Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Chapter Eighty-Five - full transcript

as you know, Jane was happily

in love with her baby daddy,
Rafael, but then

her husband returned.

Mommy! Michael came back
from the dead!

I know!

And even crazier,
he had amnesia.

I go by Jason now, ma'am.

And speaking
of complicated relationships,

Alba married
her ex-boyfriend Jorge

so he could get his green card
and visit his sick mother.

Only problem,
she still loved him,

but that was nothing
compared to this heartbreak.

I have breast cancer.

But Xo was staying
strong through her chemo

and getting close to the end.

And speaking of the end,
Jane said goodbye to Jason.

The divorce papers.

So long, Jane.

But alas, this is a telenovela.

So let's see what happens next.

As you may recall,

when Jane Gloriana Villanueva
was a young girl, she dreamed

about finding
her long-lost father.

Hey, there.

All this time, you were right.
I'm your dad, Jane.

Really, Lorenzo Lamas?

And I can't wait to take
long walks and read books

and have tea parties together.

I love you, Jane,

so much.

But alas,
there is a thin line

between our biggest dreams...

and our worst nightmares.

Now that we've
found each other,

I'm gonna take you away
from your mom...

and your abuela,

and you'll never see them again.

- What? No!
- Yes!


Luckily, after a bad dream,

Xiomara was always there
to comfort her.

You're okay.
It's not real.

But Xo couldn't help her

with her new
recurring nightmare.

Or maybe she could, but alas,
she wasn't there.

Same bad dream?

Do you remember it
this time?

No. I'm okay,
don't worry.

Try to get some rest, okay?
It's not real.

I agree,
she should get some rest

because tomorrow,
when Jane finds out

that Michael
got his memories back,

things are going to get
very real.

Which brings us here, now.

Oh, my God.

Is that an "I just learned.

Michael got his memories back
'oh, my God'"?

I forgot about Grandparents' Day
at Mateo's school.

I really would've gone
with an "oh, my gosh" for that.

One of the parents
called to confirm.

My mom has her last chemo
tomorrow morning;

there's no way
she'll be up for that.

You think Alba could step in?


Ooh, good idea. Okay.

You expecting someone?

Could it be Michael?

Oh... you remembered.

Oh, come on!

That's not even a thing!

Are you kidding?
Of course I remembered.

Today is the day that you became
a published friggin' author.

Personally, I think it should be
a national holiday.

Thank you.

I am so ready to leave
the last few weeks behind us

and get back to our life.

Which should be easier

since Jason's leaving today.

Oh, is that today?

I hadn't thought
about that at all.

I feel like things
are getting back to normal.

Yeah, not for long.

Season 05 Episode 04

Episode Title :
"Chapter Eighty-Five"

Everything has changed.

Uh-oh. Here we go.

"Alba Gloriana

I thought I was happy
before I met you..."

Or not.

"...but now that
I'm away from you,

I know that I can't be
happy without you."


Yeah, b-but that's
the point, Abuela.

Jorge's letters
have to convince Immigration

that you two are in love,
so he can get his papers.


But I don't want you
to get your hopes up.

I'd say it's too late for that.

Okay, that's got to be a.

"My husband who came back

from the dead with amnesia just
got his memories back" gasp.

I thought my shift started
at 10:00, but I was on at 9:00.


My nerves can't take this!

- I got to go.
- Yeah, I got to go

to the bus station.
Can you call me a cab, please?

Wait, he's leaving?

But he hasn't told Jane...

Wait, Jane, wait.

Hi, there. Just checking out.

"911"? Where's the emergency?


Michael's about to leave!

Here! I need to figure out
what to do about J.R. fast.

Look, your "accidental"
butt-dial plan worked.

Okay, J.R.
wrote me back

and she asked if everything
was okay, so I said,

"Sorry. Butt-dial,"
and then she wrote this.

Ooh, asking a question,
that's a good sign.

So then I wrote this.

And then, nothing.
She didn't write back.

So what do I do?

I should send a
follow-up text, right?

No, no, no.
Ball's in her court.

Now, I should really
get back to work.

Yes, good, go!

- Wait!
- No!

Are you sure I shouldn't
say anything more?

Yes, I'm sure.
Let her respond.

- I'm leaving.
- Yes!

Hurry! Run!

look right, Jane, look right.

And, friends, in that moment,

when she saw that way
he looked at her,

Jane finally knew
what she didn't know.

And it was like a rug had been
pulled out from under her.

Sorry, didn't
see you there.



I need a car, any car.

- I can't just give you a car.
- Wha...

Oh! Can I borrow this for a sec?


The hell you doing, lady?

