Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 17, Episode 15 - Collateral Damages - full transcript

A disgraced ex-boxer makes a deal to take down a group of child pornography distributors, but SVU is surprised when their busts include a deputy police commissioner.


In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses

are considered especially

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the
Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

[upbeat music playing]

There you go, son...

the genuine Teddy "Brown Sugar"
left hook.

[camera clicks]


Don't forget to pick up
some of my TKO barbecue sauce.

It's bone-sucking good.

Teddy, hi!

My favorite Southern belle.

You look lovely as always.

Thank you.

And who's this little lady?

This is my niece, Amber.

Remember I told you about her?
Her momma's been sick.

Of course.

You didn't tell me she's a
bombshell like her auntie.

OMG, it's really you,

Teddy Hawkins.

In the flesh.
Go ahead, pinch me.

[laughing] No.

Come on, go ahead.



Teddy is brazen.

This UC know what she's doing?
I mean, she looks awfully young.

That's why she's here.
She's still in the Academy.

Rollins prepped her
and primed him.

Carisi, you got eyes?

Big Teddy's not
wasting any time.

- Iced teas, Long Island style.
- Oh, thank you.

Do I need ID?

Not when you're with Teddy.
Drink up.

Amber, it's fine.

When do you get the chance to
meet a real life heavyweight champ?


Mmm, it's sweet.
I like it.

I like taking care
of my ladies.

Well, Amber can use
all the help she can get.

She's had a rough year
this year.

Are those your real belts?


But Teddy can show you
the real ones...

from all four reigns.

I mean, they're right
downstairs in his office.


Aunt Crystal, can we?

If Teddy doesn't
mind showing you.

Not at all.

Come on.

Go ahead.

Hey, y'all,
you enjoy yourselves.?

Good deal.
Hey, guys.

Rollins goes downstairs,
I lose sight of them.

Ah, after you, my dear.

Thank you.

Careful on the stairs.


We still have visual
on Rollins' cam.

No way.


Wow, Mr. Hawkins.

Call me Teddy, y'hear?

[whispering] My God.




You got the face of an angel
and a body for sin.


Come, sit.

How old are you, again?

Almost 16.

So young.

You ever think about modeling?
My friend runs an agency.

How about we take
some photos for him?

That would be amazing.

All right.

Smile for me.


[camera clicking]

That's it.


Now, uh...

stretch a little.


[camera clicking]

So pretty.



maybe open that blouse
a little more?


Oh, that's lovely.
[camera shutter clicking]

You got to let Uncle Teddy
see more of those.


[camera clicks]

Can you take that top off?

If that's what Teddy wants.


[dramatic music]


- Beautiful.
- Like that?

Oh, yes.

Why don't you turn around
and unhook that thing?

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

My goodness.

Now I'm starting to
get other ideas.

Why don't you get on
your knees, little girl?


Why don't you put your
hands up in the air?

Hey, now, what is this?

Nothing happened!

Oh, yeah it did, champ.

I know my rights.
You can't just burst in here.

Teddy Hawkins,
you're under arrest

for attempted rape.

Attempted rape?

Nice work.


You stay in this job
long enough,

all your heroes die.

[dramatic music]

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -

This is harassment.
Mr. Hawkins was set up.

I didn't hear him say no.

Right, because when
this woman approached me

with her foul come-ons,
I decided to gather evidence.

Is that why you asked my niece
to get on her knees?

I wanted to see
how far you'd go

before I made
a citizen's arrest.


Who is this exemplary
human being?

Teddy "Brown Sugar" Hawkins.
He's the former boxing champ.

He's the current face

for all those shopping mall
barbecue joints.

Does he realize how much
trouble he's in?

Oh, not yet.
He's been doing it so long,

he thinks he's bulletproof.

There they are,
my two favorite people,

and with good news
for a change.

Deputy Commissioner Abraham,
word travels fast.

You got him on attempted rape.

What else?
What about child porn?

TARU tossed his home computers.

