Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 16 - Episode #5.16 - full transcript

Once upon a time, friends,

Jane and Rafael had a baby.
But this isn't

a fairy tale;
it's a telenovela.

So the baby was kidnapped
by the evil Sin Rostro.

I had a dragonfly brooch.

Get it,
and I'll give you Mateo.

Luckily, they got Mateo back.

And years later,
Jane was writing

a book about what happened.

And she got an agent.

Also winning...

Mine, mine, mine, mine.

That's right, Petra gained full ownership of the Marbella.

And since
Rafael was once the owner...

I want to offer you a
job-- and a percentage

of everything we build
together going forward.

And he could really use
the distraction,

because his sister
was still involved

with Sin Rostro.

But she does have a plan, right?

Rose always has a plan.[door creaks]

Now that everything
is in place,

we can move forward.
Is everyone ready?

I know. Straight out
of a telenovela, right?

Well, imagine this: Jane's
father was a telenovela star.

But she didn't know him
until she was 23 years old.

I can't believe you've only
been in my life for seven years.

Oh, and Rogelio was finally
close to his dream:

bringing his telenovela
to an American audience.

Even if that meant
he wasn't the star.

I'm okay being sidelined
just a little.

It's different for you.
You've got these great

relationships with
your daughters,

whereas mine barely
even speaks to me.

I can help you win her back.

Ah, if only it were that easy.

But this is a telenovela.

So let's see what happens next.

As you all know by now,

our Jane
grew up on telenovelas.

And, oh, how she loved
the romance,

the drama...

...the adventure.

But one thing
she never loved?

[heroine screams] The scary stuff.

You'd better look,
or you won't know how it ends.

Honestly, I can't blame her.

It's not my favorite, either.

[horrified gasps]

But we can't hide
from the scares forever.


Is he dead?

You killed it.

[exhales, chuckles]

The romance, the
drama, the adventure

in your novel are all great.

But the crime is
totally anticlimactic.

You got to do better.

She right, by the way.
See, even now,

Jane wasn't as interested
in the scary stuff.

Anticlimactic because...?

Because the crime story
ends midway through

when the villain
is sent to prison.

I kept expecting her to
come back like... [yells]

but she never did.

Because I wanted to end the book
on an uplifting note.

Joy, love, all that stuff.

Yeah, I get that,
but I don't 100% care.

I care about what
the book needs.

If you want this book
to sell, you have got

to embrace the
crime in a big way.

Build to an
explosive climax.

Got it?

[chuckles] Yes.

Got it. [yells]

So, uh, an explosive...

crime climax.Do you want to brainstorm?

No, it's...
Oh, yeah.
Let's do it.

Don't worry about it.
It's what I'm here for. Okay.

Hmm, now, it can be anything,
but it has to threaten

everything and has
to be unexpected.


the villain comes back.

Or maybe one of
her past crimes

comes to light in
a... in a new way,

like old tunnels leading
to a new hideout.

Eh, I wouldn't exactly

call that an explosive climax.

Or her ex-husband
survives the cement.

Got to do better, Lily.

[gasps, yells]

Oh, oh, I've got
something good.

What if...

when the villain
kidnaps the baby,

she swaps it out
for a different one?

Oh. Wow.

Scary, right?

Yeah, th-that would be...


Don't go there, Jane.

Oh, no. She's going there.

Oh, my God.

Mommy's here.MATEO: Mommy?

Can you fix this?

Mm-hmm.[toy rattling]

And from one anxious mother
to another.

I had them flown in from your
favorite bakery in New York.

I know that you've
been homesick, and I

just wanted to give you
a little taste of home.

Yeah, cupcakes
aren't gonna make up for

you missing my entire childhood.




It's a total failure.
I told you.

Have faith, River.

She took a job on your show.
There's a reason for that.

Yeah. Money.

I pay her five times
what a normal P.A. makes.

Wow. Almost a living wage.

[sighs] I-I think I
just need to accept

we've got a crappy

and move on.

Can you even hear yourself?

You cannot give up.
What is the point

of all of this if you cannot
share it with your children?

Family is everything.
It's all that matters.

[cell phone ringing]

It's the network.

Rogelio de la Vega,

EP and costar.


Okay, okay. Thank you.
You won't regret this.


They love the pilot.

They're ordering
This Is Marsto series.

We did it. We did it. [gasps]

We have it all!Not really.

Like you said,

family is everything.

My daughter still hates me.

Oh, it'll work itself out.
Here, have a cupcake.

We're going to series.

You're giving birth to a show,
and this baby will...

definitely love you back!

This is my baby.

I need the pop-up
to go perfectly.

It will. The event
is already sold out.

Tons of press are
confirmed to attend.

You've obsessed over
every detail, including how much

cologne I'm allowed to wear.

Which we agreed
is zero, correct?

I can't have anything
interfering with Ludo's food.

Come on. Why are you so nervous?


Clarissa James is coming.


Is it someone you're seeing?

Come on, spill it.
I want to know everything.

Okay, stand down,

No. She's an investor.

Who specializes in
hotel franchising.

As in franchising the Marbella?

I had no idea

you were even
thinking about that.

Not thinking about it.
Dreaming about it.

I want a Marbella
in every major city.

On every continent.

Does that
sound insane?Yes.

But if anyone can pull it off...

I know. It's me, right?

[laughs] I hadn't even
put out feelers yet.

Clarissa just got in touch
out of the blue.

Oh, I'm so excited, I don't
know how I'll sleep tonight.




Are you okay?


My-my mom wants
to start

our dance lessons
for the wedding.

Dance lessons?

That's what's got you
tossing and turning?

Come on, what is it?

M-My agent...

was giving me notes
on the crime in my novel,

and... she said
something crazy.

[scoffs] And I can't
get it out of my head

even though
I know it's crazy.


Well, what
did she say?

That Rose might have
swapped Mateo

for another baby
when she kidnapped him.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!
Wait a second,

you're supposed to be
telling me that I'm crazy.

I-I'm sorry,
but it-it's just Rose.

She's capable of anything.

Oh, great. Now I can't sleep.

So you actually think
it's possible that Mateo

was switched at birth?

I-I just mean,
it's not...


Oh, my God.But wait. But wait. Okay.

Let's-let's just
think this through

before we both
freak out.
Too late.


Rose has a reason
for everything.

Right? So there was
no motivation for her

to switch out Mateo.

She was only interested
in one thing at the time.

The brooch. Right.

Which she got.

So it doesn't make
any sense for her

to give us back a baby
that wasn't ours.

That's true.
That's a really good point.

And that right there.

Okay? That crinkle.

In your forehead.
Mateo has that same

exact crinkle in the same
place when he frowns.

That's true.
And do you
remember when we

put my baby pictures side
by side next to Mateo's?

You were twins.


So, rationally,
there's no way

Mateo isn't our son.

Your agent was just giving
you an idea for your book.

It's not real.
End of story.

In fact, ask me again.

So, my agent
said maybe...
That's crazy.

[both chuckle]

Okay. I feel better.

I don't, honestly.

Hey, Raf.

And now neither does he.

If you don't leave immediately,
I'm calling security.

Oh, no, I am leaving. For good.

I came to say goodbye.

Didn't we just do this?

Well, no, then I was just

going to an ashram
for two weeks.

This is a more...
permanent goodbye.

So goodbye.



[papers thud]

I heard you're getting married.

I'm so happy for you

and Jane, and I'm
really sorry for everything.

I really am.

I love you, Rafael.

Well, maybe that would have
meant something

if you weren't involved
with a criminal.

And speaking of crime...

[tapping keys]

I can't believe it.

I-I've been a fan of you and
your hotel since I started.

The first time
I slid into a set

of Marcienne hotel sheets,

I think I wept a
little. [chuckles]

Oh. Well, I only
invest in the best.

Which is why I am honored you're
interested in helping me expand.

Well, actually,
it was my guru who suggested

that I take a look
at the Marbella.


Well, hey, whoever this guru
is, she sounds really smart.

[laughs] I love
her already.

Oh, good.
Well, she's actually here.

I take her everywhere.

She helps me make
all my decisions.

Maggie? Come on in.

Shalom. So very nice
to meet you.

Petra, is it?

Let the good times roll.

I'm supposed to meet someone
here, uh... Jane Villanueva?

Oh, uh, hi.
That's me.

Stop reading and say hello.

Are you my real mommy?

I can't live
with this uncertainty.

I looked it up,
and it might just be

a temporary skin
discoloration from labor,

but it could also
be a birthmark,

and Mateo doesn't
have a birthmark.

So, you want a DNA test?

No. I don't want one,
but we have to get one.

Rose had no motive
to swap Mateo.

