Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 15 - Lead - full transcript

A pediatrician who is a convicted child molester is killed after his trial, but is the guilty party mentally competent to stand trial? Alex Cabot returns to the DA's office to prosecute the accused.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

People of the State of New
York v. Gilbert Keppler.

On count one of
the indictment,

aggravated sexual abuse
in the fourth degree,

how does the jury
find the defendant?


On count two, aggravated sexual
abuse in the fourth degree,

how do you find
the defendant?


On count three, aggravated
sexual abuse in the fourth degree,

how do you find
the defendant?


And on the fourth
and final count,

aggravated sexual abuse
in the fourth degree,

how do you find
the defendant?


Members of the jury,
you are hereby excused.

Dr. Keppler? Do you have anything
you want to say to the court?

I never meant these
young men any harm.

Your Honor,
motion to continue

the defendant's
bail until sentencing?

The defendant has
a nine million dollar

family fortune he
can use to skip town.

As the court knows,
Dr. Keppler has

guaranteed his half
million dollar bond

with his own money.

Then we'll split the baby.
Bail is continued,

but the defendant will wear
an electronic monitoring device

and be confined to his home
until sentencing. We're adjourned.

While we're gratified
by today's ruling,

we're disappointed
the law limits

Dr. Keppler's sentence to
only 16 years in prison.

He not only violated
his oath as a pediatrician,

but he shattered
the lives of four boys

and their families.
Excuse me. Let me through.

You have something to
say, Mr. Granger?

No, I have something for Captain
Cragen and his detectives.

Consider yourselves

Keppler's suing us?

On what grounds?

The NYPD and Denslow
Medical Center knew

my client was sexually
abusing his victims

long before they
took action to stop him.

See you in court.

Captain Cragen, why did your
detectives wait to arrest Dr. Keppler?

No comment.
Come on, man.

Detective Benson,
isn't it your job

to keep known
molesters off the street?

Any statement,
Detective Stabler?

Yeah, get the hell
out of our way.

Why did you let that doctor
continue to molest those boys?

No more questions. What
the hell did you people do?

The balls on that
pervert suing us.

And his lawyer has
got a matching pair,

waltzing into our
press conference.

Lionel Granger
is a sore loser.

But could he be right? Did we
take too long to bring Keppler in?

We played this one
straight by the book.

Granger's blaming us
to set up Dr. Keppler

for a lighter
sentence at appeal.

The department
will indemnify us.

I'll be
the judge of that.

Civil suits aren't
IAB's jurisdiction, Tucker.

Unless you people
screwed up.

We nailed Keppler
and got a conviction.

Then why did
the Commissioner send me

to clean up the steaming pile
of crap you left on his doorstep?

I guess you're
his go-to guy.

Did he give you a baggie or do
you like the stench on your hands?

The only thing
that reeks around here

is how you
handled this case.

According to a convicted child
molester and his media-whore lawyer.

Why is 1 PP taking
their word over ours?

Because Keppler's
last victim is on you.

How do the
pencil pushers down

at the Porcelain Palace
figure that one?

A 14- year-old
kid walked in here

and told you his
doctor abused him.

You gave Keppler more time
to diddle another victim

because you waited three
weeks to collar him.

Boy, you have been chasing cops
so long you forgot how to be one.

We needed that time in order
to do a thorough investigation.

You were dragging ass. Why didn't
you pick up Keppler right away?

Because he never raped any of
his victims so we had no DNA.

We didn't want him
lawyering up before

we had enough
evidence to charge him.

What more evidence do you
need? This kid, Justin McTeague,

he gave you Keppler
on a silver platter.

All we had was Justin's word
against the doctor

and we already had
history with Justin.

He came in here
last year telling us

that a teacher
was abusing him.

My math teacher.
He touched me.

Where did he
touch you, Justin?

You know. My junk.

Can you tell us
how it happened?

He made me come to
remedial after school.

We're alone. He's sitting
next to me watching me work.

Tells me how good I'm doing,
patting me on the shoulder.

All of a sudden, his
hands are between my legs.

What did you do?
Pulled away.

Called him a pervert.

He said if I told anyone,
he'd fail me for the year.

Justin gave us his teacher's
name. Kevin Sammers.

And we immediately brought
Sammers in for questioning.

