Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 18, Episode 7 - Next Chapter - full transcript

A woman is sexually assaulted by a masked man, but she believes the rapist is the same man who went to jail for stalking her. Meanwhile, Tucker contemplates retirement and a future with Benson.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I got to tell you,
this food is fantastic.


Korean/Mexican fusion.

I live three blocks from this place.
I never knew it existed.

Takes time to explore.


Something wrong?


Just the opposite.

Everything is just right.

I'm healthy. Uh...

Reasonably sane.

And I'm having dinner with
an amazing, beautiful woman.


I think I might put the shield down.

You're gonna retire?

- To do what?
- To do nothing.

To smell the damn flowers.

Hopefully, with somebody like you.

I've been doing this a long time
and at a certain point,

you know, enough is enough.

This job will swallow you whole,
if you let it.

So don't let it.

You're saying you're not ready,
is that it?

I'm saying that...

I just had a great dinner
with a great man.

Now you're deflecting.


We both know that this
hasn't been quite as easy

as we both thought it would be.

I know.

But be honest, Liv.

What does the future hold for you?

For us?

Listen, this company screams

It's trendy, relevant, the marketing
is youthful and current.

- I think Smith'll jump at this.
- Really?

Because they make organic craft ale
that young people overpay for?

No, because our client needs to rebrand.
Being venerable is a curse these days.

That stock, it's trading at
a 20% discount to its peers.

I agree.

Smith needs to pivot fast.

They can't keep focusing on
carbonated soft drinks.

Buying Hollow Artisan Ale
would be their industry pivot.

Please stop saying "pivot."

We get it, Brad.

I appreciate what you guys
are going for,

but I don't like it.


What's your plan?

Changing who you are,
who you really are,

is almost impossible,
so let's embrace the venerable

and double down
on who they already are.

Well, that's either brilliant,

or we're all getting fired
tomorrow morning.

You sent her flowers
and you never even met?

No, we saw each other
from across the room,

I waved... it's called being bold.

Or scary.

Okay, wait, wait, wait.

- So being romantic is scary?
- Depends.

On what?

On whether or not
she thinks you're cute.

What is it?


Um, I thought I saw someone
that I knew.


One more round for everyone.

- Same thing?
- Mm-hmm.

Got ya.

Sorry about the late call, Liv.

It's okay. What do we got?

Vic's name is Quinn Berris.
She's 27,

lives alone, single.

She called 911 at 11:25.

She says a guy in a mask jumped her,

pushed her into her apartment,

and sexually assaulted her
at knifepoint.

Okay, let's track down
surveillance footage

and talk to all these neighbors.

- I'm already on it.
- Good.

It's okay.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

Quinn, I'm Lieutenant Benson,

and this is Detective Tutuola.

We're from the Special Victims Unit.

Do you mind if we ask you
a few questions?

I understand the man
who did this wore a mask.

Yes, it was a black mask.

Was he short or tall?

Medium height, medium build.

Could you tell if he was black or white?


But it doesn't really matter.

What do you mean?

I think I know who did this.

His name is Ray Wilson.

And he's been stalking me since college.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -

So Quinn, if you can.

I'd like you to tell me more
about Ray Wilson.

We met at college.

At Rutgers.

We went on one date.

I just wasn't interested

and he wouldn't leave me alone.

He just kept texting me
and following me,

and he started leaving
notes on my car

and buying me gifts,

and he even followed me
to my parents' house once.

Did you get a restraining order?

Yes, of course.

But he didn't care.

And then one day after class,

he was in my closet.

Did he assault you?

No, I threw my coffee at him

and ran to the bathroom,
locked the door, and called 911.

The police came five minutes later.

He go to prison?

Yes... he got out on parole last year.

Moved back to Paterson.

Okay, and did he ever contact you again?

Yeah, he...
he sent a letter of apology...

to my office.

And it made me nervous,
so I called Sergeant Cole.

Sergeant Cole?

He's the officer
that saved me that night.


And are you two still in touch?

Yeah, we sort of became friends.

I knew his daughter,
we went to college together.

He's retired now, anyway.

I asked him to make sure
that Ray wasn't

still obsessed with me.

