Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Episode #1.18 - full transcript

From this moment on...

I am no longer a member of the nobility.

Episode 18

Do Yang...!
Do Yang!

Why did you do this?

Did you do this by mistake?
If you did, then tell me!

Do Yang.

One of the most unpardonable crimes
next to treason is to break the rules of class.

What have you done?

I am ashamed that
I was once your teacher!

Can.. can we try to paste this back on?

It might work if we tie it back on tight!

What's done is done.

And besides,
I do not regret my actions.

Are you saying that
you did the right thing?



I was a champion of modernization
only with my lips.

I thought it was enough that I forfeited
my status at Sunggyungwan...

... and left my family.

But my pride in my noble lineage
was still a part of me.

You are born of a noble family!
That is reality!

That fact is not something
that can be changed!

Like you said,
I have broken the laws of class.

It is a crime that is punishable by having
one's rank and class removed from him.

I want to start from the beginning
with only the body my parents gave me.

From now on, you must treat me
like the other students.

That is my sincere wish.

How can you...?

What... what do I do with that boy?

- Who are you?
- Oh yes!

I'm here on an errand.
The gate was open and I got lost.

I was supposed to give this
to someone named Hwang Jung.

To Mr. Hwang?

Who sent this...?

Mr. Hwang!

Help me with this.

Perhaps we should do this during the day.

You have to treat patients during the day.

You can't ride horses,

... so you should learn to ride the bicycle
so you can visit patients.

Follow me.

- Aren't you coming?
- I am.

Ride it.

All right.

There is only one trick to riding bicycles.

It's turning the handle
towards the direction you are falling.

Got it.

All right.
Try and ride it.

It's not easy as it looks!

Get up!

I'm riding it!
It's working!

Mr. Hwang!

- Are you all right?
- Yes, I'm fine.

I hope the bicycle isn't broken
because of me!

I'll take a look at it.

- The metal chain has come off.
- Yes, I see that.

It's back on now.

That's good.

You've gone over the edge.

I'm only going where my path takes me.

I don't know what your path is.

But I would rather cut off my own head
than do what you did.

Don't tell anyone you're a friend of mine.

Mr. Baek!

Mr. Baek!
Mr. Baek?

Why are you doing that?
Please give that to me.

- We'll do it.
- Please don't do this.

Who cares who does it?
Then let's do it together.

- All right, sir.
- Oh, Mongchong.

It's too early for you to work.

I will tell the kitchen to prepare some
nourishing food for you, so get some rest.

- Nurse Miryung.
- Yes?

Yes, I'm Nurse Miryung.

Carry the desk with me.
Nurse Nang Nang.

- Take the chair and come with me.
- All right.

Mr. Baek...

Your hair looks really dashing.

- Yes, it suits you very well.
- Thank you.

He's like a different man!

Please wait a while longer!

My boy is having seizures!
Please let me see a doctor!

I told you we're not open yet!

Let me take a look.

He has a high fever.
When did his...?

May I ask when his fever started?

About thirty minutes ago, he started
shivering and then had seizures!

He would be fine,
and then it would happen all over again!

- Yi Gwak.
- Yes?

Go and get the Director.
He should be up by now.

Yes, sir.

Oh no!
Mr. Baek's clothes are...!

I'm so sorry!

It's all right.

It looks like his indigestion caused him
to have febrile seizures.

Oh yes, he had breakfast with his father
and I noticed he wasn't chewing properly.

Please don't worry too much.
If his hands and feet are kept warm,

... and his fever is reduced,
he will feel better very soon.

All right.

His feet are very cold.

Mr. Baek!

Your hair...
You've cut it.

Yes, sometimes you have to cut off
in order to fill up.

Someone came by last night
to deliver this to you.

- Oh yes, thank you.
- I'll see you later.

What are you doing here?
Class is starting. Let's go!

I've chosen Baek Do Yang
as my assistant.

If I cut off my topknot,
will I be made assistant too?

That must be it.
Cut mine off too!

Mr. Baek received high marks
in Dr. Allen's assessment.

And during surgery,
he proved his skills.

Furthermore, his knowledge of medicine is
exceptional compared to everyone here.

I hope there is no misunderstanding.

