Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Chapter Eleven - full transcript

When the nuns surprise Jane by offering her a permanent teaching position, she's excited, but things become complicated when Rogelio offers Jane a writing internship at his telenovela. Alba encourages Xo to keep the promise she made to God about Rogelio. Meanwhile, Michael is convinced of Rafael's involvement with the mysterious Sin Rostro and disobeys his boss' direct order to leave Rafael alone.

Latin lover narrator: Okay, let's skip over the fact that jane's a pregnant virgin.
Who cares? Lots of way more important stuff is going on.
For one, she discovered her father
Is a famous telenovela star,
And jane's mom was falling for him.
Meanwhile, jane has been teaching
At a catholic high school.
And despite some initial hurdles...
You're selling coins with my face on it?
No. Not selling. Distributing.
...Jane was in a groove. Oh, and she recently
Broke off an engagement with michael, and she's dating
Her baby daddy rafael.
Rafael definitely has some baggage.
For one, his ex-wife petra. See, she recently
Teamed up with his archrival lachlan to bring him down.
But petra had problems of her own.
See, she was being blackmailed by ivan,
The man who knew her secret identity.
And she had accidentally taken him hostage.
Problem was ivan escaped, leaving petra in great danger.
And michael was convinced that rafael
Was involved with sin rostro,
A big, bad drug dealer. And evidence
Certainly pointed to the solanos.
Rafael is definitely a suspect, okay?
But if he's involved, I gotta think
He's working for his father.
I mean, emilio is the one that financed the hotel.
In fact, even emilio's wife was starting to suspect him.
Rafael, what if your father
Is sin rostro? Really, I'm not sure who sin rostro is,
But at this rate, we'll have to recap the recap,
So let's just dive in.
Latin lover narrator: From a very young age,
Jane gloriana villanueva
Did her very best to avoid conflict.
(alba yelling):
Xiomara: What? You'll kick me out?
Alas, it was sometimes unavoidable.
Do it, and I'll take jane with me. No.
Oh, no, she's not. I'm her mother!
We'll leave tomorrow.
Luckily, jane had her writing
To help her navigate these difficult moments.
It's a letter, you see,
Which she would slip under her grandmother's door
Late at night.
And then, in the morning...
Xiomara: Dear mom, as usual I'm too proud
To apologize face-to-face.
But I'm sorry, okay?
I was totally disrespectful,
And I love you, and I really appreciate
Everything you do for me and jane.
So can we just put it behind us and never talk about it again?
You know me; I get embarrassed.
Love, xo.
Latin lover narrator: Unfortunately,
A letter wouldn't solve jane's current problem.
I just really want you and rafael to bond,
And I think dinner together will help.
Come on, last cookie.
I'm pregnant over here. You asked me
To get onboard; I'm onboard.
I don't need to have dinner.
You're, like, 40% onboard.
And don't get me wrong,
That is an improvement from zero,
But I want more.
How much more are you looking for? Ma.
This all just happened so quickly
In a really un-jane-like way.
Yeah, and it happened, and we're having a baby.
And I don't want the fact
That you didn't have this textbook family
To make you go after something that maybe isn't right.
But I think it is right.
Fine, let's do dinner.
Jane: It's on. Tomorrow night.
That's great. Can I call you back?
What do you mean,
"that's great"?
That is not the right attitude.
You have to crush this. I will crush it.
Say it with conviction. I will crush it.
I don't believe you.
I will crush dinner with your mom, okay?
And there's someone here.
Oh... Oh, yeah, sorry.
We can prep later.
Prep? Jane: You have a lot to learn
In a very short time.
What is your study style? Like, flashcards?
Practice tests?
I-I don't know.
We'll do both.
Sorry about that.
I am scared, rafael.
Your father transferred five million dollars to croatia.
It doesn't mean he's involved in anything criminal.
But maybe he's trying to flee. I...
I think we should call the police.
Tell them what exactly?
I-I don't know.
Maybe he's involved in whatever's going on here,
With the tunnels or sin rostro or whatever.
I mean, it is his hotel.
Yeah, it is, and suspicions like yours
Could threaten his reputation and ruin his company.
