Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - AKA WWJD? - full transcript

Jessica experiences a strange homecoming courtesy of Kilgrave. Hogarth's conflict with her estranged wife reaches a tipping point.

Come on, time to go!

I'm gonna kill you
if you don't leave me alone.

Come on!

Let's go! Let's go!

Okay! We're coming. Relax, Phil.

Where's your sister?

- Farting in her room.
- Ugh, Phil.

It's time to go, honey!

- I know, I'm coming! God!
- Come on.

We're gonna leave without you, Jessie!

Twelve hours
in a car with you?

Fine, leave without me.

Welcome home, Jessica Jones.

- My home never had an armed guard.
- Well, that's Hank.

- Say hi, Hank.
- Hi, Hank.

Sorry, I slip sometimes.

Don't misunderstand.
Hank's here because he's paid.

A lot. Safety first.

I wouldn't have walked in the door
if I was going to attack you.

Well, then you won't mind
if Hank searches you.

I mind!

I'm not gonna command it.

I was serious when I said
I wanted you to choose.

But trust is a two-way street.

Look for any sharps or drugs.

That Sufentanil you shot me with
gave me a wicked headache.

I am Jessica Jones.

This is a one-party consent
to record conversations with Kilgrave

in order to get his confession to
the murders of Hope Shlottman's parents.

You know how I feel about being recorded.

So you came here for a confession?

I came here to end the collateral damage
you've been piling up around me.

The confession was a last ditch.

I knew it wasn't out of love.
I'm not delusional.

Just optimistic.

I'll show you around.

- You want me to choose?
- Yes.

I choose that you don't touch me.

- Oh, please...
- Ever!

I promise I won't touch you
until I get your genuine consent.

All right, then?


A time-honored tradition
by families everywhere.

Not mine, of course.

My parents wouldn't dare
let their walls be defaced.

- It's the same one.
- Wasn't easy to find.

Mid '90s Sears and Roebuck furniture set.

How did you know?

I found the realtor who sold this place
after your parents died.

She had pictures.

You shouldn't have.

I wanted to.

When we were together,
I asked what your happiest memories were.

You said?

- Home.
- Home.

I'll introduce you to the staff.

This is, um...

Tell her your names, please.

- Laurent Bouchard.
- Alva Ramirez.

I will not stay in a house with slaves.

Oh, now you're just being sanctimonious.

Tell Jessica whether or not
you are happy with your salary.

I make twice as much as my last job,

from which I was fired
due to a drinking problem.

See? Some of us give people
a second chance.

That's all.
You may leave.

I'm tired.

Your room awaits.

Shared bathroom.

It's quite the cozy home
you had back in the day.

- This was little Phillip's room.
- No.


Lot of feelings for the dead brother, huh?

I get that.

You're not all hard edges,
Jessica Jones.

Now for the coup de grâce.

I worked hard on this.

I used a magnifying glass on the pictures
of your room to ID the CDs.

Yeah. Just where you left them.

Oh, Jesus, Jessica.

A little appreciation
wouldn't hurt anyone.

P.I. bug got you early, huh?

Just imagine little 14-year-old you.

Peeping in on the neighbors.

There's nothing to be ashamed of.

We all like to see what goes on
behind closed doors.


It's Patsy!

Answer if you want to.

You're not my prisoner. Here.

Jess, what the hell is going on?

I'm here.

Jess, I called the precinct.
You're not in jail.

What the hell happened?

Kilgrave showed up at the station.

Are you all right?
Was anyone hurt?

No... but I had to get out of there.

I left the city as fast as I could.
I'm sorry, I should've called.

Do you want to invite her over?

Well, how do I know
that this is not like last time...

when he had you acting
like everything was fine?

Because Kilgrave is a psychotic,
repulsive waste of a human being,

and if I were under his control,
he would never let me say that.

You'll need money.

I'm covered.

Just let me do this, okay, Trish?

Everyone's disappearing.


Simpson's gone.

He put in a leave of absence at work
and then flat-out disappeared.

I'm worried Kilgrave's got him.