I should've called NYPD...

The only thing that you need
to worry about is you.


You're gonna be okay, Quinn.

You're gonna get through this.

Ray Wilson. He's 27.

He was convicted four years ago
of breaking and entering

and attempted sexual assault.

- Now, he was paroled in October.
- Okay, any other priors?

No, that's it.

Just talked to Quinn's neighbors.

- Nobody saw or heard anything.
- Surveillance?

Still looking, but so far, nothing.

- Rape kit?
- No semen, no DNA.

But the perp definitely used a condom.

They found a ripped packet
underneath her bed.

They're running that
for prints and DNA now.

Yeah, so far, the only
forensic evidence we have

is a fresh cigarette butt...
it was found on the courtyard

- in front of Quinn's door.
- Well, hopefully the lab

will come up with some DNA.

Otherwise, we got
a whole lot of nothing.

Except Ray Wilson, of course.

- You want us to track him down?
- Uh, no.

Let's talk to this
Sergeant Cole first.

The more we know about
Ray Wilson beforehand,

the better.

Let's take a ride to Jersey.


Oh, yeah!

Now you can't stop me.

Look out! Oh, my good...

Who's winning?


- You must be Lieutenant Benson.
- I am.

- And this is Detective Carisi.
- Tom Cole.

Hey, nice place you got here.

My wife does everything.

- I just grill the steaks.
- Mmhmm.

Let's get some privacy.

Have a seat.

I'll leave you folks to talk shop.

Are you sure I can't
get you guys something?

- Coffee or tea...
- Oh, we're fine, thank you.

- Uh, Linda.
- Linda.

I talked to Quinn a few hours ago.

Oh. She called you.

Yeah, she's devastated and terrified.

She's convinced Ray Wilson did this.

I understand.

So you and Quinn are pretty close.

My wife and I,
we sort of took her in.

She said that you spoke to
Ray Wilson recently.

Yeah, after he sent
that letter last month,

Quinn got nervous.

She was afraid he'd start
stalking her again,

so I paid him a visit.

Reintroduced myself,
you know what I mean.

- And how'd that go?
- Okay.

Considering how screwed up he is.

He's clearly still
obsessed with Quinn.

So I gave him a little tutorial
on how parole works...

reminded him he's not allowed
to contact her,

or live within 35 miles of her,
for that matter.

- All right, what about work?
- Different story.

He can make a living
wherever he wants.

Right now, he's a chef at some
French place in the city

about 20 blocks from
Quinn's apartment.

Nothing we can do about it, either.

You know the name of this restaurant?

Lafayette, I think.

And if you can think
of anything else...

please give us a call anytime.

I'll be there in a sec.

So, retirement...

how's that feel?

Like I should've done it years ago.

So he works at a restaurant
called Lafayette Grand Cafe.

It's on Lafayette and Great Jones.

So grab Fin and get over there
and talk to him

as soon as you can, okay?

Thanks, Rollins.

Everything okay?

Yeah, just, uh...

just thinking.

Yeah, what about?

About the next chapter.


And that's the end of
this conversation.


Come on, come on, let's go.

Let's pick it up, guys,
we got 120 covers tonight.

Ray Wilson.

- Can I help you?
- I'm Detective Rollins.

This is Detective Tutuola.

We want to talk to you
about Quinn Berris.

Can we go somewhere else?

What's this all about?
Why are you asking me about Quinn?

We just want to know
where you were last night.

Why do you want to know?

Why don't you let us
ask the questions?

- It works better that way.
- For you, maybe.

You want to go down to the precinct?

Do this in a more formal setting,
like our interrogation room?

Fine, uh...

I was in Belmar.

What were you doing down there?

- Praying.
- Excuse me?

That's where my church group is.

Church group?

Look, did something happen to Quinn?

What time did you leave the church?

I'm not talking about any of this
until you tell me what happened.

She was assaulted.

And you think I did it?

No, you're crazy...
I was in church from 7:00 to...

- Until?
- 10:30 or so.

That's a lot of praying, Ray.

Yeah, well, I didn't think
there was a time limit.

We're gonna need the names
of all the men and women

you were there with, okay?

