Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 10 - Coronavirus VI: Testing - full transcript

John points out the failure of The FDA and federal government when experts encourage widespread coronavirus testing for several months. The number of tests being done everyday far behind ...

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Hello there !
Welcome again to this white void,

which I've just realized,
I've never given you a proper tour of !

Let me quickly show you around.
This is the white. This is the void.

And this is where I keep
my generalized anxiety

about society's uncertain future
and my own unavoidable mortality.

It's hard to believe a space could
simultaneously feel so empty

and yet so crushingly full.

It's been another grim week,
with news of the global pandemic

broken up only by further developments
surrounding Tara Reade,

the former Senate aide who's accused
Joe Biden of sexual assault.

Now, he's denied that claim,

but there are clearly big questions
still to be answered here.

Tara Reade deserves to be heard,

the way that anyone does
when they make the difficult choice

to come forward
with allegations of this kind

allegations which should
be fully investigated.

And I am sure that we will talk
more about this as the story unfolds.

But for now, let's move on
to our main story tonight,

which yet again
concerns the coronavirus.

Very much
the Timothee Chalamet of viruses,

in that you barely
had time to learn its name

before, suddenly,
it was fucking everywhere.

It's been another tough week.
Everyone is desperate to get outside

perhaps no one more than Alex Jones,
who's gone from leading protests

against stay-at-home orders
at the Texas capitol, to this.

I'll admit it,
I will eat my neighbors.

I'm not letting my kids die.
My superpower is being honest.

I have extrapolated this out

and I won't have to for a few years
'cause I got food and stuff,

but I'm literally looking
at my neighbors now and going,

I'm ready to hang them up and gut
'em and skin 'em and chop 'em up.

I'm ready.
My daughters aren't starving to death.

I'll eat my neighbors.

See, my superpower is being honest.
I'll eat your ass.

There is a lot to unpack there.

there's the ass-eating promise.

But even before that, he's threatening
to feed his neighbors to his daughters

which is weird enough before
you consider he also has a son.

What about him, A.J. ?

Why doesn't he get to eat
any human flesh ?

And finally, Alex Jones is making plans
to desperately devour his neighbors

several years out
while also wearing an $8,000 watch.

I'd maybe at least consider selling that
or, I don't know-planting a garden,

before stooping to actual cannibalism.

But look,
things are clearly dire right now.

The coronavirus death toll
is currently over 60,000 in the U.S.

In three months, it's killed more
Americans than the Vietnam War.

Which is a truly grim milestone.

And that is what made it
so jarring to see Jared Kushner

and his resting
"Do you know who my father is ?" face

basically declare victory
over the virus on Wednesday.

The government rose to the challenge
and this is a great success story.

And I think that that's really
what needs to be told.

I think you'll see by June a lot of the
country should be back to normal

and the hope is, is that by July,
the country is really rocking again.

It'll be "really rocking again",
will it, Jared ?

It's incredible to see someone

with the skin of a newborn baby
birthed in a tub of Neutrogena

talk like a middle-aged dad desperately
trying to connect with his teenage son.

But before we can celebrate
Jared's "great success story"

and get back to our rockin' selves,

we badly need to work out how
we can reopen parts of society safely.

And experts say
that really means one thing.

Every public health official
says testing, testing, testing.

Testing, testing, testing.

Testing, testing, testing.

Testing, testing, testing, testing.

Testing, testing, testing !

Yeah, good point, Patrick.

SpongeBob shouldn't be taking joy
rides in his open-water convertible

while wearing a cowboy hat
and no mask

until we have adequate testing
in place.

Absorbent and yellow
and porous is he !

Two out of three of those
are extremely high-risk categories.

So, get back in your fucking
pineapple, SpongeBob.

But those experts are right.
In managing a pandemic,

there is almost nothing more important
than widespread, effective testing.

It is your only chance of tracking and
containing the spread from the start.

Unfortunately, tests have been
alarmingly scarce in this country

despite the fact the president
has repeatedly claimed

that that is not the case,
even declaring in early March that,

"Anyone who wants a test
can get a test."