He'll show up.
I'll be in touch, okay?

I'm tired of missing you.

I gotta go.

Oof. Rough being your friend.

Now, this is for you.

Laurent and what's-her-name
are cooking up a storm for us.

You're welcome to come down
whenever you're hungry.

Well, I suppose that went
as well as could be expected.

How do you people live like this?

Day after day, just hoping
people are gonna do what you want.

It's unbearable.


- No dress?
- Purple's not really my color.

So is this bag of steroids
always going to be lurking?

You're right. This is awkward enough
without armed guards hovering over dinner.

You can leave.

So, what exactly are you hoping
is going to happen here?

That you and I will
eventually make a go of it.

Not gonna happen.

Well, this is a weird, wild world
where anything can happen.

Look at us.

Super strength and mind control
in the same house. Amazing.

Regardless, dinner is ready.

I've had Chef Bouchard prepare
your favorite meal, Pasta Amatriciana.

That's your favorite meal.
Now, it makes me nauseous.

I'll be having a liquid dinner.

Another bottle, please.

You ever think you might drink too much?

It's the only way I get through
my goddamn days after what you did to me.

You blame me for your drinking problem?

- It's the truth.
- Come on, it wasn't all bad.

I mean, certainly it ended roughly.

You call making me murder a woman
"ending roughly"?

Now, now, let's be clear.

- I did not tell you to kill Reva.
- What?

If you remember, I said,
"Take care of her."

Not kill her.
You chose to punch her.

You goddamn son of a bitch!

I knew you had a safeguard in place.

A-ha, testing boundaries, were you?

Smart. I didn't see that coming.

One of the many reasons I like you.

You said you weren't
going to use your powers.

I said I wouldn't control you.

You can stop with the razors.

They're in place until
we've built some trust.

Until I choose you?

You really do have a knack for destroying
the poetry of the heart, don't you?

Clean up the mess that our guest has made.

I'm full and I'm tired.

I'm sorry.

- What the hell are you doing?
- I'm getting you out of here.

- You're under his control.
- No, I'm not.

That's what he'd make you say.

I'm not under his control.
I know what I'm doing.


Is everything all right up there?

I tripped. I'm drunk.
Just stay out of my shit!

I'm not under his goddamn control
or I would have given you up.

- You have to get out of here!
- You're coming with me.

I put a bomb in the basement to kill
that asshole downstairs.


You can't kill him
with Hope still in jail.

Well, you can't let him live.
He's too dangerous.

There are innocent people
living in this house.

Well, I'll time the explosion
to when they take out the trash.

No! I am handling it.

You kill him and you kill me,

and I will haunt you
for the rest of your life.

What're you...

I'm keeping this.

I am here because I have to be,
because I want to be.

You have to leave, now.



I hope everything's all right.

It isn't. There's a bomb in the basement.

Get Hank.

Found it.

Remote detonation.

Small charge hits the gas main...
whole house goes up.

- Looks like a tragic accident.
- Can you dismantle it?

Somebody really does
have it out for you, boss.

That someone got past your security team.

Fire last night's shift,
bring in a better crew.

- Yes, sir.
- Leave.

- You knew it was here?
- Lucky guess.

Well, my lucky guess is that it was
Trish's missing Officer Simpson.

He would have killed
sweet little Alva and Laurent, too.

You've killed more people
as an afterthought.

- I've never killed anyone.
- You use your powers to compel murder.

Oh, tomato, to-mato.

What matters is you saved my life.

You do care for me.

I just can't handle
another death on my conscience.

Even if it's yours.

You'd know the feeling
if you had a conscience.

I have a conscience.
It's... just more selective.

I care if you die.

The rest are fungible.

I shall see you in the morning.

I care if you die. The rest are fungible.

70% of Miss Hogarth's
holdings is ridiculous.

I mean, you can't be serious.

Why don't you tell him
how serious I am, Jeri?

Or do you want to send in your private eye
to threaten me again?

Wait, what?
Who threatened you?

Do you want to tell everyone,
or do you want to revise the agreement?