"Let us walk honestly, as in the day,

"not in rioting and drunkenness,

"not in chambering and wantonness,

not in strife and envying."

So is that a yes, you were
with Ray Wilson last night?


Ray and I discussed the meaning

and nuances of that passage.

Romans 13:13.

And when did the meeting begin?

- 7:00.
- When did it end?

We were here, deep into the night,

talking and celebrating
the power of Christ.

That's great.

But I need to know
what time the meeting

was actually over...
was it 9:00, 10:00?

There's no way Ray could have
committed this heinous act.

- Why's that?
- Because he's a good person.

His light is beginning to shine bright.

We're all very proud of him.

I'm glad to hear that,
but I need to know

what time that meeting ended.

You should join us one night,

Never too late to rejoice
in the bliss of our Savior.

I'm good,
but please tell me what time

the damn meeting ended.

Hey, any luck with
the surveillance footage

near Quinn's apartment?

- No, not yet.
- So keep searching.

Send more unis down to the scene.

Have 'em canvass the neighborhood,

show them photos of Ray,
you know, maybe he's...

hanging around.

Watching, waiting.

You really think it's him?

Sometimes the answer
is as simple as it seems.

Right? Occam's Razor.

Or maybe he actually did
find God in the can

and he worked all that dark,
ugly stuff out of his system.

It's possible, but prison
usually changes you

for the worse, not the better,

Like being a cop.

Who are you, and what
have you done with Carisi?

You really feel that way?

Talk to me in 20 years.

I will.

And you'll realize that...

the job doesn't change you,

it makes you more of
who you already are.

So listen to this...
Ray Wilson's telling the truth.

- Dude was really praying.
- And cleaning.

There's video of him doing
dishes in a church kitchen

at 10:50 p.m.,

so even if he left at 10:51
and drove like a madman,

he still wouldn't have made
Manhattan until midnight

at the earliest.

So much for Occam's Razor.

You're saying that Ray wasn't
the one who did that to me?

We have strong evidence that suggests

that he was in New Jersey
at the time of the assault.

But if it wasn't Ray,
then who was it?

Well, we don't know yet,

but we're gonna find them.

I hope you do.

Okay, um...

Let's talk about
what happened beforehand.

Now, you said that you were
at work, late.

And then you went to a bar, right?

Now, do you remember anything
unusual happening there?

Anybody staring at you
or watching you?

There was this one guy,
he was staring at me.

For a second, I thought it was Ray,

but it wasn't, it just kind of
looked like him.


definitely a little paranoid.

- Okay.
- A lot paranoid ever since...

It's okay. It's completely normal.

I understand.

Take a breath.

So when we first met,

you said that Ray Wilson had
been stalking you for years.


I guess... that was a bit of
an exaggeration.

Um, I just...

this past month, ever since
Ray moved back to New Jersey,

I just felt like someone's
been watching me.

Did you ever seen anybody
actually watching you?



it's just this feeling.


you just get a sense that there's

this dark energy focused
in your direction.

This guy I was dating,
he saw someone once.

Staring at my apartment, um,
early one morning.

And then, later that day,
he saw the same guy

staring at my apartment
right across the street.

When was this?

About three weeks ago.

Did he get a good look at the guy?

No, he just said that he was
white and about my age,

and I just assumed that it was Ray.

Okay, what's his name, your ex?

Jack Price.

We'll also need the name
of the bar you were at

the night of your assault.


Yeah, it's Quinn.

She comes here all the time.

Yeah, she works at the consulting
firm across the street, Chatterton.

Mmhmm, well,
she was here two nights ago.

- You remember seeing her?
- Yeah.

Yeah, she was with some coworkers.

Did you notice anybody watching her,
staring at her?

Everybody stares at Quinn.
She's beautiful.

And has this really honest, uh,
intense energy, she's...

You're starting to worry me here, Nate.

I'm just saying, she's pretty amazing.

But no, I didn't notice anybody
stalking her or acting weird.

But she did get into
a pretty intense argument

with her work buddy.

How you know that?

'Cause he smashed
a beer bottle on the floor.

I had to kick him out.

