Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript

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Previously on Just Add Magic...

KELLY: The recipes in this
cookbook aren't just recipes.

They're magic spells.

This book used to belong
to my grandma

and her two best friends...

Ms. Silvers and Mama P.

KELLY: They were the protectors,
just like us.

Until the book tore them apart,

and they started
cursing each other.

It started with Gina.
She cursed me.

I haven't been able
to leave Saffron Falls

for over 40 years.

This is my curse, Hannah.

When I play outside my house,
no one can hear me.

I found this yesterday.
I think it's Ms. Silvers'.

KELLY: Look, in the bracelet.
A Morbium seed.

That's the most powerful magic
there is.

Someone's cursing former
protectors to forget magic.

They got Mama P,
Ms. Silvers, and Grandma.

So I guess now
they don't remember

why they hated each other.

-KELLY: We did it.
-HANNAH: The garden's back.

But what about the cookbook?

♪ ♪

It doesn't make sense.

I was sure that the downside
of bringing back the garden

-was the book moving on.
-Apparently not.

Well, then, what was
the glowing light about?

The book had to have been
telling us something.

Love you, book,

but sometimes
you're a little frustrating.

-(chuckles) -If the downside
isn't the book moving on,

then, what is it?

We'll find out soon enough.
And we'll be ready.

The first thing we need to do
is get back to the garden

and harvest the plants.

We just spent weeks
solving the Jill crisis.

Can't we take
a little magic break?

Yeah, I'm so behind on homework.

And I can't keep blowing off
plans with Piper.

Well, we can't just
blow off magic, either.

Excuse me.

-Who are you?
-How did you get in here?

And where'd you get
those awesome bellbottoms?

Is this Scott Quinn's house?

Ye-- um, yes, it is,
and I'm his daughter Kelly.

You are?

Your grandma.

♪ ♪

I don't understand.
You're my grandmother,

-and you traveled from...

Don't let this psych you out.

But magic is real.

(soft laughter)

We know.

We're the protectors now.

Far out.

You used to be
so stylin', Grandma Q.

That felt wrong.

How about just "Q"?

Let me guess.

You tweaked "Pick a Date Dates"?


"A Guac Through Time."


Taurian salt and Tengu cilantro.

It's so simple but brilliant.

The Taurian to move you
through time,

-and the Tengu to move you
through space. -Yes.

But it only gives you
three hours.

When it's up, poof,
I'm right back in my kitchen.

Far out.

Eh, not for me.

I thought "Pick a Date Dates"

was the only way
to travel through time.

Dinosaurs, here we come.

(phone camera clicking)

So why here?

Why now?

Oh, no. Are you
in some kind of danger?

Is she always like this?


There's no danger.

I have the cutest little boy
at home

and I couldn't stop worrying

about what his life
would be like.

And then I thought,

"Duh, Becky,
you have a magic cookbook.

Use it."

That does not sound like
the Grandma Becky we know.

She wouldn't just "use it."

Wait, back up.

Little boy?

You mean my... Dad.



Look at you.

So tall.

Uh, thanks, I guess.

And you are adorable.

I know.

You look familiar.

Oh, um, that's because,
uh, she...

works with Mom
in the mayor's office.

Well, nice to meet you.

Uh, Kell, if you guys go
somewhere, remember to text me.

-Oh, don't worry. I will.

'Cause I don't want
a repeat of yesterday,

when you went downtown
and didn't let us know.

Yeah, I know.

-All right, have fun.

If I had a phone,
I would text you all the time.

Not happening, Buddy.


You've done really well
for yourself.

Thank you?

(door opens)

Could he be more overprotective?

I don't know.

I think you should have
texted him.

Whatever that means.

I feel so much better.

I'm glad I came.

And I still have plenty of time.

I want to see everything.

Um, could you give us a sec?


At least we know your
time-traveling grandma

isn't the downside
of the garden.

Yeah, but still,
we need to make sure

that she doesn't get
into any trouble.

We will. I can't believe this.

