Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 12 - Jersey Breakdown - full transcript

The SVU teams up with federal prosecutor Connie Rubirosa (guest star Alana de la Garza) after an underage runaway is found raped and beaten under the Highline. The sex trafficking investigation leads to New Jersey strip club owner Perry Cannavaro (guest star Chaz Palminteri), who does all he can to keep the victim out of the SVU's jurisdiction. When ADA Barba (Raúl Esparza) fails to get the help he needs from Jersey law enforcement, he suspects a cover-up involving some high ranking court officials.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the special victims unit.

These are their stories.

- That chick was a guy?
- 100%.

Dude, her Adam's apple should've
clued you in, all right?

That's why you always
gotta check the neck region.

That's the first thing
you do, okay?

And so...
- whoa.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What?

Hey, you okay?

Jeez, she's really out of it.


Hey, come here. Come here.

Oh, yeah.
She got a nice body though.

Hey. It's okay, baby.

You like that, right?

Yeah, I know you do.

Yeah, you're a pretty girl.

You shouldn't be out here alone.


H-hey, what's going on?

Yo, yo, get away from her!
Back off, man!

Mind your own business!

Back off, man!
Mind your own business!

Back off, man!

Hands in the air, everyone!

This guy tried to rob us!
All right?

They were messing
with that girl over there.

We were just trying to help her.

Man, you're lying!

Portable five. 28th and 10th.

We need a bus.

Sorry. Did I wake you?

What time is it?

5:00 A.M. wow.

Look, I'm sorry
about the couch, Nick.

No, it's not the couch.
I'm just not sleeping.

But it doesn't matter.
I'm on desk duty.

Which I'm getting
kind of tired of, by the way.

I know. I know.

You know, Nick, you should
really talk to somebody.

You know, my shrink...
I see my priest.


I was just thinking that maybe
doing something different...

no, I... I'm glad that works
for you, all right,

but that's not me.

Okay. I just want to say

that you can stay here
for as long as you need.

You've been through a lot
lately too, liv.

All right? The trial.

You could use some quiet.

And the last thing you need
right now is to worry about me.

Could you stop?
You are my partner.

Yeah, but with cragen gone,
you're my boss now too, right?

Anyway, look, I've had time
to figure things out.

Maria are I,
we're getting back together.

Oh... So you two
have been talking.

Not yet, but I'm gonna
go down to D.C. this weekend.

Look, I'm gonna get
my old life back, liv.

That's what I need to do now.

- All good?
- Yeah.

I've got a Vic at the E.R.

Assaulted under the highline.

Hey, I could go.

No, Nick, you can't.

That's why it's called
desk duty.

I'm sorry.

Hey, you're late.

Yeah, sorry, I had
to take franny to the vet.

She, uh, ate chocolate again.

Okay, well, next time,
let me know.

I could've called fin,
all right?

Amanda, amaro's on desk duty.
We're short-handed.

You gotta show up.
Copy that, sergeant.

What are we looking at?

Young woman, Erin fogarty.

Unis found her passed out
under the highliner.

Her clothes were torn.
Signs of an assault.

Picked up three guys
at the scene

all pointing fingers
at each other.

Another great week
at svu begins.

Like I told the nurse, I'm fine.

I don't want the police.

Well, we're here, so...

and something happened.
We just need to know what.

I don't have to talk
to you, right?

I mean, if I'm the victim?

So you are the victim.

We're holding three guys,
Erin, so...

Who did what?

The nurse told me that
if I don't want to pursue this,

you can't make me.

Okay, you already did
the rape kit, honey.

That's the hard part.
I'm crashing now.

I just want to get out of here.

That's not happening, Erin.

So why don't you sit back down?

Now, you need to talk to us...


And his thing out
over that poor girl.

Okay, Elton.

What were you doing there
at 5:00 in the morning?

Man, community service.

It's the first time all month
I've actually been on time.

Now, please, I gotta get back.

