Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 14 - Transitions - full transcript

A man is brutally beaten outside a strip club because of his lack of support for his transgender teenage daughter's desire for gender reassignment.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Cute top, Misty.

That's why I bought it.
Give it! It's mine! Let go!

Give it to me, skank. Get
off me, you crazy bitch!

You're dead!
Down, girl.

It ain't worth
losing your job over.

You know what? Keep the damn
thing. It's trash like you.

You want some more, bitch?

What the...

He was beaten in the crotch.
So badly, his scrotum ruptured.

Also has deep lacerations to
his shoulders and lower back.

And I found bruising and
scratch marks on his penis.

He say anything?

We had to put him in
a medically-induced coma

to relieve pressure on his brain
from the trauma. It's touch-and-go.

You notify the family? No. We
would if we knew who he was.

Wallet was cleaned out.
No ID or credit cards.

Any forensics?

Well, I found saliva on his
genitals. Swab's in the rape kit.

And I dug this
out of his back.

Fake nail. Can you tell
us the time of the attack?

Well, the bruising is fresh, so
probably between 9:00 and 10:00 p. m.

He picks up a stripper from
Sugar Pops. He roughs her up.

She fights back. I mean,
these guys can be vicious.

Maybe, but John Doe
loves his son.

How do you know that?

Only thing we found in his
wallet was this photo tucked away.

Cute kid.

"Dad and Henry,
age 5."

Let's hope Dad gets
to see Henry grow up.

Dad's fingerprints
aren't in the system

and there's no missing person report
on file that matches his description.

So either nobody knows he's
missing or nobody cares.

And we can't release
the picture to the media,

because he's the victim of a
sex crime. Forensics any help?

Well, Warner ran the
saliva on the guy's junk.

DNA wasn't in the system, but
the perp is definitely female.

With cheap taste in fake nails.
There's no way to trace it.

And the rain last night killed any
trace evidence in the parking lot.

Without a blood trail,
it's hard to tell

where he was attacked
or where he came from.

Well, I'm no expert.
But for me,

fellatio plus fake fingernail
equals exotic dancer.

Fin, take Munch.
Go back to Sugar Pops.

See if the ladies
reveal anything.

I told the cops last night
I didn't recognize him.

But I guess you wanted to
come see for yourself.

Well, it's kind of
hard not to.

Can I see your

Ballet slipper with a
top coat of marshmallow.

You cops sure have
an eye for detail.

Anything else you want
to investigate further?

Yeah. Just who might have
given this guy a private dance?

I'm strictly VIP parties.
But that one.

She is desperate and will
dance for any nasty old thing.

I didn't see him here. But I had my
hands full with a bunch of frat boys.

Had to beat them off
with a stick.

Break a nail beating
anybody else off?

These are for pleasure.
Not pain.

That looks like it hurt.
Did you cut yourself shaving?

That old tramp, Sapphire, jumped me.
It's not my fault young guys find me hot.

Did anybody else
get into it last night?

Frankie, the bouncer, beat
up a guy in the parking lot.

The assailant we're
looking for is a female.

Frankie's a woman.
And a big old mean one.

Yeah, I had to get tough
with a guy last night.

He's a freaking perv.

You sent this freaking perv
to the hospital?

Never seen him. I'm talking
about... Yes. Psycho Sid.

Sugar Pops' 10 least-wanted list, huh?

Yeah. Men. Can't live with
them, sure can live without them.

Psycho Sid was
here last night?

Guy knows he's not welcome.
He just keeps coming back.

He's... What do you call it?
Obsessed with the strippers.

Caught him in the parking
lot hiding behind the cars,

waiting for the
girls to leave.

What time was he out here?

8:00 on. Kept
coming back, too.

Even after I showed him
the error of his ways.

I didn't do
nothing wrong.

We know. You just like
to watch the dancers.

But Frankie don't allow it.
Are you a dancer?

No, Sid.
Remember? Remember?

I'm a detective.

But you're pretty
enough to be a dancer.

Thank you, Sid.

You're not.

That's the cross I bear.

Look. Sid, when you were in
the parking lot last night,

did you see any
dancers outside?

Just one.

Yeah? Who?

I couldn't see her face.
She was fighting with a man.