I didn't send anyone, Wendy.

I fell in love with someone else.
That doesn't make me a monster.

No, not a monster.

The word I'd use is "bastard."

Okay, name-calling
isn't going to get this done.

Even when we were dating,
everyone wanted to know what I saw in you.

Then why did you marry me?

Because you were kind to me.

You were a bastard to everyone else,
and you were kind to me.

I was special.

Well, I liked you.


And I like you when you aren't trying
to take my livelihood.

But you don't love me anymore.

- Do you still want that?
- After all of this?

You want that?


It's too late.

If your client really
has been strong-arming my client...

As in demanding 70% of her assets?

Until that second in the subway,
I still held out hope.

- Mid-life crisis...
- Wendy, don't do this to yourself.

I built everything around you...

and now you're not there.

You have Pam,
and I have nothing.

I'm sorry.

Well, I'm going to have to ask you
to say that with cash.


There's a text for you, Miss Hogarth.


You call her that in bed, too?

Is that why she's the special one now?

I need to take care of this.
You keep going.

- You know what I want.
- Okay.

I can't believe
you were ever married to her.

- Why did you pull me out of there?
- It's Jessica.

Oh, thank God.
Did she dig something up on Wendy?

No. It's a message.

She's with Kilgrave.

So, what are you looking at?

Can't tell you
anything right now.

Let's just get back to my place,
and let me explain it.

All right.

- Will!
- Oh, shoot.

Oh, hey.
Uh, you guys go in...

- Uh, go on in.
- Who's she?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just bug out.

Hey, babe.

You look amazing.

Is everything all right?

Who are those guys?

A couple of my boys from back in the day.
You know, they came to town.

- What's up?
- "What's up?"

Last time we talked, you were hunting
a homicidal mind-control maniac,

and then it's crickets from you. I...

I'm not wrong to be concerned.

Yeah, I'm sorry. I just...

I lost him, so...

So, you came home?

Look, Kilgrave is gone.

He's out of the city.

How do you know that if you lost him?

we're free of him now, okay?

We can be together.

Not yet.
Jessica is still on the run from him.

She told you this?

She can't come back until he's caught.
It's up to us now.

No, it's not, 'cause Jess can
take care of herself.

In fact, she can do that
a lot better than we can, right?

I doubt that.

No, listen to me,
because I see this now.

Everyone wants to be the hero, right?

But now I see that we can't be...

because there's us and there's them.

And that's okay,

but it just means
that we can't always help.

You can't always help.

Not without getting hurt
and becoming some extra problem.

You're saying this like it's about me,
but this is about you.

You're abandoning her.

No, I'm getting out of her way.

Both of us should get out of her way.

No, think about it.

Step back.


- Stepping back.
- Stay out of it. Stay safe.

You should get back to your boys.


It's time to get going, sweetie.

Hey, vacation awaits.
Rise and shine.

- Dad?
- Come on, already. Time to go.

What are you doing here?

She's not ready. Let's go.

She's just gonna mess up the trip, anyway.

Don't listen to your brother.
It's not true.

Why do you always take her side?

We'd all be alive
if it wasn't for you, Jessie.

Phillip's right.

You really are a screw-up.

Make it right, Jessie.

Make it goddamn right! on the scene
to our WHIH field reporter

- for the latest updates...
- Oh, Jesus.

...on this developing and unfolding
hostage standoff.

The father has been holding
the wife and two children at gunpoint

for the last 40 minutes.

Neighbors have reported
the sound of a gunshot

coming from the hostage taker's apartment
earlier today. NY...

Make it goddamn right, Jones.


Just waiting to see
which Jessica I'm going to get.

When I was a kid,
we used to eat breakfast out here.

Okay, trying-to-make-an-effort Jessica.

More like trying to make
a shit situation tolerable.

I'll take that.

Do your actions ever haunt you?

Before I met you,
I rarely dwelled on anything.

Not even Hope's family?

I mean, how would you feel
if someone forced you to off your parents?

Wouldn't have to force me.

You never talked to me about them.