That's clean, but they did find

some bad sites on his
restaurant servers.

But we can't prove
that he accessed them.

Still, he's a big get.

One-P-P wants him sch-longed...
perp-walked, cuffed,

his punim on every
cable news show in the country.

Well done, Lieutenant.

An attaboy from Hank Abraham.

Cue the Apocalypse.

She told you
she wasn't even 16,

and you still
took photos of her

without her top on.

That's child pornography.

- That Amber...
- That Amber is no child.

This is straight up entrapment.

We entrapped you?
Good luck with that.

Might want to get your
client camera ready.

It's time for your perp walk.

Slow it down, Lieutenant.

Perp walk?
NYPD needs a win.

Teddy, you're about
to trend worldwide.

Front entrance.
Press is en route.

Hang on a minute there,


All right.

You got Teddy all wrong.

Do I?

Teddy's a hero.

And I'm gonna get you
the real bad guys.

My client is prepared to expose
an online pedophile ring.


So tell Barba to stop
admiring himself in that glass

and come in and do his job.


Excuse me, Naomi.

Can you give me a minute with
my handsome, single son?

I'll be back.

You're on leave,
and you couldn't find the time

to return your old man's calls?

I'm doing better, Dad.
How are you?

Just had breakfast
with the head of

the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Are you thinking about
switching gigs?

Not me.

You... the whole department knows
about your heroics upstate.


- I got shot.
- In the line of duty.

Word is you took a bullet

for the rogue female detective
from Chicago.

Yeah, and who's
spreading that word?

Never mind that. This is
your ticket... up and out.


I just got to SVU.

It was always just
a stepping stone.

Part of the five-year plan.

You want your lieutenant's bars,
go JTTF.

That's where the juice is now.

I'm just getting comfortable.

Never get comfortable.

Soon as your shoulder's better,
back on the ladder.

Teddy wants to do
the right thing.


People offer me videos
all the time.

I can help you take
those guys down.

Now, my client doesn't
view this material.

He just knows people who do.

You're saying your client
doesn't download

child pornography,
yet the people who do so

trust him implicitly?

Exactly right.

And since you have less
than a flawless case...


Undercovers drinking,
stripping their clothes off?

The smart move is go after
the real creeps,

the distributors,
in the act of uploading.


The charges aren't going away,
Mr. Hawkins.

But the more you cooperate,
the more generous I'll be

with my sentencing

And you need to hold off
on the arraignment.

It's better if the people
he's reaching out to

don't know he's been arrested.

Also, these guys...

not that I'm in touch
with them...

but they don't post
the new, juicy stuff

till after midnight.

Hands in the air!

- Whoa, what's going on?
- Get up, get up!

Turn around.

[tense music]

You can't just...

Shut up.

Aw, jeez.

No, not good.

Pullman's in custody,
crying like a bitch.

Okay, that is two out of three.

Okay, uh, Rollins,
Carisi's on his way to you.

Should've saved him the trip.

It's almost 1:00 a.m.

Maybe "Babybanger" took
the night off, huh?

Eh, he's 80.
He's probably asleep.

Nothing yet?

Maybe he got spooked.

Listen, Lieutenant, it's late.
It's cold.

Maybe we should just
call it a night.

I hear you.

Look, we already got two.

So let's, uh, let's start again
in the morning.

Oh, hold up.

Hold up.

Look at that,
he just logged on.

Bad luck for him.

Another minute, we would've
been out of here.

Where's your computer?

I don't have a computer.

We have a search warrant.

For what?

For distributing
child pornography

from your IP address.

What... what is this?

Kitchen's clear.

No desktop, no laptop.

Mr. Markowicz,
where's your modem?

My who?

Your... your modem.


Hey. This right here,
Mr. Markowicz.

Where's the computer for this?

My neighbor put that in
for my cable.

Your neighbor, huh?

This has the signal
going next door.

Who lives there?

A nice family.
Two kids.


I thought I heard something.

Is Mr. Markowicz okay?



can we come in?