I'm sorry, but this bus
can't go to Montana

until I talk
to someone on board.

I'm not going to Montana.

I'm going to
Fontana, California.

Oh. Well, do you know
where the buses

that are going to Montana are?

One leaving for Billings
right now.


Hi, Jane.

You remembered?

Then why were you gonna leave?

I just... should.

I only got off the bus

'cause I saw you
almost get run over

and I decided I probably
shouldn't end things that way.

I don't understand.

It's been four years, Jane.
You have a life.

friends, that was just about

the most Michael thing
he could possibly say.

Is that what you want?

I just want you to be happy.

Or maybe that was.

Do you want to talk?

I need to call Rafael.

Hey, I've only got a minute.

I'm about to leave
for the open house

and I am carpooling
with the lead agent.

Living the dream, baby!

Oof, he really doesn't know

what he doesn't know.

Jane, are you there?

Yeah, sorry. Um, I-I was just
calling to wish you good luck.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I'll pick you up after work?

Can't wait. Love you.

I love you, too, so much. Bye.

Jane, stop sending me
to voice mail.

Look, J.R. wrote me back
and she said,

"I miss you, too, but that
doesn't change anything."

Call me back to discuss
how to respond.

Sorry to bother you,
Miss Solano,

but, um, I don't know how to act
around the pirate you hired.

What pirate?
I didn't hire a pirate.

You know, the really mean one
with the hook and the eye patch?

Telling fortunes?

- What are you doing, Mother?
- Working.

I need cash since you killed
my source of income.

she pushed it out the window.

You cannot stay here, Mother.

No problem.

I'm happy to move to the
boardwalk for $100,000.

You're not getting a dime!
Get out or...

I'll sue you for trespassing.

My cruel daughter,

who owns this
beautiful hotel,

will not let her
own mother sit here

in the nice, cool
air conditioning.

This is elder abuse!

There's no problem.

You can stay here, for now.

Yeah, I'm not sure

that's such a good idea.

Get me a restraining order
against my mother.

And from
one nightmare to another.

Rogelio, thanks for
coming in for reshoots.

We just need one more
close-up and the network

will green-light
the whole series.

So just bring
the sexy, okay?

Please, I bleed sexy.

You okay?
You dozed off.

Actually, friends,

that used to be Rogelio's
worst nightmare...

...before reality became
even scarier.

Oh, it's amazing.
I'm excited to have something

so beautiful to look at
for my last session.

I'm also excited about.

Grandparents' Day.

But Mommy said you weren't
coming and Bisa was.

What? I wouldn't miss it
for the world.

No way.

I'm going to Grandparents' Day,
end of story.

I can't wait to get out
of my sweatpants

and feel pretty again.


I bought you
a new jacket to wear.

Want to go upstairs
and try it on?



Well, Alba may not be keeping

her feelings in check,

but Jane and Michael
were definitely trying to.

Nope. Still don't
like Cubanos.


It's weird.
I feel like two people.


Baby Michaelina?

For real?

And suddenly, friends,

it began to feel
just a little like old times.

Can't believe
you have a sister.

We're like family,
I'm not kidding.

You and Petra?

I have actually said the words
"I love you" to her.

It was so emotional.
There I was,

elbow-deep in a mare,
and then whoosh,

it just sort of gushed out,
straight into my arms.

It was more painful
than giving birth.

What were you

I don't know.

He jumped off the roof,
so I jumped, and then, crack!

- Peer pressure.
- You could've died.

What else could I do?
The boys dared me

to rope that crazy steed,
so I did.

Of course I'm happy
I did it, but honestly,

I think everyone
who bought a book

was either related to me
or a Rogelio superfan.


you, Jane Gloriana Villanueva,

are a published freaking author.

I'm so proud of you.

Maybe a
little too much like old times.

I'm sorry.

I know this is a lot.

Plus, I know you obviously
need to process

every word of this conversation
on the porch swing

with every single person
in your family.

Look, I want you
to take the lead here,

but I know what I want.


I still love you, Jane.

I have to pick up Rafael.

You just kissed
the new lead agent

on the Sutton Street house.

I'm so happy for you.

What's wrong?

Michael got his memories back.

It's a lot, I know.

Are you okay?

Well, it depends.

Are you still getting a divorce?

Friends, it should be noted

that at this moment, all Jane
wanted to do was scream yes.

So this changes things.

- I don't want it to.
- Then don't let it, Jane.

All I want

is to put this ring
on your finger.

Please, just send in

the divorce papers, so we can
move on with our lives.


I just need a beat.

Please, this just happened.

I'm going to bed.

I love you.
I love you, too.

And I can't wait to marry you.

We can have it all...

The romance, the family.

We can watch
Mateo grow up,

and we can all drink tea.

I like
tea, too, Jane.

And you still
love me.


for my darling?

I have Earl Grey, and you
loved Earl Grey first.

Jane, run!

I love tea so much, Jane!
I love tea more!

Drink my tea!
No one loves tea more than me.

So, yeah, now you understand

why she didn't want
to tell Rafael

about her recurring nightmare.

Where the hell is Jane?

Temp! Find Jane!

I've sent her 17 messages
and she hasn't answered.

Petra Solano?


You've been served.

You're suing me for
emotional distress? Seriously?

I saw my one daughter

throw the other daughter
out the window.

It was very distressing.
Every mother's worst nightmare.

Oh, please.

I am going to bury you in court.

Perhaps, but that
could take months,

years maybe.

It will cost you a lot of money,
but if you give me directly,

might be easier.

I'd pay the lawyers
a million dollars

before I gave you a cent.


I know you think
you're better than me,

but according
to the cards,

you will end up just like me.

Mother, that is my
worst nightmare.

True, for
the record. Let me show you.

Ellie, wait. I need money.

You can't abandon
your poor mother.

You know I always
loved you best.

Anna! At least help me
buy scratch-offs.

Please! You know you're
Mummy's favorite.

I've filed
for a restraining order.

But you don't have one yet,
so I stay.

Michael got his memory back?

Did he ask about me?

Does he want to see me?

Does he still love me?

Yes, yes and yes.

And he loves me, too.

I-I don't know
what to do.

I love Rafael so much, and
I-I just can't bring myself

to mail the
divorce papers.

So sorry, hon. I can't imagine
how horrible you must feel.

Dad, what do
you think?

Well, I-I always thought
I was Team Michael,

but I do love Rafael as well,

so I no longer feel comfortable
expressing my opinion.

Really? This is the moment you
choose not to have an opinion?

I just wish somebody
would tell me what to do.

And who keeps texting you?

Petra. Petra...

Which brings us to...


What took so long?
My temp's been out searching for you.

Ugh, I'm sorry.

Michael got his memory back
and Rafael is mad at me

because I won't mail
the divorce papers

and my mom had her
final chemo today,

so there's just, like,
a lot going on.

Excuses, excuses.

Excuses, excuses.

Hey, that was my joke.

That's actually
why I came here.

Nobody will give me
clear advice,

but I know you will have
an actual opinion

on what I should do
about Michael.

Okay, fine. We can talk about
your thing for five minutes.

Then you need to help me figure
out what to write back to J.R.

Give it to me straight.

How about straight up?

The choice is clear:

divorce Michael,
stay with Rafael.

Really? It's that simple?

You and Rafael are destined
for each other.

Even when I was
with Rafael,

fate kept throwing
the two of you together.

It was so annoying.

I love him so much,
and our family.

Exactly. Michael's your past,
Rafael is your future.

You're right,
I can't go back.

But on the other hand,
it's not that simple.

It's not Michael's fault,
what happened to him.

H-How could I just
walk away from him?

Because it's been four years,

and you have a totally
new life now

that you keep saying you want.

I do want it.

And you said there was
absolutely no chemistry

- when you went fishing with him.
- There wasn't,

but yesterday there was
definitely... more.

An echo
from the past.

Look, life is about
making tough decisions.

You can't keep going in circles.

And also, it's been
over half an hour,

and I said we could talk
about this for five minutes.

You're right.
Your turn.

Read it
out loud one more time.

"You're right.

"Missing me doesn't
change anything,

but being with you
changed me."

You don't think
it's overkill?

I need this to be your
best writing, Jane.

It's perfect. Trust me,
I'm a romance novelist.

I know, but I'm
just saying,

I need this to be
a best seller.


Writers use the rule of three

when they want maximum
emotional impact.

You should add a third
reference to "change."

"It's change I can't undo.

"Now that I'm
away from you,

I know more than ever
I can't be happy without you."

I love it.

I plagiarized that last part
from a letter

Jorge wrote to my grandma.

- To Jorge.
- To Jorge!

It's brilliant.
I hereby award you,

Jane Villanueva,

the Pulitzer Prize
for Text Writing.

Are you gonna actually send
the Pulitzer Prize-winning text?

I'll send the text
if you send the divorce papers.


Are you ready?

- Three... two...
- Three... two...


- We did it.
- Woo-woo!

What you have here
are two decisive women

making decisions

Kids, for the record,

don't drink and decide.

And then it happened, friends.

In a moment
of divine intervention,

or sheer coincidence,
Jane saw him.

