Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 20 - Crush - full transcript

Over the course of a complex "sexting" case involving an abused teenage girl, the team encounters a corrupt family court judge who hands down unusually harsh sentences for borderline sexual offenses.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Okay. I've got
to go to class.

All right.
Call me later.

All right. I will.
I love you.

Love you.


We all love you, Kim.

And we've seen
what he loves.

Hey, Kim, baby.

Hey, Kim. Want to borrow my Wonderbra?

There's no hiding it now.

When's the
next show?

Who else you
putting out for?


Call an ambulance!

Kimberly Garnet. 15. She's in a
coma from an intracranial bleed.

Parents are with her.
What happened?

She fell down the
stairs at school.

Did somebody push her?

No, she tripped.

So, why did
you call us?

This girl's been
physically abused.

I found a bruise on her
scalp that's purple and red.

Fresh one would be
yellow and blue.

So, it's not
from the fall.

My guess, she was kicked in
the head a couple of days ago.

And it wasn't
the first time.

See these white spots?
They're calcifications,

probably from an
old subdural hematoma.

How old?

About eight to ten months.
As soon as I saw this,

I ordered
a full body scan.

Okay. So, what are
we looking at now?

Healed rib fractures.
And look at this shoulder.

Bone chips and
a previous evulsion.

Somebody's beating
the hell out of her.

I don't understand.
Kim fell down the stairs.

Why did the school
call the police?

Well, actually,
Kim's doctor called us.

He said that she's been
injured a lot lately.

Oh. You mean the dislocated
shoulder? Oh, that was an accident.

How did it happen?

She got knocked into a
wall playing basketball.

And banged up
her face, too.

We're lucky she didn't
need a plastic surgeon.

Is that when
she broke her ribs?

Kim didn't break
any ribs.

Well, X-rays show
that she did.

There's also evidence
of an old head injury.

Well, you're saying that someone did
this to my baby and I didn't even know it?

Why didn't Kim tell us?

She's ashamed.

And scared of whoever's
been hurting her.

Whoever's been hurting
her better be scared of me.

Has Kim had any problems
at school lately?

Her grades slipped this year
from straight A's to B's.

Liz and I have been on her to
drop a sport and clean up her act.

Everything okay at home?


Except for the fact I've been
out of work since last fall.

What did you do?

Senior VP. At Lehman.

I got fired before
the bankruptcy.

For opening my mouth and warning
them that we were in trouble.

Bill is still very angry.

Especially since he
can't find another job.

Are Kim and
her father close?

She's always been
Daddy's little girl.

But with your husband losing
his job, and being very angry...

What are you

Only that sometimes
a volatile situation...

I'm telling you right now. My husband
wouldn't lay a finger on Kimmie.

You think I hit her?

You're a guy who used to
have the world by the balls.

You're out pounding
the pavement.

You know, I'd
be angry, too.

Pal, you better think
about what you're saying.

What I'm saying is, I've
got teenage daughters, too.

And I know how they can
push your buttons.

Stay out late, date guys you don't like.

Stop it. And when you
try and talk with them,

all you get back is lip.
I'm letting you know that...

Stop it.

Okay. I understand
if you couldn't...

Stop it! ... take it
anymore and you hit her.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
That's not who I am.

That's okay.
I understand.

Just tell me what
happened to Kimmie.

What kind of
a father am I?

Bill? Are you okay?

Why do they think
that I hurt Kimmie?

I didn't touch her.
I swear I didn't.

I will take a lie
detector test. Anything.

We're just trying to find
out who's been beating Kim.

Is there someone
she confides in?

A teacher? A friend?

Steve Walker
is her boyfriend.

You don't sound
too happy about that.

We think they spend a little
too much time together.

You know where
we can find him?

I was at the hospital, but they
said only family could see Kim.


She's going to
be okay, right?

Yeah. The doctors
are hopeful.

How long have you two
been seeing each other?

About a year.

We were really good friends, she
tutored me in math, and you know.

She ever talk
about her parents?

They think
we hang out too much.

Sucks, because we've always got to
go back to my place if we want to...

