Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 14, Episode 18 - Legitimate Rape - full transcript

A sports reporter who became pregnant after a rape goes through torture when she takes the accused rapist to court.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Talk about July 4th fireworks.

A great day
for Chicago baseball.

A day of wall-to-wall goose eggs
for New York.

Our very own Avery Jordan's
in the windy city

with bad boy Andy Copeland.
Ready, Chicago feed.

Ten seconds, nine...

Avery, Avery!

Give me that Avery Jordan smile.

- Five, four...
- Hey, check this out.

Three, two, and...

So Andy, the imperfect man
has thrown the perfect game.

How do you feel?

I feel like making it
a perfect night.

What are you doing later,

- And how about the game, Andy?
- How about a kiss?

Come on. Just a little bit
of sugar?

Come on, give me a little.

Toss back. Toss home.

And we're back
to New York with you, Jason.

Welcome back.

And while Andy Copeland
takes a cold shower,

we'll flip on over to Houston.

Avery Jordan?

I'm Detective Olivia Benson.


A colleague gave me your number.

Um, thanks for meeting me here.

I didn't want
to get photographed

walking into the precinct.

I certainly understand.

So you said on the phone
that something happened to you.

Yeah, but I'm not sure
that I want to--

or even
if you think it's worth--

Pressing charges?

Okay, one step at a time.

So why don't you start
by telling me why you called?

I was...

I was in my home
and somebody that I know...

attacked me.

Okay, so it was
a sexual assault.


And when did this happen?

I should have called sooner.

It was--I was traveling
for work.

It was a month ago.

Did you tell anyone else
about this at the time?


- I think I was--
- No way!

Avery Jordan. Dude,
I told you that was her.

- Fellas, if you don't mind.
- Totally get it.

Just one quick picture,

'cause the guys in the office
are not gonna--

Excuse me, we need a minute,
thank you.

You know what, though?
We're just wrapping up.

- I have to get back to work.
- Hold on, are you sure?

We--we just started.

Yeah, my boss is texting me.
But I'll call you.

Okay, uh, please do.

Let me give you my cell phone.

- Call me anytime.
- Okay.

So you guys think

the Yankees are gonna make it
to the play-offs?

- I think so.
- I hope so.

Dude, will you take
a picture of us?

Yeah, sure.

Yeah, I know.

Lately, it's five minutes
on the treadmill,

and I'm wiped.

Let--let me call you back.

Why don't you go and have
a seat right there.

I know I seem paranoid.

Um... sorry.

No, we get it:
You're in the public eye.

But you're safe here.

Have a seat.

What's going on?

So he's stalking me.

He's been calling me,
saying that he wants to see me.

He went to my apartment
when I wasn't there,

and he left a note.

This is the man
who assaulted you?

Rick Purcell, my cameraman.

Okay, have you told
your employers about this?

- Anyone at HR?
- No. Look...

I can't go to HR.
I can't go to anybody there.

I-I'm a professional.
I can always do my job.

I just need an out-of-work-hours
restraining order.

It doesn't work that way.

If he's stalking you--

No, can you just talk to him

and tell him to leave me alone

and stop calling me?

Have you told him that?

I'm trying to be polite.

I still have to work with him.

- He's a good cameraman.
- Whoa, whoa.

So you've been polite
for six weeks.

Avery, he might be imagining
a relationship.

There's no relationship.

Well, he crossed a line,

and you pretended
that nothing happened,

so, I mean,
he could be telling himself

that you're okay with it.

Avery, if you want us
to help you,

you need to tell us
every single thing

that happened.

Okay, now you said that
this happened in your apartment.

How did he get in?

We were coming home
from a road trip.

He dropped me off,

and he helped me upstairs
with my bags.

And then what happened?

I thanked him.

I said that I was tired.

He headed towards the door.

I thought that he had left,
so I went to take a shower.

And when I came
out of the shower,

he was just standing there.

He tried to kiss me.

I said that I was tired
and that he needed to go.

But he pushed me onto the bed,
and he raped me.

Did you scream?
Say no?

No. No, I just froze.



And you said that you haven't
told anyone about this?

No, so--there's no point
in this anyway.

- Well, hold on.
- Hey, we can still make a case.

- He use a condom?
- No.

That's why I went
to my doctor the next day,

and I got tested for STDs.

Your doctor examined you?

That might be very helpful.

Do you still have
the sheets, the bedspread?


