Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Chapter Seven - full transcript

Jane decides the best thing for her is to stay away from Rafael, but when her friends insist on taking her to the hot new club that he owns, she finds it hard to avoid him. Elsewhere, Xo and Rogelio each have dinner plans, so Rogelio suggests they have a double date, but the evening doesn't work out as planned. Meanwhile, Petra is once again scheming to make Rafael's life more difficult.

Latin lover narrator: Okay, here's where we left off.
Jane the virgin got accidentally inseminated. But I've never had sex!
And this created a lot of problems for a lot of people.
First, there's rafael, the father of the baby.
He recently found out his wife was cheating on him.
We're done, petra. What?
But petra had bigger problems.
See, she was being blackmailed by a man named ivan.
(speaks czech) and now she couldn't pay him.
Yup, pretty dramatic.
Also dramatic-- jane recently reunited with her father.
I'm not walking away from you, jane gloriana villanueva.
And her mother having grown closer
To him, as well, until...
You have to focus on your relationship with jane,
And I'll only get in the way.
But jane didn't know that. See, she was busy
With her new job-- student teaching.
Girls, please welcome your new teacher,
Miss villanueva.
Erase that photo. No way.
It's perfect for our web site.
Have you seen this web site?
Although teaching was going to get complicated, as well.
This might might help bring people to the church.
And speaking of complicated,
Jane just found out her fiancé had been lying to her
For a very long time. All this time,
You knew, and you didn't tell me.
And so, she ended it with him, but still,
She never expected this to happen.
And now, we'll continue.
Latin lover narrator: When jane villanueva was nearly 19,
She kissed rafael solano for the very first time.
It was magical, it was perfect.
He's amazing. (gasps) shut up.
The guy you've been after all summer?
I thought he didn't know my name, and he did.
Oh, my god, and I swear, the kiss wasn't even the best part.
We had a talk. It was like one of those talks
That lasts forever, and then he looked into my eyes...
Unfortunately, as jane described their magical talk,
Xo had the distinct impression that...
He sounds like a playboy, hon.
I know. I know.
He seemed like he would be,
But he wasn't.
He seemed so sincere.
That's what makes a good playboy.
You never feel like you're getting played.
It's a good lesson.
From now on, stay away from guys like that.
Latin lover narrator: And for four years, nine months and 23 days,
Jane did stay away from guys like that.
(xiomara clears throat)
Sorry to interrupt.
We-we were just... We-we had the... I was just
Looking for you because abuela's waiting in the car.
Okay, sure. Coming.
Okay, I should go home.
In truth, jane's head was spinning.
What just happened? She broke up with michael hours ago.
Jane! (tires screech)
(horn honks)
And yet, she had this feeling with rafael.
What kind of feeling?
Like I'm meant to be with him or something,
Which I know sounds ridiculous.
Yeah, it does. I'm sorry.
I have to say it.
If it were me, you would say it. (scoffs)
You just broke up with michael who you were with for two years.
Yeah, I know. It's crazy to jump into something so fast.
And rafael isn't exactly
A no-strings-attached rebound guy.
And you're having a baby together.
What if something goes wrong? It could get ugly.
Not to mention the fact that we know he used to be a playboy.
And you're from different worlds.
He's still married.
And his soon-to-be ex-wife seems crazy.
Yeah, that's true. That is all true.
Don't go there, jane.
You're too smart for that.
Mm. Latin lover narrator: And yet...
You're totally staring at your phone, waiting for it to ring.
No, I'm not. She totally was.
(speaking spanish)
Now, how can I afford studio space?
What do I look like, paulina rubio? (phone ringing)
Omg! It's him, it's him!
Oh, hi. Hey. (chuckles)
How are you?
Hi. (clears throat)
What are you doing here?
I just really wanted to see you again.
Jane, our kiss last night...
Well, it just kind of happened.
Um, before things go further, I just...
I wanted to do things the right way
And take you on a date.
I also really want to kiss you again.
I can't.
Uh, what's wrong?
Come on.
I just ended things with michael last night,
And my head is spinning, and however I feel about you...
How do you feel about me?
Give me some time, okay?
I have a lot on my plate.
No problem. I get it.
Just, um, I don't know.
Let me know when I can kiss you again.
I'll see you later.
Looking forward to it.
Your phone was buzzing.
Uh, I have to get ready for school, but I will see you
At the hotel for dinner with rogelio.
Actually, I'm gonna skip it.
Why don't you go, just the two of you?
What happened? You're suddenly not into rogelio?
Latin lover narrator: Here's the truth.
Xo didn't want to complicate
Jane's relationship with her father.
Ugh, he's too dramatic.
Magda: Petra, what are you doing?
Petra: Ivan, I'm going to shoot you. (ivan groaning)
Latin lover narrator: Petra, you'll recall, had two big problems.
Petra: I'm going to take off your pillowcase now, okay?
So just stay calm.
Okay. (grunts)
No, no, shh. (grunting)
Ivan, ivan, keep your voice down.
Get him back in the closet, petra.
Turn the television on. He's too loud!
Shh. Shh. (television playing)
Stop it! Stop! (grunting)
Man (over tv): Here's a bit of movie trivia for you.
Did you know that tom selleck...
What is your plan, petra?
(muffled groaning continues) I don't know, mother.
I've never held someone hostage before!
We can't let him go. He'll tell milos where we are.
Well, we can't just leave him in there.
He just wants money, okay? Uh-huh.
$250,000-- that's what this is about.
You know, I think his price might just have gone up.
(muffled groaning continues)
These are the flanagans.
May I just give you a hug?
A hug?
Oh. (laughs)
You must be a parent of one of my students.
We don't actually have kids... Yet.
But we really, really want to.
That's great.
Really? You think so?
That's-that's incredible. (laughs)
We're just so happy to hear that.
Thank you, jane.
You're welcome.
(school bell rings) so I should go.
Of course. God bless you!
You, too.
Thank you so much.
Let's just hope her fertility rubs off on you.
Oh, stop.
A hug never hurt anyone.
I just think it's wrong.
I prayed long and hard about this, and I know
God brought jane to us for a purpose.
To bring more people to our church.
Here. Pass out more coins.
It was just so weird, the way they were staring at me.
Then they asked for a hug.
Maybe they know you're my daughter.
My fans do crazy things.
You know, that could actually be it.
You guys doing okay? We're great. I asked for
My salad to be slightly dressed. This is just dressed.
My potatoes are cold, there's a smudge on my knife,
And... (mutters in spanish)
Oh. He is fine. He's absolutely fine.
So, jane, how is your mother?
She's fine.
Oh, wonderful.
I'm fine, too. Make sure she knows that.
What happened to you two?
Why? Did she say something?
Just that it was complicated and you were being dramatic.
She said that I was dramatic?!
That's right! You're looking good!
(music stops)
All right! (clapping)
Great job, girls. Good job. You were awesome!
We'll see you next week. Now, get out!
Miss xo?
My daughter really wanted to introduce us.
Apparently, we both like pistachio ice cream
And the color orange, so we're perfect for each other.
Oh, so that's why eva was asking.
I'll give you two some privacy.
So, here's the deal.
My daughter really wants me to ask you out.
I don't know how she knows this,
But apparently you just ended things with someone?
(crying): And one, two, three.
One... (crying)
I'm sorry, guys.
I just ended things with someone.
So, what do you say?
Want to get some pistachio ice cream?
I'll wear orange.
Sounds tempting. (laughs)
But I'm not looking to date right now.
Well, for the record, I wasn't planning on doing this.
But then I saw you, and I figured it was worth a try.
Your watch.
Thank you.
And I was wondering if you hadn't seen my computer case.
It was in the living room...
Jane, stop.
Come on, jane, I can't... I can't do this.
Do what?
This. Returning each other's stuff.
Like, what is happening here?
Look, I lied.
I know that. I-I didn't want the baby,
And I panicked, and I am so sorry.
But this is not the end for us, jane.
You don't go from marrying someone
One day to breaking up-- it doesn't happen.
I don't know what to say, michael.
Something's changed.
I, uh...
I'm sorry. Is this about rafael?
Okay. I'm sorry. I just...
I just had to ask.
I have to go to work.
It was awful and awkward.
Oh, that's terrible.
Want to know what will help get your mind
Off of it?
♪ my birthday.
Luca: Congratulations! You waited a whole
Ten seconds to work in your birthday.
And it came up perfectly naturally.
What's going on?
Frankie: Well, you know how we were supposed
To go to the opening of that club. Mm-hmm.
Well, I thought we were on the list, but it turns out we can't
Get on the list because the guy who was going to get us
On the list... She wants you to ask rafael
If he can get us back on the list.
He's an investor in the club.
Frankie: And he's your baby daddy, so he kind of
Has to say yes, right?
Yeah, I'll ask him next time I see him.
He's right over there.
Have you had enough time?
