Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 13 - Betrayal's Climax - full transcript

Sixteen year-old Avery Capshaw's (guest star Fiona Robert) parents report her kidnapped, and the SVU finds signs of a party turned violent. Her boyfriend, Manny Montero (Juan Castano), is a scholarship student from the Projects, and though his family swears he's on the right track, Amaro (Danny Pino) suspects he's involved with a dangerous gang. When Manny refuses to talk, the cops are forced to arrest him, but the violence only escalates. Meanwhile, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) is sworn in as the SVU's new sergeant.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

And to faithfully
discharge my duties.

All: And to faithfully
discharge my duties.

As a sergeant in the New York
City Police Department.

All: As a sergeant in the
New York City Police Department.

To the best of my abilities,
so help me, God.

All: To the best of my abilities,
so help me, God.



Jumping around so much.
How much caffeine you got in there?


So how was DC?

You and Maria?

I-- One day at a time.
You know the drill.

Cassidy's a no-show?

Still undercover.
Or that's his story.


Sergeant Victor Azaria.


[Phone chimes]

We got a call.

It couldn't have come
an hour earlier?

A... missing teenage girl.

Parents came home,
place was ransacked.

You know what,
me and Fin'll take it.

You stay for Liv.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah.

Man, we got this.

Sergeant Olivia Benson.


Avery Capshaw. 16.

Her parents went to a wedding,
left her home alone.

Came back this morning
to the place trashed,

robbed, and the girl missing.

She's not at school,
not answering her cell.

When's the last time
they spoke with her?

Last night. 8:00.

They're convinced
she's been kidnapped.

You're not?

- Any sign of forced entry?
- No.

And the place smells like weed.

Neighbors heard loud music
till about midnight.

Thank you.

Avery never would have thrown a party
without asking our permission.

Something happened to our daughter.
You have to find her.

Has anyone contacted you
about a ransom?

No, but our cash
and jewelry are gone.

Teenagers, though.
Sometimes they're unpredictable.

Not Avery.
She's never been in trouble.

And there's blood
in our bedroom.

I think that she was assaulted.

Your daughter got a boyfriend?

Not anymore.
She was seeing Manny Montero.

They're both in the 10th grade.
Hamilton Gifted And Talented.

- When'd they break up?
- Two months ago.

Her grades were slipping,
we asked her to end it.

Any chance he was here
last night?

Absolutely not.
He's a nice boy.


Look, I don't want this
to sound wrong,

but he lives in those
Amsterdam Avenue Projects.

When we called the school they
said he didn't come in either.

Okay. You got any
contact info on Manny?

It's on Avery's computer.

My wife is more trusting.

I always had a bad feeling
about that boy.

Rebellious teenagers,
forbidden love...

Westside Romeo and Juliet.

We know how well
that turned out.

[Dramatic music]

Sync and corrections by n17t01

Two missing teenagers.

The girl's parents
pull strings, call SVU?

Yeah, there were
possible signs of foul play,

stolen jewelry...

No hits
on the family's credit cards,

no GPS on either
of the kids' phones.

Well, they power them down,
kids who don't want to be found.

So check the pawn shops
for the jewelry.

Hey, what do we know
about the relationship?

Her parents don't approve.

Avery's an Upper West Side
only child.

Manny is from the projects,

And they're both at Hamilton.

I mean, that's the top public
high school in the city.

Yeah, it's a hard school to
get into even from her family.

If that kid's from the projects,
he's gotta be bright.

And Manny doesn't
have a record.

He did have an older brother

that got shot and killed
two years ago.

A BX9 gang drive-by.
No one was ever charged.

And Manny's parents
didn't call him in missing?

Lives with his grandmother.
She's not picking up the phone.

All right. Amaro, you're still good with
the abuelitas. Pay a visit.

Fin, Rollins,
check Avery's social media.

Friends at school, they most
likely will know the real story.

We're on it, boss.

Avery's folks made them
break up before Christmas,

but they couldn't be apart.
She was in love.

She had to lie to her parents.
Her father didn't like him.

Was she mad at them about that?

I think she found sneaking
around kind of romantic.

Any place they'd sneak off to?

They usually hang out here,
but I haven't seen them.

Avery will show up.

Two days till
the Gotham Art Competition?

If she makes the finals, her piece
hangs in the MET this summer.

Hmm... Avery's really talented.

Totally. She'd never risk
missing the competition.

H...has she... ever cut class before?

Maybe with Manny?

Cutting class
is more Manny's thing.

Manny miss a lot of school?

This year, yeah.
To take care of his grandmother.

He's one of the, you know,
less fortunate kids.

- You mean poor?
- Yeah.

My Manny's a good boy.

- Takes care of me.
- I'm sure he does.

What time did he get home
last night?

[In Spanish] I don't know.
I was already asleep.

Well, did he say
where he was going?

To work, maybe visit his girlfriend?

That one.

[In Spanish] She thinks she is
the last Coca-Cola on the desert.

She thinks
she's too good for him?

Is that what Manny told you?

She broke his heart.
I know.


Se?ora Montero,
Manny's room is this way?

[In Spanish] Yes, that way.

And did you see him this morning?

No. He left early.

He got a job
before he goes to school.

[In Spanish]
Where does he work at?

But it's a good job.

A few weeks ago he told me that
he would have enough money

to buy a gravestone
for his brother.

- He left his backpack.
- [Chuckles]

He forgets.
He's too busy.

- [In Spanish] Can I?
- Mm-hmm.

Where'd he get these?

One of his friends,
someone in a gang?

No, no.

After what happened to Jesus,
he stay away from gangs and police.

[In Spanish]
Ay, please... leave us alone.


So Manny's at a gifted school
with a rich girlfriend,

and he's running with BX9?

That's a tough double life.
Wonder if Avery knew.

There's that hat.
These guys make it easy.

I know this kid.

[Tires squeal]

You got a minute?

Oh, man. Don't shoot.
I'm not 14.

Yeah? Well, keep that
big mouth of yours shut, huh?

Turn around.

What do you want, Amaro?
I'm no truant anymore.

I dropped out.
Got a job.

Yeah, with BX9, huh?

As what,
their street corner pawn?

I'm clean, right?

Look, dude, we're gonna
stay on you all day.

You won't make a dime.

Manny Montero.
Where is he?

- I don't know.
- Your lips move when you lie.

Hey, we know he's BX9.

Do I look like a rat to you?

Fin, you got your cell?

Come on, what the...
come on, get off me, man.

Hey, no, smile.
Shut up. Smile.

[Shutter clicks]
What the f--

Yeah. Yeah, beautiful.

- Let's see it.
- Aw, man.

Hey, dude,
what's your OG gonna think

when he finds out you're
BFFs with Detective Amaro?

- You can't do that, man. You can't...
- Yo, Manny. Where is he?


I don't know where she is.
I haven't seen her.

You're lying!

You weren't at her house
last night?

We broke up.

[In Spanish]
Don't lie to us, Manny.

We run forensics, we're not
gonna find proof you were there?

Okay, she invited me.
We were studying.

In her parents' bed?

I didn't do anything!

I couldn't.

Couldn't do what, Manny?

Look, dude,
when we picked you up

you were carrying enough weed
for us to charge you.

You're gonna stay in jail.

And we're gonna have to call
your grandmother, let her know.

Please don't do that.
She's got a bad heart.

See, I don't get it, man.
You're a good kid.

Why don't you
help yourself out?

That's what I'm doing.
Just book me.

Puts himself at the house,

but he swears he doesn't
know where Avery is.

Yeah, he may be
telling the truth.

ESU found her.



I already told the others.
Just leave me alone.

Avery, I'm Detective Rollins.

- Go away.
- I can't do that, sweetie.

See, your mom and dad have been
very worried about you.

We've been looking for you
all day long.

She wasn't with Manny.
She's been wandering the city

- by herself all day.
- Oh, my God.

Has your daughter ever
done anything like this before?

- No! Never.
- No.

Something terrible
must have happened to her.

I thought you said your
detective's good, Sergeant.

- Just give her some time.
- Five minutes, then I'm going back

to the guys
who were trained for this.


It's freezing out here.

Can I get you something?
Something warm to drink?

You think I care about that?

Don't you get it?

He's dead.



They killed him.

Manny Montero?

He's alive.

I don't believe you.

It's true.
He's at the precinct.

I can get him on the phone.

- You're lying.
- No.

Avery, no, no, no,
please... please wait.

You're lying...

No, please...

[Crowd screaming]


how are you?

Hi, Avery.
I'm Sergeant Benson.

I understand that you thought
Manny was dead.

Why is that?

I called his cell this morning.

They said I'd never
see him again.

Who's "They"?


Someone in Manny's gang?

We need to know
what drove you to that roof.

What happened last night?

It wasn't Manny's fault.

I asked him to come over.

We ordered a pizza.

Yeah, we've been
to the apartment.

Looked like there was
a party there.

Maybe sex?

Manny and I have done that before...
don't tell my parents.

But... not last night.

Did Manny invite people over?


The doorbell rang.

I went to answer it.

Three guys pushed in.

They yelled at Manny
in Spanish.

- So he knew them.
- No.

I... don't think so.

Manny told me there was trouble
with gangs in his neighborhood.

Okay, so what did they want?

Money, I guess.

They raided my parents' liquor cabinet
and tore the house apart.

I screamed.

Tried to get away,
but they... grabbed me.

They hurt you, honey?

I can't tell you any more.

They said
they'd kill Manny if I did.


Avery, right now Manny
is the only one

that we have in the apartment.

So this is all on him.

No, it wasn't him. I swear.

Okay, well, then you need to
tell us the truth.

Manny's in jail,

and he's gonna stay there
until you tell us what happened.

They had a gun.

They dragged me
into my parents' bedroom

and raped me.

All three of them.

They were laughing.

Shouting, "Rocamos."

"We rock."

Where was Manny?

They held a gun on him.

Made him watch.

They told him
he had to go next,

but he couldn't,
he would never...

How long did this go on?

It was starting
to get light out.

I told them my parents
would be coming back soon.

They took Manny with them.

Then when I found out
he was dead...

walked out of the house.

Wandered around the city.

Got to his neighborhood.

Okay, Avery,
we're gonna do a rape kit.

And then we're gonna ask you
to look at some photos

and see if we can
make an ID, okay?

Manny had nothing
to do with it.


He loves me.

The whole time I was falling,
all I was thinking about was him.

I want to see Avery.
Is she okay?

- That's not happening, Manny.
- You let your crew rape her.

You need to tell us who it was or
you're going down as an accessory.

I don't know who they were.

BX9 won't know the names
came from you, Manny.

[In Spanish] Don't lie to me.
Now who's lying?

Was this an initiation?
You rip off the gang?

I don't know.
They pulled a gun on me.

Right, after you called them.

Told them where you were,
who was in the house?

You think I wanted this
to happen?

No, no, I think they raped
your girlfriend, made you watch,

and you're not man enough
to tell us who they are.

If I say anything,
they'll kill me and Avery.

She knows that.

Well, then I guess
she's tougher than you are.

- Who are you?
- I was just with Avery.

She's looking at mug shots
of your friends right now.

They're not my friends.

Prints at the scene were
a match to Carlos Hernandez,

He's the head of BX9.

Avery picked him
out of a photo array.

Then Miguel Castillo,
AKA "Sandman,"

was caught
on the surveillance cam

pawning Lydia Capshaw's
diamond earrings.

Avery also IDed him.

- What about the third rapist?
- Rigo Heredio.

He's bragging here on his
homepage about having sex

with a rich
Upper West Side white girl.

Hey, yo, last night,
me and my boys,

we ran a train with a nice
Upper West Side snow bunny.

Yo, that ho couldn't get
enough of dulce de leche.

- Whoo!
- What, these fools don't think

the cops know how
to use the internet?

Well, it did take me a year
to teach you how to.

Come on, guys. Listen.

Go back to the gang unit,
track their routines.

If these thugs are brazen enough
to boast on social media,

they're not laying low.

Right on schedule.

Hey! Miguel Castillo.

What you want?
I just came from my parole officer.

Yeah? You tell him
you were gang-raping

a teenage girl on Sunday night?

I don't know
what y'all talking about.

Yeah, well, we'll fill you in
on the way to the precinct.

Rigo Heredio.

Do I know you?

Drop that stick. Hands up.
Turn around. Spread 'em.

You get off on this,guapo?

That's just the beginning,
coraz?n de mel?n.

Police! Search warrant!


Take it easy, all right?
There's a kid in the house.

Drop the blunt and get
your hands against the wall.

I'm just visiting my girl.
It's her son's birthday.

- Are you crazy? Let him go.
- Marisol, get back inside.

- Marisol, I know you.
- So what?

You still with BX9?

I thought you stayed
with your boy's father.

He's a rat.
He rolled on all of us.

- Not you.
- BX9's my family.

Anybody that rolls on them
rolls on me.

Manny called you?

Said his girl was hot.
She was looking to machine.

And you believed that.

- That girl was into it.
- And you know that how?

She was coming like
a freight train the whole time.

Yeah, just keep
telling yourself that.

White girl wanted a trip
to the bone yard.

She's crying rape now?

What else is that rich bitch
gonna tell her parents?

They're saying
Manny told them I wanted it?

- Nobody would want that.
- And we believe you.

We're just trying to figure out

how they knew
that your parents were away

or how they knew that
you and Manny were home alone.

I don't know.

Maybe they followed Manny.
What did he tell you?

Manny's not...
cooperating with us.

Oh, my God.

He's mad at me.

Why would he be mad at you?

Because they made him watch.

All night.

He saw... oh, God.

Honey, what did he see?

They were hurting me so bad,

but I still couldn't
make my body stop...


Each time it happened,

they would high five each other
like it was a game.

I didn't want to...

but I was scared to death.

But my body started to shake.

Your body
experienced an orgasm?

More than once.

I hate myself.
I'm disgusting.

Avery, it's a normal
physiological response.

It's a reflex.

It doesn't mean that you...
you wanted it or you enjoyed it.

There is something
very wrong with me.

Avery, it happens.

There's nothing wrong with you.


Then tell me why that's
never happened with Manny.

And I love him.

Three suspects positively IDed
by the victim,

pints all over the scene,

DNA matches to the rape kit.

All three with priors
and known gang affiliations.

So what's the problem?

Perps are claiming
she wanted it.

What else is new?
Am I missing something?

The victim may be
unwilling to testify.

Avery is traumatized.

She experienced involuntary
orgasm during the rape.

Okay, I can get a half-dozen experts
to testify that doesn't mean consent.

She's afraid that the defense
is gonna ask her about it.

She doesn't want
to take the stand.

Change her mind.

And get the boyfriend
to back up her story.

Kid's got a lot on his plate.

He's worried about
his safety and Avery's,

reprisals on his grandmother.

She was mugged by BX9
three times last year.

We got this from the security cam
in her building elevator.

From last fall.

They roughed her up pretty bad.

My guess, he joined the gang
to protect her.

What would they want with an
abuelita's boy like Manny?

Well, it never hurts to have
a smart kid around as a front.

Or a creampuff
to take the fall.

So raping Manny's girlfriend is what,
a test of his loyalty?

Well, it's a little
late for that.

I mean, he's been missing
classes since the fall.

That's probably
when he joined the gang.

There's another possibility...

Manny double crossed BX9?

I don't see it.

Might not be a double cross.

He might've screwed up
a big score.

He told his grandmother he was close
to having enough money

to buy a gravestone
for his brother.

How long ago?

Manny would never hurt anybody.

Well, then help us prove that.

I don't know anything.

If that's true, he's gonna stay in jail
and go to trial for raping that girl.

- No. No!
- Se?ora Montero,

Manny joined the gang
for your sake.

You used to get mugged by them.

That doesn't happen anymore,
does it?

- No.
- He did it for you.

And for Jesus.
You said he was close

to having enough money to buy
his brother a gravestone?

Yes. $2,000.

He tell you where
he's getting the money?

He delivers for a pharmacy.

See, how do you save $2,000
delivering for a drugstore?

Depends on what
you're delivering.

Let's start canvassing
local pharmacies,

see who got held up
in the last few weeks.

I don't work
inside the drugstore.

I just drive their trucks.

And call in a tip to BX9
when there's a shipment of oxy.

Now, you can't prove that.

We can if we find out you're spending double
what you make delivering.

Okay, we can go through your
bank records, credit reports,

alimony payments...

You gonna bring
my ex into this?

Listen, dude.
We're not after you, okay?

Just tell us what went down that night
and you're good to go.

All right, look.

I called it in to BX9.
But the wires got crossed.

Keep talking.

They sent some skinny kid

who points the gun,
but he doesn't say anything.

This kid?

Yeah. He froze.

I had to make it look real.

So I tell him to shoot
into the wall,

and then the owner of
the pharmacy, he hears the shot,

he comes running.

I said the kid wanted oxy.

What'd the pharmacist do?

The pharmacist
sent you back to OG

with a load of aspirin
instead of oxy.

Last time I checked,

the street value
on aspirin's not so good.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Your gang raped
your girlfriend in retaliation

for you blowing the deal.

But you knew that, didn't you?

You proud of yourself?

I mean, what are you doing?
You're not a banger.

Your brother Jesus,
he wasn't smart like you.

You have choices,
other ways out, Manny.

You think you can get me to talk
by bringing up my brother?

You gotta care about something.

You don't care
about helping Avery?

She can take care of herself.

I saw that.
She doesn't need me.

Oh, is that what this is about?

What you saw?
You think she wanted that?

They were joking about how
they could turn her and I couldn't.

And you believed 'em?

They made me watch.

I saw what I saw.

What do you mean
Manny won't testify?

He's still too afraid
of the gang.

No, that's not what it is.

It's me.

I saw him looking at me
when he left.

I broke his heart.


what happened to your body

has nothing to do

with what's in your heart
for each other.

It's just a physical response.

If you're tickled, even if
you don't want to be, you laugh.

If you cut an onion, you cry.
Doesn't mean you're sad.

No, but he didn't
see me crying.

I want to talk to him.
I need to explain.

How are you?

How are you?

I'm sorry, Manny.

Tell him what
he needs to know, Avery.

What you saw
happening with my body...

I didn't want it.

I couldn't stop it.

I was not in my body.
I couldn't feel anything.

She's telling the truth, Manny.

All I was
worried about was you.

You have to believe me.

You worried about me?

Walk away.

Tell them nothing happened
you didn't want.

You know that's not true.

I can't do this alone.

You have to tell the jury
how they burst in,

held me down, and forced me.

That I didn't want it.

Any of it.


I'm sorry.

Of course Manny won't testify.

He's as guilty
as the rest of them.

He should be charged.

We will charge him.
As an accessory.

I told you.
They had a gun to his head!

I wish they'd shot him.
That boy set you up.

We never should've
allowed you to talk to him.

We had to try.
Manny's testimony

would've made the case
that much stronger.

That boy's gang
assaulted our daughter.

I want them... all of them
in prison for life.

Step at a time.

We are moving forward.

Now, our DA will need to go over
Avery's statement with her as soon as possible.

We're going to our house
upstate for a few days.

Get away from this city.

We'll be in touch.

I'll be fine, mom.

I know.

What's this guy doing?

Son of a...

[Tires squeal]

[Overlapping shouting]

Come on!

Get down!

Yes! Inspector.

My detectives are at the hospital now
getting the family's statement.

You will be the first to know.

- How are the Capshaws?
- [Sighs]

Cuts, bruises... Mr. Capshaw
has a broken rib, wrist.

Avery had to get stitches in her scalp.
[Phone vibrates]

It's Rollins.



All right.
What does Avery want?

[Phone thuds]

The Capshaws say,
in no uncertain terms,

that their daughter is not
gonna testify against BX9.

Can you blame them?

So what now?

You know as well as I do
rape's tough enough to prove,

let alone without
the victim's testimony.

We have them on stolen jewelry,
ransacking the house...

They'll say they were invited in
for a party.

Avery gave them the jewelry.

Sergeant, I may have something.

I've been looking
into Jesus Montero's murder.

It may be a way
to get to Manny.

What was in the initial report?

Well, witnesses
told squad detectives

Jesus was shot
by the Del Toro gang,

but the gun was never recovered,
and the witnesses were all BX9.

Six months later,
a bullet was pulled

out of a bodega wall
at a gang-suspected shakedown

fired from the same gun.

Cops followed it up,
went nowhere.

- Del Toros were the suspects.
- No.

See, that's just it.

That robbery was in
BX9 territory.

It could be a community gun.

A gun any BX9 member can use.

It moves from location
to location,

taped under a stairwell
in an abandoned building.

So you're saying...

Manny's brother was killed
by his own gang?

- It's a theory.
- Work it.

Otherwise, as of now,
no Avery, no Manny.

These guys walk.

I can't be seen with you,

Wilfredo, the quicker
you answer my question,

the sooner
you get out of the car.

You were there
when Jesus Montero was shot.

The police interviewed you.

Yeah? So?
I didn't say anything. I didn't rat.

I thought
the Del Toros shot Jesus.


And so who were you
afraid of ratting out?

And did you know
the gun that shot Jesus was used

in a robbery in BX9 territory
six months later?

I don't know.

Oh, you don't know
about the community gun?

Now let me ask you.

The gun Manny used
in the pharmacy holdup,

did OG give it to him?

It wasn't right.

They shouldn't have done that.

Shouldn't have done what,

You guys are wasting your time.
I'm not talking.

You're still loyal?

Your gang tried to kill
your girlfriend and her family.

The Capshaws were attacked
last night in their car.

Windows bashed in.

I didn't have anything
to do with that.

So you think by protecting the gang
you're protecting Avery?

They got to her anyway, Manny.

Same way they got to Jesus.

My brother died a hero.

He took a Del Toro bullet
meant for OG.

That's what they want you to think.
They're lying to you.

They wouldn't do that.

So what was it, a drive-by?

He and OG were doing
a drop in Marcus Garvey Park.

Wasn't our turf.

Del Toros started spraying
an AR-15, Jesus jumped on OG.

Saved his life.

And OG didn't get hit at all?

Jesus had him covered.

And the Del Toros never checked

to make sure they finished
what they started?

They just let OG walk?

- I guess.
- [Chuckles]

That's not their style.

And what did the BX9s do

about retaliation regarding
your brother's death?

Stop! Enough.

It's not gonna work.

[In Spanish]
Loyal until the end.



There's a difference between
loyalty and blind loyalty.

This is the bullet
that killed your brother.


What is this?

Some pathetic
Scared Straight demonstration?

Second bullet.

Fired from the same gun,
the BX9 community gun.

Third bullet, the one you fired

into the wall
outside that pharmacy.

We ran the ballistics.

They made you do an armed robbery
with the same gun that killed your brother.

OG wouldn't do that.

Jesus told me OG
was gonna move him up.

That's what they told him
so he'd let his guard down.

Maybe OG saw him as a threat,
wanted to set an example.

- Who knows?
- Yeah, they didn't have

a good reason
for raping Avery, did they?

They don't deserve
your loyalty, Manny.

I can't. I can't.

Avery was willing to testify.

She's more of a man
than you are.

I can't testify,
because then she'll know.

Know what?

That I'm guilty.

I knew.

OG called me that night.

He said they were
coming over to party.

I knew what that meant.

But I didn't want to know.

I could have called the cops.

Gotten Avery out of there,
but I...

I did nothing, I just froze.

And that's why
you don't want to testify?

You're worried about what'll happen
once Avery finds out.

She'll hate me
for the rest of my life.


You didn't protect her then.
You have to now.

Thank you for coming in,
Mr. Montero.

We're doing everything we can to
keep your cooperation confidential.

BX9 will know it came from me.

Well, that's why you'll stay in
around-the-clock protective custody.

You ready?

There's something
I want to say first. Okay?


the worst thing you can do with
these guys is show weakness.

They knew how much I loved you.
That's why this happened.

What I should have done
is shot up every pharmacy

in the neighborhood just
to spare you one second of pain.

I'm sorry, Avery.

I knew he'd do the right thing.

I want to thank him.

Can I talk to him?

There's something that
I need to tell you about... first.

Ugh... His testimony is going to include
his own role in all of this.

He had a gun to his head.

Right, but...

in his statement, he...

admitted to knowing
that the gang was coming over.

Wh... what?

They told him
that they wanted to party.

Now, he may or may not
have... have been

fully aware of what that meant.

He knew?

And he didn't tell me?

I'm sorry.

I thought he loved me.

Oh, my God.

While they were on top of me,
all I could think about was him.

How hard it must have been
for him to watch.

He did not want you to get hurt,
I'm sure of that.

You do not get to defend him.

[Door opens]



We just got a call from Rikers.

Manny Montero was found dead.
Hanged in his cell.

An hour ago.

He... he killed himself?

with his tongue cut out.

Manny was supposed to be
in protective custody.

He was.
Guards say things happen.

There's only so much
they can do.

Yeah, and they
don't even do that.

Anyone talk to his grandmother?

Yeah, I tried.
She's inconsolable.

Homicide, gang unit,
they're going hard at BX9,

but nobody's talking.

Manny got his tongue
cut out in PC.

Nobody's ever talking.

You taped Manny's confession.
Is there any way to use it?

You know the rules.

Defense has a right
to cross-examine a witness.

Manny's dead.
Tape's inadmissible.

What about forfeiture
for wrongdoing?


The one way that tape
gets admitted

is if you can prove
that Manny was killed

to prevent him from testifying.

The hit came from OG.
He had to sign off on it.

Yeah, but the problem is,
like Fin said,

no one's gonna turn on him now.

Maybe we can get him
to turn on himself.

I've got nothing to say to you.

Okay, then listen.

Your boyfriend, Carlos, OG,
is going down for rape.

Wasn't no rape.
That bitch wanted it.

Carlos just did what
he had to do to turn her out.

Teach her what being BX9 means.

Okay, well, his little protege
Manny Montero,

he's taken the smart way out.
He testified.

Made a three-hour
video statement to the DA.

Why you telling me this?

We thought we should
let you know.

Your life's about to change.

You help us,
maybe we could help you.

I'm BX9 all the way.

And Carlos,
he's mine all the way.

I get it. You're loyal.

But... just thought
you should know, honey.

Okay, your boyfriend
may have been turning her,

but he couldn't stop talking
about how hot her ass was.

One of your witnesses is not talking,
and one is no longer able to.

It's time to discuss
terms of surrender.

Your client
isn't going anywhere.

He's guilty
of a brutal gang rape.

I've been telling you, lady,
I didn't rape no one.

And it's horrible
what happened to Manny.

Save those tears, Carlos.

We both know you have no case.

That boy's statement
is inadmissible.

Usually, yes, but in the case
of forfeiture for wrongdoing...

What's he talking about?

He's claiming
that you had Manny killed

to prevent him from testifying.

And if he can prove that,
which he can't,

then Manny's taped slander
would be allowed.

Except that we can prove that.

Your girlfriend Marisol.

You made a call to her
this morning?

- Yeah. Calm her down.
- Stop talking, Carlos.

It was a little bit
more than that.

You should've told your client
prison phone calls aren't confidential.

I can't raise this baby
by myself.

If you're gonna do hard time,
what am I gonna do?

I'm not doing any time, baby.

The cops told me
Manny is testifying.

They're lying.
My executioners took care of Manny.

He's not talking to nobody.

Not without a tongue.

I'll need some time
to confer with my client.

We may consider a plea.

Mm... We'll take
our chances in court.

Unless Mr. Hernandez
would be willing

to testify against
his fellow gang members.

Then we can talk deal.

Might be a smart move, Carlos.

You think you won this?

It's cool.
I'll do my bid.

Prison's ripe
for new recruits, anyway.

But my boys are loyal
to the core.

They got my back here
on the inside and on the outside.

Yeah, just like Manny?

That carajito was never a Niner.

The fact is...

I'm safer in here than you are
out there, Sergeant...

Benson, is it?

Tell your client
to keep his mouth shut.

No, no, that's okay.
You threatening me?

I got the biggest gang
in the city.

You think your guys are loyal?

Go ahead.
Test the NYPD.

I dare ya.


- Liv.
- Sorry, what?

That was a direct threat.
We should get you protection.


I don't want to live like that.

This is different from your...
from your other paintings.

Those paintings?

I don't know
the girl who did them.

She'll come back.

Manny knew, didn't he?

He knew talking to the DA
was a death sentence.

He knew that if he didn't talk,
then the men that hurt you would go free.

He couldn't live with that.

So he really did love me?

I'll never have that again.

You're young.
I know it seems that way...


Have you ever been with someone
who was willing to die to protect you?


He died thinking
I didn't love him anymore.

I should've told him
while I still had the chance.

Sync and corrections by n17t01