When's the last time
you wanted to?

Over the weekend.

She said she couldn't because she had
to go to some wedding or something.

How did you feel
about that?

You think I hit her?

Somebody did.

No way. But a couple
of months ago,

she didn't want to mess around
because her shoulder was effed up.

And I saw bruises
on her ribs.

Did she tell you
how she got injured?

She said it was
in her boxing class.

No one's supposed
to know about that.

I have one class of teenage
girls, and Kim's the best.

Never missed a session.

Did something
happen to her?

She got hurt, and we're
trying to figure out how.

One guess. A dirtbag named Rick Edwards.

Does he box here?
Oh, yeah.

He puts the moves on
Kim. She blows him off.

But, then, she's jumping rope
one day, and he trips her up.

So, I suspended his ass
for seven days.

Her problem go away?

Try only got worse. Kim
was just in here on Friday.

She said the lowlife
was bothering her again.

Any idea where
we can find him?

Oh, yeah. He was just... Hey,
Edwards. Get your ass down here.

What you want, bitch?

Pure charm, huh?

Yeah. Hey, pallie.
Do as the lady says.

When I'm done.

Give me a minute.
What's your problem?

You with Kim Garnet.

That bitch
called the cops?

Is every woman
a bitch to you, man?

Cheap shot.

Oh, I thought it was
a street fight.

Assaulting a cop?
Trespassing? You're tripping.

Well, you'll be doing life
if Kim Garnet dies.

Dies? What the hell
are you talking about?

Friday? You kicked her
in the head?

I just talked to her.

Because you're a lover,
not a fighter, huh, champ?


Whoa. Who's my main
man's bunkmate here?

Well, this is Little Pete.
He raped a 13-year-old boy.

Hi, there.

Wait. You can't lock me up
with a pervert.

Why? He looks like
a lover, too.

Hey, play nice with him,
Little Pete.

Real nice.

No! I'll tell you

Last week, I waited
outside the gym for her.

I tried to apologize. She
wouldn't give me the time of day.

I wanted to throttle her,
but I didn't. I swear.

You really want to
put the screws to him,

make him go 10 rounds
with you know who.

Our talk-too-much tech.

Yeah. You go save
the Captain.

I'll lock up Rocky

Hey. The Elster.
How's it hanging?

What do you got, Stuckey?

Uh, an updated 411 on the stuff that I
pulled out of Kim Garnet's school locker.

Which he neglected to
forward to TARU as instructed.

Well, yeah. I took a
little peek-a-boo myself,

and I figured you'd want to take
a look at what was on here ASAP.

Your victim
has been sexting.


Yeah. Sending nude photos
of herself on her cell phone.

I mean, this girl
is smoking hot.

The phone.

"I love you. "

and there's lots more.

Full frontals,
close-ups and stuff.

And judging by the amount
of hate mail Kim got,

I'd say someone probably viraled
those pics to her whole school.

You think Speedo Steve could send
out nude pictures of his girlfriend?

Well, anyone with access to
her phone could have done it.

I mean, grabbed it from her locker,
take it while she wasn't looking.

Well, someone wasn't too happy to
be getting this. "You're gonna die. "

Who sent that text?

She did.


The text came
from her number.

Why would she send a
death threat to herself?

I don't think Kim sent
herself this death threat.

That's her
cell number.

Yeah. But I can't find any
record on her cell phone bill

that she sent the text.

Then, why is
her number on it?

What about spoofing?

What's that?

Deliberately faking
a caller ID number.

El, you mind jotting down
your mobile number for me?

You sext me, Stuckey,
you're toast.

FoneFake. Com?

Yeah. I just enter in the number
that I want to call, Elliot's,

and the number that I want
to appear as the caller ID.

Also Elliot's, and
then, bing, bang, bong.

I'll be damned. I just
called myself. Yeah.

FoneFake lets you change the sound
of your voice, record conversations,

and send texts

And this is legal?

Well, I mean, no one
shut them down yet.

So, how do we trace
the death threat?

See, therein lies
the rub, Cap.

I mean, there's got to be a dozen
of these spoofing sites online.