That guy in the jumpsuit...
what is he, work release?

Just tell me
what went down, Tommy.

My buddy Jeff and me
were walking towards the train.

We saw that animal
on top of her.

Then the cops show up.

The guy, he must've been
on bath salts.

Yeah, we'll check for that.

I'm just glad we got there
before it went any further.

Here we go again.

Girl doesn't want
to press charges.

As of now.

But she didn't even
want to tell us what happened.

So what did you get
from the suspects?

Jersey boys claim

the community service worker
raped her.

Elton says he stopped them.

Yeah, well, the rape kit
might help sort that out.

Pre-ejaculate fluid
found on her breasts

and semen in her vaginal canal.

Okay, so swab
all three suspects,

hold them on dis-con
for the altercation.

I'll rush the DNA.

Good news, bad news, Jeff.
Sit down.

Found your pal Tommy's DNA
on the girl's breast.

- But nof mine.
- No.

And not Elton, the community
service worker's, either.

You lied.

You were gonna go next
till Elton showed up.

That's gang rape. 15 years.

I didn't touch her, okay?

And Tommy... he was just
playing with her boobs.

You're still lying! All right?

Had semen inside of her.

- Who else was with you?
- No one.

The truth is,

she was sitting there, crying,

with her top open
and her skirt up.

I told him not to, but Tommy...

he wanted to seagull her,
you know?

Yeah, yeah.
We know what that is.

So if she was raped,
it happened before we got there.

Girl had a rough night.

And you were kind of rough
with her.

If she doesn't talk,
we don't have a case.

Kid seems credible.
So we get her to talk.

Liv, you got a minute?

Tell the hospital to hold Erin.


- What?
- Can we talk?

In private.

We're short-staffed,

and I'm not good
with the desk duty.

I want my gun back.

It's just a few weeks
since the shooting, Nick, okay?

You don't know
what could startle you.

And you think
I'll shoot somebody else.

Or you could hesitate.

P.T.S.D. Is real, Nick.

It's a process. Don't rush it.

Let me try one tour.

It's not just you
that I have to think about.

This entire squad
is my responsibility now.

I'm sorry to interrupt.
We got a problem.

The hospital lost Erin fogarty.

Erin fogarty...
she wasn't discharged.

She must've left on her own.
We'll need her address,

and please don't give me
the h.I.P.A.A. Privacy stuff.

890 west 23rd.

That's halfway
into the Hudson river.

- Well, that's what she gave.
- Nurse Jackie.

You're the one that told her

that she didn't need
to talk to us.

She's been victimized
and needs help.

I'm a nurse. I gave her help.

I do my job. You do yours.

Well, we have her cash,
her cell, and her I.D.

What is this girl afraid of?
I don't know.

But I did reach her mom
in pittsfield.

She gave us a cell number.

But it's not the one
in her purse.


Erin fogarty.

My mother called wanting to know

why NYPD was looking for me.

Did you lose
a driver's license recently?

- I don't think so.
- Okay.

You know this girl?

Clare. What happened to her?

- So you do know her.
- Clare Wilson.

She was a friend of my
little sister's back in Maine.

How'd she get
your driver's license?

Well, when she first came
to New York,

I felt bad for her.

I gave her my license
so she could buy a drink

and I got a new one.

For a while,
she was at covenant house,

but I think she moved out.

I might know where she works.

Um, a steak house?

Clare Wilson?
I don't know a clare Wilson.

- How about Erin fogarty?
- Erin.

I do know Erin.

She alleges herself
to be a waitress.

You know, in fact, she missed
the lunch shift today.

What'd she get picked up for?

She was assaulted
two nights ago.

Oh, right. Yeah, yeah.

She tell you that?
No, a doctor did.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Look, you know, these girls...

they miss a shift,
they make a million excuses.

- She okay?
- We're not sure.

How can we find her?
I got her cell.

You know, I tell all my girls...

I tell every one of them...

"you get in trouble,
you can always count on Perry."

