Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 18, Episode 8 - Chasing Theo - full transcript

A 6 year old boy disappears during a wild drug party thrown by his mother. With a child's life at stake, the case causes Benson to question her own role as a mother.


In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Hey, uh, I was just about
to put Noah to bed,

but I have a sec.

Yeah, I'm sure.

I know. Never enough time, right?

Okay, um, well, I could do lunch.

Mommy, Mommy, look!

Noah, don't move.

Ed, I gotta call you back.

Noah, honey,
what're you doing up there?

What are you doing, my love?

Please I can have a cookie.

Oh, honey, that's so dangerous.

You gotta ask Mommy first. Right?

You could have fallen down
and hurt yourself.


Oh, Noah.

All right, it's time for bed,
sweet boy.


Wow, wow.
[giggles softly]

- Ready?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay. Good night,

sleep tight,
don't let the bed bugs bite.

[chuckles] Tighter.

Tighter, like a mummy? Okay.

- [growls playfully]
- [giggles]

I'll see you in the morning, Theo, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Good night.

Nadine, I'm leaving now.

Oh, Gloria, I forgot to get cash.

- Oh, it's no problem.
- Theo's in bed?

Yes, he's tired. It's late.

Well, he doesn't
have school tomorrow,

- so he'll be fine.
- Okay.

Hey, you ready for lights out?

- Not all the way.
- I know, I know.

There we go.

Do you wanna wear
your quiet headphones tonight?

Mommy's having company.

- Okay.
- Okay.

There you go.

Love you.

- There she is.
- Entrez, entrez.


- Looking fabulous.
- Oh.

Mm, peonies. My favorite.

- Theo asleep?
- He is out like a light.

He was exhausted.


Theo, where are you?



[breathing shakily] Theo!

Theo! Gloria, what is it?

Theo's missing. Is he with you?

No. What are you talking about?

- He's gone.
- He's not gone, okay.

He's in the house somewhere.
No, no, I looked everywhere.

He's not here,
and the front door was open.

His room is a mess.
Please, maybe... I...

Oh, my God. Theo?

- What is it?
- I have to call 911.

Where the hell is my cell phone?


We have a missing
six-year-old boy?

Theo Lachere.
Nanny came to wake him at 7:30,

front door was open, he was gone.

Nanny? What about the parents?

No father in the picture.

The mother, Nadine Lachere,

had some friends over last night.

Friends over?


This is more than friends over.

With a six-year old in the house?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- sync and corrections by Zac -

He was right there sleeping.

- I came to check on him..
- What time was this?

About every... every hour or so.

His floor rug is missing.

- It was here last night.
- Okay, that's helpful.

Now when was the last time
that you saw Theo?

About 2:00 or 2:30.

Were any of the guests
still here at that time?

Kat, but she didn't do this.

She was in bed with me.

I was with Nadine all night.

Th... we looked in
on Theo together.

Okay, what time was this?

Around 2:00.

He was sound asleep.

Okay, what's your relationship
with her?

We're friends.

I know all this looks bad,

but, Nadine, she's a good mother.

Theo always sleeps through the night
when I have people over.

Okay, and how many people
did you have over?

Uh, I don't know,
maybe at some point 15, 16.

And you're sure none of them
were here in the loft

- when you went to sleep?
- I don't know.

I'm not sure.
They were friends bringing friends.

Okay, we're gonna make a list
of everyone that you did know.

All right? Now, listen.

Can you think of anyone that
would want to take Theo?

No, no one.


What is it?

What is that?

Ms. Lachere, come on.
Let's... let's step out.

Let's let the tech do his work.

I offered to stay over last night,

but Nadine said
that I should go home.

And what time was this?

Uh, 9:00.

I tucked Theo in bed,
and then I went home,

and when I came back this morning,

the front door was open.

- What time was that?
- 7:30.

I made sure I was on time.
I knew that Theo would need me.

Any of these people maybe you worry
about being around Theo?

Look, I can tell
that you care about him.

You been his nanny a long time?

