Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Episode #3.10 - full transcript

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Previously on Just Add Magic...

The spices are gone forever.

DARBIE: When life around
appears to wither,

allow two drops of elixir.

I think we're supposed to
pour it on the plants.

We did it.

The garden's back.

The first thing we need to do

is get back to the garden
and harvest the plants.

Can't we take
a little magic break?

Yeah, I'm so behind on homework.

And I can't keep blowing off
plans with Piper.

It worked!
We're in 1975!

KELLY: If she kept that recipe
to hold onto the book forever,

it'll be in the spice pantry.

HANNAH: Whoever took
our Night Blooming spices

must have used them
to create the earthquake.

KELLY: But that doesn't seem
like something

that would be caused
by an attraction spell.

Tremors can happen anywhere.

TERRI: The earthquake revealed
a hidden cellar

under where the Peizer Mansion
used to be.

We need to get in there.

I'm gonna go change.
I'll be right back.

DARBIE: But if you didn't
redo your day,

why did the spell break?

Mama P's has security cameras?

Are we sure
we should be doing this?

So Erin isn't the bad guy
after all.

Kelly has been
kind of off lately.

-You're not up yet?
-I got grounded.

I don't know
what's gotten into you.

I need to keep the book.

You definitely don't sound
like the Kelly Quinn I know.

-DARBIE: Hannah?
-HANNAH: What is it?

It's the recipe from 1975.

She can't know we know.

♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪

-(quiet chatter)

-Great, I'll see you then.
-Okay, bye.

I can't believe
Kelly's the Night Bandit.

Me neither.
She lied right to our faces.

And she's trying to trick us
into cooking

to keep the book forever.

-What are we going to do?
-No idea, but here she comes.

-Be cool.
-I'm always cool. You be cool.

That was the last one.

My duties as birthday girl
are officially over.

Everything okay?

Yeah, just ate too much cake.
Story of my life.

Watched her eat too much cake.
Story of my life.

So, you guys up
for a sleepover?

We can finally cook the recipe
to uncover the Night Bandit.

I don't know. I mean,
it's getting kind of late.

It's only 9:00.

Yes, but you spelled the party
and stopped time.

It was 5:00 for three hours.

-Right, sorry about that.
-DARBIE: All is forgiven.

Maybe we can sleep over
next weekend.

But we have to cook.

And you guys always sleep over
on my birthday.

But your birthday technically
isn't until tomorrow.

Right, and we can't
break tradition.

Okay. Tomorrow, but be here
as early as you can.

-Will do.


Okay, that was scary.
What are we gonna do?

Whatever it takes to stop Kelly.

♪ ♪

She has Morbium?

Yeah. She stole
all our Night Blooming mint

-to attract the Morbium to her.
-Which created the earthquake

to unearth the pie tin
in Chuck's secret spice bunker.

Then, disguised as Erin,

she extracted the Morbium
from the pie tin.

-She did all that? But...
-DARBIE: Not done yet.

She also cursed Piper
to forget magic.

All so she could
trick us into cooking

to keep the book forever.

-DARBIE: Seriously.

Where did she find the time?

I can't even clean my room,
much less amass an evil plan.

I can't believe we're talking
about the same Kelly.

I know. She's been
lying to us for weeks.

What are you doing?

This is big, girls.
We need all the help we can get.

One Jake-rito with no cilantro
and extra sour cream.

I should call it "The Zoe"
at this point,

considering how much
you order it.

Yeah, I'm really
gonna miss these.

Why? Does your mom not want me
to make them anymore?

-Look, if you know something...
-Chill. No. We're moving.


Next week.
My mom's getting married.

I had no idea.

-But you just got here.
-It's how it goes.

Close a local business,
open a Springtown, move on.

We're like corporate Gypsies,
but not anymore.

I guess I'm happy for you, then.

If I was to order in bulk,

how long would Jake-ritos last
in the freezer?


Kelly wants to keep
the magic forever?

I can't believe she did
all those awful things

behind your back.

We don't get it either.

I knew there was something
up with her.

I'm so glad you brought back
my memories of magic.

We need to take her spices away.

Well, I don't think

Kelly can cook this spell
without us, or she would have.

She needs us.

As long as we don't cook
with her, we can buy some time.

If only we could see what
was going on inside her head,

maybe we could reason with her.

Becky, do you remember
the spell we cooked as kids

to look inside my mom's head?

I wanted to find out
if she was planning

to get me a new curling iron
for Christmas.

She wasn't.

That's a total misuse
of the magic.

But also genius.

Wasn't it some kind of bread?

-"In Your Head Banana Bread."