This week is the last week
of your studies.

Next week, you will be tested
on your knowledge.

However, only those that pass the exam
will be allowed to continue.

Wait, I thought only four students
will be failed.

Since Kim Don is gone,
that means only three will be failed.

Everyone will be failed
if they are not up to standard.

This is new information for us.

There needs to be rules regarding this.

Yes, we are all here
because we passed the exam.

Those are for me to decide.

You will be tested on medical examination,
anatomy and study notes.

Amongst these...

Medical examination is one of the most
important aspects of being a doctor.

If done correctly,
60% of the diagnosis is complete.

That will be your first exam.

You will look at 50 patients,

... examine them
and write down your notes.

The Director has given orders to expel
any nurse that does not work hard.

That man is too much!
Who is he going to expel amongst us?

He certainly is a cold-hearted fellow!

From today onwards...

You will all write a medical journal and
give them to me once a week to examine.

We don't have enough stethoscopes.

- I already have...
- I already have...

Yours was given to you
by Miss Seok Ran, right?


- Official Yu.
- I've brought the medical supplies.

We were late...

If I had gone to America or Japan,
I would have cut my hair off anyway.

I was just delayed here.

I understand, but our society is still
far from understanding such rebellion.

What are your thoughts, Seok Ran?

I'm just a little startled.

You don't resemble
the Young Master I know.

What are you talking about?
I'm the same Baek Do Yang you know.

It might seem strange now,
but you'll soon be accustomed to it.

The quantity doesn't seem to be enough.

Well, that's because we were robbed
by bandits before we entered the city.


Were you harmed?

No, I don't do the trades myself anymore.

It's unfortunate that the bandits are up
and about already.

And bandits nowadays have guns
which makes it extremely dangerous.

It is unfortunate. Please make sure
you are armed when you travel.

What is that?

This is sulfur!

Dr. Allen requested this for his patients
with skin conditions.

But Dr. Heron told me he doesn't need it
as his treatment method is different.

Then we'll leave it here at the pharmacy.

Yes, that's a good idea.
I'm the assistant so I'm in charge here.

Please don't worry and leave it here.

No, there was an explosion here earlier.
I think it's best if I store it at my house.

My Lord!

- What is this?
- It's nothing...!

Maybe Dr. Allen sent it.
He has a camera.

There is no way
he would know my father.

Yes, that's true.

Then someone who has a camera and
knows your father must have sent it.

That excludes everyone here
at Jejoongwon. Right?

Yes, no one here would
have sent me this photo.

Then who is it?

Whoever it is,
you just act like normal, all right?

Let me find out who's behind this.

He must be looking at his father's photo
and panicking this very moment!


Very good.

But it bothers me that we are doing this
without the knowledge of the Ambassador.

The position of Ambassador
can change at any time.

There is no need for us
to submit to him.

- What?
- Don't worry about it.

- Your Excellency.
- Yes.

You know the fellow Hwang
at Jejoongwon...

Are you sure he's the same guy?

The same guy?

We were just at the butcher village.

That butcher is said to have been shot to
death while running away from the law.

I knew that already.

But in reality, he did not die.
He was saved by Dr. Allen.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

And one more thing.
That butcher's father...

Ironically, he was one of the people
you took pictures of.

Yes, no wonder he looked familiar!

Is that so?
I need to look at them again!


What is the point?

You'll only lose your appetite.
It is time for your meal.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

In any case,
that butcher is...

... considered next in line
to guide Jejoongwon into the future.

That man is...

Let's spread the news
that he is a butcher!

You're right!

Who would go to Jejoongwon
for treatment...

... if they know that
a butcher is a doctor?

This is why you're found lacking,

- Why don't we just have him fired?
- I don't agree with that.

This can become a major event
if we use this opportunity wisely.

- Is that what you think?
- Yes!

- Well...
- Well, do you have an idea, Ambassador?

I do.

I heard that Jejoongwon is having trouble
due to insufficient medical supplies.

My plan is to prevent Jejoongwon from
receiving any medical supplies.

You mean to prevent Official Yu?

Why not?

I wonder if that will work.

Why not?

Your Majesty, the three year famine has
brought great suffering unto the people.

