Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Chapter Forty-Five - full transcript

Jane is forced to make difficult choices when she learns that Michael was shot. Anezka pretends to be Petra while Rafael focuses on keeping Mateo safe. Rogelio tries to keep everything out ...

Finally! Welcome back.

Let's review, shall we?

This is Jane.

You'll recall she was
accidentally inseminated

by Rafael's sperm.

This is their baby, Mateo.

Adorable, right?

And this is Detective
Michael Cordero Jr.

And after a lot of back and forth

and back again, well,

Jane and Michael finally got married.

I pronounce you husband and wife.

And I may be biased,

but can I just say... Best wedding ever.

I mean, this is everything, right?

And it was thrown by ane's father,

international telenovela star

Rogelio de la Vega .

This is Jane's mother,

Xiomara and, man,

Rogelio loved her.

But alas,

he wanted kids, and she didn't,

and so they broke up.

And in a moment of weakness,

Xo slept with his nemesis, Esteban.

- And, well, this happened.
- I warned you.

I told you I bust out of condoms.

I know!

Straight out of a telenovela, right?

Well, imagine this.

Rafael also had twins with
his ex-wife, Petra.

Oh, this is Petra.

And this is Petra's twin sister, Anezka.

And, well...

this happened.

And poor Petra ended up...


And then Anezka moved in on Rafael.

I know, cray cray, right?

Even crazier?

This is Rafael's sister, Luisa.

She used to date Rose,
otherwise known as

the criminal Sin Rostro.

But now she was dating
Michael's partner,

Susanna, or she thought she was.

And, friends, this

is the hard part.

Jane and Michael were about to have sex.

- But then...
- Don't go anywhere.

- I won't.
- he ran into Susanna.

And suddenly realized...

You're the mole, you've been leading us

to Mutter this whole time

Why? Who are you working for?

Now, come on.

It's time to go.

Which, friends,

I'm afraid is where we left off.

For as long as anyone can remember,

Jane Gloriana Villanueva

believed in the epic love story.

You know, two people
destined for each other

overcoming obstacles

before finally finding their way

into one another's arms.

That's right, the stuff
of romance novels.

So her very first book reading...

well, it was a very big deal.

“And though she vowed she
would never love a soldier,

“even though she knew

“he was going to leave for Paris

“at the end of the month,

Noelle let herself fall.”

And our Jane...

well, she came prepared.

- What's that?
- A list.

So I don't forget a main point.

Now I'm happy to answer any questions.


I would like to know
why Noelle and Jean Luc

don't get together at the end.

Well, love doesn't always work out.

Yeah, in real life.

But this is a romance novel.

In a romance novel they
get a happily ever after.

Not happily until a
mortar shell explodes

just when Jean Luc's finally
coming home from the war.

All right, you made
your point, sit down.

Some romances don't end happily.

Think of Romeo and Juliet.

But that's one of
Shakespeare's tragedies.

Everyone knows in
tragedies they end up dead,

in comedies they end up happy,

and in romance novels
they end up together.

sometimes you need to subvert the ending

for the element of surprise.

Great, fine, but then don't call it

a romance novel, call it fiction.

I'm sorry,

she was really upset when
she finished the book.

But of course I was.

There are rules to the genre.

Go to the RWA website.


All over it,

it says you need an HEA.


I mean,

I was disappointed too.

I felt empty for days.

You know, she really might be too young

for this type of event.

I told you to keep it together.

It was spur of the moment.

You had a list.

Not so spur of the moment.

But, anyway, you...
you made some good points

about genre or whatever.

Well, I learned a lesson.

From now on, I'm reading

the ending of books first
so I can be prepared

for whatever happens.

Which actually raises

an interesting question...

How does knowing the end

affect the journey?


Because some of you know
how this is going to end.




Oh, my God, Michael!

Michael! Help!

Somebody help!

I should remind you that I did say

that Michael would love Jane

until his dying breath.

Okay, you're breathing.

Thank God.

Help! Somebody help please!


Stay with me, baby.

Stay with me please. Stay with me...

Which brings us here.



- Any updates?
- No.


Unfortunately, friends,

there was no way for
Jane to prepare for this.


Oh, I can't take this waiting.

It's torture.

He's gonna be okay, hon.

You don't know that.

Which is true

because she couldn't
skip ahead to the ending.

And we can't either.

So instead, let's flip back...

to earlier in our epic romance.


Oops, that's a little too far.