- Why is that?
- Rather not relive it.

So, killing Hope's parents,
that was really about them?

No, that was all about you.

I was mad at you for literally
throwing me under the bus.

Jessie Jones.

- Is that you?
- Shit.

- Who is this lovely creature?
- Nosy neighbor.

Let me get her out of here.

Hi, Mrs. De Luca.


It's been so long. Ooh!

Look at you.

Such a lovely woman.

And returning home
with such a handsome husband.

- No, we're not married.
- Oh.

I've known Jessie since she was tiny.
Oh, the stories I could tell.

Unfortunately, we don't have the time...

- I'm Elizabeth De Luca. And you are?
- Intrigued.

I would love to hear
all about my little Jessie.

Well, I was there when her parents
brought her home from the hospital.

- Really?
- Yep.

Such a pair of tonsils, that girl!

I mean, I didn't get a lick of sleep
for those first few months.

Well, I hope our caterwauling
hasn't kept you up. Join us.


- Oh, bacon. Do you mind?
- Make yourself at home.

So what was Jessie and her family like?
She told me all the surface stuff.

Dad was a mechanic.

Mum was a...
a professor of something or other.

- I'm sure she's busy.
- Yeah, uh...

- Alisa taught math.
- Math.

She was a great teacher,
but a terrible cook.

You know,
when my husband died,

she brought over her...
The absolute worst meatloaf.

Must be where you get
your cooking skills from, honey.

I loved the Joneses,
but they had their problems.

I remember some nights when

Brian and Alisa would just
fight like cats and dogs.

That's not true.

Oh, honey,
I know that they loved each other,

but everybody's got their troubles.

Lord knows that's true.
So what about our girl of the hour?

Oh, she was
the strangest tomboy.

She wore princess dresses with high-tops.

Really? I can't get her to wear a dress
for the life of me.

I'll wear one to your funeral.

There's that sharp wit.

Oh, I remember this one day.
Oh, I'm sure you remember this, too.

You duct-taped Phillip to a tree.

It was terrible.

You know, I didn't blame her.
I mean, he was such a juvenile delinquent.

No, he wasn't.

He was a great kid.

Oh, yes, of course he was,
but the timing was awful.

I mean, just the very next day,

I mean,
there you were leaving for vacation...

Please stop.

I knew something terrible
was gonna happen.

Not a day goes by that I don't regret
not warning you.

You've no idea what a burden
I've had to live through all these years.

Did you really have a sense that
that terrible accident was gonna happen?

Tell the truth now.

No, I... didn't.

Then why would you say
such a horrible thing?

It makes me feel important.

Isn't that a shitty thing to do?

Say it.

Yes, it is.

What would you want to do
to someone who said that to you?

I'd want to slap them.

All right. Leave.

That was just a teensy bit satisfying,
don't you think?

A little.

- You're welcome.
- I told you not to touch me!

For God's sake.

Come on, Jessie.

Do not call me that.

We used to do a lot more
than just touch hands.


- It's called rape.
- What?

Which part of staying in five-star hotels,
eating in all the best places,

doing whatever the hell you wanted,
is rape?

The part where I didn't want
to do any of it!

Not only did you physically rape me,

but you violated every cell in my body
and every thought in my goddamn head.

That is not what I was trying to do.

It doesn't matter
what you were trying to do.

You raped me.

- Again and again and again!
- No.

How am I supposed to know?

Huh? I never know if someone is doing
what they want or what I tell them to!

- Oh, poor you.
- You have no idea, do you?

I have to painstakingly choose
every word I say.

I once told a man to go screw himself.

Can you even imagine?


I didn't have this.

A home, loving parents, a family.

You blame bad parenting?

My parents died.

You don't see me raping anyone.

- I hate that word.
- Just admit it.

Your parents had nothing to do
with why you forced me...

Do you want to see?

Do you want to see
what they put me through?

Watch this and tell us
which one of us was truly violated.

Welcome to my home.

Put the pieces back together
in the correct pattern.

Kevin, please.