She's a sociopath,

There is no rationalizing
her motives.

You know it's possible.

But it's-it's not probable.

And I wish I could
live with that.

But I can't.

Okay. [sighs]

So we'll-we'll do the test.


Ah, friends, we last left

our Jane on
a fact-finding mission.

Okay, Mr. Sweetface,
we just have to

swab your cheek really quickly.

Why?It's just a little test

to make sure you're getting
enough vitamins in the morning.


That's it?

That's it. Easy.

Don't worry.

It's gonna be fine.

[cell phone chimes]

Well, I'd better get to work.

Help Petra with...


What do you want?

To help you,
dear daughter.

I met Clarissa
in rehab.

Ugh, it was very boring,
so I watch a lot of Netflix.

There was this documentary,
Wild Wild Country...

Get to the point.

I become
Clarissa's guru.

And then I give
her Marbella idea.

You are welcome.

Now I want half of hotel.

I'm not negotiating.

You should.

You don't have
a leg to stand on.

Low blow, Petra. MAGDA: Okay.

I just tell Clarissa
this hotel has bad juju,

and we will be on our way.

$500 a month
for you to leave the country

and never set foot
in the United States again.

That is nothing compared
to what I am giving you.

$5,000 a month.
Final offer.

Well, my final offer is:
I want half of hotel.

Without me,
you have no Clarissa.

This can't be happening.

We have a meeting
with the network in one hour.

Why are you not ready?

Are you sick?
Is it terminal?

Do you think you could make it
five to seven more years?

I'm just getting an infusion
of B12 and C concentrates.

There's nothing wrong
with her body.

This is about her soul.

Oh. Is that all?

I realized you were right.

Success means nothing
without the love and support

of my daughter.

And that will come. For sure.

But in the meantime,
we just got a show picked up.

By a major network.

Love and support that.

I can't. You see,

I had built up this wall
over the years,

and I've been able to keep
these huge emotions at bay.

But you, Rogelio, you
tore down that wall.

And now... [sighs]
I'm just overcome

with this painful,

all-consuming emptiness.

Well, then let's rebuild
that wall.

We can do it together
brick by brick.

There's no going back.

This river's dam has burst.

Right now, all I
can do is get back

into intensive psychotherapy.

And who knows?

Maybe the fact that
I'm turning down the chance

for a big successful hit show

and the millions of
dollars that come with it

will impress Pond.

What are you talking about?

I'm sorry, Rogelio.

I can't accept the pickup.

Calm down, Rogelio.

Inhala, exhala.

You can fix this.

You just need
to talk to Pond.

You can get
through to her.

You're the daughter


If now is not a good
time, we can come back.

No. Rogelio's good, and your
wedding dance has to be great.

Besides, this is
the perfect way to keep me

from stressing about
my first day of nursing school.

Just three days away.What did I just say?

Are you trying to kill me?Sorry. Sorry.

[phone alarm blares]Ah. Oops. [chuckles]

All right, let's dance.
You guys watch the video?

We did.Yep.

[music playing]

Mateo's ours.
Don't worry.

He is, right?Yes.

[music stops]

You guys are a little stiff.


Sorry, we're both just
stressed about work.

And the results of
a certain DNA test.

Come on, Ma.
Let's show them how it's done.

[music playing]


Who knew you could
move your hips like that.

Oh, Alba's got moves.
I read all about Pablo

in Jane's book.

Uh... well, yeah.[music stops]

I mean... yeah.

[exhales] But when you read
the beginning of my book,

about Venezuela,
you were fine with it.

You didn't think my book
was going anywhere?

Oh, this is about Jorge?

You brought him up.Okay, why doesn't everybody
just take a breath.

I'm sure we can
find a solution.

What?! But...

I drove you here.

[cell phone ringing]

Mom, you're calling me.

Ah, yes, we last left our Jane

trying to rewrite
her grandmother's story.

[phone rings]

Look at you two!XIOMARA:
I found the perfect partner

to help me finish choreographing
your wedding dance.

Show Mommy your twirl.

Bravo, Mr. Sweetface.

Thank you so much
for watching him today.Of course.

How's the writing going?

I mean, I'm taking out
the central theme,

so not much makes sense in the
book anymore, but, you know...

I'm sorry, hon.

Ah, it's okay.
I'm just frustrated.

I was already struggling
with notes from my agent.

Didn't know
I was gonna have to deal

with notes from my abuela,too.

You know what?

Send the book to me.

I'll give it to her.

Trust me,
she'll feel differently

when she actually reads it.

What are you reading?

What are you doing here?

This is my favorite...
coffee shop

slash, uh,
computer place

slash eatery.

So hip.

Okay, fine.
I tracked you down

because your mom
is really hurting.

Don't you think it might
be time to forgive her?


Let me paint you
a painful little picture.

It's 2004, the year
my mother won

her Emmy for that HBO movie,
Plath on Plath:

The Sylvia Plath Story.

"As told by the ghost
of Sylvia Plath."

Of course. She slayed.

I'm sorry. Please continue.

So, it's the night
of the Emmys.

My three best friends
are sleeping over

so we can all watch.

I was so excited and proud,

because wow,
my mom was just so cool.

And then she wins.

And there's my mom
accepting her Emmy on live TV

in front of millions
of people.

And then...

You know what?

Let me just show you.

RIVER [laughs]:

Oh! What an honor.

Um, oh, there are
so many people to thank.

Everybody at HBO.

Our writers.

The cast. Our amazing crew.

Ah, my dog walkers,
Yuri and Marigold.


My, uh, my-my acupuncturist,

Dr. Mishka. Genius.

And finally...
[takes deep breath]

I want to thank the most
important person in my life.

The person who inspires me
every day to be...

the best person
I can possibly be...

my agent, Don Sherwood.

I love you, Don.

Oh, God, I can't believe
I almost forgot.

Um, sweetheart...

I love you so much.

This is nothing without you.
[takes deep breath]

Carrie, my publicist.

I love you,
I love you, love you.

Oof. That was bad on bad.

Worst night of my life,

and nothing she does
will ever change that.


Of course I understand,

but now my dream show is dying,

and there's no help
in sight. I'm doomed.

[cell phone chimes]

XIOMARA: All right,
ready for some dancing?



And what did you think?

Abuela, it's fiction.

Ma, you have to understand
how hard

Jane has worked on this book.

If you make her take out more,
the rest will fall apart.

It's okay, Abuela.
I understand. It's your story.

You have the right to decide

if it gets told.

I'll rewrite the book.
No problem.

A rewrite. Of course.

Oh, sorry. Uh, carry on.

I just realized that a rewrite

could solve
all my problems, too.

But you two, keep fighting.


we're not fighting.

Everything's okay.

And by "okay," I mean that I
have to do a huge rewrite now


Uh, hey, Mr. Sweetface, uh,
want to go to your room

and color, yeah? Okay.

The DNA results?

Before she opens it,

I will remind you
this is a telenovela,

so the unexpected
is to be expected.




Oh, I'm so relieved.

I know.

But this is it, right?

Because getting a DNA test
for our son is just too much.

You're right. I am gonna
separate fact from fiction

and get over this fear.

Which, for the record,

she was trying to do.

Also trying hard...

As you can see,
our guests feel transported

from the moment
they enter the hotel.

MAGDA: They would
feel more transported

if the drinks
were stronger.

This tastes like
virgin smoothie.

Well, people do
like alcohol

on holiday.


Ah, yes. Let me remind you,

these two have a wild,
wild history.

You should get back
to work now, Alba.

Now, if you'll follow me
up to this platform,

Clarissa, you can
actually see

a view of the ocean
from our lobby.

I can't get up.A shame.

So here's what
I'm thinking.

The pop-up attracts
the adults, okay?

All right, things are
looking good here.

Not as good here.

What's going on, hon?

Did Jorge call you? Shoot.

I came here for
a change of scenery,

and because
I wrote most

of my book here,
I thought I might get inspired.

Well, let me talk
to Abuela again

and see if she'll
change her mind.

No, don't. It's her life.

Besides, I can concentrate
on this instead of the crime

which is driving me nuts
and making me do things

like get a DNA test for Mateo.


I got it in my head
that Rose switched babies.

Oh, sweetie.
I know.

She didn't,
but she could've, Mom,

because she's
so dangerous,

which is why I'm wondering
if it's even safe for me

to publish a book about a
mass murderer who's still alive.

Well, you changed details.Enough?

Rose could be really pissed,
and she has

associates outside
of prison.

What if she sends someone

to threaten me and my family,
or worse?

Hon, you have to get her
out of your head.

[sighs] I know.

I just don't know how.

As you'll recall, Jane was

struggling to separate
truth from fiction.