Well, we have her cell.
What about an address?

The bouncers might know. Yo.

You know, we offer the girls
a lift home

if they work till closing.

Clare Wilson, NYPD.

Hey there.


Clare, you okay?

Whoa, whoa. Honey.


They had to pump your stomach.

I took some sleeping pills.

You were trying
to kill yourself?


I just wanted to sleep.

How long you been on your own?

My mom kicked me out
two years ago.

One of her boyfriends liked me
more than her.

He got me a job at the club.

So Perry, the club owner.

He know you're 16?

He didn't ask.

Am I in trouble?


But we do need to know
what happened the other night.

It's just those Jersey guys
just being jerks.

That's not what
the rape kit showed.

Okay, I had sex with a guy
at the club.

Who left you
with your clothes ripped,

freezing on a sidewalk.

I'm not talking to you anymore.

I need that job.

Clare, you're not going back
to the strip club, okay?

Where am I gonna go?

How am I gonna live?
I won't go back to pittsfield.

Clare, I know
how the system works,

and we can find you
a good group home.


And I should trust you guys?

Well, you don't have a lot
of other choices, sweetie.

And we will take care of you,

but you gotta
be straight with us.

Who raped you?

Some drunk v.I.P.

I don't know his name.

I thought Perry wanted me
to pad his tab,

but he said this guy was comped.


"Girls, food, beverage."

Except he didn't like
any of the strippers.

He liked you.

He said
that they were all whorish

and that I was sweet.

I brought him a drink
in a private room.

He started groping me.

Usually, the bouncers
are all over guys like that,

but nobody came in.

I told him that he could
put it in my mouth.

He got mad.

He said he wanted more.

At least it didn't last long.

No, no, no, no.

This is
a complete misunderstanding.

- How you figure?
- You saw the girl.

No way she looks 16,

and she had an I.D.

Besides, come on,
she wasn't stripping.

She was a waitress.

In a v.I.P. Room, half-dressed?

You're looking
at some serious charges.

You want me to rat out a patron?

We can get a court order
for your surveillance tapes.

That's a great idea.

You know,
maybe you could fix it too,

because it crashed
about a week ago.

Come on, man.
This guy's a rapist.

You help us bust him,
we'll get this pled down.

Yeah. Screw you.

Call Arnie.

This guy definitely knew Perry.

Perry didn't tell you
who he was?

Not yet.

He seems to think
that this will all go away.

Guess he knows.

Well, we're not dropping this,
clare, okay?

We're gonna keep
putting pressure on Perry.

Whatever. I'm out of there.

This place... they seem okay.

You know, clare, you want
to turn your life around,

they'll support you here.

Stay clean, stay sober.

Make curfew.

I guess it's time.

I have a tree outside my window.

That's nice.

We'll check in on you, okay?

Clare Wilson.

Hudson county
Sheriff Department.

Excuse me? Sergeant Benson.

This is detective rollins, svu.
How can I help you?

Arrest warrant for clare Wilson.

On what grounds?

Credit card fraud
and grand larceny.

New Jersey, though.
She worked in New York.

And a Jersey city strip club.

Hold up. You got the wrong girl.

No, I worked
in Perry's other club too.

He made me
overcharge customers...

stop talking, clare.
And ask for a lawyer.

Not one word.

We're gonna get
this whole thing cleared up.

Perry cannavaro won't give up
the rapist's name.

Bad for business if he does.

What happens in his club
stays in his club.


It turns out,
in addition to Manhattan,

he owns two clubs in Florida,
three in Jersey.

And the day
that we picked Perry up,

clare just happens
to get arrested

by Hudson county sheriffs.

Hudson county
makes the rest of Jersey

look like Switzerland.

He got his cronies
to up the pressure on clare

so she'd drop the charges.

It's not a bad plan.

So how hard is it gonna be
to get her out of there?

They'll say their case
takes precedence over ours,

but if it were a federal case,
they might back off.

