Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 14 - Chapter Ninety-Five - full transcript

Jane is excited when Lina comes to town until she asks for a favor. Petra and Raphael are working together again, but that brings up old tensions. Rogelio pressures the network to pick up his pilot.

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you recall Jane and Rafael

got back together. That's
right, love was in the air.

Which reminds me... We only have
72 more hours of breathable oxygen

before all known
life-forms on Mars go extinct.

Yes, Rogelio shot his pilot
for This Is Mars.

Now he just had to wait

to see if it will be
picked up to series.

Oh, and Xiomara was at
a career crossroads as well.

I'm thinking about
going to nursing school.

And speaking of smart moves...

Petra finally, finally got

full control over the Marbella.

Which brings us to Rafael.

See, he used to own
the Marbella.

Only now,
he works in real estate.

That's right, friends.
Rafael's life

had gone in
a different direction.

But there was one huge
bright spot.

Will you marry me?

I know! I'm excited, too.

Plus, they'd started talking
about the future.

Would you ever consider
having more kids?

I'd be open
to talking about that.

How sweet, right?

So let's start
planning that wedding.

When Jane Gloriana Villanueva
was 25 years old,

she got married
for the first time.

And, friends,
it was a very happy day.

Well, not for him.

I know this is
terrible timing,

but I love you, Jane.

Don't marry
Michael, please.

But, friends,
he didn't say any of that.

Instead, he said...

Good luck.
You look beautiful.

They say, if you love someone,

let them go,
which Rafael did that day.

And he wasn't going
to make that mistake again.

Can't breathe.

Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Let the wedding planning begin.

Barry, I don't care

who you have to
kill or sleep with

or kill then sleep with.

I need this pickup.
Do something.

You always tell me

what a powerful agent
you are, and right now

all I'm hearing
are a lot of excuses.

Is that your superpower?

What's going on?

The studio has
the first cut of his pilot,

but there's been
radio silence,

so he's freaking out.

I don't think he's breathed
in two days.

Poor Dad.

You wear glasses now?

I'm still waiting to hear about
my nursing school application,

so I've been distracting myself
with some medical reading.

Turns out I needed
reading glasses.

Plus, you know,
they make me feel smarter.

Oh... (laughs) Okay, wedding planning.
(Rafael chuckles)

Should we get to it?

That's the attitude
I need from you, Barry.

Earn that ten percent.

Okay, why don't
the four of us

start talking and Dad can...
Wait, Ma.

Can I see that mole?

Is it raised?
You have to think F.A.T.

Flat, asymmetrical,

Those are the scary moles that
need to be checked right away.


What can I say?

Runs in the family.
JANE: Aw, aw.

Does anyone maybe want to talk
about anyone's upcoming wedding?

(gasps) Yes, of course.
Sorry, yes. Just...

The sequel is never as good
as the original.


Barry's trying
to get me excited about

a follow-up to Tiago
to take my mind off the pilot.

You know what might
take your mind off the pilot?

Your daughter's wedding!

(Jane chuckles) Yes. Good.
Let's talk wedding.

(phone rings)

I'm sorry, I have
to take this call.

Do you mind if we
postpone this meeting?

I really want to give it
my full attention.

Yeah, of course.

Talk to me, Barry.

Okay, I'm gonna go
read up on that mole.

You might have to
have it checked, Ma.

(Felix Mendelssohn's
"Wedding March" plays)

RAFAEL: Well, I want to
plan the wedding with you.

You do?

I do. Go ahead,
what's first on your list?

Finding an officiant.

You don't want
to use your priest?

Come on.
I know the Catholic

wedding ceremony
isn't your thing.

So I did a little
research, and I found

a Unitarian minister
who respects all beliefs

and comes highly recommended.

Mm, that sounds
really nice.

Good, because I already
wrote him a very long

and persuasive e-mail.

We have an appointment
the day after tomorrow.

I'll be there. What is next?

Um, where do you
want to get married?

Inside or
outside? Or...

something that looks like
it's outside but is actually

inside a soundstage,
because if we ask,

my dad will build it for us.

Actual outside.

That's what I want, too.

Um... which...

guides my dress choice.

And luckily,
my fashion expert lands

in a few hours.
Oh, yeah.

