Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Chapter Thirty-Five - full transcript

Jane and Michael are back together, almost! Jane attempts to get Rafael and Michael to reconcile, but it doesn't go well. While Rafael is sulking over losing Jane, he is ignoring Petra and her pregnancy needs. Xo and Rogelio have broken up over the baby issue, but they are still acting like a couple, something Jane sees as a problem. Rogelio hires a new assistant, Paolo, who appears too good to be true.

Whassup, peeps? You'll recall
our favorite virgin mother

just heard this bombshell.

Rose is dead.

She can't ever hurt you or Mateo.

I couldn't jeopardize your safety again.

I had to push you away...
but it's over now.

Not as thrilled

about Sin Rostro's death...

Her former lover, Luisa,

AKA Rafael's sister... See, she'd stayed

- in contact with Rose...
- I'm an addict.

I was obsessed... I just
couldn't let her go.

- You should leave.
- And Rafael wasn't

the only one who was bothered

- by their relationship.
- I can't.

In Luisa's defense,
breakups are hard...

As Zo and Ro were learning.

I don't want to have any more kids.

And I know you want them.

Babies, man... they're no joke.

Which brings us to Petra.

You see, she inseminated herself

with Rafael's sperm because she thought

they were meant to be together

Crazy, right?

But he did say he'd be there.

Oh, and speaking of crazy,

all this crime stuff has
been bad for hotel business.

Can't blame honeymooners for
avoiding the Marbella, right?

And on the topic of honeymooners,

let's get back to our
love story, shall we?

When Jane Gloriana Villanueva

was exactly 24 years, eight
months and 17 days old,

she had the most romantic
night of her life.

Don't think... just tell
me, do you still love me?


- _
- It also happened to be last night.

- Yes?
- Yes.


♪ ♪

Does this mean we can be
Facebook friends again?


I can't believe you unfriended me.

I had to. I stalked your girlfriend.

- As for what happened next...
- That was not my girlfriend.

We work together. Your mom is crazy.


What about you? Did you date anyone?

Well, I...

Kinda. Yeah.

My professor.

Well, after exactly 216 days apart,

they had a lot to catch up on.

He's huge!

The professor?

Oh... Mateo.

It's giving me panic attacks.

He lost his baby face.

Well, pretty sure you're
looking at a baby right now.

And then I challenged McBaskets

- to a one-on-one.
- Final score?

- 56 to nothing.
- Ooh.

It was a lot closer than you think.

I almost scored a bunch of times.


I'm so sorry.

Yeah, it was awful.

I mean, N...

Nadine died trying to save me.

- I can't believe it.
- It's because I didn't trust her.

That's... what haunts me.

- I didn't trust her.
- Trust me, I was shocked.

And then when the green card came...

How much crying?

So much crying.

Come on,

conversation wasn't the only
thing they had to catch up on.

- _
- This doesn't feel real.

I know.

But it was.

Just the two of them, in
their own little bubble.

But we do need to talk about Rafael.


I have to apologize. That's all.

What happened when I punched him...

- I think about that every day.
- True, for the record.

And I think about how
angry I was, and why...

Rafael had gotten him fired.

And none of it matters. I was wrong.

So I just want to
apologize and start fresh.


But you gotta let me talk to him first.

And you should really get going.

- Are you kicking me out?
- No.

My mom and my grandma are
gonna wake up soon, and...

I just don't want to deal
with their opinions yet.

I think it might be a
little too late for that.

♪ ♪

That's it?


We talked. That's it.

Your mom is a liar.

Ma, don't say that to him!

Check me out.


- Ah...
- Wait for it.

It still fits.

I'm actually really excited

- to be picking up a few shifts.
- You're seriously trying

to talk to me about
waitressing right now?

What's going on! Are you
back together or not?


Thank you, Abuela.


ÿY tú, Abuela?

Look, as much as I want to
tell you how amazing it was...

So it was amazing.

I need to talk to Rafael first.

He and Michael...

I mean, they fought.

I need to make sure that
they can coexist for Mateo.

But don't worry,

I will be talking to him right away.