Hey. So, uh,
how did the visit go

with your madre?

It was, it was really nice.

Thank you for stopping me
at the bus station.

It's been, uh, really painful,

but doesn't mean I should
just run away from it.

Or run away from
my feelings for you.

see that look on her face?

It's regret, my friends.
Which is why...

That is so... so true.

I have to go.

I-I dropped something off
in the mail earlier,

but I need to get it back.

Sorry, the mailman just left.



Hi. I-I just need
the envelope back

that I mailed by accident. Sorry.

It's a federal crime
to tamper with mail

once it's in the
carrier's possession.

Please! I-I understand,
but it was a mistake,

and-and it just happened.
Isn't there a grace period?

Nope, can't break the rules.

Oh, please. I have it

on good authority that he
pockets his share

of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.

Please, sir. I-I would never
want to be a tamperer-er-er,

but maybe you can make
an exception.

Sorry, no can do.

My husband came back
from the dead!

So, I mean, obviously
it's complicated,

and I shouldn't have made
such a rash decision.

Yeah, you can't rush that.

Exactly, Steve, and...

and I think it's just because
I'm overwhelmed with everything

that's happening...

You're not gonna
cry again, are you?


Maybe a little.


There's nothing
you can do?

Look, I-I just can't
break the law.

- Oh...
- However...

if I were to, say,
turn away to tie my shoe,

and something
just disappeared

out of my bag,

I guess there's nothing really
I could do about it.

Uh, how's the
other shoe doing?

Oh, look at that.
It came undone, too.


it's so hard to get work done

when you're lovesick...

...and wasted.

- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.

Oh. What do you want?

To confirm that
I'm picking up the girls

from karate tomorrow.
What's with you?

I was hoping
it was someone else.

He's been getting
a lot of that lately.

What's this number, anyway?

I don't recognize it.
It's my work number.

Maybe you could save it
so that the next time I call,

you're not so disappointed
I'm not someone else.

You're not the only one
having a rough week, you know.

Oh, right. Sorry.

But also, you're welcome
because your problem is solved.

What do you mean?
Jane and I talked,

and after, she mailed
those divorce papers.

- Really?
- Oof.

Yes, really.

Wow. Th-Thank you, Petra.

No problem. I got to go.

Jane, where are you?
J.R. texted me back.

She said she'll see me
tonight at 6:00.

I need to make the play
of a lifetime.

What are you
looking at, Parrot?

I don't pay you to loiter.
Go squawk at the children.

I told you letting her

stay around was a bad idea.

Move it, Lady Bird.
Coming through.

Since we've been talking

about worst nightmares,
I just need to stop here

for a moment
to show you Pammy's.

Trust me, it's worth it.

Okay. Back to our story.

What's going on? Don't we have
to leave to Grandparents' Day?

Mateo's getting dressed,
so I just thought

we'd have a little
toast first.

Does this mean
you sold the house?

Not yet, but
I talked to Petra,

and I am so happy that you
sent in the divorce papers.

Just wanted
to celebrate.

I know.
It's painful for me, too,

but I vowed to tell things
mostly exactly as they are.

What's wrong?
I did mail the papers,

but I was drunk when I did it,

and I didn't want to make
a life-altering decision

like that, so I got them back.

I'm ready for
Grandparents' Day!

Oh, you look so
handsome, buddy.

You should
go get dressed.

Jane. Me again.
I'm going over to J.R.'s.

Look, if you think
of an inspiring, romantic,

"winning my ex-girlfriend back"
speech in the next 15 minutes,

call me.

Also, I could use a second
opinion on my accessories.

I was torn between bangles
and a statement necklace.

Okay, that
accessory definitely clashes.

What the hell are you doing?

You have important date
with lady love.

Give me 50 grand
and I give you the key.

I'd rather cut my own arm off.

Then cancel hot date.

We have nice
family dinner instead.

Happy Grandparents' Day.

Are you okay?

Did she kill Magda?

Or chop off her arm?

Sorry, just had a little trouble
getting here because...


Look, I've got baggage...

Mother, stop it!
I cannot control gas.

Look, this is not how
this was supposed to go.

I came here to say that I meant
every word I wrote in that text,

and I swear to you,
here and now,

that I will never
lie to you again.

I find that
hard to believe.

- Mother, stay out of this!
- Have you told Miss J.R.

how you faked disability?


Yes, I did pretend
to be blind

to make more money
busking in Prague.

She also cheated on husband.

It's true, I was unfaithful
to Rafael.

While he had cancer.

Not my finest hour.

Petra is a brunette.

That I know.

J.R., I mean it,

I will never lie
to you again, ever.