We need to see
if your fine motor skills have improved.

That's my loving Mum and Dad.

Come on, Kevin.
You know what you're supposed to do.

Scientists bent on
turning me into a freak.

Neurological exams, fluoroscopy...

brain biopsies.

And my personal favorite,
cerebral spinal fluid extractions.

Hold still, son.

This will only sting a bit.

This will all be over
before you know it.

No, Mummy. Please!

Don't move.

While your dad played with you
on the front lawn,

my dad prepped me
for my fourth elective surgery.

How's that for love?


Kevin, dear,
we're not finished.

Calm down.
If you just...

Get away!


- What's happening?
- What's going on?



Like you,
this power was forced upon me.

I thought you, of all people,
would understand.

According to local PD,
both state and local PD are cooperating.

A hostage negotiator is currently
communicating via bullhorn.

Apparently, all cell phone communication
has been suspended.

And we can see that here,
in some of the footage, uh...

just right there, you see on the left
side, where the arrow is pointing...

That's what you wanted from Reva.

It was the only evidence left
of how I was made.

So no one knows you exist,
except your parents,

if they're still alive.

Probably. They were young.

They ran away.

From promising careers...

and their ten-year-old son.

You're not ten anymore.

We do have a neighbor
that has called in,

and we believe that
the husband's first name is Chuck.

That is...
That's brand new information...

All this shit that you do is because
nobody ever taught you how to be good?

I truly hope you're not
laughing at me, Jessica.

No, I'm not.
I'm just thinking.

...which alerted local PD.

According to sources on the scene,
the father has been holding his wife

and two children at gunpoint
for several hours now.

I think we should go for a ride.

- I assume you have a destination in mind?
- Yep.

- How long will it take?
- I don't know. Two hours.

All right.

Alva? Laurent?

If I'm not back within two hours,

please remove the skin
from each other's faces.

Behind the line! Stay back!

Chuck, please pick up
the phone so we can talk.

Go away!
I want to be left alone with my family!

Is anybody hurt?
We heard gunshots. We can help you.

I don't want you here!

Oh, you want me to do the hero thing.


Come on, guys, nothing to see.
Step back, all right?

Leave me alone!

Come on.

I don't give two shits
about these people.

I don't want to do this.
I don't want the attention it could bring.

Well, you can stay here
or you can be a chicken shit.

Either way, I'm going in.

Stop. You can't come through here.


Let us through.

Yes, sir.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?

We can go about our business.
Move along.

Move along.

- Obi-Wan Kenobi?
- But cooler.

Oh, well,
that's that, then.

- Stop your goddamned crying.
- Then let us go, Chuck.

- I can't take it when you're crying.
- You can do this.

All of you shut up!

Don't shoot.
Don't move, Chuck.

- Can you walk?
- Who are you?

You need to get outside.
The police will help you. Come on.

- You can't just...
- Oh, shut up, Chuck.

Thank you. Thank you.

Don't tell anyone we were here.

Go, now.

Well, now that's out of the way,
put the barrel of the gun into your mouth.

You can't kill him.

No, but he can kill himself.

The man's clearly insane.

He is never gonna be
a productive member of society.

That is not for you to decide.

He will go to prison and feed off
the tit of the taxpayers...

You've never paid
a goddamn tax in your life.

Fair enough. All right.

What would Jessica do?

Make him turn himself over to the police.

Shotgun's too messy, anyway.

Put the gun down,
turn yourself over to the police.

And do not tell anyone about us.

What a waste of energy.

Was it?

You just saved four lives.

I want cake!

Chocolate with strawberries on top.

The look on that woman's face,
the genuine awe and gratitude for me.

Is that why you did
the whole superhero thing?

I don't know.

Or was that about balancing the scales?

All that survivor's guilt
you carry around, because of...

- It doesn't work like that.
- Why not?

You're so outraged
by all the people I've affected.

Do the moral maths.

How many more lives do you think
I'd have to save to get back to zero?

Saving someone doesn't mean
unkilling someone else.

Well, even so,
we should do this more often.