This man?


He had a tow truck
with pretty red lights.

Did he tow her car?


She got in the truck and
they drove behind the club.

I know why people
go behind the club.

You do?

I like to watch.

Did you see
what happened?

No. I pretended I was with
the pretty girl. It felt good.

What happened after
they were done?

I don't know.
I was done, so I left.

Sid, just stay away from the
dancers from now on, okay?

So our victim's a repo man. Our girl
must be late on her car payments.

He took it out in trade. Well, we
know our John Doe left in an ambulance,

so his tow truck's got to
be somewhere near the club.

You find anything that
tells us who the driver was?

All I know is he's a slob. I think
I just found last week's lunch.

Find any usable prints?
About 20 different sets.

Take a while to sort them
all out. But look at this.

A tire iron.

There's blood on the tip.

And hair. It's got to be
her assault weapon.

These smudges on the handle.
They might be partial prints.

Still doesn't give us
an ID on your victim.

Well, this will.
Who you going to call?

Repo Busters.

His name's Mark Van Kuren.
He's a good man.

And, usually, he's so
careful on the job.

Weren't you worried when he didn't
show up to work this morning, Ms...

Peters. Selma Peters. Mark doesn't
start until after 10:00 p. m.

When folks
are in bed.

He wised up after he tried to
take a minivan from a hockey mom

and she beat him
with her son's stick.

Well, we believe Van Kuren was
attacked by a woman last night.

He was towing her car away from
a strip club called Sugar Pops.

A repo from a nudie joint?
I would have remembered that.

My guys would have
been fighting over it.

Did any of Mark's jobs
yesterday have a female owner?

Let me check.

He was after an investment banker
with a boat. Got laid off from Lehman.

Yeah. The Toyota. This gal's
been dodging him for weeks.

What's the owner's name?

Molly Lambert.

Lives on Park Avenue, but can't
make the payment on an '07 Corolla?

Molly hasn't lived here
for several years.

She's getting her PhD
at Hudson University.

Is my daughter in
some sort of trouble?

Her car was damaged
in a traffic incident.

A drunk driver side-swiped
a group of parked cars.

I better call
my attorney.

I told her not to park
her Mercedes on the street.

this was a Toyota.

A Toyota?

Molly would never drive one of
those. You must have the wrong person.

The car is registered
to Molly at this address.

Well, someone must have
stolen her identity.

You could just give us Molly's
address, and we'll look into it.

Hi, Molly.

Or do you prefer Misty?

So I guess you didn't
come here for a lap dance.

Rich girl by day,
stripper by night.

Dancing's not a crime.

Assault with
a deadly weapon is.

Excuse me?
Mark Van Kuren.

Now, do your services
include head-bashing?

I didn't touch him.

Well, let's see if her DNA matches
the saliva we found on his penis.

Okay, so I did him.
But that's it.

Well, you clawed him pretty good. We
took one of your nails out of his back.

He told me to scratch him.
Said he liked it rough.

I doubt he told you
to bite it off.

That's not how I work.

Last time I saw him,
dude was all smiles.

Your rich parents going to be all smiles
when they find out what you do for kicks?

I'm an ethnographer.

A cultural anthropologist. I live
the life of the people I'm studying.

So you study strippers
in their natural habitat.

Research for my book.
Play Misty for You.

It started as my
doctoral dissertation.

My agent thinks
it will be a best-seller.

Does he know that
you're a trust-fund baby?

I gave all that
up for Misty.

I live on her salary, rent that dump
of an apartment, drive a cheap car.

I make sacrifices
for my research.

You call shaking your tatas
for dirty old men research?

I don't have to
listen to this.

What's that under your shirt? Nothing.

Unbutton it
or I will.

I usually get
paid for this.


A digital recorder.

Your deep throat interview
with Mark on here?

No. It's on a flash drive.
Hand it over.

Each one of these holds a
week's worth of research.

It's my only copy.

It's evidence in
an investigation.

Do I get it back?
I'll make you a deal.

Misty disappears, or Molly
goes to jail for prostitution.

Now, shake it on
out of here.

Use your nails.
Use your nails.

Make me bleed. Yeah.
Yeah. You like that?

