Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Just Add 1965 - full transcript

Unable to get consistent answers from Grandma, Ms. Silvers, or Mama P about exactly what happened with Chuck in 1965, Kelly, Hannah and Darbie cook a recipe that allows them to observe past events. Meanwhile, Chuck gets closer to the Quinn family when he saves Buddy from a skateboarding accident.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

I'm telling you,
he took a bite,

and then just disappeared
into thin air.

That wasn't the spell.
It was just supposed to

keep him away
from magic.

We've got to
bring him back.

We will, Gina.
I promise.

If you really wanted
to bring him back,

why didn't you just
use your morbium?

He stole my seed
when he stole Ida's.

I think Grandma
lied to us.

So you don't
remember anything.

It's all a blank.

But his memories
can come back.

And that makes him
a ticking time bomb.



I shouldn't have
told you.

Hey, Chuck. Come ride
the Ferris wheel with me.

Give it back.

You don't know
what you're doing.

- [gasping]
- Oh!

Sorry. I didn't
see you there.

Uh, are you hungry?

Yeah. Starving.

Do you like eggs?

Yes, ma'am.

Uh, do not call me ma'am.
It's weird.

There's fruit on the table,
I'll start the eggs.


It's really good.

You should try it.

Go ahead.
Try it.

Everything okay?

Never better.


So how exactly does
Can't Recall Caramel

send Chuck away
for 50 years?

And make him 14 forever,
and give him amnesia?

Sorry I'm late.

I was hanging out
with my parents.

Great news.
They're getting
back together.

That's amazing.

But they've been divorced
for, like, a year.

So when did they
tell you?

Well, they haven't yet.

But my dad's been over
all the time lately.

Trust me.
It's happening.

They went to
a movie last week,

had lunch a few days ago,

and last night we
played board games
as a family.

And my mom let my dad win,
just like old times.

I'm really happy
for you, Darbie.

Me, too.

What are we doing?

We are trying to
figure out how

the Can't Recall Caramel
sent Chuck away.

I'm guessing magic.

Sorry. Focusing now.

Maybe they added
some extra livonian sugar.

Or something
more powerful.

Miss Silvers said that
she didn't like the way

your grandma used
her morbium.

You think she
used it on Chuck?

I don't think Grandma
would do that.

Man, I wish we could
go back,

and see what happened
that day.

Well, me, too,
but we already used

once in a lifetime
Pick-A-Date dates

to go back to Halloween.

Yeah. Not upset
about that at all.

What if we use the
Bitter Truth Truffles
on Grandma?

The OCs aren't gonna eat
anything we give them.

So it's gotta be
something we eat.

Oh, I think I saw something
the other day.

If These Walls
Could Taco.

"Places know
the secrets you seek,

"the scene of the crime,
so to speak,"

"put your hands
upon the wall,

"and close your eyes
to reveal it all."

Oh, there's more.

"Know that when you
lend an ear,

"you may not like
all you hear."

We should go to
Miss Silvers' house.

That's where
they used to do
all their cooking.

We could see if
anyone added anything
to the caramel apple.

Great idea.

Then we can make sure that
Grandma's telling the truth.

What if we find out
your grandma did use it
on Chuck?

You gonna be okay?

I'd rather know
the truth.

What are you doing?

Looking for my
old turntable and LPs.

Why don't you just listen
to music on your phone

like the rest of
the world?

Um, because
I love music.

I want to hear it
in it's purest form.

Vinyl, kiddo.

Ooh, you have to
hear this.

It's the Rolling Stones
live at the Fillmore.

That's really cool,

but maybe later.
We're kind of in
the middle of something.

An attic?

Uh, yes,
we're here to...

play with these dolls.

My name's Rosalinda.
I have five houses
and three maids.

And I am Jane.

And I need a doctor.

Guess I'm not the only one
going vintage today.

Have fun.

Feel better,

That was close.

We need elysian cayenne
and torian cumin.

Here they are.


[piano playing]

I told you Miss Silvers
keeps her door unlocked

while teaching piano.


All right, walls,

show us the day the OCs
cooked the caramel apple.

Or not.

Oh. The riddle said that
we had to touch the walls.

Let's touch 'em
at the same time.

[piano playing continues]

Okay, on three.

- One--
- Wait.

On three or after?

On. No, after.

One, two, three.


When does
your mom get home?

Not for a few hours.

Let's get started.


I don't think
they can see us.

This is so cool.

And weird.

But mostly cool.

Look at Grandma's

She's so cute.

I can't believe
Miss Silvers

hasn't updated
her kitchen
in 50 years.

Are we sure
we should do this?

He stole my morbium seed.

Who knows what he'll
do with it.

I agree with Ida.

We're the keepers
of the magic.

We have to keep it safe.

[sighs] Agreed.

So precise.

We're good, but I think
they might be better.

They had to mix
everything by hand.


And wash everything
by hand.

No dishwasher.


It looks exactly like
the apples that they sell
at the festival.

They didn't add anything
to the recipe.

It was cooked perfectly.

Well, then,
how did it make Chuck
disappear into thin air?

So what's gonna happen
after he eats the apple?

He'll forget about
the magic

that you told him about.

But not about us,

I hope he does forget us.

- Ida.
- What?

All I know is that
when Chuck's around,

bad things happen.

Chuck's not as bad
as you two think.

Well, tell that
to my dad

who lost his job
because of Chuck.


You still don't know
that it was Chuck's fault.

Who else
could have done it?

I don't want us
to fight. Please.


Why were they even
friends with him
in the first place?

And why was he messing with
Mama P's dad?

Never thought I'd
feel bad for Mama P.

After this,
we can finally have

a carefree summer of fun.

that sounds familiar.

Are you ready
for this?

Do I have a choice?

I'm the only one
that he trusts.

It's going to be fine.

You give him the apple, and
when he forgets about magic,

you get my morbium back.

We'll meet you at Corky's
after the festival.

I wish we could
taco to those walls.

Worth a shot.

[sighs] Okay.
On three.

- Do you mean--
- After.

One, two, three.

[piano playing]

Come on, let's go.

[doorbell rings]

Hey, little man.
Can I come in?

I'm not supposed to
let strangers in.

Uh, hi,
can I help you?

Hi, Mr. Quinn.
We haven't met.

I'm Chuck,
Miss Silver's nephew,

and a friend
of Kelly's.

Oh, nice to meet you.

Yeah, she's not home
right now,

but she has her cell on her
so you could give her a call.

Thanks, Mr. Quinn.
I'll do that.

Oh, hello, ma'am.


This has never happened
to me before.

I can't explain it.

Somebody really
doesn't want you
to get in here.

Maybe it's because of
what you said at the
Pluot Festival.

[phone beeping]

We need to talk.

Grab some menus
and seat yourselves.

What can I get
you gals to drink?

Uh, three glasses
of lemonade.

Okay, you got it.

[cell phone rings]


You better
get ready to rumble
next Thursday night.

You got the tickets?

Courtside for
the play off game.

For all of us?
Including Dad?

Yes, sweetie,
of course.

I have to go.
I'll see you tonight.

Tell the girls
I said hi.

Will do.
Bye, Mom.

What did I tell you?
The O'Briens are back.

Three glasses
of lemonade.

What can I
get you gals to eat?

Sweet potato fries.
Ooh, and a grilled cheese.

And maybe a root beer float.

Darbie, are you sure
you're hungry?

I didn't see tacos
on the menu.

Oh. Just the lemonade.

No problem.

Thank you, uh,

Do you think
anyone will notice

if we eat the tacos here?

I think we're safe.

Okay, take us to after
the Pluot Festival.

The 1965 Pluot Festival.

Just being safe.

One, two, three.

♪ Hang on, Sloopy ♪

♪ Sloopy, hang on ♪

What is everyone

I kind of like it.

Can you believe this place
was this packed?

Seventy-five cents
for a hamburger?

At that price,
I would eat 10 a day.

Hey! Eleanor.
We've been waiting
an hour

for our milkshakes.

Don't blow your top.
I'm new here.

Is that the same Eleanor
who brought us our lemonade?

This day
just keeps getting
weirder and weirder.

Over here.

You didn't get
my morbium seed?

What do you want from me?

He disappeared
into thin air.

What if he
never comes back?

We're only in
this situation

because you told him
about the magic.

He gone with
my morbium seed,

and now I'm
the only one without one.

Unless Becky used hers
to spike the apple.


Only something
that powerful

could have made
Chuck disappear.

And you were
the last person
to see him.

I didn't do it.

Prove it.

I recognize that locket.

Are you satisfied now?

It doesn't get
my seed back.

Is that really
all you care about?

What about Chuck?

This wasn't the plan.

What have we done?

One, two, three.

I guess that solves
the morbium mystery.

Yeah, your grandma
didn't spike the apple.

But she lied to me.

She said that Chuck
stole her seed,

but how could he
have stolen it

if she still had it
after he disappeared?

Why would
Grandma Becky lie?

I don't know.

I have to get home.

Yeah, me, too.
Guitar lessons.

Me, three.
I'm hoping for
some good news.

I see your chickens
have come home to roost.

Don't waste my time
with your folksy nonsense.

Tell me what you cooked
to keep me out of my pantry.

Or you'll what,
stare at me funny?

I should have known
you helped the girls

lock me out of
my pantry.

Forget the pantry.

We need to
talk about Chuck.

The same tune
for 50 years.

Not me.

There's a whole
big world out there,

and I'm done
dwelling on the past.

Oh, settle down.
You were in Paris
for five minutes.

Chuck's coming after
my family.

We need to keep him away
from the girls,

and away from magic,

even if it means
we have to cook.

It didn't turn out so well
the last time we cooked

to solve
the Chuck problem.

I don't care what happens
to Chuck.

But if you find
my morbium seed,

don't forget
who it belongs to.

Look, like it or not,
we started this.

And we have to be
on the same page
about how to fix it.

Oh, some things
never change.

You're both just
as selfish as ever.

You with your
morbium seed,

and you trying to play
the noble protector card.

Am I the only one
who feels bad

for what we did to Chuck?

Mom, Dad!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what happened?

It's nothin' serious.

Buddy's okay.
He just scraped
his arm.

- Does it hurt?
- Buddy.

what happened?

Chuck saved my life.

He pushed me
out of the way.

It wasn't
that big of a deal.

And it's not
Buddy's fault.

He was just playing
on his skateboard

when a car came
speeding down the road.

He didn't even see
the little guy,

but I grabbed him at
the last second.

Only wish I could have
gotten the license plate.

Wow, we're lucky
you were there.

- Thank you so much.
- Yes, thank you.

But, um, who are you?

Oh, my apologies,
Mrs. Quinn.

My name's Chuck.
I'm Miss Silver's nephew

from Lavender Heights.

He's really cool.

Oh, okay.

I didn't even know
she had a nephew.

Well, thanks again.

Okay, honey,
let's go clean you up.

Thanks again for
bringing him back.

We owe you big time.

Just glad I was there.

Is that a brand new

Uh, it's actually
really old.

Forgot I had it
in the attic.

Huh. I got one myself.
It's a beater, but it runs.

I was on my way
to El Pete's
when I saw Buddy.

Whoa. You're into
old vinyl?

Is there any other way
to listen to music?

[chuckles] There are
a lot of other ways,

but none as good
in my mind.

I hate to
break it to you,

but El Pete's
is closed today.

Oh, well,
I guess I'll have to
try again tomorrow.

You know what?
Why don't I give you

a record or two
from my collection.

Most of 'em are
collecting dust anyway.

That would be cool.
Thanks, Mr. Quinn.

Yeah, of course.

Least I can do
since you were there
for Buddy.

"Darbs, you forgot
your retainer.

Love, Dad."

Dad was here.

Take me to the last time
Dad was here.


Guess who left this
in my car.


Jokes on you.
Did it on purpose.

You got a second?

I wanted to talk to you
about something.

I think I know what
you're gonna say.

So do I.

I think we've done
a great job of

keeping things normal
for Darbie.

Maybe too good
of a job.

She's getting
the wrong idea,
isn't she?

Wait, what?

- You noticed, too.
- Yeah.

Last night
she kept asking

when we're going on
our next family vacation.

I think we need to
talk to her.

She's needs to know
this is permanent.


She also needs to know
about Amy.

Amy? Cubicle buddy Amy?

Saffron Falls is
a small town.

Sooner or later,
she's gonna find out.

I know, Jenny.
It just feels too soon.

She clearly hasn't
accepted the divorce.

Can't believe this.

So, you in Saffron Falls
for the summer?

Maybe longer.
It all depends.

Bet your parents
will miss you
being away that long.

They're no longer
with us.

Oh, Chuck,
I'm so sorry.

Ah, it was
a long time ago.

I've been
living with my sister,

but things weren't
working out,

so I decided to
give it a shot
with my Aunt Gina.

Well, I'm sure
you'll like Saffron Falls.

I already do.

It's all here.

Bowie, Dylan, Beatles.

You name it,
I purchased it
at a garage sale

or El Pete's.

Hey, what are your thoughts
on the Rolling Stones?

Love 'em.
They're the best.


It's pretty rad up here,
Mr. Quinn.

That's what
I've been sayin'.

Uh, do you have
any Beach Boys?

Uh, I do,
somewhere around here.

It might take
a little digging.

I've been trying to
get Kelly into them,

but she says they sound
too old fashioned.

- That's a shame.
- [muttering] Beach Boys,
Beach Boys.

I keep meaning to come up
and put a system in place.

Uh, what kind of system?

I'd like to go by
decade and genre,

but Terry says
I should do alphabetical.

And you know what?
I'm beginning to
agree with her.

Hey, I gotta
run downstairs.

I'll be back
in a minute.

Take your time.

[birds chirping]

[piano playing]


Take me back to the day
Gina showed Chuck the book.

Gina: I shouldn't have
told you about the book.

If we're gonna be friends,
we can't keep secrets.

[sighs] Okay,

but promise you won't
tell anybody.

Of course.

You can trust me,

Here it is.

Just looks like
a regular old cookbook to me.

That's what it looks like
on the outside,

but inside--

The recipes are magic.

[phone rings]

I better get that.
I'll be right back.

[ringing continues]

- [electricity crackling]
- [gasping]

You didn't think
it would be that easy,
did you?

What's she doing here?

You thought
I wouldn't find it.

You're no match
for them.

Are you sure about that?

You must not trust him.

He remembers.

[piano playing]

Chuck knows the traveler?

What are you doing here?

Your mom told me to
let myself in

if I got here early.
You ready to go?

Why are you pretending
like everything's normal
when it's not?

What do you mean?

Showing up here,
going to play off games
with Mom and me,

family game night.
It's all a lie.

- Darbie.
- Are you dating the woman
I met in the park?

- Amy?
- [sighs]

Your mom told you
about it.

Doesn't matter
how I found out.

I should have been
the one to tell you

- so I could explain--
- I don't want you to

I thought you and mom
were getting back together.

Oh, sweetie,
I am so sorry if we
gave you that impression.

I want us to be
a family again.

Darbs, look at me.

We'll always be
a family.

Your mom, you, me,
we'll always be connected,

and that won't change,

no matter who
your mom or I date.

Everything's changed,
don't pretend it hasn't.

Not everything.

Your mom and I love you.

That will never,
ever change.


[sobbing] Okay.

There you are.

Kelly, your friend
is a cool guy.


Well, yeah, but
I'm talking about Chuck.

Wait, what?

Miss Silvers' nephew.

He's up in the attic
looking at my records.

The attic?

[electricity crackling]

- Get away from there.
- Oh, hey, Kelly, what's up?

What are you doing up here?

Looking at records.

Your dad's around here

Drop the act.

What act?

I think you have
your memories back.

And that means that
you know about the cookbook,

and more importantly,
you know the traveler.

Is that what she's
calling herself these days?

The traveler?

You're smarter than
they ever were.

Nice hiding place.

Stay away from my family,

you stay away from
the cookbook.

Enjoy it while you have it.