Joan of Arcadia (2003–2005): Season 2, Episode 3 - Back to the Garden - full transcript

Joan is concerned about Judith hanging with a bad crowd and skipping school. For a physics assignment, Joan begins cultivating a garden near the bleachers, with little hope that anything will grow. Slowly, she gains the support of...

Just try to write down everything you remember from the night of the accident, before and after.

That's what the lawyer says he needs.

I know.

I'm just not finished yet, but I'll do it.

I--I found all the medical bills and the rehab report.

I could deal with this, Helen, cancel my afternoon appointments.

We're doing this together.

I'm not letting you take it all on yourself.

Oh, I found this.

That's a card that Andy sent to Kevin apologizing.

Do we get another one because he's suing us now?

Can I see it?

How long have you been there?

-== [ ] ==-

I don't think you ever showed me this.

I thought...

I had.

I haven't seen these, either.

Why should you?! ?

Why should any of us have to look at all of this again?!

Joan, I already claimed the last pop tart.

Not unless you put your name on it, Freakazoid!

Look: "L-U-K-E".

Clearly displayed in red permanent marker.


Now what am i supposed to eat?

Can we please just have one civilized morning in this house?!

Do we want to know why you're--

No ! No! No!

So, have you and Adam made up?


Because you, like, totally humiliated him at the party.

Yes, I know, and we talked about it,

and I apologized.

And he's ok?

Because you took quite the emotional dump on him at that party.

Ok Grace.

I get the point--

just stay away from parties from now on.

My dad found out that Judith ended up in the hospital.

Now he thinks I'm being tainted by the heathen Shiksa.

She just felt out of place and sort of anxious,

so she acted out a little.

Getting your nose pierced is acting out a little.

Almost dying in a puddle of your own vomit is a little darker than that.

But what do I know?

Hey, you guys!

She's just trying to find her way.

She needs friends.

Looks like she made some new ones.

I'll catch you later.

I'm gonna go run with scissors.

Hey, what are you doing here?

This is, like, the super-loser hangout.

Hey, it's the only smoking section.

Mm. So, tonight.

Perfect girls' night out--

go to the mall, sneak into all the crap movies for free.

Judith, we're supposed to study for physics.

Oh, what's physics compared to Catherine Zeta-Jones
25 pounds overweight from the baby?

Hey, come on.

We're goin' for big gulps.

You want a big gulp?

'Cause we're goin' for 'em.


You comin'?.

Wait, wait, wait.

Judith, we have class.

You've skipped, like, 3 days already.

You want to get booted out of another school?

Hey, I was in the hospital, remember?

That's an excuse that should work for a few more days.

Come on.

Everyone's been asking about you.

Is that why Grace took off like the roadrunner?

Don't be so sad, Joaneth.

I'm fine.

Take notes for me, ok?

Hey, girlie.

Can you give me a hand with this?

Uh, no offence, but isn't that kind of a random place to be planting a tree

Does seem out of place, doesn't it?

Sorta like you've been feeling.

Here we go again.

Sometimes when you're lost,
it's an opportunity to cultivate a new place for yourself.

And this is supposed to inspire me--

the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of metaphors?

You want me to take care of this?

Remember when you used to tell me to go try out for the cheerleaders?

What happened to that?

If it's an assignment you want, you better get to physics.

You're late.

Whose fault is that?!

All I have to do is write my account of that night,

but I can't seem to do it.

Mm. I hear you.

I was wondering if you had any thoughts,

anything that could help me get through this.


I don't think so.

You're a nun.

Former nun, and I never went in for the platitudes.

I mean, I could tell you to surf.

That's what I do when I get all knotted up.

I don't surf

Hmm, bummer.

Because when you're out there, things make sense.

You see a wave coming toward you,

one you know that could kill you,

but if you hit it right, it supports you.

It saves you.

So you're saying the letter's like a wave,

and if I ride it right--



I just thought I was done with all this.

Look, I wish I had a way to make things easier for you,

but the struggle is kinda the whole point, isn't it?

That and the faith that it will somehow be worth it.


And trying to quit smoking.

Or trying to meet a guy who doesn't mind a woman who smokes...

and was a nun.

I'll keep my eyes open.

Yeah, that'd be good.

...The mere act of measuring the position of a particle, changes its momentum

Which, in turn, demonstrates the indeterminate nature of photons.

Ms. Girardi.

Sorry I'm late.

I had A...thing.

And I, in turn, was marking a late "thing" in my book.

Coincidence ?

Or one event determined by separate indeterminate actions? Hmm?

Am I supposed to know what she said?

I wasn't listening.

I was looking at you.

Hey. Where's my Judith ?

Friedman, the kiss meant nothing.

She was drunk.

You sweet, naive child.

Ok, grasshoppers,

Before we delve into the deepest mysteries of quantum physics,

I want to investigate the concept of indeterminacy on our own turf, as it were.

Who has a working def of indeterminacy for me?

Lukey G ?

Indeterminacy states that the change of a particle, "x,"

is unknown until the outcome is observed over a certain period of time, "T."



So... fire your neurons and think of something indeterminate in your own environment, "x,"

and record changes to "x" over a certain period of time, "T."

Ideas ?

Mix master Friedman.

"Will I ever get laid?"

Compare the recent discoveries of the mars rover
with our current assumptions of the earth's environment?

That and "will I ever get laid?"



Now, how about an assignment that deals with your own environment?

Alternate Girardi.

How are you going to handle the assignment?

Huh? Assignment?

Uh, well--well, we could...

we could plant a garden...

in the rankest part of the school, and then, um...

try to determine whether or not...

it--it could be a garden.


Clarify your premise, and you might have something.

Next ?

What did I just say?

You think she's gonna wake up and say she forgives you?

Excuse me?

Arcadia's finest, right?

Oh, the blood is on your hands.

You're just gonna have to live with it.

We're sorry for your loss.

Oh, don't insult me or the memory of my aunt.

You used her.

She came to us because she saw an innocent boy gunned down.

She wanted us to catch the men who did it, and, thanks to her, we did.

Oh, and then you made sure that her house went up in flames right after, didn't you?

We offered her protection.

She wouldn't take it.

You're the ones that she's afraid of, like all of us are.

No one's gonna do anything to you.

No? Oh,

what if I started talking about the Gang Bangers
that you shield and all the drugs that you bastards steal?

Oh, you be ok with that, huh?

I, uh, think we should leave.

We're very sorry.

We didn't mean to upset you.

You are all gonna lose that summer flab.

Faster! Spine straight.

Chest forward.

Yeah, that'll happen.

So we're all on board for the project?

I'm gonna do a paper.

No insecticide.

We're a study group.

We do things together.

So why did you have to pick starting a farm?

A garden, and I didn't pick it.

Miss Lischak gave us an assignment.

Look, it'll be fun.

Judith will help.


Jane, she hasn't showed up for class in days.

She's still not feeling good

Put on the brakes and run in place!

Knees high!


I say we go with the mars rover idea.

I'll scope out the NASA web page--

actually, I think I'm gonna pass on this one.

If you're concerned that working with me will be awkward, I can assure you I've moved on

and on...and on.

It's not that.

It's just, uh, you know, Grace wanted some help on a project.

I don't need your help, pencil neck.

Never will

And another lap.

ow about we meet tonight?

I'll get Judith to come.

I have work.

How about right after school?

I have work.

How about we just do a paper, like Grace said?

No !

We have to cultivate something because--

please ?

I'll never ask for another thing as long as I live.

I know that's a lie, but please?

Ok, ok , ok.

Drop to the floor!

20 sit-ups.

Grab your partner's ankles.

Grab, Mr. Girardi.

Look, I just thought we could work on the assignment together.

I mean, we did it last year, and, uh, it wasn't a problem.

Are you fondling my ankles?

Yes...I am.

Look, if you can't handle the terms,

the terms which you agreed to,

then maybe you can't handle me.

Polk, resume the position.

Polk !

Your citizenship grade is taking a nosedive.

You know, Federico said he'd cover my shift so we can work on the project all night.



Thank you.

Perhaps you'd like me to dim the lights.

I'm sorry.

I was just...happy.

Oh. And here I thought you were working.

I was--am. I--

gardening for dummies.

Manic for mulch.

Both very good.

