Joseon Attorney (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - The Promise of a Wedding Ceremony - full transcript

After realizing there's nothing that can stop his father's evil deeds, Ji Seon decides to let Yeon Joo and Han Soo use him for their revenge. Yeon Joo suggests Ji Seon to use their wedding ceremony as a chance to interrogate Execu...

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(All people, incidents, and
periods in this drama are fictitious.)



Please keep Mom and Eun Soo safe.

Han Soo, I put my trust in you.


If anything happens to Father,
it is all your fault, Mother.

Han Soo!

- No!
- Let go.

Let go of me. Let go!

I deserve to die. Let go!

Let go of me!

I cannot!

If you kill yourself, what about me?

How am I supposed to go on?

What about me?

It is all your fault!

Even if I said no, you
should have forced me!

You should have forced me to go!

You should have told me...

to find out where my only sister
was and how she was living her life.

You should have nagged me...

hundreds and thousands
of times to take care of her!

That is why...

That is why...

if anybody should die, it should be me.

Why should you die?


I missed her so much.

I did not get a good look at her.

The prison was...

too dark.

I have no idea how Eun Soo...

grew up...

and the kind of adult she became.

I did not get to see anything.

You saw her, right?

I did.

I saw her...

again and again,

until there was nothing more to see.

She was beautiful like a flower...

and bright like a star.

And her smile was...

so dazzling.

- She smiled?
- Han Soo.

When she smiled,

she looked...

just like how she was as a child.

I will get to see her once I die.


You are one twisted man.

You are...

nothing like Executive Minister Yoo.

Both in your vision...

and your journey.

Your Highness.

An auspicious day is out.

Will you...

marry me?

If you simply wish to marry
me to defeat my father's power,

this marriage is no longer
meaningful in any way.

I have stepped down from my office,

and even in the future...

I need a stage.

Our wedding...

will turn into an interrogation
against Executive Minister Yoo.

I will expose every
illegal deed, corruption,

and wrongdoings he has committed.

A large crowd will gather for the wedding,

so it will be a perfect stage.

Is it all right...

if I continue to use you...

until the very end?


You are no longer using me.

I am going to use you instead.

Because I want...

this revenge.

(Episode 15: The Promise
of a Wedding Ceremony)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

There had been...

much troubling news
in and out of the palace.

I am greatly pleased to share...

such joyous news with you.

Everything was made possible
thanks to you, Grand Queen Dowager.

- Congratulations, Your Highness.
- Congratulations, Your Highness.

I plan on holding this wedding
at a merchant house in Mapo...

for all of our people to come and see.

Ministry of Rites shall...

prepare everything to a T
according to our customs.

Please do not worry.

I hope everyone will
attend and celebrate with us.

- We are honored by your favor.
- We are honored by your favor.

Master Ji Sun is to marry the Princess.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Do not forget. This is a kindness
from Executive Minister Yoo.

Of course, we know.

He always shows such kindness...

whenever something
great happens to his son.

We are always grateful.

Executive Minister Yoo is here.

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

Welcome back, Father.

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!
- All hail Executive Minister Yoo!

Executive Minister Yoo would
not accept the marriage that easily.

He has no reason to oppose it.

But I cannot be sure what
he will do behind my back.

You are certainly a master of calligraphy.

(December 25)

I am aware that this is not what you want.

But I am deeply in love
with Princess Yeon Joo.

There is nothing wrong
with falling in love.

I simply do what I must as your father.

Mr. Gourd,

do you have a family?

Let us have a drink
since we are both orphans.

Where is your mouth?

I could have died...

because of a gourd once,

so I have hated gourds ever
since, but you are not so bad.

All right.

It was just as you said, my lord.

- Bring him to me.
- Yes, my lord.

(We welcome advance payments.)

Let me see. Where should I hide it?

Yes. He will never be able to find it...

if I keep it here.


What is this?

Get off!

Take a look. It looks like a letter.

- Whatever.
- Just look.

- Get that away from me!
- Come on!

How long are you going to keep this up?

Why did you even come back?

To frustrate me to death?

Get a grip, will you?

I will! I will get a grip!

I will get a grip when I am dead.

All right.

Fine. Drink more.

Go on. Keep drinking.

Just keep drinking.

That will not be enough to kill you.

Here. Drink this.

Drink all of them.

I am so sick of alcohol.


Dong Chi.

Dong Chi!


(Meet me at Sowongak.)

Dong Chi!

Dong Chi!


You are here.

That punk.

- What...
- What happened?

What on earth happened?

You are killing me.

Calm yourself.

Without you...

What will I ever do if I lose you also?

My lord!


Will you move the load
piled up in the backyard?

- Yes, my lady.
- Yes, my lady.

Let us go.

Go along.

This was the only way...

to get you back up.

I had them do it.

I missed you.

I worried about you.

About Eun Soo...

So Won.

Let us not...

talk about it.

When will you stop turning a blind eye?


Just why did you do it?


Hit me more.

It will not make your anger subside.

It will not make Eun Soo come back to life,

but only then, I will be able to breathe.

I am sorry, Kang Han Soo.

I know it is shameless even to apologize,

but I am sorry.

Eun Soo meant...

so much to me too.

Where are you going?

I have a lot of work to do.

We used the wedding as
an excuse to leave the palace.

I need something to report...

so that the Grand Queen
Dowager does not suspect.



What do you mean, so?

I will go out to the market
and buy chestnuts, jujubes,

blue and red threads, and
others for the wedding table.

Goodness, wait.


you might need someone to carry all those.

I will consider that as a yes.

All right.

Let us go.

Have you been well?


Take a look.

How is the business these days?

- It is going all right.
- Let me...

- Come.
- No, wait...

Lady Hong.

These shoes will take
you anywhere you want...

and help you go over any kinds of humps.

What was next?


I will come again next time.

All right.




How pretty.

How much are these?

Three nyang, my lady.

- Here.
- Thank you.

I am touched.

They are for you.

She is my lady.

I will protect you...

so that you can live...

an ordinary life in a safe place...

like other people.

Eun Soo found out before she died.


That I am deeply in love with you.


she must have died in peace.

Mother, Father. Do you see this?

Eun Soo, do you see it?

What are you doing?

Stay still.


I will hold his hand tightly...

and stay by his side until the day I die.

So do not worry about a thing...

and rest in peace.

Thank you.

Here, dig in.

Have the sujeonggwa topped with pine nuts.

There are three in each. Okay?

Me too.

Wait for me.

So what is your plan?

We have been investigating
Lord Chu's case in secret.

Testify you witnessed...

Executive Minister Yoo
killing Lord Chu at the wedding,

and we will not have you
pay for framing Kang Han Soo.

Your help is needed.

Everyone from the King to
the vassals will be all there.

It is the best
interrogation hall, is it not?

If Kang Han Soo
asks, I will think about it.

I have a lot of scores to settle with him.

Master Cho knew I went into
hiding and worked his brains.

He used me as an excuse
to get out of the situation.

Chu Sal is keeping an eye
on Master Cho, just in case.

If something happens,
he will let me know at once.

Meeting him in person will
help me figure out his sincerity.

Anyway, you two.

How very daring.

To think of exposing the
evil deeds of your father...

and your future father-in-law
on your wedding day.

People could point fingers at
you for being a reprobate son.

Are you not scared?

And So...

Her High...

Princess So Won?

The dignity and honor...

this person thinks highly of...

could be brought to disgrace.

Do not worry about the Royal Family.

The King and Grand Queen
Dowager will even hold a funeral...

if that is what it will take...

to weaken Executive Minister
Yoo's power which they could not.

We must bear the consequences.

That is it?

As Her Highness has
decided for the Royal Family,

I, too, have for my family.

So that Father does not
make any more mistakes,

stopping him...

is the best I can do.


With this much support, it
sure will succeed this time.

So Won. It is best for you
to go to the palace first.

Leaving the palace for far
too long will raise suspicions.

Are you not meeting Master Cho?

The two of us are enough.

Let me join.

No. That will only make
Executive Minister Yoo aware.

Let us go.

Be careful on your way.

Can you not wait for me?


Good grief. What on earth happened here?


Darn it.




- You little...
- Gosh.

Give me a minute. That wore me out.

- What happened?
- Where is Master Cho?

I have no idea what went on.

Some men suddenly barged in...

and dragged Master Cho away.


Good grief.

Please help me!

Help me! Is anyone out there?

I need help!

I can see something over there!

- Gosh.
- Darn it.

Master Cho!

Chu Sal and Attorney Kang?

Duck down.

This is exhausting.

Duck down!

My gosh.

Dong Chi!


Dong Chi!

Dong Chi! Wake up!


Wake up! Come to your senses!

- Wake up!
- Han Soo!

- Han Soo.
- Hey!

Han Soo!

We should shorten it.

Do not bother. There is no
need to work on useless things.

How is it useless?

It is your one and only wedding.


- Your Highness.
- Come in.

Executive Minister Yoo is here.


Do you wish to let him live?

Attorney Kang!



What happened?

I thought I would never see you again.

What happened to him?



Han Soo!

Are you all right?

Well, so far.

Let us go, Dong Chi.

Hurry up.

One moment.

Please stop. One moment.

One moment.

- I am too tired.
- I am dying.

I am too tired. I cannot do this.

I am too tired. I cannot do this.

I am too tired.

I am dying.

Darn it.

- Darn it.
- Goodness.

They are driving me insane.

Who send you here?

You did not just ask that,
hoping for an answer, right?

Did you just talk down to me?

They are about to chop our heads off.

Why do you care if I got
a little casual with you?

What are you two doing?


Follow them.

Let us go.

They are gone.

They left.

Let us go.

Goodness, to where?

To save Yoo Ji Sun.

You are coming out too.

Are you serious?

Goodness, I almost wet my pants.

Magistrate Yoo.

Are you all right?

Han Soo. Hey.

Magistrate Yoo.

I am all right.

You are not all right.

The poison has spread a lot.
Let me take you to a dispensary.

This is great.

Make use of me...


I brought an antidote.

Is that so? Why did you bring this?

Executive Minister Yoo came.

He tried to lure me
saying you were afflicted...

in an attempt to stop me
from attending the wedding.

Move back.

What now?

He told me to make use
of him, so I should do that.

- Dong Chi.
- Yes?

I am coming in.

This is the letter my father
sent to the former King.

The one you lost.

This is the last present...

Eun Soo left for us.

I, Kang Eon Jik,

dare to plead His Majesty.

We have established laws,

but there are those who live above them.

They are the members of Hungu
who currently lead the Royal Court.

Please turn over a new leaf...

and put an end to the politics
of conflicts between factions.

So this was what he said.

Is this enough to take down
Executive Minister Yoo?


Did you not catch
something out of the ordinary?

Out of the ordinary?


You found it.

I plan...

on using that.

Who is there?

Princess Yeon Joo found
out about Officer Kang.

I have faith that everyone
will unite once again.

He is getting changed, my lord.

I will bring him on time.


I cannot wait.

Have you received it?

I have received it also.

I cannot imagine what he is up to.


We have been listening to
the same music for hours.

I know, right?

The wedding should have
begun a long time ago.

Aside from the bride,

we do not even see the groom.

Go and...

Executive Minister Yoo.

I am afraid that I must...

Princess Yeon Joo is coming out.




Yeon Joo!

- Princess.
- Princess Yeon Joo.

The physician is here.

Send him in, and keep everyone else out.

The princess needs absolute rest.

Yes, my lady.

You may go in.

I have...

committed a mortal sin!

Princess Yeon Joo is currently...

unconscious due to poison.


Your Majesty. Your Highness.

The criminal...

who aims to hurt the princess is among us,

so please apprehend
them to unveil the truth...

and punish them!

What are you talking about?
The perpetrator is among us?

- Spare us, Your Majesty!
- Spare us, Your Majesty!

I do not know anything!

It was not us, Your Majesty.

It was not you?

Does that mean you know who did it?

Speak to me!

Who is the perpetrator?

Princess Yeon Joo found
out about Officer Kang.

I have faith that everyone
will unite once again.

The perpetrator is...

Executive Minister Yoo.

It will be the same stage. However,

Executive Minister Yoo
will have a different charge.

Executive Minister Yoo
and the officials here...

attempted to murder the Princess.

Is that true?

It is true I received such a letter
from Executive Minister Yoo.

But I did not comply.

I did not either.

Why did Executive Minister Yoo...

send this letter to you?

Well, the thing is...

Because around ten years ago,

we joined in the conspiracy
to get rid of Officer Kang...

and took part in excluding
clauses unfavorable...

to Executive Minister Yoo and us
when "Book of the Law" was made.

And when the former King
suddenly passed away,

he even brought up treason...

and held us responsible.

That is right.

Since that day,

we had no choice but to follow his orders.

This is a lie, Your Majesty.


It is the truth.

Let me submit the letter from my father,

who was an officer at that
time, sent to the former King...

as evidence.

Please look at the end of the letter.

Executive Minister Yoo
wrote the sentence himself.

(Punishment given by the government office)

"Exterminate the source of trouble."

He wanted to cut off the source of trouble.

That is right.

My father wanted to make bills
that the Hungu would not like,

such as banning nepotism...

and restricting special
favors for officials.

When Executive Minister
Yoo found out about this,

he brought a false
charge against my father...

and got him killed.

Along with the officials here,

Park Jae Soo, Chu Young
Woo, Im Sang Ho, and others...

carried out his intentions.

This is...

how Executive Minister Yoo eliminated...

those who went against him.

He is slandering me, Your Majesty.

If his words are true,

there is one more person here...

who is as guilty as me.

The signature at the
very end of the letter.

Is that not...

the childhood name of
the Grand Queen Dowager?

Without any proper evidence,

are you going to believe
what someone like him claims...

and continue this ridiculous interrogation?

It is all true.


Executive Minister Yoo...

showed me Officer Kang's letter...

and suggested we get rid of him.

I gave him my consent.

At that time,

I believed...

it was to maintain the Royal Family...

and bring peace to the Royal Court.

I needed to stop another
bloodshed in the palace.

But he is using the same method again.

How dare he attempt...

to murder the Princess, my granddaughter?

Your Highness.

This is Kang Han Soo's trap.

Then how would you explain...

that this letter and the sentence
have the same handwriting?

Just because they have
the same handwriting,

it does not mean they were written by me.

If it were not Executive Minister Yoo,

it would be...

Magistrate Yoo.

Magistrate Yoo Ji Sun?

That is right.

I have seen hundreds of
sentencings written by him.

Usually, when it comes to calligraphy,

one writes the last stroke
of a character inward.

But Magistrate Yoo...

writes it outward,

leaving a trace on the paper.

Are you saying...

the father and son have
the same handwriting?

That is right.

So this letter was written...

by either Executive
Minister Yoo or Yoo Ji Sun.

How dare you...

use my son...

to trap me?

That is your expertise, no?

What will you do?

Will you give in and come clean?


will you put all the blame on your son?

How dare you...

(The animal scenes were filmed
under protection and safety.)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

Executive Minister Yoo...

will not fall for fake acting.


has to take the real risk.

You were wrong, Father.


I found and did what I could do.

Let me decide...

on how Executive Minister
Yoo should be punished.

Make a decision, Your Majesty.

Hear me!

Arrest Executive Minister Yoo.