Talk to my colleagues. My
principal. Any student I ever taught.

We talked to them.
And you know what, Kevin?

None of them
stood up for you.

Actually, a couple even
said you're kind of pervy.

You're lying.
I swear on my life

I never laid
a hand on any child.

Okay. So where's your alibi?

How can I give you one if you
won't tell me who says I did this?

Why didn't
you tell him?

You forget Interrogation
101, Lieutenant?

Hold back the details and let
the suspect blurt them out?

Then you've got him. How long
did you interrogate Sammers?

18 hours.

He ever cop to the abuse?

Nope. But when we finally told
him the name of his accuser,

he proved that what Justin
told us couldn't have happened.

What is this?

That's Mr. Sammers
getting cash at

exactly the time that
you say he abused you.

The exact same day
that he busted you

for smoking weed
outside at lunchtime.

He's lying.
No, Justin.

You are.

So nobody would believe Mr.
Sammers when he reported you.

I was scared.

I would have been expelled, and
my parents would have killed me.

Do you have any idea of the
damage that you've caused this man?

What about
the teacher?

Sammers quit teaching.

He couldn't
take the whispering

or the looks when he
walked down the hall.

His career was destroyed because
Justin McTeague cried wolf.

But when he accused Keppler of the
same crime, you don't believe him.

You let another
kid be victimized.

We arrest Keppler based
solely on Justin's say-so,

the defense nukes Justin's
credibility because he lied before.

And I was not about
to let a jury acquit

Keppler so that he
could molest more boys.

So you told Benson and
Stabler to hit the brakes.

No. I told Benson and Stabler
to find another victim.

Because one boy is never
enough for a guy like Keppler.

It took three weeks, but that's
when we found Bradley Hicks.

Can you tell us what Dr.
Keppler did to you, Bradley?

He stuck his finger in me.

Then he rubbed between my
legs until I... You know.

Did he tell you
why he did that?

He said it was
a part of my treatment.

Give us a minute.

Same story Justin told us,
almost word for word.

That's enough for me.
Pick him up.

Get out of here.
I'm with a patient.

Police. What are you
doing to him?

It's a procedure
to relieve the pain

from his urinary
tract infection.

And what procedure
is that?

Urethral milking.

Step away from the table.
Excuse me?

Put your hands
behind your back.

You're under arrest for sexual abuse.

You okay?
Yeah. Sure.

What's your name?

Chuck Paisley.
Who did he abuse?

That kid, Chuck, thought what
Keppler did to him was legit?

So did the fourth victim,
Dale Overton.

He only came forward when he
saw Keppler in cuffs on TV.

Turns out he'd treated
Dale the same day.

We found his DNA on Keppler's
glove in the same bag of garbage.

Made his conviction
a lock.

Which never would
have happened if you

had gone forward
on Justin's word.

Oh, thank God.
You finally get it.

Tucker actually apologized. But he
wants us to keep IAB in the loop.

That's the problem
with rodents.

Just when you think you got
rid of them, they come back.

Which is why anything more
on Keppler goes through me.

It's a good thing
you're here, then,

because while you three were
entertaining the rat squad,

Fin and I were
actually working.

We pulled the papers on Keppler's
lawsuit against Denslow Hospital.

Read them and weep,

Keppler claims Denslow knew he was
molesting boys a year before we did.

A year? How the hell can
a hospital not report that?

That sounds like BS to me.

I mean, there's no way
a big HMO like Denslow

is gonna risk the state
yanking their license.

Or being charged
as an accessory

for allowing
the abuse to continue.

Talk to the hospital.
See what Keppler

and his shyster
lawyer are up to.

I can't talk
about Dr. Keppler.

You're the hospital's attorney,
Mr. Coldwell. We're the good guys.

Still, it's company policy not
to discuss pending litigation.

If I do, then Dr. Keppler's
attorneys can find out,

and they can
subpoena your notes.

This is not
a frivolous lawsuit.

Keppler claims you let him
sexually abuse those four boys.

Like that other
hospital in California

with another doctor
years ago?

Look. I can assure you.
That did not happen here.

We have nothing to hide.

Because it sounds
like you're protecting

your assets,
not your patients.

Like I said before, we're
not having this conversation.