We can't go to the police.
Not until we know for sure.
So what do you want to do?
Look, you said he's out of town
For the next week, right?
I called the contractor
Who did our renovations.
Let me just see what I can find out,
But give me until then.
Nadine: We got nothin'.
We're no closer to sin rostro.
The serbian could be anywhere.
Which is why we need to put a tail on rafael.
Armstrong said no. We got the audit.
We just have to comb through the finances.
Which could take weeks. Family's powerful.
We gotta go by the book. Mm.
Mongolian beef.
More like mongolian barf.
Not even a little courtesy laugh on that one, huh?
When you say something that's funny, maybe.
I will make you laugh, nadine.
Hm? We'll see.
I'll do it. I don't know.
I will do it. I don't think so.
Yeah, what? What? Mother!
You're supposed to be awake.
It's your shift. (groans)
Mother of god.
I'm so tired. I can't live like this.
The door is locked. Yeah, but if milos comes...
Then I'll be too tired to wheel away anyway.
Try to get some sleep, huh?
Once you get your paycheck,
We'll buy the plane tickets,
Start over...
I was thinking beijing.
I'm not going to beijing, mother.
Look, please, just let me ask lachlan for help.
I do not trust him.
Jane: And so, I will leave you with these last words.
"parting is such sweet sorrow
That I shall say good night till it be morrow."
From romeo and juliet?
The play we just saw?
Oh. Oh.
I thought it was appropriate
Before finals week
To take a moment to thank you.
I have really enjoyed getting to know
Each and every one of you.
And go forth
And be good citizens of the world.
Okay. That's all.
Victoria: Wait.
We got you a present as a class.
Oh, god.
Don't cry.
(scoffs) I knew she'd cry.
I won't cry.
Even though you're kind of a nerd who thinks it's okay
To wear "sensible shoes,"
The truth is,
We really think you're a great teacher.
So, here.
Don't cry.
I won't.
It's, like, for the baby.
You should get off the bus.
Mm-hmm... (clear throat)
(phone rings)
Ms. Villanueva, this is sister margaret.
Oh, oh, is this about the gift?
Because if I'm not allowed to accept gifts,
I will return it immediately. (chuckles) no, no.
This is because I'd like to offer you a permanent job.
Another teacher is pregnant.
We thought you could trail her until you graduate
And then cover her maternity leave.
Then when she comes back, you can take yours
With the promise
Of a permanent position in our middle school
Wait, is-is this about the jane the virgin coins?
No, ms. Villanueva.
This is because the students gave you
The highest score on your teacher evaluations.
They did?
Are you crying, ms. Villanueva?
But to be fair,
It's been building up for a while.
Okay, great, cut.
You can say it next time, diego.
Santos is a priest?
It's a flashback sequence. He has since left the cloth
And made love to hundreds of women.
Okay, everyone!
Jane is here; gather round, please.
Gather round. Yes.
Wait, wait, what are we gathering around for?
You will see.
(clears throat) friends,
Workers, as you all know,
Like kanye west,
I have recently acquired a daughter.
What you don't know
Is that my daughter, jane,
Is the new writer's intern
For the passions of santoyes!
I don't know what to say.
"thank you" is fine.
It's just, I didn't ask for the job, though.
(chuckles) you don't have to.
Everybody wants to work
On television.
Can I talk to you in private for a moment?
Yeah, sure. Nicolas.
(whistles) everyone out!
Rogelio: See you later,
My excellent teammates.
Jane? Hm?
I am an actor.
I am trained to read emotions,
And you don't seem
100% happy with the internship.
Uh, I just didn't see it coming.
I wanted to surprise you, you know?
And you're gonna be done teaching in a week.
No, they asked me to stay on.
But don't you want to be a writer?
Yeah, I-I just never thought about telenovelas.
I mean, I don't know if I'm gonna be any good at it.
You will be good.
You are my daughter.
Talent courses through your veins.
It would be kind of cool to try it.
Don't let yourself
Get swept up by glamor, jane.
I offered you a terrific position.
Just think of all the fabulous scenes you will write.