First bridal shop
appointment with Lina

is Tuesday, right?

It is so sexy when you
closely read our calendar.


I think I read something
about a hair test... tomorrow?

Ooh, baby, don't stop.


Oh, I can't wait to marry you.

I can't wait to marry you, too.
(both moan)

(Lina humming
Wagner's "Bridal Chorus")

(continues humming)

OMG. I missed Lina.

Hello, bride!

Oh! Hello,
matron of honor.

How was your flight?

Perfect. I totally mastered

the Benzos-Chardonnay
cocktail, mmm.

And I made it here before
that huge storm that's

supposed to hit. Thank God.
Danny was so worried.

Oh, how is Danny?
And the new apartment?

And F.I.T.?

F.I.T.? Is that another
scary mole acronym?

Great. I still
can't believe that

I'm in school for fashion.
Ah. Of course.

And I love everything about it.

I even like doing
homework now. What?

I never thought I'd hear you
say that sentence. (chuckles)

I know.

And I'm gonna find you
the perfect dress

with my new highly educated
designer brain.

Which is not going to be
anything like this teal tragedy.

God, it feels
so good to be here

as a guest
and not an employee.

Oh, don't rub it in.

Speaking of... (chuckles)

How is the writing going?

I'm getting closer
to the end of my novel.

And I really think I found my voice.
PETRA: This is mine.

This is mine. This is mine.

Mine, mine, mine, mine.

Petra certainly found
her voice.

Oh, it's all
officially 100% mine, Krishna.

Congratulations, Ms. Solano.

I have so many plans to take
the Marbella to the next level,

and I want to hear your ideas, too.
Oh, well, okay.

I was thinking we could expand...
Shut it. Oh, my God.

That's Chef Ludo. LATIN

Ludo Lefebvre, the famous chef.

How does Rafael know him?
Does he know him?

I don't know that he...
Shh! I'm trying to listen.


You have three kids now? Yeah.

Yeah, I just dropped off

two-thirds of them
at the kids' club.

What about you?

On vacation now.
With the family.

Oh, well, times have changed.

It's good to see you, buddy.
You, too.

All right.

Oh! How do you know Chef Ludo?

Where did you come from?

I own the place.
It's my job to lurk. Explain.

I used to run into him
all the time

back when I was
in the hotel circuit.

I just can't believe
such a renowned chef

is here in the hotel.
It just feels like kismet.

Why's that?
I'd love to pitch him

a collaboration
with the Marbella

now that it's mine,
mine, all mine. Yay.

Do you think you
could introduce us?

Oh, uh...

uh, yeah, yeah. Sure.

RAFAEL: It just felt
weird for her to ask me

for my help like that
with no acknowledgement.

I mean, this hotel
used to be mine.

His, his, all his.

I get it, but do you want to go

back to the
hotel life?

Back to whiskey and investors
and... tight shirts?

I can't imagine that shirt

getting any tighter.
I mean, of course.


The Marbella was my hotel.

I put so much into it.

It-it meant everything to me.

Then I think you should talk

to Petra about
how you feel.

Yeah. Okay. I will.

Love you. (exhales) Love you, too.
Okay, bye.

Okay. The groom is good.

Sorry. Let's talk dresses.

What were you thinking?

Well, this is my second wedding,

so I wanted to go a little more
nontraditional this time.

But not too nontraditional.
I don't want to scare my abuela.

I was thinking I could wear

a mermaid-inspired dress
since that's what I was wearing

the first time Raf and I
saw each other at the Marbella.

Wow. You really like that idea?
(teary): No.

Honestly, I think
it's really cheesy.


So, uh, what's going on?

Danny and I are having trouble

so I wanted to ask you if
I could have one of your eggs.

Wow. That didn't go over easy.

Where were we?

I didn't even know you two
were trying to have a baby.

Ah, yes.

Lina was looking
to poach Jane's eggs.

We have been for a while.

And I totally thought Danny
was shooting blanks, and...

but he was tested, and his
junk's spunky as hell.

I'm the problem.

Something's not working.

Anyway, turns out
I could've been

way sluttier
in high school.


I am so sorry, Lina.

Are you okay?

Yeah, totally.