Since he was born.

He's such a shy boy.
He must be so scared.

- So what do we got?
- The mother has a wild party

and her son disappears sometime
between 2:00 and 7:30 a.m.

- Is there a ransom note or a call?
- Nothing yet.

We're monitoring Nadine's
house phone and her cell though.

- Could he have wandered off?
- There's signs of a struggle. See?

They found blood there on the table.

Excuse me.


It's not enough for an Amber Alert

unless we have a suspect
or a vehicle.

I'll check the security cams
and canvas the neighborhood.


So, uh, the mom is a mess

and hungover's just the half of it.

Is there any way she's involved?

Well, she's not Mother of the Year.

Anything's possible.

Ms. Lachere, I'm Lieutenant Benson.

You have to find my son.
You have to find Theo.

We're doing everything that we can,

but right now
I need you to provide us

with the most recent photo of Theo

and something that has his DNA on it.

I don't understand.

Well, we found blood in his room.

We need to see if it's Theo's.

Blood. Oh, my God.

No, no, we... it's just a small amount.
It could be nothing.

I know what this must look like,

but I would never
put my little boy in danger.

Okay, but we're, uh...
we're gonna need you

to come down to the station
and give us a full statement.

What... uh, am I in trouble?

Because those aren't mine.

Right now our only concern is
to find your son,

so how about you get dressed
and then you come with us, okay?

Any names you can
provide us with is a start.

And anyone else
with a role in Theo's life?

His father, maybe?
Just my ex wife.

Fran Conway.

Theo's a sperm donor baby.

Fran and I raised him together

until we got divorced two years ago.

Okay, does she have custody?
Visitation rights?

Not officially.

Fran's an orthopedic surgeon,
top of her field.

She's at the hospital all the time.

Okay, does she have
a relationship with Theo?

I let her see him
a few times a month.

It's hard to work around her schedule.

Okay, we're gonna need
her contact information.

I've been calling.
She's not answering.

- She wasn't at the party?
- No.

Fran's not like that.

Oh, she's gonna be so angry.

She's gonna blame me.

Nadine, was there anybody
that you didn't know

who may have given you a bad feeling?

There was some young guy.
You know, super drunk.

He spilled red wine. He left early.

[exhales sharply]

I don't know, the night's a blur, okay?

[sighs, sniffles]

There was...

there was another man
that I didn't know.


He was taking
lots of pictures on his phone.

He asked if my son was home.

Did he come with someone you know?

I'm not sure.

Uh, Kat saw how freaked out I was.

She made sure that he was gone.

She said he took a QuikRide.

Why was he asking about Theo?
Was it him?

Nadine's friend Kat confirms
that a white male in his 30s

was taking pictures on his phone.

He left in a QuikRide around 11:00.

QuikRide reports a pickup
on that block

around 11:15.

Passenger's name was Kevin Dorsey.

Driver confirms that he was alone,

on his phone, and agitated.

Okay, you get a drop off address?

Yeah, on our way, Lieutenant.

Okay, did CSU get anything
from the boy's room?

- Prints, DNA?
- They're still processing.

There's a lot of prints, hair fibers,

but, um, they did confirm that

the blood on the table
is a match to Theo.

What about the nanny?

Gloria Ramirez. Mexican national,
green card, no record.

She's worked for the family
for the last six years,

and she used her Metrocard last night

at the E Train at Canal at 9:45,

and then swiped again at Jamaica
Station at 6:30 this morning.

What about street cams, surveillance?

Well, it's just a lot of people
going in and out of Nadine's loft.

Uh, there's no sign of Theo,

but there are a couple of blind spots,

including the service entrance
to her building

and two side streets,

so TARU's going through the footage.

And the neighbors didn't hear anything?

Didn't see anything?
[cell phone buzzes]

No, it's a lot of complaints
about noise from the party.


Just keep the pressure on TARU

and did you get anything
from the tip line?

Nothing solid.

I mean, I just...

I can't imagine
what she's going through.