We could use it
to get into Kelly's mind.

That could do it.

If I could remember
what we put in it.

-Mama P?

I know. No time for hugs.

Yeah, I wasn't gonna hug you.

I have some news.
Kelly's gone bad.

We know.

She's trying to keep
the book forever.

We know.

With a spell I made in the '70s.

We know.

I took a boat and two planes to
get here and you already knew.

You could've called.

We need to get inside

Kelly's head and figure out
why she's doing this.

I know a spell for that.

We used to cook it
as kids all the time.

"In Your Head Banana Bread."

This is why I don't do
the right thing.

It's very unrewarding.

What we don't remember
are the magical ingredients.

You're probably just saying that
to make me feel better.

Sadly, no.

Livonian sugar.

And the downside?

Not all spells have a downside.

But you might not like
what you see.

One problem.

All our spices
are in the trailer,

at the Quinn house,
where Kelly is.

What about my pantry?


Long story.

The hits just keep on coming.

I might have a way to get
you girls into the trailer.

Hey, Grandma.

Hey, Kell. You have a moment?

I was just on my way out
to the trailer.

Hannah and Darbie
are coming and...

It'll only take a second.

Of course.

I realized I hadn't given you
your birthday present. Here.

You didn't have to
get me anything.

Of course I did.

Open it.

It's beautiful. Thank you.

Your Grandpa Jim gave that to me
on our third date,

back in 1968-- June, I think.

-I love it, but I should...
-Or maybe it was July.

Quick, we don't have
a lot of time.

Kelly's Grandma can't keep her
distracted forever.

Oh, I have a feeling she can.

Livonian sugar.

And your Grandpa,
he was so handsome.

He had this
long flowing hair and...

Yeah, I remember.

I mean, y... from pictures.

We were at the drugstore

having our floats,

and your grandpa
pulls out this box.

You did great, Grandma Q.

I don't know about that.

My nerves are shot.

I don't think
I'd make it as a spy.

Don't worry, I think
the CIA's all staffed up.

Okay, Mama P, are you sure these
are all the right ingredients?

I never forget a banana bread.

-I can relate.

Let's cook.

♪ ♪

Okay, we all know the plan.

Darbie and I just have to
get through the night

without cooking the "Keep
The Book Forever Casserole."

Then when Kelly's asleep,

we eat this to get inside her
head and figure out what's up.

And this is very important.

You must specifically write
what you want to see in her head

using this icing pen.

Cool. This is the best pen ever.

Not cool.

This is my favorite one,
so don't lose it.

Happy birthday!

Are you ready
for a great sleepover?

Can't wait,
especially the sleep part.

You'll perk up
as soon as we cook

to find out who's been
masquerading as Erin.

-Yeah, of course.

But first, we should get
our sleeping bags set up.

Wha... Can't we do that later?

No way. Later we'll be tired,
wishing we had done this now.

It's a common sleepover mistake.

Okay, real quick.

You know, I should be
in the middle.

Ah, yes. Good point.

Oh, there's a draft here.

Fine. I'll take that spot.

We good?


I don't know. I mean, something
just doesn't seem right...

Guys, you promised we'd cook.

Right. Of course.

Let's go.

Hi, girls.


-I've got that.

That's sweet of you.

I got all your favorite
sleepover snacks.

Here, let me help with that.

Please tell me you're making
"Clouds Over Mars."

TERRI: Well, it wouldn't be
a Kelly, Hannah, Darbie

-sleepover without them.
-(Darbie chuckles)

You know, I don't think
we've ever actually cooked

"Clouds Over Mars."

I'd love to learn how.

It's a can of beans
with hot dogs on top.

Yeah, you're way beyond that.
Didn't I see you make

Beef Wellington not long ago?

There's always
new technique to learn.

Well, I'm not gonna pass up

a chance to cook with
my three favorite chefs.

It'll be fun. Right, Kell?

I guess so.

-DARBIE: Great.

First, you dump the beans.

Cut the dogs.

And then space them evenly

-over the beans.

Or you can just throw them
all in like that.


TERRI: Then you make
little clouds, like this.

We should be taking notes.

We really should.

-Thanks for cooking
with me, girls. -Anytime.

It's so nice to see you've kept
the sleepover tradition going,

even though
you're all so busy now.

(clears throat)
Well, uh, we better get going.

Okay, have fun.

Here, uh, let us
help you clean up.

Yeah, look at this place.

No way. Enjoy your sleepover.

Thanks, Mom.

We're gonna go hang out
in the trailer.

-(whispers): Now what?

You won't believe
what I found in my attic.

Becky, I wasn't expecting you.

Well, I was just doing
a little organizing,

and I found a bunch
of Quinn home movies.

What do you say, girls?
Up for a little marathon?

Oh, that sounds

really interesting, Becky,

but I think the girls
have other plans for tonight.

Nonsense, Mrs. Q.

Now that Kelly's a year older,
nostalgia's our new best friend.

What are you guys doing?

We have to cook.

Oh, come on, Kell.
Look at your Grandma.

This clearly means a lot to her.

Yeah, and I want to see us
as little baby people.

Come on.

Okay, we better get started.

I'm all clocked out.
You wanted to see me?

Yes. I have some exciting news.

Zoe already told me.
You're getting married.


Oh, yes, thank you.

I'm going to work
for the head office in Bay City.

We're bringing in someone
from Lavender Heights

to manage the store.

Don't worry.

I gave you
a great recommendation.

But that's not why
I called you in here.

It's not?

I heard back from corporate,

and they approved putting
your pluot bread on the menu.

Really? Wow!

That's amazing.

It's my turn
to offer congratulations.

You earned it, Jake.

Thank you.


Aw, look at that face.

(babbling over TV)

You're so brave, Becky.

SCOTT (over TV):
(whoops) You go, Buddy!

Nice bike riding skills, Buddy.

I loved that bike.


Aw, Kelly.

Look at how little
you guys were.

See? I told you
you two used to be close.

Oh, I love this one.

SCOTT (over TV):
What'd you get for Christmas?

-A baby!
-SCOTT: Where?

-There he is!
-There he is.

Look how young you were, Terri.

Which is the same
as how you look right now.

-I love you.


SCOTT (over TV)
It's Harold's,

and it's for you.



Dad, you look so different
without your beard.

You look so weird.

I think the word
you're looking for is "cool."


♪ Skip the drama ♪

♪ Stay with mama... ♪

Oh, Daddy!


(deep voice):
It's a raven!



-I can't keep up.

Okay, I think that's enough
home movie watching for tonight.

-Uh, no, let's do another.

I could do one more.

Just one more.

SCOTT (over TV):
Can you open it?

Happy birthday, Kelly.

Great, another video of me
opening presents.

SCOTT (over TV):
What'd you get? What is it?

Lip gloss!

SCOTT (over TV):
Yes, tiny lip gloss.


I don't think I can.

Yeah, I have some paperwork
to do, actually.

A mayor's job is never done.

I should get Buddy to bed.

What am I? Five?

-SCOTT: Come on. -Well, I guess
I'll be getting home.

(sighs) Do you guys mind
if we cook tomorrow?

I don't think I can stay awake.

I guess.

-If you think it can wait.


-(crickets chirping)
-(dog barking in distance)

♪ ♪



My babies.




(phone vibrating)

Darbie, wake up.



I'm up. At least, I think I am.

Look, I'm tired, too,
but we don't have a lot of time.

Grab the banana bread.

Okay, what question
should we ask?

How about,
"What's wrong with Kelly?"

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

HANNAH: We're seeing
through Kelly's eyes.

Oh, I remember that day.

The first thing we need to do

is get back to the garden
and harvest the plants.

More magic?

Can't we have one day
away from you?

Yeah, my homework would be
way more fun than this.

And I'd rather be hanging out
with Piper.

I never said I wanted
a break from Kelly.

And I never said that
my homework would be more fun.

-And why did it look so weird?
-Wait, we're being pulled back.

Just grabbing juices
to take to Madison's.

-You should come.
-Yeah, I wish.

If I wasn't physically stuck
to Kelly right now

because of magic,
I'd ditch her and come with you.

I didn't say that.

I said I was tied up
because we were stuck to Piper.

She twisted it.

Now I can see why you had to
spend so much time with Kelly.

I feel bad for you.

I know, right?
If we weren't the protectors,

I don't even think
I'd hang out with her.

She's twisting everything.

It's like her mind is
poisoned against us. (gasps)

We're supposed to pour it
on the plants.

It's Cedronian, though.

There's gonna be a downside.

A downside I'll be
happy to deal with

once we have our spices back.

Huh, that memory didn't look
all weird like the others.

It's pulling us back in.

We did it.

The garden's back.

I get it now.
How did we not see it before?

What? I still don't see it.

Everything went wonky
in Kelly's memories

as soon as she poured
the Cedronian-spiced tea

-on the garden.
-You think the downside

of regrowing the spice garden
was Kelly?

Well, maybe when
we un-poisoned the garden,

the cost was that
it poisoned Kelly.

But I thought the spices
spreading all over town

was the downside.

That's what Kelly
wanted us to think.

Wow, poisoned Kelly is good.

Or bad.
You know what I mean.

Did you notice that
all those memories

-had one thing in common?
-Yeah. Us.

It's like poisoned Kelly
is afraid

we won't be friends
without the magic.

So she wants to keep
the book forever...

-So we can be friends forever.
-But that's crazy.

-Doesn't she know we will be?
-It's like the poison is

-feeding off of that fear.

So maybe we have
to kill the fear

by showing her
how we really feel.

Yes, we can show her
our memories.

But we'd need to alter the spell

so she can see the truth
in our minds.

We could add Elysian cinnamon.


But... won't Kelly be suspicious
if we try to feed her something?

I have an idea.

I want to place that bulk order
of Jake-ritos.

I'll do you one better.
Follow me.

You're gonna let me
watch you cook them?

No, I'm gonna show you
how to make them.

That way, you can have them
whenever you want.

-Yeah, I don't know
if I have the skills. -Come on.

Grab the tortillas and we can
start spreading the sauce.

The sauce is a little spicy,

so you don't want
to put too much.

But you want to put
just enough...

so that you can taste
the flavor.

Here. Nice and easy.

Like you're painting
a picture.

Like this?

Yeah, you're a natural.

Oh, don't worry, Erin,
we're being safe-- no knives.

I'm not worried.
Can we talk for a sec?

Keep it up.

Thanks for being
so nice to Zoe. You're sweet.

Oh, it's no biggie.

It's always better
to teach a man to fish.

Or, in this case,
a girl to burrito.

Look, I've been thinking.

You should turn down
Springtown's offer

for the pluot bread.

Hold on, what?

I-I thought you said
it was a done deal.

Look around.
What do you see?

A bunch of people overpaying
for mass-produced coffee.


Mama P's was charming
and unique and had history.

And I turned it into
a generic coffee shop.

Well, a really successful
coffee shop.

There are many ways
to be successful.

Don't sell out, Jake.

Keep your pluot bread recipe.
Sell it on your food bike.

And then, one day, you'll have
your own charming place

that's you.

DARBIE: "How do Darbie
and Hannah really feel?"

This better work.

Here she comes.

Hey, Grandma.
You're here early.

I made breakfast for you guys
so your mom could sleep in.

That's nice.
I'm not really hungry, though.

Oh, just a bite.

It's the first day of the next
year of Kelly Quinn's life.

You're gonna need your strength.

Okay, but, uh,
I'll take mine to go.

We need to get to the trailer.
This can't wait.

GRANDMA: Have a nice slice
of banana bread.

Thank you.


I need to show you something.

-Uh, you're not gonna eat that?
-Uh, you can have it.

I already had, like,
three slices.

Grandma Q really knocked it
out of the park this time.


Pretty good.

What's happening?

You'll be okay.

Did you spell me?

The first thing we need to do is

get back to the garden
and harvest the plants.

We just spent a week
solving the Jill crisis.

Can't we take
a little magic break?

Yeah, I'm so behind on homework.

And I can't keep
blowing off plans with Piper.

What are you doing?

Showing you
what really happened.

We weren't trying to blow
you off, we were just worn out.

I'm just grabbing juices
to take to Madison's.

Her parents put in a new pool,
and we're gonna check it out.

You should come.

Oh, I'd love to,
but I'm kind of, uh,

tied up right now.

Okay, just text me later.

You've been poisoned
by the garden.

You don't understand.

We deserve the book.

That's the poison talking.

You only want the book
because, deep down, you think

without magic,
we won't be friends.

And we love you,
with or without the book.

We'll always love you.
That's the truth.

♪ ♪

(grunts, laughs)

Look, we're gonna
figure this out.


Surprise! Happy birthday!

You remembered.

I believe in our cake.
I believe in us.

It doesn't matter
where you go to school;

-we'll always be friends.
-I know.

The greatest part
about magic was that

I got to do it
with Kelly and Hannah.

It doesn't matter
if you remember magic or not.

All that matters is that
I don't forget Kelly and Darbie.


♪ ♪




Is that you?

The real you?

It's me.

Just checking.

I'm so sorry.

It wasn't your fault.

Yeah. I mean,
the garden did this, not you.

That's not what
I'm apologizing for.

What are you talking about?

Last night...

while you were watching
home movies,

I gave you
a sleepwalking spell.

You mean...

We already cooked
the recipe last night.

"Property of
Hannah Parker-Kent,

Kelly Quinn and Darbie O'Brien."

We're tied to the book forever.

♪ ♪