Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 14 - Wednesday's Child - full transcript

Tom Moore (guest star John Benjamin Hickey) arrives home from a business trip to find his young son, Nicky (guest star Duncan Nicholson), missing from his bed. With a history of behavioral problems, the cops suspect he wandered off alone, and the search becomes more urgent as the diabetic boy's insulin pump runs out. But the investigation leads to something more dangerous when a criminal couple (guest stars Rosanna Arquette and Mark Boone Junior), known for child endangerment and pornography, is spotted with Nicky. With a child's life on the line, the cops try to turn one suspect against the other before it's too late. Meanwhile, a personal issue derails Sergeant Benson's (Mariska Hargitay) current course.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

[Metronome ticking]
Ticktock, Olivia.

[Kettle whistles]

[Whistling stops]

Hi, honey.

Oh, no, I'm beat.

15-hour flight from Bangkok.

Weather's bad in brussels,
had to divert to helsinki.

So hopefully I'll be home
before Nicky's in college.

How'd he do last night?

Better. A little.

He was up all hours.

He's still sleeping, thank God.

Just hang in there, honey.
I love you both.

I'll be home as soon as I can.

Here you go, sarge.

My mileage and logbook,
all caught up.

- Great. Rollins?
- Working on it.

- Coffee.
- Oh.

Okay. Thanks.

Everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.



Yeah, I tried
calling you earlier.

Is... is now a good time?

That sounds challenging.

I can handle the job.

It's just I wasn't prepared
for the caretaking.

I mean,
everybody needs my attention.

If I focus on one,
then the other acts out.

The boss is often
a parent figure.

They may be projecting feelings
toward their mothers onto you.

What's up, Olivia?

I just, um...

I wasn't gonna mention it,
but these last few days,

I-I thought I was pregnant.

I held off on taking the test.

Until today.

Yeah, turns out that I'm not.
Just, um...

I guess I should be relieved,
right? Brian is.

Well, instead of talking

about how he feels
and how you should feel,

can you tell me
how you do feel?

These last few days...


Thinking that that door
wasn't closed, I...

Just imagined
this whole other life.

Hey, Nicky, it's dad.
I'm home.



Lisa? Lisa, wake up.
Where's Nicky?

- He's asleep in bed.
- No. No, he's not.

He's gone.

[Dramatic music]

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Law & Order: SVU
15x14- Wednesday's Child

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Liv, you didn't have to come.
I told you we had it under control.

Still, the father
works at the U.N.

It's high profile.
What do we got?

Nicky Moore, seven.

No ransom demand,
no signs of forced entry.

Mother, Lisa,
is a stay-at-home mom.

Father, Dr. Tom Moore,
just won a humanitarian award

for third-world neonatal care.
Flew in early this morning.

Discovered that
his own kid was missing.

Nicky's lost? I hope he didn't
run into traffic again.


That little boy has been hell
on wheels since they moved here.

Oh, so you've seen
Nicky acting out.

I've seen him
almost tear her arm off,

screaming, "you're not my mommy.
I want to go home."


See, Nicky's from Georgia...

What they used to call
Soviet Georgia.

And how long ago
did you adopt him?

Two years ago.

Tom and I tried for years.

I.V.F., everything,
but it just wasn't meant to be.

And then Tom found Nicky
at the orphanage.

A godsend.

And has Nicky adjusted well?

Were there any problems?

Has Nicky run away before?

Sometimes on the street,
he'll bolt ahead,

but never in the middle
of the night.

Did you open this window?

Just a little
because of the heat.

Oh, my God.

You... do you think
someone came in and took him?

Mrs. Moore, stranger
abductions are extremely rare.

But this is a, you know,
ground-floor apartment.

It is possible that Nicky
climbed out himself.

- Sergeant.
- But why would he do that?

Hey. Come on in.

Can you tell me
what he was wearing?

Um, blue pajamas with trains.

And that's his winter coat?

Do you have any idea
where he might go?


Nicky doesn't have a lot
of friends, he's a little wild.

- He's a seven-year-old boy.
- No, no, this is different.

He spent the first five years
of his life in an orphanage,

so he has ongoing socialization
and developmental issues.

