Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - AKA Top Shelf Perverts - full transcript

Malcom, Simpson and Trish go rogue to prevent Jessica from carrying out an extreme plan to outwit Kilgrave.

[theme music playing]



[knocking on door]


Who are you?

And what are you doing
in Jessica's apartment

with all the lights off?

The lights are off
to suggest no one is here.

But you couldn't take a hint.

Because someone is here.

But not Jessica?

Tell me, who are you?

My name is Ruben.
I'm her neighbor.

- I made her banana bread.
- Why?

Because I love her.

[faint chatter]

- Get off me!
- You're cut off!

I was just leaving.

You didn't kick me out, I left.


[man] You stink.

Well, I'm a piece of shit,
and shit stinks.

- Got a dollar?
- [scoffs]


Blimpie's punch card.
Two away from a free sub.


[Jessica scoffs]

About time.

Hey, Wendy.


- Have you been following me?
- I'm usually stealthier.

You're gonna sign these divorce papers.

I am not gonna sign anything

on the subway platform
in the middle of the night.

Have Jeri call my lawyer.

Ow! Ow!

Ah! Jesus!

- You are going to sign these papers or...
- Or what?

[gasps] I'm not afraid of you.

Do you know what shame feels like, Wendy?

Of course.

- [panting]
- No, I mean real shame, Wendy.

You know,
when you've done something...

You've hurt,
disgusted someone so completely...

that you can see it in their eyes.


- The black, oozing shit inside you.
- [whimpers]

You sweat it through your skin
but it keeps spreading...

until you would do anything...
not to feel it.

- Anything.
- [panting] You're crazy.

Sign the papers or I'll drop...


- [groans]
- Shit!

I didn't mean to do that.

[horn blaring]

[Jessica grunts]


[horn blaring]

[both grunting]

[brakes screeching]

[horn blaring]

[elevator dings]

Well, how long have you been here?


[Malcolm sighs]

[Jessica grunts]

Running actually helps with sobriety.

Sobriety blows.

You're a real inspiration.

Oh, careful.

What you need... [sighs]

is some electrolytes,
something solid in your stomach.





[inhales sharply]




[Malcolm] Jesus Christ!

Holy Jesus Christ!

He's dead. That's...
That's his dead body. That's Ruben.


[breathing heavily]

He was here.

He made Ruben...

Oh, my God,
poor Ruben.

Oh, man, his poor sister.
I just...

[stammering] I can't. I can't do this.

I can't. I can't keep fighting him.

- [voice breaking] I can't fight him!
- Hey, hey.

[wailing] I can't do this!

Hey, look at me.

- You have not killed anyone, all right?
- [breathing heavily]

Right? Just breathe.

This has to stop.

Yeah, you're right.

[stuttering] You know what?
We're gonna make it stop.

I'm gonna call the police right now
and we're gonna make it stop.

- They'll arrest me.
- [line ringing]

You didn't do it
and the evidence will confirm that.

This is the third death
that I'm directly connected to.

[ringing continues]

[phone beeps]

I'm so sorry, Ruben.

I'm gonna end it.

End what?


There's another option.

I go to jail.

What? No!

But it has to be the right jail.

[Malcolm] Why the hell would you
wanna be locked up there?

Because supermax prison
is a hi-tech mousetrap,

and I'll be the bait
when Kilgrave comes for me.

- If he comes for you.
- He'll come!

I know him.

Or he will just send somebody.

He can't compel someone
through seven layers of security.

He'll have to come himself,
use his powers,

which will be recorded on security cameras
that he can't erase.

Or you spend the rest of your life
locked up with a bunch of murderers.

I need proof, Malcolm.

And this could expose him.

- Unbelievable.
- And there's a detective...

What is his name?

He questioned me
about the Shlottman murders.

He's already suspicious.

[line ringing]

[woman] 15th Precinct.

Homicide, please.

- No. Stop!
- [man] Homicide.

Hi, can I speak to the lead detective
on the Shlottman murders?

- Uh, Clemons?
- Clemons, right.

