Joan of Arcadia (2003–2005): Season 1, Episode 3 - Touch Move - full transcript

God, as a postal worker, delivers a book on chess on Joan, telling her to learn to play. Meanwhile, several of Joan's classmates want her to discover whether Grace Polk is homosexual. Will reluctantly accepts the help of a psychic while trying to find a missing child, struggling with his doubts about her alleged gift.

You didn't wake me up.
I'm going to be late.

You don't have anywhere to be.

What do you mean?
I'm late for school.

You're not in school.

By some mathematical miracle
or error you graduated.

Is it just me or did any one
else notice Kevins legs?

What about his legs?
- they're on fire.

Help, Help!
Let me out. Let me out.

It's fine. It's nothing.

It's fine. It was just a dream.

I was on fire.
- I'll get you some water.

Dad, i'm not really on fire.

Well, i'll get you some anyway.

It was so real Mom.

I know it's been a year and
a half, but the doctors...

did say youd have dreams
like this for a while.

It was my legs that were on fire.

Do you want something
to help you sleep.


Drink the water any way.
It'll make your father happy.


When I woke up my legs hurt.

In your dream?
- No, when I woke up.

They were hurting.

Here you go buddy.


I'll, I'll be fine now.

Hurting how?

I don't remember.

I guess I was still dreaming.

of Arcadia 1x03.

Touch Move...

Mantegna (as Will Girardi)...

Steenburgen (as Helen Girardi)...

Tamblyn (as Joan Girardi)...

Ritter (as Kevin Girardi)...

Welch (as Luke Girardi)...

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There's nothing to eat.

Keep looking.

There might be something
hidden behind all that food.

Yes sir. I understand, but
I assure you, my guys are on it.


Who does he call Sir?

His boss.

He doesn't have a boss.

Sure he does.

The Commissioner, the Mayor,
the Attorney General, Mom.

The FBI has no jurisdiction.

There is no evidence that the kid
was transported across the state line.


What? it's just cheese and bread.

Yes, sir. I'll keep you informed.


No, I can't eat. Half an hour
i'm talking to the mayor.

It's like swimming..
- Actually, That's reverse logic.

Is that the Reinneman case?


Oh is that the 3-year-old
kid who got kidnapped.


Ok, Got Missing.

I read it in the Newspaper.

It said you guys have no leads
and it's been like 6 weeks..

4 Days, We have leads, and when
did you start reading the paper?

Actually, I saw it on TV.

It didn't make you guys look very good.

That's a surprise.

Where's Kevin?

Left early to go job hunting.

Oh really. Um.

Was everything ok?

You mean after his
screaming nightmare?

You guys are completely
inept at subterfuge.

This ones mine.
You got the Jones witness.

Joan Girardi?
Sign Here.

Oh. I never get anything in the mail.

You owe 6 dollars and 50 cents.

Un uh. You have 12 dollars in you
pocket you were going to use to buy...

a Frappucino and a muffin when you
skip history class after lunch.

Which by the way.
Do not do that.

Oh God.

You're just a three ring circus arent you?

Ok, price went up.

Give me the whole 12.

What are you going to do with money?

It's not what i'm going to do with it.
It's what you're going to do without it.

Ah. Any guess as to
when this is going to end?

First a job at a book
store then AP chemistry.

How do you top that?

You don't have to accept
the package you know.

Oh yeah.

And I could also take the little blue pill.

Hand it over.

In me you trust.

Not entirely true.


Hey, I do not play chess.

You don't want to know.
- She's psychic...

Not in my office she's not.
- She wants herbal tea.

Maybe shell read the leaves later.

Reinneman Case.

Parents asked for it and we have to try
everything there is being exposed legally.

I don't work with psychics.
- Also the mayors on board.

Said She's had some
success with other squads.

Fine you talk to her, it's your case.

Yeah but she's in your office.

- Hi, Thanks.

I'm Chief Girardi, but
you probably already know that.

Ah gee.
I've never heard that before.

I didn't mean it quite that way,
but since were on the subject,

I'm not on bored with this i'm being
forced into this by my superiors.

My name is Charlotte Bloome
since you neglected to ask.

And here again i'm shocked to find a
cop whos skeptical about my profession.

Well now that were in this
might as well make it work.

How does it work?
- Well.

You could start by getting
me up to date on the file.

And no, I don't know whats in it.

Tell your brother to stop
with the after-shave.