Our cells are down.

You don't happen to have
a computer we could use?

Yeah, of course.

Um, my husbands still up.

He's in his office.
I'm sure he won't mind.

He has his own home office?

Needs it.

You know him, always working.

This is a police matter.

- Deputy Commissioner Abraham...
- What are you doing here?

We're about to ask you
the same question.

Step away from the computer.


Thanks, Lieutenant.
See you soon.

What's going on?

It's nothing, Pippa.
It's departmental business.

Just stay out of this.

I'm assuming Lieutenant Benson
told you to walk out of here.

Actually, she's on her way.

For an innocent mistake?
I clicked too many buttons.

We caught you in the act of
distributing child pornography.

I have a secure modem
from the NYPD.

Which is why you cadged wi-fi
from your 80-year-old neighbor.

Oh, this gets crazier
and crazier.

You know what?

I'm gonna go outside
and wait for Liv.


I don't want to put the two
of you in a bad position.

I know you're just
the messengers,

but this could go wrong
in a lot of ways.

I hope that's not a threat,
Deputy Commissioner.


Sergeant, turn off
those lights, please.

So I was halfway home
when I got Rollins' call.

I figured you could
use some backup.

They're still in the apartment.

- Computer crimes here yet?
- Almost.

Gives me time to get Pippa
and the kids out.


I know you live to make
my life miserable,

but J.C., Mary, and Joseph...

Look, you didn't have
to wake the commissioner up

in the middle of the night
to tell him

that his trusted PR chief
is busted for child porn.

Between you and me,
I never liked the guy anyway.

No one does.
He's an angry prick.

But you're sure it's him?

My squad knows
what they're doing.

His wife is that
redheaded D.A.?

Pippa Cox.

She's a lawyer for
social services.

She protects kids.

- This keeps getting worse.
- Oh, yes it does.

- They have two of their own.
- Rollins, we're sure, right?

Every I dotted,
every T crossed?

We tracked the wi-fi
to his computer.

We caught him actively

We took a digital snapshot
of his entire system.

I mean,
everything was by the book.

I'm sure it was.
It's just that...

Look, Tucker just
wants to make sure

that we hand IAB
an airtight case.


If he wasn't
your initial target,

you're gonna need
an updated warrant.

Almost here.

In the meantime,
bring Abraham in?

Yeah, just...

don't cuff him in front
of his family.

And get him out of here
before the press show up.

What are you people doing?

Squad cars in front of my
building, police lights on?

I'm chairman of the co-op.

We are taking you
into the station, Hank.

Turn around, please.

Lieutenant said we
don't have to do that.

I wouldn't count on
too many more favors.

Whenever you're ready.

It's okay, sweetheart.


What is going on?
Talk to me.

It's a misunderstanding.

Just keep calling
Roger Kressler.

I've left messages.
And tell him to meet me at SVU.

Dad, where are you going?

Police business, Jordy.

It's gonna be all right.
Don't worry.

Sorry, folks, we've got
to get going, all right?

Come on.

Why do you have to go, Daddy?

- Oh...
- It's okay, baby, come on.

- All right, come on.
- Come here, okay?

Let's go.

[dramatic music]

You really have to do it like
this in the middle of the night?

Just following protocol, Hank.

- Tucker, who called IAB?
- You're not a cop, thank God,

but you're still
a departmental employee.

Yeah, with a hell of a lot
more juice than you.

Okay, Rollins, take the deputy
commissioner down now, please.

Let's go.

All right, let's do this.


Just give me five minutes.

Is there someone after us?


No, no.
Nothing like that.

Jordan, it's all gonna be okay.

- Pippa?
- Olivia, thank God.

No one will give me
a straight answer.

We need to search
your apartment.

This is impossible.

It's actually not impossible.

CCS is outside,

and they need to start
their search now.

It's 2:00 in the morning.

Yes, and we're gonna
help you with a hotel.

I'm stalling CCS as it is.

You need to pack your bags.

