Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 14, Episode 17 - Undercover Blue - full transcript

A former prostitute accuses detective Cassidy of rape from his undercover days, and his defense opens up a can of worms for detective Amaro.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Detective Cassidy,

you spent
three years undercover

as muscle
for a pimp named Bart Ganzel.

Isn't that right?

Yeah. My severance was
two bullets in the chest.

Cassidy, can we practice
answering the questions

in the order I ask them?

Okay. Sure, Counselor.

All right.

In the course of your employment
with Mr. Ganzel,

did you meet a prostitute
named Carissa Gibson?

We really need
to rehash all that? Huh?

Hey, Ganzel confessed
to murder on tape.

Yeah, well,
his new attorney is contesting

the tape's admissibility.

Yeah? And how's that
my problem?

Look, I wish
you weren't my witness.

You wish
you weren't my witness.

But here we are,
so let's get through this.

Ask away, Counselor.

I'll amtrak down Sunday.

Maybe take Zara
to the National Zoo.

Yeah, I'll hold.

Try the bus, Nick.

New York to DC, 20 bucks.

You have no stops
for bathroom breaks.

See, that's why
I don't take trips with women.

Oh, I didn't know
that was voluntary.

- [Chuckles]
- Go home, Munch.

There'll be bad guys
to catch tomorrow.

Uh, who are you,

and what have you done
with Detective Benson?

Takin' the night off.

With the captain
on vacation?

Don't worry about us,
we're fine.

- We'll carry on.
- Maria, all right, just listen.


Yeah, I don't see
how it can conflict

with her schedule, Maria.

She's six.


I'll call you later.

[Hangs up phone]

Can I help you?

I hope so.

I was raped.

By a cop.

She says Cassidy raped her?

Our Cassidy?

She says
it was four years ago.

He was undercover
with some pimp.

Never saw him again

till she recognized his picture
in the paper

about the Ganzel trial.

Well, that's one hell
of a coincidence.

Cassidy's getting ready
to testify against Ganzel,

and this woman appears,
making accusations.

All right, we know
he crossed some lines.

You were here when Ganzel
drugged our captain,

put a dead hooker
in his bed.

You mean Carissa:

The hooker
Cassidy had an affair with?

Yeah, that's why
he was busted down to uni,

and works nights
at a Bronx courthouse.

He's paid the price.

Okay, so what do we do, hmm?

Tell this woman
to take a hike?

There's protocol.

We have to notify IAB
or our commanding officer.

We'll try Cragen first.

On a fishing boat
off Bimini?

Rules are rules.

I don't want you
enjoying this too much, okay?

[Mouth full] Coming!
Hold on a second.

[Lock clacks]

- What are you guys doing here?
- Numbnuts.

Don't you ask who it is
before your open the door?

I thought you were
my thai food.

We need to talk.

Now. Can we come in?

It's not a real good time
right now, guys.

- Bri--
- I got this.

It's taken care of.

- You have company?
- Yeah.

It's your sister.

You should have told me
she snores.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Hey, need change?


Hey, guys.

[Edgy pop music]

Sync & corrections by Alex1969

IAB called me at 6:00 am.

We tried to give you
a heads up,

but you were busy.

They're talking rape.

Where's this coming from?

Girl named Heather Riggs.

Heather who?

She look familiar?


Yeah, I thought her name
was Brooklyn.

She was a working girl.

What happened?

She get arrested?
She try to make a deal?

She came in
of her own accord.

Right before I testify
against Ganzel?

Well, she said she never
worked for Ganzel.

Yeah, she didn't.

'Cause before that,

some, um, small time pimp,

French guy, um...

Andre Larouche.

Total sleazebag.
He got put away.

Well, Ms. Riggs claims
she was forced into hooking,

and Larouche had you
break her in.

She's lying.

And you passed on the report
to IAB?


You know we had no choice.

Yeah, right.

[Chair clattering]

Cassidy, what's up, man?

Just stopped by for breakfast.


- Hey, Liv.
- Hey.

- Long time, no see.
- Yeah, good to see you.

Are we missing something here?

You children do not need
to know.


