Katy Keene (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Chapter Five: Song for a Winter's Night - full transcript

With Katy trying to get into fashion school, she knows she needs a recommendation letter, so she turns to Gloria who puts her to the test in making her the ultimate dress in exchange, ...

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The thing with being single in New York

when it's ten degrees
below zero outside?

It forces you to stay indoors
and focus on yourself.

For me, that was perfecting my
portfolio for Parsons fashion school.

With the application deadline looming,

it was time to pick my three most
heart-stopping outfits to submit.

Something's not working.

Wait, I've got it.

It had been my mom's dying
wish that I study fashion.

But, just like the
old box of her things,

I'd stuffed that dream
to the back of my closet.

Life got in the way.

Now, with the help of my friends,

I was finally getting back on track.


With these three designs,

Parsons would be insane
not to let you in.

Thanks, Josie. But even if I get in,

The only way I can afford to go,
is if I get a full scholarship.

The last recipient got a
handwritten letter from Tom Ford.

I don't know Tom Ford.

Pepper's friends with Patricia Field.

I wouldn't say we're friends.
More acquaintances, really.

Well, you could ask her to write
Katy a letter. I mean, why not?

Because Katy spends every
day with the Gloria Grandbilt.

She's the gatekeeper of the fashion biz.

Plus, you know, a letter from
someone you actually work with

is more meaningful and personal, no?

You're right. She's my best shot.

That didn't sound good.

The city of New York

is on standby for the
next twenty-four hours,

an incoming polar vortex
threatens to shutter transport,

close roads and businesses.

No, not again. I haven't recovered
from the last polar vortex.

You Americans are so dramatic.

Do you know what we call
a polar vortex in England?


Well, I think it's a
good excuse to stay in,

huddle under the covers and watch
The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


Oh, Josie, that reminds me,

you still owe me for the cable bill.

Okay, so, I've been working
double shifts at Plunkin's

and Chubby's and I
can barely afford rent.

Plus, I've literally never
turned the TV on once, so,

do I have to chip in?

That was very Marci of you.

- Who's Marci?
- No, never mind.

You guys, Gloria is surrounded by
couture every second of her life.

How am I supposed to show her these?

Katy, I have been to Lacy's,
these outfits would fit right in.

You got this.

Thank you for considering
writing me a letter, Gloria,

it means everything to me.

Tell me, Katy, what do these
three looks have in common?

That... I made them?

- And...
- And...

That's about all. There's no cohesion.

You're all over the map. Who's
your client, a drag queen?

Chloe Sevigny? A heart-obsessed toddler?

- I...
- I want to see vision, focus,

how you design with one client in mind.

Lucky for you,

I'm attending the Young Fellows
Ball and have nothing to wear.

Make me something, Katy. If I
like it, I'll write your letter.

Um, Gloria, the ball is tomorrow night.

That's right. You have a
little over twenty-four hours,

plenty of time for a young
go-getter like yourself.

Okay, I will need some
measurements then.


If anyone sees this you'll be burned

along with last season's
unsold collections.

- Let's see what you whip up.
- I am being set up to fail.

Gloria is just putting me
through her usual paces

so she can shoot me down again,

just like she did with that
personal shopper position.

How many dresses have you
made in your short lifetime?

- Hundreds. More.
- See, how is this one any different?

Don't let Gloria get into
your head. Trust yourself.

Do you think it's going
to be as cold as they say?

Worse. Every time the
temperature drops, I get a tingle.

- Hm.
- I'll finish bundling up the mannequins,

you go home and start sketching.

- Thank you.
- Get out of here.

Excuse me, can I help you?

No, thank you.

I know there were space
heaters down here somewhere.

Oh, wow, Chubby. What is all this?

It used to be a recording studio.

No one's sung a tune in
here since Patti Smith.

Patti Smith recorded here?

Oh, sure. Lot of cats did.

We had a little indie
label back in the day.

Even pressed our own records.

So, did you decide what to do
with your own big-time record deal?

It's not a record deal, it's just an EP.

Enough money to record four songs.

I, uh, haven't cashed the check yet.

I haven't even told Alex
or my friends about it.

This is a big deal, why do you
want to keep it all to yourself?

Because I don't know
how to feel about it yet.

Mr. Cabot basically
wants me to date his son.

It's not about my music or
my talent, I'm being used.