Connie rubirosa.
Sergeant Benson.

Detective rollins.

Thought you took a job in L.A.

Oh, you know the story.

New York cops, d.A.S,
we go out there

but it never feels quite right.

Yeah, but the feds
ordered you back

for a joint task force.

Underage sex trafficking.

We were actually already
looking at Perry cannavaro.

He's part of a ring
that targets runaways.

Puts them to work in his clubs,

gets them hooked on drugs,
and then they owe him.

And the feds
can't shut him down?

The problem is a lot of the vics
go back to the life.

decide not to testify.

What can you guys
tell me about clare Wilson?

She has had it hard,
but has hit rock bottom.

I think she knows that
these clubs are a dead end.

Will she make a good witness?

She wants to turn things around.

She's credible.

Maybe that's why
Perry pulled some strings

and had her arrested.

She's being arraigned
later today

what do you know about
prosecutor masconi?

Well, he's got a big ego.
Bills himself as a reformer.

But he's not gonna
want to look like

he's protecting
a sex trafficker.

Tell him that clare
is testifying

in our grand jury case
against Perry.

See if that'll hold him off
until she does.

Okay, Benson,
you up for a drive to Jersey?

- I'm acting squad commander.
- Heavy lies the crown.

- Rollins?
- Of course.

Don't worry, boss.

I'll stay away
from Atlantic city.

It was Perry's idea.

He tells the waitresses,
if the customer's six drinks in

and has a wedding ring on,
to add a zero to the check.

Well, clare,
it was illegal for Perry

to have you serving drinks
in the first place.

Our d.A. Is talking to
the local prosecutor right now.

You know what?
You can stop trying.

This is how things go
in my life.

Always have and always will.

It's not every day I get a call

from a New York d.A.
About a juvie case.

I appreciate you
taking the time, Mr. masconi.

Now, this is about clare Wilson.

Arrested today

on grand larceny
and credit card fraud.

Now, what's your interest?

She's a victim in
an ongoing rape investigation.

She is also a witness
for a federal grand jury

targeting underage
sex trafficking.

I see.

She's scheduled
to be arraigned in an hour.

That's why I'm here.

She's a minor,
an abused runaway,

a victim of sexual assault.

I'd like you to give our office

and the federal task force

on the more serious charges

as a professional courtesy.

Horrible story.

We're already moving forward.

There are fraud victims,
credit card companies involved.

Again, I think
you may be looking at this

in the wrong way.

We see Ms. Wilson
as more of a victim

than a criminal here.

If you could just slow
the process down,

may give your office time
to see these charges

in a greater context.

That's a call I'd rather
have the judge weigh in on.

My wife, Gina,
is the a.D.A on this case.

I'll have her ask him.

Next on the docket,
case number 1768,

the people v. Clare Wilson.

Judge Dolan,
pardon the interruption.

I'm told we have a visitor
from the New York d.A.'S office,

Rafael barba.

He has an interest
in this defendant.

Counselors, approach.

Thank you, your honor.

Ms. Wilson is needed
as a grand jury witness

in an ongoing
federal sex trafficking case.

I would ask that you
release her to our custody

pending conclusion
of her testimony.

Mr. barba, I appreciate you
taking the time

to travel to the garden state,

but as you may know,

our governor has taken

a very public zero-tolerance
approach to fraud

and abuse of power.

Yes, we're all very much aware
of that, your honor,

but this is
an extraordinary situation.

The defendant is a minor.
She was employed illegally.

She herself is a victim
of sexual assault.

I'm sorry.

There's a right way
and a wrong way to do this.

After she's arraigned,

you can file any motion
you'd like.

Now, let's get this done
and dusted.

Clare Wilson, you are charged

with grand larceny
and credit card fraud.

How do you plead?

Defendant pleads not guilty,
your honor.

has no legal guardians.

She's currently living
in a group home

for at-risk girls in New York.

There's no one
into whose custody

we can release her.