No, that's Rogelio.

I, um, invited him to breakfast.

To remind you: it's been exactly

12 hours and 41 minutes since
Xiomara and Rogelio broke up.

I told you, you don't have to knock.

You can just come in and
out like you did before.

Thank you. I just
wanted to be respectful.


- What?
- Nothing. I just don't think

we expected you guys
to be so comfortable

with each other after the breakup.

We decided to be mature about this.

Exactly. Like my good
friends Gwynnie and Chris,

- we have chosen to consciously uncouple.
- But we're not calling it that.

Oh, yes, we definitely are.


I might be on the board
of Goop, Alba, so yes,

I would say we're very good friends.

The point is, we're bypassing

all the negativity

and going straight to the friendship.

Exactly. You're still accompanying me

to the Tiago premiere, right?

Of course. I already RSVP'd to Paola.

I should check in on her, actually.


We want to get a hashtag
trending during the premiere.

Have I told you guys she
used to work for J. Lo?

- Sí.
- Yes. Yes. Like, a couple of times.

- Like, I remember, the last time you told me.
- Yeah. We heard.

- Was just this morning on the phone.
- Yeah. That's right.

Yep. You texted it

to me yesterday.

Anyway, what I love about her

is that she won't
reveal a single secret.

Which is... also what I hate about her.


And I have to go.

And I'm really impressed
by the way you two

are handling the breakup.


Rediscover the romance, and the magic,

at the Marbella.

It's a slice of heaven.

Or hell.

The Marbella Hotel.

You check in, but you never check out.

Okay, seriously? This
is now the first thing

that comes up when you Google us?

Yes! It has half a million hits.

I've made a call to our marketing people

and asked them to brainstorm
new ad campaign ideas.

You think that's necessary?

Only if you want to
continue having guests.

Yes, it's necessary! And
I want it done this week!

- Whoa. Why so soon?
- I don't know, Rafael.

You know, maybe just knowing
that two actual human beings

are about to blast out
of my body at any moment

- has give me a sense of urgency.
- Okay, first of all,

“blast” out of your body?

- Wow.
- Look, I just mean there's a lot

I want to get done before
then... I made a list.



This happened with Jane.

It's called nesting.

It's when an expectant
mother becomes obsessed

with planning out all the details.

Feathering her nest, so to speak.

- _
- In anticipation of the baby.

Are you serious with that crap?

- _
- Ask me what's on my list!

- What's on your list?
- Night nurse interviews, finalizing the nursery plans,

and making a new
non-throat-slashing commercial

for the Marbella!

Got it.

I'm on it.

All of it.

Thank you.

Our luxurious honeymoon
suites are to die for.

I can't believe it!


You just made my job a
thousand percent more fun.

Oh, it's nice to be back.

It's familiar, you know?

- It's, like, my old life...
- Yeah. So quick update.

Mm. We no longer hate Busboy Ben.

Uh-huh. Turns out he was
just in a bad relationship

that made him cranky, which I
found out after I slept with him.

- Oh. Okay, good to know.
- Mm-hmm. Anyway,

"now all of our hate is
reserved for “Vests”"

the world's worst boss.

Who's approaching.

Hey, Scott.


Uh, actually, I go by Mr.
Archuletta, now that I'm manager.

- Seriously?
- I told you. You might want

to shut it down, Lina...
Because we have a problem.

- I know you've been stealing liquor from the bar.
- What?!

I haven't stolen anything.
You were closing up last night

when the bottles went missing,
and you were clearly drunk.

Okay. I do not appreciate

being accused of a
crime I did not commit,

and I will use

every legal recourse

to fight these accusations,

and then I will file a counterclaim

against you and the hotel,
and then you'll find yourself

up to your eyeballs in legal bills!

I know it was you.

Just figuring out how to prove it.

Okay, someone's Good Wife
binge really paid off.

I know.

But, Jane... I didn't do it.

- So you weren't drinking at work.
- Oh, of course I was drinking at work.

But ever since they put in the
new rules, I bring my own booze.

Oh... I can't lose my job, Jane.