Having your kid out there somewhere.

You don't know anything.

[quietly] Yeah.


I didn't do anything illegal.

It's not a crime
to take pictures at a party.

- Might be.
- What are you talking about?

You were
at Nadine Lachere's apartment,

you were taking photos,
you were asking questions

about her son.
Well, now he's missing.

I didn't know.
You think I had something to do with it?

- Did you?
- No, that's crazy.

Not to us.
Why were you taking photos?


I'm a licensed private detective.

I was hired to follow
Nadine Lachere and her son.

Hired by who?

Fran Conway?

- Yes, can I help you?

We'd like to ask you some questions

about Nadine Lachere and her son.


What happened? Is he okay?

No, he's not.

He went missing earlier this morning.

What? Missing?

Your ex-wife's been calling.
You didn't pick up.

I've been in surgery
since 6:00 a.m.

So what are you saying?
He's... he's been kidnapped?

He disappeared from Nadine's loft.

She had a party last night,
but you already knew that, didn't you?

- Excuse me?
- You hired a PI to take pictures.

Hang on. You think I'm
involved in kidnapping Theo?

We're just asking questions.
Why was he taking pictures?

Because I needed evidence.

I'm suing Nadine for custody.

Theo is my son too.

Dr. Conway, I'm Lieutenant Benson.

- Have you found anything yet?
- Not yet.

Fran, where's Theo?
Did you take him?

- No, of course not.
- Where is he?

- Nadine, let's go.
- What were you thinking

having a party like that?
Was Theo there?

No, he was fine. He was fine.

- He was wearing his headphones.
- What are you talking about?

- He is missing!
- Okay, calm down, Dr. Conway.

- My office.
- All right, this way.

Come on.

Did we send unis
to the doctor's house

and search her house, her car?

- So far, nothing.
- [sighs]

I hired a private detective
to protect Theo.

You saw that party.

We don't know
that Theo's disappearance

had anything to do with that party.

- Well, who else could it be?
- Well, you tell me.

A lot of child abductions
turn out to be orchestrated

by the non-custodial parent.

What are you saying? That I'm a suspect?

I'm saying that we're gonna be
going through your phone records,

through your bank statements,
and talking to the PI,

and getting a warrant

for any of the photos
that he may have taken.

So if there's anything
that you wanna tell me,

- now would be the time.
- Wow.

Yeah, I-I didn't take Theo.

I've just hired a lawyer.

I am going to fight for him in court.

And when is the last time
you did see Theo?

Two weeks ago,

and before you judge me,

that's all Nadine would agree to.


- [exhales sharply]
- I understand.

Look, why don't you have a seat.

Look, after Nadine and I separated,

I tried to get visitation.

I was told that
under the New York law,

a non-adoptive,
non-biological caretaker

is not defined as a parent.

Now, thank God,
the laws have changed.

My lawyer thinks I have a good shot.

So why would I ruin that
by kidnapping Theo?

Well, when were you gonna
tell Nadine all of this?

Well, not until I had enough evidence

to convince a judge that
I should have joint custody.

Theo told me they're moving to Ibiza.

Okay, Nadine didn't mention that.

Yeah, well, Nadine doesn't
mention a lot of things.

She barely lets me see Theo as it is.

If she takes him out of the country,
I won't see him again.

She never even adopted Theo.

- She can't do that.
- Actually, now she can.

She doesn't have time for a kid.
She doesn't want a kid.

Nadine, you accused her
of kidnapping three times

- in the last hour.
- Ugh, I didn't mean that.

- Fran would never break the law.
- Okay, which brings us back.

Is there anybody
in your circle who would?

- No.
- Stranger abductions are rare.

So is there anybody in your life
that could be angry with you?

Maybe... maybe someone
you owed money?

A drug dealer?

No. All right?

I don't know why the hell you're
asking me these questions.

Just go find my son.
I can't take this anymore.

We're doing everything we can.

Okay, Dr. Conway,
is there anyone in Theo's life

that you've had suspicions about?

