Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Chapter Six - full transcript

Jane and Rogelio begin to grow closer until she meets his mean twin teenage stepdaughters, who are determined to make her life miserable. Rogelio insists Xo uses his band for her big ...

Latin lover narrator: All righty, here we go.
Jane the virgin got accidentally inseminated.
But I've never had sex!
And this created a lot of problems
For a lot of people.
First, there was rafael,
The sperm donor who found himself
Having feelings for jane.
But he first had to deal
With his scheming, cheating wife.
We're done, petra. What?
But petra wasn't going down without a fight.
My husband did it. Pretty dramatic stuff.
Also dramatic-- jane's father,
International telenovela star, was back in her life.
I was trying to impress you, but I went too far. I'm sorry.
And speaking of relationships... (knocking)
...Jane's mother was interested in her father. Very interested.
Unfortunately, she had to deal with his ex-wife melissa.
Maybe send a letter next time. That's what most fans do.
There are stalker laws, you know.
But xo was winning so far.
And sadly, jane's love life was now a mess.
She pushed off any feelings for rafael
Because she was engaged to michael.
You knew... All this time.
But she just found out michael had been lying to her
For a very long time.
D-don't leave. And that's where we left off.
Jane's 21st birthday party
Can be described in one word--
Yeah! Yeah!
It's your party. Take a drink.
(screaming, doorbell ringing)
Yes! Oh, there's some more people coming.
Excuse me. (whoops)
Latin lover narrator: In novelas, this is known
As an encuentro significativo,
Or a "significant encounter."
It's the moment when two people
Who are meant for each other have their first encounter.
Excuse me, miss.
There's been a noise complaint from your neighbors.
In this case, there was one slight miscalculation.
You got me a stripper?!
(michael mumbles, woman screaming) no, no, no, no.
I'm a police officer. No, there's been a complaint.
I have a complaint. Your clothes are still on.
Oh, I am an... I'm an actual cop.
You are too hot to be a cop.
But not too hot to be a naked cop!
This looks like a real gun!
You're a real cop.
Mi amor...
Hey, wait.
Now it's snowing on the yacht.
Snow makes everything more romantic.
Well, I'm just saying, shouldn't they have coats on?
I thought you weren't going to sit here and pick it apart.
Sorry. I'm sorry. (laughing)
(speaking spanish on tv)
Okay, so...
What do you like about telenovelas?
The idea that two people are destined to be together.
Latin lover narrator: And so, jane explained to michael
Why a man professing his love to a woman
On a yacht in the snow
In front of a semi-realistic background
Was the epitome of romance.
So, what's the guy in the bolero jacket saying now?
"from our first meeting...
I knew it was you."
"I just knew."
Man (over police radio): Kendall district station...
Uh-oh. (laughs)
That's me. Mm-hmm.
Thanks for not arresting me.
Thanks for asking me to stay.
(michael laughs)
That's amazing.
Latin lover narrator: Like I said, it was epic.
But that was then...
And this is now.
You got a package.
Oh, my... My dress.
What are you doing here?
We need to talk. Can I... Can I come in?
No. I'm not ready to talk, michael.
Come on, baby.
We just... You know, we-we got to...
We got to get through this.
I want to get married.
I don't know if I want to.
Jane... Please.
What happened?
Me not telling you that petra cheated on rafael--
It was... It was awful.
I know that.
I-I am so sorry.
I know you are.
But I just... Keep thinking
About how many times you lied to me since then.
You're overreacting.
You're, like, hormonal or something.
Be honest with me.
Okay, michael?
This is not a good time.
You know what? It never is.
And then I just start thinking about the baby
And how you were gonna let me give it
To this couple that had all these problems
When you knew how much it meant to me
For her to go to a stable family.
I'm sorry.
I just...
I need more time, michael, to see
If I can forgive you and get past this.
You okay, baby?
All of a sudden, I just... I...
I look at him differently,
And I don't know if I can go back.
Yeah, because
Taking it off feels so final.
And you don't want it to be final?
I don't want any of this.
Oh, my god, enough! I want to stop crying!
That's what I want!
What time is dinner with rogelio?
Oh, honey, let me call him. We'll cancel.
No, no, I don't want that.
It means he's finally listening to me
About toning down the over-the-top gestures.
Besides, I think it's sweet
He wants us to meet his stepdaughters.
Former stepdaughters.
Hopefully, they're not as bitchy as their mom.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. What?
There has to be a big mistake.
