Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Episode #1.19 - full transcript

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Episode 19

- Who are you?
- Who else would we be? We're bandits!

From the looks of that bicycle,
you must have some money!

- What do you want?
- We have a urgent matter at hand.

A man's life is at stake!
Please let us go!

- Move aside!
- You'll have to pay the toll first.

We'll give you the bicycle.

That bicycle's already ours.
You have to pay an additional toll.

That girl sure is pretty.
We'll get a pretty penny for her.

Move away!

Get them. You men, follow them.
You, come with me!

The journal!

Miss!... Miss!

Miss!... Miss..!

Are you all right?

I'm all right.

- I see this is an urgent matter.
- Yes, it is.

That is why I have come here
to seek your help.

Your impatience is exactly
like your father!

How I miss him...

But what can I do?

His Majesty is determined
to interrogate him.

Without concrete evidence,

... there is nothing I can do
to help Official Yu.

Evidence like a letter from Dr. Allen,
or a testimony from Dr. Heron.

I think they're gone.

Damn it,
where did they go?

Let's just forget it.

They'll either be eaten by animals
or freeze to death.

- Let's just go then.
- Let's go.

Let's get up.

Are you all right?

- I think those are animals...
- We can't go on like this.

Let's find some shelter
and wait until daybreak.

All right.

Please wait a while.
I'll start a fire for you.

I'm fine.

It'll just get in the way
while I start the fire.

Just wear it for a while.

Thank you.

Young Master!

This is where you were!
I've been looking everywhere!

- Why are you here of all places?
- I have bad news!

- Bad news?
- Miss left...

Miss left to go find the patient
with the skin problems.

She did?

- Chilbok, go and gather some men!
- Yes, My Lord!

I think that's enough wood.

Yes, it has gotten warmer.


Please don't be so worried.

I'm sure Official Yu
will be safely released.

I'm really sorry.

We should have waited until daybreak.

No, I know how frantic you must be.

Don't be too worried.
It's still not too late.

At daybreak, we can meet the patient
and take him to the Bureau.

I hope so.

It won't be too late, will it?

Of course not.
We'll be there in time.

When I was young,

... whenever my father went to
Shanghai or Beijing for work,

... he used to dress me like a boy
and take me with him.

It seems like you've been doing that
for quite a while then.

That's why no matter where he was,

I was with him.

And no matter where I was,
he was always with me.

But then one day,
my father went to the market.

- My master wants to show you this item.
- Does he?

I happened upon a kaleidoscope.

I became lost in the colors and patterns.

When I looked around,
my father was not there.


I was really scared.

That was the day I realized something
for the first time.

I realized I could lose my father.



Seok Ran!

- Father!
- Seok Ran!


That was a long time ago,

... but right now I feel like
I'm back there.

But you know something strange?

Lately, I've had dreams
where I lose you instead of my father.

I hate being left behind by myself.

I don't ever want it to happen again.

You may think I am being too forward
if I say this.

But the reason why Official Yu
may have taken you out into the world,

... may have been because he wanted you
to become a strong person.

You must become strong.

If your mind is troubled,

... your body will feel the effect
and become weak.

And why do you think you'll be
left behind by yourself?

There are many people around you
who want to help you.

Don't think that you will be
left by yourself.

I hurt my leg and went to Jejoongwon.
Is this about that?

No. Have you or your family ever met
Dr. Allen due to skin conditions?

- Did you ever ask for sulfur...?
- No, not at all.

Mr. Baek, this must not be it either.
Let's move on to the next house.

Yes, we should.
Thank you.

Who goes there!

Mr. Baek, please move back.
And who are you ruffians?

How dare you call us ruffians?

- Who are you calling bandits?
- What else would you be?

We are from Jejoongwon.


Oh, nice to see you again!

- Who are you?
- It's me!

I'm the one who had that thing
on my butt and you operated on it!

Maybe you'll remember if you see this!

Oh, it's the guy you treated while
Mr. Hwang got his hand smashed!

Are you buttocks doing good?

Yes, as you can see,
they're both very good!

What brings you here at this hour?

This place is crawling with bandits at night!

It's dangerous!

We caught one!

Young Master!

It's Miss Seok Ran's bicycle!

We've formed groups to patrol
the area every night.

This is where we met the bandits
with the bicycle.

What did they say about
the couple on the bicycle?

They said they ran into the mountains.

Just the two of them?

I'm sure they're safe.

It's so cold and dark!
I really hope they're all right.

Shouldn't we go look for them?

That's dangerous!
What if the bandits show up?

We have no choice.
Divide into two groups.

One team will go into the mountains
and the other will wait in the village.

Whoever finds her first
will come and tell me.

- Where will you be?
- At Jejoongwon or the Bureau.

I need to think about a plan.

We have no guarantee that
she will bring sufficient proof...

... to help release Official Yu.

Yes, you do that, My Lord!

Please bring the bicycle to Jejoongwon.

Yes Sir!

Let's go that way.

What is it?

I need your help, Director.

- Please help Official Yu.
- I told you where I stand on this.

Do you really think that Official Yu
brought in the sulfur to make gunpowder?

I never received anything
regarding that sulfur.

My involvement in this situation
is not appropriate.

But there is such a thing as a white lie!

A white lie is still nothing but a lie.

You can save a man's life!

- Nurse, what are you doing?
- What?

Oh, please forgive me!

I told you this before.
A lie can make this situation worse.

By the way,
this is a treatment room...

... and we are in the middle of
treating a patient.

Leave us.

Nurse Park, I'll do the bandaging.
Bring me a pair of scissors.

Yes, Doctor.

You must not have gotten any sleep.

But how can you sleep when
your mind must be full of thoughts?

What is all this?

You're not allowed
to have food from outside.

But Baek Do Yang begged me for a favor.

I just received a notice.

They want you sent to
the Tribunal at daybreak.

The day ahead is going to be full
of hardship, so you should eat up.

Mr. Hwang!


What is it?

- Where were you?
- I was looking for something to eat.

Don't leave me like that again!

I'm sorry.
I won't do it again.

But I couldn't find anything
as it's still cold.

What's that?

- They're azaleas.
- Yes.

Spring must be on its way.
The azaleas have bloomed.

- I can smell the spring.
- Yes.

It's delicious.

- I'm all right.
- Try it.

I... I'm really all right.

It's good.

Isn't it?

It's really good.

These should be made into pancakes!

Don't you know that azaleas
are best as wine?

But if you get drunk on these,

... you won't even recognize
your own parents.

- Hey, Mongchong.
- What?

What would you do if your best friend is
seeing a woman he shouldn't be seeing?

- What are you talking about?
- Listen!

What would you do if your friend
chooses love over friendship?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Even I know what he's talking about.

- What do you know, fool!
- He's talking about Mak Saeng and you!

What the hell are you two talking about?

No, you're wrong!

We're just friends, that's all.

Friends, my ass!

It's always the dirty cats
that go up the chimney!

- How far did you go with Mak Saeng?
- Go where?

You spent the whole night together
when you were sick,

... so you went all the way!

No, it wasn't like that!

If Mak Saeng and I went all the way,

... then Mr. Hwang and Miss Seok Ran
must have too!

- You fool...!
- I didn't, all right?

What's that?

Hey, Mongchong!

If we follow this path,
we should find the patient.

Yes, let's hurry.

Isn't that Mongchong?

Yes, it is.
He's with Yi Gwak and Chilbok!


- My Lord!
- Miss!

- We were so worried!
- Are you all right?

- We're fine.
- We're fine.

King Go Jong

Your Majesty, Official Yu is innocent.
Please pardon him.

Your Majesty,
please heed Dr. Horton's words.

Official Yu is a loyal servant
who was your eyes and ears...

... when you made allies with America.

I know his merits all too well.

I cannot contain my disappointment
at the rumors of his corruption.

Furthermore, he brought in
a prohibited item!

This may be a ploy to set up Official Yu.

Please do not be swayed by false words
and lose a loyal servant.

Yes, that's right. Mr. Yu obtained
medicine for Jejoongwon...

... without any profit for himself.

He is an honest man.

He's honest!

His daughter Seok Ran is so kind-hearted too.

Dr. Horton, please do not be
so forward before His Majesty!

Official Yu is a valued servant.

But I cannot turn a blind eye to
all of these petitions regarding his corruption.

This is a good state because it's cold.

During the summer,

... it oozes and itches and the blood
makes the clothes stick to it!

The skin peels off and the children
call me a monster!

I'm sorry to interrupt you,
but did Dr. Allen promise to come back?

Yes, he said he would come back
once the sulfur was here.

May I ask you a favor?

How are things going?

It appears like it's going well.

They found unmistakable evidence
in his house.

- Sulfur, used for making gunpowder.
- Oh dear!

Why did he put such a thing at home?
What if it caught fire?

I know.

I don't know about the other interpreters,

... but I doubt Official Yu
will be released easily.

How unfortunate.

I wonder why he decided
to become corrupt?

That is why I need to leave
for the Tribunal now.


If he is guilty,
he must suffer the consequences.

- Oh, Do Yang!
- Yes!

His Majesty has arrived.
The interrogation is going to begin.

Yes Sir.

I looked into who's behind the accusations.

His name is Won Yong Min.
He used to be in the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

He was demoted after the coup attempt.

It looks like he is the one behind
the accusations.

That means Japan may be behind this.

Weren't all the Reform Party members
supporters of Japan?

I'm not certain about that,
but this situation is not an easy one.

Do Yang, I suggest we don't get involved.

- No, I will save Official Yu.
- Do you have plan? Let's hear it.

I can't tell you right now.

We may not need it
if someone testifies for him.

So what is it?

Hey, Do Yang...!

- Please let us enter!
- No! We have our orders!

We have no time to delay!
We have important evidence!

Please let us through!

If you don't let us in,
an innocent man will be punished!

Go home!

I'm begging you!
Please let us through!

- I don't think they'll let us through.
- We have to go in!

- How can we?
- What is going on here?


I am innocent!

The sulfur was brought in
for medicinal purposes.

Then who brought in the sulfur that
was used for the bandit's gunpowder?

It is clear that you intended to make
a big profit by smuggling in the sulfur!

That's not true!

I have never broken the law while
doing business as an interpreter!

Please believe me!

We have already received confessions
from the smugglers...

... that you are behind their operation!

We are innocent!
We are innocent!

Your Majesty, we have never even
considered doing such a thing!

Your Majesty, we must cut off
corruption by its roots...

... and cleanse our nation of this crime!

Please lay down punishment
and uphold our nation's law!

Can you prove that the sulfur
was meant for medicinal purposes?

Your Majesty, the sulfur was brought in
under Dr. Allen's specific request.

Allen is in America right now!
How can you prove that?

- Please have mercy.
- Please have mercy!

Your Majesty, I am Lee Gang Wook,
Chief Officer of the Police Bureau.

What is it?

I've brought Dr. Allen's medical journal...

... which notes that sulfur
was needed for treatment.

In addition, the patient for whom the sulfur
was requested is giving a statement.

- Can you see?
- Yes.

What do you see?

Your Majesty,
how can we believe the witness?

Why is that?

It may be the truth
that Allen needed sulfur.

But how can we prove that he specifically
requested Official Yu to bring it in for him?

Witnesses can be created easily.

Your Majesty, this is outrageous!
How could we dare to lie before you?

How dare you speak?

Are you insisting that you are innocent?

Your Majesty, Justice Minister Lee Soon Young
requests to speak before you.

What is it?

The previous Justice Minister's son,
Baek Do Yang,

... is currently a student at Jejoongwon.

I am aware of that.

Yes, Your Majesty.
He says he has a letter to show you.

A letter, you say?
Where is it?

Bring it to me!

What letter is this?

Your Majesty,
I am medical student Baek Do Yang.

I have brought a letter from Director Heron.

Sulfur is used in eastern medicine
to treat skin conditions.

It is also used in western medicine.
Dr. Allen ordered sulfur from Official Yu.

But because he had to go to America
with the Korean Ambassador,

... he relayed this to Dr. Heron.

Tribunal Officer.

Your Majesty, there is something
suspicious about this letter.

Only his name is in English,
while the rest is in vernacular Korean.

I doubt Dr. Heron has become so
proficient in Korean in such a short period of time.

Your Majesty, let me explain.

That letter was dictated
to me by Dr. Heron...

... and translated and written by myself.

But the signature is Dr. Heron's.

Your Majesty,
Jejoongwon is only 15 minutes away.

May I suggest summoning Dr. Heron
to explain personally?

Summon him immediately.

Your Majesty, I regret that
it is not convenient to do so.

How dare you...!

Do you know who you are
in the presence of?

Your Majesty,
Director Heron wanted to come himself.

But unfortunately,
a critical patient came.

That is why he dictated that letter
to me but signed it himself.

- He must have finished by now.
- No.

When I had left, he had just cut open
his stomach to begin an appendectomy.

His appendix had burst and the infection
had spread into his abdominal cavity.

That kind of surgery takes longer
than half a day.

In that case, I will send someone to
request his presence after the surgery.

Tribunal Officer,
are you out of your mind?

How dare you suggest His Majesty
wait here until that surgery is over!

But this is a matter of national law!

If you know the importance of that,
how can you be so unprepared?

Please forgive me, Your Majesty.

This is deplorable.

When I read the Bureau report,
I noticed many glaring omissions.

If you take into account Official Yu's history,

it is clear that he would do no such thing.


I declare Official Yu pardoned.

- Your Majesty...
- Your Majesty, you are most gracious!

Laws must be strict
and punishment must be justified.

If found guilty,
there will be punishment.

But if not found guilty,
there must be pardon.

That is the reason
why law and justice exists.

The Tribunal will re-investigate
the smugglers.

You will re-examine the other
interpreters' involvement.

Your Majesty,
your grace knows no bounds!

My father has been found innocent!

This is wonderful news, Miss.

Your Majesty,
your grace knows no bounds!

Your Majesty, your grace knows...

Don't your grace knows no bounds?

You filthy cat,
why are you so damned heavy?

I know!

Hey, but my master
is being released, right?

I hope nothing is broken!

I'm leaving!
I have to tell Madam!

Good job today!

- Everyone's going to be fine!
- That's great!

Have money, take a won seal!
No money, take a bin seal!

Why are you here?

The gatekeepers are out at the moment.

But the Director is in,
so you may go in.

- What about Mr. Hwang?
- He's not in either.

Then we'll come back tomorrow.
Samshik, let's come back tomorrow!

Nurse Nang Nang,
why are you stopping them?

But there's so many of them
looking for Mr. Hwang.

Today, it feels like
Mr. Hwang is the Director.

Is Mr. Hwang here?

Grandmother, can you see?

What is it, Director?

Grandmother, your vision was clouded at first
and then you couldn't see at all, right?

Yes, that's how it happened.

Now I'm completely blind.

You're not blind.
You have cataracts.

The lens of your eye has clouded.
But we can cut it out in surgery.

What does that mean?

That means you can see again!
You won't be blind anymore!

That's right, Grandmother.

Here he comes.


Why have you all come here?

- Father...
- Official Yu.

How you must have suffered.
This is all your merit, Mr. Baek.

It was the two of you that
did all the work. I did nothing.

That's not true.

It was because of you
that my father was released.

Please put me down, Young Master.

- I'll carry you, Sir!
- Let me do it!

No, I'll carry him.

It is a good thing that
the bones weren't broken.

The bruising is bad, but with proper care,
you'll soon be fine.

Sir, you've been through a lot.
We will work hard to get you better.

Thank you, everyone.

Especially you, Director Heron.

My life was spared because of you.


You can save that for a later time.
Your body is weak from your trials.

It is important that you get some rest.

Yes, thank you.

I will repay this favor one day.

Why did you do such a thing?

You figured it out too, I see.

When I heard that you left with Seok Ran
to find the patient with the skin condition,

I realized that it may not be enough.

This was a situation in which
Dr. Heron's testimony was needed.

- I agree with you, but...
- I had no choice.

And I had no other way
to persuade Dr. Heron.

But if the Director finds out...

The worst that can happen is that
I'll be kicked out of Jejoongwon.

Mr. Hwang, I do not regret what I did.

It may not have been the right thing to do.

But it was the best thing to do.
Even if this happens again...

As long as it happens to Official Yu,
I would do exactly the same thing.

What? Are you sure?
He lied to His Majesty?

That's right.
Oh, be careful.

He is going to be
the downfall of our family!

Why didn't you try and stop him?

I had no time, and besides how would
I know what he was planning?

- What if they find out...?
- No no...

I don't think that will happen.

Director Heron would have
to reveal everything.

But that would be death for Do Yang.

Would the Director do that to Do Yang?
I think Do Yang knew that.

I wish he wasn't my nephew!

Administrator Baek!
It is Nurse Nang Nang.

- Yes, what is it? Come in.
- Come on in.

Official Yu says he's going back home.
He left this as his treatment fee.

- Already?
- I need to have a talk with him!

He's not even fully recovered yet...

You there!

Are you happy that you were freed
because of my nephew?

- Administrator!
- I'm very grateful to your nephew.


Because of you,

... my nephew wrote a false letter
and told a lie to the King!

How will you take responsibility?
This is high treason!

What did your conniving daughter do to
make my nephew think to do such a thing?

Your family is really something!

We should change the people
we do business with!

Ambassador, please don't be too worried.

It was almost successful.

There is no almost in success!
We failed!

That is true.
We have failed.

I respect that you are able
to admit failure.

- You may leave.
- Yes.

Excellency, you must be strong.
Failure is the mother of success.

- I said you may leave!
- That's right.

Another way to say that is to say
success is the son of failure.

Since we have failed,
soon we will have success!


Please have a good rest.

How lucky for us that
he has high blood pressure.

Yes, you're right.

We should make sure we utilize
his high blood pressure often.

And now,
we must begin our plan, Suzuki.

Yes, Doctor.

You don't need to copy me too much.


What will you do next?

Will you send more photos?

You mean this?

This was just the beginning.

Now I will meet the man himself.

Please let me come too.

All right.

Yard Dog!

Yes, come in.

What... what is that for?

Use this and let's go to Jejoongwon.

- Wh...what is it?
- What is this smell?

It smells like something is rotting!

Oh no!
It looks like it's rotting away!

Let's not delay!
Let's go to Jejoongwon right now!

Do you really think it will get better
if I go to Jejoongwon?

We'll have to see.
Get up!

I can't. It's dark anyway.
Let's go tomorrow.

Are you serious?

Then swear to me
that you'll go tomorrow.

As I lay here all day long,

I considered going to Jejoongwon too.

You should gone there sooner!
This is not good!

- Hwang, you're back?
- Yes.

Why did you have to eat that?

You scared me!
Why...why are you angry?

How can I not be angry!

I'm sorry,
I was just joking.

I didn't know this flower was so precious.


I have to go wash up.

You should put a cold compress on it.

The swelling will go down and
the bruises will fade quickly.

But I'm glad your complexion
is back to normal.

Yes, it's because I'm happy
to be back home.

It would have been better if we had
solved this problem sooner.

I'm sorry you had to suffer
through the interrogation.

Please don't say such things,
Young Master.

It was because of you that
he was released in the first place.

You even wrote a fake letter to save him.


Young Master, thank you so much
for rescuing Father.

But you put yourself in danger.

Why did you do such a thing?
You really risked your life.

I felt like it was the only way
to save you.

I heard that the people
who falsely accused me...

... and the other interpreters
are under investigation.

I also heard that the other interpreters...

... will be released for
lack of sufficient evidence.

I knew that would happen.
I'm glad things are going well.

That's not true.
What about you?

If Dr. Heron finds out...

- I'm sure that's a matter of time.
- I'm worried about that too.

I don't know how I will be punished,

... but for every action
there is a consequence.

I don't think what I did was good,
but I don't think it was wrong either.

After all, you're like a father to me.

So how could I sit and do nothing?

Young Master,
I should bow down before you!

Please don't say that.

His wounds are healing quickly.

But he is advanced in age.
You must take good care of him.

- Please have dinner with us.
- No, I can eat when I get back.

- Young Master...
- Don't look at me like that.

You're embarassing me.

- I feel like you think of me as a tree.
- Thank you so much.

I'm sorry I worried all of you...

... by choosing the wrong method
to help your father.

I said you don't need to do this.
All right then.

Master, have you been well?

Yes, I have been well.
On the other hand, you don't look so good.

He was told that he might die
if he didn't get treatment,

... so that's why we're here.

Administrator Baek, that's the fellow
who threw urine on us!

It was the wrong thing to do,

... but I did it to find out
what my ailment was!

In any case, I will apologize to you
a hundred times for that act!

Apologize for what?
You did it to save yourself.

- Aren't I right, Administrator Oh?
- Yes, of course.

These are your old students
and also Do Yang's friend.

But the VIP room is occupied
and can't be given to them.

I know.
Is there anything we can do?

These are the future pillars of our nation!

I don't know about the pillars part,
but can you do something?

All right, we'll see to it.

Thank you.

You will get treatment today.

The others will have to wait
because we are short on medicine.

The Director will see you as soon
as our classes are finished.

Your... your hair...

In any case, thank you.
Thank you.


Take a look at this!

I got the book Gray's Anatomy!

I can see that!

We're good on the anatomy exam now!


Mr. Hwang!

The Director and I are planning on
doing a thoracentesis...

... on the patient with pleuritis.

- Would you like to join us?
- What?

I remember you once mentioned that...

... one of your family members had pleuritis.

Yes, I would like to join in.

Then let's go.
I have already told the Director.

All right.

Air must never enter the pleural cavity.

The injection site is between
the seventh and eighth rib.

And there must be constant observation
on the patient.

Nurse Park, tell us immediately if there
is something wrong with the patient.

- Yes, Doctor.
- Then let's begin.

As the needle enters,
you will feel the resistance ease.

Just push until that happens.

Thank you.

Because of you,
I have learned something new.

Please don't mention it.

But I'm curious about something.

How were you related
with that pleuritis's patient?

She was my mother.

I see.

That's why you couldn't see the procedure.


I don't know if my own mother
is dead or alive.

When I was five years old,
my father kicked her out of the house.

That's why I don't remember
what she looks like.

It must have been hard for you.

Yes, it was.

But it was Seok Ran
who stayed by my side.

I am saying too much.

The exam is nearing.
Good luck with your studies.

No, Do Yang.
You can't do that!

I've dreamt about this for a long time.

And once we become interns,
we no longer have to stay here.

I want to start a family and
begin my internship as a married man.

I understand what you mean,
but why does it have to be Yu Seok Ran?

Our family has never married so low before!

- That is not important to me, Uncle.
- It is to me! It's very important!

Then why don't you do this?

If you really must have her,
then take her as a second wife!

What? Am I wrong?

No, you're a hundred percent correct!

She is only worthy enough
to be a second wife.

- Uncle!
- Why are you shouting at me!

I don't care if you're opposed to this.
I'm going to send the proposal today.

I will never write that proposal for you!

- I will write it myself!
- You are really....!

Don't you know you can't turn back
once the proposal is sent?

Who would dare to turn down
your proposal?

Do Yang, I beg you as your uncle.

If you send a proposal,

... that means you're announcing
your impending marriage!

That is my intention.

How will I face your father when I die?

My poor brother!
Why did he have to die so early?

This is crazy!

Hey, did you close properly?

Of course I did!
That stinks! Wash that!

I was just on my way to wash it
with Mak Saeng!

- That dirty cat...!
- Oh!

- Mr. Baek was looking for you.
- Why?

I don't know.

Mr. Baek, you were looking for me?

Yes, I wanted to ask Mak Saeng,
but she left already.