You know his name?

Iit was nothing,
we were just arguing about

whether or not our client
should get more in touch

with the millennial movement.

It's a movement now?

Well, it's not my fault
if people my age

are open to disruptive ideas.

Congratulations, you're a disrupter.

What we want to know is
what happened after you left the bar.

Hey, look, Quinn and I have been
working together for four years.

We're... we like each other,
we respect each other,

we're friends... we're good friends.

You know, she called me
the day after all this happened.

I told her to come stay
at my apartment.

That wasn't the question.

What we want to know is,
where did you go

after you left the bar?

What, seriously?

You're doing the whole "alibi" thing?

We look pretty serious, right?

So take your time, walk us
through every detail.


Did I ever see a stalker
near Quinn's apartment?

Why? What's going on,
is she okay?

She's fine, we're just
following up on a complaint.

And Quinn told us you saw
someone standing

across from her apartment
in the morning,

and then again that same night.

I did.

Yeah, did you see
what he looked like?

- Yes.
- How close did you get?


I, uh, confronted him.

Said, "What's your deal, dude?
Why are you here?"

He asked if I was dating Quinn.

I told him to mind his own business.

He swore at me,
pushed me, so I hit him.

In the face.

Never saw him again.

- You tell her about this?
- No.

I, uh... I didn't want to
freak her out.

Just that I saw someone
and she should be careful.

Wait, you're not gonna
arrest me for hitting

some assclown, are you?

No, we want to show you
some photos, though.

That look like the assclown
you punched in the face?

- No.
- What about this guy?

I definitely wasn't
stalking Quinn, all right?

It was more like due diligence.

Excuse me?

Look, I just... I wanted to know
whether or not she was dating

this Jack Price dude or not.

Look, my cousin,
he has this sweet pad in Aspen,

he told me that I could
use it for the weekend,

and I was gonna invite Quinn.

But I just wanted to know
if she was involved,

so I went to her apartment
one morning.

And later that same night.

Okay, okay... yeah, yeah, I sort
of freaked out a little bit,

but I wasn't stalking her,
for God's sake.

I mean, not in a creepy way.

There's no other way
to stalk someone.

No, what I mean...

Okay, Quinn and I...

I thought we were connecting.

And one night, we sort of hooked up.

Or, or... no, I mean, we kissed,

but... so I asked her out,
and she shut me down, and...

You what?

I couldn't let it go.

All right?
No, I'm not proud of that.

But I couldn't stop
thinking about her,

and then I just... I heard her
talking about some guy,

and I couldn't get that image of
Quinn and some random guy

out of my head.

Wait, no... can you please just
not tell her about any of this?

She's never gonna forgive me,
and after what

she's gone through, she'll hate me.

Before we worry about that,
we need to talk about you

and the night of the assault.

After you left the bar, did you
walk over to her apartment?

No, after that frat dude
hit me in the face,

I never went back, ever.

But you... you called her
that night?

- Yeah.
- After you left the bar.

Yeah, to apologize,
but she didn't pick up.

And where were you
when you called her?

Iokay, I was right outside
a Korean deli,

right near my apartment on,
like, Spring and Varick.

Okay, I bought chocolate almonds
and a pack of cigarettes.

- You smoke?
- On occasion, yeah.

Mm, it's bad for your health.

Causes cancer.

Even in millennials.

Don't put the shovel down yet, Ryan.

Keep digging.

- This guy's annoying, but...
- But what?

My gut says he's not our guy.

Well, that is good, but DNA's better.

- I agree, but not in this case.
- What does that mean?

The DNA for the
cigarette butt came back.

It's a match for Ray Wilson.

Ray Wilson?

The guy with the airtight alibi?

That's the one.

Okay, so if Wilson was in Jersey

all night, praying,
how the hell did his cigarette

end up in Quinn's courtyard

in the West Village?

Wilson was in New Jersey,
but his cigarettes

and DNA were in Manhattan...
that makes sense.

Maybe he was there another time.
A night or two before the assault.

It's possible,
but it poured like hell

the night before Quinn was attacked.

Now, the lab said that the sample

was too pristine
to have been in the rain.

