Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 26 - Just Add Spices - full transcript

When the magical cookbook opens up to a map, the three protectors go on individual quests to save magic from disappearing forever.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

A single vanilla bean.

It's gotta be magical.

How did you discover
all that stuff about my mom?

From Mama P.
She's been spying for me

ever since you made her cafe
your headquarters.

Kelly: In-Betweeners?

Because they had the book
in between the OCs and us.

Mr. Morris:
RJ, Noelle,

and then there was Caroline.
She was all trouble.

Darbie: Caroline's the one
making everyone forget magic.

They're for the mayor
and they're magic--

What was I talking about?

You're telling me
these are magic spices?

Do you mean magic in
a metaphorical sense?

- Spelling everyone?
- Who's Chuck?

Hannah: Caroline
could be anyone.

Her age and appearance
could be completely different.

I just figured it out.

I think she knows
who Caroline is.

You've tricked us all,
Lady Jillenbotham.

- Darbie: It's Jill.
- Hannah: She has a drink
in her bag.

That must be the spell.

She's getting away.

She's gone.

This is a waste of time.

Yeah, I'm missing
"Friends" for this.

Come on,
let's turn around.

No. The book is
leading us somewhere.

It wants us
to turn left.

I'm telling you,
the book's broken.

[sighs] Look.

I don't believe it.



Jake, I'm so glad
you're here.

- I wanted to talk to you.
- I have nothing to say to you.

I'm here to get
my jacket.

Jake, come on.
Hear me out.

It's not what
it looks like.

It looks like
you spied on Terri,

who you claim
is your friend,

in order to help Lever
win the election.

Yes, but I didn't have
a choice.

I only agreed because
Lever gave me money--

Oh, that makes it
so much better.

I'm not proud of
what I did, okay?

But business
has been bad.

Looks like you're
doing okay to me.

Well, sure, now I am.

But the last few months
have been very tough.

Nobody came in here
all summer.

I mean nobody.

It was like they were
boycotting the place.

That's no excuse.

I looked up to you,
Mama P.

Now I wish I had
never met you.


- [door opens]
- [bell jingles]

Mama P.

I assume you're here
to remove the
"Vote for Quinn" signs.

- How did you know?
- Take them. I'm busy.


Hannah: I don't get her.

Caroline turned into Jill
years ago,

yet she still checks in
on her old housekeeper?

I actually think
it's kind of sweet.

I'll tell you
what I don't get.

Why hasn't she
cursed us yet?

She must need
something from us.

There's gotta be
something we're missing.

Last night, Mr. Morris
lost his memory of magic

in the middle
of the play.

That's just like
what happened to RJ,

Jake, and Miss Silvers.

They were
talking about magic

when all of a sudden
they lost their memories.

Hold on. Remember
Grandma's voicemail?

Kelly, it's me.
Call me right away.

I have some information
that's very important.

There's a box,

and the book is
the key to the magic--

Huh. Totally lost
my train of thought.

It's not
a time release spell.

What if the spell is
triggered by the word magic?

you just said magic.

Oh, no.
So did I.

But you're not spelled,
which means you're still safe.

Hope I am, too.


Okay. We should be fine
as long as we don't say magic.

- Kelly/Hannah: Darbie!
- Sorry.

We need to re-create
Jill's spell

so that when we find her,

we can beat her
at her own game.

We have the spices
Hannah took.

It won't work.

I grabbed the wrong type
of sugar.

I took torian sugar
when we thought that

Jill was using
a time release spell.

But we now know that
she used werepo sugar

because it's
a physical spell.

Right, it's activated when
someone physically says

to trigger it.

So we need to use
werepo sugar.

There's a ton of it
in Mama P's spice pantry.

Let's go.

Did you come for
the rest of the signs?

Seems like Jill
barely took any.

Wait. Jill was here?

About an hour ago.

Guys. Look.

It's turned to ash.

All the spices
are ruined.

How is this possible?

I don't know.

But we're in
big trouble.


We're too late.

Jill's destroyed
Miss Silvers's garden
and pantry,

Mama P's...

and now this.

She's always
one step ahead of us.

So now what?

I guess we wait for
Jill's next move.

Not necessarily.

We still have these.

