Joseon Attorney (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - My Wish... - full transcript

Executive Minister Yoo gets imprisoned for poisoning the Princess and other crimes. The King wishes to punish Executive Minister Yoo with a death sentence, but Han Soo offers a different idea. After a couple of years, Han Soo beco...

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(All people, incidents, and
periods in this drama are fictitious.)

How dare you...

use my son...

to trap me?

That is your expertise, no?

What will you do?

Will you give in and come clean?


will you put all the blame on your son?

How dare you...

Of course, you will not do that.

I already have something on you.

Your son.

That your son, Yoo Ji Sun,


such an honorable man.

This court...

does not distinguish
between truth and falsehood...

based on status.

Do this thing you want to do...

through me.

That means you could not
have raised a son like him...

with fake love.

Executive Minister Yoo would never confess.

He would think it would be much faster...

to blame you for everything,
then pull you out later...

by using his power.

Frankly, do you not agree?

Hey, you are his son. Say something.

Good grief.

Goodness. He will never change.

Yes, Your Majesty.

That letter was...

written by me.


I was simply sharing my
opinion with other subjects...

who were also enraged after
seeing Officer Kang's letter.

I have never instigated any illegal acts.


I especially cannot acknowledge
this absurd suspicion...

that I have hurt Princess Yeon Joo.

Her Highness is...

putting on an act right now.

Did you call this an act?

How dare you treat Her Highness...

Do not hold Her Highness in disdain.


all we have to do is...

clearly show everyone...

if Her Highness is truly ill or
if she is only putting on an act.

Your Majesty.

Please allow me to
take a royal physician...

and confirm Her Highness's condition.

That is against customs.

However, this is a
necessity in the criminal law.

We must confirm the evidence.

You must take responsibility...

for your request.

I truly apologize for
these words, Your Majesty,

Your Highness.

The Princess is quite ill.

Her Highness...

may not make it.

Is anybody there?

Arrest Executive Minister Yoo!

Your Majesty.

This is a conspiracy!

A conspiracy!

The moment she saw this muffler,

she must have prepared herself...

to take things this far.

Do you wish to let him live?

Executive Minister Yoo...

will not fall for fake acting.


has to take...

the real risk.

This is...

our last chance.

Even if the worst happens to me,

please do not blame anybody.

This was wholly my choice.

I am sorry.

I am sorry for everything.

This is my way.

Attorney Kang,

you can live true to yourself,

as Kang Han Soo.

(Episode 16: My Wish)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

I will find a way to save my sister,

so do not worry.

How dare he try to hurt the Princess?

With all due respect, Your Majesty,

Her Highness...

has taken poison herself.

What are you...

talking about right now?

Did she really...


She went to that extent...

to bring down Executive Minister Yoo.


Executive Minister Yoo
must be severely punished.

I cannot let my sister's
sacrifice go to waste.

If you punish him for such a reason,

it will be left in history.

Would that not be a
dishonor to Her Highness?

Even so,

Executive Minister Yoo...

has committed many crimes
worthy of the death penalty.

His life is as good as dead already.

And so...

that life.

I am trying to save it.

What did you say?

Let me decide...

on how Executive Minister
Yoo should be punished.

Kang Eon Jik...

is to be promoted within
the Criminal Jurisprudence...

he served during his lifetime.

And proper compensation is to
be given to the bereaved family...

who suffered from his death.


to his son Kang Han Soo.

He will be given back the qualification...

to take the state exam.

If he passes,

he will be granted the
official position of his choice.

Thank you.


I am sorry.

Your sister's incident.

I will engrave it in my heart...

and atone for it my entire life.

I am deeply grateful, Your Majesty.

From now on, we will
discuss Yoo Je Se's crimes...

and punishment.

Vassals, start the discussion.

Why did you do it?

Did you not admire me, your father?

Did you not want to
follow in my footsteps...

to the point you copied my handwriting?

But why did you not follow
my wishes and go astray?


I love you, Father.

Born into a poor and low-class family,

you became successful
with your abilities alone.

You even advanced to a government official.

I admired you greatly.

Just like you,

I, too,

wanted to help the nation
and people with my strength.

But Father, you told me...

to enjoy everything as is...

and what was succeeded to me.

I did not want to live such a life.

I wanted to achieve something like you did.


I found and did what I could do.

The King was overthrown overnight.

There were family quarrels.

And I witnessed loyal subjects
getting killed one after another.

It felt as if the line between
right and wrong was falling apart.

What was important...

was not values and principles...

but not losing power.

Being at the center of all politics...

and a world of my own where
nothing could be possible...

without me.

Achieving that...

was my goal that was
more important than my life.

To be honest,

I was terrified.

That was what drove me to become stronger.

I wanted to leave...

a safe and peaceful life to my son...

despite all the nasty fights over power.


What I wanted from you...

was not power.

It was self-respect.

You were wrong, Father.

Yoo Je Se...

committed libel...

by framing Yoo Je Se,
which led him to death,

incited murder by disguising
Park Jae Soo's murder...

as suicide,

in other words, premeditated murder,

and committed man-slaughter
by killing Chu Young Woo himself.

Due to the names and
duties on Officer Kang's letter...

and testimonies from Minister
Park of the Board of Personnel,

Second Minister Lee Man
Gap of the Ministry of Rites,

and Grand Queen Dowager,

he is guilty even without his confession.

We also have a testimony from Cho Chul Ju,

the master of Cho's guild, who witnessed...

Yoo Je Se killing Chu Young Woo.

If needed, he was willing to testify.

All that has been revealed until
now would get him beheaded.

Kang Han Soo.

What do you think?

As Your Majesty has asked,

I will answer despite being discourteous.

It is only proper...

to sentence Yoo Je Se to death.

But he has contributed
the most to Joseon...

and is the executive minister.
Those must be considered.

He is right, Your Majesty.

After enthroning King Se
Jo, Yoo Je Se's name...

has been elected vassal
of merit four times until now.

He is the major contributor.

(A vassal who made a contribution)

King Se Jo said...

the major contributor...

shared happiness and
sadness with the country.

So it was only fair that...

the people considered
him as one with the country.

In practice, the vassals
of merit and their children...

were given reduced sentences
even if they committed a crime.

That is true. And among
them, the major contributor...

was mostly criticized but
was not punished for his sins.

Reduce Yoo Je Se's sentence...

one grade lower from the death penalty...

to 100 clubbings...

and exile him 3,000 ri away.

Save his life?

Were you not getting revenge on him?

Taking away a toothless tiger's life...

is not great revenge, is it?

It will only be in favor of Your Majesty.

If Executive Minister Yoo dies,

Hungu will also collapse.

The Royal Court will
be taken over by Sarim.

Then Sarim will flatter
over Your Majesty...

who has preferred them.

The Royal Court may have a new name,

but it will be dictated by
a particular party again.

Are you keeping Executive
Minister Yoo alive...

to hold Sarim and me in check?


Being alive,

he will be the pivot of Hungu's survival.

And he will...

keep you alert.

Your Majesty.

Death is not the true
meaning of punishment...

to Executive Minister Yoo.

It is to watch the young King,

whom he attempted to make his puppet,

save the nation and its people
and become the great King himself.


the day Joseon reaches the times of peace,

my revenge...

will be...

finally complete.

Kang Han Soo is right.

Dismiss Yoo Je Se from his position...

and exile him to another
region that is 3,000 ri away.

- Gosh.
- Serves him right.

It turned out he murdered
so many innocent people...

and committed all kinds of
deeds in his high position.

You probably came out of concern,

but there is no need to feel sorry.


I will not feel sorry.


you may resent me.

I did the same.

She cannot be treated anymore?

What do you mean by that?

Using any more medicine...

will not guarantee her future well-being.

Are you saying...

she may be disabled?

Yes, Your Highness.

These medicinal herbs are so strong...

that they will highly
likely damage her organs.

She could...

become barren, at the least.

She could go blind or deaf.

If more serious,

she could become a quadriplegic
unable to move and walk.

Just save her.

Your Highness.

She sacrificed herself
for Joseon and its people.

You must not give up on her!

Your Highness, if you save her life,

I will serve her all my
life as her eyes and ears.

Your Highness.

Yeon Joo.


How are you feeling?

I am sorry...

I made you worry.


punish me.

Your Highness.

I thought of deposing you...

and erasing your name
from the royal family tree.

But that is not enough.


I am going to kill you.

I will not put effort
into saving your life.

Make up your mind, Your Majesty.

If the Princess dies,

I will leave the palace and become a monk.

I will live the rest of my
life praying with repentance.


Then in the palace,

neither humiliation...

nor flaws will be left.

I made this decision only for the future...

of the Royal Court, the
Royal Family, and the King.

So please comply.

Do as you please, Grandmother.

Master Cho got the medicinal herbs...

as soon as he recovered.

It must have cost so much.

Guilds are impressive indeed.


Had I stepped forward to testify sooner,

the Princess would not have taken that far.

I am sorry.


- All right. Let us take them.
- Okay.

What? It is quiet.

The guards watched this
place tightly until yesterday.

- Let us go.
- Go where?

Step aside.

No, you cannot go.

If you want to go, step on me.

Are you kidding me? Move.


get on my back.

- What?
- Here.

That is better for me. Fine, let us go.

- Come on.
- What...

- My lord.
- Go!

- My lord.
- And what is your problem?

I will just hand her the medicine.

Lady Hong.

- Let go of me.
- Oh, please.

Lady Hong.

Please stop Han Soo.

He is trying to barge
into the palace again.

- He...
- Well...

How is the Princess?

If I cannot meet her, please deliver this.

Her Highness...

has passed away.

It is true.

Lady Hong was deprived and
forced out of the palace just now.

- Your Highness...
- Your Highness.

- Oh, no.
- Your Highness.

Get away!

No matter what I was like in the past,

every act and choice I
make from this day on...

will be for your sake.

Who is there?

Who is out there?

Goodness, Lord Chu.

Why are you here?

Lord Chu, why are you here?

Lord Yoon.

Officer Kang, you are...

No, spare me!

Please spare me!

Please spare my life...

I have spared your life...

to show you the kind of King I become...

and how I shall go down in history.

Watch closely...

as Joseon writes...

the most brilliant history without you.

Ministers are here as eyes and ears...

for a king.

Even if our words sound
unpleasant to your ears,

you must embrace them generously...

to handle numerous officers efficiently.

I will...

always remain vigilant...

to stay as an independent king...

who is never autocratic.

Please eat.

You too.

Thank you for the food.


Why are you showing
tears in front of the table?

My goodness.

I am fine.

I should not have cried.

What is your name?

"Ji" means will.

"Ji" means will.

Precisely. You are correct.

Do you want to try writing this?

(Ji Sun)

Great job.

- "Sun" means kindness.
- "Sun" means kindness.

- "Sun" means kindness.
- "Sun" means kindness.

Good job.

My name is Yoo Ji Sun.

My father named me to live
with the will to do kindness.

I see. That is a wonderful name.

Are you married?

Not yet.

Goodness, you should
hurry up and get married first.


how can we live only eating food like this?

I agree.

The King should govern with goodness...

to let the people marry...

and have lots of children
with ease of mind.

So how is everything in the outside world?

Is everything well?


Joseon is in an unprecedented
reign of peace right now.

Even people in the capital can
hear praises of His Majesty...

coming from the furthest towns.

I see.

This old man finally got to see...

a world like that before I passed.

Young man.

That is the kind of world I
have always dreamed of.

Is that so?


Please, let us eat.


("Book of the Law, 1474 Revision,"
"About Autopsy," "Trial Precedents")

("Book of the Law")

Your Majesty.

The new governor of Cheongsan is here.

Let him in.

Have you been well, Your Majesty?

It has been a while, Kang Han...

No, Governor Kang.

You look wonderful.

I owe everything to you, Your Majesty.

You gave out such an easy
question for the state exam.

I just could not fail.

Stop joking.

Even scholars of Sungkyunkwan
complained that it was hard.

- Goodness.
- My gosh.

So why did you choose to go to Cheongsan?

There are districts such as Naju or Gongju,

larger places that are more
convenient for you to live in.

There is a reason why we
say, "Never forget your roots."

I must save my hometown first.

I know that you will do well.

Anyway, are you not married yet?

I do not wish to get married.

What if I arranged a match for you?

- You?
- Do you not trust my judgment?

Eunuch Ko.

She is from my queen's family.

She is on her way back
after visiting the Queen.

Please escort her home safely.

Goodness. Oh, right! I
have to be somewhere.

This is a royal order.

We are friends. Friends do not give orders.

It is a royal order.


- My lord.
- Oh, gosh.

Good grief. Well...

What is it?

It is this way.

I see.

You seem to know the direction well.

Of course.

It is the path I take every day.


you can go alone, yes?

Excuse me?

Be careful on your way.

The drawings look flat.

They are too simple.

Can you not draw diverse hairstyles?

A hair bun or braided.

Even put a wig on her.

How about...

drawing a plump version of her?

Shall we?


It has already been three years.
She could have gained weight.

Good idea.

Three years have already passed.

When will you promote me to a merchant?

Back then,

I even saved your life...

in the heart of a mountain.

How is that important right now?

Let us travel all the way to
Gyeongsang Province this time.

The business is important,

but the promise I made with
Attorney Kang is more important.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Always coming up with excuses.

I better get back to farming.

Not everyone can farm.

(Reward: 300 nyang, Notify Cho's guild)

Hey, Jung Chu Soo.

My lord.

We are looking high and low for her.

Well, finding her cannot possibly be easy.

After all, she is dead,

not alive.

Dead, my foot.


the royal palace even held her funeral.

I did not see the body.

I only believe what I see with my own eyes.


Those people call me the Celestial Drinker.

Because when they drink over a bet with me,

they experience what a paradise is like.

Am I dreaming?

How nice.

Drink up.

I am afraid Your Highness...

cannot get pregnant.

Even if you survive, only dishonor...

and the fiery pit await you.

Your marriage ended even
before the wedding ceremony.

So did your life as a woman.

Will you be able to handle all of this?

Grand Queen Dowager.

Please give her a chance, Your Highness.

So I will declare you dead to the world...

and have you leave the palace.

Then you can no longer
live as Princess Yeon Joo.

Nor will you get protection
from the Royal Family.

You must lead a tough life...

like any other woman,

experiencing severe
hardships in this world.

For a long time,

I have always...

wanted and dreamed of such a life.

Your kindness.

I will never forget it, even in my death.

You saved yourself.

Your desperation...

led you to the life of your dreams.

My poor girl.

Forgive me...

for this is the only way I can
atone for the sins I committed.

By the way,

what did this lady do to earn
herself a reward of 300 nyang?

- Three hundred nyang?
- Yes.

Take a look.

(Reward: 300 nyang, Notify Cho's guild)

What is it?

Would you like to look at it?


- What?
- I will buy it.

What? He...

- Good gracious.
- We are in luck.

(Reward: 300 nyang, Notify Cho's guild)


Everything is over now.

You should live your life, my lord.

An ordinary life like the others.

Get married.

Have children.

Do what others do.

My lord.

I made it myself.

Your current muffler looked quite old.

I see.

Thank you for the gesture,

but this keeps me warm enough.

The same goes for the woman in my heart.

My heart will never change.


- He looks familiar.
- Where have I seen him?

He really is incredible.

To return home in glory
after becoming a governor.

Why is he crying?

My lord.

It is such an honor to
be able to serve you.

We have devoted our
hearts to making this feast.

Please feel free to enjoy it.

You did not have to go this far.

Then let me grease my organs.

Do you see that man
with a harpoon over there?

I see no one.

- Really?
- Yes.

Oh, dear Almighty.

Goodness, my lord.

Please stop this nonsense.

What is going on?

Oh, my lord!

Just what is wrong with you?

Is there any problem with the food?

This is...

not food.

This is Fisherman Kang.

This is the chief monk of Pyeongan Temple.

And this is Commoner Yang.

These dishes show their resentful grudges.

How dare you...

serve me a feast with extorted food?

Are you not afraid of the skies?

I apologize, my lord. This
will never happen again.

- Forgive us.
- Forgive us.


I will believe you.

A nation cannot be fully
governed by one person.

Thus, each village has a local governor.

I am here to help this village,

not to steal and take.

Do not make me a thief.

- We will keep that in mind.
- We will keep that in mind.

Here. It is for the fish
I took the other day.

Oh, goodness.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, master.

Thank you.

I would like us to change this part.

The difference between
taking his family and not...

when a local governor
is appointed to a village.

No, before the appointment,

the recommendation process
must be done thoroughly.

If a recommended person commits injustice,

his recommender must be punished with him.

What about those who
become corrupt later on?

If not certain, one must
not make a recommendation.

Forget that.

All right. Whether
officials or the royalty,

whoever commits a crime
should be the same criminal.

Is it not unfair to decide on
a sentence based on status?

Without that much privilege,

no one would devote
themselves to the nation.

But they probably have a
lot of rake-offs other than that.


You are a governor now.

Refrain from using imprudent words.

- Imprudent?
- Imprudent.

Did you just call me imprudent?

- Imprudent.
- Again?