Nick, what's going on?

You should ask him.

[Metallic rattling]



You and Cassidy.

"A," I didn't tell you,

because it's none
of your business.

And, "B," it's not
that big of a deal.

And "C," Nick,
I didn't tell you,

because I didn't
want this.

Just a lynch mob
organized by Ganzel.

He gave Amaro the rope.

Okay, how about we be

a little more specific
than that.

I'm being framed for rape.

- Rape?
- Yeah.



I gotta say, Liv,

I think you're asking
the wrong questions here.


Okay, so how 'bout you tell me
what I should ask?

Internal Affairs?

Good God.

Barba says
that if Cassidy was framed,

IAB will figure it out.

You kiddin' me?

They make frames,
they don't break 'em.

I mean, you two know him.

- Any way he's good for this?
- No.

But he's not good
at defending himself,

and we have
to look into this.

Discreetly, of course.

We cannot
talk to the vic.

So we talk
to the people that know her.

Well, she did mention a job.


She teaches
at a pole dancing studio,

East Village.

Come on, fin.

Let's work on our technique.

[Dance music]
Engage your core.

Place the second hand.

Leg around.

And spin.

Something is very wrong
about this.

Beats jogging, I guess.

I'm Bobby Navarro.
You wanted to see the manager?

Yeah, we actually wanted
to talk to you

about one of your instructors,
Heather Riggs.

Heather? Good people.
What about her?

Just a routine
background check.

How long
has she worked here?

About a year.

She's very popular.

Is she reliable?

What's this about?

Heather have
any money problems?

Not that I know of.

She does pretty well here,
has got her own following.

What about her personal life?

Any trouble there?

Look, we're manager
and employee.

I trust her completely.

But since you're
not telling me what's going on,

I'm not sure
if I trust you so much.

Excuse me.


More like offensive.

If Heather's so popular,

how come she only teaches here
twice a week?

I mean, all these other chicks
have four classes a day.

It looks like Heather does
a little private pole dancing

for the manager,
Bobby Navarro.

I mean,
there's no photos of him

on any
of her social media pages,

but, I mean, look at
the other instructors' pages.

They're all over him.

Yeah, and each other.

I wonder
if she's employee of the month.

[Laughs] Yeah.

So the manager,
what do we have?

He has convictions
for shoplifting,

and check fraud.

Plus he was picked up
on a wiretap

with a Chinatown bookie.

He's a chronic gambler,
who loses, so...

Well, that's redundant.

Thank you, but according
to the tap right now,

he's down about 20 large.

And back
in his check fraud days,

he made fake IDs.

One was Terry Matthews.

The other was Leonard Horowitz.

Okay, so he's a bad guy.

What's this got
to do with Heather?

Well, check this out.

This is the list of Ganzel's
visitors up at Rikers.

Check out the last name.

Terry Matthews.

Hold on.

Heather's boyfriend
visited Ganzel?

When was this?

Two days
before she came here.

All right,
so scum knows scum.

Ganzel paid him

to get his girlfriend
to accuse Cassidy.

See? Paranoia.
Anyone can play.

I'll tell Barba
the connection.

I have to talk
to Barba anyway.


Liv, you want backup?

For the record,
this is off the record.

This isn't your case.

Ah, duly noted,
but it turns out

that our alleged victim,
Heather Riggs,

has a boyfriend named b--

Bobby Navarro,
who visited Ganzel on Rikers

three days ago.

IAB knows
how to investigate too.

Great, so you know.

Navarro hears his girlfriend
met Cassidy back in the day,

he knows Ganzel's
about to go to trial,

so he middles a deal
for Heather to smear Cassidy.

So it's a crock.

Case closed.

Just because Navarro
saw an opportunity

to cash in
on Heather's story,

doesn't mean
it isn't true.

It does cast
reasonable doubt.

So far, any money
changing hands is off the books.

We can't find it.

What, you think Ganzel pays
by check?

We have looked, and hard.

And there's more.

Heather's former pimp, Andre,

that he sent her to Cassidy.

Oh, that's a shock.

Did Andre get time
off his sentence for that?