Yeah? You want more? Oh, my
God. That's it. That's it.

Well, it sounds like Molly
really got into the part.

A lot of parts. It
also sounds consensual.

Well, it doesn't prove she
didn't attack him afterwards.

What else we have
on this tape?

Hey, Misty. Where you been?
Boss is looking for you.

I went to my car
for a second, Frankie.

It's payday. Going to save
a dance for me, sweet thing?

Well, it sounds like Misty,
the anthropologist,

didn't hang around after
she finished excavating.

He got off. She got
off. It was a done deal.

She goes back inside,
rides the pole.

She's got an alibi
for the rest of the night.

So whoever attacked Van Kuren had to
show up after Misty finished her research.

Well, maybe Van Kuren
can tell us who.

That was the hospital.
He just woke up.

I had sex with a
stripper in a parking lot.

You'd think I would
remember that.

So what's the last thing
you do remember?

Stopping for coffee
on my way to work.

Who would want
to hurt you, Mark?

Only one person
hates me this much.

My soon-to-be ex-wife.

Messy divorce?

Ellen is... She's furious,
because I'm fighting for custody.

Well, we found this in your
wallet. This your only child?

Yeah, he's 13 now.

I love this kid
more than life.

So does Ellen.

So you think
this is about custody.

She said that
she would kill me

before she would let me
take my son away from her.

People say things
when they're separating.

I didn't mean it.
I still love Mark.

So why the split?

It's complicated.

We have different ideas
about how to raise our child.

Henry's a handful?
It's Hailey.

My name's Hailey.
Henry's dead.

My son is transgender.

When he was four, he paraded into
the living room in his cousin's tutu

and announced
he was a girl.

A lot of boys go
through dress-up phases.

I mean, my oldest son
wore his mom's high heels.

Did your son try to cut off his
penis with nail clippers and scream

that God made a mistake?

It's not a phase,

Hailey was born in the wrong
body, and I've accepted that.

But your husband can't.

Mark pretends
Hailey doesn't exist.

He dragged her to a shrink, who
told her that she'd grow out of it

if she dressed like a boy
and played with trucks.

But it didn't change
Hailey's mind.

It made her suicidal.

When she was 10, she drank
bleach and she almost died.

I realized if we didn't let her be
herself, we were going to lose her.

So now Henry dresses
up in girls' clothing.

There's a lot more to it.

She's going through puberty.
And her therapist says that

she needs to begin hormone
blockers to stop it,

or the reassignment surgery
will be a lot more difficult.

But Mark won't allow it. That's
why you're getting divorced.

Every day is a fight.

Fights ever get physical?

You think I hurt Mark?

Where were you two nights ago?

At work. I'm a waitress.

Ten people can
tell you I was there.

Where did you
get the black eye?

Hailey hit me.

Monday night, she was climbing
in the window at 2:00 a. m.

And I asked her where she
was, and we got into it.

And, yeah,
she punched me.

Monday night is when
Mark was attacked.

Oh, God.

Did you ask her
where she had been?

She said she was striking
a blow for her freedom.

Go away.

Can't you read?
Keep the hell out!

Hey. Hailey, these detectives
would like to have a word with you.

I'm trying to
get ready for school.

It will just
take a minute.

You were out late
Monday night.

You called the cops on me
because I broke curfew?

That's so lame.
Where were you?

None of your business.

Answer his question.

Or what? You'll ground
me for another month?

Your father was
attacked that night.

Is he dead?

No. He's going to be fine.

Too bad.

Hailey. That's a really
terrible thing to say.

That is your father.

I wish he wasn't.

I wish he were dead.

She doesn't mean that.

Want to bet? Whoever
attacked him, it wasn't me.

So why don't you
tell us where you were?

Just out, okay?

Were you with anyone?

A boy.

A boy?

Hailey, are you gay?

You still don't get it, Mom. I'm a
girl. I'm supposed to be with boys.

Sounds like
a typical teenage girl.

Except that she
was born a boy.

Hailey's anatomy
is irrelevant.

Her brain is female. She
wants what a girl wants.

Well, what causes
the mix-up?

We don't know.

For some children,
something happens in utero,

where the brain develops as one
gender and the body the other.

So she feels trapped.