They gave my student teaching placement, finally.
Really? Where'd they assign you?
That's the thing. That's where they made the mistake.
They put you in a catholic school!
It's a high school.
Hello? Hi.
This is jane villanueva,
And I'm in the teaching education program.
Hi, miranda. There's been a mistake.
I just got my assignment
And it says that I'm teaching at a high school,
But I actually specified
Very specifically
That I would like
To teach middle schoolers.
Yes, I do understand that the degree
Is in adolescent education,
But again, I specified...
No, see, but, see, I feel like
I can have the most impact on younger girls.
No, I-I can't wait till next semester.
This is my last requirement for graduation,
And I'm pregnant.
I should have planned better? Are you serious, miranda?
Wait, no, no, no, miranda, miranda, miranda, miranda.
I'm sorry. I should not have snapped.
I had a not-so-great experience in high school.
You know, mean girls...
You get it, right? Okay?
And... But-but here's the thing:
I want to use that experience
To prevent younger girls, like middle schoolers,
From becoming mean girls.
That's a part of what being a teacher, for me, is all about.
Thank you. Good-bye.
Looks like I'll be teaching at a catholic high school.
Maybe you don't tell them you're a pregnant virgin.
The nuns or the high schoolers?
Thanks, grandma.
(line ringing)
(horn honking) hello?
Jane, hi.
Sorry, I'm on the bus.
I just wanted to apologize
For what happened yesterday, when you...
You know, when you said that
You wanted to raise the baby?
I was kind of a jerk.
Oh, you mean when you said that you would fight me for custody?
Jane, I'm sorry.
You know, I was shocked and...
I didn't mean it.
It's just... And being a father,
Like, a present father, it's just really...
It's important to me.
And-and we'll work it out.
You know?
You, me and michael.
Yeah, thanks for saying that.
Latin lover narrator: There was so much more, of course,
Rafael wanted to say to jane.
Words like "I have feelings for you"
And "let's be together."
Okay, so I'm almost home.
I... I'll call you later.
Yeah, yeah. Uh, absolutely.
We'll-we'll talk later.
Bye, jane.
Latin lover narrator: But alas, the time wasn't right.
(knocking at door)
What are you doing here?
These guys needed help finding your apartment.
Rafael solano, you have the right to remain silent.
Rafael: Wait a... Whoa. Anything you say can and will be used against you
You have the right to an attorney. Hey, what did you do?
If you can't afford an attorney,
One will be provided for you. Can someone tell me
What the hell is going on? I'm sorry, rafael.
I had to tell them what you did.
You have to breathe from deeper down,
Through your diaphragm.
Latin lover narrator: Always the gentleman,
Rogelio had agreed to help xiomara
Prepare for her singing debut
At the hotel.
Whoa. I feel really dizzy.
Oh. You do? Yeah, could I sit down?
Oh, of course. Of course, of course.
Do you need anything? No, no. I'm fine.
Oh. Just a little out of practice, I think.
I hope my voice can fill the lounge.
Well, you have your band.
That's what they're for.
I... Don't actually have a band.
I've mostly sung with backing tracks.
Do you think I need one?
Yes, yes, you do.
But you're in luck, because I have recorded
Over seven telenovela theme songs.
Oh. So... Eight.
Eight exactly.
So I have wonderful musicians I can call.
You said this was a big shot for you.
Thank you.
Of course.
Xiomara, I didn't know you were here.
Rogelio was just helping me prepare my set.
Oh, yes.
I'm really glad you're here.
I've been wanting to apologize.
I was such a bitch when we first met.
I'm sorry. I didn't know who you were to him.
That's okay.
Good, melissa. You can make it up
To xiomara by booking her a band.
My best musicians.
Absolutely. Right away.
Uh, you should go down to the lobby.
The reporter from telemasivo is waiting
To interview you. Ah, yes, yes.
Xiomara, I'll see you at dinner.
I really look forward
To bringing our families together.
Oh, thank you for saying that.
Uh, me, too.
And I know jane's really looking forward
To meeting your daughters.
Stay away from him.
Excuse me?!
Do you think I don't know your type?
My type?!
You didn't want
A relationship with rogelio
Until you realized he was famous.
I had lost track of him.
There's a word for that, honey.
Starts with "gold."
Ends with "digging."
Oh, yeah? Well, there's a word for you, too.
Starts with nasty.
Ends with...
That was funny, valeria.
I'm gonna tweet that to my 6.3 million followers.
To my former stepdaughters.