Avery Jordan.

Is she the one that wears
those tight white jeans

on the sideline?

No, Fin, that's someone else.

And beside the point.

Well, this is gonna
be high-profile.

I wanna be kept in the loop.

Another bad-boy athlete?

Great: An MVP-said, she-said.

Actually, it wasn't a jock.
It was her cameraman,

and it happened in her condo
after Fourth of July weekend.

Six weeks ago.

Please tell me she disclosed
to somebody at that time.

No, but she did see
her doctor,

and we're checking her bedding
for DNA.

Even if we do find anything,
that doesn't preclude consent.

Look, she came forward

because the guy started
to stalk her.

I mean, there's nothing
in it for her.

Well, let's corroborate that.

Clone her cell phone.

Check for recent texts,
voice-mail calls.

The cameraman.

What's his pedigree?

Richard Purcell. Single.

Been at Sports & Events Network
ten years.

Other than some speeding
tickets, he's clean.

Even has
a law degree from Fordham.

- Did he ever practice?
- Nah, he never took the bar.

All right, go after him hard.

But this is gonna be
an uphill case.

if Mr. Purcell knows the law.

Fin, Rollins, keep that in mind
when you talk to him.

Avery said I raped her?

We've known each other
for years.

She invited me up.

So you were in her apartment?

I helped put her bags
in her room.

What, and then
she just jumped into bed?

No, she took a shower first.

You and her
ever been intimate before?

Well, you know
how these work things go.

Long hours, there's always
an unspoken attraction.

Yeah, that's not really
how she tells it.

We've been working together
since we hooked up.

Travel together,
dinner with the crew.

Wait. She's just bringing
this up now?

Oh, I get it.

- He must have found out.
- He? Who's that?

It's above my pay grade.

I could get in a lot of trouble
with my producers here.

Yeah, you're in trouble
with the NYPD here, so...


But you did not get this
from me.

Avery and I slept together.

But she's also having an affair
with one of the network anchors.

Yeah? This anchor,
he got a name?

I've said too much.

Rick said
that I'm having an affair?

Yeah, basically
that your lover found out,

got jealous, and Rick
got caught in the crossfire.

That's ridiculous.

If you're sleeping
with somebody else,

we need to know.

What difference does it make?

- Rick raped me.
- It affects the case, Avery.

Now the lab found semen
from two different men

on your bedspread.

Look, he has a wife...

- This will ruin both of us.
- Rick's clever.

He's already using the affair
to create reasonable doubt.

That's not all he's doing.

Remember I told you
about the note?

He also sent this.

The other man--
we need his name.

You'll recognize him.

Avery spoke to me.

What did she say?

She said that
that creep Purcell

had found out about us
and was blackmailing her.

That's all she said?

Did she ever talk to you
about Purcell before?

About what?

I mean, you don't notice
the cameraman

unless he screws up.

She wasn't friendly with him?

She was good with the crew,
you know.

It's part of the job.

Uh, listen, is there any way
you can get him to stop

without this becoming public?

He's already come after her.

He's gonna come after you too.

I think he already has.

I know this is hard to watch,

but there was a camera
in your hotel room.

It goes on from here.

Stop it, please.

Rick sent this to Jason?

Why? What does he want?

Well, so far, he hasn't
asked Jason for money.

Jason got this video
anonymously two weeks ago.

That explains it.

Jason called things off
on the last road trip.

Okay, so Rick thinks
he got what he wanted:

To have you to himself.

I don't want
to press charges.

I just want
to destroy this tape.

If we can tie this to Purcell,

- it's proof he's stalking you.
- If?

He's a cameraman.

Who else would do something
like this?

So he did have access
to your hotel room?

Yeah. He would bring coffees

he would put my bags
in the room.

Oh, my God.

He probably has copies.

If you'll agree
to press charges,

we can get a warrant
for his computer,

his home, his office.

This video was taken
before the rape, right?

Yes. What does that have
to do with anything?

It speaks
to an escalating pattern

of obsession and harassment.

If we can tie him
to the stalking,

it'll make the case for rape
that much stronger.

It also makes it
more difficult

for the defense to claim
that it was consensual.

I had bruises.

The defense will say
you liked it rough.

A single woman on the road
with mostly men.

And they're
not just gonna ask about Jason.

They'll use anything they can.

- It was just Jason.
- Really.

Are you sure?

No more surprises?

Avery, guys like Rick,

they don't stop,
until you stop them.