Well, no judge is going to give us
a subpoena for every one of them.

Yeah. In other words, Stuckey's
wasting our time again.

But if we work
the other way,

we can find out who she initially
sent the naked photos to.

Here's her texts
from last week.

Well, there you go. Steve
Walker, her boyfriend.

Not necessarily.

According to her
cell phone bill,

she first texted them
to an Ethan Morse.

Who's Ethan Morse?

His cell phone bills to
an address in Little Neck.

Guess I'm
going to Queens.

Actually, I can
save you a trip.

Ethan's in Manhattan.
I Googled him.

Try Grandview Prep.

Ethan got great reviews
in Oklahoma! last fall.

He's the star of
their theater program.

Hey. You two
wanted to see me?

Let me guess. You're from
William Morris, right?

Here to give me
my big break?

No, we're not
that kind of agent.

We have questions
about Kim Garnet.

Kim? Why? I didn't push
her down the stairs.

Nobody said you did.

Okay. I'm sorry.

How can I help you,

How well
you know Kim?

We're friends.

Friends with benefits?

Come on. Everybody in the
school got those pictures.

Yeah, but Kim sent them
to you first. Why?

She meant to send them
to Steve Walker,

her boyfriend. It was just an accident.

No. Tripping in the
hallway is an accident,

not ending up spread
eagle in the yearbook.

Look, guys.

I wish Kim wanted to
be more than friends.

But let's face it,
I'm a drama geek.

Hot girls don't really go
for drama geeks. Sorry.

Hey. I've got one
last question for you.

When was the last
time you saw Kim?

Monday. After first
bell. Before she got hurt.

El, that kid Ethan isn't
telling us everything.

Kim was in his part
of town Friday night.

How do you know that?

TARU checked
her cell phone.

When she sent this
to her boyfriend,

the signal bounced off a tower
three blocks from Ethan's house.

So, Kim was
hanging out with Ethan

while she was sexting dirty
pictures to Speedo Steve.

There's more. Ethan's
got himself a temper.

Suspended twice
for starting fights.

Kicked a student
in the head.

How did you get
Ethan's school records?

I got it from one of
my retired buddies.

He's head of security
at Grandview Prep.

Slipped them to me
on the down low.

Slip them back. You got
them without a subpoena.

So, for me,
they don't exist.

Samantha Copeland
from Corp Counsel.

Detectives Stabler
and Tutuola.

Call me Sam.

Well, Ethan Morse
is a juvenile.

You going to prosecute him
in Family Court?

If it ever
makes it there.

You got any evidence
I can actually use?

We know it's circumstantial,
but it's solid.

It all points
to Ethan.

Ethan's the boyfriend of your victim.

No, Swimmer Steve is her
guy. And, Drama Boy Ethan

admits he's had
his eye on her.

Here's how
it went down.

Kim took her tumble
in school on Monday,

but her doctor said
someone smacked her

around a couple
of days before.

Which means
Friday or Saturday.

Now, we know that she
was home all day Saturday.

And she was in school all
day Friday until 4:00 p. m.

So, she must have been
attacked on Friday night.

When she went out
to Little Neck.

Which is
Ethan Morse's turf.

So, he had to be who
gave her the beat down.

Okay. So,
what's his motive?

Kid's got
a crush on her.

Kim sends him dirty pictures of herself.

He thinks she wants
to be more than friends.

He invites her over thinking
he's going to get laid.

But when she gets to Little Neck,
she says she sexted him by mistake,

and he goes
ballistic on her.

Unless it wasn't
a mistake,

and she was dating Ethan
behind Steve's back.

This is video surveillance from
the ticket booth at Penn Station.

Okay. So, we've got Kim
Friday night. 6:28 p. m.

At window seven.
Check out window 12.

Steve Walker.
Where was he going?

Little Neck. Used Daddy's credit
card three minutes after Kim.

He's stalking his
girlfriend. Steve followed her

to her rendezvous
in Queens,

waited for her
to leave Ethan.

And then, he beat her
up. Or Ethan gets pissed

when he spotted Steve, waited until
he got her alone, and whaled on her.

Time to get
them in here.

Find out what
really happened.

I wasn't stalking Kim.

And, you just happened
to buy a train ticket

to Little Neck three
minutes after she did.

Kim asked me to go with
her. To protect her.

From Ethan?

Yeah. She was afraid

of what he would do
when she told him.

Told him what?

That she just wanted
to be friends.

She didn't like me.
You know, like that.

Well, Kim knew
you had a crush on her.

Yeah, that's
why I thought

she sent me
the pictures.

You got angry
when she blew you off?

What are you
accusing my son of?

Mrs. Morse, we're just
trying to find out

how your son's friend
ended up in a coma.

How long have you been
hanging out with her?

Since school started
in September.

Kim's previous head injury
happened in September.

So, if Kim was going to tell Ethan
she wasn't interested in anything more,

she would need
Steve's protection.

I'm telling you. My son's never
done a violent thing in his life.

But that Morse kid
is out of control.

You said he was suspended
twice. Right, Son?

That's why I went with her to
Little Neck. I wanted her to be safe.

But you used
a separate ticket booth.

It was Kim's idea,

so Ethan wouldn't see me with
her in case he was on the train.

Okay. Now, were you aware
that Kim sent this to Ethan?

By accident. She said she
meant to send it to me.

But you didn't believe her,
because you sent her this.

Look. I swear I didn't.

Sure you did.

Friday night, right after Kim told
you she only wanted to be friends.

I was bummed.
I wasn't angry.

That's bull. You got pissed,
you kicked the crap out of her,

then you sent her
the death threat.

No. Okay? You're wrong.

That's not true!
I didn't hurt Kim.

You followed her
to Little Neck,

you saw her with Ethan,
and you taught her a lesson.

No! I love her!

Then, you texted her nudie
pictures to the entire school.

You spoofed your caller ID to make
it look like Kim sent those photos.

Spoofed? I don't know
what you're talking about.

You're a batterer
with a bad temper.

Does beating up girls make
you feel like a big man?

That's enough. We are not
answering any more questions.

Without a lawyer present.
I know our rights.

You can't hold my son
without proof.

We're going home.

You going to
let this happen?

Cut them loose.

Where's Ethan?
Making a pit stop.

Hey! What did
you do to Kim?

get back here!

Saved her from you,
drama queen.

Son of a bitch!
You beat her up!

You see why Kim was
scared? He's crazy!

That boy attacked my son. You
saw it. I want to press charges!

You're going to pay
for what you did, man.

I didn't do
anything, Dad.

Hospital just called.
Kim's awake.

You're dead now,
ass wipe.

Fin. Elliot. Escort these
boys out of the building.

This way.

Let's go talk to Kim. Get her
to settle this once and for all.

I was sprinting in the park
when I tripped over a rock.

I fell and hit my head.

You promised to
tell the truth.

I am telling
the truth.

Are you afraid of someone?
Because we can protect you.

I'll get
a restraining order.

I don't need one.
It was an accident.

Were your broken ribs and
dislocated shoulder accidents, too?


Kim, we know you went
to see Ethan on Friday.

We also know that you sent both
boys nude pictures of yourself.

You did what? What in God's
name were you thinking?

Sweetheart. Once these get out
there, there's no getting them back.

I'm sorry.
It was a mistake.

It's a bigger mistake to protect
your abuser, whoever he is.

Kim, he's not
going to stop.

What he did to you
is not love.

You think these pictures
made him angry?

One day, he's going to
go too far and kill you.

You'll be saying goodbye to your
daughter on a slab in the city morgue.

Excuse us. Excuse us
for one second, please.

What are you doing?
That girl is a victim.

Browbeating her
is not the answer.

Then, we'll arrest her.

Arrest her? For what?

Possession and
distribution of kiddie porn.

A couple of days in jail,
she'll turn around.

Are you out of your mind?
That girl broke the law

when she sent naked pictures of herself.

I'm not collaring a
victim to make her talk.

Arrest her. Or I'll
find someone who will.

And I'll report you to Internal Affairs
for failure to take police action.

Kim Garnet,
you're under arrest.

You can't arrest her.

She didn't do
anything wrong.

She produced
child pornography.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.
Why are you doing this to me?

If you cannot afford one,
one will be provided for you.

I thought you
wanted to help me.

Do you understand these rights
as I have explained them to you?

How low can you get,

What you're doing to
this girl is repugnant.

I'm trying to
save Kim's life.

By putting me in jail?

If that's what it takes.

Kimberly hasn't
committed a crime.

This charge is a transparent ploy to
intimidate her into naming her abuser.

Dating violence in this city is up
nearly 50 percent in the last decade.

I am not about to let
another girl get victimized.

Or murdered.

If your client cooperates,
I'll drop the charges.

Blackmailing her isn't going
to get her to cooperate.

Kim, you will not be
safe until he's locked up.

Kim. Please.

See you at trial.

To paraphrase Justice Stewart,
"I can't define child pornography,

"but I know it
when I see it. "

And this sure looks like
kiddie porn, Ms. Pond.

The respondent took these
photos of herself, Your Honor.

The respondent is
lying naked in bed,

posed in a lewd
and lascivious manner.

These pictures are clearly intended
to elicit a sexual response.

Based on the People v.
Bimonte, that is kiddie porn.

Our laws were passed
to protect children.

Kimberly Garnet is a member of that
protected class, not a perpetrator.

It is only a matter of time
before these pictures end up

on the Internet in the
hands of a pedophile.

She distributed them.
She's culpable.

She didn't intend
to distribute them.

Just a moment.
Detective Benson.

You're the
arresting officer.

Do you believe Ms. Garnet distributed
and produced child pornography?

By the letter of the law,
yes, Your Honor.

But I do not believe that
that was her intent.

Thank you for
your honesty.

Based on Detective
Benson's statement,

I'm moving to
dismiss the charges.

Not so fast, Ms. Pond.

Too many teenage girls are texting
or posting nude pictures of themselves

without the slightest regard to the
serious implications of their actions.

We have an epidemic
on our hands.

And it's time to send
a message. Enough.

The evidence here is more than
enough to proceed to trial.

There's nothing I can do.

You did plenty
in chambers.

I know you don't agree
with what Copeland's doing.

Look. It's out of
my hands. Benson.

What? I'm on my way.

Counselor, you'd better
come with me.

How bad? Compound
fracture of the left ulna.

Lacerations and
bruises to her face.

Kids dating is supposed to be
about what color prom dress to wear.

Not a trip
to the E.R.

I see it too often.

One in 10 teens is physically
abused by a partner.

Did she tell you
how it happened?

Yeah. And I don't
believe her for a second.

Oh, my God.

It was an accident.

Tell them the truth,
Kim. Please.

I fell off
my skateboard.

Let them help you.

She arrested me.
How is that helping me?

Detective Benson stood
up for you in court.

Kimberly, you can't let
him do this to you anymore.

Now she's on her side.

Kim. We're all
on your side.

Then leave me alone.

I can't do that.

Get out.


I want her
out of here now!

How's Kim?

They're keeping her
overnight for observation.

And if everything's okay,
they'll send her home tomorrow

and clear her
for court.

I heard you sandbagged
the prosecutor today.

Copeland got
what she wanted.

Which doesn't give you license
to defect to the defense.

We're supposed to
protect the victims,

not throw the book
at them.

Kim Garnet committed
a crime.

How is sending naked pictures to
two boys your own age kiddie porn?

The law hasn't caught
up with new technology.

And we are criminalizing
private behavior.

It is not private when
these kids begin sexting.

College admissions officers,
future employers,

even their own children might
see these pictures one day.

They don't realize the
consequences of their actions.

So, she made
a stupid decision.

But she shouldn't go to jail
or be labeled a sex offender

for the rest
of her life.

That's not up to you.
It's up to the judge.

How do you feel,

knowing that the entire
school as seen you naked?


I can barely get through the day without
kids pointing at me and whispering.

Did you text these photos to
anyone other than Steve and Ethan?

I didn't even mean
to send them to Ethan.

So, you didn't intend for these boys to
forward them to the entire student body.

No, of course not.

Nothing further.

So, you sent the photo
to Steve and Ethan,

and one of them viraled the
picture to get back at you.

Objection. Calls
for speculation.


Do you think one of them also
sent you the death threat?

Your Honor.

I'm allowing it.
Answer the question.

I don't know.

Someone did.

Perhaps the same person who beat
you up and broke your arm yesterday.

This is irrelevant.

I believe the respondent was
attacked in order to intimidate her

and influence her testimony
here in this courtroom today.

Is this true,
Miss Garnet?

I had an accident.

Let me remind you, young
lady, that you're under oath.

Did someone assault you to get
you to alter your testimony?

Please don't make me
tell you.

I'm giving you
one last chance.

Name your assailant or I'm
holding you in contempt of court.

I can't.

Then, maybe a night in the court
lockup will change your mind.

Respondent is in contempt.
Officer, take her away.

We'll resume tomorrow.
Court adjourned.

Well, at least
she'll be safe tonight.

Maybe it's the only way.
She won't listen to anyone.

I know someone who
might get through to her.

Who are you?

I'm a friend of Olivia's.

I was sitting in here
a couple of months ago.

She put you
in jail, too?

Yeah. And my dad's
Detective Stabler.

How could you do that
to your partner's kid?

I'm glad she did. It helped
me stop hating myself.

What makes you think
I hate myself?

Because I was
a lot like you.

I let boys use me. Have
sex with me. Even hit me.

Kim, I was too scared and
too ashamed to say anything.

Things got so bad
I went to jail.

But I finally let
someone help me.

The same person is
trying to help you.

I don't know what to do.

I love him.
How can I betray him?

He's betraying you.

Every time he hits you.
Afterwards, he says he's sorry.

He'll never do it again.
So, you forgive him.

But he hits you again.

He makes you feel
like you're nothing.

Like he's the only one
who will ever love you.

And then,
he hits you some more.

And says that you
deserve it. Doesn't he?

The first time,
we were at a party,

I spilled
punch on him.

And he slapped me in the face
for messing up his new shirt.

Then, it was after school,
for talking to another boy.

Then, it was just
for no reason at all.

Kim, if someone really loves
you, they'd never hurt you.

They'd treat you
with respect.

Let them help you.

Ethan's always doing
nice things for me.

We text each other
all the time.

I sent him those
pictures by mistake.

And he got
his hopes up.

They were
supposed to be private.

This is all my fault.

If I wouldn't have
taken those pictures...

Kim, tell us
what happened.

Friday, at school,
I wanted to make a call.

But my cell phone was
missing from my purse.

Steve stole it because he's
always checking up on me.

He found the pictures. He saw
that I'd sent them to Ethan.

He thought I was
cheating on him.

He sent the pictures
to everyone in the school.

And faked my number so no
one would know he did it.

And then, he said if I saw
Ethan again, he'd kill me.

I told him that I sent
the pictures by accident,

but he called me a liar,
and he hit me some more.

So, I took the train to
Little Neck to talk to Ethan.

To explain what happened. I
didn't know Steve was following me.

He jumped me. I begged him
to stop, but he wouldn't.

And then, he kicked me in
the head and I passed out.

Kimberly, were you
dating Ethan Morse?

No. But when he got the
pictures, he thought I wanted to.

I told him we just want to be friends.

Did Steve Walker also attack you
the day before we came to court?

Yes. So I wouldn't tell
you he was hurting me.

Nothing further.

You may step down.

Your Honor? The defense
rests and moves for dismissal.

Corporation Counsel
has no objections.

The Defense's motion
is denied.

Your Honor?

The respondent's testimony clearly
showed that she had no intent

to make or distribute
child pornography.

Respondent will rise
for my decision.

Your decision? We haven't even
delivered closing arguments yet.

I'm not required to hear
closing arguments.

Stand up, young lady.

Kimberly Garnet.

I find you guilty of producing,
possessing, and distributing

a sexual performance
by a child.