Ready to go on a date?
No. I came to ask a favor, actually,
Which is totally unrelated to our current situation.
And what is our current situation?
Back to the favor. So, there's a club
That you're apparently an investor in.
Viento. Yes, exactly.
And it's my friend's birthday.
I was dispatched to ask if you could
Put a group of us on a list.
I'd be happy to.
Great. She'll be thrilled.
But just so you know, I'm gonna be there, so...
Huh? Yeah, it's opening night,
I have to make an appearance, so we'll be there, together.
Not a problem.
But just so you understand, it's not a date.
Agreed. Definitely not a date.
No, seriously, it's not a date. I know, it's not a date.
No. You're smiling when you say that.
No, I'm not. Yes, you are. Say it again, no teeth.
It's not a date.
(clears throat)
So, you want to get frozen yogurt
And watch love actually tonight? I can't.
I have plans. It's frankie's birthday, and we're going
To this club. What club?
I think viento. Really?
I've read about that place. How'd you get in?
Rafael's an investor, actually, so...
Ah. So he'll be there.
Yes, but we're not going together.
Yeah, but he will be there. Enough, mom.
Man: Next stop, biscayne boulevard.
Rogelio was asking about you.
Way to change the subject.
So... What'd he say?
Well, he said that you were the one
That was actually being melodramatic.
Latin lover narrator: What you are about to witness
Is two creatures who are inherently dramatic
Attempt to behave like they are
Not dramatic. Hey.
Oh. Hi there.
How have you been? Great, actually.
Me, too. Really great. Happier than ever.
Life is beautiful. I'm having fun.
I'm having so much fun. In fact,
I have a date tonight. Me, too.
You also have a date tonight?
Yeah, that's right. So, I tell you I have a date,
And suddenly you have a date, too?
No, not suddenly. I already had a date.
You just suddenly know about it.
Well, great.
Wonderful. If we both have dates,
We should do it together, you know?
Double date-- for two people who both have dates.
I can't wait!
Great. Great.
And now you are witnessing two creatures
Who both need to find dates.
Look, I'm... I'm here because I'm desperate, lachlan.
I-I've... Never been desperate before.
What do you want?
Money. $350,000.
I'll pay it all back as soon as
I get my divorce-- I'll get more than enough out of the prenup.
Look, I know you have no reason
To trust me or... Help me
After what I did, leaving you for rafael
And making you look bad in that meeting.
You're right.
I have no reason to trust you or help you.
Magda: Now what?
I don't know.
We can't keep him here forever.
We might have to consider...
I know people from the old country.
They could take care of him for us.
Petra: Mother, that's crazy!
Magda: It is realistic.
Now, here are your options: You kill him...
...Or let him go, and risk milos finding you--
And then you'll wish you were dead.
Your choice.
What are these?
They're not from me.
I just came by to drop off your computer case.
They came while I was here.
You're not the person I thought you were.
Hi. We have to talk.
Michael saw the flowers you sent,
And he was so hurt-- it was awful.
Jane, that wasn't my intention.
I know.
But that's why I'm saying it's too soon.
What, because of michael? Yes, because of michael.
We were engaged. I was... I was about to marry him.
I'm sorry.
But, jane, he's kind of been a jerk to me.
And you don't think that's justified?
I mean, whatever jealousy he was feeling, clearly he was right
In feeling it, because there's something here.
That's exactly my point, was that there's something here.
Don't you understand there are
Other people's feelings involved?
We can't just do whatever we want.
Just stop all of this.
Woman: Jane.
I'm nora.
This is my husband ben.
We are just so excited to meet you.
Can I just get one hug?
I'll be quick.
I swear.
Uh... Oh. Oh!
Do you by any chance know my father?
Of course.
Everyone knows him.
Ben: Thank you again.
My wife took the coin home, and we so want
A baby, so we thought it's worth a try.
What coin are you talking about exactly?
You're selling coins with my face on it?
No, not selling-- distributing.
This is crazy!
This is hope, miss villanueva.
This is already bringing more people to the church.
Why didn't you tell me about this?
Well, many people like you, and like st. Theresa,
Are humble about publicizing their gifts.
I am not a saint.
Yes. We made that clear in the web site.
You are, however,
A pregnant virgin.
Medical mistake or not, it is a miracle.
I mean, think of the moments
That had to happen to lead you up
To your pregnancy.
And think of the hope that you are giving others
Who believe in your extraordinary fertility.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not comfortable with this.
Nadine: Anything?