Sister margaret: Think of all the lives
You'll touch.
But writing is her dream.
Dreams don't pay the bills.
Geez. At least her see if she likes it.
She already knows she likes teaching.
Trust me, she will like this much, much more.
No, she won't, you silly actor.
What'll it be?
Teaching. Tell her, jane.
Jane? Huh?
So, what do you think?
Latin lover narrator: You'll recall,
Our jane has always avoided conflict.
I think I can do them both, for now.
Latin lover narrator: I don't want to spoil things,
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that rogelio was bursting with pride
That jane had decided to, as he put it,
"give the family business a try."
Dina: Aah! You moron!
Oh, no. Maybe we should just wait.
Okay. Hi.
Dina, hello, hello!
We are here!
Jane, so nice to meet you.
I will leave you to get to know my brilliant daughter.
So, you know, if you need anything--
Food runs, just let me know.
Oh, we're actually
In the middle of a story problem for tomorrow's episode.
Please stay. Steven, recap. Go.
Okay, uh, santos has just escaped,
But obviously, he's still the president,
So he needs to find a way off the island
Without being recognized.
Any ideas, jane? Because there are no bad ideas here.
Ricky: What if he makes himself
A mask out of, like, mud and twigs?
Except for yours, ricky.
Jane? What do you think?
Headshot rogelio: Go ahead, jane.
It'll be brilliant.
I don't know if this is what
You were looking for,
But maybe santos could be dressed as a beggar?
Huh! El presidente would never dress as a beggar!
Because it would be unexpected, see?
No one would expect him to demean himself like that.
Not bad.
Let's put it in the script and move on.
Good work, jane.
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted
That at this very moment,
Jane felt butterflies in her stomach.
And I'm not going lie.
It felt like a sign.
And they're putting one of my lines in the script.
That's great! I know! I can't believe it.
Favorite movie? Dirty dancing.
One topic not to bring up? Selena.
Both the singer and j. Lo's portrayal of her in the movie.
Birth sign? Come on!
You seriously expect me to remember your mom's birth sign?
If it was in the e-mail,
I'm gonna need you to remember it.
I know. I'm sorry. I'm so stressed.
I just really want this to go well.
I know, and it will.
Parents love me.
Mm-hmm. I rarely curse, and I have excellent table manners.
You seem tired.
Maybe you should slow down.
No, I'm fine.
All this running around between waitressing
And teaching, and now the telenovela...
You can't keep this up forever.
You got to make a decision before it catches up with you.
And our peach.
According to baby center, it is now an apple,
Rounding the corner to avocado.
Both: Mmm.
Uh-uh. Let's not lose focus.
Come on, we're in the home stretch.
Look, what's my grandma's favorite tv show?
Sabado gigante. Xiomara: I'm just saying that
If we cancel with rafael, you'll get to watch sabado gigante.
(phone buzzing, xiomara sighs) ah.
Because he wants to make dinner plans,
And I don't want to see him.
Latin lover narrator: Well, that's not exactly true.
Xo really, really wanted to see him.
I made a promise to god, okay?
When you were hurt in the hospital.
Latin lover narrator: Of course, alba knew this already.
I promise if you take care of ma,
I won't let a man between these legs again without a ring.
Latin lover narrator: But xo didn't know alba knew that.
I know, I know-- that's why I've been avoiding rogelio.
Mm. (door opens)
Jane: We're here.
Don't worry.
Latin lover narrator: But alba was worried.
But, thanks to jane's careful preparation,
Rafael was performing brilliantly at dinner.
As I was saying, I believe
That hard work is the key to success.
I mean, as a taurus,
You must know what I mean.
Persistence is everything.
Xiomara: You look tired, hon.
Are you leaning more towards teaching or interning?
I don't know.
I'm going back and forth.
Ma, don't pressure her.
I know. Xiomara: But, hon,
You want to be a writer. You said you got butterflies.
Ma, if she doesn't chase down her dream,
She'll always regret it.
I totally agree.
I have time to sort it out, so...
Your mom is right.
Life is short.
We spend all our time working.
It should be spent doing something that you love.