Born as the wrong gender, trying
desperately to become the right one.

And the only one standing
in the way is Dad.

It sounds like
motive to me. Doc?

I gotta say, Mark being beaten
in the crotch is pretty symbolic.

She also gave her mom a black eye. It's
not such a leap to attacking her dad.

Well, I'll feel better once
we run down Hailey's alibi.

Head over to the school. Get the
name of the boy she snuck out to see.

And check with
the guidance staff.

Home may not be the only place
where Hailey loses control.

Hailey's been having a
difficult time this year.

she's transgender.

Well, she came out in September
and started wearing girls' clothes.

A lot of her old friends
don't talk to her anymore.

And how did she handle
that? Any acting out?

Well, there have
been some problems.

Two months ago, Hailey
went into the bathroom.

Some older girls
were in there,

and one of them said
they didn't allow he-she's.

Hailey dragged her into the stall
and pushed her head into the toilet.

Well, that's not a problem.
That's battery.

Well, we suspended her
for three days.

Now Hailey uses the gender-neutral
bathroom in the nurse's office.

She doesn't take phys ed, so she
won't have to change in a locker room.

Any other violence?

Hailey got into a scuffle with a
little boy who called her a faggot.

Hailey gave him a black eye.

Then a new teacher
called her Henry by mistake.

Hailey threw a book at him.

All that, and she
hasn't been expelled.

Well, there's been talks.
But I've told the school.

It's a process. A learning
process. For all of us.

Where is Hailey now?

In my office.

Ellen called to tell me about Mark's
attack. I brought her in to talk to her.

Hi, Hailey.

Not again.

Can't you people
just leave me alone?

We have a few
more questions.

We need your
boyfriend's name.

So you can tell my mom?

We can keep it
between us.

Like I'm stupid enough
to believe that.

Hailey, you need to answer
the detectives' questions.

Whose side are you on?

Yours. But
this is serious.

This is not fair.

Hailey. We can find out where you
were. We can check your e-mail,

check your cell
phone records...

No. Don't do that.

I did it.

Hailey, what are
you talking about?

I did it.

I tried to kill my dad.

Nice work getting Hailey Van Kuren
to confess to attacking her dad.

We've got a little wrinkle. She's
a minor, and her mom wasn't there.

Which means
it's inadmissible.

How did that happen?
She just blurted it out.

We weren't even sweating
her as a suspect.

So you weren't even trolling,
and the fish jumps in the boat.

Well, how do we justify
not throwing it back?

Her mom's going to be here any
minute. We'll get her to waive Miranda,

re-interview Hailey in her
presence, and get a confession again.

Well, if you're lucky.
You roll snake eyes,

Mom lawyers up Hailey
and we crap out.


Roll the dice.

Okay, what's going on?
Why is Hailey here?

She said that she is the
person that attacked her father.

That's impossible. You
need to hear her tell it.

I... She's not saying another word.
Okay? I'm going to call my lawyer.

I thought it was
worth a shot.

Is there a Plan B?

Yeah. Fin's
getting a warrant.

Hailey didn't
ditch the weapons.

Hopefully, she didn't
dump the bloody clothes.

No blood on these.

Looks like
Henry's old toys.

Same kind of stuff
my son had growing up.

I guess she still
likes comic books.

There's a bunch of drugs.
Estrogen, testosterone...

What the hell
is leuprolide?

It's the hormone blocker
doctors prescribe

to transsexual kids
to stop puberty.

So Hailey's buying hormones on the
street to begin transitioning on her own.

I don't think so.
She's a trans girl.

She'll take estrogen to grow
breasts when she's older,

but she would never
take testosterone.

She's got a lifetime
supply here.

Worth a couple hundred thousand
dollars on the black market.

So I did some checking
on the Ledger website.

"Pharma Filchers
Strike Again. "

Several pharmaceutical warehouses
were broken into recently.

The thieves only stole drugs
used to transition.

Ho, ho, ho. Santa came
early this year. What's this?

Hormones that we found
stashed in Hailey's closet.

Hailey? Where did you get
them? Don't say a word.

Okay, then. I will.
Tauscher-Leto Pharmaceuticals.

Their warehouse was robbed,
along with three other companies.