First, he has nothing to shave.
Second, it smells like picked eggs.

And third, he sit's behind
me and i'm allergic.

I have like, one working sinus left.

Why don't you do it yourself?

Just take care of it will you.

Oh my god you know her?

Not really, She's in my
AP Chemistry class.

Your in AP Chem.?

I thought your brother was the geek.

Well, He is it's just.


It's not mine.

Give it to me...

So is it true?
- What?

That She's a big lesbo?
- Grace? I have no idea.

I don't even know her.

Well there's a big pool
going in gym class.

So could you find out?

What? Like ask her?

No, you gI've her the fingernail test?

Ask her to look at them.

Not gay. Gay.

That test is so unreliable.

You just start talking about, you know,
some hot guy and see how she reacts.

Dax Hibbing.

Wait wait. What is that?

Dax Hibbing.

The Captain of the wrestling team.

Anyone who doesn't get
him is definitely gay.

I don't know who he is?

But I mean, if I knew him, Id totally get him.

So you'll find out?

Is it anybodies business?

Ok like chill.

They like, protect each other.
- It's another sign.

Like shoes.

Hello, everyone.

Good to see you, we ___ not do
for while bobby thing a right?


Oh yeah That's convincing.
You want some coffee?

No thank you.

I probably could have just
talked to you on the phone.

What's wrong.

Nothing really.

It's just the other night Kevin had
this dream about his legs.

Not uncommon.

Right, I know, But when he
woke up they were hurting.

Neurppathic pain.
This is all pretty textbook.

I know, but this one thing,
it's never come up.

After the accident, after
all the tests had come back,

Dr.. Slater told us that Kevin
would be paralyzed from...

the waist down because of
the spinal cord injury.

He said it's the saddest thing in the world
to tell someone their son wont walk again.

there's no good way to say it.

And I remember thinking, He didn't actually
said Kevin would never walk again.

Helen, Kevins back
was broken in three places.

When the vertebra collapsed
the nerves were...

damaged, the cord itself was compressed.

Circulation was denied to
that area which rendered...

that part of his spinal cord essentially dead.

He will never walk again. Ever.

I guess I just needed to hear it.

I understand.

Thank you.


You said essentially dead.

You want a number, don't you?

I strongly advise against it.

Two percent chance
that hell walk again.

Thank you.

Now remember, you need
to be recording which...

are the cat ions and which are the anions.

You smell that?
It's like essence of pimp.

Yeah, it's pretty bad.

It's really girly.

Hard to believe He's straight.

Hard to believe and hard to care.

You know, I know he's not
your type, I know he isn't mine.

If he weren't my brother.
I'm more into athlete type.

You know That's my thing.

Football players, Wrestlers.
Abs. Big forearms..

Small cerebral cortex.
- Wrestlers?

It's like he vanished.
They were at the park.

He was playing in the sand box.

His mother goes to get
lemonade from the truck.

Turns around and He's gone.

Nobody saw anything?

Witness statements
are all over the place.

Were still in the processing
of following up.

That wasn't a question.

Oh, my mistake.

I'd like to go to the scene of the crime.

It would be helpful to have something
that belonged to the boys.

It would be helpful if
the parents were there.

I don't think That's a good Idea.

They've been over the area
with us a thousand times.

The parents energy is very
conducive to the process.

It's wrong to put the
Reinnemans through that again.

Chief, how about we
let them make the call.

What are you doing?
You can't be here.

Hum and yet I am.

Walk with me.

No, people are gonna to see me.

Yes they will, that optic nerve
was an inspired idea, wasn't it.

I meant that they'll see you.

Yeah, I've noticed that
this look turn a lot of heads.

It's called being hot.

Oh. You didn't read the book, did you?

Like you don't know.

Cain, Where's your brother? Ha.

Very passive aggressive.

Some of it.

I couldn't really follow it.
I'm not that bright, you know.

My brother would be much better for this, if.

I could recommend
someone to take my place?

OH Joan, Would have been so much
easier if you just read the book.

Now i'm gonna have to send
you to the basement.

You mean like, Hell?

No, I mean, like, the basement.
there's one in the school.

Check it out.

Are you looking for the Chess Club?

I suppose.

OH, please. Please.

We could always use
another wood pusher.

Hey, can I sit with you guys?

I don't know.
Is it any bodies business?

I tried ok but I got nothing.
The girls not talking.

Ok, whatever.

