Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - Just Add Attention - full transcript

Noelle is suspicious of the girls and curses them with a mystery spell which makes everyone pay attention to their smallest move.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

I checked my balance.
It looks like we're
in business.

If I can't be an actor,
I'd still like to be
a part of it.

Maybe you can
help build sets.


Who would erase RJ's
knowledge of magic?

Who could erase RJ's
knowledge of magic?

If RJ was a protector,
there are two others
out there.

- "In betweeners"?
- Because they had the book

"in between"
the OCs and us.

Hannah: Noelle Jasper?

- Darby: She had to
have been--
- A protector.

Hannah: Which means
she could be dangerous.

Kelly: All the more reason
to investigate.

This rosemary must be
a magic spice.

She spells her customers
to love her food.

Hannah: This is definitely
RJ's book bag.

And these are all the spices
he stole from us.

She must have
taken these from RJ
after she cursed him.

Imagine what she'd have done
if she'd caught us.


So, what do we do now?

Not sure. Darby,
you watch all those
detective movies.

What happens next?

The bad guy comes after
the detective,

usually at night when
her guard is down.

But Noelle
seems so... Zen.

Don't let her namaste
fool you.

You've taken her
livelihood away.
She's gonna be mad.

Not only that,
we have evidence that

she committed a crime
against RJ.

I'm no detective,
but the first thing I'd do
is secure the evidence.

I was just gonna say that.

Okay, do we have
a wall safe?

No, but we have
a secret pantry.

Do you think Noelle
will really come after us?

[bell jingles]


You know,
I'm a little hurt
you lied to me, Kelly.

I really thought you had
promise as a server.

You did?

but you always get
my order wrong.

I'm not sure why
you stole my stuff,

but I'd appreciate it
if you'd return it.


- Please.
- No.

We're not gonna let you
spell your customers

into believing
your food is good.

'Cause it's really not.

And you stole
those spices from RJ,

which he stole
from us.

When opportunity knocks,

the universe
wants you to answer.

I saw the spices
and I took 'em.

And now,
I want 'em back.

Or you're gonna have
a sip of... juice?

We both know
this isn't juice.

You're gonna spell us unless
we give you the spices.

Sorry, but you leave me
no choice.

Last chance.



[bell jingles]

[door closes]

You guys okay?

Noelle Jasper
just spelled us.

With what spell?

We have no idea.


I don't believe it.

It can't be.

Remember the plan.
We need to be on the lookout

for any signs of
what spell we're under.

- So far, I'm okay.
- Me, too.

Me, too.
Whoa. I just tripped.

Maybe we're under
a clumsy spell.

I don't think so.
You were the only one
who tripped.

Right. So maybe
I'm just clumsy.

I feel congested.

Anyone else?

No, Hannah.

Noelle wants
her spices back.

She's not gonna curse us
with nasal congestion.

Good point.

It'd be much bigger.


I know we'll
figure this out.

Stay in touch.

Hi, guys.

Oh, thanks,
Mama P.

My contribution to
the Quinn mayoral campaign.

Well, that makes you
one of our biggest donors.


Uh, speaking of
the mayor's race,

what's Adam Lever
doing here?

Mr. Lever.

You're in the wrong
campaign headquarters.

I was wondering why
I didn't see any

"Leave It To Lever"
signs. [chuckles]

Mama P, I would love
a cup of coffee,

and one of your famous
oatmeal raisin cookies.

I'll make that to go.

Oh, that would be great.

I'm actually here
to talk to you, Terri.

So, uh,
how's the family?

We miss you at all
the basketball games.

Well, Kelly's more into
cooking these days.

- Oh.
- Not to cut this
fun visit short,

but we do have
a campaign to run.

Oh, exactly, which is why
I'm here to make a proposal.

What do you say
we both agree

to run clean campaigns?

I love that idea.

We may disagree
on the issues,

but we both
love this town,

and we're trying to set
a good example for our kids.


So, deal?


May the best person win.

Oh, thanks.

Thanks, guys.

Huh. That was
a nice surprise.

I don't buy it.
He's a shark.

Oh, he's nice.

He's a dollar short.

Hey, councilman.

You still owe me a dollar
for the cookie.

I think I've
paid you enough.

Not that I'm

Just found out that the
Saffron Falls Herald

has endorsed me.

I don't know how
you did it,

but that should get me
a lot of votes.

When were you going to
tell me about your plan

to build a giant mall

that will put me
out of business?

Oh, well, uh,
I was gonna tell you--

When the bulldozers
came down Main Street?

If you want my help,

we're making a new deal.

Let's hear it.

That mall of yours
is about to get
a new restaurant.

And the rent is
practically free.

That's right.

Mama P's
is expanding.

Okay. Fine.

But you gotta do
something for me.

I'm going to get
the mayor's endorsement,
don't worry.

I know.

You need to do
something else.

Find dirt on Terri.

I don't know.

It's a 10,000 square foot


Thanks for the cookies.

[school bell rings]

[indistinct chatter]



There's plenty of room
over here.

Teacher: Okay.

Where do amino acids
join together
to form proteins?


Come on, guys,
someone has to know this.


There you go.
Nice job.

And we're on stage
and she says,
"I don't feel good,"

and I say,
"That's not the line."

And she says,
"I don't feel good,"

and I say,
"That's not the line."

And she runs off stage
with her mic still on.

Turns out,
she did know the line.

She was just sick.

Darby: They didn't even
wait for the punch line.

They just walked away
and ignored me.

I know the feeling.
Mrs. Vega acted like
she didn't even hear me.

Do you think Noelle
put us under
an ignore me spell?

Hard to tell.

Haley ignored me,

but that's normal.

And the other students
also ignored me.

But that's normal.

But today did seem
extra bad.

It makes perfect sense.

Noelle doesn't want people
to pay attention to us

when we tell them
she's been spelling
the food at Saphron.

So what do we do?

If we can figure out
what the spell is,

we can counter it.

Make It Happen
Macaroons. No.

Speed Reading
Spaetzle. No.

Oh, why does the book
have to be infinite?

Maybe we could just
logic out a counter spell.

Yeah, but we only have
a limited amount of spices.

We have
night blooming salt.

That's the
attraction family.

- And grunde herbs.
- That's the vision family.

Those ingredients
might balance out
the ignore me spell.

What can we make with
salt and herbs?

Ooh, potato chips.

Potato chips.
That's a great idea.

I was
talkin' about these,

but, yeah,
let's make potato chips.


I have a perfect name.

Pay Attention
Potato Chips.

I hope this works.

- [crunching]
- Oh, this is going to work.

- [crunching]
- Definitely.


[indistinct chatter]

[school bell rings]

are shaped perfectly

to maximize their

Kelly. Please,
pay attention.

Yeah, I just--
I needed to grab my--

I'm not interested.
Just don't disrupt
the class, please.

They're made of
two membranes.

The outer membrane
covers the organ--

That's enough. Kelly,
you've got detention.

[indistinct chatter]


Excuse me.

I'm not sick
or anything.

Haven't you ever
just sneezed?


Okay, Piper,
go ahead.

You must believe me,
Inspector Langham.

I saw her pour
the fateful glass of--

What are you doing?


You're not doing nothing.
You're taking focus from
the actress on stage.

No offense,
but you kinda are.

Sorry, my ear itched.

Let's take it again,

You must believe me,
Inspector Langham.

I saw--

I'm sorry,
Miss Balfour.

Darby distracted me.

What? How?
I wasn't even moving.

Darby, I know that
you want to act,

but right now,
your job is to be
behind the scenes.

Why don't you get
the candelabra

from the prop storage
for the next scene?

Sorry, Piper.

You must believe me,
Inspector Langham.

- I saw her pour the--
- [door opens]

- Darby!
- Come on!

Hey. I saw what happened
at lunch.

Just leave me alone.

I'm not sure why everyone
was staring at you.

I am,
but it doesn't matter.

I'll be back to being
invisible again tomorrow.

Don't know what's worse.

I hate this school.
I never should have
come here.

Don't say that.

When I first started here,

at ate lunch alone for
the first two months.

What about your friend

You met her on
the first day.

Have you met a Bianca
at this school?

Well, no.

That's because I made her up
so Mom wouldn't worry.



Hannah, I'm sorry.


You didn't do anything.


I'm your older sister.

I should have realized
how hard things have been
for you.

Come on.
I have a shirt
I can lend you.


I usually have
an extra one,

but I used it yesterday
after a chem lab situation.

But if you get
a stain on it,
I'll kill you.

[bell jingles]

Oh, Gina.
Thanks for coming.

It sounded urgent.

It is.

but I don't understand.


The knife, fork,
and spoon logo.

Where did you find this?

It was
sitting on a shelf.

- It's locked.
- I know.

We need to find out
who brought this in.

I checked the ledger.

It's been here
since 2004.

Someone named Laura H.
brought it in.

- Who's she?
- No idea.

Ornate carved wooden box
with key.

Where's the key?

I don't know.

We need to find it.

You couldn't find
a recycling bin?

Excuse me?

This was posted on
Adam Lever's website.

"Recycle much?"
Is-- Is this a joke?

I wish.
Especially since
I'm the candidate

with the
recycling initiative.

"Terri Quinn can't manage
her wayward daughter.

"How can she manage
Saffron Falls?"

I can't believe
you got detention.

How did this happen?

Apparently, some kid
who supports Lever

snapped the photos and
sent them to his campaign.

How can any kid
support Adam Lever?

I'm the one with
the education plan,

and the parks
and rec plan,
the plan--

Terri. We know.

Like it or not, Kelly,
you're a public figure now.

You need to stop
drawing attention
to yourself.

Especially this kind.

I'm really sorry, Mom,
I wasn't thinking.

Trust me, I'm not trying to
draw attention to myself.

Please be more careful.

And I haven't forgotten
about detention.

I know.

- [sighs]
- Don't be too hard
on Kelly.

It's not really her fault.

No, I know.

It's mister "Let's run
a clean campaign."

He went after my kid.

How can he do that?

Welcome to politics.

I feel bad for my mom.
I can't believe someone
sent a photo of me

a water bottle away.

It's just the spell.
If you weren't under it,

nobody would have
paid attention.

Why didn't our
counter spell work?

We must have done
something wrong.

Hello, ladies.
How was your day?

What spell did you use?

It's not important.
I see it worked perfectly.

I want the spices.

We don't have
a choice.

Actually... no.

We're not giving you
a thing.

Because you never
spelled us.

That's ridiculous.

You just said the spell
worked perfectly,

but we're not under
a spell you created.

We're under the spell
we created.

Okay, I'm confused.

Think about it.
We cooked a counter spell

that was
supposed to neutralize
the ignore me spell

that we thought
Noelle put us under.

Right. But instead of
making things go back
to normal,

we ended up becoming
the center of attention.

Our counter didn't
counter anything,

it just worked like
a normal spell.

Which means
we were never cursed
to begin with.

You were bluffing.


You got me.

It's very impressive.

But just because
I didn't spell you
last time,

doesn't mean
I can't or I won't.

Give me my rosemary.

We'll take our chances.

So, we ate
the potato chips,

and now we're under a
pay attention to me spell.

We spelled ourselves
for no reason.

So that's why
I didn't zone out

while you were telling
this very long story.

How did this happen?

It's complicated.
We were fake spelled,
but didn't know it.

We cooked a counter
which wasn't really
a counter,

and ended up
spelling ourselves.

Oh, the old fake spell
fake out.

When you get inside
someone's head,

it can be as powerful
as a real spell.


Who did it?

Noelle Jasper.

Saphron's Noelle Jasper?

We found out she was
an "in betweener" with RJ.

And that she's been
spelling her food
at Saphron.

Wait. She's spelling
her food?

That sure explains the lines
and the rave reviews.

I don't believe it.

Who would do that?

Yeah. Who?

Do you want my help
or not?

In fact,
if you didn't have
all my attention,

I'd walk right over
and give that woman
a piece of my mind.

She's closed.


Okay, first,
let's get you un-spelled.

Go to my pantry and get
some merwaldian cinnamon

to reverse
the attraction spice.

Sprinkle it in
some bland oatmeal.


Oh, I get it.
So we won't
stand out anymore.

Thanks, Mama P.

Once we're back to normal,
we'll figure out what to do
about Noelle.

Leave that to me.

I know exactly how
I'm going to handle
this "in betweener."


Let me try one.

[lock clicks]

Guess I have the touch.

Well, this isn't
what I was expecting.

Not even close.

It looks like it
belonged to a teenager.

Who went to see
"Batman Forever"
in 1995.

This isn't
going to help us.

It's just a bunch of junk.

[crickets chirping]

[bell jingles]

I got your message.

I'm please you're
willing to negotiate.

I didn't say that.

I just said
I have your spices.

And I would
like them back.


So you can continue to
spell your customers?


Where do you think
I got the idea? Hm?

I was in your store
a few months ago,

and bought one of your
very dry cranberry scones,

and then felt compelled
to spend $50 on potpourri.

I don't do that

And neither will you.


Long day.

I'd better get
dinner started.

I'm not very hungry.
I just had a bowl of

You know,
comfort food.

Hey, Mom.

I feel really bad
about what happened.

I would never
want to do anything
to hurt your campaign.

Oh, sweetie,
I know. I--

Actually, I'm the one
who owes you an apology.

No one should have to
live in the spotlight
like that.

Ugh. Jill was right.

That Adam is a shark.
Trust me.

The gloves are
coming off.

Don't lower yourself
to his level.

I'm really proud of
the campaign you're running.

You are?

Yeah. Just keep doing
what you're doing.

You're going to win.

Are you just
buttering me up

so we don't have to
talk about detention?


But that would be nice.



[school bell rings]

- Kelly.
- Yes?

Nice job on
your lab work.

You must believe me,
Inspector Langham.

I saw her pour
the fateful glass
of poisoned tea.

I'll meet you
in the parlor.

[indistinct chatter]

Can I sit with you?


Okay, what I mean is,
you can.

But maybe you should
go sit with her.

But she's surrounded
by her friends.

'cause she's nice.

Nothing's gonna change

if you don't put yourself
out there, Hannah.


Hi. Um,
is this seat taken?

No. Have a seat.

My name's Hannah.

I've seen you around.

How do you like
Fox Canyon so far?

Um, it's okay,
I guess.

Except for the food.

Yeah. It's best to
stick with the fries.

Pretty day to be
out gettin' votes, huh?

I'm glad I ran into you.

Why? Do you want to put
my picture on your website?

"Terri Quinn,
addicted to caffeine."

I want to apologize for
what happened with Kelly.

I did not
authorize that,

and I promise I will fire
whoever did this.

No, you did it, Adam.

That's as low
as it gets.

Kids are off limits.

You're right.

You're right.

I'm sorry, Terri.

I just really
want to be mayor.

And I'm gonna do
whatever I have to do.

Well, you do
what you want.

But I'm still running
a clean campaign.

Because when I go home
to my family,

they're proud of me.

And I'm not losing that
because of you.

And I am going to
defeat you.

[bell jingles]

I can't believe
Saphron is open again.

It didn't seem busy.

Hey, Mama P.

Hi, girls.
The usual?

Yes, please.

What happened last night
with Noelle?


You were gonna
talk to her about
her magical popovers.


I've heard they're good,
but I wouldn't call them

So, you don't remember
talking to Noelle?

Pretty sure
I'd remember it.

Yeah. Me, too.

Is the rosemary plant
still in the pantry?

Who keeps a rosemary plant
in the pantry?

I wish I had
a pantry.

Have you seen how tight
it is back there?

Mama P,
you do have a pantry.

A secret pantry.

If I do, then it's
a secret to me.




Are you speaking English?

Have a seat.
Be right back with
your smoothies.

Mama P doesn't
remember magic.

She's been spelled,
just like RJ.

And we know
who did it.

All: Noelle.