Thank you, detectives.

How do you know
when a lawyer's lying?

When his lips are moving?

He knows there
was a cover-up.

We've got to find someone
who will come clean.

Let's ask Keppler.

We can't go anywhere near him
without his lawyer present.

Sure we can.

If the hospital committed a
crime, he's a material witness.

Keppler's going to tell us
to piss off.

Well, he's got a couple
of million reasons not to.

So now, we're going to
make this perv even richer?

Look down.

And the door's open.

So much
for the lawsuit.

Splatter marks everywhere. It's
almost dry. Killer's long gone.

Manhattan SVU to Central. We
have a homicide at 632 East 67.

I need additional units,
CSU and the M.E.

Who are you calling?


1 PP and the press are
going to be all over this.

Hey, Benson.
What's the holdup?

I've got to set up
the scan station.

Just hang tight
until we give the okay.

All right. Well, just get
here as fast as you can.

Where's Warner?

Crane collapse
in the Bronx. Six dead.

Says she's at
least two hours out.

I heard Dr. Keppler came down
with a case of justice prevails.

More like someone
saved the state

a couple million bucks
and a prison cell.

What are we waiting on?

Says we don't touch the place
until Greylek sees it,

just in case IAB wants to
screw with us again.

You sure Greylek's
not on one of her

"I've got to be at
the crime scene" crusades?

It's not Greylek.


What have we got?

Where's Greylek?

New administration called her
back to the Justice Department.

D.A. Let her leave

And McCoy drafted you
to fill in.

I wasn't drafted.
Jack asked me.

No one told us
about it.

I only accepted
an hour ago.

We never thought
we'd see you again.

I got your messages.
And I'd pick up

the phone to call you,
and remember...

That we were there
when you were shot?

We heard Velez died in prison and
Connors was extradited to Ireland.

You've been out of Witness
Protection for three years.

You guys
want to get started?

Let's go.

Big gun,.45.

Yeah. But that didn't
kill him. Big Betty did.

Nine slugs not enough?


Your perp was a lousy shot.
I'll show you.

We dug projectiles out of the
walls, furniture, ceiling, floor.

He missed eight times.

He got lucky once.

Yeah, with the first shot.

Check out the scan station.

Hit Keppler in
the right knee.

Enough to immobilize him.
But why only nine shots?

He ran out of ammo. He saw
Keppler was still breathing.

He grabbed the club.
He finished

off the Doc while
working on his handicap.

That explains the spatter on the
ceiling furthest away from the body.

But the streaks
right above Keppler had

to have been made
with a shorter object.

Maybe the gun.

Well, it's too bad the perp
couldn't have left that.

Yeah, all he left was
this pair of gloves.

Explains the dozens of useless
bloody smudges we found.

Probably wearing them
because of the cold.

Sorry to spoil your fun,
but the Captain's calling.

You know, this was
a lot of overkill.

Somebody wanted
Keppler to suffer.

Someone Keppler knew well enough
to let in. No forced entry.

So you think it was one of
the four boys he molested?

Or one of the family members who
decided he deserved the death penalty.

Well, hopefully, CSU will find
his DNA in there somewhere.

And we'll compare
it to the boys' DNA

we've got from
Keppler's trial.

Not without their
parents' permission.

It's evidence, Alex. Those
boys gave their DNA voluntarily.

As sexual
assault victims.

Judge Moredock sealed it after
the trial to protect the boys.

If I'm going to ask him to unseal
it, he's going to want to know

we have their
full cooperation.

Our only option
now is to go back

and interview
the families again.

Forgot what it
felt like having

you kicking our asses,

Alex's foot will be the least of
our problems if a pissed-off parent

goes running to
the press. Be gentle.

After all we've been through, now
you're accusing my son of murder?

No, Mrs. McTeague. But we
have to rule everybody out.

Can you tell me where you and
Justin went yesterday after court?

My sister's, on Staten
Island, to toast the verdict.

And how long
were you there?

We stayed the night.

I toasted a few too
many times to drive home.

Did any of the other boys or
their parents seem angry enough

to kill Dr. Keppler?

The whole lot of us
are mad as hell.

But you're barking
up the wrong tree.

We didn't want his life.
We wanted his money.

Because none of us are going to
get a dime out of Denslow Hospital.

