Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 21 - Liberties - full transcript

A judge asks an odd request for a plaintiff who is seeking a restraining order: he asks detectives to interview a convicted serial killer concerning his son's kidnapping, which took place 30 years ago.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

911, operator 845.
What is your emergency?

A man broke into my
apartment. He raped me.

Do you need an ambulance?

No. But he does.

Okay, Pam. I need to
get you to the hospital.

It leaks every rain. I kept
telling my landlord it wasn't safe.

The seal was broken.
He slipped the pane out.

It's an easy enough drop to the
fridge, and then onto the counter.

Then, me. I guess that self-defense
class at the Y finally paid off.

It feels like somebody put
my balls in a wood chipper.

What happened?

That defenseless
young lady you targeted?

Not so defenseless, right?

I was terrified.

When I woke up with him on top
of me, all I could do was scream.

Well, screaming is good.

Lots of times, that's enough
to scare them away.

Not him.
I don't understand.

Well, you'll figure it out
in five to ten.

Wait. Am I under arrest?
Let me guess.

You have no memory
of raping Pam Galliano.

No, I remember that.

He slapped his hand
over my mouth and said,

"Not so loud, Pammy. You want
someone to call the police?"

I remembered
my instructor saying,

"Eyes, throat, or testicles
are always within arm's reach.

"Bite, kick, scratch.
Whatever it takes. "

I want her arrested
for assaulting me.

Are you kidding me?

What do you call
what she did to me?

For a rapist?
Occupational hazard.

She wanted me to.

When I knocked
over the lamp, he said,

"Yeah. Fight me, bitch.
That's so hot. "

He needed you to resist
to become aroused.

He grabbed my ankle,
pulled me down.

I saw the dumbbell
under the bed.

I hear you gave him
a concussion.

Come on. Let's go. Come on. And a
few extra kicks between the legs.

That was okay, right?

You broke into her apartment
and forced her to have sex.

How do you not
call that rape?

No, no, no, no, no. Look
in my pants. In the pocket.

I met her on
a fantasy rape site.

She sent me
detailed instructions.

When, where, exactly what
she wanted me to do to her.

She wanted me to rape her!

That's not my screen name.

Look, I believe you, Pam,

but you have to understand

that the man who attacked
you has your address.

He has details about your
skylight. I didn't even know

there were fantasy
rape sites.

I've certainly
never been on one.

We're getting a warrant
for Owen's computer.

You won't find
anything on mine.

Does anyone else have
access to your computer?

No. Why?

Come look at this.

Oh, God. That's got to be
Photoshopped. Delete it!

Ma'am. Ma'am, you can't
tamper with the evidence.

How did this get
on my computer?

They're not pop-ups.
Somebody downloaded them.

I don't watch porn.

Well, it's not illegal.
This one is.

Possession of child
pornography is a felony.

I swear, I don't know
where this came from.

Owen and Pam both say
the other one set them up.

So, who's sketchier?
Our victim or the perp?

Well, judging
by looks alone, guilty.

Owen freely admits that he
trolls fantasy rape websites.

Pam says she's not a member, but
her porn stash says different.

Her computer lied.
I found a Trojan horse in it.

Meaning someone downloaded
the porn remotely.

Yeah. Through a
cyber back door.

Can you prove
it was Owen Walters?

I don't think it was. There
was no spyware on his computer.

Are you saying
there's a second rapist?

Bring me a computer.
I'll confirm it.

So, Owen read the
"Hey, big boy,

"come up and rape me
sometime" post,

and was dumb enough
to believe it.

Well, if that's how it played
out should we void his arrest?

Why? It's still rape. She
said no, and he didn't stop.

He didn't know to.

In fantasy rape's
twisted lexicon,

no actually does mean yes.

In sex crimes,
no means felony rape.

So, if Owen
isn't the mastermind

and Pam wasn't
a willing participant,

who set her up to be raped?

Well, it must have been
my crazy ex, Tyler Brunson.

He's a computer consultant.
When did you break up?

Two years ago.
Hey, what about this one?

You think he'd make
a good guard dog?

He doesn't look
very ferocious.

I think he'd protect you
just fine.

It's actually the barking that deters
the break-in. But tell us about your ex?

Well, after I dumped him,
he'd call, email, text, 24l7.

I'd change my number.
Somehow, he'd find the new one.

He'd show up
at my house, my work.

He stalked me
for a year and a half.

Well, hold on. So you
broke up two years ago,

and he hasn't bothered you
in six months?

That's when I moved here
from Rhode Island.

I left my friends, my family, a
really good job, my whole life.

He tracked me down.

I can't afford to move again.

I understand. Is he
still in Rhode Island?

You don't get it. He knows
the details of my apartment.

He must have been inside.

That means he's here.

And if he is,
we're going to find him.

Orchestrating a rape, disseminating
child pornography, stalking.

This guy's an SVU trifecta.

Assuming it was Tyler.

If he set her up online from Rhode
Island, it belongs to the Feds.

Unless he followed her here.

You are correct,
O wise one.

Tyler still has a valid
license in Rhode Island,

where he is
registered to vote.

That's a three-hour
drive from here.

Well, why commute when you can
stalk up close and personal?

I called Con Edison.

Guess who got the utilities turned on in
their new digs in Manhattan last month.

Tyler Brunson.

Of all the apartments
in all of Manhattan,

why would Tyler
choose this one?

This is Tyler's building.

And over here,
this is Pam's.

The son of a bitch is
right across the street.

We still need a warrant.

I know.
Somebody get Cabot on it.

I've got to give Pam
the heads-up.

He's been watching me?

I'm locked in a lease here.
My savings are gone.

If I go to Rhode Island,
he'll just follow me there.

Look, Pam,
we're going to get him.

How? You know how hard it was
just to get a restraining order?

He's always trying
to get back together.

I don't know why.
We never got along.

He had major abandonment
issues. And daddy issues.

And control issues.
And anger issues.

Did he ever
physically hurt you?

I wish he had.

No. Every time he'd break
the restraining order,

he'd convince the judge
it was a huge coincidence

he'd shown up at the same
restaurant or store.

Pam, we're going to stop him.

But you can't. No one can.

He's never going
to leave me alone.

Not until one of us is dead.

The restraining order that you had in
Rhode Island, is that still in effect?

I don't know.

I was supposed to
give my address if I moved,

so he'd know
where to stay away from.

Kind of defeats
the purpose of running away.

So, we'll get you
another one. Here.


Judge Koehler. How are you?

A lot better than
poor old Alan.

Emergency gall bladder surgery. Oh.

Anything I can do?

No, that's okay.

You're trying a case.

We're on a 15-minute recess.

Walk with me.

I have two applications.

I see that. Busy Saturday?

Kind of. Why?

I'm teaching a civics class at
the juvenile detention center.

Of course you are.

I need a guest speaker.


Absolutely. My warrant?

Quid pro quo? Careful, Counselor.
I can't help you with this.

This woman
is afraid for her life.

You, of all people,
should understand that.

Never once in 30 years

have I allowed
my son's murder

to sway a ruling or deny
a man due process.

The day that happens,
I'll walk away from the bench.

I know that.

There is an existing
restraining order

in the state of Rhode Island
that is still in effect.

Tyler Brunson violated it when he moved
right across the street from the victim.

I can't require him to move.

But I will grant a temporary
order of protection.

Which he has the right to
appeal. See you Saturday.

You've got to be kidding me.
Pam lives here in Manhattan?

You have trouble letting
things go, don't you, Tyler?

Look, I can only imagine what
Pam told you, but I dumped her.

Then why is she the one
with the restraining order?

She couldn't
take the rejection,

had some kind of
psychotic breakdown.

Lied through her teeth to make
it look like I was the stalker.

Really? Then why did you
follow her here?

I followed the work.
It dried up back home.

I landed a fat civilian contract
with the DOD. Computer training.

And it's just a fluke
that you wound up

moving right across
the street from your ex?

Stranger things have happened. Name one.

We need to look
at your computer.

Whatever you need.

"Unclassified. " You got
one that's classified?

Wouldn't want to
get them mixed up.

We'll need that one, too.

It contains
proprietary information.

I have top secret clearance.
Do you?

We can get it.

Good luck.

Third floor? Freaky.

I don't know
what's going on here.

Get yourself
some counseling.

Hypnotism, acupuncture,

And move on. And do as the paper
tells you, don't bother her again.

Fine. I'll have my superiors
call your superiors.

Bad news, guys.
Tyler's DOD job is legit.

He's got a laptop that
doesn't leave the department.

So, how do we get to it?

Well, they don't want
it gotten to.

They say it's matters of
"national security. "


What's the name of the
hospital? I'm on my way.

What happened? I ran home on
my lunch break to walk Baby,

and I turned a corner
and ran right into Tyler.

What did he do?

He tried to hug me.

I pushed past him.
He grabbed my throat.

He said,
"Don't you dare ignore me.

"You think rape is bad?
You haven't seen anything. "

I tried to scream, but he was
squeezing so tight, nothing came out.

Pam, how did you get away?

Oh, God. Baby kept barking
and stayed right by my side.

I saw him biting
at Tyler's pant leg.

He broke three ribs,
but Baby wouldn't let go.

No matter how hard
Tyler kicked him.

Not until
the bastard let me go.

Now, what part of "Stay 500 feet
away from her" do you not understand?

I was walking to the store.
We bumped into each other.

I'll say. Your foot bumped
into her dog repeatedly.

That mangy sewer rat
attacked me.

Mr. Brunson. Look at this. Pants ruined.

Calm down, Mr. Brunson.
Look at this. Bite marks.

I should be in the hospital
getting checked for rabies.

I seriously doubt
you gave the dog rabies.

I was defending myself.
Against both of those bitches.

So, now Pam is a bitch because
you ran into her on the street

and you lost control?

I don't lose control.

You don't like
to lose, period.

Your past employer,
ImmerShed Enterprises,

wasn't planning on
renewing your contract

a few years back,
so you had a slip and fall.

Won a fat worker's
comp claim.

I have persistent back pain!

What you have is
an obsessive need

for payback to anyone
who rejects you.

Now, you took that photo of Pam
while you were still together.

Except she was dressed, and you
Photoshopped that porno pose.

You see, we had it enhanced,

and Pam recognized
your bedroom,

so we sent it to
Providence PD to verify.

It will be back
any minute now.

The anticipation
is killing me.

You didn't tell me we got
anything off the enhancement.

We didn't.
Listen to me.

Now, you've wasted
enough years on this woman.

You come clean before
the photo gets back here,

I'll talk to the D.A. For you.

There's no way
he's going to fall for this.

She conned me into believing
she loved me.

I was going to marry her.

Well, this time,
I'm done. I swear.

We're even now.

Not by a long shot, buddy.

God, I love the dumb ones.

Motion to dismiss, request
for a MapplDunaway hearing,

request for a Huntley hearing. Huntley?

Please don't tell me that someone
neglected to advise Mr. Brunson

of his constitutional right
to remain silent.

The defendant was
properly Mirandized.

He freely waived his right
to counsel during questioning.

Whereupon statements were coerced
by Detectives Benson and Stabler

by feeding him a load
of malarkey about

some nonexistent enhanced
photographs, Your Honor.

Deception on
the part of the police

has constantly been upheld
during interrogation.

People v. Jackson, People
v. Baldwin. They can deceive.

They cannot coerce.

He was not... A confession
is not considered

voluntary when induced by
false promises of leniency.

What enticements were dangled
in front of Mr. Brunson?

"If the government

"becomes a lawbreaker, it
breeds contempt for the law. "

Clarence Darrow.

That's Brandeis, Mr. Horowitz. Oh.

Some states require all
interrogations to be videotaped.

I don't understand why we're
so resistant to that here.

I was present, Your Honor.

No terms of leniency
were ever put on the table.

Detective Stabler assured my client
he'd get consideration from the D.A.

The defendant incorrectly inferred
that I would not prosecute.

That's a load of bull crap,
and you know it.

A little civility,
thank you, Counselors.

Ms. Cabot, due process should always
be subject to rigorous spot-checking.

I'm inclined to grant
his Huntley hearing.

Detective Stabler, do you recall Mr.
Brunson requesting medical attention

while in your custody?

You mean for
the scratch on his leg?

For the vicious dog bite.

Isn't it standard procedure to
suspend questioning until a suspect's

medical needs are attended to?

The skin wasn't even broken.

He conveyed to you a great deal
of distress over this wound.

He was more upset
about his torn pants.

I didn't run out and
get him a tailor either.

Save the jokes for
open mic night, Detective.

Your Honor, as far as I'm aware,
the defendant never sought treatment

for this alleged wound,
even after bail.

So, I fail to see the point
in this line of questioning.

Mr. Brunson,
did you see a doctor?

Mr. Brunson, the Court
is addressing you.

I have no intention of
participating in this travesty.

that's a great shame.

Because in no other country on Earth
is your presumption of innocence

so vehemently guaranteed,
or are you granted the scope

to aid in your own defense.

Your Honor, I was moving on,
anyway. Detective Stabler.

Do you recall
telling Mr. Brunson,

"You've wasted enough years
of your life on Pam Galliano?"

Words to that effect, yes.

Intending him to believe that if
he told you what you wanted to hear,

all the charges against him
would be dropped.

No, meaning he should take
responsibility for his actions,

pay his debt to society,
and move on.

Going somewhere, Mr. Brunson?
This is not a tea party.

Attendance is not optional.

A brief recess, Your Honor?

I am not going to sit here
and be insulted.

This is a joke!

Court Officer,
restrain that man.

Detective Stabler, no one has
dismissed you from the stand.

Where are you going, Tyler?
The hearing can't be over.

I haven't even testified.

You're not getting past me.
Don't even think about it.

I'm not...

Thanks, guys.

You just saved me ten bucks.

Get off me!

It's not much fun
being hunted down, is it?

The People request the defendant
be remanded until trial.

Mr. Brunson violated his bail
agreement by fleeing your courtroom.

Mr. Brunson was overwrought.

He's new to the criminal
justice system, Your Honor.

Hardly. He has a restraining
order in the state of Rhode Island

and an order of protection
in the state of New York.

It would be so nice if the
two of you could observe

the rules of courtroom
etiquette and speak in turn.

I'm sorry.

Well, I'm ready
to make my ruling.

Given the totality
of the circumstances,

the Court believes
it is unlikely

the defendant will return to
the court of his own volition.

I am, therefore, revoking
bail and ordering him remanded.


Jimmy, take him into custody.

You can't do this.
I have rights.

You can have a toothbrush.

It's okay, Tyler,
I can appeal this.

You corrupt piece of garbage!


during the period
of your incarceration,

I sincerely urge you
to do some soul searching.

Consider how your conduct
will appear to the jury.

Consider yours. "A tyrant will always
find a pretext for his tyranny!"

What did you say to me?

How much did Pam pay you
to persecute me?

Or did you take it
out in trade?

How was she?
How was the cheap whore?

Captain, I'm going out of
town with my girl this weekend,

and I'd love to get
a jump on traffic.

Much as I hate to stand
in the way of young love,

we're short-handed tomorrow.

Liv and Elliot are both
on call for court.

Special Victims,
Detective Stabler.

Liv, is there any chance of
there being an 11th hour plead out

on the Pam Galliano rape?

I hope not, Munch.

Did you know that nearly
three and a half million people

are victims of stalking?

It's almost never prosecuted
unless it escalates to violence.

Trials are the only way that
this issue gets any attention.

No. Not a problem at all.
I'll be right over, sir.

What did I do now?

What's the matter?

I don't know.
That was Judge Koehler.

Not his clerk, him.
He wants me to stop by.

Your Honor.
You wanted to see me?

After your testimony last
week, I pulled your jacket.

You ruled my interrogation
was clean.

It was.

But I see that you have
crossed the line in the past.

Civilian complaints.
Excessive force claims.

Official reprimands.

With all due respect, sir,

those were situations where I had
to make decisions, and I made them.

When wiser men than you or I set up
our system of rights and protections,

they gave them to all men.

Not just on
a case-by-case basis.

Are you trying to tell me I'm a
liability to the Brunson trial?

No. I'm trying to hire you.

For what?

Take a seat.

Thirty years ago, my wife
and I took our son, Marshall,

a three-year-old,
on a picnic.

While Shauna was helping me proofread
my first book on legal ethics,

Marshall ran off to play
with the other children.

We never saw him again.

His killer was
Roy Lee Dotson.

I remember when
they caught him.

Seven years later,
disposing of his 12th victim.

My son was his fourth.
This is before DNA.

And no one had
made out the pattern.

And he was
a long-haul trucker, so...

By the time they caught
him, he was primed to pop.

Every victim.

Every depraved act.
He spared no gruesome detail.

Except their locations.

He held on to that
for his rainy day fund.