I sentence you
to incarceration

in a secure facility
for juvenile sex offenders

in Wellsburg, Ohio,
for a period of one year.

Court is adjourned.

This is all your fault. I listened
to you, and you lied to me.

You said that if I told
the truth, I would be safe.

This caught me
completely by surprise.

You just gambled
with my client's life.

Kim was a first-time,
non-violent juvenile offender.

The worst I thought
she'd get was probation.

Yeah? Well, she's going
to prison. 500 miles away.

If something happens to
that girl, it's on you.

How are you
going to fix it?

I don't know
what I can do.

Talk to the judge.
Have her reconsider.

I have other cases
in Judge Marsden's court.

If I challenge this decision, she's
going to make my life a living hell.

She's not the only one.
I'm filing a 440 motion

to vacate the conviction and sentencing,

and I'm reporting
you to the Bar.

I'm sorry.

Her head isn't the only
one I want on a platter.

Judge Marsden's.

There was no closing
arguments. Instant sentencing.

Why the rush
to judgment?

This city has three
juvenile facilities.

Why send her to Ohio?

Maybe she has a thing
about sex offenders.

There's only one
way to find out.

Excuse me. Olivia Benson,
from Special Victims Unit.

What can I do for
the Finest today?

I'm wondering if you keep
statistics on judges.

Sure, we do. Who are you interested in?

Hilda Marsden.

What kind of stats
you looking for?


Whatever you have,
we want it.

Shouldn't take too long to
put something together for you.

Actually, it will.

I'm sorry. Is there a problem? Well, no.

There's just a certain
protocol you have to follow.

All requests have
to go through me.

And you are...

Ed Mangini.
I'm the Senior Clerk.

If you want something,
just put it in writing,

and I'll get back to you. Let me guess.

You're really busy and
it will take six weeks.

Yeah. And that's
if I expedite it.

And why doesn't Judge Marsden
want us looking at her stats?

Ask her yourself.

Her honor wants
to see you. Pronto.

I'll hear motions on
this matter on Tuesday.

We're in recess.
Let's take 15.

You wanted to see me,
Your Honor?


Are you representing
Detective Benson, Ms. Pond?

Does she need

Of course not.
We're off the record.

Join the party, Counselor.
Why the sudden interest in me?

You don't have
to answer that.

Nobody's under oath.

It's just
a friendly chat.

That's funny, because it
doesn't feel so friendly.

No reason to be cute,
Detective. Now, tell me.

Why are you so hot for my sentencing
stats just hours after I sent

your child
pornographer away?

With all due respect,
Your Honor,

we're just trying to
understand your reasoning behind

sending Kimberly Garnet
to Wellsburg.

Oh, well, it's the
best alternative.

There's no facility with
available beds in New York

for sex offenders,
and she's a sex offender.

She's not a sex offender,
and you're ruining her life.

You know, I am so
tired of these kids

waltzing in here thinking they
can do whatever the hell they want

and get away with it.
Someone has to take a stand.

Is that it? Or do you
just get off on the power?


Mock me again, Olivia,

and I'll hold you
in contempt.

How? I thought this was
just a friendly chat.

That's it.

Your Honor, you don't have the
authority to sanction Detective Benson.

Watch this. Officer?

Take Detective Benson and
Ms. Pond down to the lockup.

They're in contempt.

Have a nice day, ladies.

Okay. What are you
waiting for? Spring us.

After I'm done
savoring the moment.

This is your boss?

Yeah. He's very supportive.

We didn't even get our phone call.
How did you know we were here?

Sam called.

Wow. Word travels fast.

Especially when you're asking
questions about Judge Marsden.

I thought you didn't
want to cross her.

'Cause this will put you
in the line of fire.

At least I'll be
in good company.

I pulled up her stats
off our database.

I think I found what she
doesn't want you to see.

Marsden sent 19 kids to the
Wellsburg facility so far this year.

And 33 last year.

All teenage
sex offenders?

Yeah. Depends on how
you define that term.

Urinating in public,
loitering, public lewdness.

None of these
are sex offenses.

Yet she still took them to trial
and shipped them off to Wellsburg.