- Imprudent?
- I can say that countless times.

- Imprudent.
- How could you?


Just when will you stop?

I called you over to
review the materials...

sent from Gamgyochung, and what...

(A temporary organization made
to revise "Grand National Code")

So Your Majesty, why do you not...

just send Governor Kang back to Cheongsan?

Not a chance.

I am not going anywhere...

leaving this important
business to the two of you...

born with power and privilege.

I will make sure...

to reflect the people's
voices on this revised version.

You keep saying that I
was born with privilege,

but it is prejudiced to think I
would not understand the people...

just because I was
born in a cradle of gold.

He is right.


Like draws like.

Peas in a pod.

I see you two haves get along pretty well.

I apologize.

(Yisan, Cheongsan)

I hear in Yisan, the neighboring village,

a competent and popular attorney lives.

Try visiting him if you have time.

An attorney...


(I make your wish come true.)

This brings back old memories.

(Lee So Won)

If you are wronged or
resentful, just let me know.

I will make you win your trial.

If you are wronged or
resentful, just let me know.

I will make you win your trial.

If you are wronged or
resentful, just let me know.

- I will make you win your trial.
- No, thanks.

If you are wronged or
resentful, just let me know.

I will make you win your trial.

Who in the world...

What is with you?

What are you doing?

You were alive, so why...

I missed you...

so much.

I missed you to death.

Me too.

This is how you make a match, Your Majesty.

I appreciate the lesson.

Let me see.

Are you all better now?


Just why were you in hiding for years?

- The thing is...
- When did you become an attorney?

Oh, that is...

Do you even know how much
I spent on looking for you?

No, that is not the issue here.

I can draw your face
even with my eyes closed.

I mean, honestly speaking,

you could have sent me a letter, at least.

- That is...
- Do not tell me...

- you got another man.
- What?

For whose sake did you
become so much prettier?

Gosh, enough with the questions.

- What?
- I mean,

that is not important right now.


what is?

We can save...

that kind of conversation for later.

You think?

I did not want to be a burden.

I did not think I could be part...

of the life you dreamed of.

I will always choose you.

You are my dream and life itself.


do not ever think like that...

and stay next to me.

I am sorry, Lady Hong.

About what?


want to stay next to you,

but after what happened with So Won,

Han Soo is left...

with no one but me.

That is true.

Only if So Won were with us,

I would have ditched...

that rude rascal...

and stayed next to you...

for the rest of my life.

Do not cry.

You will...

get to stay with me for
the rest of your life one day.



After I die?

In the afterlife?


In this life.

In this life?


the Princess...

Yes, what about the Princess?

The Princess...


Why did they drink when they
cannot even handle alcohol?


How ridiculous.


When will I clean up all these?

(Article Five of Sowongak
Hospitality Rules)

(Emergency Loans)

What is Article Five of
Sowongak Hospitality Rules?

Keep the promise you made
with the guest at all costs.


Your nails.

Your nails.

If the guest dashes out
after eating rice soup,

how will you handle it?

I will follow and catch them.

And I will pack extra
serving and give them.

So they can share it with their family.


All right.

Shall we...

have fun and run our business as usual?

- Yes, Lady Hong!
- Yes, Lady Hong!


This is Sowongak.

Let us go in.

- Let us go!
- Let us go!

- Let us go.
- Hurry inside.

("Grand National Code")

The comprehensive book of
the law that Father longed for...

is finally completed
after long discussions,

revisions, and reformations.

I will do my best so
that this set of laws...

can be the moon of a dark night...

and the long-awaited rain
after the drought to the people.

I will work hard so it will
be applied to everyone...

without any discrimination.

I am sure the change will be slow.

But we will not stop
walking toward our goal.

(Year 1485, 16th regnal
year of King Seongjong)

(The final version...)

(of "Grand National Code" was promulgated.)

(The animal scenes were filmed
under protection and safety.)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

What are you talking about?

What do you mean?

I am saying I adore...



Hold me.


Come on.

Three hundred floggings!

That is right!


Let us vote to see who is more beautiful...

among the ladies.

The three of us should vote.

- Do you not want to?
- Let us do it.

- Let us do it.
- Let us do it.

One, two...


Right. She is indeed more beautiful.

Yes, you are right about that.

- Thank you for watching...
- Thank you for watching...

- Joseon Attorney: A Morality.
- Joseon Attorney: A Morality.