Busboy Ben will definitely go back
to his girlfriend if I'm not around.

Okay. Calm down.

We'll figure it out.

If you didn't do it, then
you're not losing your job.

I have to go to work.

No, you don't.

I do.

I feel okay.

Where's my jacket?

Oh. I got it.

Thank you. And thank you

for taking care of me last night.

To give some context...

It's been exactly 14
hours and 53 minutes

since Luisa's ex-lover
lay dead in front of her.



394 days since Luisa has had a drink.

♪ ♪

Well... until last night.

12 steps forward, one step back.

And now this step.

Jane, you'll recall, had
decided to tell Rafael

about Michael as soon as possible.

Shh, shh. Mateo's still sleeping.

Look what I got him for
his first swim lesson.

So cute, right?

Raf, I have to talk
to you about Michael.

Oh, wow. So not even a little lead up?

What about him?

Well, he didn't want to
be around me or the baby

while Rose was out there...

but now...

- What?
- Now...

she's gone and we're safe.

He still loves me.

And I still love him.



Come on, anyone but him.

I don't love anybody else.

- He punched me in the face.
- I know.

- In front of Mateo.
- And he feels bad.

- Oh, he feels bad?
- Okay, so what I mean is that he wants to apologize.

- He's different.
- And you turned him in. So that makes it okay?

- No, no, no. That's not what I'm saying.
- He's a bad guy.

No, he's not. Well,
he's bad for our family,

and I want nothing to do with him, okay?

- Are you serious?
- What?

Petra covered up for the
fact that her mom pushed

my grandmother down the
stairs, and I threw her

a freaking baby shower.
And now you're telling me

- you can't even have lunch with Michael?
- Fine.

Let's all have lunch.

Great! I look forward to it!

Spoiler alert:

I don't believe them.

So, he agreed to lunch, at least.

And I use the term “agreed” loosely.

He definitely wasn't happy about it.

Yeah, well, it'd be weird if he was.

- Yeah. That's true.
- It's gonna be hard, obviously.

- I have to apologize.
- Yeah.

Any thoughts on what you'd say?

- Huh?
- Because you can...

try it out on me.

- No.
- Michael.

Your toast at Mark's wedding?

Oh. Come on.

- What were your opening lines?
- Let that go.

Oh, yeah: “For the longest time,

“I thought Mark was
dating his sister.”

Who cuddles with their sister?

Let's talk about this later, okay?

- I love you.
- Yeah, I love you, too.

Anyone ever tell you you
got a goofy grin, Cordero?

Hey. What are you doing here?

You should be home in bed.

To remind you,

it had been 15 hours and 32 minutes

since Sin Rostro threatened her family.

We have to figure out where Mutter is,

how she got ahead of us
and how she killed Rose.

This is what we got so far.


I was sent here from Internal Affairs.

To investigate you.


I figured that one out.

A while ago.

I understand now...

how Rose got to you,

how she manipulated you.

I want to be with Michael.

With Michael. And he loves me.

- He loves me. I want to be with Michael.
- Rafael.

- Rafael!
- Sorry. Yes.

Yes? You like the synchronized swimmers.


For the commercial!

Like I was saying,

it's Old Hollywood glamour

with a touch of Miami magic.

We'd be selling the fantasy.

- Okay, what is going on with you?
- I'm sorry.

Jane just told me she's getting
back together with Michael,

and I...

I guess I'm still processing.

It should be noted
that Petra was feeling

many mixed emotions. On one hand...




On the other hand...



Meaning she really had
to get things checked off

her freaking list.

Okay. Well, are you done processing?

Can we move on with the commercial now?

- Yes. Of course.
- Also,

I'm scheduling night nurse appointments

for the day after tomorrow.


Beyond terrific.

It's incredible.

While we've been eating,

Paola secured the hologram of Selena

to do a one-night-only performance

at the Tiago premiere.



Well done, Paola.

It was nothing. Anyway,
we should get going,

Mr. de la Vega. You have to
be at the set in half an hour.

Oh, and you need to call
Antonio Banderas back.

He called me?