She's a teenage runaway
with a record.

Under the circumstances,
I find her a flight risk.

Defendant is hereby remanded
to a secure juvenile facility

pending trial.

Officer, take Ms. Wilson
into custody.

How long is the New Jersey
trial backlog?

She could be in
for a year and a half.

The county prosecutor
and his wife, the a.D.A.,

they went through the motions,
but judge Dolan shut us down,

hiding behind the fig leaf

of Jersey's stringent
anti-fraud statutes.

These guys have some stones.

They want to claim protocol,
I can too.

There's a judge I work with
on the task force.

I can get him to write up
a court order

stipulating that we need clare
in New York

to testify
in a pretrial hearing.

where are we with Perry?

Let me make some calls.

Let's hit him
with an alphabet soup.

It's a strip club,
big sports night.

Operation's set to go
at 10:00 P.M., prime time.

I've got the multi-agency
response warrants lined up.

Perry is not gonna know
what hit him.

Good, 'cause I want
shock and awe.

Liv, look, no offense
to fin and rollins,

but you want a show of power,
you need the whole team.

Come on, it's killing me
sitting there.

I know that.
I told you that it's too soon.

Too soon. For me or for you?

Think I'm not ready
to be commanding officer?

Look, that's not what...

look, it came out...
- wrong?

- Yeah, it did.
- Oh, come on.

I'm the one who had your back
with cragen.

- I know that, Nick.
- Yeah.

And what was it you said to him?

"If you can't trust me,
I'm done."

Hey, just wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Call Arnie. What's going on?

So far, we have c.S.U.
In your v.I.P. Lounge

and the health department
and immigration

going through your kitchen.

And your Sushi bar here...

you better hope they don't find
any human contamination

on that raw fish.

New York City department
of taxation and finance, a.T.F.

Why don't you just
shut this place down,

give the girls the weekend off?

Excuse me, fellas.

These nice folks here
are from c.S.U.

They're gonna be executing
a luminol check

for fluids on these couches.

Any of y'all been here before?

Yeah, I'm gonna need a swab
on all of them.

Well, this is harassment.

What, you think
you're a big guy,

getting your buddies in Jersey
to lock up

a 16-year-old rape victim?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Who are you paying off?

Masconi? Judge Dolan?

Wait a minute.

Is this all because
I didn't give up

the name of a patron?

Huh? All right, all right.

Say I give him up, all right?
All right.

Is this circus gonna go away?

Oh, that's not my call.

You see, once these agencies
get involved,

it really takes on a life
of its own.

- Take Mr. cannavaro in.
- What?

Hey, call Arnie!

Hey, rubirosa got the writ
expedited for clare's release.

Barba wants to serve
the papers to Dolan

first thing tomorrow morning,
Jersey city, 8:00 A.M.

Okay, go with him.

Make sure that clare
sees a friendly face

when she gets out.

12. Hit or stand?

Take a hit.


And another 12.

What are you gonna do?

Oh, bust.

Shuffling. Changing a 100.

Place your bets.

Hey, barba just called.

Your partner was supposed to be
in Jersey city 20 minutes ago.

Any idea where she is?
It's New Jersey.

Probably just stuck on
the bridge like everybody else.

Barba wasn't.

What are you getting at?

I'm just saying, you know,

rollins was late
the other morning too.

Her dog was sick.

You know how people get
about their dogs.

You're right. That must be it.

Whatever's going on between you
and rollins, let it go.

You're like my niece and nephew
right now, going at it.

I've got no problem with her,

but I'm worried
she has a problem.

You can't help yourself,
can you?

You're still coming off
of that shooting.

Focus on yourself right now.

I'll need to take this
under advisement.

Talk to the prosecutor.

Your honor,
this is a court order.

You're the judge on the case.

Sorry I'm late.
Hit a lot of traffic.

You're the judge on the case.

You don't need
a prosecutor's permission.

We work closely
on a lot of cases.