My client is 13. I hardly think she's
even capable of committing these crimes.

Not by herself. The
thefts were a group effort.

Our robbery squad found this
manifesto at one of the crime scenes.

"We will not pay for the right
to become who we already are.

"We will liberate our bodies
from greedy corporations

"seeking to profit
from our pain.

The Children of Ariel. "

God. Are these the people
you've been hanging out with?

She told me she was going to
a support group for trans kids.

Mom, don't! Where do you
meet Children of Ariel?

I'll never tell.
You can't protect them.

I dropped her off once
at a church in Chelsea.

We meet again on Friday.
Hope to see you there.

Hey. Our meetings
are private.

No, I'm a Child of Ariel's.
Planning our next big heist?

I don't know what you're
talking about. Short memory?

Two nights ago, you and your friends
broke into a pharmaceutical warehouse?

I have nothing to
say without a lawyer.

We found your stash from the Tauscher-Leto
job in Hailey Van Kuren's bedroom.

Is she okay?
You sound concerned.

Yeah. Hailey's my friend.

That all she is?

I'm not sleeping with her.
She's a little kid.

In grown-up trouble.

I don't know anything about it.
Man, you are a piece of work.

You're going to let a 13-year-old girl
take the fall for you? Come on. Be a man.

If that's what
you really are.

You know nothing about me.

You know nothing about how it
feels to have your body betray you.

Those drugs are a lifeline.

So you steal the drugs from the
rich pharmaceutical manufacturers

and you give to the poor
transsexuals. You're kind of like

Robin Hood and Maid Marian
all wrapped into one, huh?

You're no better than the drug dealer
that makes a kid hold his stash,

because they'll
only get juvie time.

Well, Hailey will be
getting adult jail time,

because she's going away
for attempted murder.


Yeah. She bashed her
father's head in Monday night.

She couldn't have done it.

And how do you know?
Was she with you?

Blake, Hailey goes to jail,
she doesn't get the hormones.

She becomes a man. So...

Hailey was with us at the
Tauscher-Leto warehouse on Monday night.

She just showed up. She said
she wanted to help, and...

I didn't let her raid the place.
I told her to go wait in the van.

But you let her
stash the drugs.

Yeah, but only until
it was safe to move them.

What time was
she with you?

8:00 till 1:00 a. m.

Okay. Hailey did not
attack her father.

She was at the raid on
Tauscher-Leto. Blake told us.

I don't understand. Why did
you say you hurt your father?

I couldn't tell you where I really
was. Blake would get in trouble.

You were going to
go to jail for him?

I'd do anything for Blake.

All right. You're free to go, but
I'm going to need you to come back

and answer questions
about the robbery.

Thank you.


I didn't tell them
anything, I swear.

Hailey, listen.
It's not your fault. Okay?

I should never have
let you get involved.

I wanted to do it. I wanted to be
with you. Please don't put him in jail.

Come on.

Blake! Blake,
I love you! I love you!

time to go home.

I love you, Blake!

It's time to go home.

Ellen. Ellen. What the hell
do you think you're doing?

This is a great job parenting. You let
your kid join a terrorist organization.

I'm not going to have this
discussion here. We're going home.

We're not going anywhere. He's
staying with me. He's staying...

Van Kuren!
Let him go!

Mr. Van Kuren!
You're hurting her!

Let go of her arm.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay?
I didn't mean to hurt you.

Yeah, right.
I love you.

I love your mother.
Love us?

If you love us so much, then
why do you go to the strip clubs

and screw trashy sluts?

Hailey? Who told you
about a stripper?

My guidance counselor,
Ms. Blaine.

She said you
told her, Mom.

I never knew anything
about a stripper.

Then how did she?

I told you. Ellen called to let
me know Mark was in the hospital.

In case Hailey wanted
to talk about it.

Right. When Hailey
came in, you told her

her father was screwing a
stripper the night he was attacked?

In retrospect,
it was inappropriate.

I shouldn't have
said anything to her.

You're right.

Because we never told Ellen
about Mark and the stripper.

So the only way you could have known
about it is if you'd been there yourself.

What did you do? Follow
him to the strip club?

I couldn't get
his blood out.

Why did you do it?