Anybody from the neighborhood?
Anyone from his school?

I don't know anyone at the school.

I'm not even on the pickup list.

I brought cupcakes for his birthday,

had to leave 'em at the front desk.

Anybody else that you can think of?

Yes, my...

my private detective
was investigating

Nadine's girlfriends and boyfriends.

After we separated,
she was searching for something.

Love, I guess.

So she started dating men?

More like boys. Bad boys.

Musicians, actors, models

turned drug dealers.

Okay, anyone in particular
that you're talking about?

- Who is this?
- That's Gabriel,

but I haven't dated him
in two months.

So a man you recently went out
with has a criminal record

and you didn't tell us about that?

I'm sure he didn't take Theo.

Was he at the party last night?

No, I broke up with him,
like I said, two months ago.

- For what reason?
- He's an angry, British

failed musician.

He'd drink and do coke all day.

He gave me a black eye, okay?
I'd had enough.

Did he ever threaten to hurt Theo?

I broke up with him
to keep him away from Theo.

Why didn't you tell us about this?

Because I thought you'd think
that I was a bad mother,

and then when you did find Theo,

you would take him away from me.

[knocking on door]

Okay, Nadine, give us a second.

[door closes]

We ran Gabriel Norton.

Drug charges, disorderly conduct.

Nadine said he wasn't
at the loft last night.

Yeah, well, the lab says differently.

Hairs found in Theo's bedroom
are a DNA match for Gabriel.

- Do you have a last known?
- Lower East Side.

- We're headed there now.
- Great.

- Hey.
- Ed.

Sorry to just drop by. I was worried.

- I didn't hear back from you.
- Oh.

- Noah okay?
- Yeah, he ju... he's fine.

He just climbed up
on the kitchen counter.


I'm so sorry I didn't
get back to you today.

We have a missing six-year-old.

Yeah, I know. I saw the news.

You all right?

Yeah, just a lot to deal with.

Yeah, I can imagine.

You know, it's only been a week

since you shot and killed a man, Liv.

I mean, I know it was
a clean shoot and everything,

but it can still take a toll.

Yeah, I'm fine.

I don't figure I could
persuade you to get out of here?

Maybe take a walk, get a cup of
coffee or something?

I can't leave now.

I'm... I'm just right
in the middle of everything.

I'm sorry.

I know.

All right.

[door closes]


[knocks on door]
Gabriel Norton, NYPD, open up!

- Gabriel's not here.
- Yeah, we've got a warrant.

Sit back down.

Put your hands where I can see 'em.

- You sit down too.
- Where's Gabriel now?

I don't know.

We got kids' toys and clothes.

He's out the window!


NYPD, stop!

Nowhere to run, Gabriel.
Put your hands up.

Where's Theo?

Theo? I've no idea.

Yeah, then why do you have
kids' clothes, toys, huh?

I bought those for Theo
for Christmas.

Nadine threw them in my face.
I don't know where he is.

- Why'd you run?
- Huh, maybe because of this?

That registered?

I think I should call my lawyer.

I'll take that as a "no."

My client is here
because he wants to cooperate.

Your client is here
because we busted him

with an unregistered gun
and cocaine in his apartment.

And as a lawyer,
you should know that with

those additional charges
and his rap sheet,

he's looking at 7 to 15.

Let's not get contentious.

We just wanna know
what happened to Theo.

I don't know anything about the kid.

Then how come we found hair
matching your DNA in Theo's room.

My client dated the boy's mother.

Those hairs could have
been there for months.

When was the last time
you were at Nadine's loft?

Two months ago.
She broke it off with me.

I never went back.

And why would anyone
ever break up with you, Gabriel?

She said she was happier
being a lesbian.

- Crazy bitch.
- Right.

Dumping a wonderful guy like you.

I could see why
that would piss you off.

- She was lucky to be with me.
- All right, Gabriel,

- take it down a notch.
- You seem angry, Gabriel.

Maybe angry enough
to take it out on Theo?

My client held nothing
against the boy or her.