You will always be stepdaughters in my heart.
And I'm so happy you chose to relocate to miami.
Mom made us 'cause she's managing your career,
And you wanted to be closer to jane.
Well, that's not entirely true.
We moved to miami because production
Of my show moved here permanently.
Because you told them you wanted to be closer to jane.
Details are not important.
What's important is you are here now.
And you get to meet the brilliant jane.
My daughter.
Who tomorrow will be a teacher.
Just, like, a student teacher.
I believe teaching is one of the most
Noble professions in the world.
So, are you really a pregnant virgin?
Well, they were asking about the circumstance,
And I did not want them to get the wrong idea about you.
Or your incredible purity.
Why haven't you swiped your "v" card?
Can't find someone to have sex with you?
Xiomara: Don't let those girls get to you.
They're mean like their mom.
I kind of felt bad for them actually.
Rogelio really went overboard again.
And I just need to tell him to tone it down a little more.
(car horn beeps) rogelio: Jane,
This is for you.
Jane: You got me a car?
Or a lot more.
What the hell is your problem?
Our drug investigation turned into a double homicide.
And the latest victim named sin rostro--
One of the biggest drug lords around--
As his assailant, and we don't have any leads.
This is the dead bellboy's locker, right?
Hey, what's this?
Now we're talking.
Well, call it.
It could be one of sin rostro's contacts.
Nothing. It's disconnected.
We'll run a history.
Good eye.
(cell phone ringing)
(cell phone dinging)
(school bell ringing)
Latin lover narrator: Which brings us here.
Now, with jane back in high school.
And, of course, we do have a code of conduct
Required for all our teachers.
Of course, I understand.
You will have no conduct issues with me.
And really, how bad could
A group of teenagers really be?
And here's your classroom.
Girls, sister,
Please welcome your new teacher
Ms. Villanueva.
Oh, uh, those girls
In the back, I know them actually.
Valeria and victoria?
Mm-hmm. They just transferred.
Apparently their father heard
We had a wonderful faculty.
Valeria: Oh, my god...
This is,
This is really awkward.
But we thought this was a catholic school.
Oh, it is. Of course.
Then, why are we being taught by an unmarried pregnant woman?
Maybe we can talk in private?
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that this was the first time
Jane gloriana villanueva had ever
Been called to the principal's office.
A pregnant virgin?
Due to a medical mistake.
And I absolutely should've disclosed it.
But I'm sure you can understand
It's a pretty unconventional situation.
Yes. It really is.
The problem, ms. Villanueva,
Is that what just happened
Will be repeated by students to their parents.
And I will explain how I took an unfortunate incident
And turned it into a thoughtful choice.
That's certainly true.
I-I believe that I have a lot to offer these girls.
Just give me a chance, please.
No more drama?
You have my word. No more drama.
Victoria, valeria, please come in.
Say hi to your slutty mom for us.
I am so not slutty!
You asked me to tell you exactly what they said.
She's right. I heard.
Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
You got to put those girls in their place.
You want me to help? I can go after their mom.
No, stop. No one's going after anyone.
The girls are clearly acting out because they're jealous.
I'll talk to rogelio, and he can deal with them.
And, you, do not engage with their mom.
Be the bigger person.
That's so not her style.
It is too my style.
Latin lover narrator: It was definitely not her style.
But still, xiomara was determined
To take jane's advice.
I really appreciate you arranging the band.
I know this situation must be hard for you.
Thank you, xiomara.
I appreciate it.
Meet the girls in your band.
And yes.
Rogelio has slept
With every single one of them.
(quiet laugh)
Oh, wait, rogelio! Oh, jane!
I was so excited when you tweeted
You wanted to meet up.
Unfortunately, I'm on my way to the set.
Maybe you could come by since you have the car?
No, no, actually I can't. I have to work.
But this won't take any time.
I wanted to talk to you about the twins.
They're in your school! Because melissa wanted them
Under your influence.
How could I argue? No? Right.
Well, here's the thing.
Um, you know, they're a little disruptive.
What? Yeah, I mean, it's fine now.
But I wanted to talk to you about where it's coming from.
Oh, yes. Yes, good.
Because I've been trying to help with their behavior, but...
Rogelio, clearly they're jealous, which I get.
You know, you've been going a little overboard
On the attention again.
In... In what way?
The car. Oh!
Yes, well, thank you
For alerting me to the problem, jane.
I will take care of it right away.
Okay, great, great.
You okay?
Well, not great.
Considering I spent the night in jail.
Why were you in jail?!
She said you hit her?
Yes, and I didn't.
She just wants... Leverage.
More money in the divorce settlement.
And just so you know, I would never lay a hand on her.
And I can't even believe I have to say that.
You don't.
I believe you.
I... I thought my life was complicated.
What's going on with you?
I have
Evil stepsisters suddenly...
Who are enrolled in the school that I'm teaching at,
Which is totally taking me back to high school,
Which was not the happiest place for me.
Wait, what happened in high school?
My mom dated this popular girl's dad, and it ended badly.
And she turned everyone against me.
I can't imagine anyone intimidating you.
Well... I-I, I was different in high school.
Kind of quiet and shy.
And... You wouldn't have noticed me.
Of course I would've noticed you.
Anyway, uh,
There's nothing like spending the night in jail.
Yeah, yeah.
Um... I can't believe
Michael didn't tell you about the arrest.
(clicks tongue)
Well, uh, we...
Are actually having problems, so...
Latin lover narrator: And there it was...
An opening.
I should get back to work.
Yeah, okay. Well, uh,
We'll-we'll talk later? Mm-hmm.
All right.
Xiomara? Can we talk?
You have to understand, when jane looks at you,
She just keeps remembering this sequence of events
In her head-- the pregnancy, the lying.
How do I get that out of her head?
I don't know.
Maybe with time?
Is she still wearing her ring?
Seriously, did you punch yourself?
Rafael, stop.
You and I both know what happened.
We don't.
But we know what's happening.
Oh, good!
Then we both know the solution.
Get the hell out.
I'm not going anywhere.
What's yours is mine, remember?
Hey, I got a delivery.
A roman zazo.
Roman zazo's dead.
No, this is roman zazo.
Want to sign?
It's your problem now.
Excuse me.
Hi. What are you doing?
Ro gave us cars because he felt bad.
Thanks for talking to him.
Oh, my gosh.
(laughs and mumbles)
All right, that's right.
Why don't you guys erase that picture?
No, no, come on, ser-seriously, guys.
Okay, all right.
Stop, erase that photo.
No way.
It's perfect for our web site.
What web site?
You haven't seen it? Show her.
People are posting the most hilarious comments about you.
Okay, just take that down.
Both: No!
Help! (screams)
What are you doing?! What happened?
This crazy teacher smashed my sister's tablet.
I did not. Yes, she did.
The teacher's going psycho. (stammers)
I-I did not smash it.
That is not true.
Leave my sister alone! She smashed it.
That is a lie! You're a liar.
What is going on here?
I'm sorry, sister margaret.
This is exactly the kind of drama
I warned you not to bring to this school.
Girls, report to my office.
And you, ms. Villanueva...
Latin lover narrator: Though not a math teacher,
Jane unfortunately knew the answer to this problem.
This just isn't working out.
I cannot put off graduation.
I have been in school for six years while working,
And this is my last requirement.
I have to finish now because I have a baby coming,
And I would really like...
Miranda, I'm just gonna say it.
You really don't have a lot of compassion.
I can't believe this.
Okay, jane, listen up.
I took your advice, right?
With melissa?
I stayed above the fray.
And-and you were right.
I mean, it's not the band that I would have chosen,
But it's working.
What's your point, ma?
Now it's your turn to listen to me.
Because I know how to take down 16-year-old bitches.
Back off-- he clearly smiled at me.
Hey, girls.
Want to go for a swim?
Yeah, definitely.
You hate getting your hair wet.
Shut up, I do not.
Come on, I'll race you.
(speaking in spanish)
All right, all right.
Tell her you love her already.
Oh, he's got to be kidding me.
I can live without air and water.
Well, what do you want me to do, huh?
If we move out of here, we're abandoning the property.
And it's all we have left.
He's frozen my accounts.
Where are you going?
I have to use the commode; lunch isn't sitting well with me.
Mother, they've turned off the water, you can't flush.
(cell phone ringing)
Look, ivan, I'm working on it.
I'm... Rafael and I are having some problems.
I don't have access to cash...
Don't worry, you'll have it by tomorrow night.
Rafael: Did you get some good stuff?
Oh, yeah.
My mom is right.
The secrets of these teenagers' lives are in these phones.
Ah, I should have listened to her in high school
And stood up to those mean girls.
Mmm... You know, if I was in high school with you,
I would have set them straight.
Like I said, you wouldn't have noticed me.
Yes, I would have.