Why not?

Because we all
signed arbitration papers.

You agreed not to sue
Denslow for malpractice?

Some suit told us
that if we didn't sign,

Dr. Keppler couldn't
treat our kids anymore.

We trusted him.
He was a good doctor.

You weren't concerned about
signing your rights away?

Yeah. And we weren't
the only ones.

Who else?

Lillian Siefeld.

Keppler's head nurse for
years. She told us not to sign,

then she
suddenly disappeared.

We were told
she got promoted.

Lillian. Sergeant
John Munch, NYPD.

I'd like to talk to
you about Dr. Keppler.

Well, the jury found him
guilty. He's dead. Why now?

Because until today, we never
heard about you. Any idea why?

They must have
erased the records.

Listen, if they see me
talking to you, I'm...

If who sees us talking,

You don't understand.
He said he would

take away my job
and my pension.

"He. He. " Now, is this
the man who threatened you?

Yes. That's Coldwell.

I'm sorry.
I should have done more. I...

You knew what Dr.
Keppler was doing?

No. Dr. Keppler always had
one of us chaperone

when he was examining
a female patient.

But on this day, it was very,
very busy. We had two nurses out,

and I got all mixed up and I
just walked into the wrong room.

And I saw Dr. Keppler
with Dale Overton.

He was one of
the boys at the trial.

And I saw what he was doing.

He molested that boy and
you did nothing to stop him.

But I did what I thought
I was supposed to do.

I went to the woman at the
human resources. I reported it.

So she brought
Coldwell in?


And he brought me right upstairs,
and he said that the hospital

takes this very seriously. And I
said, "You have to confront Keppler. "

Did he?

He said that Keppler would
just deny everything.

That it was my
word against his word.

And that if it was not true,
he would just sue the hospital.

So Coldwell
didn't believe you?

No, he did believe me.

But he didn't think
the jury would believe me.

Why didn't you come to us?

Well, I threatened to
come to you,

but Coldwell said if
I went to the police,

that he would make
sure they took away

my job and my
health insurance.

And my husband is sick. And I
just did not know what to do.

Denslow Hospital
didn't give a damn

that Keppler was
abusing those boys.

All they cared about was
plugging potential leaks.

And Logan Coldwell
was their plumber.

He knew Keppler was a
pedophile and didn't call us.

We can collar him
for obstruction.

No, we can't.

He was
the hospital's attorney.

So, technically,
Keppler was also his client.

A lawyer knows his
client is going to

commit a crime, he's
got to tell somebody.

Well, that gives
him the choice

to break privilege.
Not an obligation.

So we can't touch Coldwell.

Not for that.

But we have him on one count of
obstruction for buying Lillian's silence.

And that's just
for starters.

I'll have the arrest warrant drawn
up first thing tomorrow morning.

Where are we on
Keppler's murder?

Circling the bowl.

All four victims and relevant
family members have airtight alibis.

Autopsy report in, yet?

Yeah, it came in an hour ago. Keppler
died at approximately 1:00 a. m.

And check this out.
Warner found traces

of gold plating
in his head wounds.

That didn't come
from the golf club.

But CSU got skin
cells off the gloves.

Warner got
a whole bunch of hits.

Only one of them
is not in jail.

Which one did it?

None of them. DNA belongs
to a Clive Lynwood.

Lives on Fifth Avenue,
with his registered handgun.


My name is Jeff.
Are you the police?

Detectives Benson and
Stabler. Is Clive Lynwood home?

My dad and mom went out.
I just got home from work.

Well, this is a warrant
to search your apartment.

Wow. Do you want me
to help you?

That'd be great. Have
you seen your dad's gun?

Yeah. It's really cool.

Do you know
where he keeps it?

Yeah. Right in there,
in a special box.

It's empty.

Does your dad
carry the gun with him?

No. He's not allowed to.

What color is the gun,

Gold. Dad says it's real.

What the hell's
happening here?

Dad, the police
are here.

And where's my gun?

You tell us. Please put
your hands behind your back.

Excuse me?
What's going on?

Clive Lynwood, you're
under arrest for murder.

Murder? Are you crazy?

Who'd I kill? What are you doing?

Take your hands off of him! You have

the right to remain silent.
No. No.