And you need to get
your kids dressed,

and we need to go now.

- Come on.
- Kids?

Let's go.
Come on, guys, we got to go.

- [murmuring]
- I'm so sorry.

But we got to go.
All right, let's go, come on.

[police radio chatter]


I'm sorry, you can't play
with the dog right now.

Okay, Lia.
It's all a bad dream.

Let's go.

Come on.


Do everything by the book.
Under the couches, cushions.

All electronics.
Check under the carpet.

[tense music]

Get... get under those cushions.

Check under that couch.

Make sure you check
under that couch.

Anybody get this piano?

This whole area in here,
guys, please.

Bag here.

Here you go.

Liv, dog found something.

You rolling?

Go ahead.

We got flash drives.

Taped on the bottom
of the underwear drawer.

And those aren't
vacation photos.

Separate Faraday bags.

Make sure every procedure
is by the book.

I want a clear chain
of custody on this.

You got it.

His lawyer, Kressler,
got here at 6:00 a.m.

He's been in there
for over an hour.

I don't know what
their strategy is.

CCS processed the flash drives.

Hardcore pornographic
images, videos.

Girls, boys...
all pre-pubescent.

Uh, I don't even
know what to say.

We get the images to NCMEC?

They're running
facial recognition.

Just so I'm clear, in addition
to these flash drives,

he was also cadging
a wi-fi signal

from the old man next door?

Rollins and Carisi entered
Hank Abraham's den

and caught him file-sharing
at his laptop.

Who else had access to the den?

His wife, their two kids.

He has a daughter,
Lia, who's four,

and a son, Jordan, who's 11.

What about a cleaning lady,
sitter... anyone?

We dusted his computer
for prints.

Hank Abraham's were
the only ones on it.

And the password he used for
the Cradlerobberz chat room?

Same one he uses
for the NYPD server.

Where's his family?

They spent the night
at a hotel.

We had unis monitoring them.

Pippa's on her way here now with
those kids for their interview.

She's corporation counsel
for children family services,

and her job is to protect abused
children, and she had no idea?

I really don't think so.

She walked Rollins and Carisi
straight into that den

when he was online.

[knocking, opening door]

Abraham's lawyer
says they're ready.


One of you want to join me,

or am I on my own?

Hank, what in God's name...
Yeah, it's not what you think.

Uh, Hank, Hank...

let me be very clear,

The deputy commissioner does not
have to speak to you,

so not only is he here
as a courtesy,

but he's also here to sense

what it is you think
is going on.

We're pretty clear
on what's going on.

Yeah, so am I.
This is a political takedown.

Barba and the D.A.'s office

are trying to get
their pound of flesh!

- Now, just...
- Whoa!

I'm trying to get
up to speed on this.

Can you walk me through
how and why

you burst through
the deputy commissioner's door

in the middle of the night
without a warrant?

[knocking on door]
I assure you everything went

through the appropriate

Pippa's here with
Jordan and Lia.

- [sighs]
- Where do you want them?

Uh, put them in interview.

I just want to keep them
away from this.


[door opens]


Did you kids get any sleep?

You mean after you kicked them out
of their home at 2:00 in the morning?

What is this?

Tea and sympathy?

Softening up the victim...
or the suspect?

You're not a suspect.

Then why am I here
with my children?

You know the protocol.


when a father is facing
these kind of charges...

caught with this kind
of evidence...


You know how many people
are in and out

of our apartment...
Hank's den?

Housekeepers, maintenance guys,

or people from Hank's office.

Uh, we've been having work done.


Then we will be looking
into all of that.

And you know Hank
makes enemies.

How hard would it be for someone

to hack into
his system remotely?

How many colleagues do you think
are dancing on my grave right now?

- No one's doing that.
- Oh, please.

Let's take a step back from
what you think you have.

It was a neighbor's modem
that uploaded these images.

There's 100 explanations

for how those signals
can get crossed.

My modem was down.

I might have tried his
by mistake.

Go on.

It was late.
I was tired.

An image popped up,
and I tried to close it.

Then all these other images
started popping up.

I couldn't close any of them.

And that must have sent me
into a wormhole.

And that's when
the detectives burst in.

So this only happened one time?


Let's call this what it is,

It's a one-time mistake for
which the deputy commissioner

is extremely embarrassed.

You have his word.
It'll never happen again.

No reason to persecute
a good man.

A good man.

Thing is,

CCS tracked usage on
the same account,

same username and password,
the night before.

Over an hour.

19 hours in the past week.

[dramatic music]

I don't know
anything about that.

Maybe that was someone else

in the building
going through my wi-fi.

Do you have any explanation
for the flash drives we found

taped on the bottom
of your underwear drawer,

each containing thousands
of images and videos

of child pornography?


do you need a little more
time with your client?

Pippa, we have enough evidence

to make the possession
and distribution charges stick.

Believe me.

My husband is not a criminal.

And I have nothing more
to say to you.

That's your right,
but we do need

to speak with your children.

- Not without me present.
- You know the rules.

Hank is a good father.

Is he?

He would never do anything
to hurt Jordan or Lia.

There's a lot that
you may not...

be aware of.

What if, God forbid,
there was something

that your children
weren't telling you?

There isn't.

But you know better than anyone
that if there was,

they wouldn't say it
in front of you.

So let us do our jobs.

I need to be sure
that you're right.

And so do you.

As their mother
and their lawyer,

I watch through the glass.



How big is he?

- Real big.
- Yeah?

Lia, you know the difference
between what's true

and what's not true?

Yes, not true's when
you make up a pretend story.

That's exactly right.

So I'm gonna ask you some
questions about your family,

and you're gonna tell me
what's true, okay?

Like, your mom, your dad,
your older brother...

do they ever do anything that...
you don't like?

Sometimes Jordan doesn't
let me play with him.

Well, that's not very nice.

Older brothers can be
like that though, huh?

Anyone else?

My dad, sometimes.

What does he do
that you don't like?

One time, we were
sitting on the couch.

He was gonna read me a story,
but then...

Then what happened?

He fell asleep
and he was snoring.

Lucas Duda.
Hey, that's his rookie card.

That's nice.

Yeah, my dad got it for me.

Your dad got it for you, huh?
So about your dad, um...

- Do you know why you're here?
- He says it's police business.

At NYPD, it's really 24/7.

It is.

Well, I got...
I got some questions for you.

Is that okay?

Jordan, has anybody
ever talked to you

about the difference between
good touching and bad touching?

Stranger danger?


Has anybody ever
touched you in, um...

well, a private place,

and then told you not
to talk about it?


This could be a teacher.

It could be a family friend.

No, no one.

It could even be your dad.

It's okay.

It's okay, you can tell me.

There is something
that he does.

Really bothers me.


I wish he didn't
have to work so much.

But don't tell him that.

I won't.

Can I take them home now?

Of course.

What about Hank?

He's still in there, isn't he?
What's he saying?

Pippa, you know I can't
tell you that.

Hank likes to keep our professional
and personal lives separate.

A lot of people we work with
don't even know we're married.

So, gentlemen, where are we?

After further discussion
with my client,

we've decided not to continue
with these conversations.

This isn't just going away.

You stop talking,
I have to arraign you.

There's no need
to rush to that.

You know how the press
will react.

So how about your client
agrees to a plea,

and you and I work out a deal?

But I'm not guilty.

It would be better
for your family

if this gets settled
quickly and quietly.

There's nothing quiet
about a charge like this.

You know that.
That's why you're doing this.

Hank, you've been handling other
peoples' crises your whole life.

I want you to think about
what you would advise a client

in your position to do.


The people request bail
be set at $50,000.

There's also the possibility
of federal charges, Your Honor.

My client has no record.

He was a successful
political consultant

who made a mid-career change
to public service.

We request R.O.R.

Given the severity
of the charges,

I'm setting bail at $30,000.