So the cigarette
had to be dropped there

the night of the assault.

Which means it was planted.

Which means that
somebody was following

Ray Wilson, waiting for him
to drop a cigarette.

So let's go back, talk to Wilson,
and see if maybe

he remembers somebody
following him, watching him.

So the stalker was being stalked.

- Is that ironic or just weird?
- Both.


Now what?

Pinning me with
the Kennedy assassination?

No, we actually believe you.

We know you weren't
in Manhattan the night

that Quinn was attacked.

- Okay. So why are you here?
- Well, we think someone planted

your cigarette butt there
at the scene.

Notice anybody suspicious
watching you?

When you get out of the can,
you feel like

the whole damn world is watching you.

Judging you, hating you.

Anybody in particular?

Uh, yeah, I noticed, uh...

a car.

Following you?

It was parked near the restaurant.

Uh, black Cadillac, I think.

I was taking a smoke break,
and I noticed a car

double parked, engine running.

Okay, when was this?

Uh, day before you guys
barged into my restaurant

and accused me of assaulting Quinn.

- You see a face?
- No.

How 'bout a plate?

I'm not a cop, I'm a chef.

Used to be, anyway,
till you guys showed up.

I got fired yesterday.

Okay, so what do we got?

Surveillance footage
from the restaurant

where Wilson used to work.

There this black Cadillac, he comes,

he parks outside of
the restaurant, right?

It's the same day that Quinn
got assaulted, 3:05 p.m.

Son he gets out, he runs
towards the kitchen entrance,

and then about five seconds later,

he runs back and he takes off.

Okay, so this is
the entrance where Wilson

- takes his smoke breaks.
- Yeah, the same one.

And so this guy leaves
with his cigarette butt.

- Seems that way.
- All right, we run the plates?

We sure did... the car is
registered to Linda Cole

of Montclair, New Jersey.

As in the wife of Sergeant Tom Cole?

Quinn's cop friend and savior?

That's right.

So our hero, retired cop
planted the evidence?

To bury Wilson because he
assumes he committed the crime,

or to cover his own ass,
because he's the perp?

Well, it has to be the latter.

'Cause he grabbed the cigarette butt

before the assault even occurred.

Which would mean he planned
this whole thing.

So go back and talk to Sergeant Cole,

and see if he admits parking
his car at the restaurant.

We'll see if we can catch him in a lie.

Be careful, guys,
because he may be retired,

but he's still a cop.


I really appreciate you
meeting with us, Tom.

Time, I got.

Well, in a turn worthy of Ripley's,

CSU actually got back to us
real quick with some results.

Under three days. Who'd you bribe?


We found a cigarette butt
outside of Quinn's door,

had Wilson's DNA all over it.

There you go... once a scumbag,
always a scumbag.

So you sure he's the guy?

He's looking good, but the
timeline is a little spotty.

That's why we're trying to eliminate
all potential suspects.

It's more like theoretical suspects,

'cause this prosecutor, right?

This guy, Barba,
he's very methodical,

he wants us to cross every T, right,

before we make our collar.

And that's why we're here.

He wants us to rule out
every man that Quinn talked to

the day of the incident.

And phone records show
that you called Quinn

wha... a few times the day
before the incident

and once the day of.

Yeah, I wanted to give her an update

on Wilson... I talked to his
parole officer that day.

I feel so sick about all of this.

This punk, Wilson, deserves to die.

I don't disagree.

So, if you don't mind,
can you tell us

where you were
the night of the assault?

I get it, you need an alibi
to make the ADA happy.

Like I said, this guy's
a complete pain in the ass.

Unless there's a reason
you don't want to tell us.

Nah, it's fine.

I was in full retirement mode.

Had a nice dinner with the wife,

then I was down
in the basement all night.

I'm building a new wine cellar.

That's my new hobby.

- What, collecting or drinking?
- Both.

Let me know when you make the collar.

I'll crack a bottle of Bordeaux
in Wilson's honor.

You know what,
we can crack the bottle

at that restaurant
he just got fired from.

- Mr. Chef.
- Sous chef.

Right, sous chef.

For the longest time, I thought
people were saying soup chef.