But that wasn't true then
and it still isn't true now,

as you probably know from seeing
countless stories like this.

Dawn Clements in Largo, Florida,
has been sick since Friday.

Her daughter went through it
two weeks ago.

She has all the symptoms,
no flu, and can't get tested.

I'm immunosuppressed
with some health conditions,

and I live at an A.L.F.

And I don't know what virus I have.

I'm running a fever
and I have chest congestion.

And nobody can test us here.

That is terrible. A woman who is
symptomatic, immunosuppressed,

and living in an A.L.F.

sounds like exactly the kind of person
that you would want to have tested.

Now, A.L.F., incidentally,

refers to "assisted living facility"
and not the Eighties sitcom alien.

Although, if she were living in ALF,
she should probably still get tested

since I've heard rumors

that this whole thing started
when someone ate a bowl of ALF soup.

And she's frankly far from alone,
testing has only recently,

months into the spread of this virus,
become more widely available.

Our testing failure
has been called

"the original sin
of America's pandemic failure".

Because, had testing caught
the cases in this country early,

we could have managed
the virus through contact tracing

and targeted quarantines.

But that did not happen,
so the virus spread widely,

forcing us to use the blunt instrument
of making everyone stay at home.

A lack of testing goes to the heart
of how we got into this situation.

And the truth is, broad testing
is our only safe way out of it.

While experts disagree
on the exact number of tests

that we need to be doing
to safely reopen,

the lowest estimate
is 500,000 a day,

with others saying a good target
would actually be 35 million a day.

And at present, we've only been
performing around 200,000 a day.

So, we're not even hitting
the lowest target here.

Think of it like this: if our goal
were to eat an Italian dinner,

we're currently stuck in traffic
on our way to an Olive Garden.

We're not halfway to arriving at the
worst place that technically qualifies.

So, if our testing shortage
has caused this much damage,

this much disruption,
and is still not fully resolved,

we thought tonight might be a good
time to ask: what the fuck happened ?

And to do that, we're gonna be looking
at two major types of tests:

diagnostic tests, which tell you
if you have the virus right now

and antibody tests, which tell you
if you've previously had it.

And let's start
with diagnostic tests.

The most common form involve having
a giant swab shoved up your nose

and I don't think anyone's described
the experience better than this woman.

My God. They just pulled my brain
out through my nostril.

I can taste blood.

That woman took my soul
out of my head with that Q-tip.

She actually grabbed the back
of my head, like we were lovers,

but instead of kissing me,
she was impaling my brain.

That sounds pretty unpleasant.

Unless your brain is being pulled out
through your nostril by Adam Driver.

Pull my heart out through my ear,
you meaty oak tree.

Impale my brain,
you unacceptable monstrosity.

Diagnostic tests are key, especially
at the beginning of an outbreak.

But unfortunately, the U.S. committed
some critical errors early on.

Because in mid-January, shortly
after this virus was discovered,

the World Health Organization

a diagnostic testing protocol.

But, rather than follow it,
the CDC decided to develop its own,

more complicated test
which wasn't inherently a bad idea.

Unfortunately, though, they chose
to manufacture testing kits themselves.

And as those kits were shipped
around the country in early February,

it became clear that, due to chemical
contamination during manufacturing,

the tests didn't work properly.

And that was already bad.

But, what made it worse
was the CDC then took weeks

to come up with a workaround
that would make them usable.

And just losing days in a pandemic,
when a virus can spread exponentially,

is a huge problem.

Losing an entire month
is absolutely catastrophic.

And what's particularly frustrating here
is that some private sector labs

were willing to jump in
and develop their own tests.

But throughout February,
they were slowed down

by having to jump through
bureaucratic hoops like this.

One of the things is they needed
a document FedExed across the country

before they could look
at the document.

You couldn't electronically
transmit it ?

I could, but they couldn't
look at it until it was FedExed.

Then they changed that regulation.
From a couple days after February 4th

all the way to February 26th,
they didn't have a test.

They were completely blind, too.

- It had to be incredibly frustrating.
- It was frustrating. It was.