The defendant will be released
to home detention,

required to wear a GPS
monitoring ankle bracelet,

relinquish his passport,

and refrain from any and all
computer and cell phone usage.

[gavel slams]

[indistinct shouting]
[camera shutters clicking]

Is your husband a pedophile?

- Please...
- Did you know?

Did you have any idea?

[indistinct shouting]

Okay, back off, people.

Stop here.

Please stop.

God, they're like
a pack of wild dogs.

- I'm so sorry.
- You're sorry?

This is your fault.

There were 100 ways
you could've handled this.

You didn't have to destroy us.

Look, nobody is trying to
destroy you, believe me.

I got an email today
from my boss.

I'm on leave,
pending transfer to a position

that doesn't involve
contact with juveniles,

sex offenders,
or assault victims!

- Take a breath...
- No, just leave us... don't!

Pippa, just take a breath.

You... you okay?

No, I'm not okay!
I am not all right!


My kids are not okay.
Hank is not all right.

[sniffling, breathing]

- This is about payback, isn't it?
- What?

Who got you to do this?

It's not, I swear to you.

- I swear that it's not.
- It is!

What else can it be?

[whispering] Pippa...

[poignant music]

Are you telling me
Hank did this?

[whispering] I'm sorry.



It's okay.
Sit down, sit down.



You don't have to talk to me.

Hank's lawyer asked me to
come up here and talk to him.

I know.
That's why I'm leaving.

I can't be here.

The kids?

At my parents'...

Thank you for asking.

- I want to thank you.
- Excuse me?

This arrest, though I still
object to the tactics...

I see it now as
the wake-up call I needed.

My life was out of control.
I was an addict,

trying to fight it.

But I was too ashamed.

We're past that now.

Hank has been speaking to
a rehabilitation center

with an impressive success rate

where he can get the help
that he needs.

Good, I...

it's just...
it's not that simple anymore.

I understand I have
a lot of work to do.

These are deep-seated issues.

And I know I'm facing
serious charges,

but if you could
put them on hold,

it would give me the chance
to save my life and my family.


Even if I look the other way,
the Feds won't.

The Feds?

You're a high-profile
NYPD official.

They've been calling
almost hourly

trying to get
their hooks into you.

And unlike us,
they charge each image

as a mandatory five-year bid.

You'll get the maximum...
20 to 30.

Is he bluffing?

No, Hank.

[tense music]

How'd you get on to me?

Someone turned me in to
save his own ass, right?

- Basically, yes.
- Was it Teddy Hawkins?

You know I can't answer that.

So how about I make
a deal like Teddy did?

It's too late for that.

Your rat got all that cheese.

If you want to help us find

the people who produce
these images, these videos...

Producers? You think I'm in contact
with people like that?

If I knew anyone
who was doing this to a child,

my God... I'd have called the Feds
on them in an instant.

You do realize that these
kids you're watching...

these "digital images"...

they're crime scene photos

of real children
being raped.

I never touched a child.

I was never in a room
with a child.

I don't... I don't know
anyone who has.

I'm a parent!

- For God's sake!
- Okay.

I don't know why
you asked me here.

This really isn't going away.
I don't see a deal to be had.

Don't give me that crap.
There's always a deal.

You need to focus on
what's going on.

Your friends are going to desert
you if they haven't already.

All you've got left
is your family.

Don't abandon them.

Oh, I get it.
Mr. Nice Guy.

Here to help, are you?

Hank, this isn't
getting us anywhere.

Whose side are you on?

There's no conspiracy here.

Plead guilty.
Serve your sentence.

Spare your family
any more pain.

You know what?



leave me alone.


Both of you... get out.

Just get out.

So your rehab's going well?

- I'm glad.
- Thanks.

I heard about
the Abraham thing.

That's a tough one.

I'm sorry
I wasn't there to support.

You're lucky you missed it.

Yeah, that's what my dad said.

I took a bullet and
ended up dodging one.

Your father does have
a way with words.