No. But you told me to
practice dropping names.

Oh, Paola, that was so convincing.

- Bien, Paola.
- Nice to meet

- you all.
- Nice to meet you.



Nothing. Just...

nice to see now that you're
single you're dating Dad.

Stop! You're being ridiculous.

We're just worried
about you, that's all.

And we want to make sure

that you're okay seeing
Rogelio this much.

I'm fine.

You have nothing to worry about.

Okay. Good. Just checking in.

Good-bye, sweet boy.

Thanks for putting him down.

I'm gonna be late tonight. I'm closing.


It's for a good cause.



Okay, in case you didn't
notice, we're on a stakeout.

The liquor thief is
never going to show up

- if he hears your loud snacking.
- Really?

It's the snacks that'll tip them off?

Not your extremely loud voice?

And we're not on a stakeout.
We're just very casually

and quietly closing the lounge.

You know, should the thief show up

- while we're doing it, then...
- Shh, shh, shh.

Come, come. Look.

Oh, no.


How's that adorable nephew

of mine?

What's going on?

You know, same old, same old.

With the alcohol.

I thought you were sober.


I was, and...


I've had a hell of a
tough week, Jane, and...

I messed up.

Actually, um...

I'm glad you caught me.

I don't want to do this.


just do me a favor. Um...

don't tell my brother. Let me tell him.

Who cares who tells him? What about me?

Our boss thinks Lina stole it.

Oh, no. I'm sorry. I'll fix it.

I can't fix it if you don't stay still.

I'm sorry, Paola. Mm-hmm.

You know, Paola, most men would
feel intimidated by a kilt,

but I have been fortunate enough

to be blessed with incredible legs.

Indeed, Mr. de la Vega.

So, was J. Lo a fan of Braveheart?

She seems like she would be.

You know, I'm not at liberty to say.

Okay. You're done.

Go get your Spanx on.


My lucky lavender briefs
are folded in half.

I always fold them in quarters.

Maybe the wardrobe department
came in here for some reason,

- no?
- We'll ask them immediately.

And then we should report this
incident to studio security.

Don't you think that's a bit extreme?

- Mm-mm.
- What's going on?

- What...
- Okay.

I'm telling you this only

because it's a matter of safety.

Something very similar happened

on Maid in Manhattan to you-know-who.

And it turned out to be a stalker.


Uh-oh. Remember this?

- _
- I told my pen pal Lola.

Lola is in prison, so it's not
like she's going to do anything

with my secrets. She won't
be out for another ten years.



J. Lo had a stalker?

Focus, Rogelio.

The point is we need to
take this very seriously.

Be careful.

Don't let him trap you in
an argument. And be prepared

- to do some groveling.
- Totally prepared to grovel.

And, of course, no touching,

no long loving looks, and
definitely no inside jokes.

Okay, so, impressions, goofy faces,

- off-limits.
- Yes. Like they always are.

- Okay.
- And the fact that I laugh at your goofy faces

means it's an inside joke,

so it's doubly off-limits.

So I shouldn't give him one of these?

- No. No.
- What about one of these?

No. Not that one either.

- No, don't you dare.
- Mateo?

- I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it.
- Don't do it. Please don't do it.

I have to.

I wanted to apologize. Sincerely.

Uh, it was a bad situation all around.

And now, with some
distance, I understand

how you must have felt. And as
for, you know, what happened,

me punching you,

I'm not asking you to
forgive me for that,

but I hope you can accept my apology.

Wow. Humble and sincere.

This was exactly the apology speech

Jane wanted Michael to give.

Which makes sense,
considering she wrote it.

I got it.

So, is there anything
else you want to say?

Sure. I don't like you,

I don't trust you, and I don't
want you anywhere near my son.

For the record, not what
she would have scripted.

- Look, I know that you're upset, I...
- Because you won't leave us alone.

- Rafael.
- You're like a cockroach... you just

- keep coming back where you don't belong.
- All right, you know what,

- just to be clear, I do belong here, because Jane chose me.
- Oh, really?

- Yes. That's what this is about, huh? You're jealous.
- She chose you?

