Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Just Add Telepathy - full transcript

Kelly, Darbie and Hannah use a telepathy spell to go undercover at Saphrön to investigate Noelle Jasper.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

Mr. Morris,
I don't understand.

- A C?
- This isn't Rockbury.
We expect more.

I'd like you to meet Jill.

She's considering
running my campaign.

"Terri Quinn.
Let her run your town
the way she runs her home."

So, you don't remember
the magic?

I don't have time for this.

Hannah: Who would erase
RJ's knowledge of magic?

It wasn't us,
and it wasn't
one of the OCs.

If RJ was a protector,
there are two others
out there.

They could be

Buy some baked goods from
RJ White and Noelle Jasper.

Noelle Jasper?

The same Noelle
who owns Saphron?

My name is
Noelle Jasper,

and I wanted to
introduce myself.

Guys, this means that
Noelle Jasper

- had to have been--
- A protector.



What can I say about
Saffron Falls?

For starters,
it's the worst.

I've been stuck in
this tiny backwater town
my whole life.

I've been waiting
40 years to say this.

Pluots are dumb!


So long, suckers!

[bell dings]


Hey, Jake.

Um, what do you think of
the specials board?

It's, uh--
What's with that drawing?

That's Italy.

Because the Caprese Salad
is from Italy.

The handwriting
is very nice.

But you forgot to add
the Cobb Salad,

the roast beef sandwich,
and the French onion soup.

And those aren't
from Italy.

I-- I didn't
forget them.

I just got to thinking...

one item is a special,
four is a menu.

And our tomatoes
are about to go bad,

so shouldn't we be
pushing the tomato items?

Th-- That's not
your call to make.

I mean, this is
just like when you

the pastry shelf
based on price.

Well, I thought that
it would help--

And that time you
set the soy milk out
with the creamers.

Because people like it.

You wouldn't do this
with a normal boss.

You just do this with me
because I'm your friend.

That's not true.

- It's nice that you
took initiative.
- Thank you.

But can you
please erase that
and do as I asked?

"In Betweeners"?

Because they had the book
"in between" the OCs and us.

Speaking of
"in betweeners,"

I did some research
on Noelle Jasper,

and it turns out,
according to the
Lavender Heights Herald,

that eight months ago
she was a fry cook at
Red's Diner.

And now she owns the most
popular restaurant in town,

which, take it from me,
is a little overrated.

It sounds like the same
overnight success

RJ had in high school.

She must be using magic.

Darby ate there
a few months ago
and she was fine.

I only had a few bites
of my grilled cheese.

I was kind of distracted
by the whole

"meeting my Dad's
new girlfriend" thing.

If Noelle's using magic,

then she might be
involved in RJ's curse.

Which could make her

All the more reason
to investigate.

Half the town
eats at Saphron.

Well, we can't just
walk into her kitchen

like we do at Mama P's.

I mean,
if she caught us,

we could get in
real trouble.

I know how we can
get into her kitchen.

An undercover mission,
just like in the movies.

One of us can go
undercover at Saphron's,

snoop around and see if
Noelle's using magic.

Let me guess,
you want to put your new
acting skills to work?

Can I go undercover?

I've always wanted to be
a double agent.

I hate to
break it to you,

but if we're even sure
we want to do this,

only one of us
has experience
as a server.

I'm a huge fan of
the slow-cooked food

It really brings out
the flavors,

and preserves the integrity
of the ingredients.

That's very good.

Why do you want to
leave Mama P's?

I'm serious about food.

And Mama P hasn't exactly
been written up
in the Saffron Gourmet.

Don't get me wrong.
She has been very good to me,

- but--
- Say no more.

I like you, Kelly.

I think you'd make
a great addition here
at Saphron.

You can train tomorrow.

Every good
undercover mission

needs a man in the van
to run the op.

That's spy talk
for operation.

And for this op,
Hannah and I will be

the women in the booth.

While you're
working here,

we'll get tables
at Saphron here...

and here.

To keep an eye on

we'll run interference
if things go south

like they always do
20 minutes before

the end of
every spy movie.

