit cards.

If he tried to skip town
with Adam we can track him.

We might not have to.

Peter's on the set.

What are you doing here,
you son of a bitch?

I'm Adam's father...

Where is he?!

You think I took him?

How could you do this
to your own son?!

I don't have him,
you crazy bitch.
You liar!

Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn.

Listen to me,
both of you.

You're going to have

to put your problems aside
and work with us together.

Do you understand?

She's insane.

He stole my baby!

Mr. Forbes,
I'm Detective Stabler.

I need to ask you
some questions.
Of course.

Do you mind if we wait
for my attorney?

He should be
here any minute.

I don't care what she told you.

I didn't kidnap my own son.

Nobody is accusing you

of anything, Mr. Forbes.

But when there's
a custody fight,

we have to rule
everybody out.

God knows where Adam is
and you're wasting
your time with me.

We wouldn't be if we knew
where you were last night.

Oh, for crying out loud.

I was at my
girlfriend's place.

help me out here.

My client will be glad
to give you her name.

She'll vouch for him.

I'm sure she will,
Mr. Rosenman.

Where'd you go from there?

Motor Vehicles.
My license expired.

I was trying to renew it.
I have receipts.

How come you didn't make
your court date?

He was on his way
in a cab

when he heard the news
on the radio.

Had the cabbie bring him here.

Businessman like you
doesn't own a cell phone?

It was turned off.

But believe me, I got her
crazy messages

as soon as I turned it back on.

Yeah, to call
Mr. Rosenman here.

I brought Ira because
I knew Carolyn

would try to turn this on me,
just like everything else.

She got half my money,
my house...

And Adam.

You're suing for sole custody.

Afraid you might lose?

You think I have Adam?

Search my place, take my DNA,
my fingerprints,

whatever you need.

But I'm telling you,
I love my son.

I would never put him through
this kind of hell.

Motor Vehicles confirms

Peter got there just after
8:00 this morning.

Girlfriend swears he was
with her all last night.

Forget the
cleaning lady.

She's been in Antigua since
Friday visiting family.

Which leaves Carolyn herself,
or big brother Eric.

Is he capable of doing something
to his little brother?

I didn't get
that vibe from him.

But with the custody
battle going on,

Adam's probably getting
most of Mom's attention.

Eric got tired of it,
anything's possible.

Maybe we should ask him,
before he skips.


Can I help you?

They're cops, Dad.

Detectives Benson and Stabler.

You're Eric's father?
Steven Manning.

I'm taking Eric until
this is ironed out.

Can I have
a word with you?

Sure. Anything
I can do to help.

Stay with the detective.

Why don't you have
a seat over here.

Sorry that we, uh,

we got
interrupted before.

So, Eric, you and Adam are
pretty tight, right?

I guess.

And when you lived
with Adam's dad,

were you pretty tight
with him, too?

Not really.

I mean, Peter's cool and all,
but I got my own dad.

Did Peter or your mom ever
talk about taking Adam away?

If you know something,
you've got to tell us.

I can't.

I'll get in trouble.

You'll get in trouble
with who, Eric?


What did
your mom say?

Eric... it's okay.

That she'd hide Adam before
she'd let Peter have him.

That was just talk.

I was angry.

I thought I was going
to lose custody.

We understand that.

Look, if someone threatened
to take my kids,

I can't say that I wouldn't do
something desperate.

You really think
I'm hiding Adam?

That I would harm my own son?

Carolyn, we know that
you wouldn't hurt Adam.

But the only way for us
to focus this investigation

is to rule out everyone
who had daily access to him.

Including you.


A moment? Now.

I'm pretty sure you can
rule her out as a suspect.

I brought a dummy screen
to show you, and this.

A fingerprint.

Fresh off the handrail
of the fire escape.

Matches several prints
on the screen.

Why is there a print outside

when the screen was cut
from inside the house?

I asked myself
the same question.

So I took another look
at the screen

and found this under
the microscope.

It's oxidation.

Happens when the
screen and frame

are exposed
to the elements.

So, what's
the problem?

This side of the screen

is supposed to face out.

But it's less weathered

than the side
that's supposed to face in.

So the screen was
in backwards.

They took it out to clean it
and just put it in wrong.

Which means that it was
cut from the outside

by a perp who came up
the fire escape.

You get a hit
on those prints?

Sorry. Not in the system.

We got to go.
What's up?

Fin just called.

Adam may have been spotted
three blocks from here.

A newspaper delivery guy saw

a man carrying a boy in pajamas

around the grocery store
at 5:00 a.m. this morning.

Called when he saw
the kidnapping on TV.

You think Adam and
whoever snatched
him are inside?

Precinct's cops said
this place has been open

every day for 12 years,
except today.

And they can't locate
the owner.

How you want
to play it, Captain?

Lift the gate.
Let's take a look inside.

We've got a victim down.
Some movement.

Take the door.

Give me your flashlight.

He's cut, but he's breathing.

Sir, we're the police.

We're going to get you
to a hospital.

You hang in there, okay?

Got another one here.

Go. I got him.

All set?

That's stairs to a basement.

Clear on the left.

Clear on the right.


check this out.

Home sweet home.

One of the victims
must sleep here.

Or whoever stabbed them.

Look at this.

That was taken
in the store here.

It's Adam.

The deceased victim is
Lester Hale, store owner.

Multiple stab wounds
to the chest.

This guy's the
assistant manager,
Emilio Vasquez.

Unconscious, but EMS thinks
he's going to make it.

What about
our basement resident?

The precinct cops say

the guy that works
here, his name is Kevin.

Nobody's seen him today,

but people I canvassed
say he's a little off.


Get a sketch artist
down here.

Perp left us some
patent prints.

Forgot to wipe the
blood off his hands

after he opened the
doors from the inside.

So he stabbed
the victims,

he takes Adam
down into the basement

and they come out
this way.

And goes
who knows where.

The blood trail
ends here.

What do you got?

So far, just
this picture.

Found three more.

"I'm coming
to get you, Son."

He thinks Adam
is his boy.

He's been stalking
him for months.

Those kids are
wearing winter jackets.

Here's the Forbes' brownstone,
labeled "Tate's house."

"Tate's Room." He even
scoped out Adam's window.

He's X-ed out the faces

of the other kids
in this picture,

but he's completely

the face of the mother.

She's the one that could
pose a threat to his fantasy.

So he snatches the kid,

and takes him down
to his bedroom.

The victims catch him
in the act with the boy.

He chases them upstairs,
stabs them

so they can't talk.

Except that his bed is so neat
you can bounce a quarter off it.

I don't think he'd take
the time to make it

after he just stabbed
two people.

Adam's not defaced

in any of these pictures.

A pedophile has his choice
of any kid on the street,

but this guy believes

he has an absolute right
to Adam.

So this isn't a pedophile.

I doubt it. But the
clock's still ticking

and he's in a volatile state;
so if Adam sets him off,

then he's going to probably
kill him, too.

So we got to find out
who this Kevin is in a hurry.

Maybe we
should start
with Carolyn.

The window's three stories high.

He knows it's Adam's room.

He must have been inside.

Kevin from the grocery store?

I never let him in here.

Why, did he do

Well, every time Adam
and I were there,

Kevin gave him

a candy bar

and I thought it was
a little weird.

( phone rings )

And you never once
saw him follow you home?



What kind of person stalks
a five-year-old child?

Kevin believes
that Adam is his son.

You just have to think

that he wouldn't harm
his own child.

Assistant manager
just woke up
from surgery.

Two of our detectives
will be talking to him now.

Lester and I came in

and Carolyn was there
with the boy.

This boy?

Kevin says he's his son,

but I knew the kid
from deliveries.

Lester told me
to take him back home.

What happened?

Kevin went loco.

He said we were "hombres malos."

I tried to grab the boy,
and Kevin stabbed me.

Then Lester tried
to stop him

and Kevin cut him, too.

Kevin ever mention
any favorite places of his,

some place he might have
taken Adam?

He mostly just talked
to himself.

Lester said Kevin has demons
in his head.

He feels sorry for him

because he lost his house
and family,

so he let Kevin live
in the basement

in exchange for work.

For how long?

Seven, maybe eight months.

Did Kevin ever make
a delivery to Adam's house?

A couple days ago.

I was alone in the store
and Kevin was all I had.

He said he knew
where it was because...

he used to live
across the street.

Carolyn's cleaning lady

let him leave a candy bar
on Adam's bed.

Which explains how he
knew where Adam's room was.

Okay, so the super
in Kevin's building said

that he lived there
till about four years ago.

He know
what happened?

Said Kevin was a partner
in some big accounting firm

until they fired him.

Kept showing up
to work drunk.

About the same time,
he got a bad case
of paranoia,

started talking
to himself.

He thought that everybody
in his office

was staring at him.

What about the family?

Sold the apartment last year,
moved away

when Kevin started begging
on the street corner.

Kevin's wife take the son
named Tate with her?

He's about five years old now,
same as Adam.

Super doesn't know
where they went.

Kevin lived across the
street from Adam.

He panhandled on the corner,

worked three blocks away
in a grocery.

Seems he likes it
close to home.

It's pretty risky
to be hanging around

if he's got Adam with him.

They both got to eat

and Kevin's cut off
from the grocery store.

Well, the precinct community
cops might know

where Kevin used to go
Dumpster diving

before he worked
at the grocery.

Guess what.

He's not in this one,

Cragen wants us back
at the command post.

Didn't take him
five minutes to
tell you that.

Three years ago,
cops picked up Kevin

for yelling
at some woman
on the street

he swore was
following him.

But they didn't collar him,
or we'd have his prints.

They just sent him off
to Bellevue Psych

and that's the last
they heard of him.

Until now.

Across the street--

That's him.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

I wonder if you
can help me out.

I'm busy.
I can't talk to you.

I was wondering if you
could just help me out.

I'm looking for 569.

Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
I can't talk to you.

My son's waiting for me.
I'm in a hurry.

Do you mean Tate?


Cacisti! Cacisti!

My son-- don't let her
take my son!

No one's going
to take your son!

Don't let her
take my son!

Cacisti! Cacisti!

I know she's back there,
watching me behind the glass.

I know she is.

Kevin, I've told you before,

there's no one
behind the mirror.

You lie like a rug.
Snug as a bug in a rug.

You pull the rug out
from under me,

I will go underground.
I will go underground.

You're cacisti.

You are cacistis, all of you.

You can run, but you can't hide.

Kevin, talk to me.
Where's the boy?

I won't tell you
where the boy is.

I won't tell you where he is.

I know who you are.
I know what's going on here.

You're working
for that witch
behind the window,

and she is evil.

She is trying to steal
my thoughts

and I will protect myself.

I work for you.
I'm trying to help you.

Just tell me where the boy is.
I want to protect the boy.

Elliot, can I talk to you
for a minute?

...and they want to
indoctrinate my son

and I will stop them!

I will stop them!
I will stop you!

I will stop you!

I have news for you.
I will stop you!

The guy's hopeless.

He's a paranoid

and these cacistis
are his delusion.

You're not going to get
anything more out of him.

Well, he's got a five-year-old
kid stashed out there somewhere.

And he's decompensating.

Any more stress,
and he could go into

a psychotic break
and he'll never talk.

He needs medication.

You got a medical bag.

You got anything in there

to make him lucid
enough to talk?

Yes, but I can't give it to him
just to make him confess.

Why not?

Because he's not my patient.

I could lose my license.

We need to get him
to a psych hospital

for treatment.

And lose him
in the mental health system?

We don't have that kind of time.

Well, we don't have a choice.

Without medication,

he's never going to be able
to tell you

what you need to know.

How fast can you make it happen?

I'll make some calls.

Any luck, he'll be able
to talk tomorrow morning.

I appreciate that.
Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

Hey. Found Kevin's
wife and son.

Jersey City.

Doesn't want anything
to do with him.

Oh, too bad.
Did you get him
in somewhere?

Yeah. Bellevue Psych's
going to take him.

The bus is going
to be here any minute.

( crash )
Is Elliot still in there
with Kevin?

What the hell's going on?

You're one of them!

They sent you!


Need a little help in here!
She sent you!

She's the one
who did this!

She wants Tate.
You can't have him!

You can never have him!

He's locked away!
Hidden away!

My medical bag's
in your office.

...secret police probes!

Your drones, your spies,
your agents!

What the hell happened?!

I told him he was going
to the hospital!

He freaked out on me.

Grabs a chair.
Knocked over the table.

Your stealth weapons!

Oh, you can kill me,
you can murder me,

but you can't find my son!

Here you go, Doc.

You will never
find my son!