And as for my friends,
I kinda just met them

and I don't want them to judge me.

I don't know that anyone

ever made it in showbiz
without paying a price.


Look, I know I'm the last person
you want to see right now, but...


- It's from an anonymous source.
- And you think it's me?

My Dad does. Makes sense given

you're the only new person who
recently learned the truth.

I did not leak this story.

I believe you, but we
need to prove who did

because you signed that NDA
and my dad is on a warpath.

Do you have any idea who it could be?


Oh my God it is so freaking
cold I can't feel my feet

or my hands or my face.

Woo. Wait, I thought you
were hosting drag bingo?

Cancelled, the weather.

- Are you okay?
- No.

I left the house today as Ginger
and I had a cross with my Mom.

- Did she say anything?
- I ran out before she could.

Okay, well maybe she
didn't realize it was you?

I don't know Katy, I mean
nothing gets past her.

I wouldn't usually risk leaving
as Ginger in broad daylight

but the brunch venue
doesn't have a dressing room.

Anyway, how'd it go with Gloria?

She agreed to write me
a recommendation letter,

if I make her a dress within
twenty-four hours that she approves of.

Which means, I'm sorry,

but I'm going to have to put
making your Aida dress on hold.

No! I need it for my act
at Molly's tomorrow night.

You have so many acts. And
I'm already up against it.

I tried to go to Mood Fabrics

but they were closed
because of the vortex.

So I'm going to have to use
whatever I have in the apartment.

And, I don't even know what
I'm going to make her yet!

Oh, wait. She did do
that interview last year,

83 Queries with Gloria Grandbilt.

I'll watch that, see
if it inspires anything.

You know who's an inspiration?

- Who?
- Aida.

They let you go early too?

Yeah, it's brick outside.

Do you remember that NDA I signed?

Yeah, the Cabots think
that I leaked the story.

They could sue me for
literally millions of dollars.

- Oh, I didn't say a word.
- I didn't say anything, I swear.

You guys, I know that,
it's obvious who it was.

A certain it girl columnist
at the Daily Hail

named after a common kitchen spice.


I don't...

- Let's just...
- You heard me say, don't say anything.

Oh God. It's bloody carnage out there.

Everything is shut down,
subways, buses, my foot rub place.

Just could not bear to spend
the night without my girls.

Let's all get in bed and
cuddle for warmth, shall we?

They're saying it's going down to -19,

the coldest it's been in 20 years.

Not as cold as the death
stares I'm getting, what?

- Did I say something wrong?
- Yeah, you did.

Okay, as much as I
would love to mediate,

I have a very important dress
to make, so I'll see you later.

We need to talk.

Hi Gloria, so can you
tell us where we are right now?

Of course, we're on the ground floor

of the greatest place on
earth, Lacy's on Fifth.

Who's your style icon?

You don't need to have a
style icon when you are one.

What's the ultimate fashion faux pas?

Jeans, of course. They should
only be allowed in flyover states.

What did you have for
breakfast this morning?

Help a girl out Gloria, is
there anything you actually like?

Josie, I did not leak
the kissing Cabots story.

I only told three people that
Xandra and Alex used to date

and Jorge and Katy aren't on
the Daily Hail's payroll.

I seem to recall you were
done with the Cabots anyway,

why do you care what the Daily
Hail has to say about them?

Because I signed an
NDA. They could sue me.

Okay guys, stop, okay?

Pepper is the most fiercely
loyal person that I know.

And Pepper, Josie is
just getting to know you,

so can you really blame her for
assuming that you leaked the story?

I'm sorry, ladies, the situation
in the kitchen is bleak.

All we have is ketchup,
saltines, one packet of ramen,

a box of raisins and a bottle of cab.

Well, can't we just raid the bodega?

No, I tried, but all of
Washington Heights got there first.

Did you see my mom? Did
she ask you anything?

She's calling right now.

She totally knows about Ginger,
she recognized me, I know she did.

Pep, can you do some recon?

Can you just go down to the
bodega and see what she knows,

just, maybe ask her if she
made empanadas or something?

On it.

Okay, okay Jorge. Let's say she
did see you, what happens then?

I don't know. World War Three?

Josie, when I told my parents I
was gay they froze me out, I mean...

we didn't talk for months.

I'm still healing from that, so if
I tell them I'm doing drag now...

it could break us again.