My contact in ecuador confirmed
That sin rostro's shipping container is coming in two days.
Okay, this is big.
We intercept a huge drug shipment, we're heroes.
What is up with you?
This case is your baby; you should be celebrating.
I'll celebrate when we intercept the drugs
And catch sin rostro.
Hi. We're on the list.
Jane villanueva, party of four.
We're gonna have so much fun. I promise.
You doing okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Latin lover narrator: She was not fine.
Follow me, please. (squealing)
Saint jane the virgin
Was in no mood to be in a nightclub tonight.
And she was certainly in no mood to see...
Ooh, I knew your baby daddy
Was gonna be surrounded by women all night.
Jane: Look, our drinks are here.
Happy birthday. Thank you.
At least rafael was heeding jane's warning
And staying away.
I mean, sure, I like the stage,
But the thing about television
Is that you get to touch so many
Lives, all at once.
That's so true.
Plus, plays are so boring.
That is also true.
Latin lover narrator: Welcome to the worst
Double date in the world.
So what do you do for work, marco?
Though we can't all be international superstars,
We all must make a living, right?
I'm kind of in-between jobs.
Oh, so you're unemployed.
Currently, yeah.
I played professional soccer for a few years.
Just retired.
You were a professional soccer player?
In europe for seven years and the last five here in the states
With the new york red bulls.
Wait, you're marco esquivel?
Yeah. You're really awesome.
Oh, I was all right.
Now I feel stupid for not knowing.
No, I'm sorry. I-I usually never lead with it,
Because people tend to treat me differently.
Rogelio: Uh,
I agree completely. I wish people would treat me
Like a normal person. And here is
The bottle we special ordered for you, mr. De la vega.
Please, take it away. I'll be happy
To drink normal people wine.
So, why-why did you stop?
Too old?
My daughter, actually.
I was just traveling too much.
I can't miss all these important moments,
You know?
You know, my daughter can't stop talking
About how much she loves your class. (chuckles)
Come here, you. (chuckles)
Xiomara: Well, I'm not supposed to have favorites, but...
Between you and me, she's my favorite.
Mine, too.
Latin lover narrator: Meanwhile, it should be known
That frankie was having the most fun she'd had since...
Well, her last birthday.
You know what's not fun?
Being the sober pregnant girl in a noisy nightclub.
Hey, you guys want to go grab some food?
No. You, jane, dance. No, no, no, no.
Jane, let me explain. Oh, no. You don't have to explain anything.
She's an old friend. That was weird. It meant nothing. No, no, no. It's fine.
We're gonna go dance anyway, so I'll see you later.
Jane... Take care! Come on, guys, let's go dance.
Latin lover narrator: On the bright side,
Xiomara's night was going much better than expected.
So, I had a lot of fun tonight.
Yeah. Me, too.
All that remained was the romantic kiss good night.
And so, with nothing in their way...
(rogelio coughing)
I apologize, but my beautiful date is going dancing,
Whereas I must work tomorrow.
Great. Thanks for the announcement.
Rogelio: Yes.
Oh, and I might need a ride home
Because I had too much normal people's wine.
(sighs) it's okay.
I have to wake up early with my daughter anyway.
Good night.
(grunts) let's go.
Petra: You have to eat something or you'll die.
I'm going to take off your gag, but one kick...
Don't let him have that fork.
I'm not stupid, mother.
Is that peanut sauce?
I don't know. I just ordered chicken from room service.
I have peanut allergy.
Oh, my... Mother, go! Get your medicine pen!
My mother's allergic to shellfish.
Mother, now!
We should let him die.
He dies, our problem is over.
Can't breathe.
Oh, my god. (gasping)
Mother, where is it?! Now!
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on! (grunting)
Thank you.
Uh, wait.
I was just trying to get some water.
That's vodka. Ah, thank you.
Here you go.
Jane, come on, this is ridiculous.
You want to be with me. Stop.
I-I can't do that to michael.
We were together for two years.
You broke up for a reason.
Look, he doesn't have to know.
And I get that you don't want to hurt his feelings,
But if that's all it is, then-then we can be discreet.
That's not all it is.
Then what?
We're having a baby.
What-what if something goes wrong?
It can get more complicated. It's true.
It can. But we won't let that happen
Because we'll put the baby first.
And if we work...
Can you imagine anything better for a baby
Than its parents actually together?
You're still married.
I filed for divorce. But petra's crazy.
She filed assault charges against you.
What if she does something else?
Jane, she just wants money.
You say the word, I settle.
We're from different worlds.
This isn't my world, jane.
Maybe it used to be, but it's not anymore.
Look, I just want to be with you.
I want to get to know you; I want to get ready for our baby.
And I get the timing isn't perfect,
But that's just the way it is.
But the baby's not waiting.
Let's take advantage of this time now,
Before there are three of us.
Jane, I want to get to know you.
I'm going outside.
No one has to know we're leaving together.
Just meet me.
Latin lover narrator: Jane knew that to go with rafael would be
To undo everything she's said, every signal she's given,
Every single thing her mother had warned her about.
But there was a baby coming.
They didn't have all the time in the world.
(clears throat)
And so, for the first time in her life,
Jane threw caution to the wind.
Wait, popcorn and fruit strips?
Don't judge me. I have cravings.
Ooh, and cookies. What's your flavor?
Anything with chocolate.
Good man.
All right, anything else you want?
What happened to being discreet?
We're the only people in the popcorn and fruit strips aisle
Right now.
(chuckles softly)
I'm sorry I got too drunk.
It's okay.
Did I do anything
I'm gonna be embarrassed about tomorrow?
I don't think you're gonna remember anything tomorrow.
In that case...
I'm going to tell you why I got so drunk.
I was very, very jealous of...
(mockingly): Marco the soccer player.
Latin lover narrator: Luckily,
Xiomara knew he would remember none of this tomorrow.
Meanwhile, jane and rafael would remember
Every moment of this night.
Ducks? Yes.
You're scared of ducks?
I am.
Look, I was nine years old.
And there was an incident. Mm-hmm.
I ran out of bread, and then they all attacked me.
Look... Okay, you...
One duck might be cute, but six or seven ducks
Is terrifying.
(both laughing)
Your turn-- strangest fear now.
Because there in the moonlight, they were having
One of those talks.
You know, the kind that goes on forever.
Jane: Why'd your mom leave?
I don't know, to be honest.
I was four. Mm.
And I woke up the morning after my birthday,
And... She was gone.
My god.
What did your dad tell you?
He said she was gone,
She was selfish, and that we had to move on.
Least favorite food. Now.
Caviar. I can't stand it.
You're ridiculous that you just said caviar right now.
But I was being honest.
(both laugh)
Okay, most surprising thing about you. Now.
Oh, oh, uh... I can rap.
Like presents?
No, like my mom was really into 8 mile for a hot minute.
Turns out, I have a knack.
♪ you asked me to rap so I'll ask for the map ♪
♪ to your heart, let's take it slow just to start... ♪
Oh, too deep. Too deep!
No, no, no, no, no, no. You asked me to rap!
You have to keep going. Your fault!
Keep going! Keep going! Keep going!
No! That's all you get.
Is there anything you can't do?
My turn. My question.
You know, I was thinking the name gigi was cute.
Yeah, if you want her to be a stripper.
What? (laughs)
You hate the name gigi, too?
Totally hate it.
Fine. Let's move on to boys' names.
No, no need. We are having a girl.
My family only has girls.
My grandmother, she had six sisters.
All of them had daughters.
True story.
Latin lover narrator: It was, in short,
The most romantic night ever.
Thank you.
I appreciate.
That was smart.
Seeing his bracelet.
You've earned his trust.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes,
The classic "poison your hostage and then
Save him to earn his trust" technique.
Works every time.
I hope the rest of your plan
Works as smoothly.
Wake up. Wake up.
Ah, the leopard! What? What is it?
Jane's missing!
What? She didn't come home last night!
Her bed hasn't been slept in.
I've called frankie, lina, luca.
She's young, xiomara.
No, no, you don't understand.
Jane always comes home or calls.
Hi, frankie? Um, it's xo.
I-I'm sorry to call you again, but have you heard anything?
Okay. Thanks.
What about michael?
M-maybe she's with him.
B-but I shouldn't call him.
You know what, I'm just gonna call him.
I-I've called everyone else.
Okay. I'm gonna tweet
My 6.3 million followers with the hashtag "please find jane."
Uh, michael?
Xo? Is everything all right?
Um, is jane there,
By any chance?
Um, no, why?
Um, I'm sorry, I just... I'm a little worried.
She-she didn't come home last night, and...
You know jane,
She doesn't do this.
Um, yeah, you should... You should, uh,
You should check with rafael. What?
Yeah. I think they were planning on meeting up.
I'm sorry.
Yeah. So, anyway,
Um, I got to go.
Take care, xo.