And one
of his former prostitutes,

now reformed,

swears that she saw Heather go
into the bedroom

with Cassidy
for two hours.

Plus, Heather has described
in great detail

a scar on Cassidy's
inner thigh.

I'm getting a warrant
for a physical examination.

Well, save yourself
the trouble.

Uh, his... left inner thigh,


Cassidy was knifed by a drunk
when he was a rookie.

That's the other thing that
I wanted to talk to you about.


Current relationship or past?


With a 13-year gap.

So you're
not entirely objective.

That's not true.

Detective Amaro.

You talked
to the complainant.

Was she credible?

Yeah, she was.

Nick, Cassidy
would never rape anyone.

But it's possible he knew she
was being forcibly compelled.

And we know that
he has slept with prostitutes

on the job before.

Yes, I remember, thank you.


A DA from Westchester
is coming in

to run the trial.

- The trial?
- We're on a fast track.

We can't appear
to be protecting our own.

IAB detectives are
arresting Cassidy right now.

For rape.

I'm not guilty.

Not guilty, Your Honor.

- People on bail?
- Remand.

The defendant worked undercover
for years.

We believe he may have
hidden financial resources.

And a rape charge
gives him motive to flee.

Detective Cassidy
is a decorated officer

with no financial resources,

not to mention no motivation,

since the charge is baseless.

We wouldn't be here
if it was baseless, Your Honor.

The court welcomes
ADA Derek Strauss

from Westchester County

and notes his obvious and
not especially useful remark.

The defendant is released
on his own recognizance.

He will surrender his passport
and report in daily.

Your Honor--

Welcome to the big city,
Mr. Strauss.

[Gavel bangs]
Seriously, Strauss?

"Hidden financial resources"?

Come on, I've been
on a uni's salary

for six months, all right?

Take it easy, take it easy.
Small battle won:

Big war to come.

Detective, you are
a vision today.


[Under breath]

Heather's sticking
by her story.

Two witnesses put you
in that bedroom with her,

and she described
the scar on your leg.

That one.

See the problem?

Nothin' happened.

So you weren't
in that bedroom with her

for two hours?

That part's true,
but nothing happened.

So how does she know
about the scar on your leg?

I don't know.

A million ways.

It's not a state secret, Liv.

Hey, look!

I didn't do this.


So what happened
in that bedroom?

This pimp was
a real piece of crap, okay?

I knew she didn't want
to be there.

I couldn't blow my cover.

So I just made up an excuse

and went
to the back bedroom,

and we just talked.


Okay, what?

You do believe me?

Of course I do.

I was 17.

I ran away from home.

I wanted to be an actress.

Then I met Andre.

- He said he could help.
- Did he help?

No, he locked me in
an apartment with other girls...

Took away my clothes.

He made us have sex
with strangers.

Those strangers...

he made you have sex with,

do you see
one of them here?



Let the record reflect

she's pointing
at the defendant Brian Cassidy.

He said his name was Rick.

I thought he was
a friend of Andre's.

Andre told him
that I was new.

[Voice trembles] And that
he should help break me in.

And is that
when Detective Cassidy took you

into the bedroom?

[Crying] I didn't know
he was a detective.

We had sex.

I didn't want to.

He knew I didn't want to.

I cried the whole time.

Are you sure
the man you were with...

is the defendant?


I saw the scar next to his...

his business.

Thank you.

Ms. Riggs.

What would Andre have done

if he'd known
you didn't have sex

with Detective Cassidy?

He'd have beaten me.

He used sacks of oranges
so the bruises wouldn't show.

So if Detective Cassidy wanted
to protect you,

he would have kept you
in that room

for a while.

Protect me?

Nobody protected me.

Even now...

Is anyone protecting you?

What do you mean?

Do you have a boyfriend named
Bobby Navarro?


Are you aware

he visited Bart Ganzel
in prison?

That he attempted
to get money

in exchange
for your testimony

against Detective Cassidy?

I didn't know
that he did that until after.

And--and he didn't get money.

But you are planning on
cashing in on this,

aren't you?

Haven't you hired an attorney

to sue the city for damages?