Who did I kill?

Come back. Please don't
take my dad to jail.

Please don't
take my dad to jail.

Alex. Appeals get so boring you
came back for more sex-capades?

I'm just a temp, Lorna.

Your client,
on the other hand,

is looking at
life without parole.

You've been away for
too long. Lost your touch.

Mr. Lynwood
is innocent.

Then Mr. Lynwood can explain
why his. 45 is suddenly missing.

You think he's the only rich guy
in town with a gold-plated handgun?

No, I think he's the only guy in
town whose DNA was on the gloves

we found at the scene.

And the only reason
his DNA is in the database

is because he was
convicted of a felony.

You must be talking about
that bogus menacing charge?

Tell them, Clive.

Well, I was on my way back
from the Hamptons

and a trooper pulls me over,

asks me to take a dee-wee
test, and I made a silly joke

about him having a thing against
people who drive Maseratis.

And he got all pissy.

Well, maybe he got
pissy because of the 2.2

you blew into
the breathalyzer.

He sees my Swiss
army knife

sitting in the console
between the two seats,

and says because of
my so-called weapon,

he can up the DUl
to a menacing charge

and take my DNA.

Now, explain how your DNA

got into Gilbert
Keppler's brownstone.

Here's the fun part. We don't
have to explain anything.

See you in court.

Miss Cabot,
do you have an application?

Yes. Remand without bail.

Your Honor, the People have no
valid evidence with which to proceed.

Seems valid to me,
Ms. Scarry.

According to the arresting
officer's deposition,

your client's DNA
was found at the scene.

Thirteen genetic markers is the
standard for DNA identification.

Mr. Lynwood was ID'd
with only five and a half.

That means that there's
a one in a million chance

that someone else murdered
Gilbert Keppler.

If you compare
those five markers

to just one randomly
selected person.

But compared to all 300,000 profiles
in the State's DNA data bank,

those chances
drop to one in three.

Which means what,
Ms. Scarry?

That of the dozen or so men in
this room it is just as possible

that he murdered Dr. Keppler
or him or that gentleman.

Who's actually from the
FBI's own DNA advisory board

and will back me up
on this.

Your Honor, the courts
have never ruled

against law enforcement
on this issue.

I'm sorry, Miss Cabot.
There's always a first time.

We have been burned by faulty
DNA before. I'm throwing it out.

There is no other
evidence linking

my client to
this horrible crime.

Your Honor. It's...
I'm dismissing the charges.

Mr. Lynwood,
you're free to go.

Thank you.

Ten minute recess.

I'm glad you're back,

Try to show up
prepared next time.

Yes, Judge.

Alex. This isn't
your fault.

Yes, it is.

We have Clive Lynwood's DNA,
and he's walking out of here.

I'll try to find something
else linking him to Keppler.

I went over everything
again. No more DNA.

And the only thing I did find
isn't going to be much help.

We'll take
whatever you've got.

This spent. 45 shell casing is the same

brand of ammo
our shooter used.

I put my fingerprint on it.

I don't see it.

Now, here's a casing
from the crime scene.

Looks like the
fingerprint's etched into it.

It is. Heat of the
gunpowder igniting caused

the oils in the print
to corrode the metal.

So our perp wasn't wearing
gloves when he loaded the gun.

Too bad the print's
not in the system.

So why isn't your
print etched in?

Because I'm a vegetarian.

What does that mean?
Vegetarians leave prints, too.

Yeah. Fingerprints are chemical
secretions. We secrete what we eat.

My prints are less
likely to corrode metal

because my diet
is low in sodium.

You're telling me
our perp's prints

are burned into
that shell casing

because he eats
too much salt?

Or works around it.

Like at a fast
food restaurant.

Last night,
when we collared Clive,

his son was wearing
a Happiburger uniform.

Explains why Clive came up in the
system. His son shares half his DNA.

Wow. That was fun. I never
rode in a police car before.

Empty. I have to throw
it away. Here. I will.

There's a trash can outside.

Have a seat. So, Jeff, what
do you do at Happiburger?

Clean up. My boss says next
year maybe I can be a grill man.

Do you know
what we do here?

You catch people
who do bad things.

Am I in trouble?

Am I going to jail? Are you
going to take my fingerprints?