1,454 retweets in three seconds.
Do not worry, xiomara.
My fans are on the hunt for jane.
Oh! Oh, oh! Wake up, wake up!
I'm gonna be late! I got to get to work!
Ay! Oh, oh.
Jane: Mom, I know. I'm so sorry. I...
(school bell ringing) yes, I fell asleep.
But, yeah, I'm fine and I'm at school
And I will call you later. Bye.
Miss villanueva?
Sister margaret.
Good morning. How are you?
What are you thinking,
Coming to school dressed like this?
I... Overslept.
And I was late, but I have a sweater inside and...
We do have a strict code of conduct, and this behavior
Cannot be tolerated.
And as for your future here,
I'm just not comfortable
With teachers who arrive on campus like this.
Would it make you more comfortable
If I gave out a few hugs?
That would certainly help.
How did you get in here?
My husband owns the hotel.
What do you want?
To help you take down rafael.
I have information that will ruin him.
What's in it for you?
Now, see... Last time, you set me up.
So why should I trust you?
Because I'm naked.
Record us.
You can expose it and humiliate me
Any time you want.
Ruin my life with one click of a button.
I'll never be able to show my face in miami society again.
I'm interested.
Latin lover narrator: Was he ever.
You must be rafael solano, are you not?
I am.
Who are you?
I am jane's father.
Oh, uh...
Oh, uh, it's nice to meet you, sir.
I wish I could say the same.
Jane's mother was worried all night.
Oh, I am so sorry. We-we just kind of...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I know your game.
I used to be just like you.
Ridiculously good-looking, with charisma, with swagger,
Notching girls onto my belt.
No, that's-that's not what's happening...
I have had sex with a lot of women.
Way more than you, I'm sure!
I am sure that that's true.
Mm-hmm. But jane is different.
Jane is special.
Remember that.
Or face the consequences.
Uh... Uh, got it.
I think I just met your father.
I want you to know how much this means to me.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Of course, I don't have access to the money yet, but...
I'm not a solano.
So, what? You lied to me?
Think of it as a deferred payment plan.
Once I take control of the hotel,
You'll get your money.
So what's this information that's gonna ruin rafael?
What the hell were you thinking, yelling at rafael?
What were you thinking? You didn't call.
I was out.
My phone died, I lost track of time.
Exactly. Which is not like you.
See, rafael is already a bad influence on you.
You're being ridiculous.
No, I'm not. You just don't want to hear it.
Because you're wrong, mom, all right?
He's totally different; he's a great guy.
I just don't have a good feeling.
Well, you're not exactly the greatest judge of men.
And you're not me, jane.
You make smart choices, sensible choices.
Exactly. Because I was always scared
Of repeating your mistakes.
And, mom,
I'm just realizing, because of that,
I've been afraid to take risks.
Real risks.
You've been smart.
I've been safe.
And I'm gonna be a mom.
And moms put their kids first.
You know that better than anyone.
So this is my last chance I get to follow my heart.
Do what I want.
And, yeah,
Maybe the timing isn't perfect,
But I want to be with rafael.
He's a good guy.
I hope you're right.
I am.
You can't protect her from everything, xiomara.
You did a fantastic job raising a daughter
Who was gifted with extraordinary dna.
At some point, you have to trust that you--
And I-- prepared her well.
(knocking) must be my driver.
I just came by to drop off my daughter's fee.
Six more classes.
It's not due for a week.
Well, I know. I-I just didn't want to... Forget.
I also wanted to ask you something.
(laughing) rogelio.
Good to see you.
Jane needed to talk to him, so...
Please, can you leave?
Sorry, I thought you were asking my permission to speak.
I'm very sorry. I'm just gonna go, okay?
Good day, marco.
Good day.
Okay, I've given it a lot of thought, and I don't want
To tell the captain about the drug shipment
Until after we make the bust.
If we tell him, he's gonna call in the dea,
They'll take all the credit.
And if we don't, w-we violate, like, a hundred regulations.
Oh, come on. Since when are you a boy scout?
Forget it, nadine. It's not happening!
What is it, michael? What is going on with you?
You can't shut your mouth
For more than five seconds!
I bet you'd like to try.
You don't want to take that bet.
What are you gonna do, huh?
Latin lover narrator: Meanwhile, the wind was in the trees,
The air was balmy.
It had all the makings of another romantic night.
We've got to talk.
Dad, not right now.
You're fired.
(phone ringing)
Hey. Where are you?
I'm on my way to the airport.
I have to go to mexico city.
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