I was raped!

Somebody ought
to be responsible!

I'm an outreach counselor

with an organization
that helps former sex workers

and trafficked women.

And how did you get
into this field?

Personal experience.

I was a trafficked sex worker.

For a pimp
named Andre Larouche.

The same pimp
who employed Heather Riggs.


Heather was new.

And terrified.

Andre ordered her
into a bedroom with him.

They were in there together
for at least two hours.

Thank you.

Did you see Ms. Riggs
and Detective Cassidy

having sex?


The door to the room
was closed.

- Did you hear them?
- No.

I was assigned to another room
a few minutes later.

Did you hear
the alleged comment

your pimp made
to Detective Cassidy--

that he wanted him
to "break Ms. Riggs in"?

I didn't.

But that alleged comment,

which apparently nobody
but Ms. Riggs heard,

is the only way

Detective Cassidy
would have known

she wasn't willing?

The only way?

We weren't girls
going out with guys

to dinner and a movie,

and then, maybe,
if we liked them,

they'd get lucky.

We were locked in a room.

We had dog collars
around our necks.

I'd say it's
pretty damn obvious

she wasn't willing.

She was telling the truth.

She just doesn't know
what happened in that room.

Well, that's the problem
with sex crimes:

No one ever does, except
the people that were there,

and they always disagree.

You want
to take the stand, John?

I already asked your lawyer.

He feels that,
because you and I were partners,

that the jury'd perceive me
as being biased,

which, of course,
I would be.

What about your pal, Amaro?

The DA's calling him
as a witness.

He's not in your fan club,

but he caught
Heather's statement,

so that's all
they're gonna ask him about.

You know he's gonna try to
throw me under the bus, right?

He was undercover for years.

He knows exactly
what you've been going through.


Detective, when you
first questioned the defendant

about Ms. Riggs,

how did he describe
his relationship with her?

He said
he recognized her picture

and remembered meeting her.

Would you say
he was forthcoming?

He was forthright
in his anger

and said
he was being set up

and that nothing
had happened.

So he never told you
he went into a bedroom

with Ms. Riggs
for two hours?

- No, he didn't.
- You've worked undercover,

haven't you, Detective?

Yes, on and off
for eight years.

You ever go into a bedroom
alone with a sex slave?


You were trained to avoid
compromising situations?

As often as possible,
yeah, but every situa--

So going into a bedroom alone
with a prostitute,

that would be an invitation
to commit a crime?

Isn't that a hypothetical?

Well, it's
an unlawful situation:

Yes or no?

Yes, but again,

I can't put myself
in another UC's position.

I'm not asking you to.

I'm asking,
what would you do

if a sex trafficker
you were investigating

offered you the services

of a semi-naked woman
wearing a dog collar?

I would decline.

Under all circumstances?


Thank you.

Cross, Mr. Querns?

Why don't we take this up

after lunch, Your Honor?

Very well.

Court's in recess.
[Bangs gavel]

Mr. Barba.

How's the view
from the cheap seats?


Especially when
a defense attorney

allows a prosecutor
to turn a simple fact witness

into a character assassin
without objecting.

My God,
that defense attorney

sounds like
a complete incompetent.

Yes, but he isn't.

- So I wonder why?
- Love to chat.

We only have an hour
for lunch.

it must feel odd

testifying against
a fellow undercover officer.

It's not
the most comfortable thing.

Because undercover officers

share certain unique pressures
and experiences,

do they not?

Objection. Your Honor,
what's the relevance?

Your Honor, the prosecution
questioned this witness

at length
about undercover operations.

That door has been opened.

So it has.

You may proceed.

don't undercover officers

sometimes break the law

in order
to bring down major criminals?

We're not supposed to.

But it happens.

For example, have you ever
partaken in illegal drugs?


I was new
to a drug dealer's organization.

I was being tested.

If I refused,
I might have been shot.

So a good undercover agent,
like yourself,

finds ways
to avoid breaking the law.

Yes, that's protocol.

Now if you were infiltrating
a new organization,

you would find ways

to avoid inappropriate
sexual relationships?


