Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 5 - Run To Nowhere - full transcript

Having destroyed what was left of his career and alienated everyone he cares about, JCVD retreats to his hometown to lick his wounds. But you can never really go home again -- and some wounds are hard to reach with your tongue.

Hey, kid.

Where is everyone?


What happened here?

What fucking happened here?

Fucking tell you
what fucking happened here.


First, our star is missing.

Our fucking...

our financier, fucking,
he just got murdered, so...

The movie is shut down,
and my fucking...

my fucking career is over.

I cracked up, man, I cracked up.

Your fucking career is over
when I say it's over.


How would you feel

about being the new director

of Jurassic Universe?

Jur-Jurassic Universe?

That's right.

Dinosaurs in space helmets.

I-I can do space dinosaurs;
I know that shit.

All you have to do
is follow my instructions


and never, ever mention

what happened here.

I'm not gonna do it.

It's fine, just-just ask him.

It's fine.

- Excuse me.
- Hi.

Hi. I'm so sorry to bother you.


Could we trouble you
for a picture?

Is that okay?


Great. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

I'm so sorry.

Come here, girls.

- Come next to me.
- Wait. What?

- Wow. Um...
- Let's get together here.

- What? What's happening?
- Uh, that's not...

I'm sorry.
We-we actually just meant

a picture of the two of us.

- I'm sorry.
- Oh.

- Yeah, just like that.
- Okay, this way.

- Okay.
- Yeah, thank you.

- Thanks.
- No problem.

- Easy mistake to make.
- I understand this.

Oh, could we actually get

the Ministry of Agriculture
in the background?

I don't know what this is.

Do you mind?

- This, uh...
- Yeah. -Yeah.

- We finally made it.
- Yay.

- All right, thanks.
- Thank you so much.

- Okay, that was weird.
- Yeah, it's not a good picture.

- Let's wash your phone.
- Yeah, okay.


Whoever took over...

it's a whole new
management philosophy.


Like someone saw the promise
of Dragan's organization

and decided to launch a...

Who do you think it was?

Whoever took Dragan out.

♪ Ne me quitte pas ♪

♪ Il faut oublier ♪

♪ Tout peut s'oublier ♪

♪ Qui s'enfuit déjà ♪

♪ Oublier Le temps ♪

♪ Des malentendus ♪

♪ Et Le temps perdu ♪

♪ A savoir comment ♪

♪ Oublier ces heures ♪

♪ Qui tuaient parfois ♪

♪ A coups de pourquoi ♪

♪ Le cœur de bonheur ♪

♪ Ne me quitte pas ♪

♪ Ne me
quitte pas ♪

♪ Ne me quitte pas ♪

♪ Ne me
quitte pas ♪

♪ Moi je t'offrirai ♪

♪ Des Perles de pluie ♪

♪ Venues de pays ♪

♪ Ou il Ne pleut pas. ♪

How did you find me?

Come in.

Have you eaten?

I have Pop Tarts.

What is this place?

I grew up here.

It was an orphanage then.

You were an orphan?

I never knew my parents.

I don't understand.

Your grandfather,

the emu farm...


I'll show you.

There was no emu farm.

No emu farm.

And no grandfather.

No JCVD, even.

Just JCVV.

Jean-Claude Van Varenberg.

An orphan.

A nobody.

That's why I didn't want
to tell you.

I was afraid to tell you,

because I was afraid
you would not love me

as JCVV.

And, um...

And, um...

I didn't think...


nobody loved JCVD.

You know?

The man I killed at Dragan's,

I keep seeing him.

Seeing his face.

You tried to warn me.

People always want
the wrong things.


That's what makes them people.

No, JC.

I'm glad I keep seeing his face.

It's a reminder
that we have to finish the job.

The job is over.

No, it's not.

Dragan's business
is stronger than ever.

HK has hit every major city
in the world,

and it's only getting bigger.

People are dying.

But we stopped the bad guy.

I kicked a piece of marble
into his brain.

We were used.

Someone wanted us
to get rid of Dragan

so they could take over
his operation.

It was the client.

I don't have the client list.

Talk to Jane.

I can't talk to Jane.

We're out.

We blew cover.

Jane had to come in
and shut down the movie.

UMA put us out in the cold,
all of us.

I can't get inside.

But you can.

Has Jane called you?

I threw my phone away.

Back in Bulgaria.

It doesn't matter.

Like you said yourself,

we're cut off.

Johnson might be cut off.

But you're still
Jean-Claude Van Damme.

We can get the client info.

All we have to do is take it.


I need this.

This is where I belong, though.

You're alone because you run
from moments like this.

You can stay here
with your ghosts.

But I think
you want more than that.

Don't quit just because
you're scared to fail.

UMA. Please hold.

Good morning.

I'm here to see Jane Hardy.

