Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 17, Episode 14 - Nationwide Manhunt - full transcript

Two notorious killers from SVU and Chicago officer Erin Lindsey's past, Greg Yates and Dr. Carl Rudnick, escape from prison, prompting a massive manhunt.

In the criminal justice system,

some killers are so depraved

that it takes multiple police agencies

to bring them to justice.

This is one of those investigations.

Voight, something's come up.

So Dr. Yates is now claiming

that some of the bones that
we found at Pelham Bay,

the Jane Doe vics that we never IDed,

may be the remains of
runaway Midwestern girls.

Oh, it could be.

We do have some open
missing persons cases

from when he was here in Chicago.

I mean, young women who fit his MO...
working girls, nurses.

Yeah, that's why I'm calling you.

And he just offered this up
for humanitarian reasons?

Oh, no, no.

He says that he wants to
discuss it with Rollins.

And she's still on maternity leave.

No, she's back,

but I just don't want
her anywhere near him,

and these are... Chicago vics.

So you want me to send Lindsay?

I think that he would talk to her.

Erin still hasn't forgiven herself

for what Yates did to Nadia.

Maybe she can use that.

We'll keep each other posted?


Thank you.


Yes, these are disturbing.

Fractured skulls, broken hyoid bones.

These girls were driven
all the way from Chicago

to that bleak Bronx boneyard,

that same place that, uh,

your friend Nadia was found.

After you murdered her.

Dr. Yates, we're here because we heard

you might have information
about these victims.

Who they were, how they got there.

Where did they come from?

Why don't you start with who they are.

These are just bones, yeah?

You couldn't find DNA on any of them,

so I will guess that they
came from working girls.

Guess? You told SVU

some of these victims might
have been from Chicago.

Did I? Oh, yeah.

We have some missing persons photos

we'd like you to take a look at.


Hmm, so young.

I...don't imagine that's
what they looked like

when their killer encountered them.


Maybe at a truck stop

whoring themselves out for cocaine.

You must know the power of addiction.

We're here to talk about
these girls, not me.

Nadia talked a lot about you.

On our drive...

how Sergeant Voight took
you off the street.

Mentored you.

That man has a lot of anger.

It must have...

been very scary growing up in his home.

We're done.

Sorry you wasted your trip.

I'm sure.

Tell the warden I'd be
much more comfortable

talking with Detective Rollins.

She's not coming up here.

Why not... ohh.

She must have had her baby by now.

Is it a boy or a girl?

That is none of your business.

You want closure for those families?

Get her here.

By tomorrow.

- sync and corrections by Caio -
- -

I knew I should have gone up there.


What... he didn't give
you anything, did he?

I don't know that he
has anything to give.

He never shows his cards
on the first pass,

and nothing's for free.
What'd he ask for?

- He wants to speak with you.
- He's bored.

He gets off on pulling
everybody's strings.

He gave us Rudnick, and he
knows more about those bones

than he's ever let on.

Yeah... still claiming those bodies

might be from Chicago girls? Come on.

We do have these four
women who went missing

when Yates moved to Chicago.

One of them's a working girl

who was a patient at his
urgent care center.

And he did seem to recognize her.

He could have driven her
east like he did with Nadia.

Isn't he appealing that conviction?

I mean, why would he
confess to more crimes?

No, but he doesn't confess.

I keep the conversation hypothetical,

and he just fills in the blanks.

Look, Sergeant Voight would really like

to give these girls'
families some answers.

I know. Okay.

But Carisi, you go with.

Hey, but, there's no
point in sending him.

Yates isn't even going to
make eye contact with him,

and there's COs everywhere.

Rollins, we know Yates.

He's probably been playing them
since the moment he got there.

Last week, we talked about resolving

interpersonal conflicts
without anger or violence.

Did anyone try to employ the
techniques we discussed?

I tried to see a certain situation

from the other person's point of view.

And I did, too, because
what's weird to one person

may seem normal to another.

That's great, Jose.

All right, let's pair up.

First, sit face to face.

Don't say anything,

but see if you can sense
your partner's emotions.

Dr. Yates.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I got held up in the law library.

There are so many people
in here who need my help.

We're glad to have you.

We've paired off with empathy
partners for the day.

I think Dr. Rudnick and I

have some issues we need to work through.