What the hell do I know?

I'm just a dumb cop from Jersey.

So that's where you talked to Wilson,

at that restaurant?

- The restaurant?
- No.

Never been there.

I talked to him in Jersey
outside his apartment.

Appreciate your time, Tom.

Thanks for your help.

Son of a bitch is lying his ass off.

Thank you so much.


Sorry to bother you at work.

Lieutenant, what're you doing here?

Well, we had
some follow-up questions

about Quinn we were hoping
to talk to you about.

Oh, well, how can I help?

Confidentially, we're circling
Ray Wilson for this.

You know, so we think that
he'd been following her

for about a month,
and now, of course,

we have to prove it, which is
easier said than done.

Yeah, so we're trying to
come up with a timeline

of where Quinn has been.
We're gonna start with the night

of the assault
and then move backwards.

- Okay, makes sense.
- Okay.

So Quinn told me that she had dinner

with you and Tom
the night of the assault.

No, I haven't seen her for months.

I don't know why she would say that.

Well, you know,
maybe she got confused.

You know, that's not unusual...
this type of trauma

can cause memory issues.

So, um...

you're absolutely sure that she
wasn't at your house that night.

No, it was just me and Tom.

A nice, quiet, romantic dinner, huh?

Yeah, something like that.

We, uh, ate until about 8:30,

and then he went down
to the basement.

He's building a wine cellar there.


Is my husband a suspect, Lieutenant?


He is.

And if you know something,

please tell us.

Linda, we need your help.

You have a daughter.

And Quinn told us
that they were friends.

I can't believe this is happening.

The night of the assault...

Was Tom really
in the basement all night,

working on a wine cellar?

He was, for a while.

But he was angry.
He was distracted.

And then he left.

He said that he was
going to Home Depot,

but I didn't see him again

until the morning.

He said...

if anyone ever asks, tell them
that he was home all night.

Okay, Linda...

is there someone that you can
stay with for a while?

My sister.

Go to her today.

We'll be in touch.

Cole's wife just blew
his alibi wide open.

Open enough to bring him in?

Uh, yes... call Barba

and have him issue an arrest warrant.

Track down Quinn.

I think she's staying at the, uh,

Park Milano with her mother.

- Tell her what's going on.
- On it.


Hey, Detective Rollins, Tutuola.

We're looking for a guest of yours,
Quinn Berris.

She stayed here the past few
nights with her mother.

Oh, sure, I saw her 20 minutes ago.

- Very nice young woman.
- Was she alone?

No, I think she was with a man.

Is this the guy?

Oh, I'm not sure...
I didn't get a real good look.

She didn't say where she was going.

No, sorry.

Quinn, it's Detective Rollins.

Please call me or Lieutenant Benson

as soon as you get this.

I'll call Liv,
let her know what's going on.

- What is it now?
- We're looking for Quinn.

Why? What happened?

- Is she okay?
- We don't know.

Somebody disabled her phone
and we can't trace it.

I just...

I don't believe that Tom would
actually do something like this.

Linda, listen to me,
assume for a minute that he did.

Now, where would he be heading?

Any place he'd hide?

- Do you own any other property?
- No.

Oh, God...

Tom's brother has an old
farmhouse in Harding.

He's never there.

He lives in Boston.

Tom's been doing some
renovation work for him.

Linda, I know that this is
very difficult for you.

But I need the exact address
and I need it now.

Hey, how we doing on that BOLO?

Well, bridge and tunnel authorities

have his license plate
and his photo, but no hits.

Okay, well, Carisi and I

are following up on a lead
from Cole's wife.

It's a farmhouse out in Harding,

about ten minutes away.

After that,
we'll head back to the city.

I just got an E-ZPass photo
from the GW Bridge.

It's Cole.
He's got Quinn.

She's sitting right beside him.

Okay, and when was it taken?

45 minutes ago.

Okay, call the state police
and the FBI now.

We need all the help on this
that we can get, okay?

Yeah, this is Detective
Amanda Rollins, NYPD, SVU.

I've got a kidnapping case.

This is it.

All right, let's take a look around.

- Be careful, Carisi.
- I'm good.