Every few years
one lucky couple

would be led to their
child's remains,

in exchange for
a few creature comforts.

And you're still
waiting for your turn.

Mmm. I'm the last one.

In light of his
12 life sentences,

it appears he has
a prejudice against judges.

I'll get it out of him.


I'm not asking you
to break the rule of law.

Where is he?

Dying of emphysema.

I can't go to my grave
without burying my son.

I understand.

All rise. New York Supreme
Court is now in session,

with the Honorable Judge
Joshua Koehler presiding.

"The People of the State of
New York v. Tyler Brunson,

"indictment number 523109."

Be seated.

In the words of
Thomas Jefferson,

"I consider trial by jury
to be the greatest anchor

"ever yet devised
by humankind

"for holding a government to the
principles of its constitution. "

Are the People ready to
proceed? We are, Your Honor.

Defense ready?


Problems so soon,
Mr. Horowitz?

I'm concerned about my
client's health, Your Honor.

He hasn't eaten
since his remand.

Prison food
not up to his standards?

He's on
a hunger strike. In protest.

Oh, yeah. His plight's
right up there with Gandhi's.

The law requires that he be fit to
participate in his own defense, Ms. Cabot.

Plenty of people have
fasted for longer than he has

for religious
or dietary reasons.

I just don't want him
passing out in open court.

I'll speak to him at the
lunch break. Step back.

We'll now hear
opening arguments,

starting with the prosecution.

Actually, I've got
to call a brief recess.

Remind the members of the
jury that they're under oath.

Not to speak to anyone about this
case, including fellow jurors.

Be 15 minutes.

Yeah, sorry to bother you.
Have you spoken to him, yet?

I'm kind of in the middle
of something right now.

I'll call you as soon
as I have something.

Nice try. That was
Marshall's daddy, wasn't it?

You should have
let me talk to him.

Oh, yeah?
What would you have said?

I would have told him
how sweet his boy was.

Pudgy little thing.

It was like making love to
a big, squishy squeaky toy.

Well, you're a tough cookie.

That usually gets
a rise out of them.

I've dealt with my fair
share of kiddie diddlers.

You're a member of NAMBLA?

I'm no homo.

I like boys and girls. They're
pretty much the same at that age.

No grass on the field.


You've got two feet
in the grave.

It's time to make this
right for everybody.

Go out with
a clear conscience.

Confess my sins? I've already
done that. Every last one.

I've been atoning
for the last 23 years.

Where are Marshall's remains?


Your trouble is, I'm not afraid
of Hell. I'm looking forward to it.

All those
un-christened babies.

That's Limbo.
Different place.

Roy. Where is he?

Let me think. Now,
what did I do with him?

That guy
destroyed my life.

I mean, I'm his victim
as much as Pam is.

Mr. Walters,
that's not what I asked.

She dated the pig. Okay? I'm
just an innocent third party.

Mr. Walters, Ms. Cabot has
asked you numerous times

to confine your answers
to the questions asked.

You're not on trial here.
Please continue.

Where have you seen the
photograph that you're holding?

It was posted to me online by
someone claiming to be Pam Galliano.

Mr. Walters, what effect did
receiving that photograph have on you?

It enticed me to seek
further contact.

We entered
a private chat room,

and began
a two-week sext-fest.

I thought it was
a woman. Okay?

Do you recognize this transcript
from the fantasy rape chat room?

Yeah. It's from her. Him.

Could you read the
highlighted portions? Out loud?

"Enough talk. I need
this to really happen.

"I want to wake up
in the middle of the night

"with you on top of me,
violating me.

"I'll try to fight you off
with all my might.

"You have to overpower me. "

Looks dangerous. I mean,

you hit a man in the head with
that, you'd kill him, right?

They let you into Gen Pop
with this thing?

The rare occasion I'm not in
Medical. They tend to isolate me.

So, you've got no one who will
miss you when you're gone, huh?

Never has been.

All that power you had over
those helpless three-year-olds.

You ever give
them a chance?

A choice on whether
they live or die?

Like I'm giving you?

Let go.

Where did you dump
the boy's body?

I can't tell you
if I'm dead, moron.

Well, then
you should tell me now.

I thought you weren't
afraid to die.

I can't breathe.

I'm not bluffing.

Okay. I'll tell you.

The location, Roy.
Cough it up.