No problem.


Mrs. Wilkins still bringing you those...

deep pan trays of lasagna?

That shouldn't concern you.

But it does.

Home cooking... you just can't beat it.

Four detectives in two days?

Yates usually isn't this popular.

How's he getting on here?

Well-behaved, no problems,

volunteers in law library
and the hospital.

Model inmate, really.

Kind of strange for a guy
who's never getting paroled.

Oh, sometimes lifers get Zen,
try to make the best of it.


Or they want to get
transferred further upstate.

Either way, he's settled in.

Anything you need, let me know.

You see that?

Yates charmed the warden.

It's classic sociopath. It's classic.

I know, Carisi. I know.


Motherhood becomes you.

Thank you.

How'd you lose the baby weight so fast?

You are glowing. Are you breastfeeding?

You know the hormones can do wonders.

Okay, that's enough.

That's okay, Carisi.

I suppose it was too much for
me to expect you to come alone,

and I have to say, I was a bit hurt

that you sent the Chicago
detectives in your stead.

Well, she's here now, Yates,
so let's get on with it.

You said you might know
something about these girls.


Said she could have been a working girl?

Ooh, those blue eyes.

Though, I doubt she
ended up in Pelham Bay.

But you do have a theory...
about where she did end up.

If I had to guess,

she was turning tricks at a truck stop

between Chicago and Gary.

I-90 most likely.

But if something happened
to her out there

in the... dark at night,

she's probably just...
waiting in the weeds.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere.

And these other girls...
are they in Pelham Bay?



But you know how this works,


To get...

you have to give.

Yates wants to be
transferred to Honor Block.

He's a serial killer.
That's not happening.

Actually, once you're in prison,

whatever you did to get there
doesn't really matter.

They use the carrot of the Honor Block

to encourage good behavior.

He's not capable of good behavior.

He did make one show of good faith.

He knows something about our girls?

Siobhan Kelly, the patient
at his urgent care center...

He suggested you check truck
stops outside of Gary.

- I'll loop in Voight.
- And he may know more,

but he's not going to say
anything until he's transferred.

Of course he won't.

Lieutenant, is this a good idea?

I doubt the warden would approve that.

Find out.

I want you both back here tonight.

Does it have to be Honor Block?

We can offer solitary.

Yates says he's afraid he'll go crazy.

It's the Honor Block or bust.

You did say he was a model inmate.

Yes, and we thought about
transferring him out of Gen Pop,

but Rudnick is in the Honor Block.

We understand they have a history.

Yeah, yeah, they do.

Yates ratted out Rudnick.
Rudnick killed Yates's fiancée.

So this could be a ploy

for Yates to get revenge against Rudnick.

It could be.

But if Yates was intent on that,
it would have happened already.

I'd like to talk to Rudnick.

He's an odd one. I'm not
sure how he'll react.

No disrespect, Warden.

I don't want to step on
anybody's toes here,

but, uh, he and I have a good rapport.

Maybe I can sound him out.

Yates wants to be here?


Well, whatever Yates wants, I suppose.

Listen, you do have the right

to transfer out when he moves in.

Oh, dear no, that wouldn't do.

But to be perfectly candid,
I'm not worried about Yates.

I can handle that pedestrian sociopath.

I always have.

Well, nobody wants to
put you in jeopardy.

Well, thank you, Detective.

You're a gentleman.

And, whatever happens going forward,

I appreciate you showing me respect.

Of course.

Might I ask what kind of leverage he used

to get transferred?

Come on, Doc, you know
I can't tell you that.

Well, in any case, you
were kind to visit again.

I hope you're not still eating bacon.

You did see

the World Health Organization study, yes?

Yeah, yeah, I saw that.

I've been trying to cut back. Good.

People always say life is short,

but, in fact, life is mostly,
of course, very long.

You want to stay in your best shape.

Thanks, Doc.

Yates's transfer went through,

but it's too late to
talk to him again today.

We're heading back.

I've got to relieve my
sitter anyway, but, listen,

tomorrow morning we can drive up
here first thing and we can...

No, absolutely not, Rollins.

Yates got to talk to you.

From now on, he has to talk to me.

Am I making myself clear?

Copy that, Lieutenant.

She doesn't want you coming
back up here again, right?