So? We can't re-create
Jill's spell

to make her forget...


We don't have
the right sugar,

No, but we don't need to.

We can use what we have
to make sure we don't forget

We have spices here
that deal with

truth, mind, and time.

- So...
- So I think we could create
a protection spell.

We can strengthen the truth
about you-know-what

into our minds.

That way we can't forget it
if Jill tries to curse us.

At least for a
certain amount of time

until the torian
wears off.

That's brilliant,

It's only brilliant
if it works.

I'm not so sure it will.

It's the best shot we have.

Jill used a variation of
Can't Recall Caramel.

We need to
counter that with...

I Can Recall
Caramel Glazed Chicken.

We can use
the new barbecue.

- You had me at caramel.
- You had me at barbecue.


What's wrong?

It's just...

these are
the last spices.


Then let's
make 'em count.


Let's hope this works.

Didn't see that coming.

Or that.

It's a map of the town.

The book has never done
anything like this.

What does it mean?

It means the book
hasn't given up.

And neither should we.

Look. Three locations
are marked with a fork,
knife and spoon.

Hannah: We need to
check them out.

There are three of us
and three locations.

The book wants us
to split up.

Hannah: Well,
this one's Fox Canyon.

So clearly,
it's for me.

And that looks like
my grandma's antique store.

Must be mine.

I think it's for me.

I'm supposed to
meet my dad there
this afternoon

to help pick out
an anniversary present
for Amy.

You're probably right.

Then that means
I'm going to Mama P's.

She is the last person
I want to see right now,

but I guess
I don't have a choice.

And what are we
supposed to do
when we get there?

No idea. But the book
must have a plan.

It always does.

I have some
pretty bracelets here

that Amy might like.

What do you think?

I don't know.
What am I doing here?

Helping me
pick out a gift.

No, I mean...

A bracelet sounds nice.

I like it but
I don't want to give
the wrong impression.

It's only a bracelet,

You're right, Becky,
it's just--

Amy got a job offer
in Juniper Hills.

I see.

Is she taking it?

She hasn't decided yet.

I certainly don't want to
influence here either way.

That's why I'm here.
To help you with Amy.

Dad, don't play it safe.

Get her something that
shows her how you feel.

How do you
really feel, Dad?

I feel like I want to spend
the rest of my life with Amy.

Then this ugly bracelet
won't cut it.

- No offense.
- None taken.

We have some

antique engagement rings
that are nice.


Are you okay with this?

I really like Amy.

And if this will
make you happy,

then yeah,
I'm okay.

Let's do this.

just you do it.

It'd be super weird
if I did it.


- Mr. Morris.
- Hannah.

What are you doing here
on a weekend?

I'm not sure.

What are you doing?

Packing up.

I'm moving back to
Lavender Heights.

What? Why?

It's complicated.

I need to help you.

That's sweet,

but there's not much
you can do.

I couldn't sleep
last night.

I got to thinking
about teaching,

and... it's just not
fulfilling anymore.

This just hit you
last night?

After the play?

I know,
it sounds crazy.

Not really.

I'm just not sure what my
purpose in life is anymore.

Feels like there's
something missing.

I know what
your purpose is.

It's to help people.

You can't quit,
Mr. Morris.

You're a great teacher.

Well, you're getting a C.

How good a job did I do?

Thought it was
more like a B.

But that's not
the point.

You've taught me
learning is about

more than
getting good grades.

It's about the journey
of discovery.

It's about thinking
outside the box.

There's a difference
between teaching,

and inspiring.

You've inspired me,
Mr. Morris.

Please, don't quit.

[bell jingles]


What are you doing here?

I'm not sure.

Please give this to Jake
the next time you see him.

It's his last paycheck.

I will.


I'm sorry, Kelly.

I know I made
a mess of everything,

I'm just...

really sorry.

I was selfish.

I hurt your mom,

who I actually think
should be the next mayor,

and I drove Jake away.

I... believe you.

And it's not too late.
You need to make amends.

I think that ship
has sailed.

Lever's gonna win,

and Jake's never gonna
talk to me again.

I know you can fix this.

I'm sure of it.

Mama P, you are
the most underhanded,

sneaky, two-faced liar
that I know.

You don't need to
kick me when I'm down.

For once in your life,

use it for good.

I think they were
tests of character.

Think about it.

I needed to
look past my anger
and help Mama P.

Hannah, you needed to
swallow your pride,

and help Mr. Morris,

even though he's been
really hard on you.

And Darbie,
you needed to accept

your parents' divorce
as final,

and help your dad realize
he needs to marry Amy.

Lesson learned.
Now what?

- [sighs]
- Look.

Wait. I know
where that is.

I think that's near
the post office.

Let's go.

I know what I did
was despicable,

and I want to
make things right.

Lever is going to be elected
unless we stop him.

What do you mean "we"?

Becky and I
didn't spy on Terri.

I know,
and I'm sorry,

but I need your help.

Every time I've been
at Adam's headquarters,

he's been very secretive
about his office.

You want to
get in his office
and look around?

That's impossible.

I have a plan.

Remember when
Lavender Heights

stole our mascot
in high school,

and we stole it back?


We have to be
getting close.

Unless the book
made a mistake.

How often has
the book been wrong?

Good point, but
I still don't like this.

Now we're in the middle of
an empty alley,

and the caramel chicken
may not have worked.

Who knows if we're
even protected.

The book is telling us
this is the place.


Uh, guys.

[wind blowing]


Whoa. I don't
believe it.

I do.

The book must know
when you need spices.

But first we had to
prove ourselves

with a test
of character.

Guys, it's all here.

Every spice
we could ever need.

Now we could finally cook
a recipe to find Jill,

and deal with her
once and for all.

No need to cook anything.

You followed us.

Yes. Thank you for
leading me to the garden.

You knew about it?

How do you think
we got spices
back in the '90s?

The garden
only reveals itself to
protectors, though.

Which is why
you haven't spelled us.

You needed us to find
the spice garden.

Yes. But first
I had to get rid of

all the spices in town.

We know who you are.


You ate
chameleon cauliflower

to change your

I'm impressed.

You guys are
really smart.

In some ways,
you're better protectors
than we were.

In some ways?
Uh, hello?

You've been making
everyone forget magic

so that you can have it
all to yourself.

You're gonna spell us
and then take the book,
aren't you?

I take it back.
You're not that smart.

I'm not trying to
steal magic.

I'm gonna destroy magic.

For good.

Destroy it?


Magic is bad,

It ruins lives.

I assume Arthur told you

what happened to
my ballet career?

You can't blame that
on the magic.

That was your fault.

The magic wasn't
intended for you

to go forward in time
to cheat.

you misused it.

I never would have thought of
going forward in time

if it wasn't an option.

Magic corrupts.

I'm doing you and
the world a favor.

Once I ruin this garden
and spell you three,

it'll all be over.

And what about you?

I can't wait to spell myself
to forget magic.

Then I'll finally be free.

But only after I keep it from
hurting anyone ever again.

- What are you doing?
- Don't!

[wind blowing]

It's time, girls.

I can't believe
we're doing this.

At least
if we get caught,

our parents aren't gonna
ground us this time.


Okay, ready?

I'm not the only one
he was paying off.

There's gotta be records
somewhere in that office.

Well, we'd better hurry.
We're running out of time.

... and, um, those are
important numbers.

Mama P, what are you
doing here?

We're here
to celebrate.

Well, that's sweet,
but we haven't
actually won yet.

Just a matter of time.

I have muffins.

Plenty of muffins.
Go ahead, take one.

They're so good.

I'm so nervous,
I think I'm gonna faint.

Everything's fine,
let's just hurry.

This desk is a mess.

I don't know
what anything is.

Well, we don't have time
to analyze it.

Let's just get some photos
and figure it out later.

Oh, no, it's not working.

It's on panoramic.

- Oh.
- No, now it's
slow mo video.

I can see that.

Okay, Kelly taught me
how to do this.

You looking for
anything in particular?

Sorry, guys,
but trust me,

it's for the best.

[wind blowing]

I'm scared.

It's okay.

We were friends before,

and we'll be friends
after magic.


Wait. What are we
doing here?

No, you spelled her.

- Your turn.
- No.

I'd rather
lose my memories

than be without
my best friends.

- Don't say it--
- Magic.

Kelly. Darbie.

Who are you?

You figured out
the trigger word.

Sooner or later you're
going to have to say it.

Do you really want to
hold this memory

all by yourself?

Go. Be with your friends.


What are we doing here?

What are you doing?

Something I've been
waiting to do
for a long time.

So long, magic.


How did I get here?

Doesn't matter.

I feel great.


I still
remember magic.

- Do you?
- Yeah, I do.

So do I.

We totally
tricked Jill.
Or Caroline.

- By the way,
did you see that?
- Yeah.

The I Can Recall
Caramel Glazed Chicken
actually worked.

- You saved us, Hannah.
- No, you did.

Talk about a
winning performance.

We may have our
memories of magic,

but it won't
do us any good.

The spices are
gone forever.


Man: [on TV]
We're awaiting an update
on today's race

for mayor of
Saffron Falls.

In the meantime...

Stop biting
your nails, honey.

The mayor shouldn't have
chewed up nails.

Well, it's not looking like
I'll have to worry about that.

Lever's ahead.

It's not over yet,

And even if
you don't win,

- I'll still love you.
- Thanks, honey.

Man: Women should gain
a number of seats on
the council, too.

- Sorry we're late.
- It's my fault.

I needed to call everyone
I'd ever met,

and give them the news.

- Oh!
- Oh, nice.


- Oh, my, that's beautiful.
- Congratulations.


- Congratulations.
- Congrats.

Mama P?

- Get out.
- Mom, what are you

It's okay, Scott.

Ida fixed everything.

What do you mean?

Just watch the TV.

Man: Hold on.
Let's now go down to
our reporter on the street.

With the polls
about to close,

a stunning hidden video
has just been released
to the press.

Go ahead,
look all you want.

You really think I'd put
anything in writing?

Do you know how many people
I promised things too?

Vicki Hammond.
She thinks she's gonna be
my press secretary.

- She's not?
- No. I just said that
so she'd write

glowing articles about me
and trash Terri in the paper.

Ida: What are you
gonna do when

people expect you to
make good on your promises?

Too late.

I'll already be mayor.

In a dramatic
turn of events,

we have just learned that
Adam Lever has just
dropped out of the race.

- [gasping]
- He has conceded
to Terri Quinn,

who will be the next mayor
of Saffron Falls.

W-- wh--

I don't understand.

I won?

Madam Mayor.


I'm the first man
of Saffron Falls.


What did you guys do?

We didn't do anything.
It was all Mama P.

[scoffs] Oh,
it was a team effort.

Becky was smart enough
to keep her phone on.

Thanks to Kelly for
teaching me how to use
the video.


- Congrats, Mrs. Q.
- Congratulations.

Thanks, Darbie.


I'm sorry for everything.

You deserve to be mayor.

Thanks, Ida.

I don't know
what to say, Mama P.

There's nothing
to say, Jake.

I promise I will never
give you a reason

to doubt me again.

I assume you can open
the cafe tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna be
up late celebrating.



I wish I felt like

Looks like we won't be
needing this anymore.

At least we have
our memories.

And the guilt.

We were the protectors,

and we failed.

Maybe Caroline
was right.

We're better off
without magic.

Wait a minute.

I just remembered.
The box.

We're not out of magic
just yet.

It's clearly vanilla,
but what spice family
does it belong to?


"Come Back Kombucha Tea."

"When life around
appears to wither,

"allow two drops of elixir,

"take heart when buds
around you waken,

"but remember something
will be forsaken."

So all we have to do
is drink this

to bring back
the spices?

No, we don't drink it.

I think we're supposed to
pour it on the plants.

It makes sense
The plants are
what's withered.

It's cedronian, though.
There's gonna be a downside.

A downside I'll be
happy to deal with

once we have
our spices back.

This is it.


I just realized.

Cedronian magic
is one to one.

If we're bringing
something back

as important as
the spice garden,

we're going to lose something
equally as important.

The book.

It doesn't matter.

Our job is to make sure
the magic lives on.

I agree.

The magic has to
keep going.

Even if that means
the book moves on to

a new trio
of protectors.

We'll be okay.
No matter what.




We did it.

The garden's back.

What about
the cookbook?