I just don't want
some rando anonymous donor.

And I-I'd ask one of my sisters,
but you know them.

They're kind of bitchy
party animals, and...

you're so good and smart
and not bitchy.

And... I want my kid
to be like you.

So, will you consider it?

Of course I'll consider it.

I-I'm... I'm flattered
you'd even ask.


It's just, um,

a big decision, so...

I should talk to Raf about it.

You okay?

You've been quiet
since you got here.

I'm fine. I just have
to talk to you about something.

A big something or
a little something?

I'll tell you later.
XIOMARA: Tell what?

ROGELIO: Yes, tell
everyone, Jane.

Dad, is that Instagram live?

I have an incredibly
active online following,

so I decided to give them an
all-access pass into my life,

including a seat at our
family dinner table.

In return, they will
flood the Internet

with ♪ThislsMars
to build up some buzz.

Right, uh,
TowelTuesday349 from Phoenix

who just sent me
an eggplant emoji.

How long are you doing this?
Until we get picked up.

It's like a hunger strike,
but less sad.

Well, do it
somewhere else.

Jane's gonna tell us
something important.

I wasn't, actually.
Go, Rogelio!

I'll fill you all in
later. Don't worry.

Oh, yes, MattyMatt2828,
my wife does wear the pants,

but remember... I wear the tail!

♪ ThislsMars!

So, what were you gonna tell us?

Lina is struggling
to have a baby, and she asked

if I can give her
one of my eggs.

Oh. Wow.

That's touching
that she asked you.

I don't think
you should do it.

Thank God
you said it.

Wait, why?

Because we know you, Jane.

Think about
when you were pregnant

and planning
to give up the baby.

It was really hard
for you to let go.

But this is different.
I'm not gonna be pregnant.

I'm just gonna be donating one
of my eggs to my best friend.


You're donating your
biological child

to your best
friend to raise.

I mean, the baby
will technically

be Mateo's brother
or sister, right?

And are you uncomfortable
with that?

I'll support you no matter what.

It's your body,

it's your choice.

But I'm just
worried that...

it'll be harder than you think
for you to let go.

"Let go of...?"
Dad, stop.

I'm sorry,
my followers

crave content,
and they were not enjoying

the tour of Alba's bedroom.


LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Which brings us to...
There you are.

So, I was thinking,

you know what the perfect
stress reliever might be?


A series pickup.

No, besides that.

No, I do not.

But everyone should message
me what they think it is.

And don't forget to add
♪ RoOnMars, ♪ThislsMars,

♪ ThisWontBeMars

(clicks tongue Rogelio, not
in front of an audience.

Turn that thing off.
No, I can't.

I promised them nonstop coverage
until we get a pickup.

And I cannot disappoint
my ♪Rogelifans.

Well, I can.

No. No.

Enjoy nature. Track the storm.

(sensual music playing)

And you...

enjoy this view.

(exhales, laughs)

That was great.

Think you'll be able to sleep?


It's hard to relax
when your dream's

just out there, you know?

Up to someone else.

Yeah, I get it.

I'm worried, too, about getting
into nursing school.

I know.

That's another thing
that's stressing me out.

I talked about it a few hours
ago on my livestream.

But talking
doesn't change anything.

The truth is,
it's out of our hands.

You have to let it go.

I know. I'm trying.


I think your heart's off-rhythm.

Well, that's ridiculous.
I have impeccable rhythm.

And we just had a round
of incredible lovemaking.

I don't know.
Maybe we should go to a doctor.

Xiomara, you sent Alba
to the doctor

for her mole fat,
and it was nothing.

You're letting all of that
medical reading get to you.

I'm a little worried,

because you look like that
dragon girl from that nerd show.

Yeah, it's a bit much.

Maybe we can try another style?

Less Khaleesi?

Do you have a book
or something?

Please and thank you.


So, what did Raf say?

He's supportive, but
he was also worried

that I wouldn't be able
to let go...

which I obviously would have to.

So I guess I just
have some questions.

Of course. Yeah. Ask me anything.

What would I be to this child?

Um, the favorite aunt?

I mean, you'd have very little
competition from my sisters.

(chuckles softly)

And what about Mateo?

Uh, would they be,
like, cousins?