Joan Girardi?

Do you know me?
I'm Lynnie Carmichael.

I guess I do now.

I am going to cut you off at the knees.

I will rip your hair out one root at a time.

Wow. It seems like we just met.

Do not mess with my boyfriend.

Ok, um who is he
so I don't mess with him.

Nice try, consider yourself warned.

Who is her boyfriend?
- Dax Hibbing.

You hit on Dax Hibbing?
- I don't know Dax Hibbing.

Are you insane?
They are like, such a unit.

You can't get in there.

I don't KNOW Dax Hibbing.

you're either a complete
freak or my hero.

Your tax dollars, ladies and
gentlemen, paying for this sideshow.

Why does it bug you so much?
It's just an exercise.

Because she's wasting our time
and exploiting those peoples pain.

He's alive. Charlotte says he's alive.

- but we don't have much time.

She got the image of a car.

Tell them
- Yeah, it's a white car.

It's small. It's beat up.

I got two numbers in the license plate.

A 2 and a 4.

You might want to write that down.

You didn't happen to
zone in on an address?

No, it doesn't work that way.

It was a man, she said, and he used
a puppy to get Eric to come to him.

Tell them about the barn.


Ms. Uh, it was just a flash.

It's red. It's in the country.

Red barn in the country.

And there's a farm and hay.

That would fit with the barn.

Can I speak with you
for a moment, alone?

What is your problem? Huh?

Well, i'm glad you asked.

My problem is every minute were spending
here is a minute were not --...

spending in a constructive process
which might actually yield results.

You have a better idea?
- Yes I do.

Iets go back to the station
where we do these wacky...

procedures where we follow
up on witnesses and...

evidence and wade through about a
hundred calls a day on the tip hotline.

And if any of those tips are good, we
bring the person in and we interview em.

Weve actually found
missing kids that way.

You haven't found this one.

Are we done here?
- Um.

Hey, Thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

However i'm picking up a lack of sincerity.

You know what. That's a nice act.

Pretending you're disenfranchised and o-so
not a part of the high school antics.

Look, I just wanted you to get your
brother to nicks the after-shave.

Forget I mentioned it.

You told every body that
was I am in love with Dax.

Hibbing, just because I
said his name in passing.

I don't even know the guy.

Now his girlfriend is
threatening to rip my hair out.

This may come as a shock to
you, but you and your...

sexual fantasies do not take
up any space in my brain.

Whatever, just stop
spreading rumors about me.

Did she say?
- Yeah.

Hey! Streaky!

I don't think about you,
one way or the other.

But while were on the subject of
puerile high school behavior,

do you think i'm not on to your
stupid sexual preference quiz.

I didn't take the Dax Hibbing bait, so
that means i'm singing in the other choir.

The only thing more obvious
is the fingernail test.

My sexuality is my business.

Finally, we learn from chess
the greatest maxim in life.

That even when everything seems going
badly for us we should not loose heart...

and steadfastly continue searching
for solutions to our problems.

Who said that?
- Benjamin Franklin.



I have no idea what i'm doing.

Yeah, like i'm falling for that.

A horse can jump people right?

That's funny.
- How's it going?

She's bold.

Kudos for the Dresden variation,
but i'm about take her queen.

Which one is the Queen? This one?

Oh yeah, your psyching me out.

Can I do that?

Wow. I should have seen that.

I should have seen it. Crap.

In six moves, by a girl.

What happened? Did I win?

Who do you study with?

Um, I don't study.

I tried to read the book.

Where have you been Miss Girardi?


Tip hotline.

It's not sexy work, but
somebody has to do it.

Can we talk.
I mean, off the record?

I'm not a reporter.

When I was 29 I was in
a car accident and I died.

And no I don't remember a tunnel.

I didn't see any dead loved ones,
no angles. Nothing like that.

It's just that when I woke up
everything was different.

I was different.

I asked the doctor, and he said this was
not uncommon among near death survivors.

And then shortly after that I began
having dreams that came true.

And weird visions.

It was like I could hear peoples thoughts.

I don't know the why of it,
but I made the decisions...

that as long as I had this bizarre ability,

I might as well use it to help people.

and get paid for it.

Help people for a price.

Yeah, like you.

Is it because of the tragedy?

I mean that this makes you
so angry and unwilling.

You've had a tragedy.

Who hasn't?

Chief, you're familys here.

Excuse me, it's restaurant night.