I don't blame her.

Why? Why does everybody keep saying that?

I mean, you saw us together. It was fine.

Yeah, he's got your number.

You think Rudnick doesn't have yours?

Not really.

I mean, I just like talking
to the guy, you know?

He's got his own worldview.

I rest my case.

Hey, what's the holdup?

Sorry, folks. Just give us a minute.


Sorry about that.


Just like old times.

We're going to be block mates.

Yes. So I'm told.

Our Mrs. Wilkins really is a
miracle worker, isn't she?

Yates, let's go.

Just so we're clear,

I'm going to be there
when that miracle occurs.

Well, Green Haven hasn't changed.

Long drive up. I hope
it's worth the trip.

Look, I'm not letting him talk
to Rollins anymore, all right?

If he wants to stay on Honor
Block, no more games.

Barba, I didn't know that
Uber came up to Green Haven.

Just promise me you won't to stop to eat

before we go back to the city.

Guys, they're ready for us.

Sorry to keep you folks waiting.

We're almost finished moving
Gen Pop into the yard.

Once that's done, we'll
bring you to Yates.


Thank you for making the
transfer happen so quickly.

How did it go last night?

So far, so good.

Yates and Rudnick spent
their first night together

in the Honor Block without incident.

My staff tells me they
were cordial to each other

at morning head count.

That's good to know.

By the way, my father, William
Dodds, sends his best.

Oh, I see the resemblance.
Tell him I said hello.

The sooner we can meet with Yates,

the sooner we'll be out of your way.

Oh, we're fine. Whenever you can.

Of course. They're about done.

Go to the block. Bring Yates down.

- Copy that.
- Thank you.

Have Honor Block inmate Yates,
number 14005, ready for escort.

Visitors again? Yates
has a lot of friends.



Put that thing down. Sorry.

- Where's Yates?
- How would I know?

He just got here. Maybe the law library?

I ain't seen him since
head count this morning.

- Does your bunkie know?
- Dr. Rudnick?

He's in the clinic doing
his volunteer work.

Whoa, hey. You okay?


My, uh, my sister took some melatonin

when she got a little postpartum.

I'm not depressed, Carisi.

I'm... you know, I'm pissed off.

Why? 'Cause Liv won't let you
go back up to Green Haven?


Because Yates, he gets one
look at Benson, Dodds,

and Barba up there, and he's gonna think

that they're all ganging
up on him, or worse,

he's gonna think that I pulled
a bait and switch on him.


Why, you're worried about your
relationship with Yates now?

Yeah, that's exactly what I meant.

Ha ho!

What? Eh...

you know, I'm just glad to see

how motherhood's really mellowed you out.


That's another thing... I...
I hate being coddled.

You know, what...

I have a baby, and all of a sudden

I can't talk to serial killers anymore.

So your father knows the warden?

Yeah, he knows everybody. He
kind of makes a point of it.

Hang on.

What are those? Drones?

That is exactly what they are.

Everybody down on the ground!

Code blue, Alpha yard. Code blue.

I haven't seen Yates all day.

- Are you sure?
- It's a shoe box in here.

Look for yourself.

I repeat, code blue. All
blocks restrict movement.

No one on or off. CERT has been alerted.

I heard about this. Ohio,
Mansfield, I think.

They used drones to drop guns and drugs.

Oh, God, we got another one.

CERT to Alpha and Bravo yards.

Three drones. I repeat, three drones.

What the hell is taking so long?

CERT's on their way. They'll
get this under control.

Thank you, Sergeant.
That's very comforting.

Counselor, we're in here.
They're out there. Relax.

- I'm perfectly relaxed.
- Guys, please.

Drugs, phone.

Holy crap.

How small is this gun?

Now we're going to have
to check the spokes

of all these waterheads.

No, we haven't heard anything yet.

Okay, we'll let you know.

Voight wants us back tonight.

We should at least wait to find
out what Yates had to say.

Okay, thanks. Just tried Barba's office.

They haven't heard from
him in four hours.

What the hell's going on up there?

Hopefully Yates is talking.

I mean, I'll try the warden again.





Where the hell is Yates now?

Rudnick's still missing too.

Where are they?

- How should I know?
- Start talking, Silva,

or you're back into Gen
Pop without your blankie.