Due to the harsh winter,

... they have resorted
to becoming bandits to survive.

They have affected the nation's economy
by turning away from farming.

Now they have armed themselves
with guns,

... and have brought fear
to those they target.


Bandits have armed themselves
with guns?

How did they acquire these weapons?

I regret to inform you that
it was smugglers.


- Did you just say smugglers?
- That is correct, Your Majesty.

Rumors say that some interpreter
officials have become smugglers.


I have a class reunion today.

I'm going to take care of everything today.

I'll tag along and reap the benefits!
Mr. Hwang, good luck!

- Good luck!
- Thank you.

Same to you.

You're going to need my help
to gather patients.

Stop that.
I told you to act normal!

All right.
I'll do that.

Mr. Hwang, may I inquire
where you plan to go?


Why are you being so polite to him?
Just talk to him as usual!

I can't do that.
He's older than me.

I apologize for being rude in the past.

- No... Please speak as you did before.
- No, that will not happen again.

So where do you plan to go?

I was headed for the marketplace.
What about you, Mr. Baek?

- I'm going to the Sunggyungwan.
- Are you crazy? They'll beat you up!

Please don't worry.
I'll be your guard!


You haven't even recovered yet!

Well, that's true.
But I can still handle thirty of you!

Fighting isn't about brute strength.

I can take forty of you
with only my left hand.

Do you want to have a go?

Let's see that later.
We must run.

Yes Sir.

- Good luck.
- Yes...

- That fool...
- Why is Mongchong with them?

He thinks he saved his life.

Then that's Dr. Heron!

That fool is only thinking about
who did the sutures.

He doesn't even know
what was taken out of him.

What a fool...

That's why his name is Mongchong (stupid)!

You must be headed out
for your medical examinations.

Oh yes...

- Is your knee all right?
- My knee? It's perfectly fine! See?

I can get on a bicycle this very minute!
And by the way...

Today, your stethoscope
will be put to good use!

I couldn't make myself use it
for just the practice sessions.

I hope that stethoscope allows you
to diagnose your patients well!

- Yes, Miss!
- Wait.

Seok Ran, promise me
you'll give me a stethoscope...

... and teach me to ride a bicycle too.

Don't you know "the wall have ears?"

Yes, I know.
The walls have ears.

That must mean
"The birds hear the words in day,

... and the mice hear the words at night".

That's right.

I eavesdropped because I was bored.
I won't anymore, so speak freely!

Examine us?

You're causing me to cough.

If you don't want trouble,
you will leave quietly...


Please allow us to examine the students.

Get out of the way!

That's urine, isn't it?

That's not even sufficient treatment...

... for someone who brought shame
unto the Sunggyungwan.

Why are you doing this?

You... you...!

It's all right.

The odor is very strong.
Is this your urine?

- It is!
- The odor is peculiarly strong.

Do you have indigestion
and abdominal pains?

And trouble urinating?

How did you know...?

You have renal inflammation.
If it's not treated, you will die.

You lie!

And your cough is severe.
You have lost weight and you are pale.

You must have no appetite.
You have difficulty urinating?

- What's your point?
- Your cough may be contagious.

What's the matter?

Baek Do Yang!

Why are you causing unrest amongst us
with your fear-mongering?

Leave this place this instant!

You have blood in your phlegm, don't you?

Let me tell you one thing before I go.

If you don't get treated, you will die.

So long.


Breathe in deeply.

Now inhale.


It's pleuritis.

What do I need to do?

We must drain the pus from the pleura.
You should come to Jejoongwon.

- Next.
- How do you do that?


He said next.
Come with me. Next!

How strange.


- That's strange.
- You're killing me!

Come to Jejoongwon for treatment.

Today, all diagnosis are free!

You don't need any money today!
Oh, mister!

Your face looks terrible!
You look like you're suffering!


Do you feel hungry
when you skip breakfast?

And when you skip dinner,
the next day you're weak, right?


Follow me and get your diagnosis.

I''ll read your fortune for free too.
Come with me.

All of you, come with me!

This group goes that way.
And this group, over there!

Stand over there!

Say ah!

Good job!

It's his tonsils.
His throat is swollen.

He hasn't eaten since last night.