She's taking minor offenses
and turning them into felonies.

So, Marsden's
a hanging judge.

She's harsh, but it's
all within her discretion.

Then, why did she lock us up
for asking about her records?

And why did Ed Mangini
tip her off?

Hey! Hey! You!

What do you think you're
doing? Get off the car!

Nice wheels. Rental?

Please. I own it.

Yeah? Pretty pricey
for a government hack.

I don't have to
explain myself to you.

Yeah, no.
Actually, you do.

Now, you ratted out
my partner to Judge Marsden.

I did not rat anyone out.

No? Then, how did I land in
jail after I talked to you?

I, um...

I would like to talk to my
lawyer. That's a good idea.

Maybe he can explain how
you can afford a Mercedes

and a seven-figure condo down in
Boca on a salary of 56 K a year?

See, right now, you're going down alone.

Official corruption,
tax evasion.

That's 20 years
federal time.

Without any of
your flashy toys.

Now, you tell us where
the money came from,

all of a sudden, you're a cooperating
witness, not a co-conspirator.

Um... Um...

Judge Marsden likes a
certain kind of case.

And I make up
her dockets.

She pays you to pad her calendar
with kids she can send to Wellsburg.


Well, her cousin
runs the place.

And she gets a commission
for every bed she fills.

And you supply her
with the bodies.

Petty offenders who should
never see the inside of a jail.

I am so sorry, I will never do it again.

No, actually, you will.

I appreciate you taking
the time to see me, Judge.

My pleasure,
Mr. Sirota.

So, Ed Mangini tells me you
grew up together in Brooklyn.

Yeah. Bay Ridge, 89th
and Colonial. Poor Eddie.

Always the last kid
picked for stickball.

He never told me that.

Ed just said you wanted to talk
to me. What can I do for you?

My 13-year-old girl has been hanging
out with this neighborhood kid.

Lowlife, 15,
real piece of crap.

Excuse my French.

I've heard worse
in my courtroom.

A couple of days ago,
he boosts my DeVille,

takes my girl for a
spin. Totals the car.

My Angela could
have been killed.

Cops come, they bust him for joyriding.

I just think there should
be something more done.

And what is it
you want me to do?

Well. Eddie says you know how
to deal with kids like him.

You're not afraid to give
them what's coming to them.

I just serve
the public good.

Well, trust me.

You would be doing a huge public service

if you got this menace
off the street.

Now, his name
is Pauly Catalano.

And, Eddie says that he's in
your schedule for tomorrow.


Oh, so he is.
First up on the docket.

I'll read
the case carefully.

Thank you very much.
I appreciate it.

You can always show
your appreciation

with a donation to
my reelection campaign.


Have a nice day.

Based on the fact patterns, this
case has been woefully undercharged.

I'm amending the complaint
to Grand Larceny Auto,

Custodial Interference, and
Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Your Honor, that's way out
of proportion to the crime.

This is your first time
in front of me, Mr. Cheng.

Don't tell me
how to run my courtroom.

You can't do this.

Who the hell do you think
you are? Shut up, Pauly.

I'm going to teach you
a lesson, young man.

Your Honor, I object.

Object all
you want, Counselor.

I'm remanding your client
to jail until trial.

Officer, take the
respondent into custody.

We're adjourned.

The only one going
into custody is you.

What the hell is this?

The end of a nightmare
for hundreds of kids.

Hilda Marsden, you're under arrest
for Bribery, Official Misconduct,

and False Imprisonment.

Plus federal charges
of Wire Fraud,

Conspiracy to Defraud
the United States.

Stand up.

You have the right
to remain silent.

I know my rights.
I'm a judge.

I have done nothing wrong.
These kids need to be put away.

It's people like me
who keep this country safe.

I have the balls to
stand up for what's right,

not like you lousy
bleeding hearts.

How did I do?

Well, you've got
a shot at Broadway.

What about Kim?


How did it go?

Chief Judge vacated the
verdict and the sentence.

Her record's expunged. It's
as if nothing ever happened.

A lot happened.
But you all helped me.

No. You helped yourself.