Besides, all the other stuff-- the baby and the bills--
You know I'll take care of that.
What do you mean, you'll take care of it?
Oh, I was... I was just agreeing with you,
That she should take the internship,
And she shouldn't make a decision about money.
I can help out there.
Latin lover narrator: To be fair,
Jane had not told rafael not to offer any money.
But only because she never thought
He'd do something so stupid.
I don't think jane's asking for your help.
Uh, yeah, I-I know that.
And I know she's not gonna take your money.
Mom, just calm down.
I am calm. I just don't like the idea
That he thinks we'll take handouts.
That's not what I meant.
We work hard, all of us do.
I understand that, but I'm still going
To take care of the baby financially.
Good. You should.
And if jane needs anything...
Her family will take care of her.
And we are going to be family.
I'm the father of her baby.
Not on purpose.
(clears throat)
Okay, he's gone.
What was all that about?
I could ask you the same thing.
You guys were actually agreeing.
You both want me to make a decision.
And that's your decision?
To let him pay for everything?
No, of course not.
I mean, if I decide to take the internship,
I'm gonna keep waitressing.
I'm not afraid of hard work, you know that.
Rafael doesn't.
Stop, mom.
He was trying to be supportive.
And yeah, he said something... Stupid,
But instead of letting it go, you drilled down.
I mean, what is wrong with you? Why won't you give him a chance?
You know why.
I just don't see you guys together.
Because you're not trying.
Why can't you at least try?
You still love her, don't you?
We belong together.
And I'll never stop believing that.
Jane: Mom?
What is it?
I-it just feels like being disloyal to michael.
You were with him
Two years.
But... I've moved on
And he's moved on.
No, he hasn't.
What are you talking about?
Nothing, it doesn't matter.
The point is that
Michael was like part of the family for a long time.
And I get that everything has changed for you, but...
You gotta give me a second to catch up.
I get it.
But that doesn't mean
That you can be rude to rafael.
You're right.
I'll apologize tomorrow.
Lachlan: She lives!
I came in yesterday. I called you a couple of times.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I've-I've been...
A little under the weather.
I'm in a hurry, actually. Wait, wait. Where are you going?
Picking up my check. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Stop, stop, stop.
Petra, what's... What's going on?
Please, tell me.
Okay, so this guy, ivan,
He's been blackmailing you?
And when he learned that we wouldn't be able
To pay him any longer...
Well, we, uh...
We had a misunderstanding.
Latin lover narrator: To be clear:
She took him hostage.
He escaped.
And I'm scared he'll tell milos where I am.
I know... I know this all sounds crazy.
It is crazy.
I feel crazy.
Cooped up in my room, scared,
Just waiting for yellow tulips to arrive...
Milos used to send me them
Before he'd come home from a trip.
It was kind of his calling card.
That's why I've been hiding out.
And that's why I have to leave.
Let me come with you.
What? Listen to me.
The maracay hotel group has properties all over the world.
I can ask to be transferred.
Petra, come on.
You know how I feel about you.
Okay, look,
It's gonna take me a couple of days
To work out the arrangements. In the meantime,
I'm gonna have you moved up to one of our penthouses.
They have state-of-the-art high-tech security systems,
So you're gonna be safe, okay?
Look at me.
I promise you.
(knocking at door)
Is this a bad time?
Uh... No.
No, uh, come in.
Incredible view.
Yeah. It was kind of a selling point of the place.
Uh, do you want to... Do you want to sit?
Yeah, sure.
Let's sit.
I just wanted to apologize.
I was really rude last night.
I overreacted and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Things just escalated.
Exactly. You know, but I have to say,
It doesn't seem like you like me very much.
Latin lover narrator: She doesn't. Let's just be honest.
So we can get to the root of it.
Latin lover narrator: Never a good idea. Okay.
Latin lover narrator: I wouldn't say it.
I just don't think you're right for jane.
It's just...
A character thing, if you really want to know the truth.
You don't know my character. I know
You kissed her and you didn't
Call her back and she was crushed.
That was five years ago!
Still speaks to character.
You're not being fair, okay?
People change.