I get it.

No more surprises.

All right.

I've got enough
to issue a warrant.

Ms. Jordan,
after we pick him up,

even though, in theory,
rape shield will protect you,

this is gonna hit the press.


The network has a PR team.

Tell them to figure out
how to spin this.

- Rick Purcell.
- What now?

You're under arrest
for stalking and rape.

You gotta be kidding me.

Avery? I see her every day.

Won't be seeing her

ADA Barba charged Purcell
with rape in the first,

and aggravated stalking.

- Is he out?
- No.

The judge set a very high bail.

He will stay in jail
until the trial.

You okay?

Yeah, I've just been
lightheaded and nauseous lately.

I think
it's probably the stress.

Okay, could be, but...

You got a pregnancy test,

No, I can't get pregnant.

That's why ex and I
got a divorce.

Okay, well,
sometimes things change.

Uh... when was the last time
you had sex with Jason?

He had a vasectomy.

You know, the rape was...
eight weeks ago.

You're not late, are you?


It is possible
that you got pregnant.

I can't.

I can't be pregnant
with his baby.

- How are you feeling?
- A little nervous.

I didn't think
I'd be showing this much

by the time we got to trial.

Don't try to hide it.

They'll really lose the jury
if they come after you.

Ms. Jordan did disclose
to me six weeks after the rape.

But in my experience,

it can take survivors years
to come forward.

And given her complications,

I can certainly understand why.

How so?

Mr. Purcell was a coworker.

Ms. Jordan has
a very high public profile,

and she knew
that by coming forward

it could damage her reputation
and that of others.

And yet,
she came forward anyway.

Yes, at great cost.

She's had
to step down from her job,

she's dealt with horrible
breaches of privacy,

including the public's
knowledge that...

she became pregnant by a rape.

Why do you think she's endured
all of this?

Because she doesn't want
Mr. Purcell

to get away
with what he did to her.

Move to strike, speculation.

Your Honor, I'm asking
the detective's opinion

based on her 14 years
of experience with sex crimes.


Are there any other reasons
you believed Ms. Jordan's story

that the sex was not consensual?

The fact that
Mr. Purcell was stalking her

and sending
threatening messages.

Purcell sent her videos
and pictures

he'd taken of her
from hidden cameras.

How do you know
they came from him?

We found copies
of the same images

on his computer's hard drive.

The defense isn't putting up
much of a fight.

Let's get Jason Hollis up now.

He's a reluctant witness.

He's just getting back to work
after being suspended.

He told us he barely patched
up his marriage to the model.

Not my problem.
I want him on the stand.


I'm sorry.

I care about Avery,

but my wife's
almost forgiven me.

I can't take the stand.

I used to be
a big fan of yours.

I actually won a fortune on you
in game seven.

Bottom of the ninth, two outs,

and you hit the walk-off
against Mariano and...

You can't step up
for Avery right now?

Please, I just want things
to be the way they were.

It's too late, Jason.

And here's something
you can count on:

If we don't call you,

the defense will.

How long were you
and Ms. Jordan engaged

in an extramarital affair?

About a year and a half,
on and off.

- Mm-hmm.
- I'm not proud of it.

My wife deserves better,
and so does Avery.

Why did you end
the relationship?

I was sent a video
of me and Avery together,

and I found out later,
it came from Rick Purcell.

Did he attempt
to blackmail you?


So why do you think
you were sent the video?


Uh, take it easy.

everything all right?

Yes, Your Honor.

I'll rephrase.

Did you take any action
after you received the video?

Yes, I told Avery

that we needed
to stop seeing each other.

- You felt threatened?
- I was furious.

He was spying on us
in Avery's hotel room.

- Sick bastard.
- Mr. Hollis.

Not to mention, I found out
what else he'd done to her.

- So what else had he done?
- Your Honor, may I approach?

Ordinarily, your counsel would
request that, Mr. Purcell.

This is an urgent matter

that needs
to be immediately discussed.

We'll take a recess.

Counselors, in chambers.

Mr. Purcell,
this is very unusual.

Your Honor, replacing counsel
at this point

puts an undue burden
on Ms. Jordan.

I either replace counsel

or you need to call a mistrial.

My lawyer, despite sharing
my good looks,

has been completely derelict
in his duties.

Rick, you need
to think about this.

You performed
a barely credible cross

with the SVU detectives.