Come on, we got him, Doc.
Let's go!

What are you
giving him?

Ativan and Haldol.

Hold him still!
Got it.

( screaming ):


It'll take about ten minutes
to kick in.


He stable?

Enough to transport.

I need two minutes
with him.

Well, you better
make it quick.

He's on the express
to La-La Land.


where's Tate?

Don't be scared, Tate.

Daddy'll be home soon.


Kevin, Kevin!

You're not pulling that
on me now.

Where's your son?
Where's Tate?

Look out the window, baby.

Look out the window, Tater.

See the man
with the big white hat?

Hey, hey!

Kevin, come on. Come on, Kevin.

Hey, what are you
trying to do?

I'm trying to wake
him the hell up.

A nuclear bomb
won't wake him

with what the doc
gave him.

We've been through

every building
within 12 blocks

of the kidnap site.

Have the teams
go two more blocks.

Adam has been gone for 36 hours.

What are we missing?

"Look out
the window, Tater,

see the man in
the big white hat?"

When did he
say that?

He mumbled it when
they put him on the bus.

Sounds like a parent
talking to a baby.

Do we know where
Kevin lived

immediately after
his son was born?


in Astoria.

The 109 Precinct checked it

and the entire

What about where
he grew up?

Maybe he's flashing back
on his own childhood.

DMV has every

where Kevin
had a driver's license.

The earliest one was East 200th
Street in the Bronx

when he was seventeen.

Special Victims?

Stabler, Benson.

Thanks for helping
us out here.

If you want
to call it that.

There's your location.

The parking lot?


We checked the buildings
on either side,

no sign of him.

We'll go through them
again if you like.

Not necessary,

Hey, I hope you
find your kid.

( tires squealing )

Damn it.

We have nowhere
left to look.

Elliot, back up, back up,
back up.

Man in a white hat,
around the corner,

down that
side street.

He was talking about
that bakery.

Elliot, that building,
boarded up.

The building's

Perfect view from here
of the sign.


Adam Forbes, you in there?!

This is the police.

If you can hear us,
bang on something.

There's no way
to get in back here.

( faint clanging )

Adam, do it again!

Bang again!

( clanging )

I can hear him,

I just can't tell
where it's coming from.

( clanging )

Kevin's gotten in and
out of there quickly.

We're going to need

And a crowbar.

You okay?


Manhattan SVU to Central,
requesting a bus and ESU

to 511 Valentine Avenue
in the Bronx.

Watch it!

Place is a hellhole.

Adam, it's the police!

Knock again!

( clanging )


Are you all right?

Aside from my armpits
killing me, I'm fine.

Take the flashlight.

Step back.

( clanging )

It's coming from

Hold on.

( groaning )

( clanging )

( muffled cries )


Adam, we're police officers.

We're here to help you.
Are you okay?

I think so.

You think so?

You okay?

We're going to get
you loose here.

Is Kevin coming back?

No, you're safe now.

Kevin hurt those guys
in the grocery store.

We know, sweetheart.

We're going to take you to
your mommy and daddy now.

He said he had to protect me.

( sirens approaching )

Okay, you're
going home.

Casey Novak?


Rebecca Balthus.

Kevin Walker's
Legal Aid attorney.

Your, uh, boss order you

to try my client?

No, that was my decision,

but the District Attorney
did sign off on it.

Waste of time
and money.

Kevin's a lunatic.

Your client kidnapped
a five-year-old boy,

murdered a man

and almost killed another
who tried to stop him.

And a jury will
institutionalize him quicker

than you can say "cacisti."

He's schizophrenic.

He stalked
Adam Forbes

for months.

He took photographs
to help plan the kidnapping.

He knew what
he was doing was wrong.

He tied the boy up,

and consciously tried
to elude the police.


a bunch of little men
in his head told him to.

We're pleading insanity.

You'll get his psych records.
Read them.

Not good enough.

I want him examined
by our psychiatrist.

Thank you.

They started talking to me
when I was 25.

Who's "they"?

The cacistis?

Yeah, the drinking
helped at first,

but after a while
it didn't do anything.

Let's talk about
Adam Forbes, okay?


He came into the store one day.

The cacistis told me
he was my son, Tate.

I try not to listen to them,

but they scream at me
if I don't.

What are cacistis?

Secret police.

