Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Sacrifice at the Edge of Time - full transcript

The kids are desperate to get back and help their fellow Panda Villagers, and Po decides he must figure out a way to defeat Jindiao before he controls the world.

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1x12 - Sacrifice at the Edge of Time



How far did we fall?
Where the heck are we?

I mean, how did we... Oh!

Oh, man!

It appears history has repeated itself.

Once again the Four Constellations
have failed to defeat me.

On the bright side

they'll make wonderful porch ornaments.


My babies!
What happened to my...

The Wellspring is open.
In my control.

Bow to your new God!


Jade Tusk!

Time to introduce myself
to the world.

Not so fast.
Oh, my!

Po? What do we do?

You have your chi back...
Use it!

Oh, no!

You're telling us
you knew fighting Jindiao

could turn us to stone and kill us?

Why didn't you say anything?

Would it have stopped you?

- No.
- It might have stopped me!

We can't get back home? I
didn't make my bed this morning!

The energy you used from the Wellspring

to defeat Jindiao comes with a cost.

Mm. Pretty sure we
mentioned that, didn't we?


What you did
was incredibly brave, but...

We failed. Yeah. We get it.

But our families need us.
Heck, the world needs us!

- You will have your chance.
- Great!

- In a thousand years.
- Huh?

You four have made
an enormous sacrifice.

I am sorry.

At least it's a nice beach.

I hope they have
sunscreen, though,

so my fur doesn't get too crispy.

Don't get comfortable,
we aren't staying.

We can't stay here.
Jindiao is headed for the village.

I promised their parents
they'd be safe.

You were supposed to protect them!

I know. It wasn't supposed
to happen this way.

Leave Po alone.
He's a good boy.

Li is right!
Our son is a hero!

You better slow your roll, Grandma,

or cart here is liable
to get crazy on your heinie.

If that grease wagon touches my
heinie, I'm gonna kick that...

That explosion
came from the village.

Son, you're the Dragon Master.
Can't you to stop him?

I don't have my hero chi anymore,

which makes me just another super
handsome Kung Fu fighting panda.

I've got the same chi-boost
from the Wellspring as you guys.

But Jindiao...

he's a god now.

Hmm. A week ago we
were just regular pandas

with no idea of our past
and how special we are.

I knew.

Now we know we have a purpose.

To watch over the Wellspring,

the most powerful force
for good in the universe.

Those four children sacrificed for us.

We can't give up.
But we need a leader.

Are you sure you want me? I mean
after what happened to the kids...

We all have our purpose, Po.
Yours is it to lead your people.


Then I guess I accept.

We still need to scale the mountain to
the village without Jindiao noticing.

Which means the elevator is out.

I just might be able
to help you with that.

Egg sack!

Okay, this is totally disgusting.

Why don't your
pretend it's an acting exercise?

You could be a fly,
waiting to be eaten.

Ooh, I like that.
Okay, what is my motivation?

To die.
As quickly as possible.

Zhizhu. I need you
to take this someplace safe.

I'm on it.

Stay down and out of sight. If
we can catch them by surprise.

We have a chance.

I have a really good feeling
about this, you guys.

I will never trust my feelings again.

Okay, this is gonna be
a little tougher than I thought.

But we can do this!

If everybody just sticks on
my panda butt and follows me.

But not too close to my butt.

Because that would be weird.

Please remember to rake
that X when you're done.

We like to keep a tidy beach.

Did you guys hear
something helpful?

No, I didn't think so.

We are digging
our way out of here.

- Dig! Dig! Dig!
- I know this will work!

Any second now.
Three, two...


Glad we could entertain you.

right now back home

our families are probably
losing their lives.

As we said,
in a thousand years...

In a thousand years everything
we love will be gone!

Blue Dragon, you were
the Constellations leader.

You should understand.
This is on me.

My friends trusted me.

My village trusted me.


don't let me fail them.

It is not up to me, or any of us.

The Spirit Realm
is a place of great power.

It would take an even greater
power to find a way out.

This is your home now.

In time
you will come to accept that.



Ooh! Diversion, diversion!

Twirl, twirl!
Little red ribbons! Loop along!

And now I'm dancing
and twirling around!

And you're all falling
and I am done!

You don't think
you can actually win this fight?

Well, uh, yeah?
I mean, kind of?

I mean, I was...
I was hoping to.

Good. It's always more
satisfying when they fight back.

Satisfied yet?

Coming in hot!

Dragon Master I'm so sorry.
I was worried you... expired.

- Why the long face?
- Well, uh... we're losing, buddy.

Those kids are going to end up
sacrificing for nothing.

I'd give anything if I could
just switch places with them.

Well, that's gonna be hard
with them in the Spirit Realm.

Ooh, I got something brewing!
It's either an idea or gas.

I'm gonna run with it!

You need to get me on Jindiao's back!

Ooh, your enthusiasm just
made me shiver.

If I get too dizzy, I may
regurgitate up some Water Deer on you.

Good to know.

Oh, yeah, I'm tasting dumplings.

When I say cut the line,
cut the line.

Cut the line!

- Is that Po?
- Ooh, what is he doing?

You're his father, do something!

Well. You're his father too.
And you've got wings!

Look at your village, Po.
Look at it burn.

How does it feel knowing
you couldn't save it?

Think you're getting a little
ahead of yourself there, Jin-dork.