When will I ever get to hang out

with my grandma
when she was young?


Apparently not today.

Not good.

We better find her.

♪ ♪


(phone camera clicks)

(phone camera clicks)


I wonder how different
life is now than in 1975.

Very. I watch '70s movies
with my grandma all the time.

The mustaches make me laugh.

-(chuckles) -Just imagine what
our lives are gonna be like

in 20 years.

We don't have to imagine.

We could see for ourselves.

Grandma showed us the recipe.

Yeah. Let's do it.

Let's take
"A Guac Through Time."

I bet we're all roommates
in a big mansion.

What about the restaurant
we plan on opening?

Right. A fusion
of our favorite foods.

-Sushi Cookie.

Well, our future
will have to wait. There she is.

-KELLY: There you are.

At least the styles
haven't changed much.

A hundred dollars?

I paid ten bucks for mine.

Ten dollars?
Any way you could buy me a pair

when you get back to the '70s
and magically FedEx them to me?


There's so much
I need to see, like,

what are those TV remotes

everyone is using
to take pictures?

Those are actually phones
that also... take pictures.

Why is everyone taking photos
of their food?

So you can post it.

On the Internet.


Never mind.

So instead of flying cars
and easy space travel,

you've got pictures of dinner?

Hi, girls. Wish I could
stay and chat,

but I have to get to school.

On a Saturday?

I called an emergency
orchestra practice.

They have a performance
coming up, and I'm afraid

if the principal hears us now,

he might cancel
the music program.

Good luck, Ms. Silvers.

Ms. Silvers?

As in Gina Silvers?

Sorry we didn't introduce you.

We weren't trying to be rude.

You're just kind of hard
to explain.

She still lives in town?

Gina's a concert pianist.

She's moving to New York
next month, I mean,

next month, 1975.

How did she end up as
a middle school music teacher?

It's complicated.

And Mama P's is still here?

-This won't be good.

You got here eating a magic dip?

-(bell jingles)
-What are you talking about?

A-And who are you again?

Oh, Mama P, I see that
you've met... my dad's cousin.

She's visiting for the day.

Oh. Well, it's uncanny.

You look just like Kelly's
grandmother at that age.

Mama P.

-Repair guy's on the phone.

Boss threads.
Where'd you get that jacket?

Over the Rainbow.
It's just down the street.

They reopened Over the Rainbow?

I used to love that place.



Why is Ida pretending
not to remember magic?

She's not pretending.

She can't remember
magic anymore.

Trust me, it's better this way.

What does that mean?

And why is Ida
still in Saffron Falls?

The only reason
she even opened this place

was to make enough money
to travel.

A lot has happened
the last four decades.

There's just too much
to explain.

I have an hour and ten minutes
before I'm sent back to 1975,

and I am your grandmother.

So start talking.

I don't believe it.

The magic tore us apart?

We-we swore that would
never happen.

I know this must be
a lot for you to digest.

You have no idea.

You're telling me
I used my Morbium

to send the book away
when Ida and Gina

began cursing each other?


Well, what about Chuck?

H-He was the one thing
that kept us going.

We tried to bring him back
for years.

Well, good news, bad news there.

Uh, we actually brought him back

by accident after we cooked a...

"Last Ditch Layer Cake."

But that didn't
end well, either.

(Kelly clears throat)

This was a mistake.

It's almost time for me to go.

(door opens)

And just when things
couldn't get stranger.

Who is that?

Actually, it's... you.

You age pretty well.
Don't you think?

-Oh, but you can't go out there.
-You want to bet?

I have a few things
I need to say to... me.

They're both gone.

Doesn't make any sense.

I'll tell you
what doesn't make sense.

The trailer's gone.

♪ ♪

SCOTT: What word
did you not understand?

"Fired" means
"clean out your desk,"

not "let's discuss it."

Guys, something's way wrong.

My dad doesn't even own a suit,

and the last time
he fired someone,

-he felt so bad, he threw up.
-Stop crying.

You're a grown man.

Buddy, get out of the garbage.

Buddy's been turned into a dog?

Sorry we're late.

But good news-- Scott Jr.
scored the winning goal.

Again. Not to brag.

At least your mom
seems the same.

We'll see.


how's it going, Mayor?

Very funny.
I may do all the dirty work,

but Gina Silvers
is still the mayor.

(phone rings)


Ms. Silvers is mayor?

You guys, what is going on?

Okay, I-I think when my grandma
went back to 1975,

she must have changed something
and altered the timeline.

Well, in this timeline,
you're really into horses.

I hate horses.
They scare me.

I bet it has something to do
with Mama P and Ms. Silvers.

She was really upset
when she found out

they weren't friends anymore.

You guys,
I just thought of something.

What if we go forward and see
no restaurant and no mansion?

What if... we're
not friends at all anymore?

No, that would never
happen to us.

That's probably
what my grandma thought.

Let's just find her
and figure out what she changed.

Fix it.

Hey, Dad? Where's Grandma?

Nana's in Arizona,
like always. Why?

No, I meant Grandma Quinn.

I'd like to know where she is.

So would I.
I've wanted to know

-since I was a kid.
-Kelly, honestly.

Why would you
even bring that up?

Are you trying
to upset your father?

Sorry. I wasn't trying
to be mean.

I have to make
a family tree for school.

Leave it blank.

And go walk Buddy.

Your grandma is missing
from this timeline.

We need to find her.

Let's split up.
Hannah, you go find Ms. Silvers.

Maybe she has some answers.

I'll take Mama P.

What are you gonna do?

What else?

Walk my little brother.

And we accidentally told
Young Grandma Q

too much information,
and she went back to 1975

and altered the timeline.

She altered the timeline?

(sighs) I know, I know,
you don't believe me.

No, I believe you.

-I was just clarifying.
-You do?

I've been involved with magic
a long time.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

-Great. There's got to be
something in the cookbook. -Shh!

(piano playing gentle song)

Keep your voice down.

The town has ears.

Okay. No idea what that means.

She has spies everywhere.

Who are we talking about?

-Ms. Silvers?!

Shh! Are you crazy?

She could be listening.

-♪ ♪
-(crow cawing)


Flowers from the governor again.

I still dislike him.
Put 'em in the study.

I hope this
won't take long, uh...


You seriously don't remember me?

You were my piano teacher.

I've never seen you before,
and I've never taught piano,

-so this meeting is over.
-No, you don't understand.

I need your help.

It's about Grandma Quinn.

We have to find her.

Why didn't you say so?

Have a seat.

Marble cake?

(piano playing gentle song)


-Oh, no. Jake!

(piano playing gentle song)

Someone turned Jake
into a statue.

HANNAH: What, you mean
someone made a statue of him?

Is he famous here?

No, he's stone.

What's going on?

I don't want to talk about it.

You guys should just forget
about it and go.

This has something to do
with Ms. Silvers, doesn't it?

Wait. Ms. Silvers
is the bad one?

That's usually your job.

(piano continues playing
gentle song)

Gina has everyone in town
under a mind-control spell.

That music you're hearing,
it's hers.

She makes us play it everywhere.

And if you cross her,
she'll make an example of you

by turning you
into a marble statue.

Oh, no.
Hannah's with her right now.

How was she able to spell
everyone in town?

♪ ♪

Gina makes me put
magic spices in my food.

I don't have a choice.

You don't understand.
She's evil.

Ms. Silvers?
But... how did she turn bad?

She wasn't always like this.

It all started in the mid-'70s

just after we finally
figured out how to free Chuck.

-We created...
-BOTH: "Last Ditch Layer Cake."

Your grandmother
came up with that.

Speaking of my grandmother,
where is she?

Oh, dear.

You don't know, do you?

Know what?

Once we brought Chuck back,

he created a spell to,
uh, free his sister Rose.

He needed to sacrifice someone
in order to save his sister.

He put my grandmother
in the book.

I'm afraid so.

Gina never forgave herself.

She did spell after spell,

trying to fix it.

But somewhere along the way,

the magic poisoned her.

Where's the cookbook?

Chuck stole it
when he freed Rose.

We never got it back.

This is the worst reality
I can imagine.

Grandma must have gone back
to 1975 to save her friendship

with you and Ms. Silvers.

She altered the timeline,
and now...

we have to change it back.

Darbie, do you
still have a picture

of "A Guac Through Time"?

Mama P,
we're gonna need your help.

(piano continues playing
gentle song)


It's about time
I finally do what's right.

I'm really sick of this music.

I'll get Hannah.

You two use my kitchen
to make the recipe.

I have a secret pantry.

We know.

And that's why we really need

to talk to Kelly's grandma
to find out what she did

back in 1975.

That's quite a story...

Hannah, is it?

I'm surprised
how much you know about magic.

Like I said, we're protectors
in another timeline.

Do you think you could help us?

I can...

but I won't.



Because you'll ruin everything.

I own this town with my magic.

(laughs): And you want me
to return to a timeline

where you're the protectors
and I'm just a...

disoriented schoolteacher?

Well, when you say it
like that...

You girls are far too much
of a threat, but...

I have a way
of dealing with pests.

Don't worry, you won't be alone.

-Plenty of company in the
town square. -No, don't, please.

Don't you dare!

Run, Hannah.
Get out of here.

That was foolish, Ida.

You need to be stopped.

I refuse to stand by any longer

and watch you ruin lives.

What are you going to do
about it, old friend?

It's a good thing you took
a picture of the recipe, Darbie.

It's an infinite cookbook-- who
knows if I'll ever see it again?

And I'm not missing
another chance to time-travel.

(piano continues playing
gentle song)


-(door opens, bell jingles)
-MS. SILVERS: Hello, girls.

Having a snack?

Quick! Run!


Mama P!

Enjoying the statues?

Okay, all at the same time,
close your eyes

and concentrate
on where we want to go.

♪ Oh, ho, ho, it's magic... ♪

-It worked!

We're in 1975!

Yeah, just in time.

Check out the clothes.

♪ ♪


I want to live in the '70s.

Sorry, Darbie, but we're
only here for three hours.

We need to find my grandmother
before it's too late.

-Let's go. -Wait.
How are we gonna find her?

Oh, I'll just search
for her address.

They have really bad
cell reception in the '70s.

That's because cell phones
haven't been invented yet.

Oh. Right.

Come on.

♪ Oh, ho, ho, it's magic ♪

♪ You know ♪

♪ Never believe it's not so ♪

♪ It's magic ♪

♪ You know ♪

♪ Never believe it's not so... ♪

Ah. Here.

Oh, it-it looks a little germy.

Don't worry.
We're not using the phone.

We're going to find her address
using the phone book.

How did you know about that?

I told you. I watch a lot
of '70s movies.

Got it.

Hang on, I need to make
a quick stop.

Well, Darbie...

Ten-dollar vintage jeans?

I mean, come on.

Well, technically,
they're not vintage yet.

(doorbell rings)

Well, hi there.


You're my...

Jim Quinn, um...

I've seen pictures.

Must've been from last year's
Fourth of July parade.

I was a grand marshal.

How can I help you girls?

I got it, sweetie.

Right on.

Come on in.

You made "A Guac Through Time"?


Is that...

Your father? Yes.

Want to hold him?

(Q chuckles)


He's so small.

I'm afraid I'll break him.

I always feel that way.

That's why I went

forward in time to make sure
he turned out okay.

And he did.

Doesn't mean I stop worrying.

I guess that's what it means
to be a parent.

Oh, Darbie.

This is literally a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What are you doing here?

We're here to stop you
from ruining the future.

What are you talking about?

Jumping forward in time was
the best move I ever made.

I saved my relationship

with Ida and Gina,

and I stopped Ida
from cooking a spell

to hold onto the book forever.

Wait, forever?

That's huge.

Look, I know you had
good intentions,

but you changed everything.

Ms. Silvers is now evil

and Mama P is terrified of her.

You mean we're not friends?

You're not even around.

Chuck traps you in the book
after you free him.

So, I wasn't around
to raise Scotty?

I can't believe it.
I did all this?

What are we gonna do?

We need to put everything back
the way it was.

You're going to have
to start a new fight

with Ms. Silvers and Mama P.

And ruin the friendship forever.


You have a lovely home,
Ms. Silvers.

Thank you.

It's nice to meet you, Hannah.

So, you're a piano player, huh?

I'm just learning,
but I have a great teacher.

That makes all the difference.

There's no better life
than a musical one.

-I agree.
-I'm sorry to rush you,

but I'm kind of in a hurry.

Can I borrow
your corduroy jumpsuit?

What's the occasion?

Hannah is going to babysit
Scotty tonight.

Jim is finally taking me
on a date to see Jaws.

Holds up pretty well.

I mean, I hear it's good.

Sure. Come on, Becky.

♪ ♪

What are Swedish meatballs?

I have no idea,

but they're only $1.25.

Everything is so cheap
in the '70s.

There's Mama P.

Welcome to Mama P's.

Okay, you distract her.

If she kept that recipe
to hold onto the book forever,

it'll be in the spice pantry.

If there even was a spice pantry
back then.

I mean... now.

This time travel thing
is very confusing.

Excuse me, um,

what's in the Monte Cristo?

It's ham, turkey and Swiss
cheese, dipped in egg and fried.


How did that ever
go out of style?

Out of style?
It's the newest trend.

I think you'll love it.

Uh, let's see, um,

what do you feed
these pet rocks?

♪ ♪


I don't get the idea
of a pet rock.

Seems like a waste of time.

You know what's not a waste?

This sandwich.

We're running out of time.

I hope this works.

What do we do if this fails?

I can't believe
I'm responsible for this mess.

Don't blame yourself.

You were only doing
what you thought was best.

Well, that's a good sign.

Better stay here
so they don't see you.

Good luck.

I want my Morbium back, Ida.

Are you accusing me
of stealing it?

Who else would do that?

You're trying to cook
that spell of yours

so that you can hang
onto the book forever.

I told you, I wouldn't do that.

You don't believe me?
I'll prove it.

You can have my recipe
and make sure I don't cook it.

It's gone.

You just couldn't trust me.

I didn't steal anything.

We're done, Gina.

You've crossed a line.

You need to be stopped, Ida.

Please. By who?

Me. And I hope you
like Saffron Falls

'cause I'm gonna make sure
you never leave here.

You do that and you can kiss
your dreams of stardom good-bye.

You know, I really think
magic has brought us

nothing but trouble.

Now, that sounds like
the Grandma Q we know.

It's almost time to go back.

Let's get rid of this recipe

before it falls
into the wrong hands.

This, too.

That does it.

Everything should
go back to normal.

Except you know the future.

I thought of that.

"Forget the Day-pricot Bars."

There's enough Taurian in here

to make me forget
any of this happened.

It's too painful
for me to remember.

Guys, our "Guac Through Time"
is almost up.

I'll miss you, Grandma.

It's not forever.

I'll see you in 27 years.

We did it.

Let's just make sure it worked.

Thank you.

Have a good one.


It's amazing.

After all this,
they're friends again.

It's meant to be.

Hold on.

Hey, Darbie.


Excuse me?

Nothing. Carry on.

What a day.

At least everything worked out.

Should we see if everything
works out for us in the future?

You mean, "A Guac Through Time"?

I don't know. I mean, as much as
I want Sushi Cookie to be real,

maybe it's better not knowing.

I mean, you said it yourself,

We shouldn't change time.

Yeah, look what happened
with Grandma.

In both timelines,
the OCs weren't friends.

Well, I have faith we will be,
and that's all that matters.

I guess you're right.

Let's just enjoy today and
not worry about the future.

What are you doing?

Texting my dad.

He worries.