Hey. I said be careful.

- Looks empty.
- Yep.

Whoa, whoa.

- Black Cadillac.
- Okay, ready?

Here we go.


Sergeant Cole?

It's Lieutenant Benson.
I know you're up there.


He's got a gun!

This is Detective Carisi, SVU.

I'm at 31 Timber Lane Road.

I got one suspect.
He's barricaded, he's armed.

He's got one hostage.

Send a tactical team and HNT
right now.

- Lieutenant Benson.
- You need to leave now.

Let's just talk this through,

Let's just talk this through.

- There's nothing to say.
- Oh, sure there is.

There's always something to say.

And I want to hear
what you have to say.

I want to understand, but first,
you need to let Quinn go, okay?

She's safe.

She's here with me.

Where she belongs.

No, Cole.

Quinn belongs in New York.

She belongs with her family,
she belongs with her friends,

and you know that because
you're a very, very smart man.

You are a career police officer

and I know that you understand that.

I know what you're doing, Benson.

You can save the psychobabble.

I said the same things
when I was on the job.

Make the perp feel safe, empowered.

Treat him with respect.

It's all crap.
I know it, you know it.

Okay, then I'm gonna
shoot you straight

and tell you that you and I
need to figure out something

very fast before the SWAT team
and before the FBI get here.

Can we do that?

Be quiet.

Everything's gonna be fine.

I'm gonna see
if I can make eyes on him.

Be careful.

For a second...

for a stupid second,

I thought she cared about me.

And she was grateful
I came into her life,

and she understood the
sacrifices a guy like me makes

to keep her safe.

You did.
And you did keep her safe.

And you need to keep her safe now.

And have her spitin my face again?

Not return my calls?

Cancel dinner?

All my life, beautiful whores like you

taking advantage...
look the other way.

You know what I did for 20 years?

The things I saw.

The lives I saved.

You don't care.

I care.

And I care because I understand.

You and I
have spent our lives on the job,

given it our all.

And you're right.

We are taken for granted.

People don't get it,
they don't understand.

You're absolutely right.

It doesn't feel good,
but you and I both know

that that's not Quinn's fault.

So you need to let her go.


You're a cop, I know that
you understand this.

So I need you to listen to me

and understand that
you have the opportunity

right now, right here,

to stand up and do the right thing

one more time.

You mean one last time.


Listen to me, I want you
to think about your wife.

I want you to think about Linda,
that woman that loves you.

I want you to think about
your daughter who loves you.

They both love you.

Now listen to me...

They don't love me.

Yes, they do.


Tom, there's a future here.

You have a future.

No, there isn't.

20 years I gave.

Tell Linda I'm sorry.

Listen to me, listen to me,
you take a breath...

listen to me right now.

Okay? Don't hang up on me.

I'm really sorry.

- Aah!
- I did the best I could.


Oh, Tom...

Drop your weapon now.


Don't do this.

I'm a cop, just like you.

It doesn't have to end like this.

It's too late for that.

You're all right.
You're all right.


Quinn, look at me.
Look at me.

Quinn? Quinn, look at me,
look at me, look at me.

You're safe.

Quinn, you're safe now.

You're safe.

You're safe.

I got you.
I got you.


I got you.

How you holding up, Liv?

I'm fine.

The LBA is sending a
representative to the station.

He'll be with you
when you make your statement.

Got it, thanks.

Hey, so they're gonna
take you to the hospital

for precautionary purposes,
all right?

He said I was ungrateful.

I appreciated him, I did...
I don't understand...


This is not your fault.

You hear me?

Guys like Cole, they're...

they're predators.

And they look for light
and they look for goodness

and they... and they try to steal it.

But promise me you will not
blame yourself for this.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

Hey, how's she doing?

She doesn't understand
why he would do this to her.

Neither do I.

Maybe all those years on the job,

dealing with the worst of the worst,

I mean, how do you
come out of that clean?

No, being a cop didn't change him.

He was always bad, it just...

it just took time to come out.

Lieutenant, thank you.

For helping me out back there...
I owe you one.

Hope this doesn't make you
want to retire.


The exact opposite.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -