Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Just Add Fire - full transcript

Chuck knows the girls have taken his book, so he gives them, Grandma, Silvers and Mama P a sleep spell. Now, all six of them must stay awake long enough to cook a counter-spell together.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

The book literally
never ends.

You must protect the book.

It is in danger.

The recipes that we saw
in Chuck's book.

They're missing
from ours.

He has his own cookbook
that's stealing our spells?

He stole my seed
when he stole Ida's.

Grandma lied to us.

Ida: I'm not gonna let him
disappear with my morbium

for another 50 years.




Chuck's book is
stealing our recipes
faster than ever.

Well, at least
we have his book
and he doesn't.

I mean,
that's good.



Darbie, how could you
possibly be tired

at a time like this?

Easy. I was
up all night reading

"Doomed Rainbow
at Midnight."

"Doomed Rainbow
at Midnight"?

Uh, hello.
It's Trudith Winters'
new book.

The world's
only been waiting
two years for it.

Yeah, not a fan.

Especially after being
PB&J BFFs with her.

So, how was it?

And get this.

She even used
some of my ideas,

like the feather speakers
hiding out on sad Earth.

I forgot how much
I hate those books.

But I'm really happy
for you, Darbie.


Did you hear that, Kelly?
Some of Darbie's ideas

made it into
Trudith Winter's book.

Yeah, that's great,

What's wrong?


I thought that
the book went on forever.

Apparently not,
and we're reaching the end.

It's gonna be empty soon.


Staring at it
won't make it stop.


How did Chuck
get this book in
the first place?

It looks like
he made it out of

tree bark or something.

Say what you want
about Chuck.

He's handy.

Is there anything
we could do?

I feel so helpless.

There is.

We can destroy
Chuck's book.

He can't keep stealing
our recipes

if there's nowhere
for them to go.

But if we destroy
Chuck's book,

won't we lose our recipes

I don't like it either,
but what choice do we have?

No magic is better than

the magic being in
the wrong hands.

It won't be easy.

I'm sure he's got
protections on it.

We'll just have to
break them.


"Lay Waste
Lunar Lollipops."

"To destroy
what's not wanted,

"melt candy to stick,

"and in the light
of the moon,

"end it all with a lick."

I'm not really
a lollipop fan.

I'm more of
a chocolate kind of girl.

But I'm game.

"When colors mix,
three combined
will make dark,

"when light is added,
three colors will spark."

What does that mean?

Only one way
to find out.

"Corn syrup,
Cream of Tartar,

"Kalimba cane sugar."

I've never
heard of that before.

Me, neither.

All: Mama P.


What are you doing?
It's crazy busy out there.

I need help.

You said you wanted
more responsibility,

now you got it.

More responsibility
doesn't mean

one person doing
all the work.

Relax, I'm coming.

[bell jingles]

- Excuse me.
- Um, Mama P,

we need to
talk to you.


Follow me, girls.
Be right back, Jake.

You gotta be kidding me.

Kalimba cane sugar.
Why do you need that?

We just need it,
and right away, please.

an element spice,

so it has something to do
with earth, wind or fire.

Are you trying to
control the weather?

- We can do that?
- Wait a minute.


We saw fire in our dream
with the Traveler.

Excuse me, dream?

That's right.
We did, Hannah.

And a page from the book
was burning.

Maybe we're supposed to
burn Chuck's book.

We really need
the Kalimba cane sugar,
Mama P.

I don't know.

I can't believe
I'm saying this,

but I'm calling
your Grandma and Gina.

We need to have a meeting.

Are you out of your mind?

You saw what happened
when I tried to destroy
the book.

It fought back.

Well, yeah, but
it's not our book,
it's Chuck's.

Even worse.

Our book is so thin,
you wouldn't even
recognize it.

- It's very sad.
- Becky's right.

We have to find
a different way
to save the book.

We've tried,
nothing's worked.

I say let 'em destroy
Chuck's book.


What, Becky?
You have another idea?


I didn't think so.

We're the protectors
of the book.

Everyone before us,
including the three of you,

did their job.

Now we have to do ours.

That's true.

- Be careful.
- [bell jingles]

Everyone's here.

What do you want?

I think you know.

Lunch special?
Soup's chicken noodle.

I'm not in the mood
for games.

I want my cookbook,
and my morbium.


I should have known.

You stole back
your morbium.

No wonder you offered
to stay behind
in Chuck's trailer.

I don't see what
the big deal is.

I just took back
what's mine.

You should have
let us know.

Discuss this
on your own time.

Come on.
Let's go.

Forget it, Chuck.
We're not about to
give you anything.

Face it.
You lost.

You're making a mistake.

Get out.


If that's how you all feel.

Just remember,

you brought this
on yourselves.




What did you do?

I feel exhausted
all of a sudden.

You should.

I just cursed you
with a sleep spell.

So, give me my stuff back,

and I'll give you
the counter spell.

- Not happening.
- Never.

No way.


But the second
you fall asleep,

you'll be asleep
for a year.

And I don't think
it'll be hard to find
my stuff then.


You know where to find me.

- [yawning]
- [bell jingles]

I can't stand that kid.

So, what are we gonna do?

Now I'm double tired.

Why'd I have to
stay up all night reading?

We need to find
a counter spell.

And soon.

There must be
a recipe in the book
we can use.

I'm not so sure.
It's nearly empty.

Chuck's stolen

What about Chuck's book?

He has our recipes.
We should be able to
cook them.

It don't think it'd work.
They're in Chuck's book.

He's the protector,
not you.

She's right.
And if we try

there could be

Who knows what protections
he put on it.

Well, maybe we can
split up into two groups.

That will double our chances
of defeating Chuck.

That's a good idea.

The three of us
will go to Kelly's,

and see if there's
a counter spell

in what's left
of our book.

And we can go to my place
and try to improvise one.


My parents will be at
Buddy's karate tournament
until 8:00.

How late are they gonna be?

It's already, like,
2 a.m.

It's lunch time,

Oh, boy.

Let's go.
We don't have
a minute to waste.

[bell jingles]

Back from my deliveries.
Did I miss anything?

You're in charge.

Wait. When are you
gonna be back?

Either in an hour,
or a year.

[door closes]

[music blaring]

What is this music?
It's terrible.

It's the Blast Jackets'
latest album.

Maybe the worst music
I've ever heard.

Then why are we
listening to it?

Try falling asleep to it.

[music stops]

There are hardly
any recipes left.

"Speed Sprinting Stromboli."

For when you're
running late.

You could use that,

I'm not always late.

Okay, well,
sometimes I'm late.

most of the time I'm late.

I think I just hurt
my own argument.

I don't know,
I'm so tired.

You don't seem tired.

Well, that's because
I just did 20 push ups,

and some basic
dance moves.

The endorphins
keep me awake.

Uh, guys, look.

What's the recipe?

It-- It's not a recipe,
it's a drawing.

The book has never
done this before.

I guess it has more than
just recipes in it.

Who is she?

Hannah: I don't know,
but it's super creepy.

Yeah. This is gonna
keep me awake for a while.

I don't see anything
to help us stay awake,

or counter Chuck's
sleep spell.

Well, this music
isn't helping any.

Really? You don't find
Beethoven energizing?

No. That's why they
play classical music
in the dentist's office.

And can you turn
the dimmer up on the lights?

I don't have a dimmer,
they're as bright as they get.

Dim lights,
classical music,

the heat turned up
to 400 degrees.

If I didn't
know any better,

I'd guess an old lady
lives here.

We're the same age, Ida.


Hey. Remember when
we had to stay awake

to study for that
geometry test in tenth grade?

What spell did we use?

Stay Upside Down Cake.

With Merwaldian sugar.

No, it was Merwaldian
spring berries.

That's right.

It worked once,
it can work again

Even spelled,
you barely passed
that test, Becky.

I'm good with words,
not with rhomboids.