And you've conducted yourself
like a drooling fan

with Jason Hollis.

- I'm not sure I agree.
- Nor do I.

Your Honor, there's been
countless issues of facts

which he failed to address.

The alleged victim
is eight months pregnant

with your child.

You want me
to come out guns blazing?

It won't help your case.

I'm entitled to a defense,
not an apology.

Your Honor,
if he won't fight for me,

he needs to get out of my way.

What's going on?

Purcell wants
a change of counsel.

That son of a bitch
is just trying to drag this out.

Avery, the judge agreed
to let him represent himself.

- What?
- Starting tomorrow.

Legally, he has that right.

So he can question me?
Ask me anything he wants?

Not anything. And I will
be there making objections.

No. First he rapes me,

and now he gets to
interrogate me...

in front of everybody.

He can't do this, can he?

He can't.

Mr. Purcell, are you ready to
proceed with your cross-examination?

Yes, Your Honor.

Mr. Hollis,

you testified that your affair
with Avery Jordan

was on and off.

When it was on,
did you and your wife

ever socialize with Avery?

A few times.

And did Avery ever do
or say anything

to lead your wife
to suspect the affair?


So you would say
that Avery Jordan is skilled

in the art of deception.

- Objection.
- Withdrawn.

Mr. Hollis, you've helped Avery
professionally, haven't you?

That's not why
she's a success.

Have you ever recommended her
for choice assignments

if it put you two
on the road together?


Did it ever occur to you

that the only reason
Avery is with you

is because
you helped her career?

She's not like that.

I could do nothing
for her except love her.

Isn't that why she was with me?

- Objection.
- Sustained.

She was never with you.

Oh, but she is having my baby.

So the evidence
shows otherwise.

- Objection.
- Mr. Purcell, that'll do.


I have nothing further
for this witness.

But I would like to recall
Detective Benson to the stand.

in your 14 years with SVU,

have you always found
the complainant to be truthful?

Not always, but--

You've arrested hundreds
of rapists, correct?

That sounds about right.

Has that colored
your thinking?

- Objection.
- Overruled.

I'm going to allow Mr. Purcell
a little leeway here

but ask him to make
his questions more specific.

I do my job.

How many innocent men
have your brought to trial?

Only one.

And... when I found out,

I fought for his release.

But all the, what,
hundreds of others--

if you thought they were guilty,
they were?

Men, they're all rapists,

Objection, argumentative
and ridiculous.


- Do you hate men?
- Objection.

When was the last time
you were in a relationship?

- Objection!
- Sustained.


How often have you seen
an actual rape victim

become pregnant
and decide to keep the baby?

It happens.

Like convicting innocent men

- Objection.
- Withdrawn.

You testified that Avery
did not get a rape kit.

But she got a medical exam

that showed trauma consistent
with sexual assault.

Detective, yes-or-no answers.

In your experience,
is it possible

that this kind of trauma
can occur

after a honeymoon

or a couple's weekend
in Atlantic City?

- Objection.
- Mr. Purcell.

I'll rephrase.

Is it possible that this trauma
could have been caused

by consensual sex?

It's possible.

Are you aware that there's
been testimony in this case

that a second man's DNA has been
found on Ms. Jordan's bedspread?


And there's no way
to differentiate samples

from a consensual encounter
and a rape, is there?


Thank you.

I have no further questions.

After he was finished,
he asked me if he could stay.

And how did you respond?

I was crying.
I was terrified.

He said, "You're crying now.
One day you'll realize

that this is the best sex
you ever had."

Thank you, Ms. Jordan.

Uh, the photos
that the jury has already seen

were sent to you
after the rape?

He slid the photos
underneath my door

with a menacing note,

and I realized
that he was stalking me.

- That's when I went to SVU.
- We're almost finished.

But this next question
is deeply personal.

Can you tell the jury
why you decided

to keep a baby
who was conceived in rape?

I had previously had been told

that I could never have
a child of my own.

When I first found out
that I was pregnant,

I felt like
he was still violating me.

- Objection.
- Overruled.

It's relevant.

But he's my baby.

Every time that I feel him kick,

I know that...

he's a fighter, like me.

That he's a survivor.

Thank you, Ms. Jordan.

Your Honor,
could we take a break?

I feel a little--

Do you want a short recess?

Actually, Your Honor,
it's been a long day for Avery.

If it please the court,
I request permission

to recall this witness
at a later time.