What are we talking about?

Well, global delays
in fine motor, gross motor,

language, um,
insecure attachment issues.

It's very difficult for him
to bond with other kids.

Even with us.

And you know,

what's really disturbing
is if he did wander away,

he's got this
indiscriminate friendliness.

What does that mean?

Well, we tried to teach Nicky,

but he just doesn't understand
social order.

First family and then friends
and then neighbors.

So you're saying
he has no fear of strangers?

Just the opposite.

And then on top of that,
there's his medical condition.

Nicky did have a bad day.

I just thought he was
keyed up from the drive.

- Okay, where were you?
- At our house in Connecticut.

We'd been there all week.
I home school Nicky.

It's just easier in the country
when his father's away.

He's calmer.

Okay. Have you taught him
his phone number or his address?

I've been trying, but he's...

Liv, we got another issue.

You didn't tell them
about his pump?

Oh, my God.
I didn't think...

- He's diabetic?
- Yeah, type 1.

His pump only holds
enough Insulin for three days.

CSU says the only fingerprints
on the inside or outside

of the boy's bedroom window
belong to the family.

What about street cams?

None on that block.
It's all residential.

No sign of the kid
on the avenues.

We're covering
parks and subways.

Nicky likes trains and boats.

So put in a call
to harbor patrol.

Is there any way to track
his Insulin device?

Yeah, it sends an alert
to the parents' cell phone

when his blood sugar gets
too high, but there's no GPS.

Excuse me.
Sergeant Benson.

I'm sorry.
Do I know you?

Hank Abraham.

Acting deputy commissioner
for public information.

Landed on your feet.

Didn't you manage
the losing campaign?

Well, he not busy being reborn
is busy dying.

Besides, the new mayor believes
in keeping his enemies close.

So what can we do for you,
Mr. Abraham?

We all want
the same thing here...

To get the word out to the media
about this missing kid.

All right? We're ten minutes
away from a news conference.

- I'll brief you.
- No, you'll brief the press.

I'll be right behind you.

Liv, there's a doorman
around the corner

that says he's seen Nicky

talking to a street guy
called Keys.

He might come back around.

He moves cars
for alternate side parking.

Okay, you and Fin go.
See if the parents know him.

Yeah, some street guy?

And a diabetic kid
with an attachment disorder

out in the freezing cold?

Tell me
there's a happy ending here.

Hey, hey.

It's not my car.

Owner gave me the keys,
registration's in the glove box.

Okay, we don't care
about the car.

- You know this boy?
- Oh, yeah.

Nicky. Good kid.
He's missing, right?

That's what
all this fuss is about.

Yeah. When's the last time
you saw him?

Last week,

right before he went away
with his mom, Tuesday afternoon.

How do you know that?

That's my job, miss.
I need that spot.

She left on Tuesday,

opened up a spot that was good
until Friday morning.

Came back Sunday night.
Hold up.

You said the last time
you saw the kid was Tuesday.

She came back Sunday.

Took a Monday spot,
but Monday was a holiday.

So it was good until Thursday.

Damn near killed me
when she pulled in.

Okay, so where was Nicky?

I don't know.

You sure he wasn't in the car?

She took some groceries
from the front seat.

Didn't check the backseat
or the trunk.

Hey, if I'm lying, I'm dying.

Check it out... her beemer's
parked right where she left it.

Not on this block,
around the corner.

All right, booster seat,
some cheerios, and kids' toys.

That's it.
Pop the trunk.

Okay, you know what,
she came in from Connecticut.

Manhattan's an island.
She's got an e-zpass.

This won't be hard.

Look, it's been 12 hours.
There's still no sign of Nicky?

That's why we're going through
your wife's timeline again.


There may be something
significant that we missed.

Then I should be
in there with her.

Not just yet.

I don't understand.
We've been through this.

Yes, we have.
Just... just bear with us.

Now, you said you left the city

for your house in Connecticut
at 2:00 last Tuesday.


With homeschooling,
we can make our own schedule.

Okay, and what time did you
leave for New York Sunday night?

7:00. That way,
Nicky falls asleep in the car.

I didn't know what time
tom was due home.

His flight was delayed.