Hey, i'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.

Not a problem, I was winding down.

Hey slugger, how'd the job search go?

Well, the drycleaners really
seem to recognize my...

particular talent, but I
don't want to get my hopes up.

This is Ms. Bloome. She's working
with us on a case. My family.

I'm Helen.
- Charlotte.

Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

This is Kevin, Luke and Joan.

Dad, Can I put a word in for sushi?


We're going for spaghetti,
end of discussion.

Forgot my pager, excuse me.

So, are you a detective?

Ms. No Actually i'm a Psychic..

A psychic, That's interesting.

Your daughter has a very special
connection to the universe.

No, I don't.
- No, it's true.

She is from another planet.

It was nice to meet you.
You have a lovely family.

Nice to meet you.

What did she say to you?


Don't tell me nothing.

Well it was nothing, Dad,
lets go, i'm starving.

Hi, I don't know if you remember me?

- Oh good.

I'm late for work.
I just have a quick question.

I actually have a parish you know,
and an office, and an assistant.

I'm sure, but uh, this
will only take a second.

the question of suffering goes all
the way back to the fall from grace.

There isn't a parking lot version.
- No. This is a whole other subject.

This is about miracles.

Oh no.

Is it wrong to pray for them?

Personal miracles.

I mean, not world peace, or... or
save the planet or nothing altruistic.

Just plain old shopping list,
God is Santa, give me...

this one thing and I'll
stop smoking kinda thing.

Well I think you should stop
smoking for your own sake...

No, I don't smoke.

This would work out better in my office.

I promise you could sit down
with me, we could have tea.

It's just... I was raised Catholic and I was...

taught that you don't ask
God for specific things,

but there is this one miracle that
I would really, really like to have.

Like something you see in a store
and you can't stop thinking about it,

and you start to believe
that it already belongs...

to you, and it's just
misplaced, but is it wrong?

Can it actually do harm to
pray for something you want?

I think prayer can never hurt.

As long as you understand you might
not recognize the answer right away.

Most miracles occur in hindsight.

Why don't I ever feel
better after I talk to you?

I don't know.

You got to admit, it's weird.

Were driving around for
5 minutes and there's this barn.

And Madame Bolletzki gets
a hit, what are the odds.

Yeah and it is red, too.

You know as well as I do that
the longer this takes...

the more likely it is were looking for a body.

What happened?
- No it's good. Everythings fine.

Look, Look what she found.

Is that your Sons toy, Mrs. Reinneman?

Yes, Yes it's Toby.

He calls him Toby, He calls him Toby.

you got an evidence bag?
- In the truck.

I'm going to call for a unit.

Chief, you should get
your guys to comb the area.

Is that how it's done?

Hey, come here a minute.

I'm going to be late for class.

This'll be quick.

Give me your phone number.
I'll call you tonight.

Who are you?

Look, don't let Lynnie scare you.
it's good for her to be jealous.

Keeps her on her toes.
- OH you're Dax.

Too late to play it cool.
it's all over town.

Ms. Girardi, your presence is
requested in my office.

Mr. Hibbing, yours will
be too, if you miss the bell.

Oh, Ok Hi. Um, I didn't do it.

You're not in trouble Joan.

I'm not.

Mr Poplin just gave us the exciting
news and I have a proposition for you.

Sit down.

Joan, I have to admit.

I was concerned when you
wanted to take AP chem.

But recent events prove that you have some...

scientific talent of
which only you were aware,

and were happy you're
finding a way to express it.

What are you talking about?

Your abilities in the game
of chess border on genius.

Why didn't you tell anyone?

Did Luke teach you?
- No body taught me.

It was an accident.

You beat our highest
ranked player in six moves.

I didn't mean to
- Joan, That's incredible.

We want you to represent the school
in a regional chess tournament.

Now, I know it's only a few
months away so you're...

going to have to put in some
extra time after school.


Wow listen, I don't know
how to play chess.

Yes sir, Were doing everything we can.

I've got S.I. D here,
I've got SWAT on stand by.

I'm trying to keep the press
at bay but that wont last long.

Uh, i'll get back to you Mr. Mayor.

What is it, Mr. Reinnemann?

I don't know how to say this.

Just tell me.

That's not Toby.

I just found Toby in the trunk of my car.

I've never scene that toy before.
I don't think it's his.

Uh, Hi.

I'm here for the chess club?
- They all went home.

I'll be working with you today.