Proust is very good.

Try not to mate during business hours, Miss Girardi.

You know... it's been weird being back.

It's like we had this groove before,

and then it was gone,

but working on this project together, I feel it again, don't you?


What project ?

Hey. Did you really skip the whole day?

Danny got his parents' convertible.

We went for a drive.

Danny's been in the tenth grade for 3 years.

He was kind of a moron.

Well, thank god you are back.

If you get kicked out of school again--

not gonna happen.

So what's the project ?

Oh. Lischak gave this really crazy assignment.

You have to try to determine something indeterminate--

you don't really determine.

Ultimately, it has something to do with subatomic particles.

But it has to be in your own environment.


I think I'm glad I went for the big gulp.

Well, um, anyway, we're--we're planting a garden out by the bleachers
to determine whether or not it will survive,

and you'll be working with us.

I'm not working on some fifth grade science garden.


It's a good project, though.

Lischak even said so.

And we're all sharing the grade.

Why don't you let me worry about my own grade, mom.

She was just trying to help.

I'm not some pity case.


Fail physics.


look, why do you let her treat you like this?

Like what ?

How am I treating her?

Maybe you should just stay out of it.


Happy to.

Adam, wait...

Nervous someone else is treading on your territory?

Shut up.

Both of you, stop!

I'm just gonna work on my own thing, ok?

See you later.


Adam !

So how about the mall?

I can't.

I gotta work.

You think you'll survive out here all alone.

You're pathetic.

You're me.

It needs water, and you should turn the soil.

Why don't you, if you're so concerned, Foghead?

It's your assignment, Joan.

You asked for it.

This is a new look for you.


I mean, the jeans are really comfy.

Look, I thought I'd have some help here.

Yeah, I know where you're coming from.

It's like, uh, everybody has something better to do until they're on a plane,

and then they're all over me

That means something, right?


It means you should pick up that rake and that hoe and start turning this dirt.

Oh. You're leaving me, too?

That's a fine way to run a universe.

Oh ! I--I'd stay away.

I'm kinda caked with fertilizer,

and we all know what that's made of.

I don't care.

Uh, you missed lunch, so I got you a sandwich.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, Jane.

I know you and Judith are friends,

and I don't want to fight with her, but...

she's always ragging on me.

She kinda blew me off, too..

I just had this whole fantasy how we would all come together

and be like this one person with a lot of heads.

That sounds kinda freaky,

but you know what I meant.

I'm sorry.

I--I really can't handle working with her

I guess trying to drag everyone into this was obviously ultra-dumb.

So you're not mad?

Adam, I don't even understand why I'm doing this garden.

How can I be mad at you if you're not into it?

It feels like there's so much stuff coming at us lately,

like we're the indeterminate thing.

Maybe we should be our physics project.

I planted something called impatience,

but they take as long as everything else.

Funny, huh?


Ease up, man.

Our medical plan doesn't cover stomach stapling.

I'm peckish.

It happens whenever a grieving family member accuses me of murder.


I'll get back to you.

First off, let me say, we go up against the blue wall,
we better have a solid case.

The shooters we caught last week--

the ones that hit the 8-year-old kid?


The only witness against them dies in a fire.


They're drug dealers..

Their friends wanted to send a message.

Roasting some woman isn't exactly a moral quandary for them.

Which is why you should see this.

>From Mary Wallace's house.

Arson says the fire started in the basement.

Probably a box close to the heater.

Now, you came from the arson squad.

You buy it?

There seems to be a line of accelerant here.

It runs from the back window.


A pro.

Gang Banger's not gonna waste time hiding his tracks like this.

The 2 shooters told us to look to our own.

We got the same song at the funeral.


And I thought we finally cleaned this place up.

Funny, Roy.

Isn't this where we met?

Outside looking in

Man, you smell like a litter box.

The ground is soft.

I have happy butt..

What are you doing, Get off my plants, you freak?!

Hey. You wanna rein in the animals?

Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing that?

Because it's my assignment, ok?

And I know you don't want to have anything to do with it,

but do you have to try to impress your new friends
by being a even bigger twerp than they are?

Your friends are so great?

Judging me for getting a little loaded.

Like they're so perfect.