Did you stop anywhere
along the way?


For groceries.

- For groceries.
- Yes.


Nicky was asleep.

How'd you get him in the house?

Excuse me?

You had groceries.
How many bags?

I don't know.

Two, three, what difference
does it make? For God's sake.

Must have been difficult
to carry a sleeping child

of his size

on a slippery sidewalk.

Did you bring in the bags
before or after him?

Why are you asking me all this?

Lisa, is it possible

that Nicky wasn't in the car

when you drove back
from Connecticut?

Are you insane?
Of course he was.

Are you sure?

You came over
the Triborough bridge, right?

That's right.
That's right. I told you.

Can you tell me
why Nicky's not in the car?


When was the last time
you saw Nicky?

[Sobbing] I had to.

I had to do it.

I had to.

You would have done
the same thing.

I had to.

She still won't say
what happened to Nicky.

Just kept repeating,
"I had to do it."

The husband has no idea.

- Not a chance.
- Show him the photo.

Put 'em both in the box and see
if he can get her talking.

I don't understand.
Lisa, what does this mean?

I had no choice.

I couldn't take it.
I was losing my mind, Tom.

Where is Nicky?

Where's Nicky?
Now you want to know?

Where were you?
Where were you?

Saving the children
of the world?

I was alone with him
for six weeks.

Are you crazy? I told you
we could've hired some help.

Who, an armed guard?
He was out of control.

Throwing things, biting,
banging his head.

He opened the car door
when I was doing 70,

nearly killed us both!
He cannot help how he acts.

Nobody held him for the first
five years of his life.

Do you think
I wanted it this way?

Do you know how hard I tried?

Lisa, is Nicky still alive?

Oh, my...

I could never harm a child.

Okay, so just tell us
where he is.



I gave him to someone
who said they could handle him.

- You gave my son away?
- To whom, Lisa? The orphanage?

Oh, no, they wouldn't
take him back.

Even though they didn't tell us
about all the problems he had.

And then that City Foster Care
would've been a nightmare.

So where... where is Nicky?

He's with a family that knows
how to raise boys like him.

It's a strict,
religious family.

And who are they?

She wouldn't let me
know their names.

She'd done it before,
said a clean break was best.

- Why did you lie to me?
- Never mind that.

So who is she, Lisa?
Who is she?

The woman,
she runs the service.

I found her online,

and she told me
I should come in right away.


It's all legit.

I gave her power of attorney.

Oh, my...

She was very nice.

So Nicky's mother
gave her own kid away,

was afraid to tell her husband,

so she pretended
he was kidnapped.

Where is the boy now?

The broker's voice mail
is full,

so Fin and Rollins
are on their way

to east haven to speak
with her in person.

A baby broker?

So she'll be arrested
along with the mother.

Maybe we can charge the mother
with filing a false report,

but otherwise,
it is out of our hands.

Excuse me, counselor?

She dropped the kid off
like a kitten on the highway.

You're gonna tell me
that that's not

endangering the welfare
of a child?

No, sergeant.

I'm gonna tell you that
there are laws on the books,

and there are also ways
around them.

Connecticut allows for these
nonlegal transfers of children.

People find these middlemen
on the Internet,

and they use them to place their
adopted children in other homes.

You know, when the kid
doesn't turn out to be yo-yo ma,

the parents re gift 'em.

Well, the term
they use is "re-homing."

And nobody's tracking
where these children are placed.

There is no state
or federal law

that even acknowledges
this is going on.

We have told the city
that this kid is missing,

so we have to find him.

We have no jurisdiction.

You want to explain
that to the public?

- Hold on.
- The mayor?

These re-homings.

Don't both parents
have to sign off?

If they're both
legal custodians, yes.

So if the father
reported him missing,

that's a case we can work.

I want an Amber alert
out on this kid.

That's for children
who have been abducted.

Well, she gave the kid to a broker
she found on the Internet.

We don't know where the hell
he could end up.


Lisa brought him in
late on Tuesday.

I found a family for him
online Wednesday.

They came to pick him up
that night.

Is there a problem?

Did you know the boy's father
didn't sign off on it?

Lisa told me the father
wasn't in the picture.

Listen, we just need
any information

that you have on the family
that took Nicky, okay?

Okay. Okay.

Well, one of these days, I gotta
get myself "organizized."

Nicky is diabetic, okay?
He needs Insulin.

Lisa brought extra Insulin,

and his new parents totally
understood the pump thing.

His father had
health issues of his own.

- How's that?
- He's in a wheelchair.

That's why they couldn't adopt
through normal channels.

Here it is.

They had references
and a home study form

from the department
of family services.

Okay, Alexa and Roger Smith.

Address is 1 east 161st street,
Bronx, New York.


I didn't know
anybody lived at yankee stadium.

And this home study form
you can print off the Internet.

Oh, my God,
I feel sick about this.

- Oh, God.
- They seemed like good people.

They're not good people.
You understand?

We need anything else
you have on them, okay?

Their driver's license,
any photos.

I could draw a sketch for you.

Okay, they picked him up
from here.

What kind of car were they in?
Do you remember that?

Like, a...

A church lady van.

Blue, for handicapped driver,

and the license
plate frame...

A dealer in mount Vernon.

Made me think
of George Washington, you know?

We did manage
to track down this couple

through a car dealership
in Mount Vernon.

There the police know 'em
by another alias.

Roger and Alexa Pearson,

when they evicted them
from their apartment.

For living
too close to a school.

They're both
on the sex offender registry.

Both? What for?

Well, he's a producer.
She's a former porn star.

15 years ago, they were busted

for their
just became legal series.

Turns out
most of the girls hadn't.

He did eight years,
she got probation,

and she waited on him.

And now they've adopted Nicky.

He may not be the only one.

Roger's got
at least four other aliases.

She's got three.

We found some of those names

on re-homing bulletin boards
and websites.

They troll
for unwanted adopted kids.

Probably to star
in their movies.

Okay, we need to find
these people yesterday.

Track every alias.

Any known family, friends,
put Nicky through FBI databases.

I already did that. He hasn't
turned up in any videos yet.

They may not be videos.

They could be streaming live
from webcam feeds.

Okay, so keep searching.
These people are grifters.

Look for disability payments,
unemployment, welfare.

The V.A.'S been sending Roger
Pearson checks to this address.

Meanwhile there's real vets
struggling to make ends meet.

Find anything?

Looks empty, but there's
a plywood ramp in the back.

Neighbors seen Nicky?

Well, I mean, they said
that they'd heard kids playing.

And the real owners
moved out after Sandy,

but Alexa told them
that they were relatives.

We have a warrant.

Come on.

Nicky? Nicky.


Nicky, you here?

Must have saw the Amber alert
on the news and left in a hurry.

I got
three girls' sleeping bags.

Check this out.

Boys' clothing.

Train designs.

Could be Nicky's pajamas.

Oh, look,
the machine's still on.

Look at all these DVDs.

They're blank. They haven't
even been opened yet.

Yeah, but there is one
in the machine.

Wow, you look so pretty.

That's from last week.

- Okay, okay.
- Okay.

All right. Let's go.
We ready? Action.

Come on, Stella.

I'm Stella.
I'm nine.

[Sighs] I'm Madison.

She just turned seven.

Do you want to have
a playdate with us?

[Whispers] Tell them
about your new brother.

Come over here.


Nicky. Come on, honey.

Honey, look up at the camera.

- Just say hi.
- Hi.

Tell them how old you are.

7 and 1/2.

- [Sighs]
- Okay, okay.

We're all going to have
a playdate together.

Do you wanna watch?
It will be lots of fun.

They left this disk behind.

What's on the disks
they took with them?

There's an Amber alert out.

How hard can it be
to find a blue van

with a license plate
for the disabled?

He's smart enough.
Maybe he changed the plates.

These little girls...

Do we know anything
about where they came from?

We're working on DNA.

As of now, they don't match

photos or descriptions
of any missing children.

They do turn up in the NCMEC
facial recognition databases.

They're screen grabs
of web porn.

They're trying to track down
the servers,

but don't hold your breath.

Are tho... are those the people
that you said have Nicky?

Tom, Lisa.
You shouldn't be here.

I told you that I would call you
as soon as we made any progress.

Please, I've done
a lot of work overseas.

I know what
child exploitation looks like.

Oh, my God, what have I done?

Lisa, this is not about you
right now, okay?

It's about finding Nicky,
if he's even still alive.

Let's try to calm down.

Okay, we don't know
what this is yet.

Nicky may well be okay.

No, he's not.
That's why we're here.

System sent out a warning.

Nicky's blood sugar levels
are way too high,

and his pump is almost empty.

If it runs out of Insulin,
it could trigger ketoacidosis,

acute dehydration,
nausea, vomiting.

Look, it could lead to a coma.

We are doing everything we can
to find your little boy.

Do you think those people
would take care of him

if his body shuts down?

I'm gonna be honest with you.

You never know what somebody
will do in a crisis.

So the best thing
that you can do right now

is to go home
and take care of each other.

And we'll call you if we make
any progress, I promise you.

Get those photos out
to every pharmacy in the area

with an alert on anyone
asking for Insulin.

Make sure that they are detained
until we get there.

I don't know
what the holdup is.

I called this in 20 minutes
before I got here,

and now you got me waiting here
for half an hour.

I'm sorry, miss. It should
just be another minute.

That's bull.
I got a sick kid on my hands.

If anything happens to him,
it's gonna be on your head.


Police! Stop!

[Tires screech, both grunting]


[Handcuffs click] Aah!

Leave me alone.

She's tight as a drum.

Patrol found the van
across from the pharmacy empty.

And no GPS.

So there's no way
to track it back to Roger.

No, and no cell phone either.

The pharmacist said
she had one,

but it was gone by the time
we grabbed her.

We're searching
the lot for it now.

Did she have time
to tip Roger off?

I mean,
we were right behind her.

If he doesn't hear from her
soon, he'll catch on.

Well, we don't have
a lot of time.

I'm gonna take a run at her.

I may have something
you can use.

Her pre-sentence investigation
from 15 years ago.

There was a reason
they went easy on her.

You've had a pretty good run,
haven't you, Alexa?

Child porn, identity theft,
pandering with adolescents,

now we can throw in child
endangerment and kidnapping.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I don't see any children
in danger, do you?

You don't know
what I'm talking about?

How about the two little girls

on this disk that you were
looking to pimp out?

[Chuckles] Pimp out.

They were talking
about playdates.

I don't know what you think,

but we give a home to kids
that no one else wants.

Look in your books.
We haven't broken the law.

All we're about
is taking care of kids.

Including Nicky?

These are
his current glucose levels.

If he goes into a coma, that's
gonna be on you and Roger.

No, that's gonna be on you.

He would've had his Insulin
if you hadn't picked me up.

Let me go, and I'll make sure
he gets his Insulin.

Wow. Bargaining
while a kid's dying.

That's... that's hard-core.

Lady, you have no idea.

Anything these kids
have had to do

I've done backwards in high
heels from the time I was six.

You know what?

I know that you've had
a hard life.

I read your arrest reports.

Abused at home.
Runaway at 15.

Turned out and doing porn
one year after that.

Good for you, you can read.

Being in the life,
living on the street.

None of that
was as hard as losing...

What was your baby's name?


Don't you talk about him.

Extremely premature baby
with fetal alcohol syndrome.

And what was he, 1 pound,
4 ounces when he was born?

Round-the-clock care
for two years?

Must have been hell.

That's why you helped Nicky,
isn't it?

You risked
going to that pharmacy

because you couldn't watch
another child suffer.

You don't know
what it's like...

To lose one.

It leaves a hole in your heart.

So where is Nicky, Alexa?

He's okay.

He is.

Roger's making sure
he... he eats.

You don't understand,
all right?

Feeding him crap won't help,
and without Insulin,

his blood sugar will keep spiking...
he could die.

Alexa, I know that
you want to do the right thing.

I can see it in your eyes.

So tell us where he is, okay?

Just don't tell Roger that I
gave it up too easy, all right?


You're cheating again.

- Am not!
- Are too.

Am not!

We got it.

Stella, Madison?
What do you want?

It's okay, honey,
we're the police.


- You're looking for Nicky.
- We are. Is he here?