Oh! [stammers]

Don't worry, Abuela,
I'm doing a big rewrite.

I-I'm actually
thinking of

changing the character
to a grandfather.

Hmm. I'd like to see that.

Why are you crying,



Did Mom talk to you?
I told her not to.

Then who was it?

[crowd cheering over TV]


Oh, Jane, hi.
Is the soccer game too loud?

[mutes TV]Oh, oh, no, no, no,
nothing like that.

I-I-I just wanted
to say thank you

for getting my abuelato change
her mind about my novel.

Saved you a ton of work, huh?

Uh, you sure did. [chuckles]

[TV resumes playing]

[mutes TV]

I feel like there might be
more you want to say.

Yeah. Sorry.

I was just wondering
what exactly you said to her.

I just helped her understand
why this was so hard for her.

Because of her friends
at church?

More than that.

Being undocumented for so long,

you get used to living
with these walls up,

keeping things secret.

And living like that,
it changes you

and how you relate to the world.

It makes you more closed off.

So I just reminded her that
things are different for us now,

which is something
we're still getting used to,

but we're gonna do it together.

Well, I'm really glad
my abuelahas you in her life.

I'm glad I do, too.

Me, too.

Can I put the game back on?

Yes, of course.

Your game's just about over.

I got Clarissa halfway
there without you already.

She wants to invest. I'm gonna
close the deal at the pop-up.

I can change her mind
before that.

Yes, but you won't.

Let me out!Be quiet.

There's some water in there
and some crackers.

I need a security guard
at the offices.

Is anybody there?

Why is it so dark in here?

Where is everybody?


Why are you dressed like that?

Your e-mail said we were
doing reshoots today.

We are. Just not for the show.

Today, we are reshooting life.

Yes, friends, the line

between truth and fiction

is getting blurrier
by the moment.

I... can't believe it.I know.

This dress still fits me after
all these years. [chuckles]

I actually had to
take it in a tiny bit.

[clears throat]


Oh, Pond, uh, even though I know
I can't go back in time,

I realize how much

I hurt you in the past
by not telling you

how important
you were to me

when I had
the chance,

so I've re-created

that night so I can
finally do it right.

Is... is that my bedroom
from middle school?

RIVER: Down to the very
last butterfly clip.

Though I'm very sorry to report
that your Tamagotchi has died.

I know you had a sleepover
with your friends that night,

so I would be so grateful
if you would oblige me

and put on your PJs.

[scoffs] This is insane.
No, I'm not doing this.

Really? Because, uh,

Jemma and Taylor
and Chartreuse

will be so

Get me out of here!

Let me out now!

I have to go number two.

I'm under strict orders, ma'am.

Petra said you're
a dirty charlatan

and I shouldn't trust
a word you say.

That's fair.

Please, I'm dying.

[crying]: My blood...
will be on your hands.




I can't believe you're all here.

Yeah, we thought
maybe you were dying,

but since your mom offered to
put us up at a five-star hotel,

we didn't really
ask questions.

So... Tay Tay,

haven't seen you in forever.

Yeah, not since you
stole my boyfriend.

Tay Tay was pi-pissed.

Jemma, you still
have braces?

The make-up department
forced me to put these on

for "maximum authenticity."
They really hurt.


All art is sacred and fleeting,

so when an actress
steps into a role,

she's transformed,

however briefly, into...

Anyway, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah.

And the winner

for Outstanding
Lead Actress

in a Limited Series is...
River Fields.

Oh! [laughs]

Thank you.

You know, I-I don't think
that I would've been prepared

for my starring role
in Plath on Plathhad I not had

a very special person
in my life.

My daughter, Pond.

You know, they say that, um,
a pond needs a river

to sustain it...

They do?

But I think
it's the other way around.

Pond, y-you fill me up.


you teach me so much every day.

I would be nothing without you.

And while we can't
go back in time,

I can now say I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I wasn't there
for you all those years.

I thought my Emmy win
was the highlight of my life,

but reconnecting with you
is the real climax.

This is so crazy.

And sweet.


Stop her!




So, we meet again.

What are you up to

this time, Magda?

I'm not up to anything.

I'm calling security.

I would not do that
if I were you.

I know people.

I don't want something
to happen to you again.

Are you threatening me?

It is not a threat.

It is a promise.


I do not get joke.

I got all that on my phone,

so if you don't
leave town forever,

you're going
back to jail.