- Whatever those are.
- [laughing]

It's been 50 years
since we cooked together.

I can handle
twice a century.

Let's do it.


- the pans are--
- To the left of the oven.

I remember.

And Ida,
I have some spices--

Under the cushion.
I know.

You're not the only one
with a cool secret pantry.

Kelly: Who do you guys
think this is?

One of the OCs
when they were young?

It's hard to tell
with her eyes closed,

but it doesn't look
like one of them.

Okay. I know I'm tired,

her eyes are open now,

this is getting weird.

Getting weird?

Change again.

Come on, do it.

Darbie, stop it.

This is serious.

The book obviously
wants us to know
about this girl.

Right now,
when we're exhausted?

Just say
what you mean!

I'm a little cranky.

Whoa, the picture
changed again.

Hannah: She has a flower
in her hair.

It looks like a rose.


That's what the Traveler said
to Grandma in her dream.

And who was that girl

who sat behind you
in History class,

and tried to copy
your answers?

Oh, uh...
Kimberly Henderson.

- Yeah.
- Oh, and she had
that ridiculous

- bouffant hairdo.
- [laughing]

The only way we could
stop her from cheating

was to cook a
Scramble Her Vision
Bacon and Eggs.


Oh, ho, ho, ho.

[sighs] Okay,
I think we're
almost done.

All we need now are
Merwaldian spring berries.

Someone stole my
Merwaldian spring berries.

Someone who wears
a size 10 Converse.

Gina: He's one step
ahead of us.

How'd he know we'd
try and cook this?

You know who also
had to stay awake for
that geometry test?

- Chuck.
- Ohh.

I gotta
hand it to you, Gina.

You taught him
how to cook well.

I know.

I am truly sorry about that.


We were just kids.

We did our best.
He was manipulative.


The sketch of the girl
was in here,

we all saw her.

Chuck's book must have
taken that page.

You'll never find it now.
His book is getting bigger
by the second.


Miss Silvers!

Thank you.

I hate to say it, guys,
but we're out of time.

We have to give Chuck
what he wants.

We can't give up.

Kelly, we don't have
a choice.

We're out of options.

And I'm not gonna
let you girls
hurt yourselves.

There still is one thing
we haven't done.

Cook from Chuck's book.

We've already
discussed it.

We're not the protectors,
it won't work.

I know, I know,
but we could be wrong.

These are our recipes,

we have to at least try.

She has a point.

I suppose it's
worth a shot.

Better make it quick,
I'm not gonna last
much longer.

Okay, let's see,
we need to find something

to counteract
Chuck's spell.

All right, uh,
"Never Feeling
Funnel Cakes."


"Portrait Painting

Maybe your morbium
would help the situation,

Morbium is an amplifier,
not a cure-all.

You, of all people,
should know that, Becky.

What does that mean?


"Wide Awake
Beef Wellington,"

that's perfect.

"When you need to
stay awake,

"whether it is
day or night,

"set aside some hours
to bake

"this lovely
sumptuous delight."

We need Livonian shallots
and Werepos salt.

No problem.

This is a hard recipe.

We're gonna need to make
a puff pastry, and--

and crepes, and then
we're gonna need

chicken liver pâté,
mushrooms and shallots.

It'll take a while.

The good news is
we have 12 hands.



[bell rings]

Oh, no.

Hannah: What?

I don't understand.

Gina: I do.

Like I said before,
Chuck is the protector
of the book.

We can't cook from it.

If I had any energy,

I'd be really angry
right now.

What are we gonna do?

While we're thinking,

would it be okay if
I put on a pair of PJs,

you know, just to be

No comfy PJs.

Nothing comfy at all.
We all have to stay awake.

We're going to
fall asleep.

And Chuck will take back
the morbium and the book.

We might as well just
give them to him.

But we're the protectors.

We can't just
let him have it.


Think about your parents.

how stressed they were

when I was under a spell,
and I couldn't talk?

Darbie: Yeah.

Imagine how they'll feel
when they can't wake you up
for a year.