Not fundamentally.
And you guys are different
In every regard.
You see the world differently
I'm sorry, but you have
No idea how I see the world.
Maybe not.
But I know that you see it from up here.
With this incredible view.
(phone whooshes, buzzes)
I have to go.
No problem. Uh...
Let's just... Can we...?
Can we talk about this later?
El presidente, uh...
Latin lover narrator: Note that jane had hurried to the stage
So she could watch them film the scene idea
She had come up with.
Santos disguised
As a beggar.
A pirate beggar?
That's weird.
And jane realized exactly what had happened.
Did you tell the writers to act like they liked my idea?
Uh... Are you enjoying your new job?
Rogelio, did you?
Yes, I did.
But it was to give you confidence.
You said you didn't know if you'd be any good at writing.
And believing in yourself is the hardest part.
I get that, and-and that's sweet.
But I have
This big life choice to make between teaching and writing.
And I'm just really trying to figure out if I have talent
Because that matters.
Say no more.
I completely understand.
Thank you.
So, write me a scene.
I can tell you if you have talent.
I don't usually read unsolicited manuscripts,
But since your my daughter, I'm gonna make an exception.
(quiet laugh)
So, theses are the plans? Yeah.
Signed by me, signed by your dad. What's this about?
It's about the fact that there was a tunnel
Found inside the hotel leading
From here in the recovery suites
To here... Under the hotel.
You had nothing to do with it?
No! This is news to me.
All right.
Look at those bathrooms.
Is that your work?
Well, not this one. No.
See how the tiling there is just... A little different.
Maybe a subcontractor. Who?
Don't know.
Your dad could've hired anyone.
I know who did that other bathroom.
And for a small fee,
I'd be happy to give you his name and address.
So, I hear you're
Writing a scene.
Yup. About a pirate. Just not quite sure
How to not make it sound... Ridiculous.
Oh, you just got to find something you relate to.
At least that's what I tell myself.
Oh, you're a writer, too? An actor.
You know, your dad, he's been, uh,
He's been really helpful, actually.
Haven't booked anything yet, but...
I'm sure you will.
Yeah. I hope so.
You have to find a way
To empathize with your character.
Relate to the pirate.
Latin lover narrator: And so, jane tried her best
To relate to the pirate.
But that turned out to be ridiculous advice.
However, jane did manage
To write a pretty cute scene anyway,
In my entirely unbiased opinion.
And as she wrote,
The butterflies returned.
And speaking of butterflies...
(doorbell rings)
I've never seen you so...
Casual. Yeah.
I'm keeping it casual tonight.
You know, I'm not usually a fan
Of the whole "less is more" thing.
But looking at you right now?
Less is just...
Right, so I thought
Maybe we could order pizza?
And after maybe we can make love.
Let's start with a pizza.
Wow. That's a lot of garlic you're putting on there.
I just love garlic. Me, too.
You know, it's funny. Some people don't like
To kiss after garlic.
I don't have that problem.
Latin lover narrator: Working up the courage to tell rogelio
About her vow of chastity was proving harder
Than xiomara had anticipated.
Yes, more wine.
That will help.
Let me grab another bottle.
So, listen, I did want
To talk to you about something.
Do you remember when we first met, xiomara?
Yeah. In biology class.
You kept making those dumb jokes.
You laughed at those dumb jokes.
Yeah, I did.
You look exactly the same, xiomara.
I mean it.
I look at you tonight and it's like
No time has passed.
Oh, me, too.
(both scream)
You have to go!
Why? Why? Why? ¿que paso?
¿que? Oh, my god...
¿que paso? Que? Go.
Yeah, but I didn't tell him the reason, ma.
I just freaked out.
Because I really like him.
And once he finds out
That, you know... My charms are off-limits...
I don't know if he'll be interested.
I thought you loved rogelio.
I can't thank you enough.
I finally feel safe.
You should.
No one gets on this floor unnoticed.
The windows are too big in here. Mother!
Draw the blinds, magda.
All right.
Call me if you need anything.
Don't be rude, mother.
He's the only person who's helping us.
And I still don't trust him.