Well, if you
did something bad.

Did you do
something bad?


No, I don't want my mom
and dad to yell at me.

Like if you took
your dad's gun?

My dad's gun
is not a toy.

I'm not supposed to touch
it if he is not there.

Your dad ever
let you touch it?

Sure. He let me put
the bullets in.

And he took me to the range,
so I could shoot it.

I shot the man on the paper.
I made two holes in him.

Where does your dad
keep his bullets?

I can't tell you.
It's a secret.

I'm pretty good
with secrets.

You can tell me.

In his closet.
Under the socks.

Under the socks?

Jeff, you know, you don't have to
talk to us if you don't want to.

And if you do we can use
what you say against you.

And if you want a lawyer,
we have to get you one.

That's okay.
I like talking to you.

You're pretty.

Jeff, do you know
a man named Dr. Keppler?


Jeff, if you lie to us, we have to
punish you. And we don't want to do that.

You know Dr. Keppler?

I went to Dr. Keppler
when I was little.

But then I told Mom that I wanted
to go to a different doctor.

How come? Because we learned in school

that nobody is supposed
to touch you down there.

Did Dr. Keppler
touch you down there?

Yeah. He rubbed me.
And he said

it was okay
because he was a doctor.

And then I saw him
going to jail on TV.

And I was very angry with him
because he told me a lie.

Did you go see
Dr. Keppler?

I went to his
house after work.

And I took Dad's gun,
I pointed it at him,

and I asked him
why he lied to me.

Well, what did he say?

He tried to hit me
with the golf club.

But he hit the gun.
And a bullet went

into his knee
and he fell down.

And then he called me stupid.

That is a bad name that the bullies
call me. So I got angry again.

And I shot and shot and shot.
But none of the bullets hit him.

And he called me an idiot. But
there were no more bullets left.

So I hit him with Dad's gun
again and again and again.

But then the gun got
all red and slippery,

so I hit him
with the golf club.

And then he didn't
call me names anymore.

Jeffrey, you know what you
did to Dr. Keppler was wrong.

Dad says if a bully hurts me, I've
got to fight back and kill the bastard.

Are you at all concerned
that he's slow?

That's the defense's problem.
Not mine. Arrest him.

Lionel Granger? What the
hell are you doing here?

Jeffrey's boss
called and said

that you'd picked
Jeffrey up from work.

So I called
Mr. Granger.

Mr. Granger represented your
son's abuser, Mrs. Lynwood.

He knows full well
defending your son

is a whopping
conflict of interest.

Not when the abuser's dead and I
have a waiver from his estate, Alex.

She hire you because you know
Keppler's filthy little secrets?

Who better to
represent her son?

Jeffrey. Mommy, please don't be mad.

Sweetie, I'm not mad at
you. I'm not mad at you.

What did you tell them?
The truth.

Just like you always say.

You should have called me.

Your son is 19,
Mrs. Lynwood.

The law doesn't
require us to.

We're arresting him
for second degree murder.

You can't do that.

Please. He's an abuse victim.
Alex, talk to him yourself.

You'll see he's suffering
from rape trauma syndrome.

If you believe that, then
let our shrink interview him.


Jeff, do you have
any trouble sleeping?

Get in trouble
when I'm sleeping?

That's silly.

Have you ever had any
nightmares about Dr. Keppler?

Sometimes. He looks like
a monster. He's very scary.

Can you read this?


What is it?

Are you a doctor?
Yes, I am. I...

Where's my mom?
I want to go now.

Jeffrey? You can't
leave this room.

Let me out. No. I'm
not going to hurt you.

Get out of my way!

You're a bad man!
You're a bad man!

Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it.

Doctors are bad! Doctors
are bad! Doctors are bad!

Get off me! Get off me!

I didn't black out.
My head doesn't hurt.

I don't feel
nauseous or dizzy.

I don't need to
go to the hospital.

Then you've got to sign
you're refusing transport, Doc.

Chief of D
is going to want my

incident report on
his desk first thing.

Then go fill it out.
I'm okay.

Are you sure?

About me, yes.
But not about Jeffrey.

I think there's something
really wrong with him.

Something like what?

A developmental disability.
He acts like a child.

He can't process
a simple sentence.

He has a job.
He can read.