They'll kill me if I say anything.

Whoa, whoa, easy, easy. Jose, amiguito,

say anything about what?

I don't know nothing.

We have a situation in the Honor Block.

Possible escape. Code blue.

Yates is missing?

We're having trouble locating him.

What about Rudnick?

My understanding is that they
are both unaccounted for.

- What does that mean?
- There was some kind of

internal damage in Rudnick's cell.

There was an opening cut into the wall.

Hold on. They escaped?

They're probably trapped

somewhere in the prison infrastructure.

A hole in the cell?

They had help. We're investigating.

Of course, no one on that
block knows anything.

Does he have a cell mate?

I know what you went through
with William Lewis.

He was a bad man. It wasn't right.

Talk to us about Rudnick and Yates.

Okay, they'll kill me.
Those guys are scary.

We can get you transferred out.

- I know you?
- You can trust me, Jose.

How did Rudnick cut a hole in the wall?

He must have got tools somehow.

Well, how long has this been going on?

A few months. He... he'd work nights.

He told me to shut my eyes
and pretend to be asleep

or he wouldn't take me.

And how did Yates get involved?

Dr. Rudnick didn't want that,

but this morning b-before head count,

Yates said he was going...
and Rudnick said yes.

What was the plan?

Jose Silva told us that
they'd figured out

how to get past the prison walls.

That would be my worst nightmare.

Tell me that after Dannemora,
you sealed everything up.

We did. Welded all the manholes shut.

Checked every access point.

Okay, water, sewage.

What's this? Highpressure steam.

If they went in there, they got fried.

This pipe's not hot.

If it were on, it'd be
hotter in here, right?

ConElectric was doing repairs last night.

They said they'd have it
shut off for a few hours.

Son of a bitch.

- Where does this pipe go?
- They couldn't have gotten out.

Warden, where does it go?

We had that sealed over the summer.

Rudnick has family money.

He probably bribed somebody to unseal it.

- They left this for us.
- A note.

"I think I'll miss you
most of all, Scarecrow."

Is that green nail polish?

It's one of Yates's signatures.

Where's that ConEl crew?

Got a body over here!

Was he shot? Are they armed?

Looks like a snapped neck.

Look, these guys worked in two-man crews.

Where's his partner?

Can you get that down?

Detective Rollins comes to
visit Yates, and he escapes.

Any particular reason why you've
come up here instead of her?

My detective did not

help Yates break out of prison.

She fought to get him
transferred to the Honor Block.

Because she knows him
better than anyone else.

It was the only way we could
get him to cooperate.

Rollins didn't order those drones,

and she didn't cut a hole
in Rudnick's cell wall.

This has been planned for months.

Look, he had to have outside help...
visitors, volunteers.

I mean, maybe even COs.

Believe me, my intelligence
unit is already making a list.


It's another snapped neck.

They killed the guys
that helped them escape.

They're not taking any chances.

And they won't hesitate to kill again.

When was the last time

that Yates and Rudnick were seen?

6:00 a.m. head count.

Great, so they have a
nine-hour head start,

which means they could be anywhere.

You say Rollins understands him

better than anybody else?

Get her up here.

This just in on the continuing manhunt

for escaped serial killers
Greg Yates and Carl Rudnick.

Sources now confirm that
two ConElectric workers

were found murdered this afternoon

just outside Green Haven Correctional.

The workers are believed to
have assisted the fugitives

in their daring escape earlier today.

The search for the two convicted felons

intensifies tonight.

Troopers from four states and
law enforcement personnel

from several federal agencies
have converged on the scene.

Both Yates and Rudnick were
serving life sentences

for multiple counts of rape and murder.

They should be considered
extremely dangerous.

Officials are cautioning
that anyone who sees them

or has information on
either of the two men

should not attempt to interact with them.

We think that they may have made a break

after head count this morning.

And no one noticed for eight hours?

Oh, it's a long story, but I am gonna

need all the help that I can get.

No problem... I'll tell
my guys to turn around.

Okay, Voight. Copy that.

Lindsay and Dawson were
about to board a plane.

They're on their way up now.

Lieutenant. You all right?

Yeah. Long day.

- No sign of Rudnick or Yates?
- Not yet.

State troopers set up road blocks.

So now we know why Yates

asked to be transferred to Honor Block.