I'd like to give him a heads up.

You might want to just go ahead

and sign off on that now.

Perry cannavaro,
the owner of the strip club,

he's the one
that turned clare in, right?

Watch yourself, detective.

He's just a constituent.

Who is, at this moment,
in NYPD custody

debating whether or not
to save his ass

by cooperating with the feds.

It would appear
everything squares away.

I'll authorize her release.

Thank you.

- Wilson.
- Clare Wilson.

She got in two days ago.

- Mm, one of those.
- "One of those" meaning?

You're a little late.

Yeah, she started acting up,

so we gave her diesel therapy.

Put her on a bus
to knollwood juvenile.

- Where's that?
- The Delaware border.

Clare Wilson.
Yes, she came in yesterday.

Yes, we have an order
for her release.

Not for tonight, you don't.

- Excuse me?
- Why?

I'm sorry. She's not available.

No, we have an order
from New York,

a writ for her
to cross state lines

and a signed release
from New Jersey.

We got a problem with
this slunt, Ingrid, again.

She's off her brake fluid,

banging her head
against the wall.

Newman, these are
svu detectives from New York.

Ingrid, if you can't stay calm,

we're going to put you back
in the time-out room.

You better behave!

There's a reason
these kids are in juvie.

- Clare Wilson.
- Yes.

Clare Wilson has been put
into solitary.

Yeah, how did that happen,
since she got here yesterday?

Well, there's
an adjustment period

when they get here.

She got into it
with another inmate.

Ms. Wilson needs to learn

she can't pull that
at knollwood.

Well, we're charged
with taking her back.

I have other juvies
to worry about.

I won't break precedent.

They get isolation.
They finish their time.

We have all the paperwork
signed here.

You'll get her back
to New York, detectives,

just not tonight.

They said she was in solitary.

I called a contact
at Jersey d.O.C.,

but he said knollwood
sets its own rules.

Knollwood's a private facility?

Yeah, owned and operated.

The state pays per prisoner

each day that they're there.

They hit record profits
just last quarter.

So the more prisoners they get,

yeah, and they're
not putting those profits

back into the facility or rehab.

- We get that.
- No, you don't.

There have been dozens
of attempted teenage suicides.

There's allegations
of drug abuse,

violence, sexual abuse.

Can we just put reforming

the for-profit prison system
on hold

and focus on clare?

I was getting to that,

So every judge in Jersey...

they send a few kids there
a year, but judge Dolan...

90% of his juveniles
end up there.

So the judge
is funneling them business.

What's knollwood
funneling back to him?

- We're not sure yet.
- And the Perry money trail?

We have forensic accountants
tearing his books apart,

but he still won't give us
the name of clare's rapist.

And he had the Hudson county
legal system rail road clare.

I mean, whoever this rapist is,
he has serious hooks.

So, fin, amaro,
keep hitting Perry.

Rollins, keep digging
at knollwood.

In the meantime,

do you guys have any plan at all

of how to get clare
out of there?

They're playing a shell game,

moving her around
like a hostage.

Well, the game ends now.

I'm gonna get a forthwith order

releasing clare
to New York's d.O.C.

Well, how is that different
from the last one?

Even if she's in solitary,

the warden will have
to release her immediately.

She's your problem now.


Hey, what the hell happened
to this girl?

She heard the word "no"
for the first time.

Okay, let's get you out of here.

Come on.

They drugged me.

They said I was out of control.

They dry-celled me in solitary.

No running water.

They called it the brown room.

I had to sleep on the floor
with no blankets.

Clare, you're never going back
to knollwood again.

I promise you that, okay?

The other kids...
everyone had bruises.

Everyone was doped up.
It's horrible.

Listen, they're gonna get you
to the hospital

so you can get some rest.

Come on, there you go.
Put that around you.

Jump in the car.

All right,
jump in there, sweetie.

Rollins just called
about knollwood's finances.

They have
a Jersey city p.R. Firm

on retainer for $25,000 a month.