Cousins sounds great.
Yes. Great.

And, um,

would we tell the baby
how he or she was conceived?

Oh, um, I don't know.

We'd have to.


Uh, w-we'd figure that out.

I think as soon as he
or she could understand.


But that would be
my decision.

Because I'd be the mom.

And this would be,
like, the kind of thing

that you'd let go of, right?

Can you talk for a minute?

I don't want this
to affect our relationship,

but I have been thinking
a lot about the hotel, and...

Yesterday was weird, right?

The whole Ludo thing?

I've been thinking
about it, too.


Yeah. I mean,

this was your hotel,
and so for me to ask you

for advice
just feels somehow wrong.


I had an idea.

A way for both of us to benefit.

I want to offer you a job.

And a percentage of everything
we'd build together

going forward.

When did you do all this?

Had everything brought up
from storage last night.

♪ ♪

I think we could do
great things together,

starting with
the Chef Ludo collaboration.

You know, I bet he'd really
respond to the idea

of a branded restaurant
in the Marbella.

Or a pop-up.

Given how trendy
pop-ups are,

what if we translated that
to the hotel space?

Well, he's done pop-ups. Still,
it's certainly more exciting

than a branded restaurant.

We'd do a rotation,

a new hot chef every month
with Ludo supervising.

Ooh, I want that calendar.

Could be great.

So, does that mean you're in?

So I said yes. I'll keep
my real estate job for now,

but I'm excited
to get back to it.

Oh, I'm so happy for you.


I'm happy, too.
But I got to dive in.

Ludo's only here

two more days,

so can we reschedule

our appointment
with the minister?

Oh, no. Really?

I'm sorry.

No, it's fine.

I'll beg him to switch.

As long as you promise
to fill out

the list of questions he sent
to get to know us better.

Wow, a list.

No wonder you wanted this guy.

On it.

How'd it go with Lina?

Uh, it was, uh, complicated.

I might just say no
and blame it on you.

Don't you dare.
I am scared of Lina.

Ooh. I see Mateo.

Good luck with your meeting.
WOMAN: Jane.

Hey, congratulations.


Congratulations, Jane.
We're all so happy for you.

Happy for me because...?

Mateo told everyone that
you're expecting a baby.

Mazel tov.



Ugh. Sorry I'm late.

You won't believe what happened.

What? Uh, Dad, I really don't
want to be on camera right now.

Anything you can say to me,
you can say to my fans.

They want to be part of
your wedding planning so badly.

Just give me a minute
to make a call.

You got it. No problem.

Stop. Stay there.

All seven million of you.

9.4 million and rising.

(dance music plays over phone)
Raf? Where are you?

Change of plans.

I'm at a bar
with Ludo and Petra.

I won't be home until late.
I'm so sorry.

It's just been crazy.
He wants to set up a meeting!

And he wants to drink... a lot.

Oh, okay, well, uh, I was gonna
tell you when you got home,

but Mateo thinks
we're having a baby.

Oh, I love you, too, baby.

Uh, uh, never mind.
See you tonight.


So, yes, while This Is Mars
is the most important project

of my career,
my daughter's happiness

is the most important
project of my life.

Speaking of,
where's our groom?

Oh, he's gonna miss
this wedding meeting

because he's at happy
hour with a new client.

Wow. Day drinking?

Is he turning back
into the old Rafael?

No, definitely not.

To catch you up,
her fiancé Rafael

has quite a history.
Look him up.

Okay, let's talk color schemes.

Why isn't Daddy home yet?

He's working late tonight.
You'll see him in the morning.

So, hey,

I wanted to ask
you something.

How come you told your class
I'm having a baby?

I heard you and Daddy talking

about a brother
or sister for me.

The baby will
technically be Mateo's

brother or sister, right?

Oh, honey,
I'm not having a baby.

What Daddy meant
was I may be helping

Lina have one.

What do you mean?

Hmm. Remember how we talked

about how you came
from a little egg?

Well, Lina's little
eggs aren't working,

so she asked
if she can borrow one of mine

so that she can
have a baby

to love and take care of.

Will we ever get to see it?

But not a lot, because it'll be
Lina and Danny's child,

and they live
in New York.

But it would be your baby.

Biologically, but not actually.

I'm confused.
You know what?

Me, too. (chuckles)

Which is why I haven't decided
if I'm going to do it.

Because it's
a really big decision.

Don't worry, Mommy.

You'll decide right.
You always do.


Pink means pregnant.

But I've never had sex.

It's not a stupid milkshake.

It's a baby,

and I'm gonna
get attached to it.

(gasps) Can't breathe.

Oh, sorry.

What are you thinking?

Uh, not for me.

Or me. Barf.

Are you sure?

You don't want to walk around,
get a feel for it?

Wait, why? You like it?

Oh, no, girl. I hate it.

But my fingers
are cramped from doing

all those buttons,
so I need a little break

before I undo them.

Fair enough.

So, have you thought more
about how you'd feel

on the whole letting go front?


And I want to be able to,

but I have some
more questions.

Okay. Ask them.

What will you do with
any extra embryos?

I'm not sure.

I-I guess we have to see
how it goes.

Well, uh, how many are
you planning to implant?

I don't know yet.

So you might do multiples?

I haven't thought
about all those specifics yet.

You're gonna have to think
about these things.

I will.

Okay, uh, so who
would the baby go to

if you and Danny... died?

Like I said, these are...

Okay, you know what?
This is a mistake.

You clearly can't let go.

Of course I can't just
let go, because it's not

a milkshake, Lina;
it's a baby.

A milkshake?

I just mean that
it's a big deal.

You think I don't know that?

I have been trying
to get pregnant

for over a year,

with all the shots
and the hormones

and the millions
of doctors' appointments,

so I really don't
need you telling me

that I'm a bad mother
before I even start.


Lina, I am so sorry.

I didn't mean to
make you feel worse.

It just hurts
that you clearly think

I'm not taking
this whole thing seriously.

It makes me feel
like a bad mom,

which I already feel like
because I can't get pregnant.

Like even God doesn't
think I'm cut out for it.

Okay, you are not
going to be a bad mom.

I don't think that, and God
definitely doesn't think that.

If that was his criteria
for handing out babies,

all your sisters
would be barren.


What about all
your questions before?

You wouldn't have asked
anyone else all that stuff.

That's true,

because I wouldn't consider
doing it for anyone else.

Only you.

What can I say? I am touched

that you Rogeli-superfans

have been with me for two days,

three hours and six minutes.

Unfortunately, still nothing
from the studio on my pilot,

but that's okay.

We soldier on, and we exfoliate,

and we moisturize.

And I want you to know
from the bottom of my heart...


My heart.

Rogeli-fans, send help!

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Friends, we last
left Rogelio clutching his chest.

Thank God you didn't
have a heart attack.

Agreed. Thank God.

Thank God, Dad. XIOMARA:
What are you wearing?

I ran out
when I heard.

I'm okay.

It was just a...


Lone atrial

an electrical problem
with the heart,

likely brought on
by stress.

Oh. But he had a procedure,
and he's gonna be fine.

Yeah, they shocked me
with some paddles,

and turns out I was holding
them wrong when I played

Dr. Ramon Sierra
in Doctores Enamorados.

I'm just so happy you're
all right. I was so scared.

I know. Me, too.

And I'm sorry I ruined
your wedding dress shopping...


I'm your father.

I want you guys to go.

I want you to go. Go now.


Oh, that feels like
a lifetime ago.

I can't believe you've only been
in my life for seven years.

You know, all the cells
in your body

regenerate every seven years,
so technically

you've known each other
your whole lives.

Aw. Look who's nerding out.

I really hope she gets
into nursing school.

Well, I need a lot more
lifetimes with you,

so you have to manage
your stress.

I will.

So, is this your wedding dress?

This? No. Ugh. I was trying
it on when I saw your video,

and I didn't have
time to take it off.

Oh, thank God,
because it's hideous.


I brought
your clothes,

but the bridal shop
made me give them

a credit card
for the dress.

Ugh, do I even want to know
how much I owe you?


Ah, well,

I'm either wearing this
to the wedding

or living in it.

Feels like the storm's
coming any minute, huh?

Yeah, it's felt that way
the past few days.

Maybe it'll pass.

So, listen...