Only if your life
depended on it,

would you cross that line?

Yes, but again, I can't speak
to the specifics of another--

Then don't.

Let's keep this simple.

Did you ever have inappropriate
sexual relationships

in your undercover role?

I never slept
with a coerced prostitute.

Did you ever sleep with anyone
under false pretenses?

Your Honor,
this is way off base.

Mr. Querns,
where are you going?

Almost done,
Your Honor.

Detective, do you recognize

the woman who just entered
the courtroom?

Objection, Your Honor.

We have no idea
who this woman is.

I believe Detective Amaro
can help us out with that.

Detective, is she the sister
of a drug kingpin

whose organization
you infiltrated?

Oh, objection, Your Honor.

How well do you know her...

I knew her...

very well.

Objection, Your Honor!

approach the bench.

- Cynthia. Hey.
- What?

We should talk.

After ten years,
we should talk?

Me and you--
Carlos from Cartagena? No!

I couldn't tell you
who I was then.

No, you were a cop...
bringing down my brother.

He gets arrested,
and you disappeared.

I thought you ran back
to Colombia.

Then this morning, some--
some lawyer shows up

and tells me
who you really are,

drags me down here.

And there you are
in that suit!

I'm sorry.

You're scum.

Nick, you okay?

Your boyfriend
sandbagged me.

You son of a bitch!

Do you really want
to do this in here?

And you're accused
of raping a sex slave,

so you drag me
through the mud?

It was my lawyer's call,
and I didn't rape anybody.

- Did you?
- Not even close.

All right, Cynthia and I:
That was a relationship.

Yeah, like me and Carissa,
Mr. Holier-than-thou.

Did Carissa know
you were undercover?

Did Cynthia?

How'd you even find her?

You and me: We're both
in the same small world.

Only I made more friends
than you did.

Right, you mean
you looked the other way

when cops bent the rules.

Oh, please!

Says the man who slept

with the sister
of his target

to make his case?

It wasn't like that!

All right, she doesn't need
to be dragged into this!

Hey, look! I'm looking
at ten years in jail, pal!


Desperate measures!

Detective Cassidy,

have you ever had
sexual relations

with Heather Riggs?

No, I have not.

What kind of relations
did you have with her?

I was working as a UC.

And my next target

was a trafficker
named Andre Larouche.

He offered me her services
at a party.

I thought it was a test.

Did you tell him
"No, thank you"?

No. That would have sent up
a red flag.

So I, um...

I took her into a bedroom.

- What happened in the bedroom?
- Nothing happened.

I told her I was finishing
a course of antibiotics

and that she wouldn't want
to catch what I had.

Why did you keep her
in the room for two hours?

I was afraid
she'd get beaten.

And she looked real tired,

and I felt
like she needed a break,

so I gave her one.

Thank you,
Detective Cassidy.

Uh, Detective Cassidy,

Oh, I'm sorry,

you're not actually
a detective anymore, are you?

Officer Cassidy.

You expect the jury
to believe

that you were offered
an attractive woman

for no-strings sex,

and you declined?

I wasn't there
to have sex, Counselor.

I was working.

But in your very next
undercover assignment,

against Mr. Ganzel,

you did have sex
with a prostitute--

"Carissa Gibson"?

But we were involved.

And, uh, whatever she did,

she did
of her own free will.

Oh, so the situation
with Ms. Riggs

was different.

Yeah, she wasn't there
because she--

- You knew that--
- She wasn't there because--

You knew that she was being
forcibly compelled

to have sex
against her will?

It seemed likely, yet--

So you knew
that if you had sex with her,

you would be guilty
of rape?

Calls for a legal opinion.


The witness may answer.

I mean, yes.

But I didn't
have sex with her.

What? Despite all evidence
to the contrary?

Despite her testimony,
and your own admission

that you spent two hours
alone with her,

your admission
that you had sex

with another prostitute?


Never mind.

Not good.

I'm done.

Well, that went badly.

Isn't that
a matter of opinion?

Did you watch the jury?

There are two elements
to this crime:

The sex and the knowledge
that Heather was coerced.