Katy, if you and your
mom didn't take me in,

I don't know where I'd
be right now, honestly.

Are you kidding me?

It was the best year of my life.

We used to stay up all
night singing show tunes.

Katy, there is something you could
do to help me get out of my funk.


If you could find the
time to hem my Aida gown...

Jorge, I love you, I
do, but like I said,

the only outfit I can focus on right now

is the one I'm designing for Gloria.

- So you gotta get in line.
- Boo.

- Do you feel that? It's hot in here.
- Yeah.

Did one of you bitches
turn up the thermostat?

What is your definition
of the perfect outfit?

Easy, anything with a little flair.

Yes, that's it.

I'm going to make Gloria the
perfect fit and flair dress,

cinch her waist,
emphasize her shoulders,

I'm going to be sketching
in the bath, no one bug me!

Katy, did you change the temperature?

I changed the dial to
the perfect temperature

so the pipes wouldn't freeze

and one of ya'll cranked
it up and now it's broken.

Is this what menopause feels like?

Well, good news,

your mother doesn't seem to
know anything about Ginger.

And even better news:
homemade empanadas.


It's like a sauna in here.

- I know, why don't we go to Pepper's hotel room?
- Ooh.

- We could order room service and cocktails.
- I'll pack a bag.

Yeah, not so fast, doll.
As much as I would love

to melt into my
terrycloth robe right now,

I don't think we're going to get
there in this weather, are we?

Mm, why did you leave the fanciest hotel

on the coldest night of the year?

You know, I lent my room to Mabel.

Yeah, she's the pigeon lady
that lives in Central Park.

I bring her a sandwich every morning.

She couldn't get into a
shelter. Nowhere to go.

Pep, that's so generous!

Well, well, poor thing
doesn't have the luxury

of friends like we do, does she?

Maybe she called them
all liars and lost them.

Katy, I went ahead and
pinned the hem of my dress,

now all you have to do is sew it.

I'll be your best friend!

I can do this myself. It's easy.

No, no, no!

What's wrong?

I think I just broke
Katy's sewing machine.

You did what?

Jorge! Oh my God.

Eat my yogurt, use my shampoo,

borrow my clothes, I don't care.
But what is my one rule?

Never touch your sewing machine.

Katy, I'm sorry, I really am, but
it's not the end of the world, right?

I mean, it's just a sewing machine.

Just a sewing machine?

Jorge, you know more than anyone what...

Look, I have 24 hours to
make something for Gloria,

this scholarship, my future,

everything depends on this

and all I asked was that you
leave me alone to do that.

Get out! All of you, please!


Katy's quite scary when she's crass.

I can fix this. Alexa, what's
the weather this afternoon?

In New York City this afternoon
it will be 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

I've got my tips from
Molly's Crisis last month,

there's a shop ten blocks away

- I'll just buy her a new one.
- You'll catch your death out there.

I'd rather that than Katy be mad at me.

But if I don't make it back,
deliver my ashes to Chita Rivera.

What if you run into your mom?

Good call. I go out the back.

I'll check on Katy.

No, no, no. I should go. No offense,
it's a matter of history, is all.

How are we doing, love?

It is the selfishness, Pepper.

I am always there for Jorge.

I can't even count how many
dresses I've made for him,

and the one time I try to
do something for myself...

If I don't finish this design in time,

my dream, my mom's dream,
this could all go away.

That won't happen, I promise.

Pepper, I know that
you're just trying to help,

but the only thing that's going
to make me feel better right now

is finishing this dress,

- which I now have to sew by hand.
- Okay.

And even if my machine wasn't broken,

I still cannot find the right...


Not the idea to dress...

- Fabric.
- No, no, no.

- This is actually perfect.
- Katy.

Darling, are you sure
you're in your right mind,

I can see the whites around your eyes.

I have made Jorge dozens
of dresses with fabric

I bought with money that I earned

and this is nothing compared
to what he did to my machine.

Okay, for the record, I have no
part in this, I can't even watch.

No, no, no, you just wait and see.

This will be the best dress
that Gloria has ever worn.

And then I will hand sew
Jorge a new Aida dress

that will make Cleopatra
roll in her tomb.

On to our next question,

what do you think is the most
overrated attire for a woman?

A fit and flare dress. Yawn.

What's your favorite...

Palace Hotel, how can I help you?

Hi, this is Pepper Smith calling.