Hailey's pain got to be
more than I could bear.

I just wanted
to protect her.

Do you think you got enough of the
story before Jackie lawyered up?

The abridged version
is plenty.

I mean, she told you she did it,
gave you the blood-stained coat.

There's my case. Signed,
sealed and delivered.

See you at arraignment.

I want to take it back.
Take what back, Hailey?

Ms. Blaine never told me
about the strippers.

I don't know
where I heard it.

No. No.

Ms. Blaine, I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to get you in trouble.

You can't talk to her.
I have to!

Hailey, it's okay. It's okay. You didn't
do anything wrong. It's not your fault.

It is. I've ruined
everyone's lives.

My parents', Blake's,
Ms. Blaine's.

Hailey, you're bleeding.
Sit down, honey. Sit down.

It's nothing.
Somebody call a bus!

Hailey! Hailey, what's
happening? Are you okay?

I'm cold.

What am I going to do?

It's going to take some time, but
you're going to get through it.

Not with a son-of-a-bitch
father who's stopping her

from being who
she really needs to be.

Then get
Hailey a lawyer.

I can give you the names of some
people who can advocate for Hailey.

Take the decision away
from you and Mark.

Never thought I'd hear you
suggesting legal representation,

Detective Benson.

That must be Hailey.

And you must be representing
Jackie Blaine, Ms. Pond.

What are you doing here?

My client was concerned after
she saw your daughter collapse.

Hailey's fine.
You can go now.

I'd like to
see for myself.

Please go and
close the blinds.

You have no business
being here.

The mental health of a key witness against
my client is absolutely my business.

I don't think that Hailey
will be testifying.

We don't need her. Your
client confessed. She's guilty.

Jackie Blaine loves Hailey
Van Kuren like a daughter.

She'd do anything
to protect her.

And Hailey was dying
in front of her eyes,

because her father
wouldn't let her transition.

Jackie had a responsibility to save
this little girl from her father's abuse.

A father who was
destroying her soul.

A father who would rather see
his own child commit suicide

than accept the truth.

A father who would
rather have a dead son

than a beautiful,
sensitive, loving daughter.

We're in trouble.

Pond is making Jackie look like
the patron saint of abused children,

and the jury is buying it.

I need Hailey to testify
against her. She's a mess.

Dragging her into court
could push her over the edge.

Hailey is the only person
who can tell the jury

she didn't want Jackie
Blaine to kill her father.

Well, are you so
sure she didn't?

She hates her old man because he
can't accept her. Jackie Blaine does.

You put her on the stand, Hailey
could play right into Pond's hands.

This man loves his son.

Their relationship may be messed up, but
you can't tell me it's not worth saving.

He carries it around with
him. Like it's proof I'm a boy.

Or because
he loves you.

He loves Henry.

He won't even walk down the street
with me. He's ashamed of who I am.

You're wrong.

I hated that truck.

I asked for one
present that year.

A Barbie.

He just screamed at me and said, "No
son of mine will ever play with dolls. "

He loves the boy he bought the truck for.
And the baseball cards in your closet.

He can't let
Henry go.

Henry's been
gone a long time.

It's like he loves a ghost.

It's not me.

Have you ever loved
someone who died?

My Grandma Stella.

How did you feel?

I cried for weeks.

I just couldn't
believe she was gone.

That's how your dad
feels about Henry.

What would you have done if
your son came home in a dress?

Would you still love him?

I would try to understand.

It would probably be very hard.
I'd make a lot of mistakes.

I'd never stop loving him.

It's okay.

Ms. Blaine says she attacked your
father to prevent him from killing you.

My father wasn't
trying to kill me.

Even though he wouldn't let
you transition or take hormones?

That doesn't change who I am. I'm
a girl. I've always been a girl.

Did you ever ask Ms. Blaine
to hurt your father?

Did you want her to?

I'm really mad at my dad.

Hailey, please
answer my question.

Did you want Ms. Blaine
to hurt your father?


I wouldn't want
anyone to hurt him.

Nothing further.

Are those bandages
on your arms?


Did you try to kill yourself? No.

I was just upset.

This isn't the first time
you've been upset, is it?

What do you mean?