Ok um, well, before anything happens,
I should just let you know up front.

I don't know how to play chess.

What's fairly in office?

God, You know, I'm actually, uh,
for once very glad to see you.

And why is that, Joan?

Because my life is
completely unraveling.

I'm up to my eyeballs in the drama
of the high school mating ritual,

and now, thanks to you, I've been
mistaken as the school chess champion.

How did this happen to me?
- Which part?

How did I beat that kid at chess?

He was using logic.
You weren't.

It's impossible to guard against chaos.

It's rare, but it happens.

Blacks move.

I don't want to...

I don't know how to play this game.

And yet you play the game.

Because I'm forced to.
- Forced to?

Your friends make a
suggestion, which you follow...

up on, and then you're
surprised at the outcome?

It's a causal universe.


Wait a minute, I'm being punished
because I made a tiny little effort to fit in?

It's not about punishment.

It's that actions have
consequences, and to be in denial...

of that is to be disengaged
from the laws of the universe,

which renders you powerless and vulnerable
to an inordinate amount of pain.

Other than that, it's no big deal...


- No?

It's a rule called 'touch move.'

Once you touch a piece,
you have to move that piece.

I'm not allowed to change my mind?
What kind of universe is that?

Oh, you can change your mind,
but you still have to play that piece.

So you should think before you move.

Wait a minute, this is a metaphor...

Yeah, I looked up 'metaphor' and
that's definitely an example...


took the bait.

So now I'm in the game.

How do I get out?

There are many ways to get out...

surrender is one, losing is another.

Winning, cheating,
which I don't recommend,

but you have to do something.

You have to have a strategy.

See the number one rule in chess is this...

whatever you do, don't play
the other person's game.

Play your own...

Your move.

Joan, can I borrow your hair dryer...

so I can look extra handsome for
my job interview at Wiener World?


don't scare the cripple, my fight
or flight impulse is very confused.

What were you doing?

Imagining I was in a coma.

it's not so bad.

I hate school.

I have no friends, I can't fit in.

I don't know who I like. i'm miserable.

And, and, and I got this,
this zit in my ear. Ouch.

ok, well, I didn't need to know that last
part, but I have to concur, High school sucks.

Didn't suck for you?
You were like, the star.

So, I was in the in crowd.

I just got to see the jerks closer up.

Why do you think I spent so
much time playing sports?

I didn't like that social thing so much.

People were mean, it was boring.

I wanted to play my own game.

OH my god.

Somebody just said that to me yesterday.

About chess.

Well, it's the basic rule of any sport.

Otherwise you're always on the defensI've
posture, always reacting to the other guy.

You really werent happy in high school?

You really felt like a reject sometimes?

Everybody does.

Even the ones who claim they don't.

You, You are going to find
some people who totally...

get what a non-repulsive,
sub-defective you are.

Trust in yourself a little
bit, youll figure it out.

And if you need me to role
over anyone, let me know.


You're up early?

So are you.

it's that damn psychic woman.

Do you know how much she cost
the city in dollars -...

and man-hours combing the
countryside because...

she found a 10-year-old toy in a barn?

You have to admit, it was
an interesting coincidence.

Coincidences are interesting.

they're common, they happen to
the average person 10 times a day,

but no body puts
the SWAT team on alert.

Ok, well, i'm not the bad guy.

I'm sorry.

Will, It's nothing.

Holistic healing, chakra
energy, Lourdes?

I'm not taking him to Lourdes.

I was just curious about
alternative medicine.


What do you mean no?

You can't do this.

You can't let yourself go down
this path of magical thinking Helen.

I am just contemplating all the possibilities.

What harm can that do?

Plenty, You think this is good for Kevin?

Dragging him around to Quacks instead of
letting him get on with his life, the way it is?

He's driving now.
He's looking for a job.

This is what we wanted.
What you wanted.

I'm not looking for magic.
It's more like.

What, miracles?

I was raised to believe in them.

So was I.

I was an alter boy for Gods sake.

And then I grew up.

I will tell you something Will,
I was happier when I believed it.

Helen, Our boy is paralyzed.

His spine is irreparably damaged.

There is no miracle.
There is no magic.

God is not coming down to fix it.

And nothing is going to change.

Please, don't leave me
alone knowing that.

- No it's ok.

Are you hungry?
I'll make you some breakfast.


We got something on the Tip line.
One of the guys you flagged.