Yeah, I bet it was.
In fact, the FDA suggested to him

that he send a printed paper
hard copy of the submission,

and a CD or thumb drive
with an electronic copy.

And where would you even find
a blank CD ?

At a Walgreens 20 years ago ?

Or, does the FDA really expect everyone
to burn over "Road Jamz 2005" ?

Because no fucking way, FDA !
That's a classic mix right there !

It's got all the songs
from "American Idiot",

in the order that they appeared
on "American Idiot",

but better because they were
stolen off LimeWire.

And while that requirement
was quickly lifted,

it was just one of many logistical
and bureaucratic challenges

that slowed things down
at the worst possible time.

In fact, it wasn't
until the last day of February

that the FDA did something that private
labs have been begging them to do

and allowed those labs to develop
and use their own tests

without waiting for authorization.

But by that point,
a whole month had gone by

and, incredibly,
we'd only tested-in the whole country

472 people, in total.

That is it. Even as,
as we've since learned,

the virus was spreading undetected
in multiple major cities.

Now, by contrast,
on the exact same date, South Korea,

which has 1/6 our population,
had completed 55,000 tests.

Alex Azar, the Secretary
of Health and Human Services,

didn't seem too concerned
about that disparity,

because watch how he responded
when he was asked about it.

My question is why was South Korea
able to do this in a week

and it seems to be such a struggle
for the United States ?

It's not about ability,
it's about what they needed to do.

They had an explosive,
immediate outburst and cluster

becoming one of the world's
epicenters of the disease.

We are not that.

Yeah, we're not South Korea !

South Korea has tested a bunch
of people for coronavirus

and found a bunch of people
with coronavirus.

We've tested
almost no one for coronavirus

and found almost
no one with coronavirus.

To the best of our knowledge, the
situations could not be more different.

Although, again, the best of our
knowledge is essentially no knowledge.

For too long the U.S.
response seemed to be characterized

by an arrogant belief
that, for some reason,

coronavirus virus was never gonna
come to America

because, I guess,
it just wouldn't dare.

Unfortunately, we're living in the
consequences of those early failures.

Because by moving so slowly,
we now find ourselves

in the midst of serious global
shortages of testing components.

Just listen to the scientist
that you saw earlier

explain the lengths
that he's had to go to

in order to get what he needed
from the test manufacturer, Roche.

One of the hardest things to find:
the single-use plastic tips

that contain the chemicals
and the specimens.

This is what we're looking for.

We tweeted at Roche
and the world to get these things in,

like Delta had lost your bags
or something like that, right ?

Holy shit !

You should not have to tweet

at a company to get parts
for essential lab equipment.

Not only should there be
a better process for that

but, also,
that's just not what Twitter is for.

As we all know, Twitter
is for exactly three things:

Possum Every Hour, Chrissy Teigen,
and the official account for beef.

And if you don't follow that,
you absolutely should.

Because that's where you can
find tweets like "Nicely done, beef."

Which is beef tweeting
encouragement at beef

and a level of unconditional self-love
that more of us should aspire to.

And you can also find
their actual Mother's Day tweet,

"To the moms who wrangled
us, fed us and cared for us,

we wish you a hashtag
#HappyMothersDay !"

with a picture
of a mother cow and a baby cow

who will both presumably
one day become beef,

at which point, I'm pretty sure the
account will tweet, "Nicely done, beef."

And it's not just lab equipment, here.

Even the chemical reagents
needed to run the tests

or the swabs that impale people's brains
have to be specially manufactured,

something that the president
seemed absolutely fascinated by.

It's a swab.

It looks innocent.
Not very complicated.

Does it remind you of something ?
It reminds you of this, right ?

One's a swab, one's a Q-tip.
It's actually different.

It's very sophisticated, actually.

But it's a little bit like,
so this is the swab.

Yeah, that's the swab. Obviously.

And the back story to him
deciding to personally bring a Q-tip

to that briefing to proudly show
everyone is so painfully obvious.

Someone showed him the long swab
and he said, "Isn't that a Q-tip ?"

And they said, "No, they're different."
And he said, "But they look the same."

They said, "No, they don't."

He said, "But they're both tall, thin,
and white, like all my girlfriends."