His cell mate told us that
Rudnick planned the whole thing

and that Yates nosed
in at the last minute.

Lieutenant, I did not see this coming.

- Hey, nobody's blaming you.
- No, I mean all of it.

You know, calling in CPD,
getting me involved.

Yates was playing a long game.

He must have figured out Rudnick's plan

and realized that the clock was ticking.

The entire county's on lockdown.

There's a nationwide alert.

They won't get away.

You don't know Yates.

Yates and Rudnick are
extremely dangerous.

They've already killed two
men who helped them escape.

Major Bowman? All right,

they've already a head start,
so they could be anywhere.

We've warned the public to
keep their doors locked

and to avoid engaging any strangers.

NYPD's Special Victims Unit

is here to give specifics
about the fugitives.

Lieutenant Benson? These
guys are intelligent.

They're motivated. They're charming,

and they are without conscience.

Their crimes include rape,
kidnapping, torture, and murder.

Now, Yates is definitely
capable of hot-wiring cars.

He's adept at identity theft,

and he is highly manipulative.

Especially when preying on young women.

Now, Rudnick can blend in with the group.

We know that he assumes disguises,

usually an older female.

Thank you, SVU.

To sum up, these men are
dangerous sociopaths

who will not hesitate to kill.

We've already begun

house-to-house searches and roadblocks.

Air support with heat sensors

and infrared will be in the
air within the half hour.

Search every inch of this county.

My staff has pulled security cameras,

visitors' logs, and personnel files.

Okay, my team can help
with the interviews.

Hey, how bad are these guys?

Think Robert Durst and Ted Bundy

on the run together.

Okay, those two are crazy,
and they got mad skills.

Yes, but they had help, Silva... who?

Not me.

They had hacksaws, paint, drills.

Now, who smuggled it to 'em, the COs?

I don't want to say. I like her.

You like who?

Silva, they've already killed two people!

Talk. Now.

Okay. Mrs. Wilkins.

She teaches our conflict
transformation class.

She was always bringing Dr.
Rudnick lasagna, baked stuff.

He never let me eat any of it.

I think because there
was contraband inside.

How did they get it past the COs?

They like her lasagna too.

I didn't know anything
was in that lasagna.

I swear to God.

The tray she gave me just
have sausage inside.

So she comes in holding nothing
but a tray of lasagna?

No, she kept them in a shopping bag.

It was filled with arts and crafts stuff.

Look, she had gate clearance.

Yeah, but still, you put it
through the metal detector,


She asked if I could just hand-check it.

She always kept her lunch in there.

She didn't want it getting
bombarded with those rays.

Those things can cause cancer.

So you didn't check it at all?

I need my union rep.

Bronwyn Wilkins.

She's a nice woman.
She's a Quaker, she...

Wait, her first name is Bronwyn?


Red hair, heavyset, glasses?

Yes. She just got married last month.

Her maiden name was Freed.

- You got to be kidding me.
- You know her?

Bronwyn Freed helped William
Lewis escape from Rikers

by bringing him drugs inside baked goods.

Don't you do background checks?

Of course, but Mrs.
Wilkins has no record.

Because the charges were dropped.

This is not my call. You
didn't tell me that.

Rikers had issues with chain
of custody and corrupt COs,

and no one upstairs wanted to
open up that can of worms.

Okay, that's fine, but still, she
has to be flagged at Rikers.

Rikers is city. We're state.

The two systems don't exactly
communicate very well.

Okay, you know what? We need an address.


We don't know what we're looking at.
Stay sharp.

Should we wait for infrared?
Will she be armed?

I don't think so.

She teaches alternatives to conflict...

Bakes muffins and lasagna.

Let's do this.

- Get down!
- Down, now!

What's going on?

Who are you? Where's Bronwyn?

I'm Kyle. I'm... I'm her husband.

Where's your wife?

She said she had a family emergency,

so she took my car.

All right, make, model, plate number.

What's the deal with this girl?

She got a thing for serial killers?

- More or less.
- This her car?

Well, it's the same make
and model as the husband

but different plates.

- Yates would switch 'em.
- No sign of him or Rudnick?

There was nothing in the
car, but they were here.

The dogs picked up their scent.

Hey, Lieutenant, I got
something over here!