You just confessed
to the latter.

Yeah, but I didn't have sex
with her.

Slight problem:
No one believes you.

We have to switch
to a justification defense.

[Notebook slaps table]
Concede the act,

but argue it was necessary

for the performance
of your law enforcement duties.


Concede what?

That I had sex with her?

You don't have
to say those words.

I'll walk you through
on redirect.


No way.

Forget it.

I'm not going to admit
to something that I didn't do.

Cassidy, I've been doing this
a long time.

The truth
is a horrible defense.

You could end up in prison.

I'll take my chances.

Nick, walk with me.

What, is IAB
calling already?

No, Cynthia Mancheno
just filed a lawsuit

against you and the city.

What for?
It was consensual.

Munch, look,
we were involved.

The claim is
for child support.

She says you have a son.


The city will ask
for a paternity test.

How old is he?


You got to get
a lawyer, Nick.

You hear me? Nick?

Don't do anything stupid.



Where is she?

So you're
the famous Detective Amaro.

Also known
as Carlos, El Colombiano.

[Speaking spanish]

She don't want
to talk to you.

Let me hear that from her.

You're hearing it from me.

This is my home.

You're trespassing.

Are you her husband?

You gonna leave?

Or do I have to call
a real cop?

You tell her
I'm gonna keep coming back.

I'm gonna keep coming back!

Till you talk to me.

His name is Roberto Chavez,
and they're not married.

He's a mid-level dealer
in the GCP gang.

It's mostly stolen meds.

He uses his girlfriend's son
for his drops.

The state doesn't put
nine-year-olds in prison.

What about Cynthia?
Is she involved?

She appears
to be a bystander,

but Chavez
pays all the bills.

Listen, I've got a call in
to Queens Narcotics.

See if they got enough
to nail the guy.

Hey, Rollins.


So you saw the kid.

You okay?


Talk to him?

What could I say?

"Hi, I'm your dad.
You wanna play catch?"

He's been out there nine years,
and I never even knew.

I mean... where do you begin?

You can begin
by making sure he's yours.

- Did you take the DNA test?
- I did.

Well, that's the thing
about being a guy--

you never sure
what you may have left behind.

If I'd have known,

might never
have married Maria.

No Zara.

A whole different life.

Speaking of Maria,

you got to get
in front of this.


Yeah, I will.

Well, we'll give you
the room.

[Door shuts]

[Cell phone beeps]

Hey, Maria?

- Hey.
- Hi.

You're not answering
your phone.

Is everything okay?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.


Except for that Querns.

He's a good lawyer--

if you're a criminal.

The problem is...
I'm innocent.

another problem, Brian.

Nobody's happy
with the way you ambushed Amaro.

That wasn't me.

That was Querns.

Anyway, so he had
a relationship with a woman

ten years ago.

Who cares?

Did you know
about the boy?

The next step
is up to the city.

We need to wait
to hear it from them.

- Excuse me, what are you doing?
- Cynthia.

We need to talk.

Detective, we're not scheduled
to meet till next week.

That's before I found out
what your boyfriend does.

Gilberto, wait outside.


Gil, this is Mr. Amaro.

Nice to meet you, sir.

Nice to meet you too, Gil.

Nice manners.

He's a good boy.

Well, he must
get that from you.

Not the scumbag
you live with.

Detective, this is
completely inappropriate.

You should only be here
with an attorney.

I'll be here
with a district attorney!

You know, Roberto's making
your son peddle drugs

on his way home from school?
Did you know that?

Mr. Lucas, can you give us
a minute?

You give us a minute.

[Door shuts]

You're telling me how
to be a parent?

You disappeared
ten years ago.

I didn't know
I was a parent.

You never told me.

If I'd have known...

I couldn't find you.

Now I know why.

I was just part
of your assignment.

No. No, you weren't.

Cynthia, I didn't want
to let things drop, but...

But right after the bust,
I had no choice.

You had no choice?

What about me?

My--my brother's in jail.

I have no money,
a baby with no father.

You don't think I looked
for you as soon as I could?

You weren't around.

I was gone a few months.