Oh, really?

His, uh, text messages say differently.

"Go to hell, Nadine.
You and your snot-nosed kid."

That's not looking good, Gabriel.

All right, all right.

So he was upset about a bad breakup.

She had the nerve to tell me
her son was afraid of me.

I bought him presents.

- I was trying.
- Mm.

Okay, where were you last night?

At home watching football.

Real football.

You think this is funny?

There's a six-year-old boy missing.

I've told you everything I know!

Okay, fellas, I think we're done here.

[door opens] Not much of an alibi.

Yeah, this guy seems
like more like an angry,

British douchebag
than a child abductor.

I still want a search warrant
for his car and computer.

Oh, absolutely, and he's not
walking out of here.

Hold him on that gun charge.

Tell him myself.

It's been 12 hours.

- Lieutenant, I hear you.
- Do we have anything?

What about those photos that
the PI took at the party?

Facial recognition
didn't get anything.

All of Nadine's friends are
amazing New Yorkers,

but none of 'em have a record.
What about Fran?

Oh, there's no motive, no evidence.

She didn't have anything
to do with this.

I gotta believe
we're missing something here.

This kid did not just vanish.

We both know that
sometimes they just do.

- TARU came through.
- What do you got?

So this was taken at 4:37 a.m.
three blocks from Nadine's loft,

and Nadine said that
she thought a rug was missing

- from Theo's room.
- I'll call the company.

- See who has access to that van.
- Okay.

See if Nadine recognizes that rug.

And, uh, what about the other mother?

Uh, she's in the breakroom.
Send me that picture

- and I'll show it to her.
- Listen, I saw Tucker here.

- Is everything okay?
- It's fine.

It's just...

you know, we're not...
we're not connecting right now.

We're just missing each other.

- That's too bad.
- Thanks.

[door closes]


I'm not sure. That could be Theo's rug.

Do you by chance
recognize the man maybe?

Or... or the vehicle?


Is that Theo rolled up in there?

Oh, we don't know.

Did Gabriel have something
to do with this?

No, this is a separate lead.

But you still think it's my fault?

Nadine, it's not all about you.
We are trying to find your child.

Do you know how hard it is
to be a single mother?

No backup.

Trying to have some kind
of your own life.

I didn't want Theo to grow up smothered.

I just wanted him to be happy,

but I can't be there
every single second.

Then why'd you shut out Fran?

Maybe I was afraid
he would like her more than me.

It's me. Look, I still don't
know what time I'm gonna be home.

I'm so sorry. I'll let you know
as soon as I can, okay?

Thanks, honey.

- Did you find something?
- Uh, we did

on the security footage.

Does this picture
mean anything to you?

It was taken a couple blocks
from Nadine's apartment,

uh, about 4:30 in the morning.

That's Theo, isn't it, in the carpet?

I mean, who loads a truck
at 4:00 in the morning?

Actually, in New York,
that's not so uncommon.

Right, right.
[laughs nervously]

Look, you've got... you've
got a lot on your mind, okay?

Yeah, I feel like I'm losing my mind.

- Have a seat, okay? Have a seat.
- Okay, thanks.

You must be used to talking to people
on the worst night of their lives.

I am.

But as a doctor,
I'm sure that you've had

a few rough conversations yourself.

Yeah. [chuckles, sniffles]

When Nadine and I decided
to get pregnant,

one option was that
both of us get inseminated,

and then I thought,
how would that work?

You know, both of us pregnant?

How is that practical?

I really wanted to take care of her.

Hey, I certainly understand
the impulse.

The problem is...

You take care of someone,

you become their mother.

It's not sexy anymore.

They get bored.

They resent you.

[sighs] No wedding ring.

Are you in a relationship, Lieutenant?

- Uh, actually...
- I'm so sorry.

[laughs] I shouldn't have asked.

- I'm sorry.
- That's okay, that's okay.

I am seeing someone.

Anybody ever get it right?
[laughs softly]

- That's a good question.
- [laughs]

I really... I really thought

Nadine and I would be together forever.