They know everything.

And are they talking to you
right now?


They go away when the
doctors give me drugs.

Then why don't you
stay on the medication?

I don't want to talk about that.

Fair enough.

Do you remember the
night you took Adam?

Yeah, I went up the fire escape
a couple of times before,

but they kept telling me
to stop.

Cacistis kept telling me
to stop.

Until that night,
and they said it was time.

Yeah, I told him not to scream,

because I wasn't
going to hurt him.

But he was scared.

Like Lester.

You feel pretty bad
about Lester, huh?

I don't want to
talk about that.

Why, because
you did something bad?

Don't want to talk about it.


what did you do?

You know I didn't mean to.

I didn't want to kill him.

He's the only person
who ever tried to help me.

Then why did you stab him?

the cacistis

told me that he was going
to call the police,

and that they would take
my son Tate away from me.

So I grabbed a box cutter
and I couldn't stop myself.

So the cacistis

told you to throw the chair
at the police station?

Oh, no.

No, I did that
because I was scared.

What were you scared of?

The police officer.

You were

of Detective Stabler?


When he came back in, he told me

the cacistis were going
to take my son,

and that if I didn't tell them
where the boy was

they would kill me.

It's not coercion.

You pushed
Kevin into

a psychotic break
so I would drug him

so you could coerce
his confession.

I did what I had to do
to save that boy.

Great, what are
you going to do next?

Bash in people's skulls
to make them talk?

You know,
your way,

Adam wouldn't have been found

till he was starved to death.

All right,
that's enough.

Both of you.

Did the medication
hurt Kevin?


Then what's
the harm?

Unless a court forces him to,
it's Kevin's choice

to take it.

We don't have the right
to make that decision for him.

Do me a favor,
stop treating this perp

like he's your patient.

He became
my patient

the second I gave him
that injection.

Do me a favor,
start thinking

about the victims here.

The kid he kidnapped,
the two people he stabbed.

They're your victims, Doc,
not Kevin.

You made Kevin a victim,

and I'm going to testify
on his behalf

if this goes to trial,

which Kevin will win

since you handed
the defense its case.

How'd I do that?

They're going to make you say

that he wasn't rational
until he was medicated,

which means he's
not responsible

for his actions
before then.

You get it now?

Let him go,

I didn't do anything wrong here.

I understand why you did
what you did.

You didn't have time
to think about the consequences.

We saved that kid.

Kevin goes to trial,
you testify,

what you did to him
goes on the record.

Every perp you collar
from then on,

their lawyer's going to make you
tell the jury

how you coerced a confession
from Kevin Walker.

( breathes deeply )

How do I make this right?

Well, you got some
pop in that bat.

Bet you didn't come all the way
here to watch me swing.

I need you to plead
Kevin Walker out.

Why is that?

I can't tell you.

Oh, well, I don't really
need to know, do I?

You're an officer
of the court.

And you don't want whatever
happened going on the record.

I don't know your detectives
and I don't know you.

When you worked felonies,

you had a different cop
on every case, right?

Yeah. So?

Special Victims,
it's just us.

We got
to trust each other.

You're asking for
a hell of a lot of trust.

Either way, Kevin Walker
goes someplace

where he can't hurt anybody.

You take him to trial,
a good detective

loses his credibility

as a cop.

He'll never be able
to testify in court again.

His only choices

will be to quit or
finish his career

in the Property
Clerk's office.

What this detective did
was necessary?

Under the circumstances,

I can't say I would
have done any different.

Can you assure me
the defendant wasn't hurt

and I'm not going to get
my ass kicked in court

on a technicality?


I kidnapped Adam Forbes

because I thought
he was my son Tate.

I stabbed Lester Hale
and Emilio Vasquez

because I was afraid they
would take him away.

I'm a paranoid

and was not medicated
at the time.

And though I am not
being held

legally accountable
for my actions,

I feel completely
responsible for them.

You can never know
how sorry I am

for all the harm I've caused.

Are the People

satisfied the requirements

of the plea agreement
have been met?

We are, Your Honor.

The defendant
will rise.

Kevin James Walker,

on the counts of
second degree murder,

attempted murder and kidnapping,

I am entering a plea
of not guilty by reason

of mental disease
or defect.

I order you remanded
to the custody

of the Commissioner
of Mental Health

until such time...
Mental Health?

You can't send
me back there.

Kevin, take it...

Your Honor, you can't
send me back there.

Please, be quiet
Mr. Walker.
They'll kill me.

Another word
and I'll have you removed.
They will murder me,

Your Honor,
if you send me back...

the defendant.

...just like they murdered
Martha. No! No! No!

No, Your Honor,
listen to me.

No, this is you!

You did this!

They sent you

to shut me up so I wouldn't
talk about Martha!

Don't let them kill me!

Don't let them kill me
like they killed Martha!

Don't send me back there!
Please don't send me!

What the hell was Kevin
talking about?

I have no idea.

So it has nothing to do

with whatever you got me
to cover up?

I'm not covering up

I put my ass on the line
for you when I pled Kevin out.

Now he's lucid, screaming
about someone killing Martha.

Well, I'm telling you I don't
know who Martha is.

You better
find out.

If there's been another murder
in this case,

I am holding you responsible,

and your dirty little secret's
going on the record.

Elliot, Novak is
digging in her heels.

She wants an
answer by tomorrow.

Is there any chance we can
get Kevin's psych records?

His pleading out takes away
our right to see them.

Then how in the hell
am I going to prove to Novak

that I'm not trying
to cover up for murder?

We have to figure out what Kevin
was rambling on about in court.

Well, I just spoke with
Kevin's social worker.

Says he was never

Well, where was he

Lester Hale's grocery store?

Three years at an adult home

for the mentally ill,
out in Queens,

called Jackson Manor,
until he walked out a year ago.

What about our mystery
murder victim Martha?

Don't know.
But Jackson Manor

says there hasn't been

a homicide there
since the early '80s.

They say why Kevin left?
No, but they couldn't

force him to stay.

He did tell an aide
that he was going home

to his wife and son.

I told the detective
on the phone

that I didn't want
to talk about Kevin.

Mrs. Walker, I'm sorry.

I just need
to ask you one question.

Did Kevin ever talk to you about
a woman named Martha?

A woman who lived next door
to him at Jackson Manor?

Yes, constantly. Why?

Because in court
this morning,

Kevin talked about someone
named Martha being murdered.

Then maybe you should ask his
cacistis instead of to me.

Kevin's been on
medication ever since

we arrested him.

He wasn't delusional.

Then I don't know
what to tell you.

If that's all...

Do you know why he left
Jackson Manor?

He said they kicked him out.

When did he tell you that?

Last year...

when he asked to move back
in with me and Tate.

You let him come back?

He called from the home.

Said he was on his meds,
doing great,

that he wanted to see us.

I told him he could come over
the next day.

What happened?

He showed up at
the apartment a week later.

Said the cacistis wouldn't find
him here.

I told him to leave.

He lied to me, just like
all the other times.

He wasn't
taking his meds.

Did you ask him why?

I loved him... I still do,

but I couldn't stand
the lies anymore.

He said Jackson Manor ran out
of his medication.

How could that happen?

I hear you're jammed up.

Word travels fast.

I got a call from Novak.

I told her the injection
didn't harm Kevin, and...

he's right
where he belongs.

I'm sure you didn't
come all the way up here

at this time of night
just to tell me that.


Martha Davis, age 45.

Lived in the room next to Kevin
at Jackson Manor.

And I thought I was going
to have to go through

every obituary on the Internet.

How'd you find out
about Jackson Manor?

Friend at the Health Department.

This friend of yours know
how a place like that

could run out of medication?

You know, the good adult homes

help schizophrenics
lead productive lives.

The bad ones, the flophouses,
just provide minimum care

while their owners line their
pockets with government money.

So instead of drugs

for their patients,
they use the money

to buy themselves Mercedes.

What was Martha Davis'
cause of death?

Uh, suicide.

Why'd Kevin say
she was murdered?

Let's ask him.

What's he doing here?

We need to speak
to Kevin.

Speak to him?

Or send him into another
psychotic break?

I know you didn't mean
to kill Lester.

And I'm sorry

about what happened.

Kevin, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for
what I did.

( sighs )

That little boy might have died
if I hadn't found him.

Yes, I know.

I know.

What do you want?

We know you were telling the
truth about Martha in court.

I can't talk about that.

Why can't you talk about that?

Because they'll get me.