Also, he thinks I should use
this leave of absence

as a "transition point"
to explore other opportunities.


And what might they be?

If I go to Joint Terrorism,
it's a higher profile.

Might give me a leg up.

Well, that's probably true.

I'm just not sure that's
what I want to do.

You know, I like it here.

Well, then you have
a decision to make.

Just remember,

it's your decision,

not your father's.

I know.

It's just, uh...

he's not gonna accept that.

- Thank you for meeting me.
- Of course.

I don't have a lot of...

people I can talk to.

I'm staying in a hotel.

I miss my kids.
I want them with me.

Selfish, right?

No, it's...

it's probably best that
they're out of town right now.

Lia's back to
sucking her thumb.

Jordan's silent.


With time,

and therapy, it can...

My father...

Aside from wanting
to kill Hank,

wants me to...

wants me to change
their last name.

Says anyone who Googles them
for the rest of their lives

will know their

father is a pedophile.

I'm so sorry.

My mother, she's blaming me.

"How could you not suspect him?

You do this for a living."


men who do this

have to hide it.

They get very good

at compartmentalizing.

[tense music]

I married him.

I slept with him for 12 years.

I didn't know he was sick.

No radar went off.


how blind am I...
how stupid?

[glass clinking] Thanks.


Sounds like Pippa's
starting to accept

this is really happening.

What about Hank?

[sighs] In and out of denial.

Thinks he can make a deal,
somehow get away with it.

Refuses to go on the registry.

If I can't get him to plead,
the Feds are gonna take over.

How many people have
we put away for this?

Not once have I ever had
sympathy for any of them.

That's not our problem.

It is our problem.

[cell phone buzzes]

Yeah, Carmen, I said no calls.




- Thank you.
- What?

Hank Abraham just
slashed his wrists.

[dramatic music]


How's he doing?

Uh, he lost blood,
but he'll make it.

I found him on the floor
of the bathroom.


only stopped by
the apartment to

pick up some
things for the kids.

If I hadn't...
But you did.

You saved his life.

I just reacted.

I didn't want to lose him.

[indistinct P.A. announcement]


Does this ever
stop getting worse?


Not until your husband
accepts where he is.

Although Mr. Hawkins was
unaware of the age of the victim,

when he offered her
an alcoholic drink,

he is pleading guilty to
one misdemeanor count

of unlawfully dealing
with a child.

He has also established
a $1 million fund

to deal with victims of
alcohol and drug addiction

and sex abuse.
He's very eager...

That's, what,
six months at most?

Teddy skates while Abraham's
probably looking at hard time.

Yeah, I heard he tried
to kill himself.

That poor, dumb bastard.

I spoke to Ryan at
the Task Force.

He says he still hasn't
heard from you.


I appreciate the opportunity.

But for now,
I want to stay at SVU.

There are very few bright,
shining paths in life, son.

You've got one

laid out in front of you
right now.

And if you don't take it,
somebody else will.


Mr. Abraham.

On the multiple charges
of possessing

an obscene sexual performance
by a child,

how do you plead?

Guilty, Your Honor.

I've hurt my family, my friends,
and the department.

Whatever led me down this road,

there is no excuse
for my crimes.

I'm sorry.

Also, Your Honor,
it should be noted

that Mr. Abraham has begun

a rigorous addiction
treatment program.

Mr. Barba?

Given the defendant's

with our ongoing investigation
and commitment to treatment,

the People believe that justice
will best be served

if four year sentences
on each count

run concurrently.

So ordered.

The defendant will serve his
sentence in protective custody.

And he will remain on
the sex offenders' registry

for a minimum of 20 years.

[raps gavel]

That's the best
we could ask for.

Thank you, Counselor.

He's still my husband.

We have two children.

I get it.

I get it.

Abraham's family...

how do they start over
after this?

I can't even think about it.

- Still up for that nightcap?
- Yeah.

I could really use a drink.

Uh, you know what?
Not here.


Wherever you want to go.

- You tell me.
- Okay.

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