Ah, here we are.


You're seriously not gonna help at all?

The morning after Jane's 21st birthday

was somewhat less festive
than the night before.


For Xo at least.


We agreed that cleanup was
part of your punishment

for last night's behavior.


The cop wants to see me again tonight.


And I really booted on his shoes?


I swear,
it's like we already have private jokes.

I mean, they're all about you so far,
but still.


I just can't picture you with a cop.

I know, but, I'm telling you, Ma,

that kiss, it was...


Oh, my God.

Sam just pulled up.

- Sam?
- Yes, Sam!

I know what you're thinking,

- who the hell is Sam?
- Oh, my God, he's coming.

Am I too gross?

- Do I smell?
- Y-you're good, you're good.

Okay, but you're not,
so stay away from him.

Go on, open the door and
act like you haven't been

obsessively crushing
on him for two years.

17 months.

Well, hello, Sam.

Oh, hey.

Wanted to drop something off.

Is now an okay time?

Yeah, totally.

Actually, let's, um, sit outside.

So now might be a good time to mention

that Jane had been in a
love triangle once before.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it last night,

was trying to bang out
that Chaucer paper,

and then, before I knew it,
it was 2:00 in the morning.

- Oh. So not a big deal.
- No, I...

- I wanted to come.
- Of course,

you already know how this one ends.

But still,

the journey's worth it, trust me.


happy birthday.

Thank you.




That's where Bernadette went.

I know how you like to know the ending.

Yeah, you're gonna want to

back off that smile, just a little.

- Thank you, I can't wait to read it.
- Before tonight?

Maria Semple is doing a reading.
Come with me.

- Like a date?
- I'd love to.

Or is it not a date?

Like, um... like just the two of us?

I hope not, for Maria Semple's sake.


Not that funny.


I just meant, like,
did you want to pick me up,

- or should we just meet there?
- No.

I'll pick you up at 7:00.

And if you want to know
how it's gonna end,

I'm gonna try and kiss you.

You won't have to try that hard.

Oh, my God, Sam just asked me out!

- No!
- Yes, for tonight!

- What about the cop?
- What cop?



You'reu'ere for Michael Cordero?

I'm Dr. Lewis and I'm
part of the trauma team.

Right now he's in critical condition.

The bullet missed his heart,
but it transected

some major pulmonary vessels.

There's a lot of bleeding in his chest,
we're still trying

to stabilize him.

But is he, um...

will he be all right?

Honestly, we don't know yet.

You're his wife?

Yes, I am.


You should hold on to this.

You know,

if this were a romance novel,

right about now I'd need
to put the book down

and take a break.

Ah, yes, we were imagining

this was a romance novel.

Either way, here we are.

So sorry to bug you,
but the doctor just gave us an update,

and I think I was in shock,

and I didn't ask anything.

But now I'm prepared, so I was wondering

if I can talk to a doctor, any doctor?

It doesn't even have to
be one of your good ones.

Let me see if I can find someone.

Thank you so much.

Oh, Patricia, hi.


How is he?

Any update?



No, not since we talked.


We just have to have faith.

Well, I don't know about faith.

What we need is information.

Mrs. Cordero?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Um, this is Dr. Sterling.

He's familiar with Mr. Cordero's case.

I heard you have some questions.

Good. Yes.
I need to know what his condition is.


Go on. You have your list.

- No, it's fine.
- Friend who's a surgeon,

and he said to ask specifically...

I'm with Alba.

You need to have faith.

In fact, in many ways,

- this is a story about faith...
- I don't know.

Faith that the past will
have some connection

- to the present.
- It's only a little white lie.

No one gets hurt.
Michael will never know.



Welcome back, Abuela.

Hi, Ma.


This looks like a real gun!

Uh, champagne cork from
the big birthday bash.

Hi, Abuela.


So, Ma, ever since Jane turned 21,

she's been juggling men like crazy.

I met someone sweet last night,

and then Sam asked me out.


Less shocked.


17 months, people.

But, yes, I know.

Finally, the whole dance is over.

Okay, it was more like
a solo, but, still.

You know,
I stuck with him while he dated Kelly

and hung in through
the whole Julia fiasco.

And now, finally, finally...

I'm gonna be honest, friends.

She saw the HEA.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's
a beautiful story.

Hopefully we'll tell it at your wedding.

But just to keep your options open,

tell the other guy you're sick.


It's harmless.