Or did you forget
that threatening me

is a violation of your parole

and it comes with a mandatory
five-year sentence?

But I am not scared
of you anymore,

because I am
an American now, bitch!

Okay. Okay.

I'll leave.And remember,

if I ever see you around here

ever again,

I'll take this recording
straight to the police.

Don't delete it, Alba.


She finally learned
how to work her phone.


Not working as well...


Our Jane.

Thank you, Abuela. I'm trying
to crack this crime story.

I even prayed about it.


You confronted Magda?

And just like that,
Jane realized

what she needed to do
in her novel,

a way for the crime to climax.

A confrontation. That's it.

Yes. I don't need
to build up the crime.

I need to build up the heroine.

Mm... mwah!

Wow, looks like somebody
had a breakthrough.

A big one, yes.

And I wrote it,
and it feels right

for the book,

and now I think
I need to do it, too.

Do what, too?

Confront Rose.

I want to go see her.

I think I changed my mind.

Oh, good.

I wasn't sure seeing Rose in
person was a good idea anyway.

Oh, thank God. Me, neither.

I meant I changed my mind
about the dress.

I think I'd feel
more comfortable

confronting Rose in pants.


Wh-What do you mean you're not
sure it's a great idea?

And why didn't you say anything
last night?

I-I... I'm just worried
that seeing her in person

might upset you even more.

But I was just trying
to be supportive,

and you were so determined.

I am determined, because I can't

keep letting Rose have
this power over me.

If I can just see her behind
bars and say my piece to her,

I really think
I'll be able to move on.

I need to do this.

I just need to do this in pants.



I accept your deal.

5,000 a month.

Oh, Mother, you escaped.

Good for you.
But you're too late.

I closed the deal
with Clarissa last night.

So your stock is
bottoming out.

I'll give you
500 a month

to leave and never come back.

500 a...

Uh, very generous.

I will take it.

I leave town tonight.

Where will you go?

To live with your other twin.

The triplet.

Wait. Truth or fiction?

Don't try to get
in my head, Mother.

Get out of here.

What a day.

I don't know
what I was nervous about.

Nursing school was great.

I was totally prepared
from all the reading I'd done,

and there were a lot
of older students like me,

so I didn't feel out of place.

I love seeing you
so happy, Xiomara.

I am.[both laugh]

[phone ringing]

Ah. River!

How is my talented
costar slash super-mother?

Ah, I can't
thank you enough, Rogelio.

You truly are
the daughter whisperer.

Oh, stop.

I just did
what any caring, handsome

and extremely brilliant person
would do.


thanks to you, Pond and I have
really turned things around.

I'm so happy for you.

Does this mean
that the show is back on?

It absolutely is.

Oh, thank God.

But we're moving it to New York.

Wait, what?

Pond really wants to move
back home, and like you said,

I have to put family first.

And luckily,

my contract says I can move
the show wherever I want,

and I want this.

For my family.

But, uh, what about my family?

I-I know it's going to be
a tough decision for you.

I'd hate to recast.

I'm so nervous.

I know.

But you can do this.

if you change your mind,
that's okay, too.

We can turn around,
separate life from art.

I can't.

It's hard, for the record,

to keep them from colliding. [tires screeching]


What the hell?

Which brings us to our climax.

Guard, uh, there's something
in here I think you should see.

And what is all too real,

I think you should
probably call this in.

I seem to be losing
a lot of blood.

Hurry up and grab your bag.


[mouthing][siren whooping]

[tires screeching]

[door opens]

Okay. Now, run.

[sirens wailing in distance]


Police! Stop!Freeze!

Get her!Stop! Stop them!


[alarm blaring]

I'm here to see Rose.

Dennis, what are
you doing here?

What's going on?

I'm afraid you can't see her.

What? Why?

Rose escaped.

[door closes]



Rose escaped?
But we knew

she was gonna try
because of Luisa.

Of course

she was involved.

No, it's not what you think.

We're gonna spend the rest
of our lives together, baby,

somewhere where no one
can ever find us.

been working with us
for months.

Luisa betrayed me?

I had no idea. I swear.

OFFICER: Police!DENNIS: Because of Luisa,

we were able to uncover
Rose's escape plan,

cut off her supply of funds

and send in the team
to capture her.

She couldn't tell you the truth
for your own safety.

So you guys caught her, and
she'll be back in prison.

Unfortunately, things didn't

go as planned.



And she escaped again.

I know.

Talk about scary stuff.

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