- I'm jealous?

- Yeah.
- Okay, you know what,

we're done here.

Hi, there.

Sorry. Didn't see you.

No problem.

I'm meeting your mom to run some lines.

Are you okay?

Look, I want to tell
you what's happening,

but you have to promise
to stay calm, okay?

- Of course.
- I'm serious, Dad.

- No matter how excited you get.
- Say no more.

Luckily, I'm an actor,
blessed with the ability

to keep in total control of my emotions.

Go ahead.

Michael and I want to get back together.

To be clear,

that's how he was on the outside.

On the inside...

Everything's gonna go well!
The bromance is coming back.

The bromance, the bromance...

bromance... the bromance...

You don't say.

But I don't think it's gonna work.

Interesting. What's,
uh, holding you back?

He and Rafael hate each other,
and Rafael won't let go of that.

And-and I don't want that kind
of animosity around Mateo.

I mean, that is so important.

But so is true love, Jane.

I mean, I'm sorry, but it is.

And it's rare. It's so rare.

What you and Michael have
and what me and Xo have...


Well, fine.

It also applies to us.

Which is why... well, you see,

we're not willing to walk
away from each other.

Yeah, but what about the kid issue?

I don't know. Perhaps she'll
change her mind, you know?

Studio security. I have to take this.




No, I've never seen this woman.

She did a little extra work here.

We found her in possession of these.

Which your assistant
Paola has identified as

your second favorite lucky briefs.

Thank you, Paola. Very much.

Please have these laundered,
with a gentle press.

They've been through enough.

Oh, no.

Looks like they sniffed
out the wrong stalker.

Where are you?

- I'm running late for swim class.
- What?

- We have night nurse interviews.
- Now?

Yes! You said swim class was at 1:00.

I am so sorry.

It moved and I forgot to tell you.

Can they reschedule?

They're here.

You know what? Forget
it. I'll just decide.

- Pet...
- Oh, dear.

From one angry baby mama

to another.

Yup, this is gonna be fun.

Hey, Mr. Sweetface,

do you like your first swim lesson? Yes?

- Hey.
- Hi.

Okay, swim parents,

so for the first five minutes,
we're just gonna get our babies

- used to the water, all right?
- Five minutes... that's certainly

a lot longer than you lasted at lunch.

Are we seriously gonna do this now?

We were supposed to do it yesterday

but you didn't even try.

So if you want,

you can blow bubbles...

I did try. I showed up.

You didn't.

- You were angry and defensive and...
- Yeah!

- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God,

- is he doing it?
- Oh, my God!

Is he blowing a bubble?

You're a little Michael
Phelps! Yeah, he is.

Yes, you are.

Just move your kiddo around the pool,

take 'em on a little
boat ride, so they see

what that feels like.

Yes... Oh...


maybe I am a little jealous.

But that's not what this is about.

This is about Mateo's safety

Which is why Michael stayed away.

But now that the threat is gone...

But it's not.

Look, time and time again,

Michael made these
really dangerous choices

because of his job.
You know that's true.





Is this okay?

Don't be silly. Of course.

I mean, it's just acting, right?






I-It says that you're supposed
to lust after my breasts,

not my shoulder.

Of course.









Wait, what?!

Hey! You guys are off script!


Ah, yes, here we are.

Approximately 62 hours and 25 minutes

since these two broke up.

Stuff like this always
happens after a breakup.

I'm sure Gwyneth and Chris
have done this numerous times.

Ah, yes.

Consciously uncoupled coitus.

Jane's home. Quick, get up, get dressed!

What... Why?

I just don't want to hear
her opinions right now.


Uh, hey, honey.

Hurry up. What's taking so long?

These pants are on the snug
side, but David Beckham

told me I could pull them off.

What was that?

Just dropped my shoe.

All good.


Whew! That was close.

Whatcha doin'?

Oh, you know... Ah.

I'm just waking up from a nap.

Oh, are you not feeling well?

'Cause you look a little sweaty.

Oh, it's... You know, it's hot. Miami.

Mm. Because...

that is one wild...