Can you run an errand for me?

- Deliver this letter to Official Yu's house.
- All I have to do is deliver it?

Yes, thank you.

Oh, he will write a response
after he reads the letter.

Bring that back to me.

Yes, Sir.

Why are you even looking at it?
Hurry and deliver it!

Yes Sir.

The interrogation was concluded because
you sent your student at the right time.

What do you mean by that, Your Majesty?

Did you not send me a letter
through one of your students?

He must be so busy at the hospital
that he has forgotten all about it.

I will instruct the Royal Physician to make
some health tonics for Dr. Heron.

Your Majesty, do you mean Baek Do Yang?

Yes! Now you remember!

He mentioned that
you had to do an operation.

Has the patient recovered well?

Master, my intuition has always been right.

Mr. Baek is surely plotting something
related to Official Yu's interrogation!

Everything has been concluded.
What else is there to plot?

Your servant takes such good care of you.

I should have raised one myself too!

Stop sprouting nonsense and go.

You shouldn't be reading
other people's letters.

Wait a minute.
Maybe it contains exam questions!

- I didn't think of that!
- Give it to me! Let me look at it!

Yes Sir!
Be careful...!


Well now...

Are they exam questions?

I think you better look at this.

I respectfully write to Official Yu.

I humbly ask you for
your daughter's hand in marriage.

If you allow this, it will be
a great joy upon both our families.

I hope you will help us
and approve this marriage.

From Baek Do Yang...

What does it say?

Nothing important.
Just asking after Official Yu's health.

I got all worried for nothing!

Anyway, it's a secret that you read this!

Dear, that's a proposal, right?

It's a proposal from the Young Master's family asking for
Seok Ran's hand in marriage, right?

It is.

- Oh yeah!
- What does that mean?

That's what Horton says when she's happy.

And I'm so happy
I could dance right now!

Then why don't you?

You don't think I will?

Happy day!
It's a happy day!

- Mother, did you ask for me?
- Seok Ran, let's dance together!

Happy day! It's a happy day!
Mak Saeng, dance with us!

- Happy day!
- Mother, what's the matter with you?

We should know what the reason is
that we're dancing!

Young Master Do Yang has finally
sent a proposal!

Our Seok Ran is marrying
into a noble family!

What better news is there?

It's truly a happy day!


Is that true?

Yes, he has officially proposed to you.

- Miss...!
- I shouldn't be sitting around like this.

Dear, Young Master must be
waiting for your response.

Write it quickly and send it to him!

What... what was that?

- Oh, the Proposal Response?
- Yes!

Write it quickly!

Hwang, you must go.

If you love her,
you must stop the proposal.

Why are you sitting there like that?
Did you not plan on marrying her?

Is it because of money?

It's not like that.

I don't know your personal situation,
but I don't think you should do nothing.

How frustrating!

I need some fresh air.

Lately, I've had dreams
where I lose you instead of my father.

I hate being left behind by myself.

I don't ever want it to happen again.

My hands are trembling so much that
I cannot grind the ink.

I had a good dream last night
but I didn't expect a proposal!



When I was in prison,

... the thing I worried about most was you.

It wasn't me?


As your father, it grieved me that
there wasn't anyone with you.

I doubt there is a better match for you
other than Young Master Do Yang.

Of course not!

Here, go ahead and write
the Proposal Response.

Our family lacks the power
to turn down this proposal.

You know that, don't you?

I humbly write this response.

Although my daughter Seok Ran has come of age,

she had yet to find a match.

But since you have asked us for her hand,
how can we dare to refuse?

It would be a great honor
to give her to you as your wife.



I... I can't accept this proposal.

Wh... what?

Were you aware of this, Mr. Hwang?

You are a fearsome man, Mr. Baek.

You forged my signature
to save Official Yu?

This is all because of your greed,
Administrator Baek!

In the West, a man gives the woman
a ring when he proposes.

After the wedding is over,
I will put this ring on Seok Ran's finger.

Where are you going?

- Ask her to go to America with you.
- Mr. Hwang!