That's why I didn't rush to adopt Theo.

You know, he was...

he was just a baby and...

I was working so much.

I was really busy, so...

Then I looked up one day,
and, uh, bam, he was six,

and I lost my chance.

You think I lost my chance?

Hey, Lieutenant, we got a list
of employees from Sal and Son.

- Nadine recognized a name.
- Oscar Ramirez, Gloria's brother.

Gloria Ramirez, your nanny?

Her cell goes straight to voice mail,
so does Oscar's,

but his employer says
he lives with his sister.

Where does your nanny live?

I don't know. Somewhere in Queens?

- I don't have the address.
- I do.

Great. Let's go.


Hey, Gloria, it's Detective Carisi.

[pounding on door]

Gloria, we need to talk to you now.

Get the bathroom.

Bathroom clear.

Clear up here.

It's clear!

Guys, I got something.

Well, there's no sign of Oscar,
Theo, or Gloria.

It's Theo.

I don't understand.
You think Gloria has Theo?

We don't know
what we're looking at yet.

- Gloria loves him.
- Well, this shrine,

- she seems obsessed.
- Wh-tell them.

We both hired her. We both saw
how good she was for Theo.

- Nobody's blaming anyone.
- We do need you to tell us

everything that you know
about Gloria.

- Right, she's from Mexico, right?
- Yes.

We thought it would be good
for Theo to learn Spanish.

We found her on Craigslist.
We paid her cash.

She's been with us
since Theo was a baby.

This makes no sense.

Unless things have changed
the past few years.

You always forgot to pay her.
Maybe she's angry.

No, nothing has changed, all right?

- Maybe she's more religious.
- Yeah, well,

I'm sure she doesn't approve
of your lifestyle, Nadine.

Okay, we need to know
about Gloria's family.

What about Oscar?
What about family members

that she has in Mexico.

What are you saying,
they traffic kids in Mexico?

We're not saying anything.
We're just trying to figure out

- what's going on here.
- Maybe Oscar took them both.

Well, then, has Oscar
ever been to your loft?

Has he ever interacted with Theo?

Sometimes he'd drive Gloria home.

Well, has he interacted
with Theo, Nadine?

I don't know.
He always seemed responsible.

Well, you're right about that.
Oscar just showed up at work

- to drop off the van.
- Was Theo with him?


I told you
I don't know where they are.

- Why you even talking to me?
- Sit down.

[exhales sharply]

That's you right there, right?

Is that Theo rolled up in that rug?

Listen, Oscar,
we're gonna search that van.

If we find any evidence
that Theo was inside,

you're on the hook
for first-degree kidnapping.

You better come clean.
That's 15 years, son.

I just... I just did
what my sister told me to do.

Okay, go on.

[exhales] She said Theo's mom
was having a party.

She gave me a key,

said I should wait
for everyone to leave,

then come and make the room a mess,

- take Theo.
- The blood was fresh.

- Did you hurt that boy?
- No.

Just a pinprick on his finger.

I swear to God.

Okay, okay, Oscar.

Where is Gloria taking Theo
right now?

Why should I tell you?

You should ask Nadine
why this happened.

Is that what this is about?

You and your sister getting back
at Nadine by taking Theo?

Well, people get what they deserve.

You're gonna get
what you deserve, Oscar.

You're going to prison.

You heard of that Mexican Mafia?

Gonna make sure they know you
like little six-year-old boys.

I pray for your soul.

We're done with you.
Call the prosecutor.

No, no, no. No, no, no, my sister.


She gave me cash
to buy her a used car.

That's good, Oscar.

Give me the make, model,
and year number.

I give you that, I get to go?

You tell me the truth,

we'll take it into consideration.

Hey, early '90s, base Toyota Tercel,

bought last week
in an off-record sale

with the plates intact.
Did you get that?

I Got it.
I'm on Craigslist checking ads.

Think they're taking
the boy to Mexico

- to sell him to the cartel?
- They wanted to sell the boy,

- they could have done that here.
- Got something.

