Katy Keene (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Chapter Four: Here Comes the Sun - full transcript

Katy decides to put all her energy into work to avoid her personal life, but she finds herself in hot water again at work. Determined to fix things, she enlists Pepper's help to track down ...

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Oh, no. Oh, no.

Oh, no! Oh, my God!


Oh, where's my other shoe?

-What in Hermès Hell?
-Gloria, I

There better be a good
explanation for this!

As a matter of fact,
I had a very good explanation

for why I was passed out
in a Lacy's display window.

Like all the best stories,

it all started with a guy.

It had been a week
since KO and I broke up.

And I guess
you could say I was
in my feelings about it.

Alexa, add ice cream
to my grocery list.

I've added ice cream.

Everywhere I looked,
I still saw him.

KO left a gaping hole
in my heart

and the only person
who could possibly understand

how I was feeling,
was the same person

I couldn't lean on anymore.

No, you knock first.

I thought I heard the rumblings
of a friend-tervention.

You guys, I appreciate it,
but I'm fine.


Honey, you're wearing
ballet flats.

You're clearly not fine.

You've barely slept
since KO moved out.

I've always been a night owl.

Yeah, but you're usually up
making clothes.

I just

I haven't felt inspired.

We know the perfect cure

-to help you get over KO.

Girls night out!

Some dancing, some drinks...

We all chipped in, and used
your employee discount code.

You guys...


They are beautiful!
Thank you!

I just don't feel up for it.


-You gotta start dealing.
-I am.

By throwing myself into work.

And other than you three,

it's the only thing keeping me
from a complete meltdown.

I'm gonna be late. Thank you.

So, Mr. Cabot,

what is on the agenda
for our morning meeting?

Well, I have a proposition
for you, Miss McCoy.


I want you to meet
the real Mr. Cabot.

As in, my father.

-I'm having drinks with him

at his private club, tonight.

You should come.

I don't know, Alex.

If we go directly to my dad,

prove to him
how talented you are,

there's a chance he'll finally
re-launch Cabot Records.

And he would adore you.

So, just you, me and your dad?

No Xandra?

-No boards, no curve balls?

No curve balls.

And Xandra won't be there.
I promise.

And maybe you could play him
something impromptu?

How 'bout it?

Sorry I missed your show
last night.

-It's OK.

An actual fire's a great excuse.

Besides, you were in
the front row for the last two.


My parents are here.
Get dressed.

Ma? Pop?

What did we talk about
showing up unannounced?

This food is going to expire
in two days.

Somebody's gotta eat it.

You must be Jorge's parents.


Luis Lopez.

District 52 City Councilman,

and my lovely wife, Luisa.

It's an honor. Bernardo.

The pleasure is all mine.

Come downstairs to the bodega.

-Yeah, I'll make you a sandwich.

Thanks, I gotta run.

But I eat like, six meals a day,

so, I'm gonna take you up
on that offer soon. OK?

-See ya, babe. Bye.
-Bye. Mwah.




-Are you?
-Yes! But we just started dating

so please don't
make a big deal out of it.

Just, it's new, so...

My son with a firefighter.

I never thought you'd
get a guy like that.

What's he, like, six foot two?

I think so.

What's a big, strong
guy like him

doing with a little guy
like you?


It's backwards.

The mannequin's torso, Katy.

She looks like that girl
from The Exorcist.

Do you need a personal day?

No. I need to be here, working.

It is the only thing
that's keeping me sane.

Besides, I'm not
allowed to wallow.

I'm the one
who broke up with KO.

Doesn't make it
any less painful.

They say it takes half
the length of your relationship

to fully heal. And
twice as long for women.

So... twenty years. Great.

Gloria's summoning you, Katy.

Ew, no.

Or should I say Lydia
from Beetlejuice.

Refresh the flowers,
light the Diptyques,

brew the Earl Gray. We're
hosting a special visitor today.

Guy LaMontagne,

Creative Director of
the House of Karloff in Paris.

Rumor has it he's
moved back to New York,


After ten long years,
he broke it off.

Resigned. To strike out
on his own.

Now, Mrs. Lacy has tasked me
to convince him

to sell at Lacy's,
and onlyat Lacy's.

OK, what can we do to help?

Well, for starters,
my little storm cloud,

purge whatever
pedestrian personal drama

you're going through,
and beam.

We need to show Guy

we're the only team
worthy of selling his line.

Can you do that for me, Katy?

Can you beam?

Over here we have a spectacular view of the East River.

Talk about production value.

Looks great.
My crew is downstairs,

is it OK if they
start bringing stuff up?

Oh, yeah,
feel free to get started.

So, you're roommates with KO.

He has mentioned in the past,
you're at Tisch.

Yeah, I'm
working on a thesis

about the intersection
of organized crime

and homoeroticism
in American cinema.

Wow, that sounds perfect
for the first film

-to be made at the Pepper Plant.

Just be sure to keep it
low profile,

seeing as it's un-permitted.

Yeah, right, um...

I can only pay you half
of what we talked about.

Love, I'm all for
supporting the arts,

but the place isn't free.

You know, there's
a Warhol film called Couch.

It depicts the myriad
sexual encounters

that took place on his
Factory's iconic settee.

It sort of became a centerpiece.

If you let me keep that couch,
we've got a deal.

Done. It's yours after tonight.


Oh, hello.

Uh, Raj, this is an artfilm,
n'est-ce pas?

An erotic art film.

The Rodfather, Part II.

The Rodfather, Part II.OK.


I'm so glad you're sitting
in this room with me, Guy,

the very heart of Lacy's.

Our clients include

Please don't start
name dropping. I don't care.

What a relief.

People can be so gauche
about celebrities.

Look, I appreciate
the meeting, the tea.

It really is a lovely store.

But, brick and mortar
is a thing of the past.

And that's what
Lacy's represents.

Well, what are you looking for?

I'm looking for the right home
for my designs.

I respect the legacy,

but looking around,
it just feels a little...

old fashioned.

I'm not sure you get what I do.

Oh, I assure you,
no one gets it more than Gloria.

She's admired your work
ever since your trash bag dress

hit the runway
at New York Fashion Week.

That was McQueen.

Right. No, of course,
I knew that.

Yours was light bulbs.

My apologies,
Guy, my girl's head

must have caught in the
revolving door on the way in.

No need to apologize,
Ms. Grandbilt.

She's helped me
make up my mind.

It's just not the right fit.

Thank you, for your time.

You are so dead.

that was an honest flub.

I just
I haven't been sleeping

Do you think I care
about your sleep, Katy?

I lie awake, night after night,

thinking about how
to keep this store alive.

You have no idea
what you and your

just cost us.

Do we really
need him that badly?

-We most certainly do.
- Mrs. Lacy.

Our store is struggling.

Another bad year, we'll shutter.

Guy's line is what we needed
to resuscitate us.

Mrs. Lacy, I feel responsible,

and I promise
that I will fix it.

I highly doubt you'll
manage that, Ms. Keene.

Though if you did,
by some miracle,

it might convince me
to let you keep your job.

Whenever I had
a bad day at work,

KO's the first person
I would call.

My life was spiraling
out of control.

I didn't know how
to live without him.

Katy, love!

Hey, Pepper, you know
Guy LaMontagne, right?

Ooh, do I ever.

We were both on the same
30 under 30 list.

We indulged in edibles
on the photoshoot.

Right. Any chance you can
help me track him down tonight?

-It's an emergency.

I'll be right there.

First ever film to be
shot at the Pepper Plant

is a gay porno.

OK, uh, Raj?

I just have to pop out
for a sec.

My sister needs me. Just

Keep a good eye on the loft,
will you?


Bottoms up, locas!

Mm-mm, OK.

-So, what do we think?

Somebody's dressed up
to meet Daddy Cabot.

It's Target, baby.


I just hope this says,
I deserve a record deal.

-I'm obsessed.
-I'm borrowing it tomorrow.

And I'll meet up with you guys
as soon as it's over.

Katy, why aren't you dressed?

Because I never get dressed

before I know my destination.

Hey, Pep. You hear
back from Guy yet?

Oh. Not yet.

It's very possible I have
an old number for him.

Uh, Katy,

I thought tonight was
about getting over a guy,

not chasing one down.

Ugh, guys.

Mrs. Lacy basically
threatened to fire me

if I don't find Guy LaMontagne

and convince him to
design a line for Lacy's.

Don't worry, you'll find him.

Ladies, be honest, this color
make me look busted?

- Jorge.

You always look perfect.

I don't feel that way when
I'm with beefcake Bernardo.


When I'm sitting next to him,

I feel all those old
insecurities I used to feel

when I was growing up
with my brothers,

who are bros,in
every sense of the word.

Why is Bernardo into me?

My dad doesn't even get it.

Don't do that.
Don't self sabotage.

That boy is smitten!

Invite him out. You will be
reminded of why he is into you.

-If you say so.
-I do.

But more importantly, we need
to find someone for you, Katy.

- Mm-hmm.

A little palate cleanser.

Yes! Making out with someone new
always helps.

I am not kissing anyone.

-I'm not ready.
-Why not?

Besides, tonight is about
saving my job.

All work and no play
makes Katy a depressed girl.

Tonight we're gonna help you
get down and dirty.

-And that's dirrty
with two R's .
- Ahh.

- Yes.
- Eh?




Wow, you look amazing.


It's Target.
You ever been there?

He's gonna love you.

If you don't mind, Miss.

-What is this?
-It's standard.

-It's just an NDA.

Just an NDA.

It just feels like I'm signing
my voice away to Ursula.

Speak of the devil.

Hey, Dad.

This is Josie.

Hello, Josie.

This is a beautiful club,
Mr. Cabot.

Is that a Turner?

Good eye. Are you a connoisseur?

Ah, I just love
going to the Met.

Josie's art form is music, Dad.

She does an amazing
"His Eye is On the Sparrow."

Would you?

Xandra, please,
I was trying to hear Josie.

What are we drinking?

Ifwe're considering
a reboot of the record label,

we should poach
a household name.

Never mind Cabot Records.
You have bigger fish to fry.

Yeah, Xandra,
aren't you supposed to be

meeting that designer tonight?

It's all in hand. I'm going to
meet with Guy LaMontagne

at 11:00 for drinks
at Studio 34.

Then, should you get going?

It's funny how you're always
trying to get rid of me, Alex.

Yet, I remember a time,
not too long ago,

when you couldn't
keep your hands off of me.

- What?

Alex and I were
high school sweethearts.

That's how our parents met
in the first place.

-Oh, my God.
-Then they got married,

so that made us...


Isn't that right,
Brother Dearest?

-Josie, I can explain.
-Don't! Please, please don't.

I can't believe I'm saying
this, but you and Xandra

It makes perfect sense,
in a sick, depraved kind of way.

Mr. Cabot, they
have been toying with me

since I set foot in New York,

and I have put up with it
for the sake of my career.

And the only thing that
means more to me than my music

is my self-respect.

- Josie!

Don't you dare follow me, Alex!

- Hey, Josie, how'd it go?

Let's just say the Cabots
makeFlowers in the Attic

seem likeThe Brady Bunch.

But I did get some intel.

Xandra is meeting Guy
at Studio 34,

Pepper, can you get us in?

Can I? They practically beg me
to show up.

-We are about to show up!

-Josie, we'll meet you there.
- Woo!

-Come on.

I mean, I knew something
was off about the Cabots,

but even I wouldn't have
predicted twincest.

They're not twins.
They're not even related!

Oh, God, the robe.

- Mm

No, Pepper, you cannot write
about this in your column.

I signed an NDA.

All right, my lips are zipped.
I know all about NDAs.

I've been at parties
with the women

who inspired Hustlers,
for goodness sake.

Hey, Bernardo, it's me again.

I don't know if you got my text,
but the girls and I

are headed to Studio 34,
if you wanna join?

-No answer.
-Maybe he's working late.

Or maybe he just realized
we're not in the same league.

- Oh, God!

A cat just ran over my foot
and under that bag of trash.

Yeah, Josie, that was a rat.

Pepper, I thought you said
you were a VIP.

Why are we not
going through the front?

Because we need to
say hello to Claude.

Claude? Who's Claude?

Claude, darling!

Hey, Pepper. How many tonight?

Come on.

Very good. Verygood.

God, I love Claude!

Oh, my God, is that SJP?


Oh, my G
Oh, excuse me, ladies,

but I belong with that
tall, tasty snack

- Mm-hmm.

There he is. OK,
now what do we do?

OK, we need to get
Xandra away from Guy

so that Katy and I can swoop in.

It's easy. Xandra can't resist
a chance to insult me.

-Taking one for the team.
-Thank you!

-Moment of truth.

OK, now's our opening.
Are you ready?

-As I'll ever be.
-Good. Come.

Well, well, well, Pepper Smith!
I didn't know you
were in New York.

Well, what can I say?
The city called, and I answered.

I believe you know my friend.

Mr. LaMontagne, I am sosorry
about this morning,

but mistaking your work
for McQueen is a compliment.

That it is.

All right, well, Katy
is my nearest and dearest.

Hear her out, will you?

Do you like tequila, Katy?

I sure do!

Pepper snuck us in here!
How did you manage it?

-FDNY, baby.
-Oh, yeah?


On the house.
Thank you for your service.

Thank you.

Wow! Must be nice.

Only one of the few perks

of being the guy that runs into
a burning building.

Hey, is, uh, this seat taken?

Yes! He's with me.

Why don't you back off?


What's with you?

I don't know!

You didn't text me back earlier

and I guess I just
started to spiral.

-It's nothing. Sorry.
-Hey. Hey.

I'm here with you. OK?

I cannot believe
you followed me here.

Not everything's about you,

Is it that you
can't get enough Cabot?

Or, do you want
to reprise our duet?

Remember when we
played you my demo

and you said that
I wasn't good enough?

Well, that weighed on me.

It made me doubt myself.

But now, now I feel great.

Because I realize it had nothing
to do with me or my talent.

Those were the words of
a bitter, jealous ex-girlfriend.

You know, you're
actually a good singer.

Just leave me alone.

I mean it.

Even if step-daddy
doesn't think so.

Window displays are the most
underrated art form of our time!

The ones at Lacy's have been
captivating New Yorkers

for over a hundred years.

I'm a sucker for
a good holiday window.

That is something
an Online retailer

could never provide for you.

Look, I appreciate
the pluckiness,

but it's not gonna happen.


There are dozens
of other designers

who would happily
take your place.

So, give one of them a call.

Guy, is this girl bothering you?

She was just leaving.

So. Now, where were we?


I blew it.

Come morning,
I will be out of a job.

And now I'm crying in a club.
I'm one of those people?

Oh, my God,
is this my rock bottom?

-Why don't we go home?

More little cups of alcohol,

-KO, he's here.
- What?

Oh, my God, we have to get
out of here before he sees us!

Too late.

Can we dance, please?


Raj, everything OK?

Uh, not really.

A neighbor saw us
through the window

and called your landlady.

She's here and pissed.

All right, Raj, Raj,
just take a breath.

Listen, um,
here's what we're gonna do

Start by bringing out
the wardrobe rack into the hall.

So, do random guys, like,
hit on you everywhere you go?

What's going on with you?
Did I do something wrong?

No, you're perfect.
Everywhere you go,

people just shower you
with drinks and adoration.

That guy at the bar

couldn't even fathom a world
where we were together.

Jorge, come on, seriously?

Why are you with me?

Boys, I need you.

It's urgent.

I didn't take you
for a Studio 34 kind of guy.

I'm not here to hang out, Katy.

They need a bouncer,
I'm interviewing.

What about Molly's Crisis?

I quit. I figured you'd want it
in the divorce.

You quit your job so you
wouldn't have to run into me?


You must really
want to avoid me.

I think you've
had a lot to drink.

Do you want me
to get you some water?

No. Please, just
stop being so nice to me.

I've been a mess, KO.

You still look beautiful.

As always.

Why didn't you answer my text?

The one that asked how I am?

How was I
supposed to respond, Katy?

I'm miserable.

And you're the one
who made me feel that way.

I'm sorry, I gotta go.

Take care of yourself.

Raj? Where are we at?

Ah, nowhere good!
I'm losing shooting time

and the mafiosos
are losing their erections.

So, you're the nightmare tenant!

Pepper Smith. Pleasure.

This is totallyunacceptable,
let alone, illegal.

They better shut this...
production down

right now
or I'll call the police.

Mrs. Morton, I'm sure we can
come to some sort of arra

If that's another
shirtless man, I swear

We received several
noise complaints.

Which one of you
is the owner, here?

I'm gonna need to see a permit.

I am, and there is no permit.

This is an unauthorized
use of my space.

Ma'am, don't worry.

We're gonna shut this down

Well, good.
Thank you, officers.

And you, Ms. Smith,

If I get another call
like tonight's,

you'll be out on the street.

Oh, my God!

Hey, do you act?

You'd be great in my next film.

Uh, no. Jorge, he's the actor.

You were so great back there.

Yeah, and yet,

you're the one who
keeps getting singled out.

So, I look like a porn cop,

Look, Jorge, let's go
get something to eat

and go somewhere quiet
where we can talk.

I'm sorry.

I started the night
with my girls,

and I'm gonna end it with them.


There you are, girls!
Thank God!

We're sorry for the French Exit.

We had a minor emergency
at the Plant.

I forgive you, Pepper shaker.

Where's Bernie?

- Mm.
-I sent him home.

We kind of had a fight.

Just give me all the carbs.

- Hello?

Josie McCoy?

This is Mr. Cabot's office.

He's requested to see you
tomorrow morning,

8:00 a.m. at his club.
Don't be late.

Mr. Cabot wants to see me.

Uh, uh, uh, don't even think
about not showing up.

How'd it go with KO?

It was awkward and sad.


KO quit Molly's Crisis.

-End of an era.

No, he quit for me.

Even post break up, he's still
the greatest guy in the world.

Oh, my God, you guys, it's Guy.

Hold my pizza. No, never mind.
No time. Bye!

-Where are you going?
-Put your shoes on.

Hey! You!



Do I need a restraining order?

Nope. I just have one
last thing to say to you.

Your work at Karloff
was totallyoverrated.


That is the first honest thing
I've heard all day.

I was
starting to wonder

if the old New York
was gone forever.

The city I grew up in,

people, they told you
what they really thought

no matter who you were.

I grew up here, too.

So, tell me
what you really think.

What do you care
if I go to Lacy's or not?

Aren't you just an assistant?
Isn't this just a job?

No, it's not just a job.

Lacy's has always
been a home to me.

It is for a lot of us.

You said that Lacy's
was a thing of the past,

and you were right.


That's what makes it so magical.

I wish that you could see it
through my eyes.

-So, show me.

-Show me your Lacy's.

Give me a tour.


Mrs. Lacy sold Jackie-O
her first pill-box hat

at this counter.

When you buy something
from Lacy's,

you're engaging with history.

Literally, you're
creating a memory

that stays with you forever.

So, tell me yours.


I was six, and my mom
brought me here after school.

And we found this candy apple
red cashmere sweater,

which was 70 percent off

because it had
a hole in the sleeve.

I remember how it
faintly smelled like perfume.

How soft it was.

I remember my mom

told me it would look pretty
with my hair color.

She also said,

that its imperfection
is what makes it special.

That night
we repaired it together.

Obviously, it doesn't
fit me anymore,

but I would never get rid of it,

because it's so much
more than just a sweater.

I was fifteen when
my grandfather

bought me my
first leather wallet

- at Sears.

I've carried it with me
ever since.

See? Guy

that's my point.

No one is going to have a story
to tell about your clothes

if they're clicking them
into a digital cart.

probably at 4:00 a.m.
on a sleeping pill.

You had one of the best jobs
in fashion at Karloff.

Why did you leave?

A year ago,
I was so desperate

to break out on my own,

to assert my own identity.

-But, now
-You're terrified.

Karloff was stable and safe,

and leaving was like
jumping without a safety net.

But you had to do it.

Sounds like you can relate.

Yeah, I left someone recently.

I know the future
feels uncertain,

but you just have to
follow your heart.

Even when it hurts.

And you cannot tell me
that your heart

is in Xandra Cabot's Cabotoure.

Maybe not,
but even you have to admit

that Lacy's is
the riskier choice.

This may not even be here
in five years.

How can I bet my future on that?

By connecting to its past.

Did you know that Halston
had his very own atelier

on the eighth floor of Lacy's
in the 60s?

He did?

What if I told you

that you could have
the entire eighth floor

for your very own atelier?

You're an assistant, you
can't promise me a whole floor.

Maybe not, but
I'm doing it anyway.

Halston's one of the reasons
I became a designer.

I know.

Me, too.

You threw up on Guy LaMontagne?

No, just in my handbag.

- Oh, no,
you didn't, girl.
- Ohh.

And a little bit on my dress
and my coat.

Oh, no!

Guy gave me his jacket.

He's more of a gentleman
than I thought.

- Mmm.
- OK, so any chance

you were able to convince him
to work with Lacy's

between heaves?

No, I ran to the bathroom,

and when I came out,
he was gone, so, no.

I'm sorry, Katy.

Why don't you come on home?

I will.

I just need to close my eyes
for a second.

That night, in a Lacy's
Fifth Avenue window,

I slept for the first time
since I broke up with KO.

And that's how I got here.

There better be a good
explanation for this!

Gloria, I can explain.

Save it for Mrs. Lacy.

She's requested
to see you immediately.

Never, once, in
the long history of Lacy's,

has a shop girl everbehaved
in such an atrocious manner.

-Breaking in during the night?

Sleeping in our window?

And then, I got a call
from Guy LaMontagne.

He said he's picked us
to be his exclusive retailer,

as long as we give him

the entire eighth floor
for his own atelier?

Putting aside the fact
that handing out floors

is far beyond your pay grade,

the space isn't even available!

I know, and I am so sorry.

But, could we not, perhaps,

move our overstock storage
to the basement?

While I do not condone
Katy's methods,

having Guy set up shop here

could keep Lacy's relevant
for years to come.

I suppose it's
worth considering.

Thanks for coming.

I know my spiral yesterday

was not cute.

The thing is...

growing up,
I never felt like I

was masculine enough
for my dad.

And, then you come along,

and you're New York's
manliest man.

All those old insecurities
just come out to party.

I'm just sorry
I took it out on you.

It's OK.

I get it.

To answer your question
from last night

I'm with you
because you're sexy,

and you're talented,

and you're brilliant.

You becamea cop last night.

I played Officer Krupke

senior year of high school.

When you're on stage,
I'm gone for you.


you're a star.

You were never actually

making an art film,
were you, Raj?

I have a lot of student loans

and porn pays well.


I wanna be a great filmmaker

some day.

An artist.

Well, I can see it.

Seriously. With the right music,
and editing

we could spin this as
experimental erotica.

-The first Warholian film

ever to be made
at the Pepper Plant.

I can work with this.


Are you seeing Bernardo tonight?

No, he's working.

Hold onto that guy, because
you won't find that again.

Pops. Cut it out.

When you say stuff like that

it feels like
you don't think I deserve

to be with a guy like Bernardo.

When I do.

I'm just kidding around, Mijo.

It's a way to talk.

Yeah, but

it's how you've been
talking to me

my entire life.

I'm sick of it.

Pops, I know how you look at me.

You think I'm different
from the other guys,

that you wish I could be more...


No, I don't, Jorge.


Yeah, you do.

But I'm not changing.

Not for you, not for anyone.

And just so you know,

Bernardo thinks
I'm plenty man enough.

That was quite the performance

you gave last night.

Oh, that was nothing.

I wanted to let you know that
I'm not rebooting Cabot Records.

Not yet. But...

your talent is undeniable.

However, talent alone
isn't enough.

What people
really respond to is


That's what makes a star.

And you certainly
made a fiery exit last night.

I've never seen anyone stand up

to my son and Xandra
like you did.

Other than me, of course.

Well, yeah.

I want to give you
the chance to prove yourself.

I'm willing to fund
your first EP.

- And in exchange,

I'd like you to do me a favor.

I want you to help keep Alex on
the straight and narrow.

What does that mean, exactly?

My son has demons, but

he seems to focus
excel, even

when dating a woman
of strong moral character.

I can tell that
he listens to you.

Mr. Cabot,

your son and I
did have a thing,

but we ended it, OK.

We've decided to
keep it professional.

I trust you can make it work.

When I got home that night,

instead of watching
another sad movie,

I finally started
to sketch again.

And I started to sew.

I finally started
to let go of KO.

I'd been so scared
because I didn't think

I'd be any good
at being by myself.

But sitting there
at my sewing machine,

I was reminded that there
were other things I loved.

It would take awhile
until I was fully healed,

but at least I wasn't falling
apart at the seams anymore.

And I wasn't alone, after all.

I had the city, my friends,
my work,

and right now, that was enough.

-I didn't need a

Hey, I'm glad I ran into you.

I found this in my car.

Is there any chance
it belongs to you?

I have a jacket that is yours
as well.

What are you doing here?

I have a meeting
with Mrs. Lacy

about my new atelier.

Apparently a certain assistant

has more pull than
I gave her credit for.

Well, you're welcome.

Hopefully it's not
as overrated as my last effort.