Mommy went to get his medicine.

When she didn't come back,

Uncle Roger
took him out for a treat.

And they left you here?

All alone with no one
to take care of you?

Is there somebody else
in that other room?

- No, don't...
- No, please.

Okay, okay, okay.

- No, you can't go in the room.
- What... what's your name, honey?

Caitlin. You have to be quiet.
He's sleeping.

Come here. Who?
Who's sleeping?

- Please don't go in there.
- It's okay, sweetie.

It's okay.

[Baby cooing]

[Whispers] Hi.

Hello, there.

Hi, sweetie.

[Baby whines]

It's okay. Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay, there.

Hi. Hi.

Hi. Hi.

Hey, we're hourly rate.
I don't know all the guests.

Don't tell me
you don't recognize him.

Yeah, I seen him.
Nice guy.

Big family for one room.

I threw in the adjoining
presidential suite on the first floor.

You know,
because of the wheelchair.

When's the last time
you saw him?

The wife took the van
this afternoon.

Then he left with that buggy kid
when the sun was going down.

- Somebody pick him up?
- No.

He just rolled out
into the street

holding on to the kid's arm.

Hey, I guess the good news
is he won't get far on foot.


What'd they do
when they got to the road?

I don't know.

Probably went down
to the bus stop.

I changed his diaper,
and I gave him a little formula.


Here you go.
Such a sweet baby.

[Baby cries]

Caitlin was just telling me

that Roger and Alexa don't
let them get out that much.

They don't like anyone
to see us.

"Stay inside, Caitlin.

Don't go near the window.
Stay inside."

How long
have you lived with them?

I don't know.

I'm not so good at time.

My tenth birthday
was a while ago.

Roger said I was too old then.

Too old for what?

Webcam stuff, you know.

Now he makes
the other girls do it.

I help Alexa take care of them.

And did Nicky have to do
webcam stuff too?

Nicky's not so good
at listening.

What about the baby?

He's not on camera.

Roger brought him home as
a Christmas present for Alexa.

It made her really happy.

There were three girls
in your hotel room.

Where did they come from?

Where they all come from.

Parents who don't
want them anymore.

Including this baby?

His parents
just handed over their infant

to a stranger in a wheelchair?

Roger told me he found him
in a train station bathroom,

and I learned a long time ago
not to ask too many questions.

He wasn't gonna
be like the other ones.

CJ was my baby.

[Knock on door]

Got a minute?

Fin and Amaro found a witness

that saw Roger and Nicky
on a bus headed to the airport.

[Indistinct P.A. announcement]

That's them a half hour ago.

- But no sightings since?
- No.

There are no tickets
in his name.

Or the boy's
or any of their known aliases.

We're running
through everything we have

of men in wheelchairs,
but so far nothing with the boy.

Any chance he could've got
past TSA at the metal detectors?

With no boarding pass?

They miss a lot,
but give 'em a little credit.

Wait there, hold up.
Hey, roll that one back.


- Nicky's not with him.
- Where's that bathroom?


Son of a bitch can walk?

You didn't know?

I never saw him take one step.

He made me do everything!

The boy, Alexa.

What would Roger
have done with Nicky?

[Sighs] I don't know.
I don't know.

I don't know
who that man is now.

I need you to stay focused.
Listen to me.

Is it possible that Roger
had another accomplice

who he could've handed Nicky
off to at the airport?

[Crying] No, I swear,

it's always been Roger and me
all these years.

We are never apart!

Help yourself now.

Does he have friends
who would protect him?

Are you kidding me?

Roger has stepped on everyone
he knew to get to the gutter.

Okay, so, Alexa,

if he were in trouble,
where would he go?

What would he do?

- Roger Pearson.
- Huh?

You're under arrest.

No. Hey, wait.

Wait a second.
Can I get this to go?

- Where's the boy?
- What boy?

- Hmm? Where's the boy?
- What boy?

Stand up.

We know you can walk.
Come on.

- Are you kidding me? No.
- Get up.

You're not gonna leave
this food here, are you?

No, really.

- Come on.
- You really should...

Roger, what'd you do
with Nicky?

I keep telling you, I don't know
who you're talking about.