They said, "Good one, Mr. President."
He said, "So, what's the problem ?"

They said, "They're not the same."

He said, "But they're both tall, thin,
and white, like all my girlfriends."

They said, "Good one again."
He said, "So, what gives ?"

They said, "Here's a Q-tip."
And he said, "That one is short,"

"thin, and white, like my girlfriends
when they were children."

They said: "Exactly."
He said: "I have to tell America."

And then he did.

But second,
and much more importantly,

for months, things like swabs
were very hard to find

and multiple governors expressed
distress that the federal government

was not stepping in to help
smooth out the supply chain.

There are shortages on swabs,
that we don't have anywhere in America.

Can't do the tests
without them.

We need assistance
from the federal government

when it comes
to swabs and reagents.

We've been fighting for testing.
It's not a straightforward test.

We don't even have enough
swabs, believe it or not.

To do the testing
you need testing equipment.

You need swabs, you need vials.
And you need all of these things

at a capacity
that does not now exist.

Yeah, it's pretty straightforward.

To do proper testing,
you need proper equipment.

It's why, generally, you prefer
a doctor with a thermometer

over one who just thinks he has
a real natural knack

for guessing
a person's temperature.

In response to those concerns,
Trump initially claimed

that the problems those governors
were experiencing simply didn't exist.

We're in great shape.
It's so easy to get.

Reagents and swabs
are so easy to get.

Mr. President, you said:
"Swabs are easy".

This has been something that hospitals
and the states have been saying

there are shortages
for more than a month now.

We have millions of 'em
coming in very soon.

Many already
have been ordered

and the governors don't know
quite where they are,

they'll be finding 'em
fairly soon.

They'll be finding them
fairly soon ?

These are crucial medical supplies
in the midst of a pandemic,

not a fucking scavenger hunt.

"The swabs are on me,
where imaginations run wild."

"Each level I have,
the pages are piled."

Where imaginations run wild
and the pages are piled...

A bookshelf ! The swabs for nationwide
diagnostic testing are on a bookshelf !

I did it ! Wait !
Why is this a fucking game ?

Trump did eventually invoke
the Defense Production Act

to ramp up manufacturing of swabs,
but he did it late.

Again, timing
is absolutely everything here.

From the start,
the story of diagnostic testing

is of us making mistakes and
wasting valuable time in fixing them,

meaning tests were heavily rationed
and often only given to people

who met extremely narrow criteria.

Which makes it especially frustrating
that, in his victory lap this week,

Jared Kushner said this.

Somebody asked me
why it took so long.

I said: "You should look at how
did we do this so quickly."

And what's happened
is truly extraordinary.

No, it fucking isn't, Jared.
Taking months to do

what other countries did in weeks
is not extraordinary.

The only thing
that's extraordinary here

is that the most punchable face
in America somehow looks

like it's never been touched
by human hands.

Does it just absorb fists
like a bowl of heavy cream ?

What's your secret,
you translucent sociopath ?

The failures in diagnostic testing
have led us to our current situation,

where we still don't know
how many people in this country

have or have had the coronavirus.

You may have even
found yourself wondering:

"Did I have it earlier this year ?
I had that cough."

"I did feel a bit sick.
Was that it ?"

That brings us to antibody tests,
which detect whether your body

produced the antibodies
that fight the coronavirus.

Finding out if people have those
is helpful for public health officials,

as it gives them a better sense
of where the virus has traveled

and how many people
have recovered.

On an individual level,

you have to be very careful
when talking about antibodies.

Because too often,
the shorthand is:

"If you have them,
you're immune."

Here is Governor Cuomo
doing exactly that.

That would mean
that you're no longer contagious

and you can't catch the virus

because you have the antibodies
in your system.

Which means
you can get to work,

you can go back to school,
you can do whatever you want.

I can do whatever I want ?
That sounds great, governor !

I, for one, would absolutely love
the opportunity

to have my current panic attacks

Sometimes you want the walls
to close in on you only figuratively

and that's okay.

It would obviously be great

if the presence of antibodies meant
that you were immune from reinfection.