No, you wouldn't.
Okay, you're probably right, I wouldn't.
But look at what I would have been missing.
(cell phone chimes)
Everything okay?
Mm-hmm, yeah.
Mike wants to talk.
How are you, uh, you feeling about everything?
I don't know.
There's just so much to consider.
Latin lover narrator: And there it was again, an opening.
Including the fact that I have feelings for you.
Look, I know this is a horrible time,
But it... Just in case it...
In case it means anything or if it changes anything.
I don't understand.
You said you see me as a sister.
We talked about this.
I-I know, and I did.
But then something changed.
I've never felt this type of connection with anyone
In my entire life.
A-and we're having a baby, you know?
Look, jane, this-this is crazy, I know.
But I've never been the type of guy that believes
In fate or destiny.
What are the chances, huh?
I mean, we kissed five years ago,
And now we're-we're-we're here.
It sounds crazy,
But doesn't this just all kind of feel meant to be?
I know it's a lot, a-and you need to think,
But I just, I had to tell you.
Latin lover narrator: And so rafael left jane with a terrifying thought.
A thought she couldn't even say aloud.
You came so soon.
Must be a good sign.
Look, I meant it, rafael.
Half my original ask, and I'll be out of your hair for good.
I don't think so.
Can we come in?
Do you know olivia?
I don't think so, no.
We do know each other, mrs. Solano.
Olivia's one of the many women who changes our sheets
And cleans our bathrooms.
In any case,
Olivia saw you leaving my office
The day that you claim I hit you.
And she's ready and willing to testify
That you left without a scratch.
You know what the penalty is
For making a false assault claim, petra?
You could go to prison.
I don't remember seeing you there.
Then again, you didn't even recognize me just now.
I guess it's her word against yours.
Drop the charges, get out of my suite now.
I have to pack.
And don't forget your boyfriend.
Hi there.
Hey, jane.
Your web site's really taking off.
I know.
It-it actually inspired me.
Yeah, I decided to make a web site of my own.
About you two.
And I've got plenty of material.
Unflattering selfies, pre-nose-job shots.
And what seem to appear as some personal pictures
Meant for, I don't know, boyfriends?
How'd you get those?
Doesn't matter.
You're gonna take down that web site.
Then you're gonna go to sister margaret frances
And tell her what happened yesterday
And get me my job back now.
(crying) stop crying.
But mom's gonna kill us.
Look, you should have thought about that before.
Easy for you to say.
You have these amazing parents.
Our mom is horrible.
And we don't know where our dad is.
Stop crying. I'm sorry, I can't.
Latin lover narrator: It was one of those moments.
Stop it, vic.
When you see someone differently.
We weren't telling the truth.
We smashed our own tablet and started yelling.
Ms. Villanueva didn't do anything.
Excuse me?
But, like you said--
Teachers must be role models.
And the church teaches forgiveness.
And I forgive them.
And I ask that you forgive me, as well,
For all the drama because I know,
I just know I can be a real asset here.
I think she can, too.
Sister margaret: You're not off the hook, girls.
We understand. We're sorry.
Well, there's nothing we can do about the past,
So let's just move forward.
Report back to work Monday.
Latin lover narrator: And so jane the virgin left with her job intact
And her heart full of forgiveness.
I didn't think you'd let her stay.
But I'm glad you did.
She really seems like a good girl.
She does, doesn't she?
Also there's this.
5,000 followers in two days.
Hundreds of comments.
They want to meet her.
This might help bring people to the church.
Why the marina?
Because this is now ours for the evening.
I know it's not a yacht.
It's just a patrol boat,
So we may have to pick up a couple, uh...
Drunk boaters along the way... Michael,
Michael... I tried to make it snow,
But those machines are ridiculously expensive.
You shouldn't have done this.
I had to.
Because when you... You think about me now,
You're just thinking about what happened,
All the mistakes I've made...
And you need to stop thinking about that.
You need to remember the important stuff.
I know you, jane.
You believe in "meant to be."
We just have to find our way back.
Please, jane, forgive me.
I do.
I forgive you.
But I-I...
I can't be with you.
I can't go back. I'm sorry, michael.
I don't under... Uh, I don't...
Something's changed. Nothing's changed.
I just, I can't explain it,
But something... It-it is... Jane, jane, jane. Jane.
This... This...
This doesn't make sense.
I mean, what... What, is it...
Because I lied?
Latin lover narrator: Of course, it wasn't just that.
There was also...
But jane would never say that aloud.