Can I speak with him?

- Can I help you?
- No, it has to be him.

What time is he on duty?

- 8:00 p.m.
- 8:00 p.m. I'll be there.

[panting] Okay. 8:00 p.m.
This is good, right?

It gives us time to think, you know,
about what's the potential fall-out?

- Who else is vulnerable?
- I need a lawyer.

Okay, good.

I'm gonna stay here with Ruben.

No, you have to disappear.

- Look, I'm in this now, Jessica.
- No, I don't want you in this!

And I don't want you in this either.

I can't protect you anymore.

If you don't believe me,
ask Ruben.

I only have until 8:00 p.m.
to tie up loose ends.

[cell phone ringing]

[Trish panting]

[bed squeaking]

[phone continues ringing]

[Simpson grunts]

- No!
- [grunts]

[Simpson grunting]

[both moan]

[breathing heavily]

[both exhale]

[Trish chuckles]

[Simpson sighs]

[both laugh]

That was, uh, intense.

Don't talk.


Whatever you say, boss.

[cell phone ringing]

You know, you answer it,
they'll stop calling.

- No, she won't.
- "She"?

- It's Jessica.
- What, you're dodging her calls?

[sighs] She'll just...

try and convince me
that it wasn't my fault.

The van, losing Kilgrave.

Ah. Well, she's right.
That's on her.

Don't say that.

Doesn't matter.

I am not calling her
until I have something to tell her.


I'm, uh... I'm starving.
Udon noodle salad?

Oh, wow!
You just blew past that question.

What's going on, Trish?

Trish, what are you up to?

I'd rather not say.

- Well, if it involves Kilgrave...
- Well, not yet.

Oh, shit. It does?

Calm down.
I'm not gonna go anywhere near him.

Which implies that you know where he is.

I don't.

I might have a lead.

So, you gonna tell me?

[exhales loudly]

{an8}Mmm, military.

Mmm, military.


They're bodyguards.

{an8}Kilgrave's new bodyguards.

Kilgrave's new bodyguards.

And how do you know?

I went to all the top
New York security firms,

told them...
an old stalker of mine was back...

that I was in the market
for a new protection detail.

After that, it was just a matter of
getting the right people to talk.

No way.

The first rule of personal security
is to keep your clients secret.

- I give good talk.
- Oh, clearly.

So, we follow these guys,
maybe they lead us to Kilgrave.

We stake him out.

Call in Jess, she tosses him in
that hermetically sealed room you set up.

Oh, Trish...

some people need to be
removed from this Earth,

and Kilgrave is one of 'em.

We don't get to decide that.

Killers decide that.
That's what makes them killers.

That is naive...

And idealistic, and futile,
but I want justice for my friend.

For that girl in prison.
For you and me.

I want Kilgrave to live long
and alone and despised

until he wants to die,
but can't.

Because that's justice,
and I'll fight like hell for it.


You just need a flag and a horse.

- I'd look goddamn good on it.
- Mmm-hmm.

[Hogarth] I need you to be ready
with every exhibit.

- I know.
- It will be rapid fire.

Any pauses will kill my rhythm.

[Pam] I am organized
and caffeinated to the hilt.

- I need a lawyer.
- You scared me.

- How did you know we were here?
- The temp.

- Fire the temp.
- I need a lawyer.

I'm about to try a case.

Yes, Jessica,
I have cases other than Hope's.

This one is precedent-setting.

Defending some guilty,
rich asshole for fraud?

It's not Jeri's job to determine
guilt or innocence.

Jessica, I don't have time
for distractions right now.

[Jessica] Then you'll be happy to know

that I served your ex
the divorce papers last night.

Did Wendy sign?

She'll sign.

- [Pam] Did she say that?
- She'll sign.


I need... a lawyer.

Pam, could you go inside
and set up, please?

- I'll be right there.
- Yeah.

Did you do something to Wendy?

Yeah, I scared the shit out of her,
per your request.

I just want this done.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Now... what do I have to do to get
locked up in supermax by nightfall?