And I couldn't go to work because of him.

You must be hungry.

You'll be better in 3-4 days
if you get good rest and eat well.

What is his name?

It's Sam Shik.
Oh Sam Shik!

- Sam Shik, what do you want to eat?
- Beef soup.

Silly boy, how can we afford beef soup?

Poor little fellow, you look like a warrior
but you're weak because you're hungry.

If you go straight ahead and take a left,
you'll see a tavern.

Go and buy Sam Shik a bowl of beef soup.

Please don't do this!

I had tonsilitis too when I was young.
My mother made beef soup for me then.

Please consider this his medicine.

You have to return
to work quickly, don't you?


If the pain doesn't subside,
you need to come to Jejoongwon.

- I will prescribe painkillers for you.
- Thank you! Thank you!

- Where does it hurt?
- What did you say? I can't hear you.

I asked if it hurt anywhere!

- Oh, my name is Dol Swae.
- That's not...!

Where does it hurt?

Why is that vein throbbing
in your temple?

Mr. Goh, may I try?

Yes, but he can't understand anything!

Please wait a moment.

What is this?

- Can you hear me?
- Yes, I can hear you well!

- Do you have any pains?
- Yes, my chest feels very tight!

In that case, will you allow us
to listen to your heart?

Mr. Goh.

I'm ashamed of myself.
Thank you.

Nothing seems out of place.
You are in perfect health.

Then why can't I sleep at night?
I have stopped drinking coffee.

It's because you have many worries.
I will give you some sleeping pills.

- You are folding them like flowers.
- Yes, Your Majesty.

How amazing that you are alive!

It's because your robes
kept me warm, Your Majesty.

No, the reason you are alive is
the student who breathed life into you,

... and gave you his blood.

That's right, Your Majesty.

It seems like you two are
fated to be connected.

I think so too, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, you're embarassing me!

And Horton, you said you were in a relationship
with a pastor named Underwood?

Yes, we're getting serious.

We may be getting married.

Is that so?
That is wonderful news.

I was concerned that you were here
alone in a foreign land, but I'm glad.

Horton will get married first,
and Seok Ran, you can go next.

Please don't say that, Your Majesty.

Yes, please reduce your drinking.

I'm done with my fifty patients.
How many have you done?

I've done about ten.

You're never going to get fifty at that rate!

Your patients will die of impatience
before they die of their diseases!

You should think of those waiting in line
and not ask so many questions!

I know, but I don't want
to miss anything.

We have visitors!

I'm starving!
Yi Gwak, I'll buy you a bowl of soup.

- And Dr. Horton loves kimchi pancakes.
- Yes, I'll tell her!

Mr. Hwang, I'm going to go eat,
so keep up the good work!

You don't find it spicy?

The soup's here!

- Bon appetit!
- Thank you.

- I'm more comfortable down here.
- It's all right. Eat with us.

All right then.

How many people in the capital
do you think have cameras?


I... I wanted to take a picture!

When I'm young and fresh!

I'm lucky I'm learning to be a doctor.

All the painters are going to starve
because of that camera!

I don't think there's many.
No one in Jejoongwon has one.

The American embassy has one.
Other than that, I'm not sure.

Why don't you visit the photographers?
They sell film so they should know.

You're right!

I should take a picture with my master!

Why should your master
take a picture with you?

It should be with Miss Seok Ran.

Mr. Goh, you brought us here so that
Mr. Hwang and Seok Ran could be together, right?

Dr. Horton, you're so smart!

- Are... are you serious?
- You're really slow.

Thank you.

Have a safe trip home.

You still don't have enough, right?

I've seen about twenty-five people so far.

I'm halfway there!

It doesn't look like anyone else is coming.

Mr. Hwang!
Miss Seok Ran!

Aren't you Nurse Shilhwa?

Long time no see.

I was afraid you'd be gone
and ran all the way here!

Have you started going
everywhere together now?

I'm here because you need
to help save someone.

Is someone sick?

She's sick if you say she's sick,
and not if you say she's not.

What does that mean?
Who's sick?

We have a very talented gisaeng.

- She's a talented musician and dancer.
- And?

But she's been sold to a Chinese diplomat!

Our Head Madam is a cold-hearted bi....

She's determined to sell her.

Yes, I heard that Chinese envoys often
buy Korean women to bring back to Qing.

She's like a sister to us,
and she even gives money to the poor!

She's an amazing person.

But I know that she'll be beaten to death
or sold into prostitution!

You need to help her.

I feel bad for her,
but how can we help?

- Tell them she's got a fatal disease!
- No, I can't do that!

Why not?

Is there nothing we can do to help her?

I feel bad for her.

All right...

Can you show me your palm?

You have a rash.

You really should look at her feet too.

Y...yes... your foot too.

The rash is severe on your foot too!

Isn't it?

Yes... yes it is.

Have you had any growths on your body?

- Yes...
- Oh dear...

Oh no, this can't be!

May I speak to you privately?

What is it?
You may speak here.

Yes, speak freely.

Tell him.

- She has syphilis.
- What?

Isn't that contagious?

Yes, and because there is no cure,
she will ultimately die.

Everyone here too!

- I knew there was something fishy!
- I doubt she'll make it to Qing.

- My Lord, you must take her with you!
- Please do not abandon me!

- I belong only to you!
- Go away!

- Today is an unlucky day!
- My Lord! My Lord!

Thank you!
Thank you!

- Well done!
- No, you fooled everyone!

Do you know how nervous I was?

I thought my heart was going to stop!

In any case,
I'm glad we saved that gisaeng.

Yes, but I feel bad that
we used medicine to trick someone.

Is that what you think?
I think we saved someone's life today!

Yes, that's what I meant.

Mr. Baek, you examined
the most number of patients.

Over a hundred.

Do Yang!

Did you focus on scholars?

- Yes, we went to the Sunggyungwan.
- There's lots of indigestion.

Headaches, insomnia,
constipation and hemorrhoids...

These are symptoms that
mostly scholars exhibit.

Yes, that's correct.

- Mr. Hwang.
- Yes.

- You did not meet your quota.
- I'm sorry.

Please allow me until tomorrow.
I can finish it by then.

Can and will are two different things.

Since you did not meet the quota,

... the worst case is failure.

That is my rule.

Where did you go with Miss Seok Ran?

I... I went to examine other people.

Just the two of you, alone?

We need to talk.

Will you come to your senses?
This is not the time for romance!

If the man who sent you that picture
see the two of you, what will he do?

I told you to act normal!
Not go on dates!

- Go on dates?
- Tell me the truth.

How far did you go with Miss Seok Ran?

We just went to see the gisaengs.

You know what I'm talking about!

Wait a minute.
You kissed her at the Palace.

If you went one step beyond that...!

You went all the way, didn't you?

What are you talking about?

I read your fortune three times.
You and Miss Seok Ran will never work!

Your destinies aren't meant
to be together!

- Your fortunes never come true.
- That's why I read them three times!

Read them again and
they'll still be wrong!

You won't heed my warnings
because of a woman.

But when did you ever heed me anyway?

Stay out of this.

You're blinded by love.

What will you do if she knows
you're a butcher?

- She knows.
- Well, that's good but...

- She knows?
- Yes.

She knows everything about me.

Then Miss Seok Ran has lost her mind!

So you just pretend
you don't know anything.

Let me ask you one thing.

Are you planning on marrying her?

Stop talking nonsense and
tell me why you wanted to see me.

What... what do I do now?

Just tell me why you wanted to see me!

All right, fine.
I found out about the picture.

No one here has a camera.

The American embassy has one,
but the photographer said it was broken.

That means that the picture has no
connection with anyone here at Jejoongwon.

I asked around to see how many cameras
existed in the capital, and it's less than ten.

But I don't know who exactly owns them.

- Why not?
- Will they tell a mere gatekeeper?

But I have a way to find out
who sent that picture.

- How?
- I'll ask your father!

Yard Dog, are you in?

Yes, come on in!

How's the foot?
Let's see...

It looks bad!

Why don't you lance it
and get the pus out?

It's no use.
It'll just get worse.

Then why don't you go to
that Jejoongwon hospital?

I can't go there!

You said Lord Yu's daughter
asked you to come!

That's because she's kind.
I'll just be beaten and chased out.

- Come and have a drink with me.
- All right then.


One cup is one day.
Seven cups is a week's worth!

Why is it that you never learned
how to write in Korean?

Did your husband not teach it to you?

I can read it, but I don't know how to
write as I've never done so before.


- That's enough.
- Did you think of something to write?

Since you're going to write it,
you might as well put in a poetic verse!

Miss, what use is poetic verse
in a medical journal?

I'm just saying...!

In the morning, a patient named
Song Gae Yun was examined.

The bandage around his arm
was carefully changed.

- Is this what you want?
- Yes.

After you're done with mine,
please write Nang Nang's too.

- Yours too?
- What? Yes.

I'm illiterate as well.

Then you may massage my legs.


That's good!

Have they all been brought in?

The officer who went to
Chungae Stream hasn't returned.

Chungae Stream?

- Why are you doing this?
- What has he done?

Officer, we found this in his storeroom!

- It's sulfur!
- Have you found any guns?

This is all we found.

This is good enough.


You are accused of using your position as
interpreter to smuggle prohibited goods.

In addition, you are accused of selling guns
to bandits to protect your illegal trade!

- But that's ludicrous!
- No!

My husband would never do such a thing!
You're all mistaken!

How dare you deny it
when the proof is before you!

Is not sulfur used to make gunpowder?

Sulfur is not only illegal in Korea,
but also in Qing China and Japan!

This looks like high quality sulfur.

It would make very powerful gunpowder!

This sulfur was obtained in order to treat
patients with skin conditions!

Do you really expect me to believe that?

- Take him away!
- Yes sir!

- Father! Father!
- Dear! Dear!


- Dear!
- Father!

Father! Father!

Seok Ran, don't worry.

I'm innocent and will surely
be released soon!


Someone accused him?


They are accusing him of selling guns to
the bandits in order to aid smuggling.

How ridiculous!

But they found sulfur in our house,
and now they think they have proof.

But that sulfur was ordered by Dr. Allen
for the patients with skin conditions!

They didn't believe me.

We need Dr. Allen to return to testify.

But he's in America at the moment.

Director, can you tell them that
you ordered the sulfur?

But that is a lie.

And I never heard about
this sulfur from Dr. Allen.

If I say that and they find out I'm lying,
it can make the problem much worse.

Dr. Heron is right.

We need to think more about this.

We should at least
send a letter to Dr. Allen.

This situation will be long over
before a response returns from America.

Don't worry too much.
Official Yu will be released soon.

But the officer's words were so dire.

Seok Ran.

Listen to me carefully.
That will never happen. Never.

I won't let that happen.
Do you understand me?


You should go back home.

Your mother must be very worried.
Tell her everything will be fine.

Yes, Young Master.

Mr. Hwang, I'm sorry to trouble you.
But will you escort Seok Ran back home?

- I'm all right.
- No.

Mr. Hwang, I'll leave her to you.

It's a real pity this has happened
to Official Yu.

But I worry that they'll find out about the
medicine we've been selling on the side!

Please don't say that!

Why are you doing this?
You were happy to share in the wine!


- Do Yang, you're here.
- Oh, Do Yang.

I've been thinking.

Official Yu is one thing, but don't we
need to think about us as well?

But perhaps we need to change
the accounting books.

- Uncle!
- I know! I know!

I know Official Yu's release
is more important,

... but I can't help thinking
about Jejoongwon too.

This is very important to Jejoongwon.

We need to find out who accused
Official Yu of smuggling.

What purpose does that solve?

I heard that they found sulphur
in his store house.

That's why it's strange.

Even the students didn't know
about that sulfur.

But it just happened to be in
Official Yu's possession!

So you're saying someone wants to stop
Jejoongwon from receiving medical supplies?

That's right.
If we don't solve this problem now...

Then it will happen again.

And then Jejoongwon
will really have to close.

That's right.

One of my relatives is a Royal Secretary.
I'll find out more from him.

As Administrator of Jejoongwon,
I won't sit idly by either!

We have so many high-ranking
officials in our family!

We'll get to the bottom of this!

I'll go and see the Bureau Chief.


We already have the evidence.
All you have to do is confess.

I have never traded weapons
with bandits.