There is a good chance
that it does mean that,

but we don't know that yet.

Because Covid-19 is still so new,
we're still not sure exactly

what antibody levels might be needed
to make you hypothetically immune,

how strong that immunity would be
or how long it might even last.

And to his credit, Anthony Fauci
is constantly trying to point this out.

We do not know exactly
what an antibody titer means.

There's an assumption,
a reasonable assumption,

that when you have an antibody, that
you are protected against reinfection.

But that has not been proven
for this particular virus.

Yeah. And just because
something is probably true

doesn't mean you can automatically
assume that it is.

Did Nintendo create
and release Covid-19 as part of a plan

to boost sales of Animal Crossing
to a newly-captive audience ?

We don't know for sure, do we ?
We all basically agree,

but we can't say it
with any certainty... yet.

Antibody tests could actually
mean significantly less right now

than people
understandably want them to.

And that is assuming
that they're even accurate,

which is not necessarily the case.

Because while the FDA clearly

slowed things down far too much
when it came to diagnostic tests,

they overcorrected hard
when it came to antibody tests,

giving a green light to make tests
with essentially no oversight.

As a result, there are now
over 150 of them on the market,

none of which
are FDA approved.

Only 10 are even FDA "authorized",

which means little more than
that some forms have been submitted.

Researchers who've looked
at tests have found that,

while a few are reliable,
many, many more just are not.

We have the Wild Wild West
for testing right now.

The FDA has all but given up

its oversight responsibility
for the tests we have on the market.

Many of 'em are nothing short
of a disaster.

If you were to test for antibody
in most places in the United States,

over half the tests
would be false positives.

Think about what he just said there.
Many of the tests are garbage

and over half of the positive
test results would be wrong.

At that point,
why not just have people go

to a "Guess Your Coronavirus
Antibody Level" booth ?

Just five bucks and Jim,
here, will guess yours.

If he's wrong, and there's
basically no way of knowing if he is,

then you get a stuffed giraffe !

Here we are,
months into this crisis,

still badly in need of more testing,
both diagnostic and antibody,

and yet, without any clear, coordinated
strategy for how to best achieve that.

Not only has the president repeatedly
lied about the availability of tests,

he's still fucking doing it.

He's saying that our testing capacity
is sufficient to reopen the country.

Which, remember,
according to experts, it isn't.

We're doing around 200 000 tests a day
when we likely need millions.

And yet, on Tuesday, the president
insisted that we're just about there.

Some health experts say

the U.S. needs five million tests per
day by June in order to safely reopen.

You unveiled a plan yesterday
that will increase testing,

but not by that much.

Why not ? And can
you get to that benchmark ?

It will increase it by much more
than that in the very near future.

You say you're confident you can
surpass five million tests per day ?

We're gonna be there very soon.

If you look at the numbers, it could
be that we're getting very close.

But the thing is, we're not very close.
In fact, we're not close at all.

And that is a lie that
he's gonna get instantly caught on.

It's like someone claiming that
they have a 10-inch penis

immediately before
taking off their underwear.

That's an undeniably impressive claim.
But if you're lying,

I'm gonna be very disappointed and
angry you thought I wouldn't notice.

And sure enough,
that very day,

Trump's assistant
secretary of health told reporters:

"There is absolutely no way on Earth,
on this planet or any other planet,"

"that we can do 20 million tests
a day, or even 5 million tests a day."

Some confusion is inevitable

when a new disease starts
spreading its way around the world.

It's not like rolling out
testing on this kind of a scale

was ever gonna be easy,
but again and again,

the people in charge failed to prepare
for the worst-case scenario

and have been slow
in fixing mistakes.

All of which means, in May,

we are still playing catch-up
in the middle of a pandemic,

which in turn, means thousands
upon thousands of people

dying preventable deaths.

If this is a "great success story"
for anyone,

it's for the fucking coronavirus.

We need to scale up tests
massively and right away.

If we want to return to the world
that we're used to, one with sports,

restaurants, hugs, and
turning down party invitations

because it's raining
and not because you might die,

testing is how we get there.

And that is a message

that should really unite
everyone in this country.