Are you telling me that you're planning
to commit a crime?

Because I would be
obligated to report that.

What would it take?

All right.
Supermax only houses the worst criminals.

Top-shelf perverts, cannibals,

serial killers who make mosaics
with their victims' fingernails.

Well, that's... very specific.

It's a living hell... with real demons.

It is the last place you wanna end up.

Be at the 15th Precinct at 8:00 p.m.

I'm a defense lawyer.
I keep people out of jail.

Not today.

What're you gonna do?

It's already done.

[door opening]

[door closing]


I can't believe I'm doing this.

Hey, that's not your apartment!

Uh, yeah,
I was borrowing a, um...


Can't lie to me, string bean.

I got a bullshit meter
the size of West Texas.

You weren't getting a toothpaste,
were you?

Tell the truth.

[softly] No.

I wasn't getting... toothpaste.

I was looking for booze.

Human lie detector, right here!

I can always tell.

Right, well, I, uh...

I didn't take any.

Addicts, man!
You are so sneaky.

Let me smell your breath.

[inhales deeply]

Glad the demons
didn't get the better of you, Q-Tip.

You know, I think Jones
is hiding something about my brother.

No, I don't think so.

He's been drawing their initials
with a big heart around 'em

on his Etch-a-Sketch.

Something's going on.

It is.

They're involved.

She is a sexual predator!
He's just a boy!

In his 20s.

Thank you, Malcolm...
for telling me the truth.

I just can't handle the lies.

Robyn, wait.

There's something else.


Jessica's not a bad person.

You have to know that.

I don't know what kind of spell
that harpy puts on men,

but you have to stop doing her bidding.

You're better than that.

I can always tell.

[bottles rattling]


[rattling continues]

[Roy grunts]

Looking for Luke?

He took some time off.

- Went away for a while.
- Good. Good for him.

I just wanted to tell him...

You just wanted to tell him you love him,

you want him back,
you're gonna have his baby.

What? No.


Heard it before.

Best move on.
He won't miss you.

The only one he ever missed...

is in the ground.

Tell him...

the right people are gonna pay
for what's been done.

And tell him
I don't expect him to forgive me.

You know what happens
when you burn a bridge?

You gotta learn to swim... or fly.



For the love of God, Wendy.

I wanted to hand-deliver this to you.

The divorce papers.

You're so...


And naive.

- You probably don't deserve this.
- Deserve what?

[Hogarth] What is this?

Printouts of our old
e-mail correspondence.

Still have that AOL account.

Subject line "Seven,"

meaning juror number seven
in Jeri's first capital case.

I'm guessing she didn't tell you
about bribing him.

You're blackmailing me?

You threaten my life,

I threaten your career.

Which is more important to her
than her life...

or anyone else's.

I did not threaten you.

You sent your freakish thug.

You made me afraid.
It was sickening.

So, I am protecting myself.

Get out...
or I will call security.

And I'll call
the New York Bar Association.

Fair warning, she lies.

It's second nature to her.

Jeri never lied to me.

She told me about this
when we first got together.

75% of your assets,
or you'll lose it all.

[softly] Thank you.

It's difficult to defend you when
she knows more of your secrets than I do.

[woman] Thank you.

Let's go.

[girl 1]
I love Za Cola 'cause it tastes great.

I love Za Cola 'cause it tastes great.

[girl 2]
I love Za Cola 'cause it tastes great.

I love Za Cola 'cause it tastes great.

[girl 3]
I love Za Cola 'cause it tastes great.

[girl 4]
I love Za Cola 'cause it tastes great.

- Stop fidgeting.
- [whines]

[girl 5]
I love Za Cola 'cause it tastes great!

Britney Kovak.


Come in.

Our appointment was 30 minutes ago!

Welcome to showbiz.

You look terrific, Jessie.

You look done.

How much of Trish's money
did that cost you?

[Dorothy laughs]

Old age, honey.
Start saving now.

So, to what do I owe the pleasure?

It's about Trish.

Why? What's happened?