I'm so sorry, michael.
I'm sorry.
Jane! How lucky.
I was waiting for you. I hoped I'd see you drive up
In your car.
I actually took the bus.
I'm sorry, I can't keep the car. Why?
Because it's completely inappropriate.
And giving the twins cars
Was completely inappropriate.
But you said they were jealous of yours.
Yeah, that's the point.
Nobody should have a car.
They're just big, meaningless gestures,
And we talked about how
You weren't going to be doing
Any big, meaningless gestures.
A car isn't meaningless to me, jane.
I know this is very, very hard to believe,
But up until five years ago,
I was barely getting by.
I could only afford to buy myself a car
When I was 35.
32 if anyone asks.
And then I met you, and, well...
You have your life set.
You're a grown-up.
Engaged, working, getting your degree...
I missed all the big things,
So I wanted to do something,
As a father, so I thought...
A car.
You have so much going on.
That way, you won't have to spend time
Waiting for the bus.
A little misguided, yes,
But it wasn't meaningless.
Well, I can actually use a car
Now that I don't have michael driving me around.
Oh, no, what happened?
It turns out you didn't miss all the big things.
Hi, mom. What's up?
Uh, xiomara,
We must have gotten our signals crossed.
What? I thought you weren't comfortable with the girls.
You liar.
You set me up.
Jane, sometimes, you know, things happen,
And afterwards we see people differently.
Yes, exactly.
Xiomara: Rogelio?
You ex-wife told the band not to come.
It was a miscommunication.
A miscommunication? Are you serious?
I'm gonna let you handle this one. Uh...
Break a leg, mom.
You two just ruined
A beautiful moment
Between me and my daughter, so what's this about?
It was a simple misunderstanding
That xiomara's blown completely...
Latin lover narrator: And xiomara had come between them.
It was one of those moments
When you see everything differently.
How will we live in this tiny room?
I don't have any cash, mother.
We're very lucky rafael let us stay the night.
(knocking at door)
Our toilet paper.
You are switching rooms? No.
What, you thought I would not find you? No, no, no, no.
Please, keep your voice down.
I-I... Like I told you,
I'm having some trouble with my husband.
I just need a little bit more time.
You have no more time!
Okay. Magda: My daughter
Is not getting shot tonight.
I saw it in the cards.
Petra: Oh!
Now what?
(jane whoops)
Thank you all for coming tonight.
We've had a glitch, unfortunately, no band.
But hey, I haven't performed with a band before tonight...
So... Here goes.
(patrons cheering) you got this! (whoops)
(singing lyrically in spanish)
(xiomara continues singing)
Michael: Nadine.
It's me.
Eli isn't a person, it's a shipping company.
Sin rostro must be expecting a big shipment of drugs.
That number that you found is not a phone number;
It is the answer key.
The slip, the crate, the dock number...
We're... We're gonna get him, nadine.
(xiomara singing)
(cheering, whistling)
You were incredible.
Thanks. Oh...
It was kind of surreal. I was so nervous.
Well, you didn't look it.
No, you looked like
You belonged up there.
Thank you, baby.
So we didn't even get to talk. The twins really confessed?
Yeah, they did.
Probably should have taken your advice
Back in high school, when I was dealing
With stephanie kovakovich.
(laughs) or...
Maybe I shouldn't have
Dated her father to begin with.
Well, yeah, yeah, that's for sure.
I'll leave you two alone.
Congrats, mom.
Thank you.
You were perfection.
And I must apologize for melissa.
Xiomara, I owe her a lot
And I tend to look the other way when she's possessive.
But I won't do that.
Not with you.
You're too important to me.
In a short time,
You have become too important.
We can't.
You have to focus on your relationship with jane,
And I'll only get in the way.
No, you won't.
I already did, when I...
Interrupted you two earlier, right?
Look, historically,
My romances haven't always gone well,
And that's affected jane.
If we don't work, there could be tension,
It could be awkward, and... That could
End up complicating her relationship with you.
I just can't risk that.
Yeah, well...
That makes sense.
But I wish it didn't.
Yeah, I know.
Me, too.
Rafael: Hey.
I saw you come out here.
You looked... Kind of upset.
Didn't want to ruin my mom's night, so...
What happened?
Latin lover narrator: And that's when
Jane looked at rafael
And said the words
She knew would change everything.
I broke up with michael.
Latin lover narrator: Jane knew in her heart that this was absolutely
The last thing she should be doing.
The absolute last thing.
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