Um, my spray tan has wrecked
havoc on all of my towels.

Would you be a dear and send
up a few extra to my room?

- Pepper Smith, is this a joke?
- I beg your pardon?

Ms. Smith, not only are you not a
welcomed guest at the Palace Hotel,

you also have an outstanding bill,

one that the police
have been made aware of.

Oh, you're having the ramen then.

- Pepper.
- Yeah?

If you're not staying at the
Palace Hotel, where are you living?

Excuse me?

I just called them. And they said

not only are you not a guest,
but that you owe them money.

How deranged are you,

checking on up on me like I'm
under your conservatorship?

Are you that desperate
to feel important?

No. It's just that if you're lying
about where you're living then

maybe you're also
lying about the article.

I won't tell anyone, I just
want to know what is going on.

- Oh my God, come.
- Jorge, are you okay?

Sit, sit, sit.

The shop was closed. I
couldn't get the sewing machine.

Katy's never going to talk to me again.

- Yes, she will.
- No, Pep.

I've never seen her like this before.

I feel terrible.

There's nothing I can
do to make it up to her.

We're not 16 anymore, I can't just
sing "Aida" and make it better.

* In life one has to
face a huge assortment *

* Of nauseating fads and good advice *

* There's health and fitness,
diet and deportment *

* And other pointless
forms of sacrifice *

* Conversation? Wit? I am a doubter *

* Manners? Charm? They're
no way to impress *

* So forget the inner
me, observe the outer *

* I am what I wear and how I dress *

Seriously, I'm not in the mood.

I know, I told them it was a bad idea.

But Jorge's very sorry, and maybe
it will spark some inspiration.

* Oh now I believe in looking *

* Like my time on earth is cooking *

* With a polka-dotted,
striped or even checked *

* With some glamour guaranteeing *

* Every fiber of my being *

* Is displayed to quite
remarkable effect *

* From your cradle via trousseau *

* To your death bed you're on view so *

* Never compromise
accept no substitute *

* I would rather wear a barrel
than conservative apparel *

* For dress has always
been my strongest suit *

* Overwear, underwear,
anytime, anywhere *

* Overwear, underwear,
anytime, anywhere *

* I would not wear

* I said anytime anywhere *

* So bring me all my finest,
most audacious, my divinest *

* Most revealing, most
expensive, and to boot *

* Most arresting most heart-stopping *

* Most free-flowing most eye-popping *

* Most arresting most
heart-stopping yeah *

* Dress has always been
my strongest suit *

Papi, nenas?

It's my mom.

Pepper forgot the salsa
verde for the empanadas.

I told you, I told you, she knows.


Thank you so much for the salsa
and empanadas, Mrs. Lopez.

It's my pleasure, Kanino.

Now where is that son of mine?

I've been calling and calling,
I swear I heard his voice.

- Oh, uh, Jorge's not here right now.
- What?

Where could Jorge possibly
be during a polar vortex?

He's... at Bernardo's place.

Spoke to him an hour
ago, and they are safe...

I'm literally trapped in a closet.

It's like summer in San Juan.

Dios Mio, it's like
summer in San Juan in here.

How high do you have the radiator?

- I know, we think that it's broken.
- You're not kidding.

I'll have Luis come
down and take a look.

No, no, no, it's okay.

Really, it's better too
hot than too cold. Really.

Jorge is safe, I promise.
I will have him call you.

- I know you will. Bye-bye.
- Bye.

- Stay warm.
- Yeah, well, okay.

Thank God.

I was cooking in there like hot tilapia.

All this sneaking around is
starting to give me crow's feet.

Nope, you're fine, I'm going
to send you to my facialist,

she does all of the
Olsens, Elizabeth included.

Sure she does.

Are you calling me a liar again?

You are such a Marci.

Okay, who the hell is Marci?

The last girl that slept on
that pull-out before you did.

No really, you're just part
of a long line of girls

sleeping on that couch

for their first few months in New York.

Pepper, that's a little harsh, no?

Is that true?

Am I just supplemental income,
because I thought we were friends.

Josie, we are friends.

Katy, hang on.

You want us to be real
with you? You first.

- Where did you get that?
- Get a look at this girls.

Little Miss Moneybag's
been holding out on us.

Can't afford the cable

but you're sitting on a big
'ol 20k check from Mr. Cabot.

That check, and my money,
is none of your business.