He takes care of himself.

A lot of people like Jeff
are high-functioning.

Most of them don't commit
murder. He almost killed you.

Because he can't control
his temper or his emotions.

He's still
mentally competent.

He made a plan. He got
Daddy's gun, he loaded it,

and he shoved it
in Keppler's face.

To make Keppler
tell him the truth.

He shot him and he
bashed his brains in.

Because Keppler was
calling him names.

He's an eight-year-old
in a man's body.

His IQ is probably
right on the borderline.

Can you definitively say that I
cannot try him because he's retarded?


Jeffrey, when Detectives
Benson and Stabler

brought you to
the police station,

were they nice to you?

No. They were mean.

How were they mean?

They said if I lied, they
were going to punish me.

And the man touched me.

Where did Detective
Stabler touch you?

On my shoulder.
I got scared.

Is that why you told the
detectives you killed Dr. Keppler?


Nothing further.

Do you know a boy
named Chad Smith?

I don't want to
talk about him.

Why not, Jeff?

'Cause he's a bully.

Did you beat him up?

Somebody tell me
how this is relevant.

Goes to the defendant's
credibility, Your Honor.

I'll allow it. Answer
the question, young man.

Did you beat this boy up?

In fact, you broke his nose

and two of his ribs
when he called you a moron.

Don't say that.

And when your
principal asked you why

you hit Chad,
you said Chad hit you first.

Is that correct?

Why are you being so mean?

Because you lied, Jeffrey, so
that you wouldn't get into trouble.

It's the same reason that
you lied about the police

forcing you to
confess to killing Dr...

Stop yelling at me!
I am not a liar!

Your Honor.

We're in recess.

in my chambers right now.

I want her brought
before the disciplinary

committee for
badgering Jeffrey.

My clients are furious.

Jeffrey Lynwood is your
client. Not his parents.

I'm moving to disqualify
Mr. Granger as counsel.

She's posturing.

You're a sleazebag.

You're letting Jeffrey's
father call the shots

because he can pay
you and Jeffrey can't.

I'm acting in my
client's best interests.

Your client has
as much business

on a witness stand as
I do riding in a rodeo.

Only a horse's
ass would ignore

his diminished
mental capacity.

You're out of line,
Your Honor.

And you are a disgrace to
the defense bar, Mr. Granger.

And if you don't
get your act in line,

I'll grant her
motion and report you

to the disciplinary
committee. Now get out!

Not you, Alex. You're
not blameless in this.

The People don't
have the burden to prove

the defendant
incompetent to stand trial.

No, you have a bigger burden.
To see that justice is done.

I am. Jeffrey Lynwood
killed a man.

Jeffrey Lynwood has
the mind of a child.

He can't stand
up for himself.

Violating his
rights isn't justice.

Your Honor, with all
due respect, we aren't

in your Constitutional Law
class anymore.

This is the real world.

I know you've seen more of the real
world than anybody should have to.

It took guts to come back.
And I'm glad you did.

But you can't
afford to forget

why you became an A.D.A.
In the first place.

The Alexandra Cabot
I remember

wouldn't even consider
railroading this poor young man.

You were right.
I was out for blood.

And I was about to
call you. I think

I know what's really
wrong with Jeffrey.

What difference does it make?
Incompetent is incompetent.

The tragedy is it didn't
have to be that way.

How can you be sure?

We need to talk
to his mother.

I can't talk to you.

Mrs. Lynwood. Please.

When Jeffrey was a baby,
did he hit

all his
developmental milestones?

Yeah. He was fine
until he was five.

And then what happened?

He had a seizure.

And his brain swelled. And we
thought he was going to die.

When he finally recovered,
he just... He wasn't the same.

Dr. Keppler said that it was
a miracle that he survived.

Did he know what
caused the seizure?

He said it was epilepsy.

Dr. Keppler
missed Jeffrey's pica.

What is pica?

It's a rare neurological
disorder in which

a person eats objects
other than food.

Like when Jeffrey was chewing
on the pencil in court.

That's why we couldn't make him
stop putting things in his mouth.

What kinds of things?

Whatever he could
get his hands on.

Is there any chance
you kept something?

Yes. His little toy cars.

My husband came home from work
one night with dozens of them.