I went to San Juan
to have my baby.

You can hate me
all you want,

but you can't
let your son--

our son--

grow up dealing drugs.

I'm begging you.


I guess I opened
a real can of worms here.

Oh, you think
this is funny?

No, I don't.

Look, I had no idea
you had a kid.

I swear to God.

What do you want?

Look, you and me,

we're both screwed here,
all right?

- Really?
- Yeah.

Amaro, drop the rock.

Let's help each other out
here, man.

What do you say?

How did you get those?

You should see
the other guy.

Sit down.

How'd you know Marty?

We grew up together
in Lefrak City.

We were tight.

Till he got sent up
last month.

- Yeah, too bad about that.
- Yeah.

Someone's got
to pick up the slack

with all those housewives
and college kids of his.

So he turned over his business
to me and my associate.

Who would that be?


Blondie over there.

How ya doin'?

I should frisk her too.

In your dreams.


You two done?

Come here.

We need oxy.

All you can get.

Adderall for the kids.

And while you're at it,

why don't you throw
a few rippers in the bag,

for me and my old lady here,

[Slaps her bottom]

[Dance music]

Who are you two?

You know Mr. Yee?

He has transferred your debt
over to us.

You guys are in luck,

I'm coming
into serious money real soon.

What, you been paying
two grand a week in vig?

It's gonna go up.

Unless you pay us
the 20 now.

I don't have
the 20 right now.


Then you're gonna have
to work it off.

[Dramatic music]

- Who are you?
- I'm the one with the money.

You're supposed
to give me a package.

Where's the guy with
the bullet holes and the blonde?

- Can we just do this? Look.
- You know what?

I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.


[Siren whoops,
tires squeal]

[Sirens wail]

[Tires screech]

Police! Freeze!

Let me see those hands!

Where we can see 'em!
Let me see your hands!

[Handcuffs clicking]

Thank you.

Pop the trunk.

Get a load of this.

Looks like he's got
a drugstore in there.

Man, you must have
a serious headache.

Son of a bitch!

All right,
get him outta here.

- Thanks, Doom.
- Our pleasure.

Detective Rollins,
always a treat.

Do I want to know how you knew
this deal was going down?

- Nope.
- What I figured.

You got this one solid,

Yeah, he's got major weight
in his trunk--he's done.

So's his customer.

Yeah, his customer--

we'd actually like
to, um, borrow him.

Be my guest.

You set me up, man.
This is payback, right?

Come on.
$10,000 cash, midnight.

You're meeting a man with
a trunk full of stolen meds.

Somebody else is gonna
be teaching those girls

how to pole dance
for the next 20 years.

That's what
this is about?

What Heather said
about that cop?

Why? You know
something about that?

I'm guessing
it's deal time.

Depends on what
you go say.


Okay, it didn't happen.

Heather and I
made it up to cash in.

What didn't happen?

He didn't rape her.
He didn't do anything.

Ganzel didn't give me the money,
but he told me about the scar.

He said it would
help Heather's case.

We were gonna sue the city.
Make a million dollars.

Is that what happened,

- Is that the truth?
- How much trouble am I in?

That's not up to me.

But I need you to tell me,
is that what happened?

You know Cassidy?


I do.

He didn't touch me.

We just talked.

About dogs.


I need to know if anybody else
can verify this version

of your story.


Yes, later that night,
I told another one of the girls

how he didn't make me--

How nice he was to me.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Our little prick DA--
he interviewed Heather,

Heather's boyfriend Navarro,
also Heather's friend

that was there that night.

He dropped the charge.

So you're free.

Yeah, I'm free
to work the night shift

at Bronx Courthouse.
Come on.

I think I'm just
gonna stick it out.

I'm gonna get my 20.

- I'm damaged goods, Liv.
- Brian, you didn't do anything.

Once accused,
always under suspicion.

Even from you.

From me?

What are you talking about?
I believed you.

I wish I could
believe that.

Brian, come on,
what are you saying?

Oh, what?
So we're over now?

I don't know.
I don't know.

You want to go get a drink
somewhere and not talk about it?

Sync & corrections by Alex1969