What are you doing?

A little move I like to call...


I blame you.

Get off me, you porcine oaf!

Where am I? Huh?

You didn't.
Not the Spirit Realm!

Oh, yeah!
Don't want to rub it in

but check and mate!

- You've been played!
- Tubby Bear?

Hey, buddy!
So glad you're still here.

I finally got your tasty pic
on the wall.

Air high-five.

You left me!

You said you were my best
friend and you left me!

True, but I came back.

And I brought you a present.

It's Jindiao.
The guy we both love to hate.

Jindiao not dragon.
Jindiao bird!

Okay, well he was a bird,
but now...

I've never seen this demon
before in my life.

What? Liar!

Oh, that's not cool.

Tubby Bear not fool Yaoguai again.

Ow! That hurt!

No, no, no, wait!
You don't understand!

I didn't leave you on purpose.
It wasn't my fault!

Well, Po, I see you're busy.
Enjoy your dumplings.

Oh, geez.

Why are we building a raft?

I am not spending eternity on this tiny
beach with a bunch of geriatric heroes.

In their defense, they have
kept themselves in good shape.

- Beautiful, aren't they?
- What are they? Fish?

No. They are spirits
like you and I.

This is simply the form they
have chosen to live in here.

Must be nice to have a choice.
Wish my village had one.

Instead, they're going to pay
with their lives because you gave

your super chi to four kids who
had no business being heroes.

The fight is not over.

Yeah, I know,
in a thousand years...

That's weird.
That sounded like... Huh?

Incoming panda!
Make a hole!

Where am I?

Blue Dragon! Am I glad to
see you. Have you seen...

- Master Po?
- Nu Hai!

The others, are they with you?

Yeah, bubba.
We're right here.

You're all okay!

I need to deal with this.
Don't go anywhere.

Really great to see you guys.

I know that guy.
I cut off his hand.

He's here for revenge!

I don't think he's here for us.

Okay, Mr. Fussy Demon, I get it,

I bailed and your feelings are hurt...

Really hurt.

- Ow!
- Master Po, how did you get here?

- I ska-dooshed myself.
- Ew!

It's a Kung Fu move, Fan Tong.

- Why would you do that Master Po?
- To trap Jindiao in the Spirit...

Jindiao is here?

He's running around the Spirit
Realm trying to find a way home,

thanks to Tall and Toothy here.

I am very sensitive about
my appearance, Tubby Bear.

Because of this I will
no longer go easy on you.

Jindiao can't be allowed
to escape back into our world.

We haven't fought an enemy
in over a thousand...

A thousand years? Yeah, we
heard you the first twenty times.

Master Po needs our help.
We will deal with Jindiao after that.

Why are we still standing here?

That demon is so gonna
remember I cut his hand off.

In the infernal pits of my youth
friendship lasts forever.

I had dreams of our spawn shedding
scales in the same fertile sump hole.

Dude, all we did
was eat dumplings together.

We didn't even
exchange contact info!

Hey, ugly!

I know you.

Great. So what happens next
shouldn't be a surprise.

Guys, don't worry, I got this.


Guess he finally got a good
whiff of my skills and took off.

You kids okay?

- How do we stop Jindiao?
- Glad you asked!

No idea.

Hey! Uh, Former Dragon Master
Po, good to meet you four.

Big fan. So, uh... Thoughts?

Could Jindiao find a way out?

It has never been done before,

but with the power Jindiao
now wields, yes.

- It's possible.
- Where would he go?

The Spirit Realm is defined
by those within it.

There are no true boarders.
He could be anywhere.

So we start looking and we don't
stop until he's eating fist.

That could take forever.
And without our hero chi...

Do you forget
where you are, Master Po?

- Bunni?
- This is the Spirit Realm.

It does not follow
the rules of your world.

No matter what Jindiao has done,

here in the Spirit Realm you
are still the true Dragon Master.

I'm sorry about what happened.

No need to be sorry.
We all have our own path, Po.

Besides, I used to live in a cave.

Now look at this place!
I'm ballin'!

Yesterday I ate
something called pizza.

I know you've already done
so much,

but I could really use
your help one last time.

How do we find Jindiao?

You forgot
the simplest rule of all, Po.

Nothing can change
who you are inside.


Nothing can change
who I am inside...



Here comes a dragon!


- Amazing!
- Sweet!

But I still don't know
how to find Jindiao.

He has your chi, Po.

Just follow its path.

Let's go! Scabooyah!

No! Master Po, please!
Take us with you!

Why are you just sitting there?
You have to help him!

It is not our place, or our time.

Are you saying
what I think you're saying?

What are you talking about?

The Universe has chosen you.
It is your time.

You are the ones
that must defeat Jindiao.

We don't have any flippin' chi anymore!

Yeah, Jindiao took it, remember?

Then we will give you ours
to fight him.

But know this.

If you are defeated here
in the Spirit Realm,

your journey ends.

There is nothing beyond
this realm but darkness.

We already died once.

- How much more could twice hurt?
- A lot?

It's a legitimate question.

This is your wish, to make this
sacrifice, no matter what the cost?

If the roles were reversed,
you four would do the same.

I believe we made the right choice
when we chose you children.

Although, I dare say,
you aren't children anymore.

Perhaps we will meet again.
I hope it is not soon.


Did the Constellations just...

They made their sacrifice.

Now it's up to us.