- Is she on drugs again?
- She hasn't touched drugs

since I dragged her away from you.

I had no idea
that doctor was over-prescribing.

Still no responsibility or remorse.


I wish I could be like that.

"No responsibility."

I took you in.

You were an orphan.

That's gotta count for something.

You don't get credit for doing
the right thing for the wrong reasons.

I cared about...

About publicity.

I was a strategic play
to further the Patsy Walker brand.

Trish is fine.

She has security like Fort Knox

and she's savvy enough not to let anyone
sneak up on her, except you.

She has no defenses against you.

She doesn't need defenses.

I'm her mother.

You're her pimp!


I haven't seen her in three years.

Except for when
you accidentally ran into her?

It's a small city.

And leave long,
drunken messages for her?

What is it you want from me?

I want you to stick to the agreement.

Because no matter where I am...

even if I'm behind bars...

if you try... anything,

I will find out...

I will come for you...

and it will hurt.

People can change, Jessie.

It doesn't make
the bad shit you did go away.

I just...

had a problem.

I got help.

And royalty checks.

I earned those.

If you want them to keep coming,
you'll respect Trish's wishes...

which I will enforce.

"And it will hurt."
You need a better tagline.

Five hundred feet.
Just like a real restraining order.

Five hundred feet away from her.
Do you understand?


Taking you in
was the worst decision of my life.

Thanks, Mom.

[door opens]

[elevator dings]

[Simpson] Trish, what's going on?

Any sign of Kilgrave?

Not yet.
I'm still following his security detail.

I've been tailing them all over the city,

but it doesn't look like they're
up to too much.

You sure these are Kilgrave's guys?

You could have bad intel.

It's the only intel we have.
So we let it play out.

Call me the second you get eyes on him.

Yes, ma'am.

Where's Jessica?

Thanks for coming.
Come in.

My assistant thought you were a stalker.
You called ten times.

You haven't told Jessica, right?

You're shaking and sweating.
Are you high?

Ugh, Trish, look, something has happened.
And now, Jessica is in trouble.

What did she do?

Nothing. That's the problem,
she hasn't done anything wrong.

Look, she is about to make a huge mistake,

and I am not gonna let her.

Okay, let's hear it.

[sighs] Okay, I am...

I'm gonna show you something
really, really bad.

But you can't freak out.

[scoffs] I'm not gonna freak out.


Just show me.

You cannot scream.

I'm not gonna scream.

[screaming] Oh, my God!

You said you wouldn't scream.

- Hey. Hey.
- What did you do?

Hey, whoa!
Now, just keep your voice down.

What the hell happened?

Kilgrave... all right?

But what matters now is what's going
to happen at 8:00 p.m. tonight.

- I need...
- [gun cocks]

Jessica needs your help.

[cars honking]

- Pull over.
- I can't pull over.

- Come on, man.
- You wanna get killed crossing here?

I've got 56 minutes of freedom left.
I'll take my chances.

[honking continues]

[bolt snapping]

[Jessica] I hate goodbyes.

I've always just disappeared.

But this goodbye...

this one deserves a last,
lingering look.

I've been calling you.

I know. I was waiting
to tell you something, but...

How did you get in?

Malcolm. You gave him a key.

Where is he?

Saving you from yourself.

[exclaims softly]

What the hell did you do?

You've lost it, Jess.
And I get it. I really do.

But you're not thinking clearly.

You don't know what you're talking about.

I think I do, given the amount of blood
I just cleaned up.

You wanna get yourself put away for it.

I have a plan.

You have guilt and shame
and it is clouding your judgment.

A complex plan.

A bad plan.

Yes, it is a terrible plan
and it is a complete long shot.

But it's the only plan I've got.

You can't do anything in prison.

You can't save Hope.
You can't protect anyone or yourself.

Where the hell is the body?

I know how to find Kilgrave.

I have a lead.
I was waiting to tell you until...

You are looking for him?

Simpson is.
I found Kilgrave's new security team.

No. You tell Simpson to back off.
He's gonna get himself killed.