Well, I do. And...
You're my mother, so you just have to get on board.
Rogelio: I am on board.
"I am completely on board."
Oh, I see.
You brought that theme back.
Plus, you know, it's, like, a play on words.
Because you're "on board" the ship.
Ah! Clever.
Latin lover narrator: Truth be told, this was the first time
In jane's life that she had sought her father's approval.
All right, I'm finished.
And she wanted it very badly.
I don't like it. What?
Well, I'm sorry.
You asked me to be honest.
You said it was important.
It is, but what did you not like about it exactly?
Well, a pirate would never say these things.
Oh, okay. I mean, do you know a lot of pirates or...?
And second and most importantly,
Telenovelas are all about drama.
You know-- yelling, crying, scheming.
And there's none of that in here.
I'm sorry. Are you angry?
I mean...
It stings, but...
I wanted you to tell me the truth.
I have to make a decision.
I just really loved writing it.
I-I mean, I got butterflies.
Well, that is important.
You know, passion is important.
Yeah, but if I'm not talented... Oh, stop.
Every new skill takes time.
You can't expect to be an expert overnight.
Hey. You sound tired.
(yawning): I'm not.
Jane, come on.
You can't keep up this schedule.
I know. I'm trying to figure it out.
Did my mom ever apologize to you, by the way?
(stammers) kind of.
(jane groans)
No. It's fine.
It's a process. We'll get there.
No, I just hate it when people in my life don't get along.
It just makes me all anxious.
Anxious? Why?
I don't know.
My mom and my grandma fought a lot growing up.
And I just always wanted to fix things.
I get that.
But some things just take time.
Yeah. Giving things time is not my strong suit.
Well, then you got to try, huh?
And don't worry, we will get there.
We have to.
Because I am not going anywhere.
Oh, that's so sweet.
Can you say that again for my mom?
(laughs) look, I'm gonna go.
Just text me when you get home, okay?
All right. Bye.
Latin lover narrator: Truth be told,
Part of the reason
Rafael's problems with xiomara didn't phase him
Were that they seemed slightly insignificant
Compared to the fact
That his father could be sin rostro.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I, uh,
I know you were hired to do
The bathroom work at the marbella.
(laughs): Who the hell are you?
Just hoping that maybe if you could tell me who hired you,
I could... Make it worth your while.
(camera shutter clicking)
I'm only gonna say this once.
Get the hell off my property.
Someone was just here, asking questions.
Call me back.
(passing car honking horn)
(car honks horn)
Who the hell are you?
Oh, I'm looking for andy.
Are you with that other guy?
It was just a little fender bender.
But my mom freaked out. Because you're pregnant.
Of course you needed to come.
(heart beating over monitor) doctor: The heartbeat, good.
That's a good sign.
You see? I told you.
Jane, I want to tell you something,
And I am serious about it.
Oh, maybe not now.
No, now.
You are taking on too much.
Between waitressing and teaching and now this internship,
It's too much-- you can't do it all.
You gotta make a choice.
I completely agree.
Hey, look at you two-- friends.
Latin lover narrator: And just then,
The butterflies came back.
Do you feel the baby kicking?
What? No, not yet.
It's happening now.
(gasps) sometimes it's hard to tell at first,
But my wife said it felt like butterflies in her stomach.
That's the baby kicking?
I feel it.
Rafael: Wait, uh, where, where?
My turn, my turn.
What were you doing following rafael?
I know he's involved. And you were told specifically to back off.
But, nadine, right before I went in, there was a guy
Making a call-- I wrote down the number, and guess who picked up.
Plastic surgeon.
It's got to be the one working with sin rostro.
Redoing the faces.
I am on to something here, you gotta believe me.
It's not enough to believe you,
I'm also gonna have to lie for you.
Armstrong called.
(groans) he wanted to know what happened to you.
Can't you just say you don't know?
But I do know.
Just tell me that this isn't about jane,
That you're not spiraling because of jane.
It's not about jane.
I promise you.
Okay. Okay.
Xiomara, how's jane?
She's fine, the baby's fine, everything's fine.
Thank god.
Xiomara, what is it?