I think I know why I freaked out
about telling the baby early

about the egg donation.

I know my dad so well now.

Um, sometimes I forget
it was such a-a trauma

when he came back and I realized
my mom had lied for so long.

Oh, my God. I kind of
forgot about that.


Me, too, actually.

So, anyway, uh...

that's why it's
really important to me

that the baby know the truth
from the beginning.

I get it.
And no problem.

If we do this,
we'll tell the baby

as soon as she's old
enough to understand.

Thank you.

And listen,
you're right.

This isn't an ice cream.



The point is, it's
a really big deal.

And I might
feel insecure,

but you deserve the answers
to any questions you have.

So pull out that list.

I don't have a...

Okay, timing.

Would you want to do it
before or after the wedding?

Up to you. Great. I'd
prefer to do it after.

Of course.

Uh, s-so are you getting
married soon or...?

Hopefully. Raf and I have
an appointment Okay.

With a minister in an hour
so that I can lock down a date.

Got it. Perfect.

Just curious. How many more
questions do you have?


Mm. Okay.

Let's do this.

Which brings us here. Now.

Raf, are you almost here?

I am so sorry,
but I'm not gonna make

the meeting with the minister.

The meeting that starts
in one minute?

I know, I feel terrible,

but we're down to the wire
with prep for our Ludo meeting.

I already rescheduled once.
There's no way you can get here?

I'm sorry.

But I trust your judgment,

and if you like him,
we'll book him.

Okay, I'll handle it.

Did you e-mail me
your questionnaire?

(sighs) I didn't get to it.

It's fine. I'll deal
with wedding stuff.

Good luck on your meeting.


Uh, will your fiancé
be joining us?

Actually, uh, Raf got tied up
in a last-minute work thing.

He's really sorry
he couldn't be here.

No worries.
Life happens.

I'm sure I will learn a lot
from his questionnaire.

Right. Actually, Raf didn't have
a chance to finish his.

It's just a-a really busy time
at work for him right now.

He's actually got two jobs.
I understand.

But it's important that you two
are on the same page

when it comes
to your priorities.

Of course, 100%.
Don't worry,

Raf and I are totally in sync
regarding priorities.

Then again, he's not here,

and he didn't
do the work.

It might be prudent
to have a conversation

about Rafael's commitment
to your family,

if you want me to marry you.

(thunder rumbling) LATIN

Are storm clouds gathering?

Nope. False alarm.

Just more thunder.

Maybe the storm won't come.

Trust me, it will.

to sum things up,

we'd have a different chef
every month,

and you would supervise
their menus.

This may be
a kids' hotel,

but those kids have
parents with good taste.

And deep pockets.

So, what do you think?

I don't know,
it just feels... passé.

means something different in French.

You know, boring,
played out, stale.

Guess not.

I feel I've already
done the pop-up thing.

Uh, wh-what if we
explored the idea

of an exclusive
branded partnership?

Yeah. What my colleague
is trying to say is,

we know you've
done pop-ups before,

but this would be

a unique opportunity
to do that

with your branding
inside a hotel.

And, of course, I'd give you
a percentage of the revenue

whenever guest
chefs came through.

Okay, keep talking.

What the hell were you thinking?

What was I thinking?

You totally undermined me.
We discussed this.

You had no right
to bring your idea

into the conversation
without my permission.

Your permission? If I'm
gonna help you with this,

then I need to have a voice.
You do have a voice.

One that I can overrule
since it's my hotel.

Your hotel? Seriously?
Yes, seriously.

After my sister took my shares
and you somehow got them back

all for yourself?
Oh, please.

You wouldn't have been able
to open up so much

as a food truck if it wasn't
for your rich daddy.

When I got the Marbella, it was
in shambles, saddled in debt.

You basically ran it
into the ground.

I was the one who did
all the hard work

to turn the Marbella
into something great,

so I really don't need
your advice.

If that's how you feel,

then maybe we shouldn't
work together.

There's the door.

Friends, Jane finally had

answers to all her questions.

Except, you know,
the really big one.

What do you think, Faith?

If I give Lina the egg,
can I let go?

Wow. Uh, Lina,
you guys are...

Matching. Cute, right?