They don't do p.R.
Well, neither does this firm.

Knollwood's their only client.

They only have one employee,
a Beatrice d'avola.

She's 87, has Alzheimer's,
lives in a condo

with round-the-clock
nursing care in Boca,

visited often

masconi's wife, Gina.

The masconis get the money.

So why is judge Dolan
pimping for them?

I have no say
on where a sitting judge

remands his prisoners.

Over what p.R. Firm
knollwood uses?

My father-in-law...
God rest his soul...

was of counsel
to some knollwood executives.

He looked out for them,

and now
they're paying it forward

to my mother-in-law
in her dotage.

Are you aware of the practices
at knollwood...

the forced medications,

the deprivation
of food and water,

the abuse
that they call discipline?

You're getting this
from clare Wilson,

a second-generation lowlife
who's playing you and the feds.

So it's true
what they say about svu.

Yeah, what's that?

Everyone's a victim to you guys.

And it's true what they say
about New Jersey prosecutors.

There are no victims.
There are no perpetrators.

Only meal tickets, huh?

We're still sorting through

Perry's byzantine
financial system,

but in the meantime,

we took a look
at judge Dolan's finances.

Let me guess.

Beatrice d'avola's p.R. Firm
pays him as a consultant.

No, money flows the other way.

Four years ago,
the judge starts writing checks

to local assemblymen,
the governor as well.

40 grand a year.
- The governor?

He's the one who appoints
county prosecutors.

Yeah, with the advice
of local assemblymen.

A lot of money
for a family court judge.

He had to take out
a second mortgage.

What, for campaign

He still writing checks?

No, he stopped
two years ago, okay?

When knollwood hired
the p.R. Firm

owned by
masconi's mother-in-law.

And that's when Dolan
starts dumping

every juvie he comes across
into knollwood.

So masconi says "jump,"
and Dolan says "how high?"

What does he have on him?

Masconi, Perry...
they're old-school thugs.

Dolan bullies teenage girls.

Let's hit the weak link.

Nice stuff.
Samurai were great warriors.

Yeah, I started out
with kabuki masks.

Now I collect armor, swords.

But you're not here
about my hobby.

No, we want to ask you

about your connection
to knollwood.

It's a good, hands-on facility.

When was it that you first
got interested in them?

I mean, just was it before
or after you took out

the second mortgage
on your house?

You looked into my financials.

And your prosecutor pal,

We know he's taking kickbacks
from knollwood.

I don't know
anything about that.

Well, how about the 90%
of the juvies you sent there?

I mean, come on, masconi
has got a house in vail.

He's got a big, old estate
in west Hampton.

His mother-in-law lives in
a million-dollar condo in Boca.

Your mortgaged up to your neck,

and all you got is some swords.

I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave.

Either you've got the worst
business manager in the world,

or masconi has you
by the short hairs.

Whatever it is,
we're gonna find out.

There's nothing to find out.

That girl you sent away,

you know she got raped,
don't you?

And you sent her to prison.

I think you know
who the rapist is.

Leave now.

No, just get
whatever you want, Brian.

Um, chicken.

Ginger, okay?


white rice or brown rice?

Uh, Brian, I don't care.

Just pick a rice, a sauce.

I've just made
a lot of decisions today.

I'm not yelling.

But please, just don't make me
make another decision, okay?

Um, yeah.

I have another call.


Fin, what?

No, I don't have the TV on.

A community was shaken
earlier this evening

when Hudson county judge
Daniel Dolan

was found dead in his study,

the victim of an apparent
Japanese ritual suicide

known as hara-kiri.

We'll have more on this story

as it develops
throughout the night.

You're NYPD.

I thought you were Jersey.

Atlantic city, right?

This is my partner,
detective tutuola.

I was just telling
detective Moore

that we met with the judge
earlier this afternoon.

A few hours ago,
sex trafficking case.

You two went at him
pretty hard, huh?