First last night, and now as we hug.
Why are you so afraid to have your pelvis touch mine?
Here's the thing:
I took a vow of chastity.
What?! Yeah.
I-I'm gonna give it a try. (anxious laugh)
And, well, anyway, I-I just wanted you to know.
And I don't expect you to stick around, okay?
Because this is my thing.
Of course I'll stick around.
You are worth waiting for.
Any idea,
Like, you know, on a rough timeframe?
I'll keep you posted.
Milos used to send me them
Before he'd come home from a trip.
It was kind of his calling card.
(cell phone buzzes)
Yes, this is she.
What kind of...?
Okay, thank you.
Is everything okay?
It's michael.
(knocking on door)
What are you doing here?
I'm still your emergency contact.
I guess. (chuckles)
And I was here, too, so...
Is everything okay?
Yes, it was just a car accident.
What?! A minor one.
It was nothing, really.
You're okay? The baby's okay?
Yeah. Yeah, we're okay.
What happened to you?
Bruised ribs.
Small concussion.
Occupational hazard.
I don't know.
Seems kind of like a sign, you know?
You and me in the same hospital.
At the same time.
Latin lover narrator: It felt like a sign to jane as well.
Only, a different one.
Michael, you're not waiting for me, are you?
For us?
Of course I am.
I love you, jane.
I love you now, and I'll love you forever.
And whatever's going on with you and rafael,
It's not gonna last.
You're wrong.
So you're trying to tell me that,
At the end of the day,
That's who you see yourself with?
Latin lover narrator: Perhaps if nadine had heard the words jane was saying,
And not just seen the look in michael's eyes,
She wouldn't have done what she did next.
But she did not hear.
I'll change my emergency contact.
Hi, lieutenant armstrong.
I have some information on detective cordero
That you need to hear.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, irony.
He disobeyed your direct order.
Latin lover narrator: What a cruel mistress.
Good morning, mom!
Ah, buenos día.
No, I didn't.
But I talked to rogelio about it last night,
And he was sweet and understanding,
And he said that he will wait
Until I decide it's the right time.
I know, you were right.
Latin lover narrator: Uh-oh.
How do you know exactly what I said to god?
I won't let a man
Between these legs again without a ring.
Uh-uh, those were my exact words.
You what?!
But still it was wrong.
An apology letter? Why?
Hey, you two.
So... (clears throat)
I, uh, just talked to rafael.
And I made a decision.
I'm taking the teaching job.
Look, if I had a talent
For writing telenovelas, that'd be one thing.
But I don't, so...
I made my choice.
Well, those kids are lucky to have you.
Xiomara: What apology letters are you talking about, mom?
I haven't written you any.
It was for a good cause.
Latin lover narrator: Which brings us here, now,
Where jane walks with a heavy heart,
Ready to say farewell to writing, for the time being.
Hey, dina.
Do you need something?
I wanted to just tell you I really enjoyed your scene.
What scene? The one you wrote for rogelio.
Nicholas slipped it to me.
For a first timer, you show a lot of potential.
Wow, really?
But rogelio said it wasn't very good.
That's because there's not a lot of yelling and crying.
Trust me.
I get paid to know good writing.
Keep working at it.
I'm scared, lachlan-- I don't know what to do.
Those yellow tulips, it means that milos is here.
I just don't understand what happened.
I posted a permanent private guard at your door.
I promise I will keep you safe.
So I made a decision.
If you're quitting, you don't have to let me down easy.
I understand.
Teaching is...
Well, someone has to do it, right?
I'm not quitting.
I was going to, but dina...
She thinks I have talent, and that's all I needed to hear.
You know, the baby's coming.
This is my chance.
I'm glad you're staying.
But, jane, this is a tough business.
You can't look to others to validate you.
If you choose to make a living in the financial arts,
You must believe in yourself.
You know, that's really good advice, rogelio.
Latin lover narrator: It really, really was.
All right...
She's staying on here.
Latin lover narrator: In fact, it was advice
Rogelio would need himself, in the weeks to come.
Rogelio won't know what hit him.
I don't like this, not one bit.
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