The sulfur was intended
for medical purposes.

Then how did you amass such a fortune?

That just smells of illegal acitivity!

When interpreters are sent to Qing,

... we receive the equivalent of 8 chests
of ginseng as our expense budget.

I used that ginseng to gather my assets.

Is that so?

I should have become an interpreter too!

Fine, let's assume you're right.

Nevertheless, you brought in sulfur
without approval!

That was wrong of me.

But I swear it wasn't meant to be used
to make gunpowder!

This is of no use.

Men, continue the torture
until he opens his mouth!

You may not enter.

Move aside.
I am here to see the Chief.

The Chief is busy and
cannot grant you a meeting.

Young Master!

What brings you here?

It was a direct order from His Majesty.

There is nothing I can do for him.

When His Majesty heard that bandits
were using weapons to threaten the people,

... he was furious.

- He has been framed.
- But we found sulfur in his house.

Dr. Allen ordered that for his treatment!

There is no way to prove that.

I am powerless to help you.

Try and talk to someone
higher up than me.

Unfortunately you only have
until tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow afternoon,
he will be transferred to the Tribunal.

The tribunal?

That's right.

If he ends up there,
there will be no way back for him.

Please let me see him.

That is prohibited.

But since it's you...

Thank you.


- Father!
- Dear!

We're here!
Dear, we're here!


Seok Ran, your father isn't moving!

- Father! Father!
- Dear!


You're here?

Father, are you all right?

Who did this to you?

I'm all right.

Sir, you must bear this
just a little while longer.

I will find a way to free you.

Young Master, please do not go
to too much trouble.

There are things that are
impossible to accomplish.

- Sir!
- Father!

Why are you saying such things?

Tomorrow afternoon,
I will be transferred to the Tribunal.

His Majesty has indicated that
he will interrogate us himself.

If that happens,
I will die if I confess.

And I will die even if I deny it.

This weakness does not suit you, sir!

You are like a father to me!

You must have faith in me
and be strong.

I will save you!

Mr Hwang...

You must be troubled
because of Official Yu.

Why are you here?

I have to write a journal.
Will you help me?

How can I help you?

I'm illiterate and can't write at all.

I'll write it for you today,

... but you must learn it
and write it yourself.

What? You're going to teach me
how to read and write?

Yes, I'll tell you.
What day should I start?

I need it for yesterday and today.

A journal needs to be written that day.

That way when you read it later,
you'll know exactly what happened....!

You'll know exactly what happened...?

Hwang, you should be studying.
Aren't you worried about the exam?

What's that?

I found Dr. Allen's journal.

If you read here,
it says that three months ago,

... he visited a family who was
suffering from skin problems.


It says that he needs sulfur.

We need to go to this family
and ask him to be a witness.

- That sounds like a good idea.
- We can go tomorrow morning.

No, we have to go right now.

Miss, where do you think you're going?

Don't you know how dangerous it is at night?

Miss, I know you're desperate,
but we need to go tomorrow at daybreak...

It'll be too late by then.

Shouldn't we at least tell Young Master?

He must be trying his best
for your father too.

We don't have time for that.

I'm going to ride the bicycle
with Mr. Hwang.

- I'll ride in the front.
- Miss!

It is dangerous for a woman to sit
in front and show her face at night.

I'll sit in front!

Be careful!

We just have to go 5 li more from here.

I think I see light over there.

- Give that to me.
- All right.

Who are you?

Who else would we be?
We're bandits!

From the looks of that bicycle,
you must have some money!

- What do you want?
- We have a urgent matter at hand.

A man's life is at stake!
Please let us go!

- Move aside!
- You'll have to pay the toll first.

We'll give you the bicycle.
Please let us pass! Please!

That bicycle's already ours.
You have to pay an additional toll.

That girl sure is pretty.

- We'll get a pretty penny for her.
- Move away!

I don't think that what I did was good,
but I don't think it was wrong either.

You're like my father.

What do you mean?

You must not remember as you are
overly busy at the hospital.

I've dreamt about this
for a very long time.

- Young Master's family...
- ... has sent an official proposal!

Are you really going to do nothing?

Don't leave without a word again!

If you truly love her,
go and stop the proposal letter!