Self-inflicted, jagged wound.

Took him hours to bleed out.

- Did he leave a note?
- No.

But I did find a photo.

It was texted to his cell
before he offed himself.

I figured his wife
doesn't need to see it.

- Whoa.
- You said sex trafficking.

You know that girl?

Hey, can you send this to me
before you give it to I.T.?

Yeah, just give me
your number, sweetheart.

I know this girl.
I saw her file.

Miyako nara, she was born
into a massage parlor,

passed around early.

Where is this girl now?

She disappeared four years ago.

No trace of her since.

Four years ago.

That's when Dolan
started paying off

masconi's political cronies.

Okay, now we know
what masconi has on Dolan.

Is it safe to say that he didn't
use his own phone to send it?

Nah, it's a burner cell.

It looks like
a surveillance still

from a private room
at a strip club.

Miyako used to work
at Perry's Jersey city club.

All roads lead to Perry.

Dolan fell on his sword.
Maybe Perry won't.

- I don't know this girl.
- Take another look.

Miyako nara.

She was 12 at the time
of this photo.

You got Dolan drunk,
sent her into the v.I.P. Room.

He screws her.

You send the surveillance video
to masconi.

The both of you own a judge.

Then the girl
mysteriously disappears.

You have a dark world view,

Oh, wait a minute.

Yeah, she was some
dancer's niece.

Hung out.

I have no idea
what happened to her.

Mr. cannavaro,

you are looking at r.I.C.O.
Sex trafficking charges.

Do you need your lawyer to
explain to you what that means?


You haven't
even charged him yet.

I take it
that means you're ready

to offer my client a deal.

That's up
to the federal prosecutor,

pending your cooperation.

I don't know anything
about underage girls.

I promise, I'll screen better.



That's old-school.

You know,
you're a real stand-up guy,

protecting some mook
who raped one of your own girls.

And for what? Omerta?

The times have changed, Perry.

Are you gonna be
the last schmuck in Jersey

to honor the code?

Who raped clare Wilson, Perry?

Judge Dolan is gone, Perry.

You don't have
to protect him anymore.

It's not the judge
I was protecting.

Come on.

Take your time.
Whenever you're ready.

It's him.

Number three.

Are you sure?

He raped me in the v.I.P. Room.

It's like he thought
I was part of the deal.

All right, are we done here?

I would like a word
with my client.

You mean your husband?

You're still standing
by your man, counselor?

Clare, let me take you back
to the group home.

Thank you, all of you.

You're gonna be okay, clare.

So that was barba.

Perry had a lot to say.

Turns out he and masconi

were silent partners
for 20 years.

Dolan wasn't the only judge
masconi owned.

He's still naming names.

So he cut a deal.

Well, he will
keep his clubs for now,

but he's gonna be
working for me for a while.

The man who raped me

is the prosecutor
who charged me with fraud?

And the judge that put you away

was being blackmailed by him.

New Jersey...
they're never gonna clean it up.

But I'm safe now.
They can't charge me?

They can't send me back
to knollwood?


And the feds assured us

that they're gonna
investigate knollwood.

Can you trust those guys?

I hope so.

So what happens now?

You start your new life.
Go get your g.E.D.

Maybe go to college.

With my view.

There's my tree.

- Okay.
- Banker's hours, huh?

I'd get out of here
if I were you.

Look, I'm sorry
I went at you the other day.

- I didn't mean...
- I know.

All the changes... We're good?

We're good.

Nick, something cragen

"nothing changes

except what has to."

So you okay?
You still going to D.C.?

Oh, yeah,
I'm driving down tonight.

Maria and I are gonna sit down
and really talk.

You know?

That's great, Nick.

- Night.
- Good night.



What a surprise.

Uh, Nick seems fine. Why?


Of course.

I understand. Yes.

Of course I will talk to him.

It's absolutely okay
that you called.

Yeah, I understand.
You're just worried about him.



Yes. Thank you.