The cacistis?

No. No.

No, the people from the home.

Kevin, nobody from
Jackson Manor can hurt you now.

But if you're right--

if they killed Martha,

you know they're going to
do it to someone else

some time unless we stop them.

We need your help.

Last summer, one day
during the heat wave

Martha shut herself
in her room

and wouldn't come out.

I, uh... begged them
to help her

because she was burning up.

You see, she was burning up.

And they won't turn
the air-conditioning on there

unless you pay extra,
and she couldn't afford

to pay extra.

Kevin, what happened?

Well, the same night,
I heard a commotion.

They tried
to save her.

They put her in a tub
full of ice water,

and... you know
it was too late.

And I asked them what happened,

and they said
she slit her wrist;

but they were lying.

I knew they were lying.

So I started screaming.

I started screaming,
screaming at them

calling them killers,

telling them that I'm going
to tell the police.

And the next day

I went for my medication,

and they told me
that they ran out.

And the same thing
the next day,

and the next day,

and then on the fourth day,
they told me

that they didn't have any room
for me

and I was going
to have to leave.


why didn't you tell anyone?

Well, they said if I did,

what happened to Martha
would happen to me.

Whoever runs Jackson Manor's
as guilty of killing Lester

as if he put the knife
in himself.

Kevin, thank you.

I promise you,
we're going to make this right.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

Can I ask
you something?


When I moved out of there,

they wouldn't let me
take my things,

and in my room I had a really
nice photo of my son Tate.

Could you just bring it to me?

You got it.

No security.
Anyone could walk in here.

Yeah, or out.

A health facility
and they're smoking?

Who's going
to stop them?

Who's going to put
this guy's pants on?

You got nobody
supervising these people.

Except her.
She's handing out meds.

She must work here.



Police. We need to see
Kevin Walker's records.

( speaking Russian )

She don't speak English.

Of course she doesn't,

but she's passing out
the medication.

Actually, this is exactly
what I'm looking for.

Thank you.

Put that down.

Those records are confidential.

Excuse me.
Who are you?

Randall Haber, the owner.

Mr. Haber, this is
a binding consent

signed by Kevin Walker
and his attorney

permitting us to
see his records.

Why don't you
stand there and read it.

It says here that
Kevin Walker was given

ten milligrams
of olanzapine before
bedtime last night.

Mr. Haber, we find that
really very funny

because Mr. Walker
hasn't lived here in a year.

I don't know how this happened.

Sure you don't.

Why don't you put
your hands behind
your back,

since you're under
arrest for fraud.

You're making a mistake.

My wife is on
the city council.

Really? That's great.
I'll tell you what.

We're going to make
a phone call,

see if she wants
to join you

when we parade your sorry ass
in front of the TV cameras.

I didn't even know
Kevin Walker was gone.

Your administrator's
going to testify

that you ordered her to keep
Kevin on the books

so you could get his money
from the State.

Those people are no longer
your own

personal cash cows.

That's enough.

You think you have a case,

charge him
so he can make bail.


What the hell is this?

Randall Haber,

you're now under arrest
for the murders

of Lester Hale
and Martha Davis.


Martha Davis committed suicide.

We exhumed her body.

She died of severe
heat stroke.

Because you told them

not to turn on
her air-conditioning.

A jury's going
to believe him?

He murdered that grocer
in cold blood.

Which only happened

because you withheld
his medication

and kicked him out
on the street.

That makes you responsible
for Lester Hale's death.


one count of Man Two with
a sentencing recommendation.

Are you crazy?
I'm not making a deal.

Why did you tell

the aide to cut Martha's wrists?

I heard you.

He doesn't know
what he heard.

He's a mental patient.

He's back
on his medication.

He's perfectly lucid,
and he's our star witness.

Two counts, Man One,

He does his 15.

15 years?

That or a jury can sentence
you to 25 to life.

It's your choice.

A deal.

A deal.

How are you doing?

I'm okay.


You found my picture?

Uh, no. I'm sorry.
They tossed everything.

I did get you
a camera, though.

What's that for?

I brought him to see
how great

his father's doing.

It's okay, Tate. Say hello.

Hello, Daddy.

( chuckles )

Hey, hey...
hey, Tate.


How you doing?


I missed you.

I missed you, too, Dad.

I missed you
very, very much.

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