That's great.
And as I'm snooping,

I can text you
what I find.

Bad idea.
If you text from work,
you'll blow your cover,

not to mention get fired.

We need to keep
in contact with you

in a way that
no one will notice.

Like those fancy earbuds
all the spies use.

Right, except those are
really expensive.

- But you know what's not?
- Our magic cookbook.

Our magic cookbook.

While you were
at your interview,
we found this.


"Send your thoughts,
mind to mind,

"one thought at once
to break your bind."

So it's like magic
walkie talkies.

and the spell breaks

when we all think
the same thought at once.

Something like

Uh, how about
"let's end the spell"?

What do you think,

I think I'm
a lot less scared
to go undercover

knowing I'll be able
to talk to you two
the whole time.


Is it just me,
or does pâté look
really gross

first thing
in the morning?

It's totally gross.

But if it works,
it'll be totally cool.

- Are we ready?
- I think so.

[thinking] Testing. Testing.

This is Hannah. Can you hear me?

this is so cool.

I can hear you
in my head.

Can you hear me?

I hear both of you.
It's amazing.

Totally worth a bite of
pureed chicken livers.

- Hi, girls.
- Oh, hi, Mom.

Uh, we're just having
a staring contest.

Huh. Well, that's
a nice low cost way to
entertain yourselves.


Well, I'm on my way to
meet Jill at Mama P's.

Do you want a ride?

- To Mama P's?
- Yeah.

Aren't you working today?

Um, no, I-- I have
a little research
I need to do.

Okay. Well, have fun
staring at each other.


[door closes]

Oh, I forgot to
change my shift.

Jake's not gonna
like that.

When I explain
it's for the mystery,
he'll be fine.

[bell jingles]

Let me get this straight.

You're ditching me to go
work at the competition?

It's not like that.

Noelle Jasper is
a former protector
and we--

Sunday is our busiest day.

Be here.

Okay, maybe Jake
won't understand.

I hate to do this
to him.

But this might be
our only chance to
investigate Saphron.

I think I have
an idea.


Kelly can't just
give a shift

to someone who
doesn't work here.

Don't yell at me.
I'm here to help.

Sorry. Thank you,
it's just...

hard being a boss
and a friend.

Kelly, can you hear me?

- You are Saphron's...
- Jake's really upset.

Now, you must make them feel
like they are...

Kelly, are you there?

Yeah, but hold on.

You take an order
by calmly asking,

"Have you had a vision of
the meal you'll be enjoying?"

The monkey is in the tree.

Or should I be the monkey on the beach?

- Or should I be the--
- Everyone be quiet.

You seem distracted.

Sorry, I'm-- I--
I'm just concentrating.

Well, if you remember
nothing else,

remember what I'm
about to tell you.

- The customer...
- ♪ [vocalizing]
Stakeout ♪

♪ I'm on a stakeout ♪

♪ Lookin' for some
m-m-m-m-m-magic ♪

♪ On a spies hunt ♪

♪ Super spies,
spies hunters ♪

- Super spies.
- Darby!

Sorry. I was setting the mood.

I need to
pay attention.

Did you get all that?

Yeah. Totally.

Jake, what is she
doing out there?

Oh, Hannah?
Well, she's
filling in for--

No, not her.

Mrs. Quinn is having
a campaign meeting.

And she needs
three tables?

Looks like it.

All she's ordered is
a pot of coffee
and three muffins.

Well, running for mayor
can't be easy or cheap.

Cut her a little slack.

Why should I?
I'm not political.

They need to
order more or leave.

Presentation is
just as important
as taste.

Do you know why?

Because our eyes eat
before out stomachs.

That's very good.

Now, that is why
I personally inspect
every single dish

before it's served.

Every single dish?

That's right.
And it's a good thing I do.

Look here.

This one is missing
the edible pansy.

Edible pansy?

It's Saphron's
signature garnish.

One goes on
every single plate,

no exceptions.

Hannah: $10?

Kell, don't you
always complain

that Mr. Ashton is
a terrible tipper?

- What?
- Excuse me?

I just, um--
No garnish?

I mean, what is this,
amateur hour?

Saphron is famous for
its edible pansies.

Well, the secret is
I add a touch of spice.

Spice? What kind?

Well, like I said,
it's a secret.

But I will say you
would be surprised

how many ordinary dishes
can be enhanced

with just
a little bit of spice.

Not as surprised
as you'd think.

I need to go grab more
from my pantry.

Oh, I'll go.
Where's your pantry?

It's, uh, over there,

but it is off limits
to servers. Stay put.

Kelly: You guys,
Noelle has a pantry
that's off limits.

Darby: Whoa,
a secret pantry?

Hannah: Of course.

Just like Mama P
and Miss Silvers.

Kelly: She even said
she uses a secret spice.

Oh, I gotta go.

Now, let's see
how you wait tables.

[bell jingles]

Everything okay?

That's one of
my teachers.


Well, I get nervous
around him.

I don't think he
likes me very much.

Then you better not
screw up his order.

Welcome to Saphron.
My name is Kelly,

and I will be your
culinary guide today.

Hello, Kelly,
I'm Deborah,

and I'll be
your customer.

While you meditate
on your choices,

please enjoy
a complimentary
rosemary popover.

And allow me to
introduce myself,

and the cuisine here
at Saphron.

In today's rushed world,
I wanted to...

I need to order,
but I'm afraid to
eat anything.

Until I get into Noelle's pantry,

I don't know what's safe.

But stay away from the edible flowers.

The pansies might be magical.

See, I believe that
sharing food with loved ones

I have to get

Hannah: Just get what
you got last time.

That didn't seem to
spell you.

Darby: Good idea.
It was a bland
grilled cheese,

but at least
it was safe.

Are you kidding me?

I've had it.
This isn't their
private office.

Terri, I hate to
do this but--

Sorry I was so loud.
I was on the phone.

- I heard.
- And I learned that
Councilman Lever

if officially going to
run against you for mayor,

Adam Lever?
I know him.

He's a good guy.

Well, that may be,
but he stands for

you're against.

I heard he wants to
bulldoze part of downtown,

and turn it into
a giant outdoor mall.

A mall?

Well, that's the
last thing we need.

- It'll ruin the charm of--
- I know.

As mayor, I will never
let that happen.

Good for you.

We can't let him
turn our town into

the next Lavender Heights.

And that's why Terri
needs to win this election.

Thanks, Jill.

I'm sorry, Mama P.
You were coming over
to say something?

Uh, I just wanted to know
if you needed another pot
of coffee.


Are you rationing that
in case the food takes
another hour?

Something like that.

One rosemary popover
isn't enough to
make up for this wait.

I should complain.

Monkey to thimble,
monkey to thimble.

What's your status,

Kelly: Apparently,
my pouring form
needs work.

And you're not helping.

No, no, no,
too sloppy.
Watch me.

Kelly: I need to
get into that pantry.

Just make an excuse.

We have to find out
what's in there.

Got it.
Um, my pitcher's empty.

Let me go in the back
and fill it.

Oh, no, no.
Don't be silly.

Kelly: I can't get away
from Noelle.

I need a distraction.

I think I have an idea.

Hannah, I need your help.

My help? Okay.

I'm told you have
a complaint?

I do.

This popover
does not look organic.

I can assure you
we use only the...

The whale is on the hook.

Go now.

And how do you
source them?

Well, we have a variety
of local farms from which...

Okay, now just keep her talking.

However she answers, just follow it up with

a very stern, "And do you think that's ethical?"

Now, don't think at me for a minute.

Hi, Mr. Morris.

It's nice to see you.

What are you having?

Miss Parker-Kent.

Surprised to
see you here.

Yes. I know this is time
I could be studying,

- however, I--
- Are you kidding me?

A steady job can
teach you things

that an honors class

Wait. Steady job?

Yes. You know,
learning the meaning
of hard work,

it's, uh, every bit
as important as studying.

A job teaches you
about the real world.

I admire you for
being able to balance this
with your school work.

I don't think
you understand.

I think I misjudged you.

I'm very impressed,


I personally visit these farms
every single morning...

How's it looking, Kell?

I have no idea what
Noelle's going on about,

but I think she's
wrapping up.

Kelly: Any second now.

I'm goin' in.


Um, is there a term for
when your cover's blown?

Darby: It's called
being made. Why?

Kelly: Because I think
I've been made.

False alarm.

I'm going in.

There's nothing here
but food,

like normal,
non-magical food.

And these pansies
are just...


Darby: Kell, abort.

Noelle said something about
free-range hydroponics,

and walked into
the kitchen.

Get out.


Uh, I, um--
I was just
cleaning it up.

I should get back to
the floor now.

No, you won't.

You'll wash your hands

Right. Hygiene.
Of course.

Thanks so much, guys.

Leaving so soon?

I get it.
We hogged the tables.

- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.

In fact,
I'd be happy to reserve

these tables for you
every day

if you'd like to
make Mama P's your
campaign headquarters.


Wouldn't want to impose.

This could be
a good thing for you.

The champion of
small business

running her campaign
from a small business.

It's great PR.

I believe in
what you stand for.

Well, okay, then.
Thanks, Mama P.

- We'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.

I thought you weren't

I am now.

I'm proud of you.

It'll be good
for business.

Now, go throw out
our tomatoes.

They went bad overnight.

I thought Noelle
taught you how to pour.

Yeah, but I needed
an excuse to stand here.

Whoa. You just
out-spied me.

I think Noelle
might be okay.

She hasn't done
anything shady?

No. She seems
really nice.

Plus, she hasn't done
any actual cooking,

so how could she
spell the food?

Hannah, we think Noelle's
on the up and up.

Well, that's great news.

Maybe should could help us figure out who cursed RJ.

- How'd it go
with your teacher?
- Terrible.

He thinks I work here full time.

He said he admires me.

Kelly: Well,
I'm sure he would admire
your honesty, too.

Hannah: You' right.
I'm going to go talk to him.

Kelly: And I'm going to
find Noelle.

And I'm... gonna sit here
and eat my grilled cheese.

It's not that great.

It's great, right?

Best grilled cheese
I've ever had.

Totally worth the wait.

Um, Mr. Morris,
there's been some confusion.

the woman at table two
left you a big tip.

You know, you're doing
really well

for someone who doesn't
actually work here.

Hello? Noelle?

Noelle's not in
her office.

Darby, do you see her?

I just saw her go
into the kitchen.

Who keeps rosemary as a desk plant?

That's just... weird.

Wait. Did you say...


This is the best
grilled cheese
I've ever had.

I know. Right?


Guys. I think Noelle
has RJ's backpack.

[bell jingles]

All: This is really bad.

Is everything okay?

Darby, what was that
about rosemary?

Is anyone there?

[bell jingles]

So, look who's back.

Jake, we don't have
time for this.

No, Darby.
Jake's right to be mad.

I'm sorry I left you
in a lurch.

I kind of took advantage
of our friendship.

But you're
a way better boss
than Noelle.

I owe you an apology, too.

A good leader should
be able to recognize
good ideas,

and because I didn't
listen to you yesterday,

a bunch of
innocent tomatoes

How bad is it?

Wait. Noelle didn't cook
a single meal?

I knew she was just
all talk.

You're missing
the point, Jake.

This rosemary must be
a magic spice

that she uses in her
rosemary popovers.

She spells her customers
to love her food.

And the worst part is,
I really want
another one of those

grilled cheeses.

This is definitely
RJ's book bag.

And these are
all the spices
he stole from us.

There's only one way
Noelle could have this.

She must have
taken these from RJ

after she cursed him.

I was really
starting to like her.

I can't believe
I fell for her act.

What's important is that
you got out of there safe.

she cursed her best friend
from high school,

and she's spelling
half the town.

Imagine what she'd have done
if she'd caught us.