Grace saved your life, Judith.

Doctors exaggerate.

I could have slept it off.

I was in the hospital with you for 2 days.

Aren't you great? Mmm


Look, I know...

I know you're embarrassed, ok?

I get it.

But let it go.

Everybody will be willing to get past this--

now I'm supposed to take advice
from some nut job who sees people who aren't even there?

Who wants big gulps?

I'm buying.



I love big gulps.

Before you get mad--

what are you doing?

I need to talk.

Girardi, waiting outside the girls' bathroom is a little stalky.


You said that if I can't handle your terms, maybe I can't handle you.

Well, Grace, I think it's you who can't handle me.

Don't push it, Girardi, unless you want your make-out time cut.

This is more than just about making out, Grace.

I mean, I like the making out, don't get me wrong,

but we have a relationship here whether you like it or not.

There are things you don't know about me, ok?


And it's that very indeterminacy that attracts me..

I--I don't know why you're so scared by it.

This is about my privacy and you not respecting it, that's all.



Then be private and alone,

because clearly that's what you want.

Hey. I'm getting a by line tomorrow.

I wrote a piece about this guy who's been ticketed for jaywalking 243 times.

Why did you do it, Kevin?

I was just fascinated by the man's love of traffic.

I went to the lawyer's office today.

He told me you'd been to see Andy.

Did you think we wouldn't find out?

I didn't know how to tell you.

You tried to talk Andy into dropping the case.

That could be construed as an admission of guilt.

That's ridiculous.

I just wanted to see how he was,

if he really needed help.

That's not how his attorney saw it.

He doubled the damages to a million.

How can they do that?

They just can.

Look, I'm sorry,

but this whole mess is going on around me,

and you two won't tell me anything--

because we're taking care of it.

You've been through enough.

Please, just stay out of it.

That kid could take everything we have.


I'm sorry.

This can be recycled.

Do I have to make a new earth every 7 days?

So many people pray to see you.

If only they knew.

Now, why haven't you finished your assignment?

Uh, I did.

I planted stuff.

It got stepped on.

My friends deserted me in the process.

As usual.

Thank you very much.

Well, isn't that part of the assignment--

to see how the process unfolds?

You have until Friday.

Finish what you started.

Are you telling me that I can get all those flowers to grow by Friday?


You can't force a bud to open or a plant to grow faster.

Growth is a process.

ust be part of the process, Joan.

Even if he was locked down, he still might know who?s behind it.

Maybe, but that?s still one hell of an alibi.

He's all yours.

So nice catching up on an old friend.

You know him?

Little gift from his crew.

Amazing what you can do with a Phillips screwdriver.

Deshawn gets a cut of half the crank from 14th street all the way on up to the Hudson.

So why haven't you brought him in before?

His stash always gets moved around, like--like he's got someone watching out for him.

Good luck on finding out who.

When did he talk to roebuck?

Never, as far as I know.

Deshawn knows him.

Wanted to know if the chief was gonna be in on the interrogation.

Roebuck's the boss.

Probably afraid of him.


I'm sure that's it.


I might not make it home for dinner.

Um, I need to do some work on the garden.

Oh, sure.

How's it going?

Uh, kind of terrible, but thanks for asking.


The night of the accident,

Kevin's accident,

what do you remember?

One thing.

Now ?



It's ok.

I was...Um...

watching the nutty professor for the millionth time. Um...

and I heard you scream.

Are you ok, mom?


I was just curious.

The lawsuit.

I was just curious.

Thanks, honey.


Inside the building.

That's a big change for you.

Look, I just want to say...

I'm sorry.

I just don't get it, Judith.

We're not at camp anymore, ok?

There, it was, like, perfect.

It was just us.


But here, there's Adam and Grace,

and it's...different.


It doesn't have to be.

It already is.

I was here less than a week,
and I totally blew it with you and your friends.


So you dump us because of one stupid night?

Look, I've been in 4 high schools in 2 years.

You'd think I would have kept a few friends through all of that, wouldn't you?

Even my shrink-parents have written me off

I'm like some failed lab experiment to them.

Judith, I don't care about what happened in the past, ok?

Here, right now, we're friends.

So if I mess up again, that's cool ?


And the next time?

What--what are you even talking about?

I'll be the one you cut loose, won't I?

You'll still have your friends, but I'll be alone,

and I don't do alone well.

Judith, you're all freaked out about something that may never even happen.

I gotta get to class.

Judith !

I get this sense you've been avoiding me.

Now, don't be afraid of the feelings we have for each other.

They're what make us...

us, right?

Uhh! Hi.

I'm lilly, your mom's confirmation coach.

We got a thing at 4:00.

I'm early.

She'll be home soon.

I'm Kevin.

I figured.

I read your project about that jaywalking guy.

Very cool.


You heard about the guy trying to eat a bicycle?

Oh. You should check it out.

Do you want anything to drink while you're waiting?

Oh, great.

I'm parched. you really surf?

Oh, yeah.


You should try it.

I'm sure they got some kind of rig they could strap you in.

So, uh, how's your lawsuit coming?

Ok, I guess.

Am I being too nosey?

Can I finish the Cran-apple?


"Sure" about the nosey or the Cran-apple?

The Cran-apple.

But, um, I can't really tell you much about the lawsuit.

My parents are handling it.

They don't tell me much.

Wait a minute.

You don't know anything about a lawsuit in which you're named,

even though the accident was--just a guess--
the most important event of your life?

Ok, now you're being too nosey.

No, it's just--

I mean... you're 20 and a reporter.

How do you turn off interest in your own life?

You're right.

None of my business.

Oh. Hi.

You met?



I'll get my books, and we can start.

It's nice to meet you.

I've thought about it,

and I do want to work within your terms.

Well, you shouldn't.

It's totally unfair.

See, that's the thing.

I don't think they are.

I mean, basically, I've been asking for a total regime change in your public and personal life.

But you know what?

I looked up every major political revolution in the last hundred years,

and not even the most violent ones were sudden.

You know, they-- they built up over years of dissatisfaction and unrest.

Did you make a special effort not to use a science metaphor?

I'm trying to expand my range.

So basically you're saying what?

I'm willing to wait.

Hoping that the, uh...

revolution will gain some small foothold in the outer regions, such as, uh...

maybe an occasional exchange of words in public.

What's this?

Well, even warring tribes have been known to make peace offerings in, uh,

you know, recognition of their commonalities.

Did you just make that up?


It's, uh--it's a seedling for a sunflower.

It's hard to believe it can grow over 8 feet tall.

I stole it from Joan.

I can't believe she's still at it.

You know, her hypothesis actually has promise.

I mean, the idea of a community garden
can be tied to some key aspects of quantum theory.

Lay it on me.

I can't get through my paper.

It's too much research.

Hey. We're having a conversation.

Not anymore.

Just lay it on me.

Well, um... according to one of the principles of indeterminacy, you know,

there's a certain level of uncertainty to every equation.

Now, with the community garden, for instance...

why are you planting cabbage?

Isn't it already, like, cabbage?

Shut up.

Yeah ?

Shut you up.

Makin' soup?

Hey. Apparently, they flower.

What are you doing here?

Boy wonder figured out you're not brain dead.

Apparently, dirt can equal physics.

So we can get some more work done.

You so don't want to go there, dude.

You, see, if we posit that your indeterminate element is the unpredictable level of resistance--

Stifle it, Einstein.

Just pick up all this garbage and pile it over there.

Hey, Grace ?

Thank you.

I'm doing this for me, dude.

I know.

Want a cigarette?

No, thanks.

Big fan of the lungs.


You know, usually I'm the only one around here this early,

so I won't have to endure the breakfast inquisition with the shrinks.

You ?

I just wanted to see Joan's garden.

You could see it later...

with her.

Be weird if she were here.

You know, we always work on these kind of projects together.

This is the first time that we're not.

Is it because of me?

Uh, no.

It's, uh...



I used to plant stuff...

with my dad.

Then he got busy, got a gardener,

and we stopped doing that kind of thing.

Guess that's why I freaked when Joan said she wanted to do the garden, huh?

Think I'm gonna clean up some more.

You want to help?


You get anything from Deshawn Wallace?

Apparently, he lost his power of speech.

With the witness dead, he knew he was going home.

So he didn't mention anyone in the department?


You know Duncan and Simmons?

Plainclothes, live on the street.


They were responsible for 2 of the biggest coke busts this year.


I brought them over from arson.

What are you saying, Roy?

Their files.

See if you find anything.

Who the hell are we investigating?



I, uh... I made you a tree for the garden.

Are those cigarette butts?


I dipped them in leftover Slushies.

The sugar makes killer glue.


Oh, it's a gnome.

They, uh... they live under the earth and guard their buried treasure.

This is his fire spear.

I had a serious dungeons and dragons habit.

I'm better now.

Thank you.

Get a room, guys!

Ok, uh, I have mapped out a planting plan based on
the arc of the sun and hours of daylight last fall.

Ok, Luke, don't get all sweaty.

All we're going for is "not dead."

Despite the team leader's nonexistent expectations,

the existing momentum propels the project forward.

What are the yellow thingies?


They bloom in the fall, attract the bees,

the bees pollinate the Non-flowering shrubs,

which keep aphids from eating other plants.

What ?

You researched all that?

One episode of one show on the home and garden channel.

Do not make me regret this.


We found a witness who saw Andy yelling at Kevin during his visit.

I brought up the act as hostile and threatening,

and their attorney agreed to withdraw their request for an increase in damages.

Thanks, Tom.

Now, we're gonna have to get another toxicologist to analyze Andy's blood alcohol report.

He's not cheap, but--

Hey, K?vin.

Hey, Mr Murphy.

You ok, honey?

Uh, no, mom, I'm not.

If you'd like to be alone, I--


I'm tired of being alone.

I want to be a part of this.

We'll talk about this at home, Kevin.

That's the problem, dad.

We won't talk about it.

You need my statement, right?

We're still in discovery?

I'm sorry, Tom.

I didn't know--

Well, we're gonna need his statement sooner or later.

I'm just not sure he's ready for this.

I'm not ready?

Have you done your statement yet, Mom?

Kevin !

I'm trying to put my thoughts in order.

No, you're afraid of them.

And so are you, dad.

You think if I'm not here to go over all the details,

it'll be easier, like it happened to someone else.

But it's never gonna be easier.

It's gonna suck every time we think about it, so...

I'm sorry.

That's just the way it is.

I don't want you to go through it again.

But I have to.

Don't take this away from me.

I've lost enough.

It's still kind of hazy for me. Um...

Andy didn't know how fast he was going.

And I didn't want to show how scared I was.

Uh... there was music playing in the hospital.

Some radio someplace.

Bach, I think.

It was so out of place.

Andy...was leaving with his father.

They rushed past me.

They couldn't look at me.

And then I heard all those people working on you behind the curtain, frantic.

And your sneakers, the new ones I had just bought...

in shreds...

because they cut them off your feet...

lying in the blood on the floor.

Indeterminacy, my warriors.

Who will catch a cold?

Who will stumble and fall along the dusty path?

And will the horticulture efforts of team Girardi survive the wasteland of poor soil and "d" students?

Can you expand?


Remember, it's not just your grade.

"We posit...", posit?

Yes, posit.

"We posit that no one behaves according to predetermined assumptions.

Humanity and beauty have the potential to coexist where the obstacles are the most challenging.

We offer our garden as an inquiry into the nature of hope, the greatest indeterminacy of all.

Poetic, as all great science truly is.

Oh no !

Bulldozers were not part of my calculation.

Judith, Judith ! watch out!

A heroine goddess.

That's my girl.

The ultimate indeterminate.

Judith !

Hey! Stand aside, young lady.

Excuse me.

This garden is an A.P. Physics project.

How charming, but we're putting in new bleachers.

Can it be spared the final deathblow until our research is complete?

Lady, I got a union employee, hourly pay.

It's out of my hands.

Everybody, see the garden?

It's lovely.

It's a lovely garden.

Now move.

Judith ! Judith !

I'm sorry.


I'll be right back.

The Friedman likey.

It was a cool garden, Joan.

I loved the fire spear.

Is she gonna be ok?

She was planting crocuses and tulips.

It doesn't matter if the ground gets bulldozed 'cause they'll still come up in the spring.

She knew that.

So what I was growing...