Have you ever talked to Jackie
Blaine about wanting to kill yourself?

How many times?

I don't know. A couple.

Try eight times in
the last five months.

In fact, every time you felt upset
at school, you went to see Ms. Blaine.

She was my friend.

You'd spend hours in the office, crying,
telling her how miserable you were.

Yes. Did you ever
talk about your father?

I don't remember.

Well. Let me
refresh your memory.

According to
Ms. Blaine's notes,

every single time you talked to her,
you said you wished your father was dead.

Didn't you?


Do you think Jackie Blaine
cares about you?

I know she does.

And she wants
to help you.


Does your father care about
you? Does he want to help you?

I don't know.

So you told this woman
who cares for you deeply

that your father was an abusive
monster and you wanted him dead.

And now you've told us that you
wouldn't want anyone to hurt him.

Which is it, Hailey?

I don't know.

What was Hailey's biggest
issue with her father?

Hormone blockers.

She wanted desperately
to begin taking them.

But he wouldn't let her.

How did that make her feel? Devastated.

She said her life wasn't worth
living if she couldn't be a girl.

What if you woke up tomorrow morning
in a body of the opposite sex,

but nothing else
about you had changed?

Can you imagine
how trapped you'd feel?

Can you imagine how desperate you'd
be to get back into the right body?

That's how Hailey feels.

She's trapped in the wrong
body, and she has to get out.

That's when I knew.

Knew what?

That I had to save Hailey.

I couldn't let her father kill
the beautiful girl inside of her.

He might as well
have shot her in the heart.

Nothing further.

Your love for Hailey
is very touching.

Did you ever think you might be
getting a little too involved?

She needed me. She
didn't have anybody else.

She has her mother,
who has been very supportive.

Ellen's a good parent.

But I'm a professional. I'm
trained to deal with these issues.

I'm sure a lot of your
students have issues.

Do you get involved
in their lives

to the extraordinary extent
you got involved in Hailey's?

No, she's very special.

Do you counsel students
who have been raped?

Victims of incest?

How about drug addicts?

Bulimics? Anorexics?
Binge drinkers?

Yes, yes, yes.
But Hailey is different.

Clearly. You haven't tried to
kill the dad who rapes his daughter

or the mom
who beats her son.

I guess they're not special
enough to deserve your devotion.

You don't understand. You have
no idea what we go through.


Ms. Blaine, have you ever
been known by another name?

Objection. Relevance.

Answer the question,
Ms. Blaine.


What was your name?

Harold Franklin.


Your Honor, I need to
confer with my client.

No. I need to explain.

I always knew I was a girl. But
things were different back then.

There were no pills, no
counselors, no support groups.

You had to live as
a woman for three years

before a doctor would even
consider doing the surgery.

It was hard.
But I had no choice.

I was leaving a bar
and three men grabbed me.

They called me a freak.

They dragged me into a vacant
lot and they pulled up my skirt.

And one of them
took out a knife.

And he said, "If you want
to be a woman so badly,

"I'll make you one. "

And he cut me.

Ms. Greylek.
You have to stop this.

What do you mean? The trial.
Everything. Just stop it.

Mark, it's too late.
Well, I'm the victim.

I want to drop the charges.
You can't. It's not up to you.

None of this would have happened if I
would have just listened to my daughter.

When she said that taking those
pills was a matter of life and death,

I didn't believe her.

I was just thinking about myself
and how embarrassing it would be

when my friends found out
that Hailey was Henry.

Jackie Blaine tried to kill
you. She can't get away with it.

So that's it?

I'm sorry.

Oh, no, not you, too.

The guy's
got a point.

You want every person
who's ever been a victim

to have an automatic
"get out of jail free" card

when they go
looking for retribution?

You're new here, Kim.

What? You're going to give me
the "SVU is grey" speech?

Some cases have
no right answer.

So she walks? No. Offer
them a plea bargain.

I'm sure they'd take it.

I understand the defendant
wishes to change her plea?

Yes, Your Honor.
I'm guilty.

Then in accordance with the arrangement
reached with the District Attorney's Office,

I hereby sentence you
to eight years.


Hailey. I'm sorry.

My dad's letting me
take the blockers.

I'm glad.

I want to go home.