Why didn't you tell
us about this, Josie?

And what did you have to do to get it?

- Alex Cabot, that's who she did.
- Screw you, Jorge.

There's a reason that that
check was still in a bag,

because I haven't decided if
I'm going to deposit it yet.

And I didn't tell you guys
because every time I look at it,

yes, Jorge, I feel like a commodity.

Like I'm being used.

I just didn't think that you guys
would make me feel that way too.

What? No one's using you, Josie.

And how is it so damn hot in here?

Because it's hell, we're
fighting, and we shouldn't be.

Is that what I think it is?

You destroyed my Aida dress?

Uh, a dress that I designed and sewed,

with fabric that I paid for.

How could you do this to me?

I'm sorry, how could I do this to you?

Katy, I apologize for
the sewing machine,

what else do you want me to say?

I have sewed a 100 outfits for you

on that machine and I tried to
do one thing for myself, one,

and you couldn't even let me have that.

You are a very selfish person, Jorge.

- Katy...
- When you lived with me and my mom,

you saw how much that
machine meant to us.

Every piece of clothing I have
ever made was on that machine.

But you don't get why it's so important

because even though
you're way too scared to,

you can walk downstairs
and you can talk to your mom.

I can't.

I do not have that option
because my mom is gone.

She is gone forever.

And you broke the last
part of her that I had left.

No, please, you are the doll.

Okay, give Nannette my best.

Shall we be civil?

What were you laughing about?

I just got off the phone with
my editors at the Hail.

I cashed in a few favors
in exchange for the source

of the kissing Cabots leak.

The tip came from a
certain Tuxedo C. Sebastian.

- That's not a name.
- No. It's an alias.

Sebastian is Alexandra Cabot's cat.

Tuxedo cat, I might add.

So Xandra leaked her own story.

- Yeah.
- Why?

Now I don't have an
answer for that, but,

I hope that with this information
you can finally trust me.

Pepper, I want to, but
what about the hotel?

What is the deal?

If you must know, the Palace booted me

because my credit card was declined.

My father, who's somewhat
of a magnate in Hong Kong

froze all my accounts.

He doesn't really approve
of my life in New York.

Well, if it makes you feel any
better, neither does my mom.

Despite my cash flow problem,

you should know that I would
never sell out one of my girls.

Come here. I just hope you're
not going anywhere anytime soon.

Now that you're flush with Cabot cash.

Yeah, well, I have no plans
to leave. I just got here.


You know that check that Jorge found?


It's not what you think.

Go on.

The money's to fund my first EP.

In exchange, I have
to "look after" Alex.

Yeah. I know exactly what that means.

Hm. And what did Alex say?

I haven't told him.

I promised Mr. Cabot I
wouldn't, and I feel awful.

Because the more I push
him away and resist it,

I care.

I more than care. I
have feelings for him.

Well then looking out
for him might something

that you would do
regardless of the cash.

Opportunities always come at a price.

Maybe this one's not so bad.

All right, you'll keep my little cash
flow problem between us for now,

I just don't want to worry the others,

and it's not exactly on brand.


Your secret's safe with me.

May I approach the bed?

How's the outfit for Gloria going?

It's not.

One of the last things
my mom said to me was

that she wished she had gone to school.

Yeah, she wanted me to go to
school, to have a better life.

She thought that when she died,

I could use the insurance
money to pay for Parsons,

but that, that barely covered
the medical bills, and...

I'm angry about that, Jorge.

That is not an emotion
I'm used to associating

with anything related to my mom.

And People always tell me
that she's looking after me,

but if that were true then would
it be this hard to catch a break?

She was all I had. And I'm
dealing with this alone.

And it's really hard.

Mira. Look at me.

You have us.

Yes, life is unfair, there's
no two ways about it, but,

we do our best.

You do your best, Katy.

You've accomplished so much.

All on your own.

And when you're sitting on
top of the world, and you will,

it's going to feel so much
sweeter because you worked for it.

Jorge, we've been friends
since we were kids.

- Yeah we have.
- And I would do

anything in the world to protect you.

I know and I really appreciate
you covering for me earlier.

Even after what I did.

Coming out was rough for you, I know.

And going through that again is hard.

But they will find out
about Ginger eventually.

I know.

Coming from someone who wishes
that her mom were still around

so she could share her life with her,

I would just hate for your
mom to miss out on yours too.