I was just about to tell you
when you cut my air off.

Now, you've got to wait
until I catch my breath.

I don't think so.

You claim to be
an innocent third party.

But weren't you indicted
for the rape of Pam Galliano?


Did the D.A.'s office, by
any chance, offer you a...

Liv, call Warner.

Have her meet you at the pool
outside the Bedford Rec Center.

What was
the name of the website?

FantasyRapeLand. Com.

I do apologize.

One of my biggest pet peeves
is cell phones in court.

We've all done it,
Your Honor.

Did you ever consider
the other person

was simply writing down
his wildest fantasy,

never intending it to be
acted upon in real life?

Calls for speculation.

What? Oh. Overruled.
Answer the question.

Obviously, I didn't.

He gave me her address. How
to get in through the skylight.

Haven't you ever incorporated
a real life element

to make your fantasy seem
more realistic? I'm sorry.

I gonna have to stop this.
I'm sorry.

Your Honor, I'm not done
questioning the witness.

Sir, you are instructed to return to
this witness box on Monday morning.

9:00 a. m. Sharp.
Court is adjourned.


I'm so sorry, Judge. Roy
lied. Marshall's not here.

Of course not.

One should always be wary of
information obtained by force.

We did find something.

What is that? Paint?

You lost your boy
in March of '79?

I believe Roy left his
remains here for a few months,

then moved him before
the pool opened that summer.

You don't need to hear
the specifics, Judge.

I do if it concerns my son.
Tell me what it is.

Post-mortem body fats
break down into adipocere.

When that combines with
an acidic-based cleanser,

it leaves a distinctive
white stain.

So, that is part of him.

It looks like an angel.

Something's wrong.


I don't know.
Ms. Cabot called

and told me they may not
get to me today.

That they haven't
even started yet.

She didn't say why?

I'm sure it's some trick Tyler
pulled just to torture me.

Alex worked with me
all weekend.

I just want to
get this over with.

Okay. Okay. I'll go
find out what the holdup is.

Alex. What's going on?

Judge Koehler
hasn't shown up yet,

and he's a stickler
for punctuality.

Has anyone talked to him?
Not since Friday.

The clerk tried his home,
his cell. No answer.

Okay. I have an idea where he might be.

Okay. Double check and call
me back if he shows up there.

Sorry, Liv. No record of the
Judge on the log at Sing Sing.

Last person there
to visit Roy was Elliot.

Tyler wasn't out
this weekend, was he?

No, he was locked up
safely at Rikers.

You said that he made
veiled threats

against Judge Koehler
at his bail hearing.

Where's Tyler now?

He's right through
that door, in Holding.

He was still
alive and kicking

when I saw him
at Rikers Sunday morning.

Judge Koehler met with
him ex parte? News to me.

The appearance
of impropriety alone

does not sound like
the judge I know.

What did he come
to see you about?

Ask Koehler.

Tyler, if you had
anything done to him...

Hey, hey, look. First of all,
if they discussed the case,

it's Judge Koehler who's in
trouble, not my client. All right?

Now, no specifics, but did he
question you about your case?

No. He wanted to
hear my life story.


In court on Friday, he promised he'd
talk to him about his hunger strike.

Is that what it was?
I guess.

He refused to leave
until I ate something.

This doesn't make sense. Why
would Koehler jeopardize the case

by going to see him, and
then not show up in court?

Maybe he's losing it.

We know that he's dealing with
a personal issue right now.

I'm worried that he might
have hurt himself.

I knew something was wrong. He's been
very distracted during the entire trial.

Taking phone calls
while in court,

walking out in
the middle of testimony.

Fin? Listen. I need you to
check Judge Koehler's residence.

Judge Koehler!
It's the police!

We're here to check
on your well-being.

You didn't show up
for court today.

Is the attacker
still on the premises?

No. I wasn't attacked.

What happened to you?
Are you okay?

No, I'm not.
You need to get in there.

We've got a pulse. SVU
Portable, we need a bus at...

Judge, who is he?
5 Park Avenue.

The scourge of the Earth.

His name is Gregory Brunson.

Same last name
as the guy on trial.

Gregory's my father.

I haven't spoken to him
since I left home at 16.

What did you tell
Judge Koehler about him?

Nothing. I...


Look, I really prefer not
to talk about that person.