I love you.

And I used to think

my worst nightmare
was turning into my mother;

now I know it's living
without you.


And Jane didn't even
have to write that for her.

I've missed you every day
since we broke up.

And from one awkward trio

to another.

Hey, Rafael...

I'm sorry.
I-I just...

Now really isn't the time,

Wow, Mom!

Like the new wig?


You look beautiful, Xo.

You should see your grandma.

So much for keeping

her feelings in check.

My glam team did her up.

- Jorge's not gonna know what hit him.
- Oh...

True, for the record.

See? Alba looks fine.


Does Jorge have feelings
for Alba?

Or not?

I guess... not.


I thought you were waiting
for Jorge.

Oh, no. You okay?


No. No, no, no, no...

Friends, I've just gotten
word we have a surprise performance.

♪ ♪

Yes. That's my boy!

And my mama.

♪ You bring me joy ♪

♪ You bring me
joy ♪

♪ More than I've ever felt ♪

♪ More than
I've ever felt ♪

♪ You bring me joy ♪

♪ You bring me
joy ♪

♪ More than I've ever felt. ♪

We did it!
We surprised everyone!

Hey. It's Grandparents' Day,
not Grandmother's Day,

- so may I have this dance?
- You okay?

We need to go.

Oh, Mom!

Oh, my God!

Oh, no. No.

So, I want to keep
you overnight

to make sure that
you're fully hydrated,

but your vitals look good.
You just overexerted yourself.

You're fine.

Thank you very much, Doctor.


I'm gonna get you
some more ice chips.


How's your mom?

She's a little dehydrated,
but she'll be fine.

Well, I, um, I brought
her some comfy clothes

and a coffee
for your dad.

And I put Mateo down
at Alba's.

Jorge's watching him.

And I can take your grandma home
so you can stay a little longer.

Thank you.

Of course.

Hey, come here.

Hey. Shh. It's okay.

She's okay.

Nothing my mother does
is okay.

But she's not
gonna change.

I know.

But we'll figure out how to
deal with her. Together.

Cut it off.

You better have good aim.
This is my only good hand.

You shouldn't have
lost the key, Mother.

Do it with your eyes closed.


I know, that would be...
So weird.

Oh. You're still here.

I decided to stick around
a little longer.

Hope that's okay.

It should
be noted that in that moment,

Petra thought of
her friend Jane

and knew she needed to give her
a heads-up.

But alas,
she had other priorities.

Yeah, okay.

Now what?

Do you need anything else?


And you really don't need
to sleep here.

If you're spending the
night in the hospital,

so am I.

Look, I know you're
mentally ready

to put chemo behind you
and get on with your life,

but you should wait until
your body is ready, too.

That's not why
I pushed myself so hard.

The chemo might not work.

And if something happens to me,

I don't want Mateo
to remember me like this.

Sick and tired.

I want Mateo to remember me
as the person I was before.


And... vibrant.

And fun.

It's morbid,
I know, but...

my mind goes there.

I was going to show
you this later,

when you were feeling better,
but now seems like a good time.

After you left the dance,
they played a video

of the kids speaking about
their grandparents.

My abuelo
is a really famous actor

and he's even better known
in Mexico.

Oops, no, wrong part.

You can't mess with my abuela

'cause she's loud and tough.

She'll yell at anyone.
Honestly, she doesn't even care,

so be careful.

And she also lets me eat, like,
so many cookies,

like three in a row.

I'd say that sounds like a
strong and vibrant person,

wouldn't you?

Please thank Jorge again
for watching Mateo.

And, friends,

that's when it happened.

I'm in love with both of you.

In that very moment,

Rafael's memories
came flooding back, too.

She fell asleep by the time
I was done. I snuck out.

Don't tell me
you're choosing Michael.

Tell me anything but
do not tell me that.

Stop! Michael, stop!

Stop! No!

He still loves me.

And I still love him.

♪ ♪

Go get ready for bed.
I'll be there in a minute.

Good night,
Mr. Sweetface.

How's your mom?

She was feeling much better
when I left.

I'm glad.
Thank you,

for everything
you did for me tonight.

Even though...

Do you still love him?

I don't know.

That feels like an answer.

You know, I got my memories
back, too, Jane.

You know what I remember?

Waiting for you to pick Michael

almost killed me.

I need you to leave.

P... Permanently?

I don't know.

And, friends,

that, too, felt like an answer.

I don't want to leave!

I want to stay here with Daddy.

Hey, you don't have to
go anywhere. Okay?

I got this.

You should go.

And, friends,

it was in this moment that
Jane realized that this...

...was her worst nightmare.

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