Perhaps after I call my expert.

Again, Your Honor,
I'd request a frye hearing

to determine the validity
of this expert.

As I already ruled
in chambers,

we're allowing it.

And Mr. Purcell...

I've given you latitude already.

Don't abuse it.

'Scuse me.

So, wait, you think
maybe this means

he won't call me
to the stand?

Oh, no, he will.

He just wants you
to lose sleep wondering when.

You did great up there.

The more they get to know him,

the less the jury likes him.

Let's get you out of here.


Hey, Counselor.

- What's up?
- You mean "Who's up?"

Congressman Fritz Showalter.

He's Purcell's so-called expert.

the one that tried

to criminalize abortion
after rape,

'cause it's tampering
with evidence.

Clown's a crackpot.

He's also
a practicing obstetrician,

and he's had
a few articles published

in some fringe medical journals.

- What do you want to do?
- Get me something.

By tomorrow.


Or should I call you doctor?


I have been a doctor
for over 40 years.

And you published

in the
Journal Of Clinical Obstetrics.

You paid for this trip yourself.

Can you tell the jury why?

This case raises issues
I feel strongly about:

Legitimate rape and women
who make false accusations.

Can you elaborate?

Many of my medical colleagues
won't admit it,

but in my experience,
it's nearly impossible

for a victim of legitimate rape
to become pregnant.


Again, without the benefit
of a frye hearing--

Your objection has been noted,
Mr. Barba.

And the jury will note
that this witness

is offering an opinion based
on his medical experience.

And why, doctor,
in your opinion,

is it impossible for a victim
of an actual rape

to get pregnant?

The body has a mechanism
for shutting down ovulation

in response to stress.

And if a pregnant woman
came to your office

that she had been raped,

your response would be?

I would tell her,

"Honey, if you need
to lie to yourself

"or your family, okay.

"But... don't lie
to Doc Showalter.

Or the lord."

Thank you, doctor.

When did you last publish

in the
Journal Of Clinical Obstetrics?

- I don't actually recall.
- Let me refresh your memory.

- 1974. Does that sound right?
- About right.

Are you aware that,
since then,

there has been extensive
research that shows

that women who have been raped
are just as likely

to get pregnant as women
who have consensual sex?

Female anatomy hasn't changed,
Mr. Barba.

Many studies show it's harder
to conceive under stress.

But those studies refer
to long-term stress,

- not rape, correct?
- Well, yes.

during your testimony

you referred
to "legitimate rape."

Does this term appear in any
recognized medical textbook?

I s-speak from my experience
as a doctor.

But you haven't practiced
in 12 years.

Does this have anything
to do with your being censured

for inappropriate behavior
by your clinic in Kentucky?

- Objection.
- Sit down, Mr. Purcell.

Dr. Showalter,
answer the question.

I'm not at liberty
to discuss that.

Because you signed a mutually
binding nondisclosure agreement?

Thank you.

No further questions.

Your Honor, I'd like
to recall Avery Jordan.

I'm ready to cross-examine her.

How are you, Avery?

I hope you're feeling
up to this.

Objection. Your Honor...

Please instruct Mr. Purcell

to refrain from calling
the witness by her first name.

Understood, Mr. Purcell?

Forgive me, Your Honor.

Avery--I mean "Ms. Jordan."

I'm sorry, it's hard,

because we know each other,


We've worked together
for five years.

We've traveled together,

we've stayed
in adjoining hotel rooms.

- Is that correct?
- When it was necessary.

Your Honor, would you please
direct the witness

to answer yes or no?

Ms. Jordan.

Yes, we stayed
in adjoining rooms.

And we've had many
a late-night conversation,

discussed many things?

I would say "some,"
not "many."

And you've spoken
to me frankly

about the intimate details
of your life,

like your desire
to have a baby?

- I don't remember that.
- Objection, Your Honor.

This line of questioning
amounts to harassment.


He can ask about conversations
he was a part of.

So you do recall telling me

the main reason
your marriage broke up

was your inability to conceive?

I might have said that
at one point.

On the night in question,

you invited me
into your apartment, didn't you?

You offered
to help bring up my--

You asked me to come up,
did you not?


You took off your clothes
while I was still

in the apartment,
didn't you?

I thought
you had let yourself out.

I saw the door close.

And where were you after
I left?

I went to take a shower.


A shower.


You invited me
into that shower, didn't you?


And then you told me
not to use a condom

because you wanted
to try one more time

to get pregnant.

You said that you wanted
to feel me inside you.

- Objection. Hearsay.
- Sustained.

Mr. Purcell.


Ms. Jordan,

after the alleged assault,

you didn't call the police,

you didn't report me
to Human Resources.

Why not?

I was afraid.

You were afraid

if the bosses found out
about your affairs

that you would be fired.

Calls for conjecture.

Sustained. Mr. Purcell,
move on.

Ms. Jordan...

Don't you think
if somebody was raped

- they would hate their assailant?
- I do.

I hate you.

- Your Honor--
- Mr. Purcell, please step back.

You sit there before me
carrying our child.

He's mine, not yours!

You had a DNA test.

Can you tell the jury
who that baby's father is?

You are not the father,
you're the rapist!

That is not an answer.

Did those tests prove
that I'm the baby's father?

- Ms. Jordan.
- Yes.

Biological, yes.

So you always wanted a child,
didn't you?


And I gave you the child
you always wanted.

- Objection.
- Step back, Mr. Purcell.

I got nothing further.

They've been in there
for two days.

Why is the jury taking so long?

That's what juries do.

They asked to hear

that congressman's
testimony read back.

- Why?
- It could be good news.

After our counselor here
was done with him,

he was completely discredited.

They're back.

This is your verdict?

On the charge of rape,

first degree,

how do you find?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

On the charge of stalking?

Guilty, Your Honor.

The defendant is released,
pending sentencing.

Excuse me.

Can you tell me what happened
in that jury room?

We felt bad for her.


- The case had a lot of holes.
- Uh-huh.

There was this one juror,

she bought
the "legitimate rape" argument.

She wasn't gonna give in
on that.

So all everyone could agree on
was the stalking.

You cut a deal.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

- He's not gonna stop.
- It's okay, Avery.

You gotta take it easy,

Just breathe.

- Ooh.
- There you go.

Oh, I feel sick.


Oh, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no.

Okay, all right, Avery.
So your water broke.

Let's get you
to the hospital, okay?

There you go.

Hey. Now a good time?

Detective Benson, come in.

This is Theo.


He's, uh...

He's beautiful.

He is, isn't he?

And healthy.

Even at six weeks early.

Thank you.

How are you feeling?

Exhausted. But happy.

I think it's lucky
that he came early.

Took my mind off the verdict.

I thought
that maybe I would see my baby

and think about what happened.

But I didn't.

Theo's his own person.

- Avery Jordan?
- Yes.

- The nurse was just here.
- I know.

You've been served.

What is that?

He can't do this.

Rick's suing for custody?

Let me see that.

You're telling me that
a rapist can sue for custody?

Yeah, he can.
In 31 states.

I've seen it used
in acquaintance rape cases

just to get the victim
to drop charges.

And they call that law?

In Boston, a convicted rapist
sued for custody rights

to a child he fathered
with a 14-year-old girl.

- This is New York.
- Yeah?

Well, there's no law
on the books at all.

More to the point, Purcell
wasn't convicted of rape.

He only got time served
on the stalking.

State says he's rehabilitated.

she's been decompensating.

And since the trial started,

she hasn't been able to work,
she's battling depression,

she's under psychiatric care.

Which only serves
to bolster his case.

She's still got a three-year
order of protection

against him.

We'll follow Rick
until he screws up,

- and then we nail him.
- What about Avery?

This was always
a lousy criminal case.

Now it's a civil one.
She needs a good lawyer.

I know who to call.

According to
the caseworker's report,

you've been raising
our child alone.


And you haven't worked
since October.

I haven't been able to
because of what you did to me.

Your Honor?

Ms. Jordan,
just answer yes or no.


And since
the birth of our son,

you've been seeing
a psychiatrist?


And did he prescribe

Objection. Beyond the scope.

I'm afraid not, Ms. Calhoun.

Ms. Jordan, please answer.

I have prescriptions
for antidepressants

and anti-anxiety drugs.

Are you
on those drugs now?

I've been diagnosed with
post-traumatic stress disorder.

So yes.

So you intend
to raise our child on your own

while sitting at home,

taking psychoactive drugs?

Don't act like I'm crazy
and you're the sane one!

You did this to me!

You raped me.

You destroyed my life.

Your Honor, I ask that you
disregard that last outburst.

I was acquitted of rape.

Just proceed.

So you think
you can take care of my son?