He'll call us in when he finds Kilgrave,
just let us handle it until...

Until what?

Until I come home and find my landlady
choked out in my bathtub?

Or I find you bludgeoned to death
with my vacuum cleaner?

We both know you don't own
a vacuum cleaner.

I won't let you go to prison.
You're not a murderer.

Yes, I am.

You're still punishing yourself
for that woman's death?

And now more people are dead.

Hope Shlottman's parents,
Ruben, Reva,

and someone has to give
their families closure.

And until the real killer shows up,
that's gonna be me.

I have to pay.

There are so many ways
this could go wrong.

There's one way it'll go right.

No one else will die because of me.

I'm taking myself out of the equation.

I'm still not the hero
that you wanted me to be.

You're exactly the hero
I wanted you to be.

Tell me where Ruben is.

[Malcolm grunting]




[indistinct chatter]

[man] Look at this, boss.

Just like the picture.
Lucked out on eBay.

Put it in the bedroom.
Nice work.

[cell phone vibrating]

[footsteps approaching]

[Jessica] Malcolm!

- She told you.
- Where is he?

Look, a coroner will see
that the wounds are self-inflicted.

Hold this.

I'll take care of it.

You are done with this.

[Jessica exhales]

[water dripping]

[indistinct chatter]

- [woman] It was dark and...
- [Clemons] Yes.

You'll have to wait.
Someone will be with you in a minute.

Someone with yellow sneakers...

- Oh, sh...
- [all exclaiming]

I've done something terrible.

[yelling] God damn it!
What is taking so long?

I told you 8:00 p.m.
You're late.

- You actually did it.
- Yes, I did.

You have gone off the deep end.

- I want her to have a psych eval.
- What?

- We'll be pleading mental incompetence.
- I told you I need to go to supermax!

I need to be in supermax.
I belong there.

And I told you that I'm a defense attorney
who does not lose cases.


Oh, so you're protecting your reputation?

Wendy told me what you did.

Excuse me, she screamed what you did.
Your judgment is severely impaired.

I waive my right to counsel.

No, she does not understand
what she's talking about.

She doesn't understand her situation.

I am fully cognizant of my situation.
This woman does not represent me.

I can get you a public defender.

I'll be representing myself in this.

- We've already wasted enough time.
- For God's sake, let me do my job!

It seems like you no longer
have a job, Miss Hogarth.

You should leave.

You still owe me a favor,
God damn it.

Collect it from prison.

Jesus Christ, Clemons.

I brought you my victim's head,
and now I'm confessing.

Open and shut.

Is it?

I'm sick...

I'm dangerous and I belong in supermax.

Supermax? Not jail?

I'm a top-shelf pervert.

Last time we talked, you were just
trying to make a goddamn living.

Last time we talked,
you were suspicious of me.

You thought that I was hiding something
and you were right.

And now I'm tired of hiding.

So you've come to me to...

Expedite my incarceration.

I just want... to rest.

Clemons... you're two years away
from retiring.

Call this an easy collar
and just put me away.

[sighs] Why'd you kill him?

Because that's what I do.

I'm a killer... and a sociopath.

You never killed before?

I've never been caught.

Who else have you killed?

A year ago I punched a woman
so hard in the chest

that her heart stopped.


I didn't mean to.

You beat a woman to death by accident?

There is a power inside me...

and it just takes over.

Supermax is the only place
strong enough to hold me.

That guy's head?

I tore it off with my bare hands.

That takes a lot of strength.

And a hacksaw.


Miss Jones, sit down!


You are wasting time!


- Put me in supermax.
- Stop!

Jessica Jones?
You're free to go.

- Mahoney, what are you doing?
- [handcuffs unlocking]

Captain's orders. Go, now.

I told you Hogarth does not represent me.

And I'm gonna kick her Armani-covered ass!

Hogarth! I told you to...

[officer breathing heavily]

[footsteps approaching]

What the hell is going on here?

Drop your weapons!

[gun cocks]


Shut up. Don't move.

[Kilgrave] Oh, everyone, calm down,
you're killing the mood.


You're not surprised to see me.
You had to know I'd come for you.

Not this fast?

I... I will admit to keeping eyes on you.

Spies are easy to come by... for me.

Do whatever you're going to do to me,
but let them go.

Well, I have to protect myself, so...

Then control me, not them.

I have absolutely no intention
of controlling you.

I want you to act on your own accord.

Act how?


Is that why you've been torturing me?

[chuckling] Oh, my God.

Jessica, I knew you were insecure.
That's just sad.

I'm not torturing you.
Why would I?

I love you.

[exclaims softly]

You have been ruining...

my life.

You didn't have a life.

As a demented declaration of love?

No, obviously. I...

I was trying...

to show you what I see.

That I'm the only one who matches you...

who challenges you...

who'll do anything for you.

[Jessica scoffs]

This is a sick joke.

You have killed innocent people.

Oh, well, that...
That milquetoast little man-boy?

He interrupted me
while I was leaving you a present,

which, apparently,
you didn't even find.

Come on! You cannot pretend
he didn't irritate you, too.

I wanted to slap him after 30 seconds.

[softly] I know.
I realize this will take time.

[inhales deeply]

But I'm gonna prove it to you.

[cell phone ringing]

Whose is that?

[ringing continues]

[angrily] Whose phone is that?

[ringing continues]

[ringing continues]

[yelling] Next person whose phone rings
has to eat it!


Crappy fluorescent lights and cockroaches

and loud cell phones
and the smell of piss!

[yelling] I am trying to profess
eternal love here, people!

I'll come with you.

[breathing heavily]

To protect them.
Not out of choice.

You know me well.

We can work out the rest.

Oh, please!

I am new to love,
but I know what it looks like.

I do watch television.


You deranged prick.

You've never loved anyone
in your repulsive life.

[yelling] Do not presume to know!

[breathing heavily]

[softly] Before I met you, I got...

everything I wanted.

And I didn't...


how unsatisfactory that was
until you left me to die.

You are the first thing,
excuse me, person...

I ever wanted that walked away from me.

You made me feel something
I had never felt before.


I actually missed you.

Well, I'm here now.

You've got me.

No, I don't.

I'm hoping you'll choose me
just like I've chosen you.

I believe you will figure out
the same thing I did.

That we're inevitable.


- [Kilgrave] Is it all gone?
- [man] Almost done.

[Kilgrave] I can't erase memories,
but I can erase security footage.

[Kilgrave chuckles]

All evidence that you and I were ever here
has been deleted.

[chuckles softly]

Manual decapitation. You...


You're full of surprises.

In 30 seconds, you'll all realize
this was a hilarious joke,

and you'll let Jessica Jones leave.

Look for my present.

And when you are ready...

I'll see you at home.

[all laughing]


[breathes deeply]

You know where he is...
don't you?

I can't help you.
You have to leave.

Malcolm told me everything.

What did he tell you?

Oh, I'm sure Ruben is probably
just a distraction to you.

You know he's just acting out against me.

[Robyn sighs softly]

Tell him I'm sorry about the zoo.

We can go this weekend.

Will you tell him?

I'll take him to see the giraffes.
I promise.

[sighs] He loves those long necks.

He's very sensitive about his neck,
you know?

You should know that.

Also, he won't eat crust
if it has seeds on it.


Ruben's not coming back.

Where did he go?

He can't take care of himself!


This is all your fault.

We were fine before you came here.

No. Wait, don't go.

Wait, you're a P.I., right?

You can find him!

I have money, please!



[indistinct chatter]

[Dorothy] Jessica, I told you, we're not
wasting any more time looking for it.

[young Jessica]
It's under one of the floorboards.

- I just can't remember which one.
- Well, that wasn't very smart, was it?

We'll buy you a new journal.

Did you hear me?


I believe what you meant to say was,

"Yes, thank you, Ms. Walker."

You're gonna live with us now.
We use proper etiquette.

Don't you know
it's rude to stare at people?

[engine starting]

[door opens]

[dramatic music playing]