Oh. Maybe...

Liar! I saw Dad sneaking out
of the house like a teenager.

Okay, look, look, it was just ex-sex.

Oh... It's a totally normal thing that

everyone does after they break up.

Well, everyone except for you.

It doesn't change anything.

It's over. We both know it.

- But Mom...
- No, no. No.

No lectures.

This is not a lecture.

Dad is holding out hope.

He thinks you might change your mind.

About kids.

He does?

I won't.

I know.


I-I really thought we were in sync.

They're gonna be great.

Yes, they are.

What's wrong?

If me and my daughters

are going to be second-class citizens,

you need to tell me
so I can be prepared.


To Jane and Mateo.

You won't.

We are now.

And look, I know

you didn't choose this pregnancy.

That's an understatement.

But you did agree to be there.

And if that's changed, I need to know.


I will be there.

And I'm sorry for making
you feel that way.

- Okay, what is going on?
- With the synchronized swimmers?

They're filming a commercial.

No, with Vests. He just fired me.

- What?
- What?

Luisa asked me to replace

some bottles and he saw me
putting them back and now

- he thinks I stole them.
- Don't worry.

I'm calling her and we
are fixing this right now.

Hola, Jane. Como esta?

Luisa? Where are you?

Just hanging out. What about you?

She's drunk.

- I am not!
- Are you okay?

Tell me where you are,
I'll come get you.

She's in the lounge.

♪ ♪

Stay cool.

I'm gonna count to three,

then you guys are gonna stand up.

I'm gonna slip away.

One, two, three.

I only had one drink.

And five shots.

And two shots.

I'm sorry.

Please don't take me
back to the Marbella.

Luisa, you're in the Marbella.

I'm sorry.


I didn't mean to slip.

Did you tell my brother?

No. Did you?

- Yeah.
- Luisa.

Mm? Okay, no.

Just, I didn't tell him

because he's gonna be
so disappointed in me.

I know, but still, you have to tell him.

Can I call my sponsor first?

Ay... Mm.

Are you Luisa's sponsor?


Oh... But look, I'll take care of her.

When she wakes up, she should
probably talk to her brother.

And speaking of big scary talks...

We can't do this anymore...

Act like we didn't break up, because...

we're really just putting
off the inevitable.

I'm not gonna change my
mind about having kids.

Jane told you?

Yeah, she did.

But it was good, it-it helped me see.

We're not gonna feel broken
up unless we take a step back.

Not see each other as much.


maybe take Jane to the Tiago premiere?






Uh... uh...


you can't.

You're more important.

I'm not losing you again, Jane.

I told you the other
night that I would do

anything to make this work,

and if that's losing my job

versus losing you, then...

you win out,

every single time.

He loves his job. How
can I let him quit?

It's not really your choice, right?

I mean, if he loves you enough to...

to sacrifice something like that,

I-it's up to him.




Hon, you look beautiful.

I'm glad you're going to
the premiere with your dad.

But are you okay?

Yes, I'm totally fine.

I'm gonna order Chinese,

fire up the DVR...

I'm looking forward to just relaxing.

Go on.

No, no, I don't want the
gluten-free, MSG-free egg rolls.

I know that's my normal order.

Just the regular egg rolls tonight.

For one.

This British telenovela
is not that original.

We did the Egyptian
deflowering the virgin

then dying in her bed on Amor de Arabia.

Stop talking and pay attention.

This part's important.

- What?!
- I assume?

- You watched this without me?!
- I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- No, no.

That is, like, a fundamental
relationship rule.

You wait before moving
forward on your DVR.

Forgot my phone.

Mom? Are you okay?

Sorry. Yeah.

I just don't know whether or not

to start episode eight, because

we were watching it
together, you know, and...



And don't want to move
ahead without him.

But I want to know what happened

to Lady Sybil, you know?

Yeah, I know, Mom.

I know.

- Jane should be arriving any minute.
- No problem.

We're a little ahead of schedule.

But listen, I've been thinking
about your stalker situation.

I'll remind you,

this is his stalker situation.