Come here.

I got a jumpsuit...

a dress, and a wig.

Okay, so the question is now
where's Rudnick's body?

Hey, dogs are on to something.

Car's locked, Lieutenant.

Open it.

Where are they? Where's Yates?

I don't know! Help me, please.

All right, well, you were with them.

How long ago? Before noon.

He... Yates, he made me...

Get her out of there.

More than a thousand officers
are now on the trail

of the two escaped inmates,
Greg Yates and Carl Rudnick,

who broke out of Green Haven Correctional

24 hours ago.

The search has spread
to neighboring counties

as local police, state troopers,

ATF officials, and the
Department of Corrections

conduct road checks,
door-to-door searches,

and full sweeps of the area.

Sources confirm that the two fugitives

may have been helped in their escape

from inside the prison
by a female accomplice

who authorities are questioning now.

I was working with Dr. Rudnick
on his impulse issues.

He's a very sensitive man.

Over time, we grew close. How close?

He was a confidant,
able to read my moods.

Like he'd say, "You seem like

you're feeling a little sad today."

Did he ask you for favors?

He'd talk about a... a book

he missed, a piece of art or music.

He loves Albinoni, the "Adagio in..."

- So you brought him gifts.
- Little things.

Salt to cook with, spices, organic soaps.

How about hacksaws?

Maybe it's not good for her to be here.

She has a lot of anger toward me.

Yeah, why do you think that is, Bronwyn?

- Liv, we got this.
- No, I'm not gonna coddle her.

You helped two serial
killers escape from prison.

Whatever they do to anyone
while they're out is on you.

Dr. Rudnick has dealt with his dark side.

He chopped a woman into little pieces!

That's not the man that I know.

- Oh, my God.
- Okay, Bronwyn.

I'm sure he... He can be empathic

and make you feel wanted, attractive,

but he was using you.

They left you to die
in the trunk of a car.

He doesn't give a damn about you.

Carl does. He just
couldn't survive inside.

You helped them escape?

You're looking at felony charges.

You need to tell us
what you brought them,

what their plans are, everything.

Just got a still from the
Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge

time-stamped yesterday morning.

- Looks like two church ladies.
- That's Bronwyn.

That's Rudnick. He's wearing the wig

and the dress we found near the car.

Yates was probably hiding in the back

while they drove upstate.
That's a smart plan.

Nobody's gonna be looking
for them at that hour,

and even if somebody were,
two women in a Subaru

ain't gonna raise any flags.

Yeah, once they get past Albany

in a less trafficked area, they
don't need Bronwyn anymore,

so they dump her in that lot.

Yates said I'd served my purpose,

that I didn't need to know
what their next stop was.

Why didn't he kill you?

Dr. Rudnick said he would do it,

but he saved my life.

Just fired a shot

and threw me in the
trunk of the other car.

- A shot? They're armed?
- My husband keeps an old .38

in case the bears get into the garbage.

They made me bring it along.
They made you?

Yes. I was in fear for my life.

Where were they going?

Benson says Bronwyn gave Rudnick

a gun and a map of the
Adirondack State Park.

Adirondack Park? That's 6 million acres.

Yeah, that's why we need
to look in the north end.

When Rollins and I apprehended Rudnick,

he was in Buffalo, just shy
of the Canadian border.

- What was his escape plan?
- He had a passport and cash,

but beyond that, we never found out.

That's Rudnick, but Yates?

The last time he was on the run

he killed Nadia and he went on a spree.

Yeah, we're not even sure if
these two are still together.

I mean, there's bad blood
between the two of 'em.

Yeah, well, anything is possible.

They could have split up. One
could've killed the other.

We had some more sightings.

- How many?
- Too many.

All over the county, the state,

as far south as the Texas-Mexico border.

Any sightings on the way up to Canada?

Yates manipulated me.

He figured out that Dr.
Rudnick and I were intimate.


No, of course not, but spiritually.

How did he manipulate you?

He found out about the lasagna.

So you told him Rudnick
was planning an escape.

I had to.

He said that if I didn't,
he'd kill my husband.

Yates was in prison. Your
husband was 30 miles away.

That doesn't matter.

If Yates wants to hurt
somebody, he finds a way.

Son of a bitch.

You okay?

This is Yates.