Oh yeah?

Brought him in for questioning
and I like his story.

What to hear it?
- I don't know, sounds awfully scientific.

Hey, I wasn't on board for the physic
stuff, just, you know, wanted to be open.

The lady who lives next door to
me has always been weird.

Keeps to herself, doesn't
seem to have a job.

I think she lives on disability.

One day I saw her walking
around with a little kid.

She says it's an orphan
nephew She's adopting.

Can you describe the child?

Few days later I see a picture
of the missing kid on television.

Looked a lot like the little boy.

Yeah, I think That's him.

They always have fights, it's no big deal.

This was different.

They were fighting about God.

They always have.

Since forever.

I mean, mom wanted to get married
in a church, dad didn't. Blah blah blah.

God and money, That's basically
what grownups talk about.

We need to talk.

About what?
- Your behavior.

It's so not cool.

Flirting with Dax in the hall
for everyone to see.

Lynnie cried all through
world geography.

Stealing someones boyfriend does
not look good on the social resume.

I did not flirt with him He came up to me.

You know what.

Bite Me.

Oh, that's charming.

Can you just leave my sister alone?

Back off Pin Head.
- That's Mister Pin Head to you.

You know what?

I don't care about Dax
Hibbing or Lynnie Charmichael,

or my social resume, or
whos gay or whos not.

I can't spend my time on this
plant worrying about that stuff.

There's other things to do.

Like what?
Chemistry and chess?

Yeah, Like that.

Now those guys might be nerds but
at least they know what they're here for.

You called me a nerd.

It was a metaphor.

Yes, I've been reading
about that little boy.

It's very sad.

Tea, Coffee, anything?
- No thank you.

That's Percy
She's very friendly.

The thing is some of your neighbors reported...

seeing the little boy in
this apartment building.

We were wondering if you
knew anything about that.

No, i'm afraid I don't.

I understand, you have
a son or a nephew.

No, I live alone.

Oh, because your neighbors were
pretty certain about a little boy living here.

I baby sit some of the children in
the neighborhood for extra money.

Oh, well That's probably it.

Do you mind if we have a look
around while were here?

Yes, I do mind.

I don't mean to be rude, but I know
you need a warrant for that.

That's true.

We could get one and come back.

Yeah yeah, Why don't we do that.

Oh, do you mind if
I use your bathroom?

No you can't use the bathroom. You
can't look around. Leave me alone.

Put the knife down.
- This is harassment.

You can't just come in
here and harass me.

Put it down!
- I know about this.

I know my rights, you need a warrant.

What? You gonna shoot me?

You just pulled a knife on the chief of
police, Defiantly a shoot-able offense.

Put it down.

Where is the key to this door?
- Up my ass!


You gonna eat all that?

No, Do you what some?

What is it?

Salami and stuff.
My dads Italian.

To him a sandwich is like an opera.

Look Grace, i'm really sorry.

Yeah, the taking of the
sandwich is a symbolic...

act designed to avoid direct confrontation.

Don't worry.


So, Daghilan says to me
the woman had a white car.

The physic gets every other
detail wrong and i'm...

suppose to be impressed
because she had a white car.

She didn't get anything else right?

Well, there was a dog.

Well, that's something.

She said a man with a
puppy, and can I remind...

everyone there was no barn involved, at all.

Don't fight.
- I'm not fighting.

I'm just saying after wasting
all this time with her,

in the end we ended up finding this
kid through standard police work.

It's a miracle you found him alive.

I don't mean a miracle.

Can I interrupt this moment
of family tension to say that.

I will not be representing the
school in the chess tournament.

Was that ever a possibility?

There was a brief moment of insanity.

Joan, that is such an honor.
Why would you turn that down?

because I don't know how to play chess.

I keep telling everybody
that but no one believes it.

I believe you.
- Thank you.

I don't understand it.

It's just strategy and a little
bit of living in the future.

Please, no more talk about the future.

That's how it works Dad.

I mean, you see four
moves ahead, it's empirical.

You see five moves ahead,
it's still grounded in science.

I mean, who knows where
the demarcation is.

Now if you see twelve moves ahead, maybe...

you're crossing over
into psychic phenomenon.

And maybe that's what a psychic does.

She just sees the board
of life better then we do.

There are a million people
with white cars and dogs.

She said I'd dance at my wedding.

That's what she told me.

Then again, she said Joan has a special
connection to the universe, so go figure.