Remember now?

No idea where he is.
God's honest truth.

Just like you being truthful
about not being able to walk?

Come on, it's all good, bro.

You can park anywhere.

Your woman
gives you sponge baths.

You should try it sometime.

How would you like to really
have a hard time walking?

Where is the crime here, huh?
Who's complaining?

The good folks
who gave Nicky away?

What, do they want him back now?

Alexa's given you up, Roger.

Identity theft,
defrauding the V.A.,

sex trafficking, webcam porn...

That's virtual rape of minors.

Virtual rape.
Come on, boo boo.

Besides, you can't even
make her testify.

Spousal privilege.


Well, you have to know
that doesn't apply

to joint participants
in a criminal venture.

Okay, so what?
She's not gonna turn.

The one thing she's still got...
She's loyal.

Not anymore.

She's seen that.

You showed her that?

That's the least
of your problems.

You got one shot at staying out
of gen pop with a pedophile tag.

Tell us where Nicky is.

How am I supposed to know?

I gave him some juice
to cool him down.

Then I dumped him at one of
those cinnamon doughnut places.

Not for nothing,

that kid is a pain in the ass.

We checked every doughnut place

and coffee shop in the airport.

We're re-canvassing
bathrooms, dumpsters...

What about cabstands,
bus stops?

We have port authority
police posted.

What about the departure gates?

It is an airport.

Lady, these days, no way anyone
gets on a plane without a ticket.

So you haven't checked.
Start now.

I got hundreds of flights.

With this weather,
half of them are delayed.

Okay, you know what,
Nicky is lost,

he's confused,
he's been abandoned by everyone.

He might just wanna go home.
Where's home?

- Republic of Georgia.
- In Russia?

Good luck to him.
This terminal,

domestic flights only.
No, no, no, right there.

8:30, Atlanta.

Georgia. It's gonna
say that on the gate.


Nicky. Nicky.


Nicky. Ma'am, I need this door
opened immediately.

Nicky. Nicky.

He's out cold.

Is there a doctor on the plane?
Does anybody have Insulin?

Okay, Nicky.

Hang in there, sweetie.
Oh, my God.

Can we see him now?

He's been through a lot.
I would take it slow.

Um, let me go first.

I know what you're thinking.

But I was having a breakdown.

I'm sure you were.

But you call someone.

You ask for help.

You don't just discard a child.

- I know that now.
- Do ya?

Do you have any idea
how lucky you are

that your child
came back alive, unharmed?

If there were
any better options for Nicky,

I would recommend
that you don't get him back.

It's going to be different now.

I hope so.


Hey, slugger.


It's okay.
I'm back now.

I gotcha.

It's all right.

Nicky, things are gonna be
different now.

I'm not gonna be away so much.

You, um...

Think we could try this again?

How's the boy doing?

About as well
as can be expected.

It's great.

It's a heartwarming ending
for the new administration.

And rescuing these other girls
and the baby...

The mayor wants you both
at his side

when he gives
the press conference.

Please send our apologies.

There's still quite a bit
of police work to be done.

We have to charge
Roger and Alexa,

make sure they go away
for a long time.

And find the parents
of the other children.

No one's come forward
for any of these kids?

Not even the baby?
Not yet.

What's wrong with people?

We'll get the word out.

That baby belongs to someone.

Baby boy Doe was found

in the custody
of two known criminals

who also had possession of
four other children at the time.

And what has happened
to those other children?

Nicky Moore has been reunited
with his adoptive parents,

and the three rescued girls

are in the foster care system
awaiting permanent placement.

And despite
the extensive news coverage,

no one has come forward
to claim baby boy Doe,

who was also found
in the motel room?

No, your honor, we've checked
hospital records and databases

for all reports
on missing children,

and no matches have been found.

That's why we're making
this motion today, your honor.


Seems tragic that at a time

when so many people
yearn to have a child,

a perfectly healthy
and beautiful infant

like this goes unclaimed.

This baby, being declared
a destitute child,

will remain in the custody
of children's services

until efforts to find a parental
caretaker are exhausted

and more permanent
arrangements can be made.

Next case.

[Metronome ticking]

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -