Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Just Add Meddling - full transcript

Kelly finds herself using magic to solve every problem, big or small, forcing Hannah and Darbie to hide the book from her. Meanwhile, Chuck finds a new way into the girls' lives through Jake.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

Who do you guys
think this is?


I have to go meet
my dad's new...

Both: Girlfriend.

you remember Amy.


You were cooking
without us?

Practice makes us
better cooks.

Not us, Kelly, you.

I used our morbium to
break our protectorship
of the book.

Cannot believe
you lied to me.

I really don't want to be
around you right now.

I want my cookbook,
and my morbium.

If Chuck's book steals
our magic recipes, then--

It might steal
a magic fire?

[fire crackling]









What the--


Ida: Late night?

We had one, too.

We were up cooking.


This was your big move.

Moving me one town over.

What'd you cook?
Move Me Melon Balls?

Transporting Tartine?

Go Away Gumbo.

You realize I can
walk to Saffron Falls
in 20 minutes, right?

The gumbo wasn't
the only thing we
cooked last night.

You should have
left Kelly alone.

I'm sorry it's
come to this, Chuck,

but you left us
no choice.

Blah, blah, blah,
enough talking.

It took me 50 years and
the help of three protectors

to break this spell.

Let's see how well
you do.

[wind blowing]

What did you do?

Enjoy Lavender Heights.

You're never leaving.

[door slams]


I wish I could have seen
the look on his face.

Was he angry?
I bet he was angry.

Did he try to
spell you again?

- We're you scared?
- Do you really think
it'll stop him?

Okay, girls.

One question
at a time.

Here's a question.

How is trapping Chuck
in Lavender Heights

gonna help us?

We have to contain him.

It seems like there are
better ways.

Not that anyone
asked my opinion.

Kelly, we can't risk him
cursing us again.

She's right, Kell.
We barely stopped him

This is
our best option.

He's close enough
to keep an eye on,

but he won't have
access to spices.

Well, except for the spices
that he already has,

and that's including
Mama P's morbium.

That morbium is like
having a brick of gold

in the middle of the ocean.

It's valuable, but
he can't use it to escape.

Becky: Exactly.

And there's only one spell
that can break that curse.

Curse Breaking
Candied Stone Fruit.

And Chuck doesn't have
the right spices for it.

[car horn honking]

That's my dad.
See ya after lunch.

What's wrong?
You look like you
don't want to go.

you've never met a lunch
that you didn't like.

I'm just sad
it's only lunch.

Dad has a teacher's meeting
at school,

then he leads
a woodworking class at
the community center,

and later he has
plans with Amy.

Sometimes I just wish
I had him all to myself.

Better go, too.
I'll see you after
your lesson, Hannah.

Hey, hang on.

I'll walk you home.


Well, maybe
she didn't hear you.

Don't have that spice.

Too much of a downside.

Not written in English.

Single Serving
Cinnamon Brownie Bites.

"If you want to have fun
just one on one..."

This is perfect.

Perfect for what?

Nothing, I was...

just doing some

Trying to see if there's
a way to determine

which spells have downsides
and which don't.

Kelly, we need to talk.

- Can it wait?
I'm pretty--
- No. Now.

I know you're still upset.

But you have to stop
shutting me out.


you lied to me about how
you used your morbium.

And the truth
is even worse.

It's not so
black and white.

You abandoned your friends
when they needed you most.

If I'd let the book
stay with us,

Gina and Ida's feud
would only have gotten worse.

but you could have used
your magic to save them.

Just like I used the magic
to save you.

We were given the book
to help people.

You can't rely on magic
for everything.

I need you to
stop using it.

I'm sorry, Grandma.

But that's not
your decision to make.

You're not the protector
of the book anymore.

Hi. I'm here with
your lunch.

Is this
some sort of prank?

No, sir.
I have an order of 50
extra cheesy Jakewiches.

How will you be paying?

Look, kid,
only three people work here,

and two of 'em have
already gone to lunch.

Well, someone ordered
these sandwiches.

You see this?
Go try your scam
somewhere else, okay?

Come on, I brought these
all the way from Saffron Falls.

Hi, Jake.

I see you got my order.

Is there a reason you're
studying the book
like we have a test?

I'm trying to find
the drawing of
the girl we saw.

I can't find it anywhere.

The book is never-ending.

We're lucky if we can ever
find anything in here at all.

Maybe a spell will help.

Or maybe we could
just take the day off
of magic stuff,

and just have fun.



I didn't think it would be
that easy to convince you.

You're right.
We've earned it.

Well, great.

I made a list of fun stuff
we could do today.

I love how you
organized them

into physical,
mental and lazy.

- The best kind of fun
is well-balanced fun.
- Mm-hm.

Is there anything on the list
that stands out to you?

Not really.
They all look good.

All of them?

Even the documentary
on tiny house living?

Hey, girls.
Hey, girls.

Hi, Dad.
How was car shopping?

You should have
seen me negotiate.

I got a great car
at an amazing price.

Did you get something fun
like a convertible?

No. I got
the mini van with

the highest safety record
on the market.

- Oh.
- That's great.

Good for you,
Mr. Quinn.

I guess those cookies
you made me

really were good,

[door opens]

Special delivery,
one red-headed
trouble maker.

- Hi, Mr. O'Brien.
- Hi, Mr. O'Brien.

How was lunch?

So much fun.
We ate at the park.

Ooh, Dad, tell 'em about
that poodle we met.

Oh, and the guy
on the skateboard.

Sorry, Darbs.
You know I gotta
get to my seminar.

I still don't understand
the point of being a teacher

if you don't get
a summer break.

Before you go,
would you like
a brownie bite?

I made them fresh.

Well, we already had
dessert, but...

that never stopped me before.

Well, now I know where you get
your sweet tooth from, Darbie.

Darbie: I prefer to
think of it as

a discerning
dessert palate.

I've never seen you
discern a dessert.

That's not true.
I never eat Jell-O.

Don't trust
the way it looks.

Just one and then
I have to go.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.

- Thanks, Kelly.
- Mm-hm.

Mm. This is great.

We should do more
normal cooking like this.

I mean, you know,
more baking with cinnamon.

[cell phone buzzing]

Huh. Get this.
My seminar's cancelled.


Any chance you'd like to
spend a few more hours
with your old man?



[bell jingles]

You're two hours late.
Everything okay?

Uh, yeah, sorry I'm late,
but, um,

it looks like
extra cheesy Jakewiches
are today's special.

Decide the whole menu
if you like.


Are you sure
you're okay?

Oh, it's too good a day
to worry about anything.

I'm getting worried.

Are you happy?

The plan worked.

Chuck's trapped in
Lavender Heights.

Hope he likes
strip malls.

You really think he'll
stay there forever?

Gina and Becky think it's
the humane thing to do.

I know how horrible it is

to be trapped
in one place forever

And you're glad
about this?

You have no idea how much
he deserves this, Jake.

Come on. I've got some
sparkling apple cider

chilling in the freezer
to celebrate.

You shouldn't take joy
in someone else's pain.

No matter how bad
you think they are.

Chuck is a horrible person.

You know, it wasn't
too long ago

that everyone in town
thought you were horrible.

Jake, come on.

Where are you going?

To sell my sandwiches.

I can't believe this.

If no one shows
in the next few minutes,

we're gonna have
a private screening.

I'll be able to
yell at the screen.

Yell all you want
as long as you tell me
what's goin' on.

These doomed Earth movies
are a little confusing.

You need to read
the books.

Amy tried to
explain them to me,

but I got lost when everyone
started time traveling.

Amy? Please.

Trudith Winters'
nuanced storytelling

is lost on
the casual fan.

Amy loves those books
almost as much as you do.

You could have
invited her.

To father-daughter day?

That is crazy talk
is what that is.

You know what?
Let's make it
a double feature.

I'm gonna cancel my
woodworking class.

- Really?
- Sure.

Monkey Bites?

Mm, these are great.
I thought I knew
all the primo candy.

Amy got me started on them.
They're her favorite.


they are pretty good.

Hey, Darbs.

Thanks for ditching
your friends for me.

It'll be good for them.

They need to learn how to
have fun without me.



♪ I feel like woo! ♪


♪ Yeah,
I feel like woo! ♪

♪ Dancin' on the sunshine ♪

♪ Your love today is
feelin' all right ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ I feel like woo! ♪

♪ Like I could do anything ♪

- [gasping]
- Yes!

Oh, that was so cool.

♪ Come on,
let's take it on ♪


♪ Come on,
let's take it on ♪


- No. No, this is not
in the book.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.

♪ It's a brand new day ♪

♪ Come on,
let's take it on ♪♪

Quetzals? Really?

It's the national bird
of Guatemala,

and worth 128 points.

The dictionary's right here
if you want to challenge it.

I believe you.

How do you even know
this stuff?

- Thanks, Kell.
- For what?

I've really needed
a day like this.

- Cards, TV--
- A short but awesome
karaoke duel.


It's nice to
just have fun,

and not have to worry about
magic or new schools,

or boys from 1965
who are trying to curse us.

I totally agree.

So, what's next
on your list?

I'll let you decide.

We can either have
a disco dance party,
or do yoga.

Either is fine by me.


You know, you're very
agreeable today.

You're right. I am.

So far,
everything you've picked
has been a lot of fun.

In that case,

let's bring disco back.

I'll be honest.

Disco was never really
my thing.

Can I maybe interest you
in some Blondie?

You can dance
to her music.
Kind of.

Maybe I left it over--

Actually, Mr. Quinn,
we really wanted pure disco.

Right. Um, Dad,
do you think they
might be over here?

Scott: Ooh, how about
some James Brown?

- Kelly: Sure.
- Actually, um, no.

He's funk, not disco.

- What?

ABBA Live.
Solid gold disco.

Come on,
let's get funky.

Sounds good to me.


Uh... yeah.

I love ABBA.

- [bell jingles]
- Best double feature

It was pretty fun.

I wish every movie
had your commentary.

How often do you get
two private screenings
in a row?

Must be the summer heat.
Everybody just wants to
stay inside.

That explains why it was
a ghost town outside,

but you'd think people
would want to be in

the free AC that
the movie theater has or--

- [door closes]
- [bell jingles]


Wasn't this place packed
just a second ago?

I didn't notice.
Who cares?

Just means I have you
all to myself.


Um, why don't you
grab a seat,

and I'll find Mama P.

Mama P,
we have a problem.

Yes, we do.

I don't know what you did

or why I feel like taking
a walk in the park,

but if you don't fix it
by closing, lock up.

Kelly, what did you do?

Those brownies were magic.

Just your dad's.

It was a Single Serving
Cinnamon Brownie Bite

so he'd make time for you.

He always
makes time for me.

Now he'll make
more time for you.

Have you had a nice day?

It's been perfect.

But that's not the point.

This spell worked too well.

He cancelled his class,
people are avoiding us,

- and now--
- Calm down.

The spell uses torian,
so it should wear off
at 7:30.

Well, what am I
supposed to do until then?

Enjoy hanging out
with your dad.

You spelled
Mr. O'Brien?

I was just trying to
give Darbie a good day
with her dad.

You spelled your dad,
too, didn't you?

I saw the dollhouse.

We're really low
on some spices.

Okay, yes.
It was a small spell,
Concur With Me Cookies,

to make my dad
a better negotiator.

Trust me,
he needed it.

That's why you said that

you'd do everything
I wanted today.

Your spell made everyone
agree with your dad,

but then you became
overly agreeable.

You suffered the downside.

I didn't suffer.
I had a blast today.

Your list was
tons of fun.

Okay, updating our
internet passwords

wasn't exactly thrilling,

but you were right,
I really needed to do it.

You're using
too much magic.

I have it under control.
Both spells use torian,

so they wear off.

- But that's not the point.
- Then what is?

We all had awesome days.
I'd call that a win.

I call it reckless.

You sound like Grandma.

You know,
your grandma's right.

I'm going home.

Something wrong
with the dessert?

Just not in the mood
for it, I guess.

Honey, what's goin' on?

It's just that I was having
a really amazing time today.

Me, too.
It's been great.

But did you really
enjoy it,

or was it just,
you know--

Hey. Spending time
with you

is always my
favorite thing to do.

- I wish we had more of it.
- I get it.

You have work and
seminars and Amy.

Sometimes I wish I could
wave a magic wand,

and make all my
obligations disappear.

Yeah. That would be cool.

- [door opens]
- [bell jingles]

So, you wanna
keep hangin' out?

Of course, it's early.
It's only, uh--

Oh, no.
We have to go.

- Right now.
- What's wrong?

I didn't realize
how late it is.

I was supposed to
take Amy to a play
for her birthday.

Wait, today is
Amy's birthday,

like right now today?

Yes, and I blew her off.


I'm sorry.
I lost track of time.

I-- I'm sorry.

You know I could have
gone out to dinner with
my parents tonight.

Well, [stammers]
if we hurry, we can make
the second half--

My friends wanted to
throw me a party.

It's still early.
Let's, uh, go out--

But I wanted to spend
my birthday with you.

I'm a jerk.
I'd be angry, too.

You're not a jerk.

You're a good father

who wanted to spend
more time with his daughter.

I'm not angry about that.

I'm hurt that you
didn't even think
to call me.

Let me make it up to you.
We can--

Look, Patrick,

I really like you.

But the last thing
I want to do

is come between
you and Darbie.

I don't think you that
you have time in your life

for a relationship
right now.

Darbie: This is
all your fault.

Amy broke up with my dad

because of your
stupid spell.

No, no, the spell
shouldn't have done that.

I just wanted to give you two
more time together.

I've never seen my dad
that sad before.

- It was horrible.
- I'm sorry, I--

I'll do whatever I can
to make it up to you,
I promise.

There's gotta be
a spell in here--

You want to do
a spell? Now?

What else can we do?

Magic did this.

And magic can fix it.

We just have to cook.

Oh, we're gonna cook.


But not with magic.


You really took the time
to make this for me?

And are those
Monkey Bites?

Dad says they're
your favorite.

Plus, they go well with
the peanut butter frosting.

I sampled it for
quality control.

It's amazing.

You didn't
have to do this.

Does your dad know
you're here?

No. I wanted to come
and tell you

I kept my dad distracted
all day.

That's why he
forgot to call.

He knows he messed up.

As soon as he realized,
he came right over.

I really like your dad.

But I know you're
a package deal.

If you don't want me
in your life, I get it.

You make my dad
really happy.

And that makes me happy.

Please give him
another chance.

I promise he'll never do
anything like that ever again.

He's really sad.

Oh, duh.
I almost forgot

the second part
of your gift.

"Doomed Race
To Antarctica,"

by Trudith Winters.
Thank you.

I know you already have it,
but this copy's special.

Open it.

It's autographed.

But Trudith
doesn't give autographs.

How did you get this?

It's no biggie.
We used to be besties.

Thank you so much.

I know my dad's
supposed to take you to see
the new "Doomed" movie.

Do you think
he can stand

sitting through it
a second time?

That's the thing.
He didn't really get it.

I'm going again tomorrow,

and I thought it might be nice
to go see it with a real fan.

I'd love that.

I came as soon as
I got your message.

What's the emergency?

Hannah and Darbie have
something to tell you,

Where's Kelly?

We need to talk
about Kelly.

We think she has
a problem.

I'm sorry.

What for?

You were right.

I shouldn't take pleasure
in someone else's pain.

I just don't get it.

You hate Chuck because
he stole your morbium?

No. There's always a chance
I can get that back, but...

I-- I hate Chuck

Did I ever tell you
he got my father fired
from his job?

Chuck framed him
for stealing, right?

And because he used magic,

no one believed
my dad was innocent.

And that one cruel act

started a domino effect
that shattered my family.

And the worst part is,
he didn't even know my dad.

He was just trying to
scare us into
giving him the book.

Well, I didn't know
about your family.

I'm sorry.

Now that Chuck's trapped
in Lavender Heights,

maybe it's time for me
to stop being trapped
in the past.

You think you could ever
forgive him?

Not a chance.

I get it.

There's nothing
more important than family.

I should be
more honest with you.

After all,
you're the closest thing
I have to family.

[clears throat]
I-- I have to run an errand.

Uh, get back to sweeping.
This place is a mess.

[bell jingles]

[door closes]