And I'm concerned.

Stalkers can be really dangerous.

I've set up security on set,

but what's your situation like at home?

Do you have a dead bolt?

No, don't tell her, Rogelio.

No. I lost the key.


Just the mace I keep
in my underwear drawer.

This is torture!

Okay, how about

a password-protected security system?

I'm shaking tables over here.

Password's the same as
every other password.

Rogelio, or, “Rogelio1”
if a number is needed.

Hmm. Oh, it's Jane.

- _
- Um...



You okay?

Yeah. Yes.

Jane is running late. Her mom was upset.

Oh, God, are you always going
to be a second-class citizen?

- What?
- I'm sorry.

I shouldn't speak out of turn.

No, it's okay.

This is a big night for you.

That's all.

I wish Jane turned up for you.

- Anyway, you should walk the carpet.
- Yeah.




- _
- I just feel so alone.

My parents are dead...

my brother hates me...

The love of her life
died in front of her.

So when this little
voice tells me to drink,

even just one, to take the edge off...

Well, I don't have a little voice.

I have a big voice.

You need to go back to rehab.

So that when you're out,

and you're better...

I can take you out.

At last, a step forward.

Which brings us here, now.

Hey, Dad.

I've been looking for you.

Why aren't you at the after party?

I just needed some air.

Well, Tiago was great.

I-I'm, I'm really sorry
that I missed the carpet.

I understand your mother
was having a tough time.


And she's more important to you than me.

Wait. Wait. What?!

Well, you chose her over me.

No, it was just because she
was upset about the breakup.

So was I, and tonight was a huge night

for me, and you didn't show up.

So the only Tiago
related hashtag trending

was hashtag Rolonelio.

You made a choice.

At least own it.

I'm really sorry, Dad.

I just think I need
some space right now.


I just feel so badly.

I know.

I'm sorry I put you in that position.

I e-mailed him a long apology,
lots of emojis. I won't be long.

Where are you now?

Taking Dad's advice, actually.

I'm owning my choice.

Michael is willing to give up his job.

Does that make it okay?

I didn't think so,

because it's not about that.

The problem is I'm choosing him.

And I am

choosing him.

Either accept it, or
don't, but if you don't,

you're the one who is
making it worse on our son,

not me.

I don't want to be replaced.

What?! No, you won't be.

Hey, you won't be.

You're Mateo's dad.


I'll try.

Thank you.



- What are you doing here?
- You asked

what to expect from me when the
babies come, so, here it goes.

I will be there...

for all of it.

I'll be the night nurse,

I'll wake up with them
every three hours.

I will feed them, I will burp them.

- What?
- It's everything that I wanted to do

with Mateo and Jane, but
I never got the chance.

I'll even put in a door
between our suites,

- so that I can go back and forth.
- Rafael, stop.

What's going on?

I want to be there...

with the babies,

with you.

You are not a second-class
citizen, Petra, and...

Maybe I made a mistake.

What happened?

- Excuse me?
- I'm guessing

Jane rejected you in some
way, so now you're here?

I'm not a second-class citizen, Raf.

But I'm not a second choice, either.

You should go.

Which brings us here.

Hey. Hey.

Are you alone? Yup.

But I'm not planning
on going home alone.

And neither, for the record, was Jane.



And that's when she saw him.

And he saw her.

♪ ♪

Guys, we're trying to rehearse.

Can you make out somewhere else?

Aw. And I hate to burst this bubble.


Thank God it's you.

But that is what I'm here for.

I thought it was a crazy person
sitting there in the dark.

You thought right!

No problem. And so you know,

I've taken care of all the
security measures we discussed.

I had new locks installed.

I also had

a new security system put in.

And I installed

bars in all the windows so
no one can ever get out.

You mean, so no one could ever get in?


That's not

what I mean.


And it should be noted,
that's when he realized...

There's only one person in the
world who has ever called me

by that name, my old
prison pen pal Lola.

So you remember me?

But you-you couldn't be.

She was in jail when
you worked for J. Lo.

And that's when he heard

the scariest words of all.

I've never met J. Lo.