And two days later,
Jeffrey had licked

the paint off
every one of them.

He said they tasted like
sweet and sour candy.

Virginia? Did you let them in here?

Yes. They're here
to help Jeffrey.

No, they're not. They're
here to slap a label on him.

We know what's wrong
with your son. So do I.

He's a little slow.

Wake up, Clive.

Jeffrey is
developmentally delayed.

He is never going to be the
perfect child you always wanted.

But he was perfectly fine
when he was a baby.

He wasn't born this way.
And I can prove it.

After seeing Jeff
eat the pencil in court

yesterday, I ordered
an MRI of his brain.

These red spots indicate
areas of missing grey matter.

Missing? How?

Chronic lead
poisoning prevented

Jeff's brain
cells from growing.

Lead poisoning?
Are you sure?

Most kids get it from breathing
dust from decaying lead paint.

But kids with pica
are also at high risk.

Lead buildup in Jeff's body
probably caused his seizure.

Studies link lead
poisoning in kids to

violent behavior
when they become adults.

Are you saying this excuses
what Jeffrey did?

Jeff's anterior
cingulate cortex,

the emotion and
decision-making center

of the brain is
badly damaged.

With the right provocation, that's
like taking the muzzle off a rabid dog.

It explains why he
reacted so violently

when Dr. Keppler
called him names.

Keppler never tested
Jeffrey for lead,

before or after the seizure, did he? No.

He never even
mentioned it.

So that bastard
victimized my son twice.

Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.

Hey. How are
you doing, kiddo?

I don't like it here.
The people aren't nice.

Why are you crying, Daddy?

Because I didn't
help you enough.

And I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

It's okay, Dad.
I did a bad thing.

So I guess this means we're
not going back to trial.

Yes, we are.

Sir, could you please
state your name, position

and why you're
here for the record?

Michael Rowan. President
and Chief Executive Officer

of Rowan Toys,

You asked me to appear as an
expert witness on our products.

Defense stipulates to the
witness' expertise, Your Honor.

The People's three and four, Your
Honor. Mr. Rowan, what are these?

Our mini ice cream truck. Still a big
seller. Paint's missing on that one.

That's because Jeffrey
Lynwood chewed it off.

Which the defense claims
gave him lead poisoning.

That's impossible. Lead-based
paint has been banned from toys

in this country since 1978.
We haven't used it since.

What about on the
toys you make overseas?

Of course not. We spot-check
our manufacturers' shipments,

as does the Consumer
Product Safety Commission.

Then why did
the NYPD's crime laboratory

find that the paint on these
toys contained over 50%% lead?

You brought me here under
false pretenses. You lied to me.

You lied to the whole world.

These e-mails between you
and your Chinese manufacturer

prove that you knowingly
poisoned children over decades.

I'm done
answering your questions.

Defense in on your
little setup, too?

Sit down, sir.
You're out of order.

No, you're out of order,
Judge. You and

your corrupt D.A. And
your joke of a court.

And if you think you're
going to get away with this...

That's enough. Officers, remove
this witness from the courtroom.

I can walk on my own.

We've got him. We'll take it from here.

Put your hands
behind your back.

Who the hell are you?

You're under arrest
for reckless endangerment.

I'll have your ass for this.

I already have yours.
And it's on the record.

Jeffrey Allen Lynwood.
Do you have

anything to say before
I deliver my verdict?

I'm sorry, sir. I didn't
mean to hurt anyone.

Then on the sole count of
murder in the second degree,

I find you not guilty
by reason of mental defect.

As per the plea
agreement with the

District Attorney you
will surrender yourself

to the Commissioner of Health
for hospitalization.

Until it is determined
that you are no longer

a threat to
yourself or others.

We're adjourned.

Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.

We'll be up to see
you and visit soon.


How long will Jeff have
to be in the hospital?

The Judge has promised to
review his progress in a month.

And he can come live with us
after he's released?

He doesn't have to.
Rowan Toys

has agreed to
support Jeff financially

for the rest of his life.

The agreement is binding,
and they can't back out.

Thank you.

Come on.
Voluntarily pledged?

After the Feds recalled his
toys, Rowan offered me the deal

so I wouldn't charge him.

Once he signed,
I told him to shove it.

You really are back,
aren't you?