Okay. And you are...?

Jean-Claude Van Damme.


Mr. Van Damme.

Ms. Hardy will be in a staff
meeting for another 15 minutes,

but I can take you upstairs now.


- Good morning.
- Morning.

- Good morning. How are you?
- Hi.

That color looks great on you.

Morning. UMA.

Isn't Jane's office
on the top floor?

It is, but we're not going
to Jane's office.

Hmm. You new here?

Never met you before.

No. I'm from
a different department.


I don't like this guy.

You got to lose him.

Hey, I know Jason.

I want to say hello.

Mr. Van Damme. Mr. Van Damme.

We really don't have time
for this.

Just saying hello to Burns.

Where's the bathroom, please?

Around the corner,
Mr. Van Damme.

Thank you so much.

Get to Jane. I'll distract her
assistant so you can get inside.

I'm sending the contracts now,

and I'll have Jane contact you
as soon as she gets back.

That'd be great.


Hi. Madiflynn?

- Yes?
- Hi, Madiflynn,

I'm calling
from the Sundance Institute.

We loved your screenplay.


Which one?


one about the four 20-somethings

trying to find their way
in Bushwick?

And one of them's...

a ghost of...

David Bowie?

Tuesdays with Ziggy?

Wow, this is so exciting.

Yeah, we were just wondering
if you could tell us

a little bit more
about how it came to you.

Well, it all goes back
to my first birthday.

My nanny said
I was a very perceptive child,

but I thought
she was just being obdurate.

Well, imagine my surprise
when, only six years later,

I'm graduating from Tisch.

I'm in.

I'm not seeing anything
but standard actor deals.

JC, are you hearing me?


There must be
a secondary security protocol.

authorization recognized.

Security protocols engaged.

Okay, we're getting warmer.

Another server just popped up...
but it's offline.

Do you see anything else?


What's going on?

Do you have something?

Room secured.

Where are you?

Some kind of hallway.

I'm looking at the blueprints.

There's no hallway.

Trust me.

It's here.

Where does it lead?

A door.

Please provide
voice identification.

Voice recognition.

I can't hack that.

No, but I can.

You have one saved message.

- Is that...?
- First saved message.

I-I thought you said

you threw away your phone
back in Bulgaria.

Jean-Claude... it's Jane...

calling from the set
of the movie you just ruined.

I'm guessing you've tucked
your tail between your legs

and crawled back into
whatever hole you vanish into

every single time
things don't go your way.

So I wanted to hit you with
some truth while you're there.

You... can't... hide,

because the thing you're trying
to run from... it's inside you.

You will never escape it, so...

Analyzing voice sample.

Did it work?

Identification accepted.

User logged in.

Server online.

Goddamn jackpot!

I don't know what you did,
but that server just opened up.

Welcome, Jane Hardy.



I just got off the phone
with Shanghai.

They think
we're undercapitalized in...


Mr. Van Damme.

What an honor.

Who are you?

Well, I guess you could say

I am the face...
behind the curtain.


I thought
you were a... a rumor.

A legend.


Many could say the same
about you, yeah?

JC, I found something.

You weren't the only operative
on the Dragan job.

I dream big.

Krisztina... she works for you.

The best

of our new generation
of operatives.

As dangerous
as she is beautiful.

So you plant her inside,

and she collects
all the details

on Dragan's organization.


There was no client.

This was an internal operation.

You wanted
to control Dragan's business.

JC, we got what we need.

I'm copying it now.

Get the fuck out of there.


Of course
we wanted Dragan's business.

This is the way of the world,

or haven't you heard?

Why settle for ten percent

when you can own
the whole damn thing?!

That's why WME bought the UFC.

And cage fighting
is chump change

compared to the drug business.

Highest margins in the world.

You turned this place
into a drug cartel?

You say that
as if it's any less honorable

than running a talent agency.

You used me.

You used Jane.

"You use-ed me,
you use-ed Jane."

You didn't know, huh?

You really didn't know?

This is all her idea, doofy!

You really didn't know?

Oh, my God.

Honestly, whenever I think

an actor can't get
more self-absorbed,

more blind to the world
around them, more stupid...


We got to move. Now!

- Jean-Claude.
- Jane.


I was just leaving.

What? Before we have a chance
to talk?

Mm. Why don't you come upstairs?

Maybe another time.

Are you sure you have to go?

I'm sure.


It's cold out there.

Sometimes it's good
to be in the cold.

Where are we going?

I know a place
no one will ever come looking.


When you have nowhere to run,
you must run to nowhere.

♪ Bonnie ♪

♪ Bonnie Parker ♪

♪ And Clyde Barrow ♪

♪ Bonnie and Clyde ♪

♪ Bonnie and Clyde ♪

♪ Bonnie and Clyde ♪

♪ Bonnie and Clyde. ♪

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