This. Tercel for sale in Queens.

- Listing's from a week ago.
- Photos?

Yeah, and...

A license plate number. NSO7946.

There it is. Put out an Amber Alert.

Get Gloria's picture to the media.

Check the license plate readers
for that car.

We need to find Theo now.


Yes, a Hispanic woman
with a young child.

- I got the alert on my phone.
- This one?

That's her. Checked in last night.

Kid was asleep in her arms.

Okay, and what about the boy?
Is this him?

Yeah, looks like him.

Car's gone.

You didn't say she checked out.

She didn't.

Uh, let me call the front office.

Whoa, hold on.
What room was she in?

We missed 'em.

Looks like she left in a hurry.

She's onto us.

Maybe she saw herself on the news.

It's directions to Juarez.

So she's headed to the border.

The manager talked to a motel
guest who saw a Hispanic woman

put a boy in the backseat
of a Toyota around 10:00 a.m.

And this guy didn't call the police?

He said the kid seemed okay.

Hey, Liv, we got something.

A license plate reader on a tow truck

just tagged the car.
It's a breakdown.

- Where?
- A gas station off I-95.

15 miles from here.

That's not much of a head start.

We need to get to that
gas station immediately

before she does something desperate.

[car doors close]

Get back.

- Nobody's here.
- Check the trunk.

It's empty.

- Where are they?
- I don't know, man.

I just work here.

- Gloria!
- [gasps]

Go, come on, come on,
come on, come on, go, go!


Go, go, go!

Come on! Whoa, careful!

[gasps, breathing heavily]

- Gloria!
- There's no place to go, all right?

- Let go of the boy.
- Gloria, let him go.

- Gloria, put him down.
- No, no, no, no!

- Put the boy down.
- No, I don't wanna go home!

- I want Gloria!
- Theo...

Please, no.
No, please, don't do this.

- [straining]
- No, please.

- No.
- I want you, Gloria!

- [sobbing]
- Theo... it's okay.

Theo, we gotta get you home, okay?

It's okay, sweetheart. We gotta go.

- Come on.
- No, no, no, no!

- It's okay.
- No, no, please!

We're gonna take you
to your mom, honey.

- I want Gloria!
- No, no, please!

Oh, God, Theo. Oh, thank God!

- Is he okay?
- The doctor says he's fine.

- I want Gloria.
- Theo...

- I know you do, honey.
- Gloria?

What are you talking about,

- Nadine, Fran, listen.
- Theo?

Listen, we need to...
we need to question Theo,

and it's best if we do it by himself,

alone, with you two not here.
He may not be as forthcoming.

Oh, no, no, no, no.
I just wanna take him home.

Nadine, Nadine.
Let them do their jobs.

Okay, listen, we are speaking
with him right now.

- Thank you.
- Theo, Mommy'll be right back.

Theo was endangered.
I had to take him.

Why did you have to take him?

She was going to take him to Ibiza.

She's the parent. It's her decision.

He would die there.

She wouldn't pay attention.

Partying with her friends.

He'd wander off.

We went to a party in the Hamptons.

Theo fell in a pool.

Nobody watching.

He could have drowned.

But you were watching.

You saved him.

I jumped in the pool
with all of my clothes on.

I was so scared.


I am the one who cooks him dinner.

I know how he likes
his rice and beans.

Exactly half and half.
Not touching on the plate.

I know how he likes
to get tucked into bed at night.


Theo wanted to be with me.

He wanted to go to Mexico.

My family has a ranch
with goats and chickens.

He would have been so happy there.

I believe he would have been,

but what you did is a crime.



I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Gloria was going to take me
to a farm with real goats,

so I didn't have to go to Ibiza.

'Cause then I'd never see her again.

Is that what she told you?

Yep, and she always tells the truth.

She says God's listening.

So can you tell us the truth?
What happened?

How did you end up in Gloria's car?

Well, Oscar took me.

So Oscar came
into your room that night?


It was kind of like a game.