I mean, Ms. Jordan.

Have you looked
in the mirror lately?

Single motherhood
doesn't agree with you.

You can't even take care
of yourself.

- Objection.
- Withdrawn.

I have nothing further.

Ms. Jordan,
would you like a break?


Have you recently taken
your baby for a checkup?


And how is he doing?

Theo's in perfect health.
He's eating and sleeping well.

So despite the trauma
that you have been through,

you are able to raise
and care for your child?


He's all I've ever wanted.

Why don't you want
Mr. Purcell involved?

the only intimate contact

I've ever had with this man

is when he violently
forced himself on me.

And I don't want that
around my son.

Thank you.

No further questions.

Yes, I took those photos.
I was upset.

She's the mother of my child.

Hold on.
You seem confused again.

These photos are from
before you raped her.

I was found innocent
of that charge.

And from before
she was pregnant, aren't they?


You were stalking her
for over a year.

This isn't about the baby.

This is about you being obsessed
with Ms. Jordan.

It's not like that.

I was just showing her
how much I loved her.

By spying on her,
menacing her,

and trying
to humiliate her publicly?

- Ever heard of flowers?
- This is about my son.

I want to be there for him,
and I have the right to.


So tell me, Mr. Purcell,
what is it

in your history
of violent sexual assault

and relentless intimidation

that qualifies you
to be a good parent?

Your Honor--

Do you honestly believe
you have the right

to raise a child
you conceived by rape?

The law supports me,
and it wasn't rape.

No further questions.

This hearing is to determine
the best interest of the child.

Mr. Purcell,

in spite
of the jury's verdict,

I find your actions

I am awarding Avery Jordan
full custody.

However, given that Mr. Purcell
is the biological father,

and is willing
to pay child support,

it is with great reluctance

that the court must award
minimal supervised visitation.

- Two hours, every Saturday.
- No!

With an agreed upon
third-party facilitator.

This hearing is adjourned.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Look... I'm not happy
with the result either.


But don't play into his hands.

What does that mean?

That it's sickening.

But you have to abide
by the ruling

until the law changes.

When does it end?

Do I have to live

with the man who raped me
in my life, forever?

He'll be strictly supervised.

We can handle it until
the court appoints someone.

We'll have eyes on him.

Mr. Purcell,

stay away from my client.

I'll see you Saturday,
little man.

So where is she?

She's supposed to be here
with my son

for our family visit.

Supervised custodial visit,
not family.

Avery doesn't want to see you.

You don't know where she is?

- I said where is she?
- Calm down, Mr. Purcell.

- Don't tell me to calm down.
- Is there a problem here?

You're damn right,
there's a problem!

First day of visitation,
and she doesn't show?

I'll call the judge right now.

You know,
infants don't always cooperate.

Fin, give Mr. Purcell a seat
in the interview room.

You'll be more comfortable, sir.

I have to leave.

Avery, this is not
a good idea.

As an officer of the law,

I have to tell you
that if you leave with Theo,

you're subject to arrest.

What choice do I have?

You wait for Purcell
to make a mistake

and then you take him to court.

Court! Court!

He has been raping me
for almost a year,

and the court went along
with it.

- You allowed it!
- Avery, if you run,

you become the criminal.

You don't get it.
It isn't just about me.

It is about Theo.

What's gonna happen
when he finds out

that the courts forced
that man into our lives?

I know that this is
hard to believe,

but you and Theo
will get through this.

And I promise you,

Theo will understand.


He's gonna understand
that his father raped me?

He's never gonna be okay.

Me, him, that man.

We're never gonna be okay.

I want a damn amber alert.

She's still at the doctor.

You've been saying that
for hours. This is crap!

The baby has a fever.

you want to be a father?

The first thing
you need to learn

is it's not all
about you anymore!


- Where's Avery?
- I don't know.

She, uh...

I left when her lawyer arrived.

Calhoun said she needed time
with her client.

That was three hours ago.

There was a lot of traffic
on the way back.

From the Upper East Side?

Okay, and as I recall,

you checked in
with your captain

before you left Ms. Jordan.

I'll let Mr. Purcell know

we're making our best efforts
to locate Avery.


Avery's still
at the pediatrician's?


Somewhere beyond extradition.

Over Calhoun
and my...

stern objections...

she got out.

On a private plane.

Did she?

Do you remember
when you asked me

about my father,

and I told you
that it was a... long story?


It's not that long.