From the people at home, worried
about the potential loss of life,

to the people out protesting
social distancing

because they think
it's too high a price to pay,

to Alex Jones preparing
to barbecue his neighbors.

We could all stand to listen
to the advice of one of our bravest,

brightest stars.

Testing !

That guy was really ahead
of his time. And now, this.

Even During a Pandemic, Florida
Just Can't Help But Be Florida.

A judge in Florida published a letter
expressing his frustrations

with recent attorney appearances,
including a shirtless male lawyer

and a female showing up to virtual
court from under her covers in bed.

Only in Florida, protective
masks made from python skin.

Only in Florida do you see
a manatee and an alligator

swimming together during quarantine.

The public service announcement
one Florida county is putting out.

The state of Florida declared that
the WWE was an essential business.

Only in Florida would a man
pretend to have coronavirus

to try and get out of an arrest.

Why does this
always happen in Florida ?

I know, right ? Always Florida.
Florida man...

A Florida man showing up to court...
A lawyer ! Put your shirt on !

Come on, Florida. Put your shirt on.

Moving on.
Before we go tonight,

I just wanted to say
a quick word about pets.

As you may remember, a couple
of weeks ago we discussed the fact

that Wendy Williams has cats
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I mentioned that I actually
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I'll show you. Gibson !
Smooches ! Henry ! Monk !

Daisy ! Salt ! Pepper !
Salt-n-Pepa !

Anastasia ! Butternut !
Gambit ! Bilbo ! JCPenney !

David Meowie !
Gazpacho ! Scratchy Boy !

Will ! Grace ! Franklin !
Bash ! Rizolli !

Isles ! Halt !
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Tumbles ! Ayatollah Cat-Meini !
Frank !

See ? Nothing.
We love animals on this show

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Look at one that was
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Take an intimate boat trip
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I just hope Tony washed his hands
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And if you are worried that
you might be running out of content

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I'm not sure
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that that cat is so fixated on me
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on an actual television and
not, like everyone else,

on YouTube
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That cat is not an outlier,
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Here is a cat pawing at my face

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Here's another
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Here's another cat starting
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let's be honest,

no human
has ever been able to muster.

And then, there is this.

It was an example of the warning
system working well.

Because while, yes,
AccuWeather did inform their...

I don't know why cats
are so obsessed with me.

I don't know if it's my furtive,
prey-like movements

or the fact that my general demeanor
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Whatever the reason,

cats seem to be picking up
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If you're thinking: "Hold on John.
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"What about
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We actually looked into videos
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Who would have thought that
aside from thunder and fireworks,

the things that dogs
hate to hear most

are 20-minute-long deep dives
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And you know what ?
As usual, dogs aren't wrong.

Still, that started us wondering
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So, without further ado,

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as this goldfish will tell you.

I think I speak for everyone
watching this show when I say:

"How the fuck is that goldfish
not in my mouth right now ?"

But the big problem with boxes is,
they're not always available.

But that is where
paper bags come into the picture.

Paper bags are obviously great,
you can sit in them for hours.

But are they better than boxes ?

I'd argue no, because a box
is simply more durable.

Although, not as durable
as my love for Cat Adam Driver.

Scratch my sofa,
you purring mountain.

Eat my toilet paper,
you fuzzy landslide.

Usually we like
to try and end our show

with some sort of produced video
starring a celebrity.

We would love to do that
for you tonight, cats.

But sadly, due to this pandemic,
we can't shoot anything new.

But, we actually realized
that a few years back,

we produced a doomsday video
that required Martin Sheen to deliver

a heartfelt reading of the word
"cats" in front of a green screen.

And like any good actor, he gave
us a lot of excellent options.

So cats, we've put together
a little salute to you.

Please enjoy.











That's our show, thanks
so much for watching, cats !

See you next week, goodnight !
Here you go, cats.

Get it, cats ! Have a listen
to this ! Do you like this, cats ?

Do you like rabbits ?
Do you like this ?

Do you like a little parrot, cats ?
Can you get it ?

Can you get it ?
Can you get this little thing ?

Can you get this, cats ?