Can you tell us about that?

I was supposed
to pretend to be a mummy.

Oscar rolled me into my rug.

So you and Oscar were just...
were just playing.

It was fun.

We got in a van
and we met Gloria at a motel.

I got to watch cartoons.

And what did Gloria tell you?

We had to wait a few days.

Then we could drive to Mexico.

We could live there.

Me, her,

and the goats.

Where is Gloria? Is she okay?

You know,
I'm gonna go find out right now,

and you stay here and talk
to Detective Rollins, okay?


He said he wants
to go to Mexico with Gloria?

- He did.
- Nadine...

Theo is not hurt.

That's what's important.

So what's going to happen to Gloria?

Well, she will be charged
with kidnapping,

but given the circumstances,

our ADA will probably offer her a deal.

So Gloria is out of Theo's life

even though that's not
what Theo wants?

- Yes.
- So I'll hire another nanny.

All right?
I just wanna take my son home.

- Everything's gonna be okay.
- Were you even listening?

Nothing is okay.

I am still his mother.

Yes, you are,

but with everything that's happened,

Child Services is now involved.

Wait, so I can't take him?

Not right now.

Then... then let me take him.

I don't... I don't want Theo
staying with strangers.

I'm afraid that's not possible.


I'm not Theo's parent.

Not in the eyes of the law.

Not yet, anyway.

I'm sorry.

- Ready, Theo?
- That's really good.

- You'll be coming with me.
- For how long?

Well, there will be
a family court hearing

first thing in the morning.

Let's say good-bye, Nadine.

I love you.
[laughs softly]

I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

- See you tomorrow too, Fran?
- Yes, you will.

I promise.


I love you, Theo.

What happens now?

Social Services will interview
Nadine and then Theo,

and then inspect the home.

- Oh, God.
- Listen.

Family court judges
tend to rule in favor

of the custodial parent.

I'll help you.

I'll testify in court
that you're a good person

and a good mother,

but Theo needs both of us
in his life.

I thought Theo
didn't need two mommies.

He does.

I know.

I'm sorry, Fran.

I just... I was just...


We almost lost him forever.

You guys are still here?

- I'm walking you out.
- Go home.

Paperwork can wait till tomorrow.

Copy, Lieutenant.

Good night.


I know what you're thinking, Amanda,

and you're wrong.

You're a great mother.

I'm not so sure.

Well, I am.


It just gets lonely sometimes.

Jesse still up?

Yep, uh, sitter said she was.

All right, well,
let's go get some groceries.

I wanna make spaghetti
for all three of us,

and then we're gonna watch

some terrible reality TV.

I mean, it is gonna be so bad.

You got nothing better to do?

No, I do not.

Here. Take your coat.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

Come on.

Don't forget to brush your teeth,

top and bottom, okay?

Good night, sweetie. I'll be right in.


Bye, Tucker.

Night, night, Noah.

All right, go on.
Be right in, sweet boy.

Go in.

[sighs deeply]

So, can I ask...

what's going on with me and you?

Is it that dinner when I told you

- I was thinking about retiring?
- No.

Yes. I don't know.


- But I'm not imagining it?
- No.

No, you're not.

You know, maybe we're... we're, um...

in different places right now.

I did get a little scared

about the retirement thing,

and, Ed, you know, this job,

this is...

this is who I am.

I know.

When, uh...

when I was at IAB,

I learned to listen.

To know when people
are telling me who they are.

What they're really thinking.

A few months ago,

you said you were happy,

but you were crying.

You were afraid it wasn't gonna last.

I remember.

You were telling me the truth.

That we weren't gonna last.

[quietly] I tried, Ed.

And I know you tried too.

But if we've both
been trying this hard...

I have this little boy who...
who needs me.

Who needs his mother,

and I have to give him...

all the attention and all the time

and... and all the love that I have.

He has to be your priority right now.

I get that.

I do.

- I'm sorry.
- Me too.

Take care of yourself, Olivia Benson.


- sync and corrections by Zac -