Who are you gonna take dating
advice from, me or Abuela?

Sorry, Abuela.




Uh-uh. Less detail.


All right, now let's
skip ahead, shall we?

Oh, this is a really funny moment.

Oh, my God, that's the
funniest story I've ever heard!

Actually, sorry,
it's not relevant to the story.

Let's keep moving.

Okay, here we are, later that night.

- Have fun.
- I will.


I won't.

Thank you.

Uh, what'd I do?

I don't know. You weren't speeding.

License and registration.

Uh, sure.

What did he do?

Illegal U-turn.

Oh, wow, I'm sorry.

Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you

to step out of the vehicle.

- What?
- Excuse me?

- Ma'am, please.
- Uh, no, no.

- You don't have to do that.
- It's fine.

I know him.

I'll be right back.

- Okay. What's going on?
- That's what I'd like to know.

- Are you stalking me?
- No, I'm not stalking you.

I happened to be dropping by your house

to bring you some soup
'cause you said you were sick.

I made it myself.

It's an old family recipe.

Anyway, then you left your house,
clearly not sick,

and I happened to see
you get in the car,

which then engaged in
some illegal activity.

He made a U-turn on an empty street.

- An illegal U-turn.
- Hey, is everything okay back there?

Sir, please keep your
head inside the vehicle.

Anyway, here's your soup.

Thank you.

Have a good night.

Is there anything that I can do?


Just keep Mateo safe.

Of course.

There are cops all over the hotel;

they've assured me it's
completely secured.

Any leads?

I don't think so.

But they will figure out who did this.

Yeah. Bye.

So, unfortunately, the security footage

in that hallway was wiped out.


Speaks to pretty sophisticated shooter.

Or someone familiar
with the hotel systems.

You said you were here last night?




I was with my ex-wife, Petra.

To clarify,

he thought it was his ex-wife Petra.

In fact, it was...


Sorry, Mother, I
couldn't get to a phone.


Rafael didn't think I
should be alone last night.

He was being very... sweet.

Did you have sex with him?


You did.

Well... maybe.

Petra, your laugh...

You do not laugh like that.

You are not an idiot.

I need you to stay focused.

When did you freeze the chicken?

Let me help here,

because they're talking in code.


At 10:00.


So you have to get back
to baste the chicken

in six hours.


I know, I know. Don't worry.

But you know,

I was, I was thinking, Mother,

m-maybe we don't have to
do Rafael part of plan.

We are doing the side dish,

you hloupy osel.


Hold on, Mother.

Hi again, Mrs. Solano.

Just wanted to let you know

that Mr. Solano confirmed your alibi.

Oh. Good.

What did he say exactly?

That you were together.

Yeah, I know, but I-I mean,

did, did he seem happy about it or...

- Ma'am?
- Never mind.

Is that all?

No, actually.

We thought you could help us

take a look at some security footage.

See if anything looks unusual.

We need to review the
hour before the shooting.

An hour.

She can spare an hour.

From ten different cameras.


Wow, that's, uh...

Ten hours, you silly donkey.


Sorry, I just, uh,

I didn't realize it was
going to take so much time.

You know what?

I should really visit my sister

before I buckle in here.

Excuse me?

Oh, she's in the hospital.

A stroke.

- Oh.
- Triggered by a severe seizure.

And, uh, now she's unable to move.

It's called "locked-in syndrome."

- Jeez, that's terrible.
- I know.


this investigation is time-sensitive,

so we should look at the tapes first.

Oh, good.

Maybe the chicken will defrost.

Which brings us here,

to our poor, frozen chicken.

For company.

Reports indicate that the officer shot,

Michael Cordero,

was taken to St. Ignatius Hospital,

where he remains in critical condition.
The shooter...

Suddenly, Petra felt a tiny bit of hope,

knowing that Jane was probably
in this very same hospital.

If only she could move.

Or speak. Or twitch.

And I know we're all wishing
Detective Cordero well.

Now, onto sports...

He had a concussion

when he was seven.

Oh, oh, yeah, I left it blank.
I was gonna ask you.

Why don't I just do it?

Oh, I don't mind.

It has to be right; I
know more information.

Plus, it'll give me something to do.

And friends, that's when

Rogelio saw something
that terrified him.

Two civilians, 0800 hours,

clearly engaged in...


Hey, guys.

Oh, wow. Uh, yes.

It's me.

I-I understand you wanted a picture,

but I have to ask you
to treasure it privately

and not tweet it out.

Why not?

Well, it's a long story.

Here's the short version.

It all began

when international telenovela star

Rogelio de la Vega

retweeted an Amber Alert

that his grandchild was kidnapped.

Please. I'll do anything.


For reals?

For reals.

Okay, where were we?

Ah, yes. Waiting.

Still waiting.

I don't know how you can
eat at a time like this.

I just, uh...


Oh, don't be dramatic.

Just eat it.

Listen, we're all upset, okay?

Don't take it out on Jane.

- I'm not taking it out on Jane.
- Mom, it's fine.

Let's just go outsid for a minute.


I'm sorry, but she's
being so rude to you.

She's just scared.

And th... and this is how she copes.

- But...
- Mom. You're not helping.

Just... take a little walk

and cool off, okay, please?

So this is my fault?

Kind of.

You told me to lie.

Oh, stop.

Sam will get over it

if he's your happily
ever after or whatever.


What? I don't know.

It was a weird date.

And I don't know if it was weird

because there was 17 months of buildup,

or because of that cop
and his stupid soup.



- You like the cop.
- No.

No, I don't.


I mean, he's kind of stalkerish, right?

And his choices in music are way off.

And he's a cat person.

His profile picture is him with his cat.

Weird, right?

You are on his Facebook page.

I know.

It's just... this
stupid soup is so good.

Fakes left. He goes right!


Game over! An unprecedented third

consecutive trash ball championship!

- Oh, you got so lucky.
- Lucky?

Three championships is
not lucky, my friend.

- Whoop.. oh!
- Michael...


- Three championships.
- Yeah. Four,

and I get to wear a
crown around the station.

Apology cubano.

I didn't make it, but still...

I obviously didn't have a cold,

and I shouldn't have lied about it.

But I was wondering if we can go back

to the other night.

I-I mean, not when I shot your gun,

but... how we felt when we kissed.

You kissed while on duty?

- No.
- It wasn't until hours later.

You were at her house for hours?

My office, Cordero.

I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to get you in trouble.

No, it's fine, I just obviously

didn't put the kiss in the report.

Might have spiced up the report.

So, before we were interrupted,

you were saying something about

- trying this again.
- I would like that.

Me, too.

And no more lies. Total honesty.


Which is why I want you to know

that I'm also going to be

exploring my relationship with Sam.


The guy that you pulled over.

It's just, I've been in
love with him for 17 months.

I mean, not in love
with him, just, like,

super into him, and he
finally asked me out.

You gotta be kidding me.

I'm just trying to be honest.

Okay, let me be honest.
I'm not interested

in being in a love
triangle with you and Sam.

It's not a love triangle.
I hardly know you.

Exactly. I don't even
know if I like you.

Well, then, why did you bring me soup?

I don't know. I wish I didn't.

You know what? Have a nice life

with Sam, the lawbreaker.

Well, you have a good
life with your cat!

How do you know about my cat?

- Your profile picture, weirdo.
- That's 'cause she just died.

Thanks for bringing that up, jackass!

Okay, sorry about your cat,

but you don't have to call me a jackass,

And, friends, in that moment,

Jane truly thought she'd
never see Michael again.

Dr. Davis, telephone, please.

Which is obviously not what happened.

Okay, so, here we are.

So close...

Hey, again, just checking your vitals.

Everything looks the same.

But... here's a call
button just in case.

and yet so far.

At least for two hours and 23 minutes.

If I might say,
you seem a little nervous, ma'am.

Well, she did have a ticking cluck.

No, not nervous.

I just need to use the restroom.

I'll be right back.

Heard they found a trail of
white powder in the hallway.

They're running tests.

Yep. You know, if it's cocaine,

this could be some kind of drug thing.

Uh-oh, friends, I believe Anezka,

like her sister, is locked in.

Hmm. That's suspicious.

Come on!

Also rather suspicious...

Hey. Oh, yeah.


Sorry. You scared me.

I'm just getting some air.

Yeah, me, too.

- Rogelio.
- What?

Let me get a sip of your coffee.

No. No, no!

No, no. Wh...

Is that urine?



I made a deal to give my pee

to two tweakers so they
could pass a drug test.

In exchange,
they agreed not to tweet pictures

of me at the hospital.

- I'm pretty sure that's illegal.
- I don't care.

A tweet from me almost
ruined Jane's life last year.

I'm not going to let that happen again.

I have to do something for her.

And for Michael.

Oh, Ro...

Sorry... sorry...

it's... it's just...

you know how I always
say he's my best friend?

Well, I mean it.

So, you got it?

I just need a little
more time to hydrate.

Please. I promise,
you'll get what you need.

20 minutes.

I'll do it.

I want to help, too.

So I'll pee in a damn cup.

Great. Perfect.

And that's when she remembered

she'd recently peed on a damn stick.

Actually, forget it, um...

I'm a woman, so...

- They can't tell gender.
- Yes, they can.

- No, they can't.
- Yes, they can.

- They can't.
- Sometimes they can!

Like... when you're
pregnant, for instance.


It's Esteban's.



Hey. I'm sorry about my mom.

Well, hopefully she
got ahold of herself.


So the good news is
that he's stabilized.


We were able to get him into imaging,

and the CT scan showed that
he had an aortic dissection,

which we can manage medically.

- Okay, good.
- That's good.

But the problem is

the bullet passed
through the chest cavity,

and landed near his spine.

Right now there is
considerable swelling.

W-What does that mean?

Well, there are two options.

Neither's perfect.

We can take a wait-and-see approach,

treat him with steroids,
see if it works.

But if it doesn't,
he risks loss of function.

Possibly from the waist down.

Or we could try to operate,

to clear the bone fragments
and relieve the pressure

on his spinal cord.

This offers slightly better
odds on the paralysis front,

but he's in critical condition,

and surgery comes with real risks.

Then no, we're not doing it.

You can cake some time to discuss it.

I'm sure.

You're his wife, so, technically,

it's your decision.

I-I'd like a few minutes
to think about it.

You want to risk his
life, after all this?

I-I don't know,
I thought that we should talk.

I... need to talk to his father.

I know he's close and I'm pretty sure

he'll agree with me.


I think...

that this wasn't supposed to happen.

We talked about who
would take out the trash

and when we would have another baby,

not what I should do
of there was a bullet

near his spine.

I don't know what the right answer is.






And, friends,

that's when Jane remembered this moment.

Which, of course, is where we left off.

What are you doing here?

Well, firstly,

I wanted to apologize

for calling you a jackass.

And I thought about it,

and who cares about Sam?

Sam can come on our
dates if you want him to.

Michael, stop.

It's fine. Just go.


We had one good night, and I was wasted.

And our sober interactions
have been pretty terrible.

If you really mean that...

If you really want me to walk away...

Say the words... I will.

Walk away.


What are you doing?

We had something.

That kiss was magic.

There's that word again.

The magic of tequila.

Let me kiss you again. Sober.

Why won't you give up?

Because I'm a fighter.

You should know that about me.

I'm a fighter.

He'd want the surgery.

Yes, that's what his father said, too.

I'm just so scared.

Me, too.

So you just have a few minutes
while the O.R.'s being prepped.


So you're about to have surgery.

But I'm not gonna say good-bye,

because this is not
the end of our story.

Do you hear me, Michael?

You're gonna wake up,
and you're gonna be okay.

And we're gonna move into our new house.

And we're gonna live
there until we outgrow it.

Because I'll be pregnant...

with our third kid,

because we landed on
three the other night...

Three kids total.

Which will seem overwhelming,

but Mateo's such a big help.

Oh, and we're gonna go to the mountains.

We're gonna take 'em to the mountains

because we always wanted
to be in the snow.

And then we'll go every year.

And-And that trip will
become a tradition.

We're huge on family
traditions, by the way.

Christmas, Easter,

Sunday night family dinners.

And even when the kids move out
and have families of their own,

they'll always come back
for Sunday night dinners.


Partly because they want to see us,

but partly because you're
such a great griller.

You're a really

great griller, Michael.

And we're gonna be that old couple

that sit on the front porch.

Reminiscing, arguing over details.

I thought it was a broken taillight.

No, it was an illegal U-turn.

And we'll get a stupid cat,

'cause, yes,

you convinced me to get one.

And we're gonna be happy, Michael.

We're gonna be happy.

Okay, it's time.


We wanted to come.

For support.

At this moment, I should mention

that Michael and Petra's
fates are linked.


I just don't understand.

You know these doors lock automatically.

Yeah, well, uh...

At least, Petra knew.

I'm upset.

And I, I know

Michael was shot and everyone's scared.

But my sister had a stroke.

And now she's lying there
in some hospital bed

all by herself and she must be so scared

and I just want to see her.