Tyler, did your father
sexually abuse you?

That's what the Judge
kept asking me.

This is important.
What did you tell him?

That he had.

My entire childhood.

I don't know what Koehler
got so emotional about.

I was the one abused, not him.

The body left in the pool house
wasn't Judge Koehler's son.

Olivia said you found
signs of his decomposition.

Of someone's. I was able to
extract a segment of D-loops

from the mitochondrial DNA
in the adipocere.

It matched a different victim.

I thought Judge Koehler
was the last man in the dark.

Roy told this girl's parents
where he buried her years ago,

just not where
he stored her first.

So, Roy played Elliot
like a Game Boy.

When did you tell
Judge Koehler this?


Why didn't you tell us?

Aside from a tour bus massacre
that kept me pretty busy,

I was a little uncomfortable

with what the Judge
asked me to do.

You're up to your elbows
every day in viscera.

What could possibly make
you uncomfortable?

He asked if Tyler Brunson's DNA
was taken at the time of his arrest.

Everybody's is. That's why I
don't let my parking meters expire.

He also gave me this
short lock of hair.

Judge, why did you ask Warner to
run a DNA test on Tyler's hair?

To confirm it was his.

Well, I talked to Tyler.

He doesn't remember you
taking a hair sample from him.

Well, that's because
he was so young.

I got it from Marshall's
baby book.

Tyler is Marshall.
Tyler's your son.

Obviously, I'll have to
recuse myself from his case.

Hold on.
How is that possible?

Roy never let any
of his victims live.

It's got nothing
to do with Roy.

But he got decades of
pleasure out of tormenting me.

It was Gregory Brunson who
grabbed Marshall from that park.

He destroyed my little boy.

Tyler is not the man
Marshall would have been

if Shauna and I
had raised him.

I know we're always preaching
personal responsibility,

but it's not his fault.
He was tortured.

I should have kept looking for
him. I should have set him free.

I should have saved him.

You couldn't have known.

Marshall was such
a bright kid.

He used to count
the change in my pocket.

He was only three.

Two quarters, three dimes,
one nickel, two pennies.

I kept the exact amount as
the day when he went missing,

waiting for him to
come home and count it.

By the time they caught Roy,

I couldn't imagine functioning
without that exact amount in my pocket.

When did you start to suspect
Tyler was your son?

It was at his bail hearing. He was
ranting at me, and he quoted a line.

"A tyrant will always find
a pretext for his tyranny. "

It's a moral from an Aesop
fable I used to read to him,

"The Wolf and the Lamb. "

He remembered.

That's when you had me check out Roy,
to make sure there really was a body.


Can you imagine how
astronomical the odds were?

Alex was trying to get another judge
for the case. I just happened to walk by.

If I hadn't walked by
at that exact moment,

and if Marshall hadn't
remembered that fable.

Fate brought us back together.

Well, almost.

After what Gregory Brunson
did to you,

you've got a good shot
at temporary insanity.

Maybe jury nullification.

No. There's not
going to be a trial.

I've betrayed everything
I ever stood for.

I've admitted my guilt. I'll take
whatever punishment the judge sees fit.

You've dedicated your entire
life to the legal system.

Let it work for you now.

"Chase after the truth like
hell. You'll free yourself,

"even though you'll never touch
its coattails. " Good old Darrow.

Well, I found the truth.
I am free.

I just have one request.

What the hell is this?

First, I'm being transported to
court for my new pre-trial hearing,

and then I get
railroaded back here?

There's somebody
that you need to see.

Look, the only person
I need to see is my attorney.

Does he know about this?

Just hear the man out.

You've no idea what
he's been through for you.



Well, how do you like that?

Turnabout being fair play.

How are you holding up?

I was doing okay

until you went off the deep
end and caused a mistrial.

Thanks to you, I have to live
through this nightmare all over again.

I am so sorry for what
that man turned you into.

It's not who you are.

Who I am? What about you?

Why? Why did you
attack my father?

"A tyrant will always find
a pretext for his tyranny. "

Do you remember where you were
when you first heard that?

I looked it up
a few years ago.

It was the moral to a story

that I guess my father
read to me when I was a kid.

That's right.

But it's not
like him, though.

I can't remember him ever
doing anything nice for me.

Think. Try to
remember the voice.


No, it's...
It's not possible.

It was you?