They found prison-issued underwear.

They're checking for DNA.

It's Yates.

How'd the trooper end up here?

First responder got a
call from a neighbor

who saw smoke coming out of the chimney.

The owner never stays here in winter.

- How long ago?
- An hour.

They also found a blood trail outside.

One of 'em may be hurt.
Might have slowed 'em down.

Dogs are on both scents.


We'll get 'em.

Yates's trail ends at the water.

You got any boats out this time of year?

There shouldn't be.

We got one of ours out there looking now.

Customs and Border got
divers in the lake.

- Any year-rounders out here?
- It's mostly summer cabins.

We got infrared. We're checking indoors.

The dogs picked up Rudnick's scent.

Look, he's barely moving
or even breathing.

This is the state police!

Come out slowly with your hands up!

All right, look, he is trying
to get up, but he can't.

That piece of crap
already got one of ours.

I'm not risking these guys.

Fire into the boat!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hold on... do not shoot!

I know this man. Detective...

- We've got history.
- No, we got it.

We got it. We got it.

Dr. Rudnick, it's Detective Carisi.

I saw you on the infrared.
Can you hear me?

All right, I'm walking towards the boat.

I want you to live tonight!

Isn't that what you want?

All right, you're gonna put your
hands high above your head.

All right, nice and easy, Doc.

Do not move.

All right, I need some help over here!

An ambulance, ASAP!

Let's get some help over here.
We need a bus.

Thank you, Detective.

All right, just stay with me, Dr.

Breaking news in the manhunt
for the two escaped inmates

from Green Haven Correctional.

Officials have confirmed

that Carl Rudnick has been apprehended.

He is now in police custody
after he was discovered hiding

in a docked boat by Caroga Lake.

Rudnick suffered multiple injuries.

He was rushed to the nearest hospital

where he is now being questioned.

And the scale of the search is widening

for the second fugitive, Greg Yates,

who remains at large amidst
reports of sightings

from as far apart as the Adirondacks

to the Mexican border.

We will keep you updated
as this story continues.

Yates hobbled him.

He broke both his knees, his ankles,

pierced his eardrum.
Just left him to die.

- I'm not shedding any tears.
- Yeah.

Is he talking yet? Only to Carisi,

and he's in and out of consciousness.

He did indicate the plan was to

cross the border at the
Saint Lawrence River.

Lieutenant, I'm glad you're here.

I can't get a hold of Lindsay.

I thought she was with you or Dodds.

No. We split up.

I followed one dead end.
They followed another.

Did Lindsay know Yates was headed north?

I guess... we put an APB out on
a pickup truck he hot-wired.

She's going after him.

Look, Dodds wouldn't let
her go up there alone.

Look, call him.

Get 'em back. Yeah.

Oh, I assure you, Detective,

it was never my intent to harm anyone.

Yates simply bulldozed his way in.

I wanted to leave the country
and live a life of peace.

He only wants one thing...


Okay, Doc, you got a lot
of meds in you right now.

I want you to stay with me.

Your plan.

Where on the Saint Lawrence
River were you going?

Wellesley Island.

Though I suppose I won't
be going there now.

And Yates knew about this?

He beat it out of me.

- Wellesley Island.
- I'll get the word out.

It's Dodds.

Dodds, Border Patrol
and ATF are handling.

Come back now. Copy that, Lieutenant.

All the agencies are on it.
They'll find him.

My lieutenant wants us to come back.

Yeah, I'm not doing that.

I'll drop you at a rest stop if you want.

Detective, I know he killed
someone close to you,

but this isn't us anymore.

What the hell is that?

There's been no radio traffic.

Pull over.

This is Sergeant Dodds, NYPD.

Requesting backup. County Road 3.

Six miles west of Plessis.

Copy that.


I got a trooper down.

He's gone.

So's his gun!



Stay down. Take cover.

This is Sergeant Dodds.

Shots fired. Two officers down.

Suspect is armed and in flight.

Requesting immediate backup.

Dodds, are you okay?

I'm fine. Just stay down.

Detective, what are you doing?

Detective, stay down!

Get back here!

Wait for backup!

Get back here!


Hey... it's okay.

I'm the police. Are you all right?

My daddy.

I need you to stay right
where you are, okay?


- sync and corrections by Caio -
- -