And I am very sorry that I went
full Real Housewife meltdown on you.

It's just every day that goes by
I feel my mom fade a little more.

And the only parts of her that I
have left are a box that I can't open

because I'm really scared I'll
have an emotional breakdown

and the sewing machine that you broke.

I'm just trying to find a
way to hold on to her somehow.

She'll always be here.

And maybe, maybe it's time
to stop avoiding that box.

She was a classic beauty. Like you.

Everywhere we went, men and
women would just stare at her.

Like she was this magical creature.

That fabric really is fabulous.

Yeah she planned to make
something special with it,

but she got sick before she could.

Maybe you could use this to
make your garment for Gloria.

If only I knew what
would make Gloria happy.

To hell with Gloria.

You need to make something
that makes you happy.

Make your Momma proud.

You need to make your strongest suit,

the thing you excel at: a
Katy Keene original dress.

Whatever the style is,
as long as it's yours.

Wait, how am I supposed
to finish this in time

without a sewing machine?

When my mom died, a
part of me froze over.

Disconnected. But that night,
on the coldest day of the year,

with the help of my friends,
I finally began to thaw.

- Are you serious?
- Yep.

The source was Tuxedo C. Sebastian.

Of course it was Xandra. She will
do anything to piss off my Dad.

I almost lost a friend over this.

I know I sound like a
broken record, but I'm sorry.

And if you don't want anything
to do with me, I get it.

Just, let me show you one last thing.

Chubby gave the go-ahead. I
mean, it's not finished yet.

There's still some equipment
I need to fix up, but...

what do you think?

I, Alex, I don't know what to say.

Actually, I know exactly
what I have to say.

After our night from hell with
your day, he asked to meet with me.

- He wants to fund an EP.
- What?

He gave me a $20,000 advance.

It's more money than
I've ever had in my life.

And I, I just don't
know if I should cash it.

Why wouldn't you?

Josie. Take it.

With or without me. I mean it.

I'm sorry, Katy, but I'm afraid

your sewing machine's
well and truly caput.

Isn't there something you can do?

They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Who gave you this old thing anyway?

It was my mom's.

I didn't know she worked here.

- Oh, she didn't.
- Are you sure about that?

I could be mistaken, but
this model was manufactured

exclusively for Lacy's staff.

The seamstresses used them. Hmm.

Perhaps your mom knew someone who
worked here that gave it to her.

Yeah. Maybe.

Papi, what's taking you so long,

I have to get back down to the bodega.

One second, Ma.

What does this mean?

I'm a drag queen, Mama.

Her name is Ginger Lopez.

That's why I work at Molly's Crisis.

It's where I perform.

Mama, can you say something?

You remind me of me when I was your age.

Who do you think was my inspiration?

Ay Papi, don't cry, you're gonna
mess up that beautiful makeup.

- I knew it was you in the hallway.
- Yeah.

I would recognize esa colita anywhere.


Are you okay?

Of course, I'm fine.

You know I love you more
than anything, no matter what.

Peru tu Papa, this is too much for him.

This is our secret.

Yeah, I understand.

Ma, can you help me with something?

For you I would do anything.

It's not for me. It's for Katy.

It's an improvement.

You're on the right path, I see focus.

Inspiration. However, I will not be
wearing it to the gala this evening

Donna Karan just dropped
off an exquisite custom gown.

But I must say,

brava, Katy.

So, will you write the letter?

I know it could
never replace your mom's.

I couldn't afford to buy you a new
one, but it's the next best thing.

It's my abuelita's.

My mom and I went all the way
to Brighton Beach to get it.

Jorge, you didn't have to do that.

I am so sorry, Katy.

I promise I'll never touch
your sewing machine again.

Well, in the end, all for the best.

She wrote it?

Yes, girl!

You know, Francois told me
the craziest thing today.

He said that my mom's sewing
machine was a Lacy's machine.

- They were only used by the staff.
- What?

I know. It's so strange, but
why would she keep that from me?

What else wasn't she telling me?

That's the takeout. Josie
and Pepper are on the way.

I thought that maybe
we could stay in again.


The polar vortex forced
us all the be honest.

And with that came a new level of trust.

I even began to trust
myself as a designer.

But I realized, for the
first time in my life,

that the one person I
trusted most, my mother,

may have been keeping secrets from me.

Who is LL?