You're right.

I guess Chuck wins.


You guys look
really tired.

Ready to give me
my book and my morbium?

Are you ready to cook
a counter spell?

Already cooked it.


Huh. Wide Awake
Beef Wellington.

Well, I'm wide awake.
Everyone else?

We failed.

All those protectors
had the book before us,

but we're the ones
who let it down.

Oh, you didn't fail,

You did everything
you could.

I'm proud of you.

I feel terrible about
teaching that boy magic.

Can't this
pity party wait?

We have bigger issues
at play.

Like how Chuck
now has all the power.

What's he gonna do
with it?

Whatever he wants.

We can't stop him.

I wish I'd used
my morbium seed

before he had a chance
to take it back.

Forget your morbium, Ida,
it's not all about you.

Oh, you're one to talk,

You couldn't have been
more selfish

about your morbium.

What do you mean?

Tell her, Becky.

If you're so
proud of yourself.

It's nothing, Kelly,
forget about it.

No, Grandma,
I'm not gonna forget it.

I'm tired of you
keeping secrets.

I deserve to know
what you did.

All right.

The book tore
the three of us apart,

and I'd had enough.

After these two
cursed each other,

I used my morbium to
break our protectorship
of the book.



Can you even do that?

No, you can't.

That's why Becky
had to use her morbium.

To amplify
a separation spell.

A person doesn't choose
when the book comes to them.

Or when the book
moves on.

Grandma, you interfered with
the natural order of magic.

I would be horrified
if Darbie or Kelly

separated us
from the book.

So would I.

But we would
never do that.

I did what I had to do.

It wasn't your decision
to make, Becky.

The book decides
when it moves on.

The book belonged to
all three of us.

I cannot believe
you lied to me.

You told me that Chuck
stole your morbium.

What else have you been
lying to me about?

- Kelly--
- No, Grandma.

I really don't want to be
around you right now.

Come on, Kelly,
I know you're upset,

but she's still
your grandma.

I know.
It's weird,

I was doing
everything I could
to save the book,

and Grandma was doing
everything she could
to destroy it.

Yeah, it's ironic.

In a bad sort of way,
of course.

It's so sad.

There's only
one recipe left.

"Lay Waste
Lunar Lollipops."

Guys, I think
we should cook it.

What's the point?

That was to destroy
Chuck's book.

We don't have
Chuck's book anymore.

But there must be
a reason

the book saved this
for last.

The riddle says that

we should lick the lollipops
in the light of the moon,

and it's finally

And there's a big,
bright moon.

Do you still have
the Kalimba cane sugar?


Let's cook.

It might be
our last time.


[crickets chirping]

- Ready?
- Ready for what?

I don't even know
what we're doing.

We're doing what the book
wants us to do.

I think.

Here we go.

Darbie: Whoa!

They're like
mini spotlights.

So, now what?

Remember the riddle?

"When colors mix,
three combined
will make dark.

"When light is added,
three colors will spark."

Come on.


Put your light
on top of mine.

Hannah: Wow.

Now you, Darbie.


Something's happening.


Remember our dream?

A page from the book
was on fire.

The Traveler told us that
we had to protect the book.

But how?

Chuck's book took our
Lay Waste Lunar Lollipop

Well, yeah, Chuck's book
takes all of our recipes.

Our book is magic.

Chuck's book is magic.
These recipes are magic.

This fire is magic.

If Chuck's book
steals our magic recipes,

- then--
- It might steal
a magic fire?

This is the book's
final protection.

It wants to keep the magic
from the wrong hands.

Are we really
doing this?

We don't have
any other options.

What if it doesn't work?

Then there's
no stopping Chuck.




[fire crackling]


Something's happening.



[fire crackling]

The fire's gone.


[wind blowing]

[paper rustling]


The spells are back.

"Miso Person's Soup."

"Shut 'Em Up Shortcake."

"Settle The Beef

We did it.

- [giggling]
- Yeah, we did.

All: Oh, my gosh.