I need to see her.

Of course you do.

I'm sorry.

With everything going on

with Michael, I, I...

Look, just,
I'll look through the security footage.

Let her go to the hospital.

I don't know.

She's been acting pretty suspicious.

Well, you know she was
with me last night.

So she's not a suspect.

Unless you want me to
get my lawyers involved?


Petra, go! Move!

No update.

Cordero's still in surgery.

- So, you can go now.
- No problem

for me to stay with you, ma'am.

Hello, Anezka.

Can I have half?


The surgery went well.

We got the bullet fragments

and he's already showing signs

of movement in his lower body.

Cordero's out of surgery.

Doing good.

Copy that. Great news.

I did say their fates were linked.

You're okay?

You're really okay.

Wait, who are you?

No! Not amnesia!

I'm just kidding.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God, I hate you!

I love you, I love you.

I love you so much.


- So?
- Mm-hmm?

What's this about you

promising me a cat if I woke up?

- You heard?
- Nah.

The nurse told me.

But I'm psyched.

- Yeah, you're not really getting one.
- What?

You're gonna go back
on a deathbed promise?

Come on!

- Are you serious?
- Yeah, definitely.

I want my cat.

Faith M. Whiskers... III.

Remember, I did say

this was a story about Faith.

Actually, screw the rules.

Let's jump ahead for real this time.

You got to see this cat.

- _
- She's so freakin' adorable.

We'll talk about it later.

There's nothing to talk about.
I'm getting my cat.

Ah, if this were only a romance novel.

We could end here

and they'd get their HEA.

But, alas, this isn't a romance novel.

So, listen, I don't want to interrupt,

but we should really
talk now that you're up,

in case you remember
anything about the shooting.


I remember everything.

It's a telenovela, remember?

It was my partner.

Susanna Barnett.

And we're right smack in the middle.

And I just think if I
move my sister here,

then I-I'll be able to...

Keep her paralyzed?

Take care of her.

Talk to her so she won't be so lonely.

That sounds like a great idea.

Thank you.

Well, for everything.

Without you, I would've...

broken down.


Last night.

Yeah, um, I actually wanted

to talk to you about last night.

You don't regret it, do you?


Because I always wondered if,

uh, you know, that thing that we had,

if it was still there.

You know?

And it just wasn't.


I'm sorry.

I just, I want to be honest.

You've told me to be honest.

But things just felt different.

Because it wasn't Petra!

So I'm glad that it happened.

Because now we can move
on to being friends.

Because romantically,

I just don't want to go there again.

Forget what I say earlier, Mother.

Rafael part of plan is on, too.

Yeah, no, right...

Well, that's what I mean.

Let's fry the onion rings.

Ooh, I don't like the sound of that.

Hey, thanks again, Erik.

Or that.

I'm sorry, what did you call me?

You're Erik Estrada, right?

Yeah, from CHiPs.

You thought I was Erik Estrada?

That guy's, like, 100.

Oh, my God!

- Dude, calm down.
- I will not calm down!

There are, like, cops everywhere, man.


You should be arrested.

I gave you guys my urine!

And then you make this egregious
racial and generational


I hope you rot in jail.

Did I hear something
about a urine exchange?


Thank you for your help.

A day like this,

it just puts things in perspective.

So I wanted to say

on the other note,

that, of course, I'll stand by you

- and the baby.
- Rogelio.


I'm not having the baby.

I didn't want to have a baby with you,

who I love so much.

I'm not having a baby with Esteban.

Well, that's your choice.

Either way, I'm here, okay?

Thank you.

I appreciate that.


Ready to go?

Yes, sir.

I'll see you at the station in an hour.

You better not be back to work tomorrow,

We'll see.

I don't want him to go back at all.

Me, neither.

But that's a problem for the future.

And we're not there, yet.

We're here.

So, tox came back.

It wasn't cocaine in the hallway.

It was actually powdered sugar.

Powdered sugar?

Like, from donuts?

A-Anyway, who cares?

It means it was a dead end.

Unless you know a murderous,
powdered-donut-eating criminal.

You saved these from your
psychopath ex-girlfriend?!

Okay, first of all,
she's not a psychopath.

She's a sociopath.


I do know one.

Sin Rostro? But she's dead.

Or someone who was made
to look like her is dead.

You have to run a print on A2.

Where am I?

What's going on?

All in good time.

Just know...

we're going to get our
happily ever after.

I promise.