Spiked heels
elongate the calves.

Work it, girl.

No, stop.
Don't work it.



How'd it go?
Uh, not great.

Petra and I got into it
over some hotel stuff.

I'm sorry again
for missing the meeting.

How was the minister?

Oh, uh... Reverend Fairdale
didn't think

he was the right fit for us,
but it's fine.

There are plenty of other
officiants in the sea, right?

Is it because I wasn't there?

Of course not. It was just
a personality thing.

It's fine. I promise.

I'm gonna get some sleep.
I'm beat.

I love your eggs, Mommy.
I want more.

everyone wants Jane's eggs these days.

But not the Lina eggs;
the scrambled ones.

(Jane and Rafael laugh)

Yeah, I got that.

Here you go, kiddo.

And remember, when
you get to school,

you need to let everyone
know you made a mistake

and Mommy isn't pregnant.

I'll remember.

But, did you decide
if you're gonna do

the egg thing for Lina?

I'm still thinking about it.

Because it's so complicated.

Why do you even want
to do it, then?

Because I love Auntie Lina
so much.

And it would be
a gift to help her.

And you were such
an unexpected gift for me.

I want to pass that on.

Because you have to
go the extra mile

for the people you love.

Even if it's hard.

And no matter what
Lina's answers

to those questions are...

I know you'll raise your
kid with so much love,

and that's
what matters.

So, yes, I'll
give you my eggs.


Thanks so, so much.

But, actually,
I don't want them.

What? Why not?

No, they're really
great eggs.

I mean, I-I
got pregnant

literally the first time
sperm even touched one.

And I really think
that I can let go.

Yeah, but I don't know if I can.

Look, you are this
amazing person and mother,

and I was talking to Danny,
and I realize

I'm just so extra sensitive
to your judgment

because I look up
to you so much.

Every time I make
a bad decision, I see your face.

Can you imagine how much worse
it would be seeing it

stare up at me out of a
five-year-old's body? (chuckles)

I mean, I can.

Bad Mommy!

I'll just ask one
of my sisters.

I can handle their bitchiness.

I just don't want
to complicate our friendship.

It's too important to me.

To me, too.

But if you change your mind,

know I would do it.

And all of your questions
did get me thinking.

Danny and I

would like it if you
were the baby's guardian

if anything happened to us.

(voice breaking):
Of course. I'd be honored.


(chuckles) Okay, okay.
Enough crying.

Okay. (chuckles)

I have something for you.

Oh, my God, did you draw this?

A-And you don't have to wear it.

But if you like it,
I can use that ugly button dress

that you had to buy
as a foundation.

This is my wedding dress.

It's perfect.

I'm sending my mom a
picture of it right now.

Oh. S-Sorry. One sec.

Hey, listen, I know you said
it wasn't my fault

that the reverend won't
marry us, but it obviously is.

And, like you said,
sometimes you have to go

the extra mile
for people that you love.

So... I am heading over
to the church right now

to get him back.

What? What's wrong?

Hey there. Thanks for giving me
a minute. I'm Rafael Solano.

I'm Jane Villanueva's fiancé.

I just wanted to bring
you my questionnaire.

It's a little late.
I know.

And-and I know
how it must have looked

when I didn't show up
for the appointment,

and so I understand
why you turned us down,

but I just really want...
JANE: Can we, uh...

talk outside for a second?
What are you doing here?

I didn't turn you down because
you missed the appointment.

Your fiancée here
went off on me.

It might be prudent
to have a conversation

about Rafael's commitment
to your family,

if you want me to marry you.

Are you serious?
Excuse me?

You have no idea
what that man's overcome

and sacrificed
for our relationship,

so don't you dare
question his commitment.

I mean, you can't even commit
to a religion. (chuckles)

What the heck
is Unitarian anyway?

Wow! Ha!

We're just gonna go.

Well, thank you
for sticking up for me.

Are you kidding me? After
everything you've gone through.

(chuckles) I won't have anyone
doubting your commitment

to me or our family.

No one can be there
all the time, for everything.

You're allowed to miss things
to chase your dreams.

Thank you.


You're a pretty great person.

No wonder Lina wants your eggs.

Oh, turns out
she doesn't want them anymore.