Think of all the people we could help,
all the crimes we could stop.

- We'd be a hell of a dynamic duo.
- You don't need me to do that.

Are you kidding me?

That man almost blew his brains out,

which I genuinely thought
was the right thing to do.

I can't be a hero without you.

Oh, my God.

You're right.

I've got a whole new purpose in life.
It's exciting.

You and me, together,

we can change the world.

Hey, what are you doing?

I need to go for a walk alone.

I thought this was what you wanted?

I need to think.
It's just a walk.


I hope so.

I don't think Alva and Laurent
could survive the letdown...

if you didn't come back.

I came here of my own free will.
Trust that I'll come back.

- My turn.
- I'm still playing.

- No, you're not! It's my Game Boy.
- Did you pay for it?

- Let me play!
- Let him play, honey.

- Because he yells the loudest?
- It's not fair, it's mine!

- Let him play.
- Fine.

- She broke it! She broke my Game Boy!
- Well, you should've caught it, spaz.

- Jessica, why did you...
- Brian!


Hi, Trish.

I thought you'd left.

I found Kilgrave, Trish.

I've been living with him
for a couple of days.

- Are you... you?
- Yeah.

- Did you escape? Is he here?
- No, and I left of my own will.

- Sit down.
- No, I need to... I need to move.

Sit down.
I'll get you a drink.

I didn't know
you still kept that stuff on hand.

For you.

But, Jess...

living with him?

Living with Kilgrave, what the hell?

Take your time.

He set up a house.

My house.

Trippy psycho-drama bullshit.

Nightmare Barbie's Dreamhouse bullshit.

Oh, my God.

I need to run something by you.

I'm having a
"What would Trish do?" moment.

Actually, I ask myself that a lot.

So here goes.

What would you do if you could harness
Kilgrave's powers for good?

You can't.
He's a psychopath.

The amount of meds it would require
would be staggering.

But what if you could teach him
to be more like you?

Show him how to use his powers
in a positive way.

How would I do that?

You would have to stay with him,

giving up your life as Trish Walker,
living with him.

- You mean have sex with him.
- No, not that,

but you'd have to be with him
and point him in the right direction.

Would I have any guarantee that
he wouldn't use his abilities on me?


But you could potentially
change the world.

What would you do?

I don't know.

Yes, you do.
You just don't want me to do it.

I'm not the best one for the job,

but I'm the only one.

It can't be all on you, Jess.


But maybe it's a way to,
you know...

make it right.

God damn it!

Is she back yet?


Please, please, can we close our eyes now?

Just for a moment.

You can blink when Jones returns
and not a minute before.

Don't want you missing her.

Oh, shut up!

You think you've got problems?

She's here!
She's returned!

Clean up this mess.
Wipe your faces.

I'm gonna make myself presentable.

You came back.

I remembered you like Chinese food
as much as you like Italian.

It's got noodles, too.

Why did you come back?

You were right.

About what?

Maybe about you and me.
Maybe we can balance the scales a bit.

Well, we should certainly try.

If this hero thing doesn't pan out,
I am out of here.

Laurent! Alva! Dinner's up.

Do they need to eat with us?

First step in heroism,
don't be a prick.

Dig in.

Oh, for Christ's sake.

You can't ingest Sufentanil.

It's not bad.

Jesus, you're such a food snob.

Oh, shit.

Nope, I got it. Sit.

Alva, what's the matter?

This is what Jessica would do.


Don't move.

Let him go.

You've seen what he does...

what he can do.
Whatever he's paying you, it's not enough.

You are harming my client.
I can legally shoot you.

Drop him now.

Good job.
Now let me finish him.

I can't.

You've already done the hard part.
Let his death be on me.

You could walk away
and get on with your life.

- Stop right there!
- Don't move!

There's nowhere to go.

I can't let you kill him. Sorry.

What the hell was that?

Whoa! Did she just fly?

That's impossible.


Excuse me?

Are you Officer Simpson?

Ma'am, you shouldn't be out here.

Uh, Kilgrave asked me to give you this.


Run, now!