Why not? You
have great eggs!

I know. That's what I said.

But it just feels
too complicated for her.

She's gonna ask
her sisters.

Well, that makes it easier.

Yeah. It really does.

But, man, all that

baby talk made me think
about our future baby

and how I can't wait for that.

So maybe we could talk about

a timeline for adoption?

Well, I've actually
also been thinking about that.

And I realized that I...

I definitely don't want
more kids.

(thunder crashes)

And... there's our storm.

(rain pattering,
thunder rumbling)

You don't want
more kids?

We talked. You said that
you were open to adoption.

I-I was open to it.

But all that Lina talk
just got me thinking.

And... I'm already
spread so thin

with work and three young
and complicated children.


my life just feels full.

Wow. Okay.

So, what do we do now?

What do you mean?

I told you...
there are no deal breakers.

We're getting married.

And if you don't want
more kids,

then we won't have them.

I'm sorry.

I wish I felt differently.

It's okay.

Uh, I mean,
I'm a little sad,

but I get it.


one of us may change
our mind someday.


Yeah. You might.


And, friends,

one of them eventually would.

I won't tell you who,
but you can probably guess.

See? Look how good
we are at communicating.

That Reverend Fairdale
is a big, dumb bozo.


(Fairdale clears throat)

Like you said,
probably not a great fit.



We can never go back to
this church! (chuckles)


I love you.

I love you, too,
but I'm soaked,

so can we get
in the car?

Yeah, sorry, sorry! Here.


Under the car!

Got 'em!

Uh, never mind!
Don't got 'em!



Quick, get in the car
before we get wet!

(door lock chirps)

(Jane chuckles)

What happened?

Despite spending an average of

94 minutes a day in the gym,
your father is sort of clumsy.

We, uh, weathered
a storm.

Welcome back from
the hospital, Papa!

Matelio! Your smiling face
warms my heart.

But this is
totally unnecessary.

I told you guys,

I'm fine.



Oh. Salud.

Many salud.

Many salud.


What's with the smirk?

It's not a smirk.

It's a smile.

I've got an idea.

About our officiant.

Yes, that's brilliant.


we would love it
if you would marry us.




I want to let all my Rogeli-fans
know that I am fine.

That last post
gave us all quite a scare,

but it was also
an important reminder

that life is short and precious.

(phone chimes)
More than a career

or fame, what truly keeps
my heart beating

is the people
I love.

Which is why I'm signing off

and letting this pilot thing go.

It's in the hands of God.

And the studio executives.


That was beautiful,

Thank you.

I didn't mean a word.

I want American superstardom
more than ever.

I know.

But, look, babe,

you have to find a way
to de-stress.

It's bad for your health.

And you have to listen to me,


I got into nursing school.


I just got the e-mail.

I'm so happy for you
that I actually do feel

a little calmer.

You're a liar.

but I love you,

and I'm so proud of you.

(laughs, whoops)

And from one happy couple

to another.

Okay. Officiant, check.

Sayonara, list one.

Only 14 more lists to go.

Mm, that's why
I'm marrying you.

Hot checklist pillow talk.

Ooh. (chuckles) (purrs, laughs)

I'm sorry.
I'm just excited. I'm...

finally coming together.

It is, except
one thing.

My best man isn't
speaking to me.

Because you overstepped.

Whatever happened in the past,
it is her hotel now.

Her baby.

You have to let go, too.

Rafael. Hi.

Listen, I was angry and...

No, I get why.

I overstepped.
And for this to work,

you have to
be the boss.

That's true. But, also,

look, I've just been on my own
for a while,

so it's hard
to let someone else in.

But I do want your ideas,
and I think

we could really do
great things together.

And that's what I want.

Me, too.

But, also,
our family's come a long way,

and I don't want to risk that.

Me, either. So...

if things get weird,

I will step away.

Sounds good.

Okay, I'll talk to you
in the morning, okay?

Yeah. Bye, Petra.



What the hell are
you doing in my car?!

I heard you got
your hotel back.

You need to help
your mother.

Oh, please. I'm-I'm not...

Think very carefully
before you speak, Petra.

I tell fortunes,
and I read yours.

And if you
do not help me,

something terrible...

(tires screech)